Charmed (2018) s03e09 Episode Script

No Hablo Brujeria

1 - Previously on Charmed - Jordan is cursed by the dying breath of a witch.
Jordan Chase must suffer for the sins of his forebears.
Lawrence Mortimer Chase, also known as the Witchfinder General.
You've been trying to kill yourself in your sleep.
That's when my demon form seems to take over.
Now there's no stopping me.
I thought you brought me here for my ideas, but I-I get it now, you-you just needed a-a pretty, Black-enough face to front your faux-woke crisis management campaign.
You take one more step towards me and I'll call security to report this threat.
These prehistoric symbols on the stone tablet have something to do with your allergy.
The other half of the tablet.
And perhaps the answer to everything.
"This tablet is forged with magic "for those who are perfect to move time and space.
" What the hell does that mean? Not exactly helpful in determining the origins of the tomb.
Or solving our allergy.
Why-why does it feel like every time we make progress? One step forward Two steps back.
Get hit in the head, fall forward.
- Macy, I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault, Harry.
You've had a rough few days, with the Shea board Just forget it.
It-It's fine.
No, it's not fine.
The way they treated you Harry, drop it, please.
I really need to move on.
Now what else do we have to work with here? So This passage here is written in an entirely Different language, one that's been functionally extinct for centuries.
An ancient demonic language.
Meaning we'll need a demon translator.
Why does every damn thing lead back to Abigael Caine? Frankly, I'm not even sure Abby will help, after Mel almost vanquished her.
Well, do your best.
Or worst.
What, you're not coming? I'd-I'd rather stick a hot poker in my eye.
Maybe both eyes.
I'm fine.
Mags here? She's expecting me.
Oh, uh No, no.
I think she's at school.
- Mind if I wait? - Sure.
She offered to help me with some Tulipe research.
I'm trying to figure out how to finally end this C-U-R-S-E.
No amount of balancing the scales ever s Sorry.
Still not used to that.
You've got to be more careful, Jordan.
Uh, everything okay with you? What? Yes? Why does everyone keep asking me if I'm okay? Really? What now? What the hell? En Sus pensamientos! Macy, look out! What-What's happening? So I show up at the psych clinic, I figure I'd get some volunteer hours in, you know, impress Dr.
Lawrence, but you'll never guess who else was there.
Does it rhyme with Mantonio? Yes.
Everyone was fawning all over him, and then my first intake was a client who only spoke Spanish.
Oh, but you're not fluent.
I don't know what's worse.
The fact that they just assumed I spoke Spanish or that Antonio actually does and swooped in to save the day.
Anyways, how was your morning? Well, I just got word that the department is doing a conference on intersectionality, and I'm supposed to give the keynote.
Which you'll kill.
Or it'll kill me.
The speakers list is a who's who of academia and me.
This is my first real chance to prove myself, and I feel like a Total imposter? Of the highest order.
That's weird.
Jordan texted me that he was waiting for me here, like, 20 minutes ago.
Maybe he just went for a walk.
I have no idea where we are.
Um, I do.
This This is, this is my high school.
What? I mean, it is, but it It isn't, because my high school was shut down due to mold infestation the year after I graduated.
Out of the way, Chase.
David Esposito.
He tortured me most of freshman year.
Before my growth spurt, I was five-six.
We've ended up in some magical realm based on your life because you jumped in front of me.
It was instinct.
Forgive me for trying to protect you.
Where are you going? To look for a way out.
I'd be delighted to help with your ancient demon translation, dear Harold, but first a drink.
You must try this whiskey.
Very rare.
Picked it up at a charity auction.
"Dear Harold," "delighted to help," "charity auction"? Who are you, and what have you done with Abigael the Abominable? She's turning over a new leaf.
That wouldn't happen to have anything to do with your demon form trying to kill you, would it? All right, let's have a look.
Can you translate it? No, this is ancient.
There's only one demon I know of who will know what to do with that.
I sense a "but" coming.
But he's notoriously violent.
Fenric the Vile, exiled to a compound in the Hunan province for trying to depose - the Demon Overlord.
- As in, you? No, this was centuries before my time.
But tales of his bloody coup are known by all demons.
Notoriously violent by demon standards? No, thanks.
I'll find another way.
Harry, I've come to believe my demon form is some kind of reckoning.
