Charmed (2018) s03e10 Episode Script


1 - Previously on Charmed - I'm your cousin.
Josefina Reyes.
I was assigned male at birth.
But that was just a biological mix-up.
When I suggested I would get my witch powers, well "Only biological women can have powers," they said.
I need The Book of Shadows to get my powers and show them they're wrong.
HARRY: We know from the revelation spell that these prehistoric symbols on the stone tablet have something to do with your allergy.
And they match the symbols left behind by the Chupa-Alma.
Where the hell did these extinct creatures even come from? HARRY: Where do you put a bunch of baddies so they don't wreak havoc on everyone? - MACY: A magical Alcatraz.
- MEL: The Tomb of Chaos.
Who created this thing and why? "This tablet is forged with magic "for those who are perfect to move time and space.
" What the hell have we unleashed? Chaos.
Come on.
Come on.
MAN: I know, right? Greg's such a D-bag.
Dude begged to be in the fantasy league, now he's whining about the buy-in? Right? Are you kidding? [MAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY.]
Damn it.
No, it's ridiculous.
Dude, come and meet me.
You big baby, I will drive you home.
Stop being a loser and get down here.
I don't care.
Come on, dude.
Yeah, they're both here.
All right.
Later, bro.
Mmm, hey there.
Wouldn't kill you to smile.
: What's the point? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
Rift creature 183 Vanquished.
Well done.
Now try and get some sleep while you can.
: Well, it was It was close this time, Harry.
Tell me you got something.
You know, I wish I could.
No matter what I try, nothing seems to activate the tablet or reseal the rift.
The only luck I've had at all is predicting where the damn thing will open up next.
Another one.
Already? [SIGHS.]
I'll wake Maggie.
Mags? [GASPS.]
Hey there.
Y-You okay? Yeah.
Where am I going? Black Forest.
Were you studying? I have a huge psych paper due Friday.
Geez, Mags.
If I don't get an "A," I can kiss that internship goodbye.
Can't you ask for an extension? And how am I supposed to explain that? "Sorry, Professor Lawrence, the, uh, "Tomb of Chaos blew open, there are monsters everywhere, "and we're having to pull all-nighters "just to keep innocent people from being eaten"? I was thinking more like a doctor's note, but I'm sorry.
I'm just so Exhausted? I know.
Can I have a minute? Mm-hmm.
She's hitting a wall.
She might need to take this rotation off or Guten Tag, bitches.
Let's do this.
Really? Y-You-You're okay? Yeah.
Never better.
Like I said, just needed a minute.
HARRY: Well, so much for hitting a wall.
: "Complete and utter chaos.
" That's how city officials described the scene after thousands of scorpions were found roaming the streets - of Seattle last week.
Now, authorities believe it was just a prank gone wrong, - but some Seattleites are convinced - Hey, prima.
Got a sec? I Sure.
What's up? - Come on.
- Now, police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.
Check it out.
Uh, it's just rope? That's like saying Ariana Grande is just a singer.
What? I call it a Bruja's Ladder.
It's a mash-up of traditional brujería binding spells with knot magic I read about in The Book of Elders.
Well, that's great.
When used in combination with this incantation, it should neutralize the powers of any magical being.
Should? I mean, it's not like I had a monster to test it on, but It'll work.
I think.
Uh, I'll definitely check it out when I have a chance.
It's just that I'm up next in the rotation.
Perfect, I'll come with and show you how it works on the fly.
Josefina, I love your enthusiasm, but things are super dangerous right now.
My main priority is to keep you safe, and that means staying put.
But if it's okay with you, I'd love to take the Bruja's Ladder with me on this next one.
Thank you.
HARRY: You didn't tell me you were hurt.
Here Is that gonna work? Well, as long as I keep my distance, I think I can Ah [EXHALES.]
God, I'm sorry.
Stop! Just-just stop.
I'm only trying to help.
It's not you, Harry.
I mean, it's just this, it's it's all this.
Look at us.
We're sleeping in shifts.
Our bodies are falling apart.
I haven't been to my actual job in a week.
Look, Macy, things aren't always gonna be like this.
I want to believe that.
I really do, but every day it gets harder to have hope.
I'm gonna go home.
There's a first aid kit there.
