Charmed (2018) s03e18 Episode Script

I Dreamed a Dream…

1 Previously on Charmed Mel, I've come from the future.
Bad things are happening in my time.
This is my baby from the future, and it's my job to keep it safe.
You traveled here from 2021? Yes.
What happened? Mel called it the Whispering Evil.
Potentia trium! It gets in your brain and hijacks the worst part of yourself, and then that's all you are.
The symbol of my immortality is gone, and so are my powers.
The end of one thing and the beginning of the rest of my life.
And our life together.
How close are the contractions? Less than four minutes apart.
And no sign of future me.
Is it possible this thing isn't over - in the present? - The Whispering Evil lives.
No symbol means it's out there.
It will find a new host.
Just a matter of time.
Bioluminescent lichen? It's a toxic fungus.
Aladria said it's the only substance on Earth that will stop the Whispering Evil from infecting anyone else.
And it only grows in the Cave of Ancients.
Where Mel and I found the other half of the Stone Tablet.
I can lead the way.
You're not going anywhere, Harry.
This toxin is dangerous.
I'm only getting a sample so I can make an antidote.
It'll be easy-peasy.
Not again.
Come on.
It's all over, Charmed One.
Submit to the inevitable.
We are destined to be together.
The future is ours.
Macy, are you back? I got the supplies you asked for.
Macy? Maggie, Mel.
Oh, my God.
I found her on the floor in the command center - holding this.
- The lichen.
Well, she was just supposed to get a sample.
What happened? She seems to have ingested it.
She thought it was the answer to destroying the Whispering Evil.
But it's also a prehistoric compound organism with no apparent antidote.
Her pulse is weak.
Let's get her upstairs.
Find a stabilizing spell.
Macy, can you hear me? Oh, damn it.
You're sure there's no antidote? Why would she take that poison? She's too smart to do that.
Yes, she is.
Of course she is.
Jordan, that's it.
Macy, don't worry.
Help is on the way.
We should have never let her go alone.
She was just collecting a sample.
A sample that clearly poisoned her.
She wasn't supposed to eat it.
Mags, here.
Josefina added this spell.
It's from her great-great-great abuelita Esperanza.
It's called Linea De la Vida.
It means "lifeline" in Spanish.
And? "Cuando todo esté perdido, esto Te ayudará.
" "When all is lost, this will see you through.
" - Bingo.
- "Con cuidado.
"Si Del lado "Del herido Te distancias, "la línea De la Vida romperas.
" What? "Careful not to leave the stricken one's side, "for then the lifeline will subside.
" Okay.
Enough instructions.
Let's do this.
We found a stabilizing spell.
The Whispering Evil.
- It died inside of Macy.
- What? That's the only reason she would have taken it.
The poison.
To destroy it.
Which means? A Whitelighter could heal her.
What? She was injured by a magical toxin.
Maybe I can heal her i-if I get my powers back.
Harry, you can't be serious.
Dead serious.
Hurry with that spell.
I'm gonna find Celeste.
"Between all realms "exists a line that keeps a family tree entwined.
" "By the powers of earth, water, wind and air.
" "By the family bond we all share.
" "Que mi fuerza, sea tu fuerza.
"Familia para siempre.
" "My strength be your strength.
"Family forever.
" Mel? I have no idea.
Come on, guys! Come on! You're missing all the fun.
- Maggie.
- I know.
Don't leave her side.
What the hell is happening? I found the genus of lichen Macy ingested, and you're right, Harry.
There is no known spell or cure - for this magical toxin.
- But a Whitelighter could heal her? - Harry.
- Just do it.
Give me back my powers.
It's not that simple.
Whatever it takes, I don't care! I can't lose Macy, not like this.
What do I have to do? Celeste! Die, Harry.
You have to die.
By the hands of a mortal.
Look, guys, we have the whole place to ourselves.
- Come on.
The ride's about to start.
- Yeah.
We'll be right there.
Something must have gone wrong with the spell.
Yeah, but Macy seems oblivious that this is Hey.
totally weird.
Cotton candy, anybody? Cotton candy? Carmel corn? Vanilla shake? Oh.
I'll have a shake.
What? I love curly straws.
We do have to stay by her side, - so - When in Rome Honestly, I can't remember the last time I was on a carousel.
My 12th birthday party.
Oh, my God, yes.
And you cried because your horse didn't go up and down.
Of course I did.
What kind of fun is that? What about you, Mace? Oh, well My dad used to take me to the carnival every summer, and I'd ride the carousel over and over again until I was dizzy.
Used to watch all the families.
Moms and dads, brothers and sisters.
I always wished I had a sister to go on the rides with me.
Now you do.
Two of them.
Yeah, I do.
I just got to say Curly straws rock.
To curly straws.
Mel? I I don't know.
One minute till jump, ladies.
One minute.
Guys, I can't believe we're actually doing this.
