Charmed (2018) s04e10 Episode Script

Hashing it Out

1 - I'll see you in seven.
- Mm-hmm.
Morning, sunshine.
Morning, sunshine.
Camellia? Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Sorry, I Thought I'd get a quick workout in.
You were Late.
Yeah, I know.
Well, thanks for doing this.
Yeah, I mean, we haven't really been good in a while.
It's important to do this right.
Yeah, like Like adults.
Uh Ah.
Oh, you brought my flannel back.
Though I'll I'll probably never look as good in it as you.
Okay, I don't know if you can handle any more.
Oh, I can.
And I will.
Bringing the heat.
Here we go.
All right, yo.
This is green chili chutney, not some amateur-hour mango jam.
- Yeah? - If you think you can handle this much shito Oh, what? O-Okay.
Oh, my God.
That's hot.
I give.
Yeah, it was pretty hot.
- It was.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What? I thought this was a real date.
You know, we're supposed to make goat light soup together.
You're right.
You're right.
- Hmm.
- What's funny? Not funny.
Just happy.
Finding out about Macy's stem cells just made a lot of things make sense, and Haven't been this happy in a relationship in a really long time.
Did you just use the R-word? Maybe.
Well, then maybe our very important, very official date could use a little bit of a break.
Ah, an intermission? - An interlude of sorts.
- Okay.
So, um, I have meetings tonight.
Of course.
Well That was fun.
And also a one-time thing.
Kiss-and-tell Mel, after all.
- Your, uh, appointment's here.
- Just a minute.
All right.
I will see you around.
Mel, you all right? - What happened? - Oh, nothing.
Uh, nothing a couple of vodka tonics won't cure.
You're Roxie's next appointment? I'm going into the Veil to find Camellia.
As in her dead wife? Oh, I-I didn't know you two were We aren't.
See you around, Hare.
Here you go.
I'm going to light this for privacy.
Anti-surveillance candle? Can't be too careful.
Never know who's listening 'round here.
Naiad gemstones, as discussed.
Your turn.
And it's real portal marble? Where'd you get it? Took it off a witch who went through the Elders' Old Witchness Protection program.
Supposed to be a sort of "in case of emergency" kind of thing.
But the witch I mugged didn't have time to use it, know what I mean? The witch's blood.
Have whoever goes first take a nip, or else you might end up stuck in that marble, and you don't want that.
Seems a bit much.
A Charmed One was there the day me brother Frank died.
Didn't do a damn thing to save him.
You can trust me.
I'm down with the cause.
I'm Unseen, just like you.
Look, I don't know what's going on between you and Mel, but I wonder if it's wise to be reuniting you with your long-lost wife right now.
You see that clock? When all hands hit midnight, it's lights out for me, for the next seven years.
I've got a couple days left.
I'm not really in a position for anything serious right now.
All the more reason to be clear with your intentions.
You're not my father, and you're not Mel's Whitelighter anymore.
She doesn't need your protection.
I'm still her friend, and I'll always look out for her.
I hear you can now bring people back from the Veil.
Yes, but there are ramifications.
- I'm aware.
- And it's only temporary.
That's all I need.
Just a moment To say goodbye to the love of my life.
Camellia died defending this bar from a demon attack.
We never got that chance.
I'm looking for closure.
I'll get it for you.
I don't know about you, but I really want to smash something.
It came back together? Crap.
Our moment is finally here.
Find the Unity Bowl, and we can raise the Lost One from its cursed existence.
Do that, and we end the reign of the Charmed Ones for good.
Hey! Focus on the bowl.
Nothing else matters.
After we find it, I'm gonna stick around to exact my pound of flesh.
There's no need for violence.
There is.
They got to pay for what they've done.
No! What they failed to do.
They need to understand how their neglect has hurt our communities.
This could be our chance for protest.
We're trespassing in the Charmed Ones' inner sanctum.
You think we get a word out before they vanquish us? Aren't you here to enact change? I'm here to enact a paycheck.
Everyone shut up and look.
If we don't find this bowl, then all of this is for nothing.
Why you looking at me when she's sitting on her ass? Don't worry about her.
When the time comes, she'll do her job.
She'll be back.
Just give her a second.
You are lucky I still have four more lives, or you would be a puddle of blood on the floor right now.
Clearly, the Unity Bowl isn't here.
So now we move onto plan B.
Duncan said Camellia was wearing this when she died.
Should allow you to contact her in the Veil.
All right.
Back in a jiffy.
Camellia? Camellia? Hey.
I come in peace.
- You're a hard man to find.
- What? Who-who are you? No time for proper introductions, it's coming back.
With friends.
Giddyap, cowboy.
Time to go.
I know.
It's weird.
So, uh, I got a gig in Iceland with some friends next month.
- Mm.
- Want to come? Um I know I just said the R-word, but that was only to get into your pants.
No, but, um, seriously, I-I don't know if I'm ready for the F-word.
- Didn't we just do the - "Future," Dev.
All right, we don't have to talk about Kaela and Dev's future.
