Charmed (2018) s03e13 Episode Script

Chaos Theory

Previously on Charmed We are the Perfecti.
And we are here to help by rounding up creatures of chaos and placing them in the benevolent classification and containment system.
I kind of like the Tomb of Chaos.
It's my demon side.
I will destroy you.
But I need to make it stop.
I need you to do something for me, Jordan.
Help me bind my powers permanently.
Abby! Jordan? Hello? You screwed up, Tomb.
I'd rather spend eternity alone in this place than one night with her.
Is that any way to speak to your mother? You can do it the easy way.
Live in happiness.
Or the hard way Please don't! Abby? Jordan? Oh, my God.
They're in the Tomb.
Macy? I'm sorry to wake you.
It's time.
The next step of my journey.
To become mortal.
Now? Celeste is ready for me.
You sure about this? Are you sure? Stay safe, Harry.
I promise.
Wait, wait, Maggie, slow down.
What do you mean Jordan's gone? Jordan's missing.
The last person he was seen with, Abigael Caine, is also missing.
And there are two Tomb of Chaos symbols emblazoned on her floor.
Do the math.
So you think they're both stuck in the Tomb? We need to talk to the Perfecti.
Let's hope it's a misunderstanding.
"Misunderstanding"? No.
It wasn't.
Abigael Caine came to your house in her demon form.
You were in danger.
Any threat to the Charmed Ones is chaotic, and therefore belongs in the Tomb.
Jordan's not a threat.
Then what was he doing in her place of residence? Aiding and abetting? Aiding and abetting what? Whatever chaos Abigael Caine had in store.
The blood begone.
And with that, it shall all be forever lost.
I'm ready.
This is your proof? Where's the context? Look, whatever this is, Jordan is not chaotic.
He's a good man.
There's obviously been a mistake.
We just need to undo it.
We don't make mistakes.
Well, you did this time.
So what are you gonna do about it? We don't usually entertain challenges to our decisions.
But seeing as you are the Charmed Ones.
If you can prove that Abigael Caine is not chaotic, and therefore does not belong in the Tomb of Chaos, then Jordan Chase will also go free.
What? That makes no sense.
Well, logically, if she's not guilty, then he's not guilty.
Um, so how do we present our case? However you want.
This mirror will allow you to view all the events in Abigael Caine's life.
Not good enough.
We need to talk to Jordan.
And Abby.
These keys will give you access to the Tomb.
Where's the door? All you need is the keys.
The door will find you.
We have to find evidence that Abigael Caine doesn't belong in the Tomb of Chaos.
Yeah, there's only one problem.
She does.
Well, this is an impossible position.
How do you defend someone who's indefensible? This is about Jordan, not Abby.
Oh, you really want to justify all the horrible things - she's done? - Abby is no saint, but she's had our backs when we needed her.
Mel, everything she's ever done has been in her own self-interest.
I'm just saying there's a side of her that's good ish.
Yeah, I'm sure Jack the Ripper's mom thought he was a nice boy.
Look, we can debate this all day.
But we're gonna have to find the good in Abby to save Jordan.
Mel, how's that Psychic Shield potion coming? We don't have much time.
Oh, it smells like feet.
It'll protect us from succumbing to that mind-prison again.
Yeah, are we sure about that? Going back into the Tomb? I need to see him.
And he's the only lawyer we know.
Might be able to help.
Bottoms up.
I have no idea how this thing actually works.
Oh, that was easy.
Wish me luck.
Where are you going? To see our other client.
Jordan? Jordan? Jordan? Hey.
Are you okay? Hey, you! You look great.
How long has it been? It's been a few days.
I was so worried.
I didn't think you'd remember who I was.
Oh, stop playing.
You know I could never forget you, Trish.
You were my high school bae.
Abby? Well, hello! You've caught me in the midst of an organizing spree.
At first, I was a bit "feng shui, no way," but there is something to be said for "everything has its place.
" Ooh! You're just in time for lemon-blueberry scones.
