Charmed (2018) s04e09 Episode Script

Truth or Cares

1 That should do it, for now.
How are you feeling? Fine, except I can't really tell you how I got down here.
Yeah, you passed out at the bottom of the stairs.
Thank God Jordan was there to catch you.
Well, then, he's a keeper, this one.
Makes it all better.
Yes, but we still need to find the other half of that Unity Bowl.
It cursed you, and it's the only thing that can cure you, once and for all.
Your symptoms are getting worse.
I'm really worried about you.
You know what you should be worried about? No locks on the upstairs windows.
Dad, we put an enchantment spell You have got to be more careful with those Unseen maniacs out there.
Okay, you know what? You look a little pale.
I'm gonna make some special holy basil tea.
The rosebush? Completely dug up.
Something is definitely out there.
I could run down to the hardware store, grab some traps.
That's not necessary.
While you're there, grab window locks.
I really don't think it I have been meaning to change the one on the front door.
It's older than dirt.
Then we should really assess the whole house.
We could knock it out in two, three days, tops.
You all right? Not really.
He's been in this house less than 24 hours, and I am contemplating Rayicide.
It doesn't help that the only one who can heal him is my ex-boyfriend, who's back living with me.
What? Just Hearing you say "ex-boyfriend" makes it so Uh, real, final.
Well, it's real and final because you broke up with me.
I Maggie, I hit pause.
You gave me back the tracking bracelet, Jordan.
Told me I wasn't the person that you fell in love with.
Look, I'm not saying that it was the wrong thing to do.
I was a mess.
Yeah, and things have changed.
Have they? - Did you just? - Heard that, yeah.
It sounds like it came from the attic.
Don't be afraid.
Dad? How is this possible? You're dead.
Hello, Maggie.
Dexter Vaughn? What up, Ray? You son of a bitch! Are we sure that the hideout for the Unseen is this creepy-ass Church of Saint Stephen King? Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you implying that my espionage skills aren't up to snuff? Because I don't know about your intel, but I've been flawless.
During my last set at the Blue Camellia, I seamlessly slipped trackers into the pockets and purses of the people your team identified.
I'm glad I found you ♪ Though I don't know how.
♪ This is a stakeout, not a make-out, people.
And yes, to answer your question, the trackers showed five of the Unseen members going into this church, so we just have to be patient.
Maybe not.
Sunny? Um, didn't Maggie already kill her? Guess the bitch really does have nine lives.
Well, let's make sure she spends the rest of them paying for what she did to your thumb.
Dev, you're on lookout.
What? You slept with my wife! You got to live out my life.
Or should I say squander it, running all over the world while Marisol was alone with the girls.
No, not running around, running away, from a broken heart, and that's on you! That's enough! Both of you.
Ray, go downstairs.
I'll deal with you in a minute.
I'll, uh, make sure he gets there safely.
I can't believe you're here.
You're just like your mom.
How are you here? I went to help Harry get out of the Veil, and somehow I came with him.
I've been looking for my half of the Unity Bowl.
Wait, what do you mean, "your half"? When Macy was a teenager, living without her mom, I heard about a powerful relic, a bowl that could undo any curse, even one from a necromancer.
If only I could track it down, we could finally all be together as a family.
I only managed to find half of it.
So, you didn't die from cancer.
You died from that bowl's curse, trying to get us back together.
So, where do you think the bowl could be? Uh, thought I remembered your mother saying it was under her flower bed.
So you dug up the rosebushes.
And then I searched every inch of this property.
It was my chance to do one good thing for you as your dad.
- It's okay.
- It's not.
And I don't have a lot of time to make it right.
We spirits aren't supposed to be out of the Veil.
Magic could go all out of whack.
Should we split up? I'll take the one on the right.
- Be safe.
- Okay.
He has no idea where the bowl is? No.
That's why I need you to find Harry.
Maybe he'll know something.
Speaking of knowing and not knowing things what do you want to do about us? Can we talk about it - after I get through this? - Of course.
Yeah, go slow.
Take a moment.
Sunny, stop right there! Let's see how you like being unseen.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Were you gonna flee like the rat that you are? What have you done? I found my someone ♪ The day I found you ♪ Oh, crap.