I've always wanted to go skydiving.
And you're always telling me to leap before I look, so let's go! I can't jump out of a plane.
I'm eight months pregnant with my future baby! Mel, none of this is real.
We can do anything.
And the spell says "don't leave her side," right? It's go time, ladies.
I guess we're really doing this.
Three! Kill you? You want me to kill you? Yes.
You're both out of your damn minds.
- It has to be a mortal, Jordan.
- Okay.
- But not this mortal.
- For Celeste to bring me back to life as a Whitelighter, it's the only way.
Harry, this is nuts.
- There has to be another way.
- Perhaps.
But there isn't enough time to figure it out.
How do you know this won't create another darklighter? Or worse? Faith in my ability to learn from my mistakes.
For instance, stripping the soul of the darkness? I won't do that again.
And by leaving my soul intact, I won't have another Jimmy to worry about.
Why don't you just run in front of a car? - Because it'll hurt.
- Yeah.
- And what if I live? - All right.
All right.
But if I do this and it doesn't work, you better not haunt me, Whitelighter.
Okay, Harry.
If we're gonna do this, we have to get to the command center now.
This whole Eternal Sunshine of Macy's Mind definitely takes some getting used to.
Where is she? Who wants a picnic? Naked smoothie? Happy mom, happy baby.
Mace, are you aware we're in a spell? And for you, Maggie, I have a vegan sandwich.
Hummus sprout.
You're gonna love it.
I guess that answers that.
So, she's in her own dreamworld.
But why? That's it, Mel.
Her dreamworld.
Things she's always wanted to do But never got the chance.
Maybe the Lifeline Spell isn't physical but emotional.
Giving her a reason to hold on to living.
What a perfect day.
We should do nothing more often.
We should.
I wish Mom were here.
She would have loved to see the three of us.
Three peas in a pod.
Three and a half.
What's happening? It's Macy.
She's falling asleep.
Or dying.
Macy, wake up.
Wake up.
- Wake up.
- Wake up.
Come on! So, what exactly are you brewing in there? The Stillness.
The most deadly poison known to magic.
A single drop to the forehead causes instant death.
Nasty stuff and a real bitch to brew.
Why do we need some crazy, complex, magical nerve toxin? I stand the best chance of coming back if I can be killed with no cellular damage.
And I have to be the one to administer this toxin.
A death by mortal hands is required to become a Whitelighter.
Which has worked pretty darn well.
90% of the time.
Whoa, wha? Liquorem hunc potestate mortis imbue.
Okay, Harry.
Ready to die? Wake up, Macy! - Come on! - You have to fight it.
I'm so sleepy.
Mel and I aren't tired yet.
Maybe there's something fun we can all do together.
There must be something you've always wanted to do.
Just the three of us.
Road trip.
Road trip.
Where are we going? Who cares? Just keep driving Long enough for Harry to figure out how to save Macy and get us out of this matrix.
Once the potion is administered, this infinity symbol infused with black amber will bring Harry back to life and imbue him with immortality.
Jordan, what are you doing? Defibrillator.
There's a ten percent chance this won't go according to plan.
Good medic is always prepared.
Ready? Yes.
Good luck, brother.
Look at this view.
We never did get to take a road trip together.
Well, what's a road trip without some music, right? - You're all I need - Like sweet morning dew - I took one look at you - To get by And it was plain to see You were my destiny You're all With arms open wide I need to get by I threw away my pride I'll sacrifice for you - Dedicate my life to you - Oh I will go - Where you lead - Come on, baby - Always there in time of need - Oh And when I lose my will You'll be there to push me up the hill There's no No looking back for us We got love Sure 'nough, that's enough You're all You're all I need To get by - I need - Oh - To get by - Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, ooh - You're all - Like an eagle - Protects his nest - I need For you, I'll do my best Stand by you like a tree Macy.
Macy! Look out! Huh? Mel, did you see that woman Macy almost ran over? She looked like Macy.
We're not supposed to leave her alone.
- Macy! - Macy! - He's gone.
- Okay, Jordan.
Back up.
Outside the salt circle.
All mortal debts are paid in the reaper's endless night.
By the goddess be remade, arise, reborn in light.
Nothing's happening.
I can see that, Jordan.
All mortal debts are paid in the reaper's endless night.
By the goddess be remade, arise, reborn in light! He's not waking up.
Grab that defibrillator.
Charge 120.
Charge 200.
Charge 325.
Come on, come on.
Clear! - Macy? - Macy? How do I look? - Oh, Macy.
- You look Like I'm freaking out? 'Cause I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of freaking out.
Maybe I'm just I'm just gonna lie down - and relax for a moment.
- No, no.
- No, no, no.
- No! No, no, no, no.
You just have prewedding jitters because you don't have everything that you need.
Yes, that-that's right.
You still need something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue.
Uh, well, the-the dress is new.
- That's one down.
- You know what? I've had these earrings since I was a little girl.