They'll need to cool, of course.
15 minutes or they'll burn the roof of your mouth.
Abby? Abby, it's me.
I don't know if you can understand, but you're trapped in a prison.
The Tomb of Chaos.
And I'm here to get you out.
You'll do nothing of the kind, Mel.
Wait, you know who I am? Of course I do.
And I know about the prison, too.
Well, then why isn't your mind scrambled? Because I stopped fighting, and accepted my reality.
Abby, don't give up.
You can't.
I thought you'd be delighted to have me out of your simply styled, but lovely hair.
Jordan is trapped, too.
His fate is tied to yours.
Guilt by association.
Well, that is a shame.
We have a plan.
To get you both out.
But we're gonna need your help.
To prove that you're not chaotic.
But you see, Mel, that's the thing.
I am chaotic.
I do belong here.
What? Well, the truth is I'm finally at peace.
My demon form can no longer torment me here.
I I have no reason to leave.
Then you you were a medic in Afghanistan, remember? After that you you moved back to Seattle.
Decided to become a lawyer.
Why you messing with me, Trish? I'm not messing with you, I'm just tr I'm trying to get you to remember.
I need to find some kind of glitch.
Hey, Jordan, do you know what this is? A first-aid kit? Yeah.
The first time we met, I asked you if I could borrow this.
Jordan! Look at it, please.
Look, um Jordan.
I can tell you mean well, but you can't help us and that can.
Um sorry.
It's it's supposed to be red.
You have sisters.
Macy and Mel.
Maggie? Jordan, thank God.
I thought I lost you.
What's happening? I was with Abby and then I was here, but every time I try to leave, I end up back here again.
The more you try to escape, the worse it gets.
It's the Tomb's way of controlling you.
The Tomb? What kind of magical hell am I in now? Might want to sit for this.
What do you mean, she won't cooperate? She wants to stay in the Tomb.
Because she knows she's guilty.
You know, I've been trying to compile this list of good deeds, but I don't know if we have enough to build a case.
How do we defend somebody who doesn't want to be defended? If we put her on the stand, she'll become a hostile witness.
She wants hostile I'll give her hostile.
Macy, what are you doing? So, even in a magical jail built before the dawn of time, the Black man still gets put away for something he didn't do.
I'm sorry.
Jordan, it's not fair.
Right now, though, we need to tap your legal brain so you can help us win this "trial" and get you out of here.
Gotta start by putting on character witnesses for Abby.
Okay, great.
So Who are Abby's friends? Uh, there's that Godric dude.
She tried to have him killed.
Multiple times.
So no.
Mm, what about Parker.
She led a coup to overthrow him, and then kept him in a nasty prison cell.
Scratch that.
You said Abby has a sister, right? Whatever you do, don't move.
So, you can say you helped us track down the Kyon and free the kidnapped creatures.
Or I could say I was in it for the Kyon head.
It would have mounted so beautifully in my foyer.
Wait! That green scar on your leg.
The thing that came for you it came for me, too.
You only tried to kill us because you thought we sent the Darklighter after you.
It was self-defense.
Even you can't contradict that.
Come now, Macy.
I almost killed a Charmed One and you're selling me short.
I must insist on claiming credit when it's so richly deserved.
Jordan Chase is going to spend the rest of his life trapped in this hellscape because of you.
Have you no decency at all? Delightfully, no.
Can I cash in my IOU now? Well, that depends what you had in mind.
News flash, Abby.
That ship has sailed, and you're not on it.
This is my cell.
And I'm not in the mood for company anymore.
Can't you for once think about someone other than yourself? You know what you have to do.
I'm sorry, Mummy.
Please don't put me back in there.
You'll do as I say.
Or there will be consequences.
Tell her you're sorry, but you can't help her.
Otherwise, Mummy won't let you out.
Abby? Abby.
Abby, what just happened? As I said, I can't help you.
Now leave before I do something we'll both regret.
"Dear Margarita Vera, "Thank you for your inquiry.
"Unfortunately, I cannot testify on my sister's behalf.