What the hell? Mel! Mel! Mel! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - What? - We got to get out of here.
- What about Mel? If you want to help her, we got to go, now.
It's gone.
But how can it be gone? Where-where did it go? It's not exactly gone, it's just shrunken.
They must have known and set a trap.
Wha W-What What do you mean? Ever heard of a pressurized Mumford trap? Let's make a happy home.
What is this? What are you doing? Remember how cathartic it was for me? Talking to Trunksie could do the same for you.
I'm all ears.
I hate Dexter.
What if I told you he knows about the bowl? In fact, he died from the same thing you're dying from right now.
Well, that's unfortunate.
But I stand by my opinion of the guy.
Just when I thought you couldn't be any more of a jerk.
I'm trying to save the other half of the bowl.
Yeah? Or maybe you destroyed it, and you're doing all of this just to win points with Maggie.
Now give me that.
Guys! Wait, don't touch that.
That's essence of wolf's bane.
It's extremely deadly.
How appropriate.
First, you poison my marriage, and now everything else! - Whatev - Stop it! Both of you.
Look, I'm sure Dexter didn't mean it.
I can't believe you're taking his side, Margarita.
He only calls me that when he's really mad.
"Margarita"? It means daisy.
A flower oh, my God.
Maggie, I think I know where we can find the Dexter, please.
Sorry, I just I need a minute.
They have to get along or I'm gonna kill them.
Trunksie will make it all better.
So, this is gonna help get Mel out and back to normal size? I dated a witch who made a couple of these, so I'm fairly confident.
- Why is it a snow globe? - I don't know.
- What's a Mumford? - Not sure.
When you say pressurized, does that mean that sh Honey.
Sweetie? Sugarbuns.
I said I dated a witch.
I didn't go to Mumford Trap Academy.
Date a lot of witches? Depends on what you mean by a lot.
Are you jealous? Absolutely not.
Now let's stay focused, 'cause God knows what's going on in there.
You got us into this mess, now you're gonna get us out.
I can't.
That door was the portal and you sealed it shut.
Which would be bad enough, but this Mumford trap isn't made for me, so it's unstable.
If I let you go, will you behave like a rational being for, like, ten seconds? Okay.
Maybe we could reach out to Kaela and Dev Get them to hear us.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
What are you doing? Margarita.
It's a flower.
You're our flower.
We grew you, Maggie.
The bowl is under the flower bed.
I'll get the toolbox.
Maggie's vision, the Lost One, this damn Unity Bowl, it's all linked.
It has to be.
We just can't see it.
And we're running out of time.
The groundswell of support for the Unseen is growing.
We need someone who can help us, someone with special knowledge.
- Like? - The Graiai.
Three ancient and profound seers, blessed and cursed with knowing all truth.
Ooh, Pammy.
And don't come back without a bottle.
Or A dish.
Oh, whoops, clean up on aisle: this bitch.
I pity the poor idiot who has to deal with that hot mess express, hmm? Yeah, well.
We're the idiots.
Those are the Graiai.
Wait, wait, wait.
Truce? What, so you can attack me again? No, so we don't freeze to death.
How do I know I can trust you? I swear on the graves of my people.
Let's use that table over there to block the wind.
Hello? I see you.
Time to make a happy home.
No, no, no.
Now what? Once the potion is finished, we pour it on the trap and break the spell.
How much longer? Almost there.
So, um Your birth parents.
How how was that? Enlightening? Upsetting? Fulfilling? Over Overwhelming? Nearing the end of my mental thesaurus here.
Yeah, um, hey, we don't - You don't - What? Have to get this deep.
You're, like, not that guy, no? Wow.
Look, no.
No offense.
It's just that When I had leukemia, I had to learn real quick that not everyone in your life is gonna be able to handle the really hard parts.
I mean, Brynn? Ride-or-die.
You, you're like Fun-time guy.
And that-that's okay.
I don't expect you to nurse me during chemo or drive me to the airport or Talk about my bio parents.
Hey, we have a really nice time together, and I really like being around you, okay? Okay, yeah, we'll just focus on Mel.
Right? Yeah.
Um Once we create the portal, she'll have 30 seconds to get out of there.
30 seconds? That's that's not long at all.