I-I've done terrible things, and redemption may be my only salvation.
I'll take you to Fenric, get you your translation and make sure he doesn't extract your spleen and eat it.
Which he was known to do.
Mace? Jordan? Mags.
Someone's been here.
Step back and put your hands where we can see them.
Move slowly and drop the book.
Frena el tigre, salva la selva.
Don't get up.
Who are you and what are you doing in our attic? Please, Maggie, Mel Don't hurt me.
I'm your cousin.
Josefina Reyes.
Nice to finally meet you.
- You're our cousin? - Technically second cousin, but feel free to treat me like a first.
If you are who you say you are.
My mother Marisa is the daughter of Abuela Fabiola, who's sister to your Abuela Julie.
So, either I'm very good at online ancestry or I'm exactamente who I say I am.
Then how come we've never heard of you? You probably remember me by my deadname.
I was assigned male at birth, but that was just a biological mix-up.
I've always known who I am, especially because I can do spells and It's only a matter of time before my poder mágico presents.
So, you're a witch? And a burglar, apparently.
You do know there are other ways to make a first impression? Like, say, ringing the doorbell? Given our family's history, I wasn't sure I'd be welcomed with open arms.
- What? - Come on, coz.
Your mother abandoned the family in Puerto Rico and took off.
She didn't abandon anyone.
And she didn't take off.
She got a full scholarship to college.
And stole the family grimoire.
The Book of Shadows? It belongs to my family.
I'm here to get it back.
You better sit down.
What are we looking for, exactly? A way out.
A portal.
A rift.
Something unusual that doesn't belong in the space.
Trisha Cullen.
She was my everything from sophomore year, until she cheated on me with Ken Justman.
What? It's weird, I-I know so little about you.
Hard to get to know someone when you bite their head off just for asking if you're okay.
I'm sorry, it's been a rough few days.
Now we're here, in your high school memory realm.
I don't have the bandwidth for this.
Maggie told me what happened with the Shea board.
I'm over it.
Moving on.
That the kind of unusual you talking about? It's something, which is better than nothing.
Prepare for anything.
Positively quaint.
Ah Welcome.
Don't move a muscle.
Ooh fire.
I was just about to make a pot of tea.
Oh, uh, mind giving me a light? Aah! Whoa.
Overlord Abigael Caine, I presume.
Even out here, I'm able to keep up with the news.
You're Fenric the Vile? Oh A hundred human lifetimes ago.
I take it You didn't travel all this way for warm drink and chat? I need you to translate this.
Oh that's old.
But I'm older and thus can help.
Depending on what I get for my troubles.
You get to keep your odd head attached to your decrepit body.
Now Let's see why you're really here.
Uh, the good news I think this is a pretty rudimentary spell.
All we need to do is find the two keys, and we're out of here.
And the bad news? The heat we're feeling.
I think it's because the spell's unstable.
Could collapse at any moment.
If that happens, we go up in flames.
I think I can flip us back to good news.
I know where one of the keys is.
Yah! Ah The last Whitelighter and the Demon Overlord.
Quite a pair.
How dare you invade my mind?! I had to be sure you meant me no harm.
I didn't before.
I do now.
Abby, no! Why are you not frightened? Because Killing me is illogical.
He wouldn't get his translation, and you wouldn't get relief from your Demon form.
How do you do it? Control that side of you? Our demon form is triggered by Our rage, which you have in surplus.
I've dampened mine with study and meditation.
Something I could teach you, if you let me return from exile.
Well, you seem to have mended your ways.
It's a deal.
Then, I'll get to work.
There's something wrong here.
There's no way the most vicious demon in history just taught himself to be good.
How do you know that? Harry, there's certain things one knows that transcend reason.
Demons aren't patient creatures.
He's lying about something, and we're gonna figure out what it is.
So, I used all my money, savings from my quince, to buy a plane ticket, and The Book of Shadows is gone? How do I know you're not lying to me? Why would we do that? Kind of how your family works.
You know what? Enough.
- Time to go.
- Ay, no.
I'm not going anywhere without the Book.
A book we don't have! That's a you problem.
So, either you find a way to produce The Book of Shadows, or I'm not giving you back your other sister and her friend.
Macy? And Jordan? What have you done with them? Locked them up tight.
And they're not coming out until I get what I came for.
Yo, Trish.
