Charmed (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

You Can't Go Home Again

1 Ah Get down.
I don't know about this.
Dude, this isn't exactly my idea of fun, either.
But these dicks illegally towed my baby - from an overnight zone.
- Fine.
But if I'm gonna do this, then you can at least tell me where you disappeared to after your party.
I didn't disappear.
I went home with someone, okay? Who? - Stephen? - No.
Don't tell me that you got back together with Amy Can we just focus on the felony that we're about to commit? Please? That your mysterious someone? Hey, Michaela.
It's Mel.
Uh, Vera.
I know it's late, but I just wanted to make sure that you got my message.
I just I'll explain everything later.
Okay? But first, we need to figure out a way to distract that security guard.
Seriously? Your slingshot from when you were ten? Her name is Slingy, thank you.
I mean What if we really are sisters? I mean, think about it.
I'm 28, you're 26.
My mom could have easily had another kid before I was old enough to remember.
I know, this is a lot to take in, but Don't you want to know the truth about Who you are? - And you mocked Slingy.
- No.
I mocked you, 'cause you're a grown-ass woman with a slingshot.
Now, if you're done playing Stranger Things, - can we just get the hell out of here? - Okay.
- Hey.
- Ooh.
Get out of the bus! Now! Oh, no, no, no.
This can't be happening Dude, that was a gun.
- Like, a real gun.
- Yeah.
- I'm not playing around.
- Okay.
Think Think.
Think, think, think What the hell? - Get away! - The hell? Where did all those butterflies come from? Oh, get off me.
- What the hell's going on? - I have no idea.
Let's just get the hell out of here.
Someone's been a bad witch.
Patience, Seymour.
We'll find her.
And when we do Exactly.
That demon has a pretty good left hook.
Had a pretty good left hook.
You doin' okay? I know this whole Kaela thing's gotta be Pretty disappointing.
I'm fine.
She doesn't want to be a part of this whole thing, and I can't exactly blame her.
Especially after Anyways I am just gonna focus on the things I can control.
Like the demon population.
And my thesis.
Maggie I'm just going to class.
Deal's a deal.
We slay all the demons you want, but we always wear trackers, so we can find each other if things go sideways.
But just so we're clear, we're doing this so I can save your ass when you get in trouble, not the other way around.
Okay? Whatever you say, boss.
Happy now? Ecstatic.
Um Hey.
What's up? Drop it.
Don't sneak up on me like that.
What part of "don't contact me again" was unclear? She didn't really mean that.
I can't believe I have to explain "no means no" to a gender studies professor.
Maggie, how can you be okay with this? She might be our sister.
According to your insane conspiracy theory where Mom had another affair and didn't tell Ray about it and ditched her baby at a fire station in Philly.
Mom loved cheesesteaks.
Are you even hearing yourself right now? The Power of Three worked with her.
We all saw it.
- It has to mean something.
- I know.
But if we come on so strong that we scare her off for good, we're not gonna know what that is.
So please just give her some space until she's ready.
No more calls.
Or texts.
- Or DMs.
- Okay.
What did I just say? Oh.
Okay, well Have fun.
And be safe.
You, too.
I'm sorry, not yet.
Can't serve alcohol before 11:00.
We got a problem.
I'll say.
You know Annie, the pixie I told you about? Chloe's sister? Yeah.
She's dead.
And it has something to do with this.
She got it from someone called the Tallyman.
As in the song? What? You know.
Tallyman, Tallyman, he keeps count Tallyman, Tallyman, don't step out If you're good Then he pays, if you're not - Then he slays.
- Ah.
Oh, don't give me that look.
We can't all sound like the bloody Phantom of the Opera.
Jordan, I am sorry about Annie.
But I'm in no mood to go around hunting bogeymen from a magical nursery rhyme.
Harry, wait.
The Tallyman might not be real, but there's still someone out there hurting people.
Now, I don't know why I was given these powers.
What my role was supposed to be in all this.
But I know it can't be to just sit back and do nothing.
I thought you of all people would get that.
I have plenty of fufu powder.
And shito.
Mom, I'm sorry, I really don't have time to talk about food right now.
Knock, knock.