I can, I can wrap it myself.
Okay, Mr.
Monster, where did you get off to? Whoa! Well, there you are.
That's a big-ass footprint.
She designed this spell? She's not ready, Harry.
Well, neither were you and your sisters.
And as I recall, you took on the power structure of the entire magical world about five minutes after learning you were witches.
Sure, but back then you knew everything and were always there to guide us.
A lot's changed.
Oh, Harry, no.
I didn't mean Mel, all I'm saying is that, as scary as it is, sometimes learning to fly means jumping out of the nest.
What the hell? I thought I had more time.
No, it seems to be happening more and more frequently.
I'm afraid soon these rifts might become Constant.
Good luck.
Stay sharp.
There's no telling what you might find out there.
: Yeah.
RASPY VOICE: Don't worry.
It'll all be over soon.
It'll all be over soon.
You got this, Maggie.
Hell yeah.
Bring it on.
Where the hell is this thing? Excuse me? Sir? I know this may sound odd, but Have you seen any bright lights [SNARLING.]
or anything out of the ordinary? [GRUNTS.]
What the? Hello? - [LOUD HARMONIC TONE.]
Why are you doing this? - Mel.
You all right? - Barely.
I vanquished this faceless monster, and all of a sudden these beings dropped out of the sky and started making these creepy-ass noises.
Harry? Why isn't the portal closing? Harry, it's them.
Containment spell.
Catch! Alligatum est.
Nice work.
What are they? MEL: I have no idea.
MEL: Harry! Harry! Knot of one, thy power undone.
Nudo De dos, protégenos.
Knot of three, so let it be.
What the hell did you do to him? You done running? How original.
Ooh, okay.
That was way more painful than it should have been.
Oh, God.
Oh, boy.
Come on, come on.
Harry, I can't get close without shocking the hell out of us, so you've got to wake up.
Damn it.
This is going to hurt.
The allergy, is it gone? I don't know.
But my powers are.
Oh, what the hell? Are you me? [SNARLS.]
Oh, no.
The marble.
It worked.
It really worked.
This is awesome.
So, you can't orb or heal or anything? No.
And I fear it's worse than that.
If my powers were merely blocked or depleted, the allergy would still shock us.
Which means I'm no longer a magical creature, I'm simply Mortal.
JOSEFINA: So if these beings can take magic at will, maybe they can give it, too.
Maybe they can activate my powers.
We have no idea what they are or what else they can do.
But if we could find a way to communicate, maybe we could, I don't know, make a deal or something.
If they can activate my powers, Mel, I can finally start pitching in.
Help you take on these monsters.
Damn it, Josefina.
Powers or no powers, you are not ready to fight.
Neither are you, Mel.
Look at you.
You have no idea how to stop this chaos.
Charmed or not, you and your sisters need help.
Wait, where are my sisters? Ad cottidianum.
Oh, my God.
That's Maggie.
And that's Macy.
We'll divide and conquer.
I'll portal to Maggie, and you get to the house and help Macy.
But what about them? We can't just leave them here.
I can guard them.
Watch them.
But don't do anything.
And if they so much as blink funny, you get somewhere safe and you call me.
- Understand? - Okay.
HARRY: Hey, Macy.
Hey, running, I forgot how awful Macy.
Macy, can you hear me? Macy? [SIGHS.]
Right, okay.
I can't do that.
Uh, please think, think, think.
Mel's potion stash.
I'll be right back.
Maggie, you out there? Maggie? Maggie? [SNARLS.]
MEL: Maggie, are you there? Mel? Where are you? I'm close, I'm in the same woods you are.
I just need you to yell out.
No, no.
No, I can't.
If I do, she'll hear me.
Who? Maggie, who will hear you? Maggie? Maggie! [MAGGIE SCREAMS.]
Maggie? I don't know if you understand me or not, but my primas are in serious trouble and need my help.
Only, I'm no use to them without my powers, so, whatever you did to the Whitelighter, I need you to reverse it on me.
Okay? Hello?! ¿Hablan español? I know I'm a witch.
I just You got to help me show them.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Come on.
Come on.
Work, damn it.
Macy? [SIGHING.]
Macy? Harry, what? What? - But how? - Just go with it.
- Oh.
