Charmed (2018) s03e14 Episode Script

Perfecti Is the Enemy of Good

1 Previously on Charmed ALADRIA: We are the Perfecti, and we are here to help.
By rounding up creatures of chaos and placing them in the Benevolent Classification and Containment System.
I kind of like "The Tomb of Chaos.
" This mirror will allow you to view all the events in Abigael Caine's life.
It's time for the next step of my journey.
To become mortal.
Celeste is ready for me.
- Can you translate it? - No, this is ancient.
There's only one demon I know who will know what to do with that Fenric the Vile.
He's notoriously violent.
Exiled to a compound in the Hunan Province for trying to depose the Demon Overlord.
They're putting Jordan back into the tomb! Not this time.
Power of Three! ALL: Potentia Trium! (RUMBLING) The Perfecti they're gone.
We have to destroy the Charmed Ones, just like we did in the past.
(BIRDS SINGING) It's ready.
Are you? Ready, willing and able.
Maybe I should recheck my work.
Celeste I know what I want.
Stripping your immortality is not like removing your tonsils.
It's experimental, and the side effects are unknown.
I don't want to hurt you again.
This is different.
I was forced to be a Whitelighter.
I'm choosing to be an ordinary man.
I'll risk anything for a real life with Macy.
Where's the daring Celeste who was willing to give up her immortality to save the magical world? Well, that was easy.
You have to be really brave to risk everything for love.
(EXHALES) Come on.
I'm afraid this is gonna hurt you more than me.
Can't get a vision.
All this tells me is that Mo's cholesterol is probably through the roof.
This light is a shield, que nunca cederá.
With it prohíbo the Perfecti.
And that is 12 supercharged protective candles.
That should keep the Perfecti away.
A combo of Elder magic and brujería.
Bring it on.
How about you, Mace? Any luck jumpstarting that Memory Mirror? Not yet, but these Pleurotus fungal spores are used to combat memory loss.
I've enchanted them with a magical accelerant.
I'm hoping they can just kickstart this thing.
MEL: And we can read Mo and Aladria's memories, find their Achilles heel.
(SIGHS) Damn it.
What if the Power of Three zapped the Perfecti into oblivion, and that's why there's no trace of them? Maybe we just have to accept victory? Why does victory feel so uncertain? MEL: At least they cleaned up most of our monster mess.
That's a silver lining.
Silver lining.
Of course.
It's a metallic coating invented by the Romans.
It enhances magical connectivity.
Maybe that can be what activates this baby.
I thought we had some.
We do.
In the command center.
Be back in a hot second.
Either these protective candles really do work, or Maggie's right.
And the Perfecti are gone.
There you are.
(SIGHS) Damn it.
(LOUD RUMBLE, WHOOSH) (LOUD HARMONIC TONES) I'm now transmitting a magical frequency into your cranial blood vessels.
MO: Simply put, your head will explode unless you and your sisters surrender to the Tomb of Chaos before midnight.
(GROANS) MACY: Welcome back.
The Perfecti, they did something to me.
We know.
You told Macy everything when she found you.
We've got to get them back in the tomb.
Mel, I love you, so I need you to shut the hell up and listen, okay? If you're not careful, you could die at any minute.
They didn't give us much time, so we're gonna buy you some more by putting you in a magically induced coma.
Macy cooked up a Sleeping Beauty potion.
MACY: It's gonna lower your body temperature and slow down the effects of their magic, which is why we wrapped you up in Mom's pashmina.
Once we put the Perfecti back in the tomb, it'll dismantle their magic and turn off whatever they did.
But for now, you need to stay in bed and do exactly as you're told by this lady.
Just call me Nurse Ruby.
Go time, Mel.
What if I You will wake up.
And I'll be here to greet you, beautiful.
CELESTE: Harry, you are in no condition.
Well, you heard what they're up against.
What they're trying to do.
Harry, your powers are about to fade soon, and your body chemistry is about to change in ways that we don't yet understand.
You can't heal her anymore.
And dare I say it, you might be a liability.
Yes, but perhaps you could help.
I'll get my damn coat.
Welcome home, Hare.
Hey, you.