Oh, uh, I got to go.
Love you, too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, Carlos said we just need to bring booze and dessert to Framily Dinner, so I picked up, um Yeah? Why are you acting weird? - I'm not being weird.
- Yeah, you are.
You're acting super weird right now.
Okay, look, I got to tell you something, but you got to promise not to freak out, okay? Okay.
You know those butterflies last night? Yeah.
That was me.
My powers.
I'm I'm a witch.
Okay, wait, is there Is there a punch line coming, or? No, no.
Brynn, this is for real.
Just give me a second.
I can do this.
It's back, isn't it? What? Your leukemia.
What? No.
The headaches.
The-the weird dreams.
Whatever this is.
- I don't even know.
- No.
Hey, uh I was just messing with you.
- I was just messing with you.
- What? That was a stupid joke.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, I really got you.
I'm sorry.
- I Stupid.
I'm seriously fine.
Totally fine.
Well, maybe we should skip dinner? What? No.
Look, dude, my life's been super complicated, and I just want one normal night with my friends.
Please? Okay.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, one normal night coming right up.
Drive through my gate Geez, lady.
You scared the hell out of me.
Can I help you? What the? What was that? Hey! Lady! Hey! Lady, I'm talking to you! I know you're hungry, Seymour.
But he's not the one we're after.
A little something to tide you over till we find her.
Oh, God.
Kaela? Come on, Maggie, pick up.
This is Maggie.
I can't come to the phone right now Screw it.
Brynn, either pair of shoes is fine.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
Mel? What are you doing here? You're in danger.
From a crazy stalker lady who won't leave me alone.
I'm serious.
That big map that you saw back in Seattle? It tells us whenever a witch is in trouble, and your light just went off.
Oh, how convenient.
I don't return any of your 12 voice mails, and suddenly I'm in danger.
- Michaela, I'm trying to help.
- I don't need help.
This life of yours with a threat around every corner? I don't want it.
Okay? I have a life with incredible friends and a family and my parents who raised me, - who, by the way, - Crap.
are the only people who are allowed to call me Michaela.
I'm so sorry, Kaela.
Boundaries are not her strong suit.
Please, just be careful.
- Okay.
- And just have a great night.
What the? - Who were you talking to? - Oh.
I was just giving directions to someone who is very lost.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Before you give me a lecture, there was a red light on the witchboard.
Yeah, I know.
I saw it after I got your call.
Last I checked, it's possible to protect someone - without going full stalker.
- Hey.
I would want to know if there's something evil coming after me.
Yeah, but is there? What are you saying? The witchboard already tried to play matchmaker with us and Kaela once before.
Maybe it's doing it again, trying to Trick us into coming here.
And you're gonna bet Kaela's life on a maybe? Look, you can go if you want, but I am not letting Michaela Kaela out of my sight until I know she's safe.
I'll case the area.
But while I'm gone, just please promise me you'll Keep my distance.
Got it.
- What is that? - Binocu-lotion.
She won't even know I'm watching.
Yeah, I realize how that sounded.
You sure you're okay with us looking through Annie's stuff? I want to stop whoever did this to her, before they hurt anyone else.
How do you do it? Do what? Keep going When a part of you is gone.
I'll let you know when I figure it out.
Harry, look.
Maggie told me about this place.
The Blue Camellia.
The magical bar that Mel's been frequenting.
From what I hear, it's a bit rough around the edges for a pixie.
She would never go to a place like that.
Unless she was looking for something.
Like a special coin.
Propinqua quod longe.
Much better.
Boxed wine, bean dip Foosball? How is that better than being a Charmed One? Mel, pick up your phone.
I've been looking for danger for the past hour, and I still haven't found a Thing.
Can I help you? You don't happen to know the owner of this motor coach, do you? Who are you? Just a concerned citizen.
Have we met before? I think I'd remember.
Now, what are you? That depends on you, I suppose.
Help me find the witch who owns this bus, and I will be nothing more than a brief and fleeting memory.
Or? I can be something much, much worse.
Hard to believe this is where Mel's been spending her time.
Beats getting your ass kicked every night.
I can tell you that much.
Trouble in demon-hunting paradise? I don't know, man.
