Charmed (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

O, The Tangled Web

1 Previously on Charmed Congratulations, Ms.
Vaughn, you've inherited SafeSpace.
Of course defunding a free legal clinic is the board's prerogative.
I just worry that a decision like that could negatively impact the SafeSpace brand.
You're an impressive woman, Ms.
HARRY: We know from the revelation spell that these prehistoric symbols on the stone tablet have something to do with your allergy.
And they match the symbols left behind by the Chupa-Alma.
Where the hell did these extinct creatures even come from? HARRY: Where do you put a bunch of baddies so they don't wreak havoc on everyone? MACY: A magical Alcatraz.
The Tomb of Chaos.
Who created this thing and why? MEL: You've been trying to kill yourself in your sleep.
ABIGAEL: That's when my demon form seems to take over.
Wake up! - Did you see the monster? - Abi, the monster is you.
Welcome to the future, the land of the queens Who do you report to? That would be me, me Vision director, executive chief In the boardroom, the bedroom and on the scene I'm the boss, don't you think I look dope? - I make the rules - ERIEL: Macy Vaughn? - Oh, yes, hi, that's me.
- I'm Eriel.
Assistant in Corporate Communications.
Thanks for being part of the Shea Group's Global Give Back Campaign.
Are you kidding? It's an honor.
Honestly, I was surprised to be invited.
Apparently you really impressed them with your legal clinic proposal for SafeSpace Seattle.
Yeah? Huh, wow, I-I have plenty more ideas.
- Okay.
Right this way.
- Hey, is that a Steminist shirt? Mm-hmm.
I, uh, I make them to raise money for the charity I created, Steminist Power.
Steminist Power, I read about them.
You encourage girls to go into STEM.
Each one, teach one.
Eriel Asante.
- Let's set you up, then.
- You-you can do that? - [CHIME.]
- It's a day pass.
COMPUTER: Please state your name.
Macy Vaughn.
Macy Vaughn.
So, you gonna beam us up to the fifth floor, or what? Macy Vaughn, fifth floor.
- Fifth floor.
This potion should lead us to the stone tablet's missing piece, assuming it's out there, somewhere.
Well, let's hope so, because we've exhausted all the clues from this half of the tablet, and we still have no idea who created the Tomb of Chaos, or why.
No idea how many other creatures escaped before we closed the rift.
And no idea how all this is connected to your pernicious allergy.
So basically, we have no idea.
I'm sorry.
I I'm not trying to be a downer, I just I wish we learned more about the tomb before we got out.
It's not the sort of place one lingers.
Anyway hope springs eternal-ish.
: Okay.
Stone of Ole, the world thy roamed.
Reveal to all the place called home.
Anything? Uh, ever heard of Okanaga? The Okanagan Valley.
In British Columbia.
If that's what you're referring to, that's rich, fertile ground.
And a rich, fertile history of witchcraft, demons and monsters.
Is that all? Actually, no.
Shall we? Surprise.
Hmm, uh Party? Uh, okay, no, um, you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind for the experiment to work.
- Ah.
- No pauses, no ums.
Really think you can get a bead on a person's psyche through a word-association test? Well, Carl Jung said it can unravel the unconscious mind, reveal things you might be hiding from yourself, from others.
I think.
Okay, I have a lot riding on this, so I need you to play nice, so I can get into the psyche of an overachieving single child.
All right, all right, all Take it away, Dr.
- Goals.
- Success.
- Losing.
- Painful.
Um, legacy.
Jordan, first thing that comes to your mind.
Uh, sorry, sorry.
- Hi.
- Oliver.
Okay, I'm on it.
I'll be ready soon.
I'm sorry.
I've got a work thing.
I have to finish this interview today to make my deadline.
I'm sorry, Mags, I've got my own deadline.
Apparently, one of the firm's clients made a specific request for me to pick up some legal documents and get 'em signed.
Looks like you made quite the impression on someone.
But who? Guess there's only one way to find out, right? - [CHUCKLES.]
- By the way TBD.
That would have been my last answer before the phone rang.
: Where am I gonna find an overachieving single child on short notice? Macy, what'll it be? Uh, just a green smoothie, please.
MEL: So, there are covens in this area who trace back their lineage to ancient times, but they're spread out over a lot of square miles.
I wish we had X-ray vision.
Har? Oh, sorry.
Still haven't heard from Macy.