CELESTE: Okay, enough chitchat.
Macy, you told Harry something about a Perfecti Memory Mirror.
Over here.
HARRY: I'm glad you called.
How's Mel? Holding on, but there isn't much time.
How are you? Fine, at the moment.
But there may be some adverse effects down the road.
Like what? We're not sure.
Very clever.
Right substance, wrong methodology.
A good old activation spell should do the trick.
Incipe, et memorias domini revela.
HARRY: So these are the Perfecti's memories? MAGGIE: Triquetras.
Are those Ancient Charmed Ones? That-that looks like the Tomb.
(HARMONIC TONE) But what the hell is that? That looks eerily like a Golem.
Oh, so the Perfecti didn't just decide to take a nap in the Tomb, like they told us.
Ancient Charmed Ones put them there.
With the help of a Golem.
It certainly appears that way.
Okay, well, let's get a Golem to kick their asses back into the Tomb.
It's not quite that simple.
According to legend, the Golem is the super weapon of the magical world.
I've never seen one, nor do I want to.
It's a banned spell for good reason.
They have no soul and no aura, which makes them impervious to human weapons and magical attacks.
Well, I'd hot-wire a nuclear bomb if that's what it takes to save Mel.
If we conjure up a Golem, that's exactly what we're doing.
Well, right now, that's our only hope to defeat the Perfecti and save Mel.
CELESTE: Well, then, I guess we're building a Golem.
CELESTE: Says here we need mud.
Lots of it.
Great, we've got a backyard full of it.
And an ancient demonic password written on vellum.
The password should bring the Golem to life.
And whoever animates it should have control over it.
Why is this all sounding very uncertain? No one has animated a Golem for eons.
I'm working the problem in real time here, ladies.
The ancient demonic password.
Ah, there's nothing here.
Because the spell requires demon and witch cooperation.
It's too powerful for one group to have full ownership of it.
I'm not sure there's a living demon who even knows the password.
There is one.
Fenric the Vile.
Ew, that creepy demon guy in exile? But we'll have to offer him something in return.
What do we give an ancient, exiled demon who has nothing but time? Memories? He won't reveal ancient demon secrets to a witch.
Only Abigael holds sway over him.
She's the Demon Overlord.
Abigael? No.
She's a wild card.
This is Mel's life we're talking about.
Still there after all these years.
This is supercharged glamour powder.
You can take on any form.
So, which one of you ladies wants to be transformed into Abigael Jameson-Caine? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Uh, me, I guess.
(WIND WHOOSHING) (GASPS) Hello? Ruby? WOMAN'S VOICE (FAINTLY): Mel? Can you hear me? Ruby? Ruby.
(SHUDDERING BREATHS) Hello? Is anybody there? Ruby? (EXHALES) If this is a coma, I can handle this.
Are you having trouble breathing? No.
Why, are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I just, uh (PANTING) Just worried about the ventilation in this shed.
Your hands.
That dirt, it could have microbes.
CELESTE: Harry, this mud is perfectly safe.
No, you're wrong.
Nothing is safe.
And building a Golem is definitely not safe.
(RUSTLING) Did you hear that? (RUSTLING) There's something in the bushes.
(GASPS) A rat.
A rat.
Their fleas carry bubonic plague.
Not safe.
Not safe.
Oh, we're not safe Celeste? What is happening to him? (WHOOSHING) (SNIFFS) Ew.
Hello? Fenric the Vile? It is I, your all-powerful, oversexed Overlord.
I command you to show yourself.
(GASPS) Do come in.
We have so much catching up to do.
(CACKLES) So these side effects are normal? I didn't say that.
It's a neurochemical response to his body turning mortal.
All that cortisol and adrenaline flooding the system.
How could you experiment on him again without knowing what the outcome would be? The only certainty in life is uncertainty.
Well, I can't live with the uncertainty of what you've done to him.
I want him back.
You need to pull the plug.
Macy, I am a slow learner.
I dated Casanova and Errol Flynn.
But there is one mistake that I will never make again, and that is disrespecting Harry's free will.
He has made his choice, and I will honor that.
HARRY: Macy.
(PANTING) A rusty nail.
You must be very careful when you walk outside.