Maggie's just so far away lately.
No matter what I do, I can't seem to reach her.
Well, she's still grieving.
Try to meet her where she is.
What if she just keeps drifting further and further away? Trust me on this, I wasted too many moments with Macy worrying about the future instead of cherishing the time we actually had together.
What? That's the first time I've heard you say her name since she died.
What are you boys drinking? - Double whisk - Nothing for us.
But, uh, we were hoping maybe you could help us with something else.
Ever seen anyone around here with a coin like this? I serve drinks, not information.
No, wait.
We work with Mel and Maggie Vera.
The Charmed Ones.
Kiss-n-tell Mel.
Tell her she left her tab open.
Hey! A friend of ours was murdered by whoever's giving out these coins.
Now, I don't know about you, but I've seen enough senseless death and bloodshed to last two lifetimes.
So do me a favor and tell me where the hell you've seen them, because I know you have.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
You're the boss.
There's a regular here.
A leprechaun.
Deals in coins.
He might be your guy.
Or he might not.
Oh, don't thank me.
Thank Roxie.
Come on, I am not the worst dancer here.
- Mm.
- I have moves.
You've got a move: the Brynn.
I mean, hey, he's not wrong.
You get two drinks in the girl and she's all, like Here it comes.
Do it with me.
Come on, Carlos.
There we go.
Mel, Mel, you were right.
She's being hunted by some crazy old lady with a monster in her purse.
Old-timey fashion? Schoolmarm vibe? Deadly pet tentacle? Yeah.
How did you It's called a Vittra.
I read about them in the old Book of Shadows.
They were an ancient order who protected the secret of magic by killing anyone who showed it to humans.
I didn't think there were any left.
Well, there's at least one, and she is pissed.
That is not good.
You think? Uh, where's Kaela now? She's right over No, wait.
Sh She was just here.
Oh, crap.
Guys, go.
Go, go.
Bad butterflies.
What the hell is going on? You had one job.
One! First you rip me for calling her too much, and now you're freaking out because I lost sight of her for one second.
What is going on with you? I am terrified, okay? - Of what? The Vittra? - This.
All of this.
That bringing in someone else into this This life, this sisterhood, means the same thing that happened to Macy is gonna happen all over again.
- Maggie - We couldn't stop the destruction of the sisterhood before.
Why should this time be any different? Maggie, look.
Murder-y Poppins is in the building.
What was in those edibles? Brynn.
I tried to tell you.
It's real.
I'm a witch.
So you're not sick? Seriously? That's your first question? You're my best friend.
I frikkin' love you.
Yes, that is my first question.
Although I do have, like, 400 other questions.
Yeah, you and me both.
Do you think that this could have something to do with your birth parents? Uh Is that a fire alarm? Heard a rumor there's a leprechaun around here who might know a thing or two about coins.
Who's asking? What, you were expecting a wee fella? Roxie sent us.
I'm gonna cut to the chase, Frank.
This coin killed a friend of mine.
A pixie.
And I have it on good authority you had a hand in it.
I'm a lot of things, boyo, but I'm no pixie killer, just a middleman.
For who? All I'll say is some fella came 'round.
Looking to score some cursed gold.
Was offering a boatload for it.
So I didn't ask any questions.
Did he call himself the Tallyman? Didn't get a name.
Where can we find this fella? I don't sell out me customers, lads.
Bad for business.
Thanks for the whiskey, but we're done here.
I wouldn't leave if I were you, Frank.
Oh, yeah? And why's that? Because I poisoned that bottle.
You both drank from it, too.
My God.
Yeah, he's right.
Oh, if only there were someone around who could heal the poison out of our systems, hmm? Jordan? Now, unless you want to die an excruciating death, start talking.
I don't know how to find him.
- It was a dead drop, I swear.
- Where? At an old cabin in the woods, outside Newport.
Now get the damn poison out of me! What poison? See you around, Frank.
What? You've been a very naughty witch.
Using your magic in front of humans.
Who the hell are you? Your punishment.
Back the hell off.
She's with us.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
Rules are rules.
No exceptions.
Huh? You injured a human with your magic.