Which is why we have to come up with a way to make sure she's aware of the plan.
I think I have an idea.
Ladies, I come bearing bubbly.
We never say no to offerings Or hotties.
Have a seat, Harry Greenwood.
And your little friend, too.
I asked you here today to help me With the lore of the Lost One.
The new prophecy of an old evil returning and the Charmed Ones' part to play.
Not to mention, the damn bowl.
Well, yes.
But Nothing comes without a cost.
Truth for truth.
Truth for truth.
What's that mean? Means you bare your soul, and you'll find out about your precious bowl.
Did you see how I just made that rhyme? Didn't even mean to.
Right? Can't believe we're related.
Well, I suppose I'm still struggling with Oh, no.
Not you, peach.
No, no.
No offense, but You're not exactly fresh meat.
We want the lowdown on the White-hot-lighter and his relationship with Margarita Vera.
Tell us all, and tell us true Or something dreadful will come to you.
Oh, my God.
We got to get this off you.
What the Trunksie? Did that thing come to life? And why does it want to kill me? I don't know.
It's dead now.
It's okay.
- You okay? - Yeah.
You want some good news? Your archenemy Dexter has a lead on the bowl.
Why, that sneaky little bastard.
Seriously? He's trying to help.
No, not Dexter.
He's gone.
Maggie, look what I found.
Time to make a happy home.
What the? "Let's make your house a happy home.
" Yeah, that's what that little psycho was babbling when he was attacking me.
Me, too.
Maybe it was his twisted way of accomplishing that.
You guys were fighting with each other, so he tried to kill you, and then you were fighting over the bowl So he stole it.
That's kind of clever for something that's got fluff for brains.
Great, we've FBI-profiled him.
How does this game help? Well, we can't just chase the furry freak, he might destroy the bowl.
So we have to We have to lure him out, using this.
When he shows up, I'll incept him to sleep, you grab the bowl.
Game over.
Okay, I have to ask.
Exactly why do you hate me so much? I used to have a life, a really good life.
Then, one night, on the way home from work, this car started following me.
I tried to lose them, but they just sped up faster and faster, and then Then they ran me off the road, straight into a ditch.
Used up one of these.
Hands off.
Sensitive about the arm.
I get it.
Why would someone want to do that to you? It was the Faction.
And they left me for dead.
I managed to escape, but for a long time, I couldn't sleep.
Couldn't eat.
I lost everything.
It has been more than two years, and every time I close my eyes, I am right back there.
Sunny, I am so sorry.
We did everything we could to stop them.
Not soon enough.
For months, magical creatures were being hunted, picked off the streets.
I was one of the lucky ones.
We are just three women who got all of this foisted on us.
But that doesn't change the fact that we didn't feel included or protected.
But the Lost One is gonna put us first.
If you're first, then someone has to be second, then third.
And then it's just another hierarchy.
No, that's not It won't be like that.
Sunny, it's not right that you feel excluded.
We can work together.
To change that.
Let's start with the easy stuff.
Yes, how is it when you make the beast with two backs? Mm-mm.
- We're not going there.
- Kidding.
We're kidding.
Just spill some tea.
Where do you two stand? Friends? Or more? I want us to be together.
I think of her all the time.
I care a lot about her.
Yeah, so sweet.
But when you look at the future, what do you see? I think maybe we have a shot.
Ladies? I think we have what we need.
And we're ready to tell you the secret of the bowl, which is Ugh.
It's actually, like, super-duper easy to remove the curse of the bowl.
A potion and a spell, and all will be well.
Ask a scary question.
Do you think Macy's still watching over us? When she was little and it would rain, she would go out and rescue all the worms from the sidewalk.
She saved up her lunch money for six months straight so her friend could go to science camp.
And when I got sick and she thought I had cancer, she donated her stem cells to an experimental cancer treatment The Progenitor Project To try and save me.
She was my angel then, and I have no doubt she still is now.
Bad dad make Maggie sad.
No, Trunksie.
These are happy tears.
Come see for yourself.
Naptime, buddy.
No! Maggie's a liar.
No happy home for liars.
What the hell? I-I incepted him with sleep.
What is this, opposite day? Actually, it might be.
You said when a spirit leaves the Veil and comes to the land of the living, it throws the balance of things off, right? Well, so far off, my powers are reversed.