She was so anxious about meeting the board members today, she hasn't responded to my texts.
She's probably too busy making power moves in the room where it happens.
In the room where what happens? You really need to get out more.
Oh, no doubt.
Help me! [GASPS.]
Stay away! Whatever you are! It's all right.
You're safe.
I'm a Charmed One.
A Charmed One? And he's a Whitelighter.
Are you hurt? [BREATH TREMBLING.]
Who did this to you? Demons.
Let's get her out of here before they make a return appearance.
The tablet will have to wait for now.
Come on, we have to go.
How'd it go with the board? Fine.
Uh, fine as in "great," or fine as in "meh"? Fine as in "uneventful.
" Oh.
Well, I'm glad you're back.
I sort of need a favor.
What kind of "sort of" favor? Dr.
Lawrence gave us an assignment to analyze biases and assumptions of certain groups.
I chose single-child overachievers.
Technically, you did grow up an only child, and you're well, you're definitely an overachiever Maggie.
I wouldn't ordinarily ask, but Jordan had to bail.
I-I don't want to be your lab rat right now.
MAN: Macy? Oh.
It's odd.
I can't seem to heal this.
These demons stole important family runes from you? Yes.
And I have to get them back.
Will you help me? Please.
First we need to figure out how to heal this wound.
Is there anything else you can tell us about them? Um, the leader wears a jacket with a crow on the back and, uh, has a crow tattoo on her neck.
Goes by the name of Willow.
We thought the Whitelighters were all gone.
Thankfully, that's not the case.
The bigger question, however, is why I can't seem to heal your wound, Kyra.
Did you see what actually caused this? - [MUFFLED GRUNTING.]
- Kyra? Kyr Kyra? Kyra.
MEL: Harry, what's happening? HARRY: She's burning up, and there's nothing I can do to help.
Unless we find some other cure, this young woman is going to die.
You sure this is the right address? DRIVER: That is what they gave me, sir.
That was an exceedingly long wait, Jordy.
What game are you playing, Abby? Truth or dare.
As in I dare you not to tell me the truth.
Um, who's this? And is she okay? Her name's Kyra.
We found her while tracking a lead on the tablet.
I think she was injured by some sort of poison or toxin that causes paralysis.
Seems like open season on witches today.
She's been like this ever since she got back from the board meeting.
I can't find anything helpful in here.
What are you looking for, Mel? I've pretty much read it cover to cover.
Well, a demon attacked Kyra, but Harry can't seem to heal the wound.
- We need to - Hold on.
A demon did this? What about Abby's promise? - No more attacks on witches? - MEL: I - Don't know.
- You know what? We should just go over there and vanquish her.
- Macy, what's going on with you? - With me? You appease Abby every chance you get, and now, look, another witch is hurt.
Enough is enough.
The demons that attacked Kyra, what do they look like? A young woman with a crow on her jacket named Willow.
That's all we know.
Macy, where are you going? To figure out this demon problem.
Where are you going? To figure out the Macy problem.
Scotch? Vodka? Gin? Pick your poison.
I don't want poison, Abby.
I want an explanation.
I've hired your firm to handle all my corporate real estate holdings.
You should be kissing my boots, or any other part of me you find desirable.
It was a joke, Jordy.
But I needed to get your attention - since you've been ignoring my calls.
- Yeah, I'm done with the whole run- errands-for-a-demon-overlord- who-impales-her-enemies gig.
Oh, so now you're too good for me, is that it? Look, Abby, we had mutual interests before.
I'm trying to walk a different path now.
Ah, yes, the road oft taken, where men and women of high moral character lie, cheat, and steal for their clients.
Enough sparring.
What do you want? I want to know every single thing that happened when you retrieved this From my sister.
I already told you everything.
Well, you're not leaving with those signed documents until I find the missing piece of the puzzle.
- Damn it.
What? Text from Dr.
He said no to the extension.
Your assignment? I was so close to nabbing this internship with him, and now it's all going sideways because I can't make a deadline.
All right, what do I have to do? It's just simple word association.
We'll be done in no time.
But you got to keep up.
- Happy.
- Sad.
- Green.
- Red.
- Snow.
- Storm.
Uh, work.
- Why are you repeating after me? - Don't ask questions.
Just respond honestly.
MACY: Uh, what's happening? [FLASHBULBS POPPING.]
Sorry, I thought you knew this would be a photo shoot.