"Whatever she's done, I'm sure she deserves "to be imprisoned for eternity.
Waverly Jameson.
" I can't believe she never even came outside.
Who never came outside? Abby's sister.
I contacted anyone who might have a kind word to say about Abby.
No surprise, we're at a dead end.
This trial is all about character.
We don't have a single character witness.
Yes, we do.
Maggie She's right.
We're running out of options.
We have to be Abby's character witnesses.
Is this a bad time to admit I failed debate in high school? Lady Justitia will judge these proceedings.
Our judge is a freakin' statue? A magical "freakin' statue.
" Abigael Jameson-Caine.
You are hereby charged with the crime of being a chaotic being who deserves to spend the rest of eternity in the Tomb of Chaos.
Today's tribunal will determine your guilt or innocence.
Behold Abigael Jameson-Caine.
Goodbye, Macy.
The dead witches in Vermont? That was you? It was payback.
I will destroy you.
We leave it to Lady Justitia to determine her guilt.
You may call your first witness.
Parker, please.
You're better than this.
Maybe Maybe I'm not.
Get out of the way, Maggie.
So were you surprised when Abigael Caine saved your life? It was quite the shock.
If it weren't for her, I might not be here today.
I only did that so I could reclaim my title as Demon Overlord.
Could the defendant keep her commentary to herself? Abby came to the future with me.
She served as my timekeeper.
Without her, I wouldn't have been able to retrieve the Source.
She helped us save the magical world.
Only to save my own hide.
I could care less about any of you.
Abby's shading the truth to hide any morsel of humanity.
Further proving the point that she's chaotic.
We need her to admit the whole truth about who she is.
Show she's capable of empathy.
Mission: Impossible.
Maybe not.
We need a brief recess in private, with our client.
You're two shy of a threesome, not that I mind.
Where are your sisters? They've given up, Abby.
Really? I came here to let you know.
We're throwing in the towel.
Hard as it is to admit you win.
I always do.
Can I offer you something? Wouldn't mind a glass of that merlot you're drinking.
I'll have you know this is top-shelf pinot noir.
Need something, Legally Brunette? No.
Actually, there is just one more thing.
We'd like to put you on the stand.
I think everyone here would agree that you're a very complicated person.
One minute you're stabbing us in the back, the next you're risking your life for us.
So I guess the question is why? Because I'm desperate for a crumb of validation.
I didn't mean to say that.
Well, you know what they say.
The truth will set you free.
You've given me truth serum.
Nice catch.
Harry? Everybody, stand back! Harry? He's alive.
You saved Harry's life more than once.
Why? Because he's a decent man in spite of all the horrible things that were done to him in the past, and I couldn't fathom a world without him in it.
I need you to help me strip my demon powers.
Why ever would you do an utterly stupid thing like that? Do you have any idea how coveted the fire-based powers are in the Demon World? I'm not part of the Demon World.
And I have my reasons.
Last chance to back out.
I'm doing this.
As you wish.
You tried to help Macy restore the Power of Three.
Why? Because I knew that if the Charmed Ones weren't at full strength, it would leave the magical world exposed to enemies even a Demon Overlord couldn't defeat.
You've saved Mel's life.
A number of times.
You could've left her for dead.
But you didn't.
Why? Because I care deeply about her.
And if there's any chance she might ever feel the same about me, I have to fight my worst instincts and try to be the person she thinks I could be.
Your witness, Perfecti.
Miss Jameson-Caine.
You tried to help the Charmed Ones regain the Power of Three.
How? We just saw that.
Humor me.
By stripping Macy of her demon power, as she requested.
Do you recognize this? Yes, it's the ritual dagger used in certain demon rites.
Like the one you used to strip Macy Vaughn of her demon power? Obviously.
And what did you do with that power once you'd stripped it? I Hmm.
There's no way you gave the Charmed Ones back the Power of Three just to be nice.
You stripped Macy's powers and stole them for yourself.
Give the boy a prize.