Tetanus is 60% fatal.
(RUSTLING) Oh, no.
It's them.
Wait, it's a plastic bag.
(EXHALES) I'm sorry.
Ah, I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Harry, you're gonna be okay.
- (EXHALES) - You sit there and we'll take care of everything.
Okay? Yeah.
This is the ancient vanquishing spear of Trantor.
Also, an excellent blade for filleting spleens.
Makes a lovely, clean cut.
(LAUGHS) You should put that down before you hurt yourself.
(CHUCKLES) It's time.
Do it.
Do what? Vanquish me.
Life without freedom and without my powers is no life at all.
So send me to the smoky abyss of eternity.
- Wow.
- (CACKLING) You know, the Need for Drama is a compound personality trait.
People use it to manipulate others from a position of perceived victimization.
What? I'm tired of your whining.
I've come to make a deal.
I need an ancient demonic word of power, and you, clearly, need a getaway.
So, in exchange for this, a memory mirror.
I'll let you take a trip to the past, if you give me what I need in the present.
Like, now.
A memory mirror.
So I can relive all the pleasures that I will never experience again? I must say, I am impressed with your cruelty.
Now, if you're not going to vanquish me, I have a disgusting dinner to prepare.
What do you want? My powers and my freedom, of course.
And only you can give them to me.
Because I'm the Demon Overlord.
Pick up, pick up.
Come on, pick up.
Pick up.
Did you say something, my Overlord? Uh, don't you have a password to write and some heinously outdated clothing to pack? No need to be rude.
(QUIETLY): Okay (LINE RINGING) Maggie, this is not a good time.
Well, that's the thing with emergencies.
They tend to be inconvenient.
You're pretending to be me? Not to get too touchy-feely here, but don't you think that's a bit invasive? Mel's in danger.
I need to get a demonic password to bring a Golem to life.
Fenric has it, but He'll only give it to a demon.
Maggie, you should've asked me to get it.
I couldn't be certain you'd say yes, and there was no time.
I'm sorry, maybe I should've trusted you.
But now he'll only give it to me if I set him free and give him back his powers.
And only the Demon Overlord can do that.
So do it.
Mel's life is in danger.
And my life will be in danger if he gets out of there with his powers.
All right, well, I'm open to suggestions.
Well, you're gonna have to trick him into thinking he has his powers.
What? How? I'm a terrible liar.
But you're not you You're me.
Is there a problem? No.
No problem at all.
Except you move so slowly I might die of boredom or change my mind.
Now let me have that password.
After you release me and restore my powers.
(EXHALES) (WIND GUSTING) (EXHALES) (WIND GUSTING) What if What if this isn't a coma? What if this is me dying? Is your brain as weak as your bladder, old man? - (LAUGHS) - I can tell from here that looks more like a shopping list than a word of power.
(LAUGHS) I'll have you know that this word vervek, the blood stone could animate an army of Golems.
And that is what you want it for, isn't it? None of your damn business.
The only way to build a Golem is with witch and demon cooperation.
So, first consorting with a Whitelighter, and now, craft projects with witches? (LAUGHS) You, you're a pathetic excuse for an Overlord, if that's indeed who you are.
Maybe I'll just burn the password.
If you throw that in the fire, I will torture you.
Like, forever.
The most painful pain you've ever experienced.
Oh, really? I look forward to it.
Show me your powers now.
Mortiferum fi.
Ooh! (LAUGHING) Are you going to shish kebob the password out of me? Take one step forward, and it's oopsy daisy.
If you don't tell me who you are now! CELESTE: It's ready.
All we need now is the password.
How can that horrible thing save Mel? - It can't! - Harry? Calm down, you're hyperventilating.
No, it's a mistake.
I tell you, this is all a mistake.
This whole thing was a mistake.
Oh Is there no way we can help him, Celeste, to push him through his fear? No, he has to do this himself.
That's what it means to be human.
Where the hell is Maggie? I asked you a question! Wait.
The Bone Key.
The what? If it was a snake, it would've bitten you.
That is the key to my wine cellar.
Devious, huh? Hiding the key to your imprisonment under your nose for centuries? Magnificus poncerius paternium.