What happened to "no exceptions"? That one wasn't supposed to be here.
That's why I pulled the alarm.
She's the guilty one.
No, Seymour, please.
It was a mistake, Seymour.
Oh! No! She needs a doctor.
No, she needs a healer.
And fast.
That leprechaun better not have given us a fake address.
Oh, this is definitely the place.
Just a character from a nursery rhyme, huh? What was that? Stop.
Damn it.
Don't move.
Pressure switches rigged to explosives.
I've seen them before in Afghanistan.
If one of us takes the pressure off Boom? Boom.
Still no reception, naturally.
Of course, my bootleg Whitelighter powers don't include orbing.
If I could just reach you No.
I could orb us both out of here.
Or you could just orb yourself out.
Well, that'd set off the explosives.
Jordan, I know I've been an ass lately, but I'm not going anywhere.
Man, if I survived 26 years of a witch's curse just to die like this, I'm gonna be so pissed.
If I don't die, I'm gonna relish every second I get with Maggie.
Try to meet her where she is.
And I'm gonna do the same with you.
Me? Maggie's not the only one still grieving, bud.
How did you I told you I'd use this thing to save your ass.
We need you guys back at the command center now.
My best friend is dying, and we don't have a lot of time Stop! No, wait! This place is wired to blow.
Don't move.
Okay, um Well, if there is an "on" switch, there's generally an "off," so There.
That's the disconnect.
Um, the question is, how do we reach it? Macy's telekinesis power would be super handy right now.
So would Kaela's power of manifestation.
You're like her, aren't you? A witch.
Take care of her for me.
She may act tough, but she needs people.
That is what keeps her going.
Brynn? Brynn! - I can't do it.
- Yes, you can.
Do you have something to draw with? - Always, but - Here.
- You're gonna draw on my jacket.
- No, Maggie, you don't get it.
When I want to manifest stuff, nothing happens.
But when I don't, poof! All of a sudden there's an apple, and your cousin is a paper doll.
Kaela, you need to breathe.
Just do it.
Listen to him.
This is what he does.
Close your eyes.
Close them.
Visualize something that can reach the switch.
Something familiar.
Something you know so well you could sketch it in your sleep.
Got it? Mm, mm-hmm.
Draw it.
Now, open your heart to magic.
It's a part of who you are.
Your friend needs you.
We need you.
Because you You are a Charmed One.
Huh! You did it.
Duck, dude.
Hurry, she's fading.
It's not enough.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, B.
Come on.
You're too stubborn to go out like this.
Took you long enough.
Thank you.
All of you.
Well, this sure has been a night to remember.
Hey, about that, we were kind of hoping you could, like, forget it.
Forget what? You ready to go? You're not coming, are you? Look, this is something I gotta do.
Not because I want to, but because I need to, for both our sakes.
Well, I expect daily texts, okay, weekly FaceTimes and regular visits.
Seeing as I'm just, um, a big, freaky, glowy circle away.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Thank you for saving her.
And me.
It's what we do.
And I'm sorry for pushing you so hard to join our screwed-up little family.
I didn't even consider that you might already have one of your own.
It's okay.
I get it.
If joining this fight is what I have to do to keep the people I love safe, then I'm in.
You sure? We don't want to force you into anything.
Fate brought us together for a reason.
And I'm not gonna lie, I I kind of want to see what that is.
Between these cursed coins and a booby-trapped cabin, I think it's time to start taking this Tallyman a lot more seriously.
Sure you don't want to stay in with Kaela and Mel tonight, figure out our next move? Not exactly ready for the whole sisterhood thing yet.
I need to go ham on some demons.
It's fine if you don't want to come.
Maggie Hand me those brass knuckles.
It's fine, really.
I'm totally cool to crash on the couch tonight, or wherever, so, you know, don't go out of your way to do anything anything special.
How did you Magic.
I figured you could use a little home away from home.
Mel Thank you.
Do you need to get that? Nah.
What I need is to get a tour of that bus.
Let's go.
- Welcome.
- Oh, it's so cute.
Tallyman, Tallyman He keeps count Tallyman, Tallyman Don't step out If you're good Then he pays If you're not Then he slays.

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