He's not as dumb as he looks.
We're gonna need a recess.
I'd like a moment to talk with our client, alone.
You stole my demon power? You gave it up willingly, shed it like an infection.
All I did was retrieve it from the bin.
From the moment I asked you to strip me of that power my power you knew you'd take it for yourself.
Of course I knew.
But I warned you not to trust me.
It's the scorpion and the frog, and I always sting.
No wonder your sister won't testify for you.
My sister? You spoke to Waverly? Well, we reached out to her, hoping she'd stand up for you, but, uh, she said, "Hell no.
" You Charmed Ones save each other every day, but every battle I've ever fought, I've fought alone.
Now I will do whatever I can to save Jordan, but it's hopeless either way.
The Perfecti know what I am, and so do you.
Mel said it best.
I'm irredeemable.
That's why Abby's sabotaging this trial.
She doesn't believe anything can prove she's worthy.
What do we do now? There's no one left to testify.
Yes, there is.
He's the most decent man I know.
If he testifies to Abby's humanity, maybe we can tip the scales back.
Just stall for me.
Jordan? Hey.
When is Dad getting home? Do you have another witness? Unfortunately, he's not ready just yet.
Very well.
Then we call our first and last witness.
Mother? Hello, darling.
I thought you said your mother was dead.
She is dead, to me.
Dad was so mad this morning.
Maybe he doesn't love me anymore.
Oh, no, I don't think that's what it is.
Sometimes, people just have so many feelings, it can be hard to express them, you know? I guess, but you always said that it's better to be honest.
Well, sometimes people don't know what they want until they almost lose it, and then they wish they had just said how they felt instead of wasting so much time.
What are you talking about, Mom? Nothing.
I just need to get you out of here.
When I heard the scream, I ran back into the room and I saw Abigael holding her sister Waverly by the wrist, and her hand was engulfed in flames.
I put it out as quickly as I could, but Waverly was scarred for life.
How old was Waverly? Three.
Was that the last time Abigael displayed chaotic tendencies? On her first day of school, she set the teacher's hair on fire.
She floated half the class up to the roof.
And burned down the sacred woods behind our house.
And how did you deal with that as a mother? I appealed to the Elders, they gave me the ritual to strip Abigael of her demon form before she could wreak any further havoc.
How did Abigael react? She trapped Waverly and I in the house and burned it to the ground.
So even the Elders knew the danger your daughter posed to others? Yes.
I think it's time I ask some questions.
What kind of mother would you say you were? Why Loving.
I did the best that I could under difficult circumstances.
Perhaps Abby has a different point of view.
Remind me again why you're so loyal to your demon side.
Your family rejected you.
Your father tried to kill you.
I mean, if I were you, I would've run to my mother's side.
Did it ever occur to you that my mother might have rejected me, too? Now, demons are cold and selfish by nature, so my father had an excuse.
My mother chose to hate the parts of me that were like him.
Always trying to fix me.
She never let me forget for one second that there was something deficient in my soul.
Of course she takes that view.
She's just like her father.
Calculating, manipulative.
I had no choice but to discipline her.
She was dangerous.
How do you teach a toddler to control their powers? Well, you reward them when they do something right and punish them when they do something wrong.
What do you mean by "punish"? You know, like a time-out.
Is that what you're calling it now? The accused may not question the witness nor address them directly.
She restrained me with shock cuffs.
You used electric shocks on a two-year-old? It's not that unusual to use power cuffs on hybrid children.
Did she also get shocked when she used her witch powers? The answer is yes.
You shocked me every time I used either power, but you didn't care.
Because you never saw the witch in me.
You spent my entire childhood punishing me for your ill-advised assignation with a demon.
How dare you speak to me like that.
What are you gonna do, throw me into the crate again? You may not question the witness.
It is forbidden All I ever wanted was for you to love me like you loved Waverly.
But you didn't even try, did you? Did you?! Answer me! Abigael Jameson-Caine, you have broken the rules of this tribunal, further proving that you are a chaotic and belong in the Tomb of Chaos permanently.