(EXHALES) (GRUNTS) My powers, they're back.
The password, please? Come and take it.
While I take your head.
I feel so powerful! What have you done?! I incepted you with the feeling of power.
Sadly, it's just a feeling, so it won't last.
But you've proven once again you can't be trusted.
You're a witch.
I'll send your regards to the Overlord.
Little witch.
You can't leave an ancient demon with a powerful tool.
One day someday I will destroy you! (SHIVERING) (WIND WHISTLING) I'm not ready.
WOMAN'S VOICE (FAINTLY): Hang on, Mel, please Mel Mel If you can hear me hang on.
RUBY: (SNIFFLES) Hold on, Mel.
Oh, no.
We're losing her.
No, no, no.
(PANTS) I can't let it happen.
" It means "blood stone," apparently.
Nice work, Margarita.
How long does this glamour spell last? I just personally don't love having that face in my face.
Try having it on your face.
It'll wear off eventually.
MACY: So what now? We-we say the word? Yes, but first we put the word in his mouth.
No, wait! How do you know it's not a trap? What's happening to Harry? Nothing we can do anything about.
No, don't you see? It's all too easy.
- This is what the Perfecti wanted.
- MACY: Harry? You're not thinking straight.
Your fear is getting the best of you.
No, Mel is dying.
If we do this, we're all gonna die, too.
(ALL GASPING, GRUNTING) (EXHALES) What the hell just happened? Lux mutatio.
Are you sure he's here? This phone-tracking app doesn't lie.
If he wants to lock the Golem away, I guess Tulipe makes a twisted kind of sense.
This is where the Elders kept Dark Helen locked up.
I'm setting up these protective candles.
We don't want the Perfecti dropping in for a visit.
We'll find Harry.
And his muddy friend.
Harry? Harry, please! We won't hurt you! We just want to talk! (SIGHS) Harry, stand down wherever you are.
Don't make me regret helping you.
If Mel dies, you'll never forgive yourself.
Nor will I.
Harry? Harry! Harry! Stay away, you demon.
Harry, it's me, Maggie.
Remember the glamour spell? - Harry? - No, no, no! Wait, wait! Alligatum Est.
Don't do this to me.
Harry, I'm so sorry.
But you're not thinking straight, so we have to think for you.
Now the Golem, where is it? Macy, look.
The mud I think it's in here.
(GRUNTS) No! It will kill you! Macy, I'll stay with him.
Get Celeste and go.
Quickly, before it's too late.
I'm coming.
(DOOR CREAKS) You're not Ruby.
I'm not.
We need to talk.
In through the nose, out through the mouth, Harry.
(EXHALES) How can I relax when Mel is inching closer to death every minute? Hey, you can't help her until you help yourself.
It really is you.
Isn't it? Yeah.
Oh, dear God.
Is this what anxiety feels like? Sometimes, yeah.
My brain gets ahead of me, and I see threats everywhere.
But sometimes you see things other people don't.
Fear is an evolutionary response.
A survival instinct.
Designed to protect us from danger when it works properly.
Maggie, think.
You're an empath.
Isn't there something nagging at you that doesn't feel right? I know my physiological responses look abnormal, but I'm finely attuned to the environment, and I am telling you I am seeing threats that no one else is capable of seeing.
Except you.
Vervek the blood stone.
Oh, my God.
Yes? Blood stone.
Once we insert the vellum into the Golem's mouth, we say the password.
And the Golem will come to life.
Then, we'll put out all the protective candles, and lure the Perfecti in.
Let's do this.
(ECHOING): Vervek.
They have said the word.
The Golem will awaken soon.
Just as we expected.
Only a matter of moments before we have put an end to the chaos once again.
Macy, stop! It's a trap.
Harry's right.
Vervek means "blood stone.
" The Perfecti were wearing amulets with blood stones.
That can't be a coincidence.
Something's wrong here.
But we saw their memories.
The Golem defeated the Perfecti.
If the Perfecti can alter reality like they did in the Tomb of Chaos, then why not their own memories? Wait, so the Perfecti's memories are, like, magical deep-fakes, and we only saw what they wanted us to see MAGGIE: What if the Golem wasn't the way the Charmed Ones defeated the Perfecti But the way the Perfecti defeated the Charmed Ones.