I I-I definitely would have remembered that.
Miss Vaughn? I'm so sorry for all the chaos.
Did you have a question? Macy, this is Lori Brewster, Head of Corporate Communications, and my boss.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I thought I was coming here to talk about ideas for global outreach.
Sorry for the confusion.
Every spokesperson has been assigned a different Shea Group initiative.
Yours is the malaria campaign.
Oh, that-that's wonderful.
It is.
I'm very excited about it.
I actually know quite a bit about malaria.
MACY: It's just, I-I wish I had been given some advance notice about the photo shoot, Ms.
Oh, call me Lori.
I apologize for the mix-up.
But no worries.
You're gonna be great today.
I mean, look at you.
The skin.
The hair.
So lovely.
E-Excuse me.
- Lori? - Yeah.
I was just about to take Macy to her dressing room.
Yes, perfect.
See you ladies soon.
Did she just? Mm-hmm.
: Macy? Macy? Where'd you go? You okay? Smoke.
What? Over there.
Where there's smoke, there's demons.
Come on.
JORDAN: For the last time, Abby, I never saw your sister.
Whatever happened before I got there is out of my hands.
Now, just sign these damn papers and let me go.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
So you're cool with restraining me here against my will? - This is false imprisonment.
I could have you arrested.
You should know by now that I love restraints, especially the metal kind.
Come on, Abby, I have always been straight with you, so be straight with me.
What do you really want? I believe my sister put a curse on this totem which is causing my demon form to attack me.
I need to know the origin of this curse in order to undo it.
So you see, Jordy You can't leave not until you let me inside your head to see everything that took place that day.
Hold up.
You want to do a demon mind-meld on me? Aw, hell nah.
That is not happening.
Then I suppose it's time to stop playing nice.
I walked through a field of land mines in Afghanistan.
Think I'm scared of you? Maybe you should be.
This theriac doesn't work, either.
I don't understand.
I've brewed every poison antidote in The Book of Elders.
Are you sure there's nothing else? I've used potions and tinctures from every magic I know.
Native American.
You name it, I have tried it.
- It doesn't make sense.
I have to put her into a magically induced coma to stave off the effects of the toxin.
But she may never wake up.
I'm afraid that's a chance we'll have to take, or she's gonna die right now.
Whoa, Macy.
Wait up.
You know, I could swear the smoke was over here.
Damn it.
Why would demons be up here in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, who cares what they're doing here? They tried to kill a witch.
I'd be happy to see them all burn.
Macy, what happened today? Seriously? I didn't pick it.
You know, I I really like this.
Hmm? Mm.
It's about to get hot Yeah, you'd like to take a bow Go ahead and start the countdown, one Better get yourself ready for it, two Now we're talking.
Yas, queen.
I'm sorry.
What's this? Oh, um, Macy wasn't comfortable in the outfit you picked.
But this was on the same rack, so Don't you think you should have consulted me first? - Uh - Oh, no-no, it's not Eriel's fault.
I just, um, I, I didn't love the fit.
Well, this is a little buttoned-up.
I was hoping for something with a little more oomph.
For a malaria campaign? You know what? It's fine.
You could wear a paper bag and still look good.
One last thing.
If you're thinking you'd like to make any more changes, I'd appreciate it if you got my approval first.
Thank you.
And when you've got it, you know you do Yeah, you do, you Yeah, you do MAGGIE [ECHOING.]
: Macy? Macy? [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
- Macy? - What? I said I'm sorry if I upset you.
Check out her jacket.
: I need better shoes.
Mm What if I mix more than one potion together? Okay, but which ones? I don't know.
Uh Wait, what if I combine all of them? A perfect storm elixir? Well, it could work, or it could make things worse.
But if I don't do anything, she dies.
Only a demon would concoct a poison that shuts down a person's organs one by one.
It's quite brutal.
No, it's barbaric.
And just like something Abby would do.
It's working.
But for how long? Macy's right.
Abby's in charge.
She needs to be held accountable for what these demons have done.
She's going to tell me what's in that poison and how to fix it.
You almost burnt my 'fro.
Not cool.
Not playing, Jordy.
Give me what I want or I will destroy you.
Seriously, Abby? What the hell? Since when do you show up at my apartment unannounced? Since you declared open season on witches.
You broke your promise, Abby.
A witch has been poisoned and you are gonna tell me how to fix it now.