Can we talk? Jord! Can you spot me a 20? - I left my wallet at home again.
- Uh-huh.
Uh, she's not real, so I'll just take the key.
Whoa, she can't see you.
- Who can't see what? - Great.
We're in your magical realm, - so I'm invisible to everyone but you.
- Jord.
Um, yes, yeah, uh You're not actually giving her money? Also, I'm gonna need a ride from the outlets.
Me, Zoe, and Julia are going Halloween shopping.
I know, in March, but Julia's trying to stay sober, and me and Zoe are like, "Whatever keeps her off drugs" Don't get judgy.
She had her moments.
Yo, you know, Trish, where'd you get that necklace? It's pretty unusual.
No, it's not.
That other guy had it, too.
Someone else has that necklace? - With a key hanging from it? - Yeah.
Some dude in a hat and weird clothes.
I saw him near the auditorium.
Uh You know, probably shouldn't wear something that comes in duplicates, right? I mean, you are an original.
I guess it was kind of tacky.
Are you gonna buy me something nice to replace it? You know it.
You went out with this girl for how long? - Too long.
- How did you not know you deserve better? Ah, water off a duck's back.
"Water off a duck's back.
" Don't you ever get angry? Only when people sucker punch me in the nose when I'm giving them boxing lessons.
Well, that was one time.
Because I had to steal your ring - to figure out if you were evil.
- Uh-huh.
Well, that was a serious punch.
It's definitely getting hotter in here.
I'm boiling now.
Is that a helicopter? Where the hell are we now? Paktia Province.
Last place I was stationed in Afghanistan.
Wha-What's the matter? That's Mateen.
My translator.
Where is he now? What happened to him? He's dead.
'Cause of me.
I am not playing, Josefina.
You need to tell me what you did.
Just a tiny brujería spell.
"En Sus pensamientos.
" In your thoughts.
Which does what exactly? It's a container spell, where the person is trapped with whatever's in their head, until they work it out or the caster releases them.
Which the caster is going to do right this moment.
Mel has been recreating The Book of Shadows, and we can't let you take it, but I am sure Mel would let you look at it.
Right, Mel? Fine.
After Macy and Jordan are out of that bag.
But don't try to cross me.
Ow! What the? - That's hotter than hell.
- What's happening? I don't know.
I-It shouldn't be like that.
Unless someone in the container is cursed.
But I Wait, what What happens if someone in the spell is cursed? The spell becomes Destabilized.
And the people inside Die.
First rule of being a witch: Do not use spells you don't understand on innocent people.
I'm sorry.
How was I supposed to know the dude was cursed? Yeah, well, playtime is over.
Get Macy and Jordan out of the bag.
- Now.
- I can't.
In this state, it-it could destabilize and burst into flames or something.
It's not my fault.
I'm-I'm self-taught.
Okay, so then, call your family, ask them for help.
I can't! They kicked me out.
It's why I came looking for The Book of Shadows.
They were totally fine with my transition, but When I suggested I would get my witch powers, well "Only biological women can have powers," they said.
So I taught myself as much as I could, potion-wise, with no help from my mother or abuelita.
I'm so sorry.
Me, too.
I need The Book of Shadows to get my powers and show them they're wrong.
Start from the beginning.
If Jordan wasn't cursed, how would you get him and Macy out? I'd make a poultice using herbs, um, ground up feet from a nesting bird and rehydrated offal.
Offal? Intestines.
Usually from a cow or pig.
Normally soaked in bile.
Sounds like black magic.
It's not! Brujería wasn't stigmatized until colonization.
When the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and the Taínos, they called our magic evil.
But it's the basis for Western magic, including yours.
Uh, the bag looks like - it's going to burst into flames.
- Uh Um We need ice.
Uh, I'll get it.
Why didn't Mom ever tell us about the other side of our family? She must have had a reason.
For never contacting our Puerto Rican relatives? What could that even be? I don't understand.
Mom never told us we were witches.
Bound our powers.
What if there's even more that we don't know? Oh, no.
Uh Josefina! Ow.
Ow! There has to be a spell in The Book of Elders in the command center.
You're bailing on brujería? We don't have a choice.
We're running out of time.
We have to stick with what we know.
Abby, you're out of control.
You're going to screw this up for both of us.
Back away, Harold.
I know what I know.