So instead of knocking Trunksie out It turned him into a raging psycho.
Yeah, but how did it come to life? That potion you spilled on him.
It should kill anything it touches.
Instead, it brought it to life.
So, now what? Trunksie make you all go night night, forever.
No sign of him or the bowl.
That's it.
We're bailing out.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with you.
We can't give up.
We need that bowl to save Ray.
No, no, no, no, no.
We will find another way to heal me.
We are not gonna be the idiots in the horror film - who stay in the house.
- Amen, brother.
You're not going anywhere.
You're gonna listen to me, because I know magic, and I'm smart and resourceful and capable.
And I'm all those things because of both of you.
I wouldn't exist without you.
And I wouldn't be who I am today without you.
I know it sucks that mom had an affair.
And I know it sucks that you had to watch another man raise your daughter.
But you could look at it as a gift.
This messy, painful, dysfunctional path made me a Charmed One, and it gave me two dads who love me.
I love you both.
So just shut the hell up and do what you're told.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Got it.
Uh, since my powers are out of whack, we're gonna have to take a more direct approach.
And I promise that we will be on our best behavior and work together.
No more fighting.
Actually, fighting is exactly what I want you to do.
Liquid Devil's Trumpet.
I had to go all the way to an ogre's house in the Philippines to get it.
I think I have everything.
Lady's Mantle, snake wart, young nettle's leaves, and a pinch of yellow dock.
Hard to believe it's this easy.
Look, despite their appearance and attitude, the Graiai are known to be trustworthy.
Their credo truth for truth Has been a binding contract through time.
Well, then Here goes nothing.
Three drops, Liquid Devil's Trumpet.
Now for the spell.
Oh What the hell was that? We've been had.
You think you're better than me because you're taller? Oh, I know I am because you're an idiot! Oh, that's very eloquent coming from a guy who's talking out of his ass! Oh, so clever, so clever.
What, you must be a big hit on the Neanderthal comedy circuit.
It's working.
Keep going.
Uh, uh - Drop dead! - Already did.
Well, it's a shame that bowl didn't take you out sooner.
I'm waiting with baited breath for you to kick the bucket.
You don't have to tell me about your breath.
I'm downwind! I can see you're going bald in two places! Says the man with nary a hair on his head.
The only difference is I don't look like a bloated bullfrog.
Oh, yeah, well, go to hell! Uh-oh.
No, you! You! You! That little fur-ball is fast.
He's headed towards the dining room.
Maybe when he shows his beady little eyes, we can take a blanket, throw it over him like a net.
Hold on, anyone else smell? Gas.
You touch Trunksie again, house go boom! Now we play a new game.
Are you purring? It's a biological reflex, okay? You serious about what you said earlier? That you'd be willing to To figure out a way for everyone to Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah, just a little dizzy.
You could have a concussion.
You need to stay awake or They figured it out.
We're gonna get out of here.
Sunny? Sunny! Nothing's happening.
- You have to smash it first.
- What? It's the only way to break the spell.
That seems a bit literal, doesn't it? If I smash the globe before she gets to the portal Mel dies.
If you don't smash it within the next 20 seconds, Mel dies.
Sorry, Mel.
We-we can break it.
Make a rope to lower Maggie down, so she's safe.
There's got to be some sheets around here somewhere, we can tie them together.
What? - I'm not leaving you alone.
- We're not alone.
We got each other.
Right, Ray? Damn straight.
Together we can take that little bastard down.
I just I just need a minute.
Maggie, you got to let Ray and I do this for you, please.
We're your fathers.
It's our job to protect you.
Macy was just as stubborn as you are, and even she knew to listen to me at times like this.
- I need you to do the same.
- Wait.
I think I have an idea.
- I'll check the back rooms.
- Yeah.
I see you made our recipe.
It was an epic fail.
What happened to truth for truth? My sisters.
They wanted to punish you.
For not holding up your end.
I told the truth.
The truth in your head.
But not the one in your heart.
Give me another chance.
You have to let go.
Don't be afraid.
That's it.
Can you feel it? That's Really That's my Don't beat yourself up.
Most people aren't strong enough to see it.
Even when you show them.
Oh, right.
