Charmed (2018) s03e17 Episode Script

The Storm Before the Calm

1 Previously on Charmed I am your cousin Josefina Reyes.
Your mother abandoned the family in Puerto Rico and stole the Book of Shadows.
We are the Perfecti.
We constructed the Tomb of Chaos to restore order to the magical world.
Anything deemed chaotic belongs in the tomb.
MAGGIE: You have power without humanity.
That is the ultimate chaos.
Put the Perfecti in the Tomb! [YELLING.]
Hello, sister.
I need Waverly's help getting something from our mother.
A powerful artifact known as "The Blade of Clarity.
" The only way for me to return Macy's firepower.
ABIGAEL: You traveled here from 2021? - MACY: Yes.
- MAGGIE: What happened? Mel called it the "Whispering Evil.
- MAGGIE: It was a creature without a form, a parasite that required a human host.
It's been you.
Took you long enough.
MAGGIE: We have about three weeks to stop the Whispering Evil from devouring the entire world.
Tomb of Chaos.
This is no place for a pregnant lady.
Yeah, well, I am done sitting on my butt, so if you guys have to come back to this hellhole, I'm going with you.
This place needs an information desk.
One of those "You Are Here" mall directories.
Okay, if Harry's research is right, there should be another door with Aladria's symbol somewhere close.
What the hell? Hmm.
Look what the cat dragged in.
So your cell looks like our command center? We designed the Tomb, so we get to choose how we want it to appear.
And I enjoy the illusion I'm still somewhat in control of the world.
Look at me.
I'm a powerful witch.
The Whispering Evil has taken over our friend Jordan.
We need to boot it out of his body.
And vanquish it before the sickness spreads.
Well Option one Let Mo and I out of here, and we'll handle it.
Not happening.
Option two.
The Whispering Evil doesn't last long in the real world without a human host, so, kill the host, kill the beast.
As in kill Jordan? That's also not happening.
Leaving option three.
Separate the Whispering Evil from the host.
Now, this is much more complicated, takes incredible power.
You do remember who we are? Yes, but the Power of Three won't work by itself.
The Whispering Evil is adaptable and resilient.
You're not the first group of Charmed Ones, and once it's seen an attack It becomes resistant, the same way bacteria eventually becomes resistant to antibiotics.
So you need to design an attack that the Whispering Evil has never, ever seen before.
MACY: My demon firepower combined with the Power of Three.
MACY: My demon firepower No Charmed Ones have ever had it.
Not to be a downer, but you don't, either.
Yeah, but Abby's been trying to figure out how to give it back.
Yeah, trying is not succeeding, and independent study time is over.
In the meantime, I will track down the Jordening Evil, the Whispering Jordan, whatever the hell it's called.
- I'm coming with.
- Uh, Harry can No.
This is all hands on deck, and I've got hands, puffy and sensitive as they are, so I'm coming, and nothing can [GROANS.]
Mel? What is it? Nothing.
It's just [GROANS.]
I don't know how magical pregnancies differ from normal ones, but that looks a lot like A contraction.
I think my baby from the future is coming right now.
These could just be Braxton-Hicks contractions, a false alarm.
Hey, how far apart are they? Uh, still nine minutes apart.
Until it's down to five, it's it's not even an issue.
And then what? You can't exactly walk into a hospital and say, "Hey, I'm acting as a time-surrogate "for a magical baby.
" Which is why I've done my research.
I think I found a spell to slow down my labor.
- It's open! Ruby's with her mother, and-and the spell requires brujería, so I've called in a reinforcement.
Morning, mi familia! Who wants to not have a baby today? - Hi.
- Hey, cous.
How'd you get here so fast? I kind of borrowed an extra witchboard marble when I left.
MEL: Don't worry.
We got this.
Just go make the future safe for my baby.
Take care of her.
I need you to be still, Swan.
Any progress? Uh, my healing powers They're on the wane.
I'm not sure they would ever have been able to cure this kind of ancient magic.