Don't worry.
It'll all be over soon.
MEL: Stay the hell back! Mel? Don't worry, Mags.
I got you.
MAGGIE: Mel, it looks like me.
It's a doppelgänger.
The old legend says they don't just mimic you.
They feed off your fear and self-doubt.
But they can only do it when you're alone.
Which is why the trick is a tag team.
It can't hold a form with both of us here.
Now let's finish what you started.
Mortiferum fi.
Whoa, that's new.
Desperate times call for pointier weapons.
Do you ever wish you could put the world on pause and live in one single moment forever? Macy, what is it? I'm sorry.
Why? Did I say something? No.
No, it's not you.
This is exactly what I needed.
Well, then what's wrong? Just tired.
Feel like I'm fighting all the time.
In the magic world.
In the real world, and I just I just don't even know anymore.
Know what? Well, why I keep fighting to save a world that refuses to fight for people like me.
I can't answer that question.
You know, some fights are always going to be our own.
But know this.
I am never gonna stop fighting for you.
And for us.
I've completely lost it, haven't I? [SINGS TONE.]
Look, I can't explain why, but I don't think you were trying to hurt Harry, and I think that if I let you out, you can help us.
But you have to give me something, anything.
This is you, isn't it? [BOTH SING TONES.]
So you'll help me? [SINGING TONES.]
Screw it.
Good enough.
Knot of three, return to thee.
Nudo De dos, escúchanos.
Knot of one, thy bonds undone.
Uh okay.
That's close enough.
Stay back.
You're supposed to be helping me.
Wait! [OWL HOOTS.]
Have you ever been so exhausted that your powers just stopped working? A few times lately.
I was using my power to take away my fear, give myself some confidence.
- Maggie - I know.
The psych student self-medicating.
I'm aware of the irony.
But the whole world's come undone.
We have all been so stressed.
I even failed my last psych test.
You took a test during all of this? I thought I could handle it.
I still have a huge paper due.
Maggie, you should have told us.
We would have picked up the slack.
How? You and Macy are stretched just as thin as I am.
We would have found a way.
I know, as women, we feel the need to handle everything ourselves.
Because we want to project strength in a world that refuses to acknowledge our power.
But the most powerful thing we can do is ask for help.
Maggie, you don't have to face every monster alone.
Let's go home.
If these beings took away your powers, they must have a way to restore them, right? Uh, right, of course.
Oh, my God, Harry, no.
MEL: Oh, no.
What? They got out.
Who got out? I knew I shouldn't have left her alone with them.
Josefina! What happened to her? When you were on your last mission, there was an incident.
What kind of an incident? [MAN SCREAMS IN DISTANCE.]
We were breached.
Stay here with Josefina.
- We have to do something.
- Yeah, not without a sound plan.
These beings aren't affected by traditional magic.
But they are affected by this.
As soon as I bind them, you finish them off with this.
We just need to find a way to draw them out first.
You're all right? I'm fine.
Then stay right here.
Apparently, I have to help Mel kill two very chic, - very evil monsters.
- Wait.
If you do that, the entire world is screwed.
All right, you bastards.
Come and finish what you started.
MEL: Knot of one, thy power undone.
- Wait, no! - Stop! They aren't dangerous.
They're just trying to understand our world, our language, and they do that by touch.
You're still confused by whatever they did to you.
Knot of one, thy power undone.
I am not confused.
You need to stop protecting me and start trusting me.
I saw inside their minds, Mel, and they're not here to hurt us.
Did Did they just O-Open the Tomb of Chaos? Tomb of Chaos? That's the most ridiculous name I've ever heard.
They can speak.
Told you.
ALADRIA: Its true name is unpronounceable in your tongue, but I suppose it would roughly translate to The Benevolent Classification and Containment System for Rampageous Beings and Unpredictable Objects in Fifth-Dimensional Space-Time.
And of course we opened it.
We did build the damn thing, didn't we, Mo? Yep.
Your powers? They're back.
ALADRIA: We apologize for borrowing them without your consent.
At the time, we weren't sure we could trust you.
But now, if you please, we need to speak to the Charmed Ones.
Who are you? What are you? ALADRIA: I am Aladria.
This is Mo.
We are the Perfecti, and we are here to help.