- (GOLEM GROWLS) - Oh! Vervek.
- Vervek.
- (ROARS) Ladies, back out of the room now! (ROARING) (CELESTE CRIES OUT) Vervek! Vervek! (GROWLING) The word's not working.
Because the word is not what controls him.
The blood stone controls him.
The ones the Perfecti wear around their necks? (GRUNTING) We have to slow him down.
He's-he's pushing through the wall.
(ROARING) - I can't hold him.
- CELESTE: Witches, it's time to run! Is this a dream? Am I dead? You're very much alive.
I needed to use your our magical coma as a way to contact you.
Mel, I've come from the future, and there isn't a lot of time.
I'm trying to save the both of us.
The future? But I'm not a time witch anymore.
I can't You can't yet, but you will be able to time travel and use your time witch powers again.
How? When? Look I can't answer these questions.
It will mess with the time lines, and then you'll be in a different path than me, which we can't have.
It's the butterfly effect.
And you could still die if we don't do everything just right.
Bad things are happening in my time.
Which is why I need you to do something for me, until it's safe.
It's not like any other challenge - you've faced before.
- You're my future.
And I have never wanted one more.
I'm ready for anything.
Well, I hope you're ready for this.
So, I was right.
Good on you, Hare.
Except now we've got Frosty the Mud Monster on our ass.
Well, the Perfecti knew exactly what we would do.
Build a monster that would destroy us so they wouldn't have to.
They're always so damn certain of everything.
That's it.
That's their Achilles heel.
Their certainty.
I I have a plan.
Uh, Celeste, I need you to blow out all the candles, drop the protective spell.
And, Harry, you're gonna have to do something that will absolutely terrify you, but may be just what you need.
Golem catch me if you can.
The protective spells are gone.
(WOMAN SOBBING NEARBY) The Charmed Ones stopped the Golem.
They saved me, but I I couldn't save them.
Your plan worked.
Of course.
That was never in doubt.
It's a shame.
I liked them.
But the Charmed Ones revealed their true nature at your trial.
They are chaotic, as are you.
It's time to go into the Tomb, Abigael.
- You know, we thought you'd try to put Abby in the Tomb so we came prepared.
Candelas incende.
MO: What have you done? You're contained by these protective candles.
Your powers are no good here.
They lowered the protection spells to draw us in.
And got us to open the doorway to the Tomb.
I did not see that coming.
Your certainty is your undoing.
You lack human emotions.
You have power without humanity.
That is the ultimate chaos.
Harry, now! (GOLEM GROWLING) Vervek.
Thank God.
Siberia's awfully cold this time of year.
It's time for another 20,000-year nap, Perfecti.
You should not do this.
Not now.
There is another, more terrible danger out there.
You need us, or else you will never survive it.
I think we'll take our chances.
Put the Perfecti in the Tomb.
- (GROWLING) - You have chosen poorly.
Thank God.
Are-are you okay? I think so.
I had the weirdest dream.
(CHUCKLES) The important thing is that you're okay.
No, Ruby it wasn't a dream.
Oh, God I needed that.
I told you it would take the edge off.
Seems like your chemistry is evening out now.
Well, honestly, I don't know how some mortals take on that much anxiety every single day.
Hopefully that's the worst of it.
I wish it were that simple.
But I have a hunch that today is the beginning of a long and complicated process.
Oh, bloody hell.
Mortality is a messy thing, Harry.
But it's the mess that makes it great.
After all, who wants to live in a perfectly ordered world? To hold you back What you feel is what you know Thank God you're okay.
What about you? We built a Golem, defeated the Perfecti.
It was bonkers.
Yeah, well speaking of bonkers, there's something I have to tell you.
(SIGHS) Yeah, well, um while I was under that spell, I had this crazy dream that I met my future self.
And she asked me to do something for her.
Only it wasn't a dream.
It was real.
And I said yes.
Take hold and overcome It's all or none Don't you let it Get away This is my baby from the future, and it's my job to keep it safe.
Calling out your name I can feel it coming Coming closer.

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