- But you know who we could talk about? - Hmm? Jaela and Lev.
I'm hearing Jaela and Lev are getting into all sorts of trouble next month.
For now, can we just be present and Lay in this moment of heaven? Yeah.
- Mel.
- Hey.
What are you doing with the Unity Bowl? It seems like it doesn't want to stay destroyed.
It keeps reassembling itself.
I'm gonna put it in the Tomb of Chaos, so no one else can get at it.
Good idea.
I'll come with.
- Oh, hey, Jordan.
- Hey, Mel.
Oh, so you have sex hair, and is your hoodie actually inside out? Don't judge me.
No judgement here.
I may have had a similar walk of shame tonight.
Roxie? - Oh, my God, I knew it.
- Don't.
It's nothing.
Well, is that how you want it to stay? - Nothing? - I don't think so.
I don't know.
Aw, Mel.
What the hell? How did they get in here? My powers are gone.
Mine, too.
Give us the bowl, and nobody needs to get hurt.
Yeah, or don't.
We're happy to just, uh, take it.
We'll get back to the house.
It's still protected.
It's a containment spell.
They're not chasing us because they don't have to.
We're sitting ducks.
With no powers to fight back.
Fan out.
Find them.
They got to be somewhere.
- No service.
- Come out, wherever you are.
One of Sunny's people must be blocking the signal or something.
Great, that and Frosty the Snowbitch knocking out our powers.
If we had Blue Camellia matches, we could smoke out of here.
Jordan might have some up in the gym.
But if we can't get out, we're gonna need backup.
Ruby has a landline in her office.
If I can get in there, I can call Kaela.
Whatever happens, we have to keep the Unity Bowl safe.
Each take half so it can't come back together.
Okay, ready? I don't think I can do this quietly.
Hey, where does that door lead? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa It's me, it's me.
I heard a crash over here.
Yo, it's Kaela.
Just text me, - 'cause I don't check these.
- Damn it.
Hey, Kaela.
It's Mel.
You need to get to SafeSpace.
The Unseen are here, and they've Got to stop meeting like this.
I hear next weekend, Jaela is taking Lev to see some of her street art in Philly.
She might even buy him a cheese-steak.
You wouldn't know what to do with a cheese steak.
I'm sorry, Lev wouldn't know what to do with a cheese steak.
Kind of I feel bad for Lev.
Feel like he didn't realize how crazy it would be to date a Charmed One.
I don't know, maybe it gives his otherwise carefree life a little bit more meaning.
I haven't had that since my temple days.
Uh, Lev Hasn't.
Missed call from Ruby Malone for Seattle City Council? I'm pretty sure that's Mel's ex.
Why is she calling me? Hey, Kaela.
It's Mel.
You need to get to SafeSpace.
The Unseen are here Call her back.
The number you have reached - is not in service at this time.
- The line's disconnected.
I don't understand.
Infinite Home Video? Think it's an inside joke, but, honestly, I'm not even sure.
Well, how could you not know? Because I was sent here 15 years ago.
I can move through liminal spaces like this in the Veil, but I can't get back to the real world.
That's why I came looking for you.
"I gave my word.
"My word is my vow.
" - You're - A Whitelighter.
Like you.
And I need your help.
If you were a Whitelighter, I'd know you.
And how did you survive the death of the Elders? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
And how'd you know about me? The tapes.
The tapes? All of this world's history.
I don't know what this place or you really are, but I need to get back to the Veil.
There's a muse I was sent to contact.
Listen to me.
That scarf led you to a banshee.
The blood on it wasn't from a muse.
It looks like someone set you up.
Which is what I need to figure out.
Please! You can't just leave! Everything all right? I don't know.
Duncan said Camellia was wearing this when she died.
That scarf led you to a banshee.
It looks like someone set you up.
You gave Camellia's scarf to Roxie.
You knew I wouldn't find her using this blood.
You have to tell me, Duncan.
What did you do? Kill Roxie's wife? It was It was so much worse than that.
It's not working.
I don't think it's technically an injury.
Uh, we should get back to Mel.
Hey, about what happened earlier For the record, I wasn't planning Me either.
I mean, not that it It wasn't, like It was a mistake.
Won't happen again.
We're moving.
Who are you? Better question.
Where is she? Go, go.
Finally, I get to make you pay.
After your little GemCast post And what about your posts? You doxxed us.
You put people we love in danger.
Everything you post is out of context.
Never showing how much they help, how much we all care.
You want context? She is the reason my brother died.
He was murdered due to your negligence.
I'm so sorry your brother was taken from you.
I've lost loved ones, too.
And I know how violence and anger can seem like the only way forward.
I know how it can feel.
Like nothing can ever Door through a containment spell, check.
You think you can draw one into a bank vault? - Just curious.
- Shh, shh.
What? When I lost him I never felt so alone.
But the Unseen have shown me there is another way.
The Lost One will free us all.
Maggie! Where'd you get a hammer? I had, like, five seconds to find a weapon.
You said hurry.
Seems like we missed a lot.