Our end of the bargain.
The Lost One is bound by a curse times three.
Which can be broken by the Bowl of Unity.
Once risen, the Lost One will exert its power, the magical world changing within an hour.
See ya.
- Get away from her! - No.
Kyle, wait! What happened to us working together to change things? We're not in snow globe land anymore.
You almost had me convinced with all that Kumbaya crap.
Even if we wanted to change things, there's all these other people.
Who will get behind us.
It's just gonna take some time.
I'm not waiting any longer.
Open a portal or I open her jugular.
We just saved your ass.
And you sold yours to the oppressors.
Come on, Sunny.
You're not gonna win this.
This is no version where you are gonna come out on top.
All right, fine, you escape right now, but do you want to be on the run for the rest of your life? Constantly looking over your shoulder? This is a spell to raise the dead, like the one you taught Macy all those years ago.
If my powers are reversed, it'll kill anything that shouldn't be alive, so Trunksie goes back to the toy chest, but But what? I think it sends you away, as well, because You're not supposed to be out of the Veil.
It's okay.
It's time for me to go.
No, it's not.
There's still so much I want to know about you.
You know I love you.
That's what matters most.
I can't hold on much longer! For the first time, I feel complete.
Me, too.
Night night.
Maggie, now.
No more time.
Angels of Death, the Lords of the Underworld, hear my request.
Bring the dead back to life.
Well, here goes nothing.
Well? Oh, my God.
It worked.
- It worked.
- Dad.
Thank you.
Thank you for saving your pig-headed pop.
I'm just I'm sorry that we couldn't do the same for Dexter.
I can't believe I'm actually gonna say this, but I'm actually gonna miss the guy.
He was a good man.
He's not really gone.
He's a part of me now.
Well, then What do you say we go raise a glass to your other number one dad? Okay.
Thanks for helping me get Mel out of that trap.
I barely did anything.
You're the one who came up with the skywriting and wielded that hammer like a boss.
"Wielded"? Well If you like how I wielded that hammer, you should see what I can do with other tools.
Oh, yeah? - Wait.
- What? I am that guy.
What? The ride-or-die guy I'm the guy.
I know, I know.
I'm fun and sexy and all that, but that's not all I am.
I mean, I helped you with the conch and your magic and those killer spiders.
I even got poisoned pretending to be your boyfriend.
Like, come on! I have shown up for you.
So if you just want to be friends with benefits, fine.
But don't put that on me.
You're making that decision for the both of us.
Okay, yeah, you're You're right.
You have been Great.
There's so much change happening in my life.
And I'm just trying to figure out who I am and who I can trust.
I'm just scared that if I get all vulnerable with the wrong person, I'll just end up getting hurt.
Something tells me there's a higher probability of you hurting me.
Okay, well Well, how about we just Agree not to hurt each other? So, next week, we're gonna do dinner, candles, wine, the works.
- That's adorable.
- Yeah.
I usually hate all the cutesy couple stuff, but I don't know, you only live once, right? - Unless you're Sunny.
- Yeah.
Bold choice letting Psycho Kitty go.
When I heard her story, her pain was so raw.
- Hmm.
- And she's not wrong.
The Unseen aren't like any other enemies we've faced before.
We can't just vanquish them.
We've got to reach them somehow.
I hope there's something strong in those mugs.
I already got you one.
What's wrong? Is it too hot? Where did you get this? Oh, um, when I had cancer, I wasn't responding to chemo, so the doctors told me about this amazing - Experimental project.
- Yeah.
It saved my life.
And you're upset.
Why-why are you upset? Maggie, what is it? When Macy thought Dexter was dying from cancer, she She tried to save him by donating her stem cells to the Progenitor Project.
So you're saying that I have Macy's stem cells? She saved my life.
And she gave you your magic.
So we're chosen sisters, but We're also real sisters? Thanks for getting the bowl from Maggie.
I'm just not ready to see her.
What did the Graiai show you? I saw What I've been feeling but didn't really want to admit.
I love Maggie.
- Mm.
- But I don't love how we were as a couple.
And if getting back together means keeping that spin cycle going I'd rather just let her go.
I don't know about you, but I really want to smash something.
Well, how about A bowl that can unbind the Lost One?
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