Duck! Freaking booby traps? Enough playing games.
Macy, why would a demon use darts if they could use their powers? Uh She's definitely magical.
If she's not a demon, then what is she? [GRUNTS.]
I'm a witch.
- Are you sure? - Apparently, Kyra's part of a group of witches that left Willow's coven to move to the city.
MACY: But the split wasn't amicable, because they each wanted ownership of the coven's sacred objects.
And now they're fighting over them.
MAGGIE: Which is why Willow set booby traps, so Kyra couldn't steal them.
Yeah, Mel and I were duped.
- We all were.
- MAGGIE: Harry? Where is Mel? Oh, no.
MEL: A witch almost died because of you and your demons.
ABIGAEL: I haven't the foggiest notion - what you're on about.
- Ladies? I'm sure there's a much more diplomatic ABIGAEL: Stay out of this, Jordan.
Or not.
ABIGAEL: Honestly, I think your dalliance with that simpering barista has made you delusional.
Tell me what is in that poison or I will vanquish you once and for all.
Sorry, Angry Spice, but you're two sisters shy of a Power of Three.
Mel, stop.
MEL: Stay out of this, Harry.
A demon didn't attack Kyra.
It was a witch.
What? Someone owes someone an apology.
Excuse me? You heard what dear Harold just said.
- I'm innocent.
- Innocent? When I got here, you were about to turn Jordan into barbecue.
That was merely an aggressive negotiation between friends.
Right, Jordan? Not friends.
But technically, we were sort of negotiating.
You think threats and coercion count as friendship.
No wonder your demon half wants you Dead? Is that the word you're searching for, Mel? I don't know who went after your witch, but perhaps she deserved it.
I thought maybe there was hope for you, Abby.
My sisters are right.
You're irredeemable.
Jordan, coming? It's okay.
Abby and I have some unfinished business.
Do you believe the nerve of her? Waltzing in here, calling me irredeemable? Where's the lie? Et tu Jordy? Abby, you lied to my boss.
You put my job at risk, you You kept me here against my will.
Plus, your little demon show could have killed me.
Oh, come off it, Jordy.
You know I'd never hurt one hair on your pretty little head.
Do I? Until you change your ways, people will always assume the worst, Abby.
That's your legacy.
Oh, really? And what's yours? After all, your family tree includes the Witchfinder General, who was cursed by a dying witch.
More than aware of that.
And every day I'm trying to help witches to make up for it.
So, please.
Help this one.
In order to figure out what my sister did to that totem, I need to do a mind-meld with you.
Just don't touch the hair.
Deal? Deal.
My mother died last month.
And I wanted to scatter her ashes with my ancestors, but-but Willow's coven controls the burial grounds and she has the sacred runes I need for the ritual.
So you tried to steal them? I didn't know what else to do.
But you told us Willow was a demon.
You manipulated us into harming another witch.
She could have been killed.
You yelled "demon" in a crowded theater, knowing we'd go into vanquishing mode.
MAGGIE: Confirmation bias.
The tendency to interpret information in a way that confirms our existing beliefs.
MEL: Yeah, well, I would have confirmation-biased Abby into oblivion if Harry hadn't shown up.
We are sorry for your loss, Kyra, but making false accusations like this is a dangerous game.
In fact, it's no game at all.
You guys don't understand what it feels like to be powerless.
Y-You're the Charmed Ones.
Excuse me? You don't know what it's like to be me.
- HARRY: Macy.
- No.
I'm done here.
Let me.
I'm sorry.
I've learned my lesson.
Just please let me go.
Sorry isn't enough.
We need to put an end to this conflict for good.
Let's go.
W-Where are we going? Back to the scene of the crime.
What? What did you see? Nothing.
It's just as you said.
My sister didn't curse me.
Which means I'm doing this voluntarily.
Trying to kill myself.
That sounds like a legit wake-up call.
Your two sides are at war for your soul.
How the hell do I fix that? MACY: Eriel? What are you doing here? I figured you'd need this.
- I left so quickly - Macy.
I'm so sorry.
What happened with Lori was wrong - and - Not your fault.
It wasn't yours either.
Also, there's something else you need to know.
Thank you.
Jordan? Do you think she's right? That I'm irredeemable? I think that Redemption can't be demanded, coerced or extorted.
It's earned one day at a time.
Did you get that from a fortune cookie? Let's just say I had my own inner demons to wrestle with after I got back from Afghanistan.