What is that? My magic lines, according to Celeste.
The last step of my transformation.
When it's gone So are your powers.
And my immortality.
The end of a journey.
Can you imagine a whole world of people sick like this? Yeah, I saw it in action.
It wasn't a lot of fun.
- HARRY: Any luck tracking down Jordan? I was in the gym, trying to get a vision using Jordan's stuff, but nothing, so, I thought maybe I could use something more directly connected - [GROWLING.]
- to the Whispering Evil.
Really? Do you have a better idea? I do not.
- MAGGIE: So, I'll lower the containment spell, you hold Swan down, and then I'll try to get a vision.
Or you could just try putting your hand up to the containment spell.
Yeah, let's do that.
Nice Swan.
That's good - [GROWLS.]
- Nice Swan.
Your timing is perfect.
Waverly has agreed to help me retrieve the Blade of Clarity.
The mother of the blade I used to extract your powers.
Waverly, this is Macy.
Macy, my sister Waverly.
Now, Mommy keeps the blade at our childhood home in Sussex.
And since she's not likely to be suspicious of Waverly No, I'm not doing it.
What? We agreed.
No, you pressured, and I bent.
Mother was willing to sacrifice my daughter simply to satisfy her vanity.
Imagine what she'll do when she realizes we're working together.
If she realizes.
The house in Sussex is her country place now.
She barely stays there anymore.
She'll find out.
She always does.
And then, she'll turn her wrath on me.
Look, Waverly, I understand we're asking you to take a risk, but I need that demon power back now.
The future depends on it.
Yes, well, my daughter's future depends on me staying uninvolved.
Come on, Waverly.
Just this once, I need you to step up for me.
I can't.
- You mean you won't.
I'm sorry.
I am, but I'm not going back there Ever.
Well, once again, it's you and me.
And my abusive, violent psychopath of a mother.
What do you see? Does "Capitol Hill" mean anything to you? As in D.
? No, that can't be right.
It was some sort of industrial place.
"Capitol Hill" is a water treatment plant? Well, what better way to spread an infection that works like a bacteria than to put it in the water supply? Take a whole city out at once.
Oh, my God, Harry, this is how it starts.
This is the beginning of the end.
- Maggie, what are you doing? Harry, my vision it's happening.
We have to move now, or the Whispering Evil will destroy the world for good.
Maggie, we can't take on the Whispering Evil without your sisters.
We don't have to, Harry.
But we do have to shut down the water supply and stop the future from happening.
The main outtake area is on the lower floor.
All right, we just have to get there before Jordan does, or the thing that looks like Jordan.
Contractions are coming faster.
Six minutes apart.
This is so insane.
I mean, what does a baby born out of time do to, like, all of the future? The goal is not to find out.
It says I need certain specs.
The baby's current weight, length? Which is why we have the moss agate.
It's like a magical ultrasound.
It'll tell you everything you need to know about the baby.
That's so cool.
Ooh! It's working.
Would you like to know the baby's eye color or or hair color? No! It's bad luck.
I think.
I wish my mom was here.
Pregnancy, babies, raising children It's all such a mystery.
Mm, but then again, so was she.
What is it? I'm not sure if this is the right time, but after I went home, I started thinking about Marisol and The Book of Shadows, how different our stories were about the family.
So I did a little digging.
And I found something.
Do you think Jordan's even in there? Like, his consciousness? Impossible to know.
We'll get him back, Maggie.
Yeah, and then what? After all we put him through, I wouldn't be surprised if he never wanted to see me again.
Well, try not to get ahead of yourself.
We just need to find Jordan, and then I can figure out what to do about how he feels.
Harry? Harry? [EERIE CLICKING.]
Jordan? [EXHALES.]
And we meet again.
My mom wrote this? To my mother.
It confirms what I told you about how you mother left.
"I know that taking The Book of Shadows seems like "a betrayal, but I have my reasons.
"I know that I've hurt you, and for that I'm sorry.