They're my faves.
So, that's something old.
You know, those are mine, if you recall.
I just gave up on getting them back.
Well, then, that's something borrowed, as well.
Now you just need something blue.
Oh, I know.
The ring.
From when we got the Power of Three back.
You kept it.
Of course I did.
Like you said, familia - para siempre.
- para siempre.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You look exquisite.
I know it's not really happening, but I know.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of the goddess to unite these two in vows of eternal matrimony.
The Guardian.
She was the woman in the road.
And the pilot on the plane.
What is she doing here? Do you, Harry Greenwood, take this woman to be your spiritually wedded wife to love for all time in this life and the next? I do.
And do you, Macy Vaughn, take this man to be your spiritually wedded husband to love for all time in this life and the next? I do.
By the power vested in me by the powers that be, I now pronounce you eternally bound in your love through all dimensions, known and unknown.
You may kiss.
It may not be real, but it's still Wonderful.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
Daddy's here.
Go back to sleep.
God bless Harry.
The man is a bedtime machine.
Oh, gosh.
We were supposed to hang out, but I'm dead tired.
Can we Can we take a rain check? No! No, no, no.
You can't go to sleep yet.
- We just got here.
- Yeah.
And it's not even bedtime.
Who is that? She looks so familiar.
Macy, wait.
I have a bad feeling about this.
It's okay.
Don't be afraid.
Clear! I've got this thing maxed out, but it's barely affecting him.
The defibrillator doesn't have enough power.
That's crazy.
This thing goes up to 360 joules.
There's more than enough power.
For a mortal.
But perhaps not enough for a Whitelighter.
Copia potentiae crescat.
Wha? What did you do? Gave it a kick in the pants.
Now hurry.
You're only gonna get one shot at this.
Clear! Oh! I don't like this one bit.
What if the Guardian's here to take Macy away? Over my dead body.
No! The Lifeline Spell.
It's broken.
Oh, my God.
Is this it? Over my dead body.
Thank God.
You did it, Har.
You saved her.
H-How? He got his powers back.
Oh, no.
Harry, no.
No, it was foolish to give them up.
I don't care if I live forever.
I just don't want anything to happen to y Oh, you're so cold.
Because Because I'm dying.
What? No.
No, you're in shock.
That's all.
C Can I have a moment to talk to Harry alone? The toxin wasn't the fatal part.
When the Whispering Evil died, it was like a supernova exploding inside me at a At a cellular level.
But if I could've healed you sooner, you The result would've been the same.
There's nothing you or anyone else could've done to heal me, Harry.
No, no, no.
I-I can't accept this.
We just have to keep fighting.
All right? Come on.
Let me try.
Let me try.
Let me try.
You can fight.
Or you can hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.
I love you, Macy.
I love you, too.
And you will love again.
Damn it.
There must be something that can help.
- Mel, I don't think it - No.
It's not over.
- I won't let it be.
- She - Wants to see you both.
- It's all right, Harry.
I have a plan.
We are gonna do the Lifeline Spell again, Macy.
Buy you more time.
False hope.
It's a time thief.
And time is like shoes.
Never have enough.
But we stopped the destruction of the sisterhood.
We can stop this.
We always knew this was a life of sacrifice.
I saved the world from the Whispering Evil.
Because of that, your baby has a future now.
You all do.
Thank you.
You can't die on us, Macy.
We need you.
Don't think of it as me dying.
Think of it as me changing.
Into what? Will we still be able to see you here? I I don't know.
But I do know I'll always be here, part of the magical world one way or another.
I think I'm your sister.
Potentia trium! We're with you.
It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it? You remember? Yeah.
I got to do it all.
Because of you.
It's time.
Let's go home, Har.
I Need a moment.
Welcome home.
I'm sorry.
I know this is one of the worst days of our lives.
But maybe I can lessen that pain A little.
Restaura lo Que era por lo Que debería ser.
You saved the future.
And you saved us.
Thank you.
But the price Was too high.
I know.
Please tell us it was worth it.
I-I won't believe you, but I have to hear it.
All I can say is that you have so much to look forward to.
This is really happening.
I have to go now or time will be hopelessly snarled.
Love you.
I'm so sorry, Mel.
The baby, she made it.
We all made it Because of Macy.
I wish I could take the pain away.
I'm numb.
Except for this cut on my finger.
I got it helping Macy to the Tree Room, and now I never want it to heal.
It will.
You will.
And whatever form that takes Sorrow, guilt, fury I'm-a be here for you, Maggie.
You make everyone feel better.
I wish I could do that for you.
It's Mel.
Harry's still not back.
Harry? I just wanted to be close to her one last time.
It's not fair.
I know, Har.
So, what happens now? With the Power of Three? Is it just over? The destruction of the sisterhood.
It was our destiny after all.
What do you mean, "no"? There's only two of us.
There is another.
She's out there.

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