And how did you stop them from destroying you? Repent.
Thank you, Eriel.
For everything.
Take care, Macy.
MAGGIE: Macy? Are you okay? [EXHALES.]
WILLOW: Those arrows are a security system to stop trespassers.
It's my job to protect that sacred ground from intruders.
You knew that.
I'm not an intruder! My family is buried here.
Your family forfeited your rights when you left.
- We forfeited nothing.
- Ladies, chill.
Hatfield and Ms.
McCoy, now that we have your attention, how do we put an end to these hostilities? - You can't.
- See? I told you that this was a waste of time.
Kyra, how did your mother die? Ovarian cancer.
She was having stomach pains, and by the time they figured out what it was, it was too late.
She was dead within six months.
I'm so sorry.
That must have been so difficult for your family.
My dad didn't get out of bed for a month.
So it was just me, taking care of him and my little sister.
I just I just thought if I could bury my mom with her sisters and her mother, that it would bring my family some peace.
I'm sorry, Willow.
I know that none of that is an excuse.
And I'm sorry for your loss.
Kyra wants to scatter her mother's ashes on the sacred burial site with her ancestors.
Is there not some compromise to be had? I'll give you these runes on one condition.
The fighting that has gone on for generations it stops.
May I see those for a moment? What is it? The etching.
It matches the stone tablet.
Can you tell me where these runes came from? The Cave of Ancients.
Willow, can you take us there? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
Apparently, their ancestors found this cave while harvesting the vines for their toxic potion.
MEL: The other half of the stone tablet.
We found it.
There she is.
Love the look.
Oh, good.
Me, too.
Let's power up the monitors and get this show on the road, shall we? [SIGHS.]
What? What's this? What do you mean? This is the malaria campaign.
Pull up the hero shot, please.
Uh You do realize malaria has killed billions of people all over the globe, not just in Africa, right? S-South America, Asia, rich and poor.
Yes, of course.
But the board has already approved this concept, and we're very happy with it.
The board.
Just out of interest, how many people of color are on the board? Sorry, I'm-I'm just trying to be helpful here.
We don't need your help, Miss Vaughn.
As I said, the board is very comfortable with this.
I'm not comfortable with it.
Excuse you.
It is not your place to tell me how to do my job.
: You know, you really shouldn't be telling me what is and isn't my place.
I thought you brought me here for my ideas, but I-I get it now.
You You just needed a-a pretty, Black-enough face to front your faux-woke crisis management campaign.
That is offensive.
- No, you are offensive.
- Okay.
You take one more step towards me, and I'll call security - to report this threat.
- MACY: "Threat"? Are you for real, lady? Hello, security? Yes, I need assistance on the fifth floor.
There's a woman threatening me.
: This is not happening.
Lori went from zero to Karen in six seconds flat.
Talk about bait and switch.
Just humiliating.
Having to deal with microaggressions and the stereotypes.
Misog? The road where racism and sexism collide.
The whole ordeal made me want to scream.
But then I heard Marisol's voice.
Mom? Yeah.
The time she came to New York, she told me women like us don't get second chances when we lash out.
It's unfair and cruel, but one day, when powerful women like us rise up MEL AND MAGGIE: Things will change for the better.
Somewhere in between You got that talk, too? Looks like we do share some childhood memories, Mace.
Never say die, never, never say die Never say die I am so sorry for what happened to you, Macy.
Never, never say die I-I've dealt with women like Lori my whole life, and pretty sure she won't be the last.
I'm sorry I kept trying to get you to talk about it.
I was just so focused on my psych project, I MACY: It's okay.
You were right.
I did need to talk about it instead of just keeping it in.
So, this woman Lori was brought in to do damage control? No, no, no Yeah.
Eriel said without Julian, the stock has plummeted.
They're trying to prevent the company from going into free fall, and that means SafeSpace is on the chopping block.
Never say die One thing's for sure.
I'm not gonna let Lori or the board sell SafeSpace without a fight.
Damn straight.
Fight the power.
No, no, never I'm sorry today was such a disaster.
Mm, not a total disaster.
We helped Kyra and Willow.
I got an extension on my psych project.
You did? Never say die, no, no And And there is one more thing.
Never say die No, no Never say die, never, never say die.
The other half of the tablet.
And perhaps the answer to everything.
MACY: Harry, what-what's happening? HARRY: I have no idea.

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