Oh, of course.
You'd prefer a pill or a device, any shortcut that gets you out of doing the work.
Nothing ever changes.
Including you.
You're an incorrigible, selfish narcissist.
Oh, and what of you? Here you are, hat in hand once again.
Asking for my help so you can be with Macy.
Solve the allergy.
You have no problem No, we don't know what it does Are you All right? Yes.
But do you feel Funny? Not funny, but Numb.
Try something.
Place this near my face.
I can feel the heat but no panic, no worry.
No negative emotions.
Just a palpable imperative to politely ask you to put down the poker.
I knew it.
This amulet It's a shortcut.
How he Replaced his anger with Pure logic.
You were right.
This would be an ideal time to feel an emotion, because I suspect I'd be thrilled.
This is all yours? It's a long story.
Um, what are you thinking? I got a couple spells that might work.
I just need a few minutes to go through my notes.
Don't know if you have that long.
The bolsita is melting.
Mateen! Jordan, where are you going? We need to find the guy with the hat, get the key and go home.
I'm afraid this whole realm is burning up and so are we.
Mateen! Corporal Chase.
Thank you for helping me get my green card.
I am forever in your debt.
Mateen, you can't get in there.
But I must.
It's my job.
One last mission and I'm off to my new life.
But you won't you won't make it, Mateen.
You get killed on this mission.
No, no, no.
No, no.
Mateen, please.
Mateen, don't go.
Mateen! Jordan Jordan, I'm so sorry.
But we're not gonna get out of here alive unless we find that other Man with the hat.
With the weird clothes.
Who the hell is that guy? I thought everyone here was from my past.
He is.
That man's responsible for your curse.
The Witchfinder General.
Guys, we need to find a solution in the next five minutes, or this bag is going to collapse.
What if the answer isn't a single form of magic, but more of a A-a combo platter? - Mel, remember "Walls of Steel"? - Mm-hmm.
It's a fortification spell.
It might stabilize the bag.
Give them a little more time to get out.
But there was that last part that we couldn't figure out.
What if that's Brujería? Show it to me.
That's how I'd describe my emotion this morning.
Desperate that I couldn't understand what it was that Macy had been through.
So, to solve the allergy would be to solve something.
Give you a sense of intimacy you feel you've lost.
But The more I try to understand her The further away she gets.
I see.
You found the amulet.
I knew that speech about meditation was bollocks.
You tell people you're enlightened, but it's a trick; you're a fraud.
Oh, no, no.
It's not a trick.
It's a solution: a chance to achieve what I couldn't accomplish centuries ago.
Becoming the Demon Overlord.
Kill her and the translation is yours.
Okay, see this part? It says "bone" and "morapio.
" That's a rough translation for "Plonk.
" Um - Like cheap wine? - Guys Less plonk, more hurrying.
Yes, right.
Um So, what would we need? Uh, like, a pork chop bone and a glass of peach schnapps.
And then we can cast the spell? What is it? I screwed up the last spell.
What if I screw this one up, too? Look, we need to keep that bag intact, give them more time to figure out how to get out.
But if we're gonna do a combo spell, we need you for the brujería.
I know, but what if my family's right? That Maybe I can do potions and spells, but I'll never find my power, that I'm not a real witch? Look, I get it.
I do.
You look into other people's eyes and see their doubt, and it it starts to make you doubt yourself.
Like I'm an imposter.
Other people don't tell us who we are, Josefina Unless we let them.
We have to find the Witchfinder General.
Where's the auditorium? I don't I don't know.
I'm sorry, I can't The heat, the smoke.
You know what? This is crazy.
I can't do this.
There's got to be another way.
There's not.
And we're running out of time here.
Where are you going? Macy! See? There's nothing here.
Let's just go.
Jordan, what are you running from? You don't want to confront him.
The same way you didn't want to confront Trisha - for cheating, or the class bully.
- What? What the hell are you getting at? Why don't you let yourself get angry, Jordan? I mean, you you say you did, when I sucker-punched you, but really, that was mild annoyance at most.
You don't think I'm angry? I'm cursed with a burden I don't deserve.
- I don't get to make a mistake.
- No, you don't.
I have to be exceptional all the damn time.
It's infuriating, isn't it? Whoa, you want me to rage out, get so mad that I smash things! Is that what you want? No.
I want you to believe you have the right to.