"But I must go forward now, "without you.
" This doesn't sound like her.
- But it's her handwriting.
- I know.
It's just [GROANS.]
Ooh, that was big.
- You better hurry, Josefina.
- Hurrying.
Potion is in the tea.
Even added lemon to help with the taste, which is super funky.
Drink up.
Oh, my God.
This is where you grew up? Welcome to my own Tomb of Chaos.
That's disturbing.
More so when you realize she hung it over my childhood bed.
It must have some sort of protective shield.
It seems to recognize my magic.
Well, it won't recognize mine.
Behold: the Blade of Clarity.
Look how easy that was, and yet, still too much of an imposition for poor, fragile Waverly.
She didn't want to put her daughter in danger.
Even as I risk my life to do what's right, you side with my sister? - We're doing this here? - What? You're worried about staining the carpet? [GASPS.]
Lamina Claritatis, manu mea haec potestas ad iustum locum reponat.
Abby? - [GRUNTS.]
- Hey.
Are you okay? FRANCESCA: That's just a little protective spell.
The blade only responds to my voice.
Trespassing is a crime, as is burning down houses.
Don't tempt me.
MACY: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're not here to litigate the past.
Abigael's trying to return something that belongs to me.
If you would just give us use of the Blade, we'll be out of your hair.
Kill my lovely daughter.
And I'll be happy to restore your power for all eternity.
Jordan, if you're in there.
I'm begging you to stop.
I apologize for this in advance.
Harry, are you hurt? No.
Just a bit banged up, but I don't think it scratched me.
Maggie, your wrist.
He he got me.
Which means You're infected.
My power.
It's not working.
Probably because you're completely freaking useless! I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
It's the infection.
I know.
It's only been five minutes, and I'm already full-blown Karen.
It's only gonna get worse.
Harry, he's going for the water supply.
I have to stop him now.
Maggie, you can't possibly take him on alone.
Why? Because you think I'm too weak? That's what you've always thought! - Wait.
- You know what? You're the weak one.
What kind of person willingly gives up their immortality? Oh, this is This is so awful.
It's I have to slow him down.
Don't follow me, Harry.
It's not safe for you now.
No, no.
Maggie, you're in no condition to face him.
Let's go get Macy and Mel.
Why? Because you think they're better than me? - Please.
- Get away from me, you worthless waste of flesh! Why don't you do something vaguely useful and go get my sisters? No.
Maggie, you've got the marble.
I can't get to Macy and Mel without it! Damn.
Are they gone? Your contractions? Seemed to have stopped.
Thank you.
I wasn't sure if I should show it to you.
I'm glad you did.
I just can't believe my mom really stole The Book of Shadows from her own family.
How am I supposed to be a mother to this baby if I don't understand my own mother? I'm sorry.
Soy una idiota.
Oh, no.
I'll get it.
I'll get it.
Josefina, look.
"Dearest Prima: "I need you to know this.
" There's more secret text.
The lemon in the tea.
My mother would put notes on our beds telling us to clean our rooms, but there was always A hidden note underneath.
My mother did that, too.
We need more lemon.
I've burned this house down once, Mother.
I'll do it again.
You could If I hadn't enchanted the place to reject your foul magic.
And as for what you need Rid me of my worst transgression, Macy, and I'll unlock the Blade for you.
I'm not gonna do that.
Well, then, there's nothing really more to discuss.
She's a Translocation Witch.
No, no, no.
All right, you evil tool.
Where are you? [CLICKS, RATTLES.]
Jordan? [LID OPENING.]
Jordan, if you're in there, if you can hear me Please don't do this.
Oh, he's here.
Just not in control.
But I can feel him and his resentment For you.
He he doesn't resent me.
I don't think you're the least bit ready to hear the thoughts that are bouncing around in this handsome head.
I'm listening.
You're cruel, unfeeling.
He showed you nothing but affection, and you dithered.
That's you talking.
That's not Jordan.