ALADRIA: So, a meat product named for the Germans and a potato product named for the French somehow constitutes a quintessentially American meal? Yes.
The world's an even bigger mess than we feared.
MACY: Look, Aladria, I-I get that you're hungry.
If you built the tomb and carved that tablet, it means you probably haven't eaten in 21,342 - Years.
- MO: And six days.
But who's counting? Right.
But, uh, who-who are you, exactly? I miss the days when we didn't require introductions.
Soon enough.
Long, long ago, the magical world was in a state of absolute chaos.
No government, no institutional structures, certainly no Charmed Ones.
Just power in all its forms, completely unchecked.
Desperate for a sense of order, the many tribes of magic came together and gave up some of their powers, imbuing them into two utterly perfect beings.
Hence The Perfecti.
Name was my idea.
ALADRIA: From there, we set to work, restoring order, rounding up creatures of chaos, and placing them in the Benevolent Classification and Containment System.
I kind of like "the Tomb of Chaos.
" You would.
Anyway, when our work was done, we placed ourselves in the - [SLURPS.]
- Tomb and rested.
Until seven days ago.
Which one of you read from the tablet? Um, should we not have? You should have done it months ago.
ALADRIA: This world of yours It's teetering on the brink of collapse.
Air's putrid.
Water's filthy.
Creatures we imprisoned millennia ago roam the streets Willy-nilly.
We're working on that.
Well, we're back now.
So we'll take it from here.
Only if you'll accept our help, of course.
Yeah, we would, we would love your help.
Then we'll get right to work.
W-Well, c-can I ask about our allergy? We know it's connected to the tomb and-and the stone tablet.
Do you know what's causing it? [SLURPS.]
We do.
Then can you cure it? There are some complexities I won't bore you with.
But yes.
We can.
We don't have to be - [LAUGHTER.]
- Oh, my God.
The dreamers that may live Inside of us No, we don't need be complacent To the life that this world chose for us And it's not easy To see the light RECEPTIONIST [OVER PHONE.]
: Hello.
Counseling office.
Um My name's Margarita Vera.
I, uh I'd like to make an appointment To see a therapist.
You have to try [EXHALES.]
But we'll make it to the other Harry, I said I needed flour, not Flour and flower.
The other side Someone's enjoying having their powers back.
Well, truth be told, I found life quite a bit nicer without them.
The other side Getting to hold you, kiss you.
Just being close enough to feel your breath.
I'd trade all the orbing in the world to have that again.
Well, if they really can fix our allergy, you-you won't have to.
What? Macy, what is it? It's just, you've From the day we met, you have always been there for me.
But when you were suddenly mortal, I-I had, like, a flash, a glimpse of a world without you in it.
I was scared, Harry.
I know it's stupid, but No, it's not.
I live with those same nagging thoughts, that one day you'll be gone, and I'll linger on, ageless and full of grief.
That is, until last night.
- When you were mortal.
- Yes.
When I was mortal.
Make it to the other Make it to the other side One thing at a time, okay? One thing at a time.
N-Namely those bloody cupcakes.
How long are you gonna keep me waiting? I know I'm immortal, but I can still starve to death, you know.
The other side But we'll make it to the other I wish I could have met her.
I just feel like she would have really seen me, you know? Even without powers.
You're right.
She would have.
But you can't give up hope.
There's still a chance the Perfecti can No.
There's not.
When they touched my head, they entered my mind somehow and communicated with me.
They can't bestow magic, only borrow it.
Josefina, look.
You are a witch.
And you don't need to prove that to anyone.
A witch who, by the way, made the most badass binding spell I have ever seen.
Got something for you.
What's that? Remember how we told you that after The Book of Shadows was destroyed, I started to try to recreate it? JOSEFINA: Oh, wow.
MEL: Most of the pages are still empty, but I thought maybe we could finish it together.
For real? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
I so wish I could hug you right now.
Soon, prima.
I think our luck is finally about to change.
You're sure about this? Sealing the rift back up was easy.
Curing this allergy could cost you your lives.
We'll do whatever it takes.
Even if you survive, there may be side effects.
What kind? We won't know till we know.
I'm with Macy.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes.
Very well.
Hold onto your broomsticks.

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