The burden you're carrying is too big.
For both of us.
Give it here.
That doesn't belong to you, Mr.
It does now.
Where's the rest of it? I'll never tell you.
None of us will.
Then you and your coven can burn.
I'll find what I need in the ashes.
Take her! Take all of them.
That's her, the witch who put the curse on me.
Jordan! Save me.
This is how you balance the scales of justice.
Do it.
She's holding back the demon world.
It's not in my self-interest.
Ah, but it is.
With her gone, I can bring peace and logic to the demon world.
Why not do it yourself? The demon world would not look kindly upon me.
It's more efficient if it's you.
He's right, Harry.
Fenric will give you the translation, so you won't need me anymore.
And if this is what it takes to stop my demon form from torturing me, so be it.
But you'd be vanquished.
Gone forever.
A fact in death I wouldn't know.
Besides, a life that's all logic? It's not for me.
What's drink without joy? What's sex without release? You should do it.
I'm ready.
Your assumption that logical demons are peaceful is flawed.
You still desire the throne enough to ask me to kill her.
How long before you can convince demons to do anything? You haven't solved a thing.
Emotion without logic is dangerous But logic without emotion is Maybe worse.
How long does it last? This feeling? A few hours.
The translation.
Thank you very much.
If you think you can kill me You should think again.
We're going to do something worse.
Leave you just as you are.
No! Hey! Get your damn hands off of her.
Who the hell are you? Your great-great-great by several generations grandson.
And I'm here to stop what you started.
Really? Because you're badly outnumbered, son.
My powers are useless here, Jordan, just-just grab the key.
Walls of steel, floor of stone.
Build the core, hold the dome.
Jordan, grab the key.
Thank you very much.
This is your chance to end your curse.
All the men in my family have died young.
Innocent men who had to shoulder the burden that was not theirs.
What are you doing? Finish him and be free.
What happened to you was a horror.
But violence begets violence.
You cursing my family was an act borne of desperation.
I understand that.
But that's history.
I can't change the past.
But I can change the future.
That is how I choose to balance the scales.
You don't think you can stay? Finish that drink? Thank you for this.
You were right.
The amulet, it wasn't a magic pill, it didn't take away the evil impulses.
They just resurfaced in a different form.
If you do the work, there may be a way to free yourself.
But there are no shortcuts to redemption.
It isn't right Far too many fallen They say it's in the name Got to ask, what did Florence say when she whispered in your ear? She, um Released me.
To tequila that's really Exceptional.
A word I have really come to dread.
Would you stand for me? Everybody Ugh.
Don't take offense, just make 'em feel comfortable, rise above it, just be exceptional while you do it.
And, uh, and most of all, don't try to explain why it's not fair, 'cause now you're just making excuses.
And what do you have to complain about anyway? You're one of the good ones.
But the moment you slip up, we're sending you to the back of the line.
It's nice to have a friend where I-I don't have to explain.
Won't give up the fight So No are we gonna be friends now? I think so.
Wait, wait, no.
For you Would you stand for me? Everybody deserves Jordan I would lend a hand to you Would you lend a hand Your curse, it it's over.
Deserves to be free Yeah, but the struggle continues.
If you feel like I do That it does.
Stand with me I hope Macy's not too pissed.
Oh, she's not.
Stuff like this happens to us all of the time.
Feel like I do So, where are you headed next? Home.
To explain and probably get lectured on how they were all right and I was loca.
Stand with me You could stay.
Think it's a shame We could help you figure out how to manifest your power.
Really? Sorry, I don't want to be some pain-in-the-ass burden or something.
You wouldn't be.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
And I could really use someone to help me brush up on my Spanish.
Everybody Deserves to be free.
You get the translation? Hi.
I finally understand that I will never understand.
Macy, I'm so sorry I kept pushing you to talk about what happened, understand what you've been through.
But I realize now facts don't matter, because I will never understand what it's like to walk in your shoes, and for you to have to try and explain it to me Is exhausting.
You understanding that much means the world to me.
Well, now that we've translated each other would you mind doing the honors with the Latin? I'll do the demonic translation.
Uh "This tablet is forged with magic "for those who are perfect to move time and space.
" Nang froh lee bit dang kroo.
Are those Scorpions.
Lots of them.
What the hell have we unleashed? Chaos.

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