Really? Then there'd be no way for me to know that he never actually found you Formidable.
You're lying to me! Just give in to it, Maggie.
- We're on the same team, even if you and Jordan never were.
I should have done this years ago.
What are you waiting for? If you're gonna kill me, do it.
With pleasure.
Waverly? Waverly.
Don't worry.
Your sister will never be able to hurt you again.
Was she the one who really hurt me, Mother? What are you talking about? I'm talking about the way you poisoned me to hate my sister.
I should have stood up for you, Abby.
I'm sorry.
Stood up for her? After all she did to you? Abuse rolls downhill.
What she did to me was what you taught her.
But nothing compared to what I will do to you now.
I got this part.
This is where I should end you.
But I won't because I'm not you.
And I'm not him.
Alistair, my father, and I finally see that now.
All right, Francesca.
Time for you to unlock that blade.
FRANCESCA: Ah, but you have no leverage here.
Why should I do anything at all? Because if she doesn't kill you, I'll do it myself.
Sending someone after my baby girl To steal her powers? You need to be destroyed.
Waverly, no.
She's not worth it.
I suggest you get on with that spell and unlock that blade before Waverly changes her mind.
"I have not abandoned you.
"Or at least not without a reason.
"I've had a vision of three daughters "and who those daughters will become.
"So I must take The Book of Shadows for their safety "and leave Puerto Rico for yours.
" [SIGHS.]
My mother She left to protect your family.
And she took the Book to protect yours.
My mother is strong and independent but not powerful enough to take on dark forces which would come for the Charmed Ones.
She saw everything.
It must have been such a burden carrying all of that weight.
She protected her family the way you protect yours.
My family.
Maggie, Macy Why haven't we heard from them? [SIGHS.]
Jordan was using you from the moment he knew you were magic.
He needed help with his curse so he said the things he thought you needed to hear.
See, this is why I stay away from toxic men like you.
There's your anger.
Probably time you got in touch with it.
Oh, I'm in touch with it, and it's time the world got to experience it! Lamina Claritatis, manu mea haec potestas ad iustum locum reponat.
Did it work? [PANTING.]
Well, look who's back.
Oh, thank God.
Macy, it's me.
I think I broke a few things.
That was my last orb.
You need to get to Maggie.
Where did you leave her? Capitol Hill Water Treatment Plant, lower level, by the outgoing tanks.
We'll be there in a moment.
And then we'll drop the combo Power of Three on the Whispering Evil.
You need to use your powers? You you can't do that.
What do you mean? That potion I made It blocks your powers.
We can brew an antidote.
Sure, but then the contractions will come back.
MEL: So, either I keep this baby from being born out of time, or I save Jordan and the world? You can't have both.
The antidote requires supercharging magnesium sulfate.
Mel, if you need me to go alone You can't stop it alone.
Give me the antidote.
Tía would be so proud of you.
I'm just trying to do for this baby what my mother did for us: protect it.
Remember, Maggie Isn't exactly herself.
Maggie, are you okay? Of course not.
It's the frigging apocalypse, and you're running late?! Oh, no.
She's almost gone, Macy.
Let's rip its head off and throw it in the ocean! That would kill Jordan, Maggie.
I don't care.
He's trying to steal my soul, and he said some really mean things about me! - [GROANS.]
- What the hell's her problem? She's gonna have a baby.
MEL: And we need you to stay focused, or else you're gonna be delivering it! Oh.
ALL: Potentia trium! Is that all you got? Actually, it's not.
It's out.
Mel, you got it? Mortiferum Fi.
: Are you okay, Mags? That was crazy.
Jordan? [SIGHS.]
Do I even ask where the hell I am - and how I got here? - MAGGIE: Long story.
MACY: Here.
Let's get the man a drink.
- Abby.
- Hi.
Do you have a minute? Sure.
You're not thinking of moving in again, are you? Hardly.
I'm leaving.
Macy, I came to say goodbye.
Well, then I guess now would be a good time to Say thank you.