You don't have to do this.
- Grab her.
- Wait just a second.
I heard what you said when we were trapped inside that church.
I understand why you haven't felt included or protected.
I haven't been the best leader in our community.
But I want to be better.
We need more than you wanting to be better.
We need action.
We need representation.
I hear you.
I really do.
Look, we can call off this raid if your sisters and you just Time for compromise is over.
Sometimes you just got to burn it all down.
Your neck.
- You got hit by a blocker.
- A what? Bright blue hair.
Frosty personality.
No? They can temporarily cut off your powers through meditation.
How do we undo its effects? We take out the blocker.
It's Mel.
She must have got the phones working again.
Hey, M Not Mel.
But if you want her to survive the night, you'll bring me the other half of the bowl.
And I know Kaela's with you, so don't try anything dodgy.
This little witch tracker is quite handy.
Oh, and If I were you, I'd hurry.
- We need to get your powers back.
- And fast.
Mel looked like she needed healing.
Sunny's probably got the blocker tucked away someplace safe.
She'll be open for an attack.
There's no time.
We have to at least act like we're gonna make the trade.
Look, Sunny doesn't know I'm here.
I'll take out the blocker.
Wait, what? I'll be careful.
Don't worry.
Just take care of yourself, okay? And I'll be at that gig in Iceland.
You or Jaela? Me.
Me and you.
It wasn't always this epic romance.
The way Roxie saw things was Was not how Camellia experienced it.
I was an orphan, and they took me in.
I helped Camellia with the bar when Roxie slept.
Camellia loved Roxie deeply, but Seven years without her, alone The bar became like a prison.
The night she died, Duncan.
What happened that night? There was a fight.
Some demons came after a banshee.
It got ugly.
It all became too much.
The-the politics, the-the dangers of running the Blue Camellia alone, and The pressure, the The loneliness.
Loving Roxie just got too hard.
No, Camellia.
No! No.
Uh, she just took off.
Camellia is alive? I don't know.
I haven't spoken to her since she left.
Harry, you have to understand.
Their relationship was over.
There was no changing that.
You thought if Roxie knew what happened, she'd close the bar.
And it's the only home most of these creatures have, the only place they feel safe.
The only place you feel safe.
You can't tell her, Harry.
It will break her.
And she is all I have left.
We're here.
We got the other half of the bowl.
- Mel.
- Stay back.
No, first the rest of the bowl.
- Hand it over.
- Not until you untie her.
Mel, you okay? Nobody's untying anyone.
Hey, where is Sunny? Dev.
I knew they'd try something, but I didn't expect you.
You don't belong with them.
You're one of us.
I know you, Dev.
You don't put your neck out for lost causes.
So, here, free ticket out of this mess.
This ain't your fight, mate.
Smoke out of here.
Live to sing another day.
You're wrong.
This is my fight.
Maggie, your neck.
Mel, our powers.
Just hand over the other half of the bowl, and we'll let you all walk away, no trouble.
And what if we came here looking for trouble? Dev? I have something to tell you.
You don't have to.
I hear everything that goes on in my bar.
What are you gonna do now? About Camellia? Grieve.
And Duncan? He's all I have, too.
I know this is not what you envisaged by closure.
Trust me.
I've lived with that pain.
Could you get out of my office? Dev.
Hey, Dev! Dev, please.
Looks like you're a real Charmed One after all.
Sacrificing others to maintain your power.
You did this.
You killed him.
Not me.
Mm Sorry.
And now I'm gonna kill you, because I've got four lives to your one.
I don't like your odds.
Just give us the damn bowl! Jordan, look out! Any last words? You're gonna wish you didn't do that.
We got to find Kaela.
Are we doing this or not? Guess the bitch really does have nine lives.
Hands off.
Sensitive about the arm.
You've only got four lives left.
What are you How many lives you got now? Hmm? Don't you dare.
Aah! - Kaela.
- Kaela.
Oh, Dev.
Let's get you home.
We can stay with you.
Whatever you need.
No, I need to be alone right now.
Please just go put that bowl wherever it needs to be.
Can't just be for nothing.
God, my heart's breaking for her.
After Dev, I Wanted to make sure you were okay.
I'll be all right.
- I can go, I - Wait.
I'm I'm not okay.
Could you just stay tonight? Hey.
Of course.
We're closed.
Harry told me.
I have had a hell of a night, too, but I couldn't stop thinking about how you were doing.
I'm not Doing great.
You should turn and walk out of here, Mel.
Why? Because being with me is hard.
The same has been said about me.
Maybe it's a sign.
Where are you? I assume you gave me this to get back here.
Sorry I have to do this.
Do what? I'm the only survivor.
But Our sacrifices were not in vain.
You got the Unity Bowl? I got something better.
This is how we get the revenge we deserve.
The Lost One will make the Charmed Ones pay.
Oh ♪ Kaela ♪ Oh ♪ Kaela ♪ Oh ♪ Oh, Kaela ♪ Oh ♪ Kaela ♪ Oh ♪ Kaela.

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