Lady Justitia has reached her verdict.
We are ready to pass judgment.
Judgment? Wait, no, no, that's not fair.
You have to give us our last witness.
What does it matter? Abigael's behavior proves her chaotic nature beyond doubt.
Hold on a second.
Our witness is ready to testify.
Who still remains? Jordan Chase.
Very well, but this will be the last witness in the trial.
Are you sure? No.
Go big or go home, right? What is your name, sir? Jordan.
I think.
Do you know where you are? Not really.
Sort of feels like the inside of a haunted mansion.
Do you know why you're here? Uh I guess 'cause I've been bad.
But I don't know what I did.
This testimony is useless.
Because he's been imprisoned and tortured by the Tomb of Chaos.
It's messed with his head, his perception of reality, just like it did with all of us.
The only reason this kind and decent man is there is because he tried to help Abigael Caine.
Someone he might not have even met if it weren't for us.
Jordan Chase has risked his life over and over for the Charmed Ones.
So, yes, his life is chaotic.
But not because of Abby.
It's because of us.
The green poison is sucking the life force out of everyone.
To raise the dead.
Jordan! So this is our way in, huh? Every other entrance is guarded by magic detectives.
The only safe way in is to have a body.
A dead body.
I'm not really gonna die? !En sus pensamientos! Macy, look out! What-What's happening? If anyone's chaotic, it's us.
We put the Source in the Tree.
We blew open the Tomb of Chaos, unleashed ancient creatures; you haven't deemed us chaotic.
Because you're the Charmed Ones.
But we make mistakes.
I almost vanquished Abby for something she didn't do, which would have caused chaos throughout the Demon World.
And what's worse: You threw Jordan in the Tomb because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Not because he's chaotic.
It sounds like you're the chaotic ones.
Your arguments are illogical.
Maggie's right you're blind to context.
No one belongs in that horrible tomb, not even Abigael Jameson-Caine.
No, no, no.
Don't fight it, Abby.
You know what you need to do.
No, you're not even real! Jordan Chase, for aiding and abetting Abigael Jameson-Caine, this tribunal deems you chaotic.
They're putting Jordan back into the Tomb.
Not this time.
Power of Three.
Potentia Trium.
How did I get back here? I think we just blew up their whole system.
Jordan? Hey.
Are you okay? I feel like I'm a thousand years old, but yeah.
The Perfecti they're gone.
But to where, and for how long? You okay? Well, I'm five deep into a three-martini breakfast, but who's counting? Thank you for saving me, despite my best efforts.
I'm sorry for the abuse you endured at the hands of that monster.
Well, the apple doesn't fall far, does it? I was wrong to say you're irredeemable.
That is not my call to make, and you deserve a chance to atone for your past.
That means a lot to me, Mel.
So what are you gonna do now? Figure out how to make things right.
But I haven't the foggiest notion how to go about it.
I think you do.
I wanted to thank you.
I did it for Jordan.
I have something that belongs to you.
And I'm gonna figure out how to give it back, somehow.
How are you doing? Trying to crawl my way back up.
Hey, Jordan, there's something I need to say to you.
Me, too.
Oh, okay, well, um uh, you go first.
Maggie, this past year has been a lot.
The curse, going back in time, reliving my family's trauma.
Abby almost setting me on fire.
Being trapped in a monster prison, it's A lot.
I know.
Yeah, I think I think I need to bounce for a bit.
You're leaving? Yeah, I-I need a reset.
This Oh, this world of magic, it's It's been a little Chaotic? Yeah.
I got some family out in Colorado.
The scenery is beautiful.
It's quiet.
You-You're gonna come back though, right? I hope so.
Sorry to drop that bomb.
Anyway, what did you want to tell me? Oh, uh Just that I'm sorry for everything you've been through because of us.
I'm really gonna miss you, Jordan.
Me, too, Mags.
You are sure this is the only way? Yes.
We have to destroy the Charmed Ones.
Just like we did in the past.

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