For giving you back what was yours? No.
For facing something Someone traumatic.
For doing the right thing.
For once.
- And you knew me so well - Where are you going? To spend some time getting to know my niece and my sister.
So, who's who's gonna take over here? Well, that's for the demon world to sort out, I'm afraid.
But whomever it is, I'll tell them that if they mess with witches, I'll come back and hang them by their toes.
Are we trying to remember? Are we trying to forget? I'm sorry For everything.
I hope you can forgive me Someday.
Just try to find peace, Abby.
Uh, one more thing.
Is is Mel here? Mm-hmm.
Baby photos? You want me to send you baby photos? Even though it probably has nothing to do with me.
Definitely not.
I'd like to know that it's healthy - and that you're healthy.
- Okay.
But Oh.
I really hope Future Me comes back for the baby.
Future You is someone else I'd definitely like some photos of.
Or You could just Come visit her in the future.
Perhaps I will.
Or just another way home? When it's crazy to stay I know I've been a thorn in your side, but getting to know you, seeing your strength, your compassion, your integrity It made me want to be a slightly better version of myself.
Come back to me, I think I'm ready So friends? I think I'm ready I'm ready The air is just thick now Of course.
Salt on our skin But summer won't come And with that, please wish Harold and the Perky Princess my best.
You couldn't help but get one last jab in, could you? [LAUGHS.]
What can I say? Change is a process.
Roll down the windows In our getaway car It feels like a rainstorm.
Oh, no.
I, uh I need to go see a doctor.
This past year and a half, I just feel totally weird a lot of the time.
Perhaps you just ate or drank something that didn't agree with your system.
Ingesting infectious organisms can sometimes create neurological side effects.
Hallucinations, waking dreams.
Oh, like one where I had these raptor fingernails and I kept going [CLICKING TONGUE.]
But that's just crazy, right? Perhaps you just need to hydrate.
Green smoothie.
HARRY: She's gone? Maybe even the worst of people are capable of change.
And the best of people, too.
So, is your change official? "What fools these mortals be.
" The symbol of my immortality is gone.
And so are my powers.
The end of one thing and the beginning of the rest of my life.
And our life together.
Macy, what's the matter? Symbols.
Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but, mm, every time we vanquished a tomb creature, it left behind a symbol.
Until this last one.
Why would the Whispering Evil be any different? Exactly my question.
I think we need to have another chat with Aladria.
Phone blew up with texts and missed calls from when I was possessed.
How much of that do you remember? Some stuff is clear.
Most of it's Just a blank space, like the blackouts my boys used to tell me about when they rotated back from Paktia.
- Right.
- [SIGHS.]
Which, uh which stuff is clear? I remember Being real mad at you.
- Not sure why.
- [SIGHS.]
We went pretty hard at each other.
Feels like that.
Can't remember the names of all the constellations you taught me, but they look real beautiful tonight.
Don't tell me you're becoming a stargazer.
I think that will always be your thing.
May-Maybe it could be our thing? We gonna have a thing? JOSEFINA: Margarita! Mel she's in trouble.
I'll be right back.
Go, go.
- JOSEFINA: I brewed another batch of the potion, but it's not working.
I think your body's growing a resistance.
How close are the contractions? Uh, less than four minutes apart, and no sign of Future Me.
Is it possible she's not coming back? That something's happened to her in the future? Or is it possible this thing isn't over in the present, and I'm still going to have this baby now? ALADRIA: The Whispering Evil lives.
You're sure? Of course.
After all, I designed the imprisonment protocol.
No symbol means It's out there.
But if it is still alive, why aren't Maggie and Swan infected? When the Whispering Evil loses its host, all those who were afflicted are healed.
But it will find a new host, just a matter of time, and the cycle will repeat, only worse.
Worse? Like I told you, the Whispering Evil is resilient and adaptable.
It learns from its mistakes and comes back more powerful.
With vengeance and destruction as its lodestones.
The worst is yet to come.

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