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I don't need anything from New York.
No, just-just have fun with your brother.
I miss you, too.
- - Which veggie can either break a hex or make you fall in love, but it'll always spice up your life? Uh Oh, uh, chili peppers? Damn.
I thought I had you.
How did he find us? Don't know.
Just run.
Hello, Sunshine.
Stay the hell away from us, Earl.
I'm sorry, Patty-Cakes, but I can't do that.
You see, we're a family.
And family always sticks together.
You were never part of this family.
- Oh! - Now, Sunshine, that's no way to talk to your father.
You could never fill my dad's shoes, even with a clone, - you abusive piece - Ruby, storm spell.
Dearest Indra, God of storms, help us conjure weathering storms.
Winds that sweep, make them swarm! Mom! What are you doing? I'm sorry, baby, but we can't keep living like this.
Witchness Protection is our only chance.
But A life without magic? Is better than a life looking over our shoulders.
Go! This is why I do all my shopping online.
Well, good luck finding a sacred, magical bowl on the Internet.
Fair point.
Clearly, your father didn't realize what he had on his hands with this Unity Bowl.
Can we not talk about Ray right now? Well, Maggie, I'm sure he didn't tell you about his heart because he didn't want to worry you.
Well, mission un-accomplished.
I'd strangle him if I wasn't so worried about the curse killing him first.
I know.
But right now, we need to stay focused on the Unity Bowl.
If we could assemble it, we might find the instructions for how to break his curse.
And from what I can tell, the other half of it was sold here a decade ago.
You take that row, I'll take this one.
Nothing ominous about that.
Keep that up and it's gonna get infected.
Yeah, well, turns out getting your thumb cut off and then magically reattached kind of hurts like a bitch.
Jordan's still off keeping Ray alive, so you're just gonna have to stick with good old-fashioned ice for now.
How are you otherwise? Oh, you know just obsessively watching the magical life I almost had on repeat.
How many times have you done the provenance spell on your baby blanket? Thirty-seven.
I know.
At least I got their license plate out of it.
It's 26 years out of date, but it's a clue.
My dad's got this buddy ChooChi.
An ex-cop who's helped us with this sort of thing before.
Yeah, thank you, but What if they don't want to meet me? - Kaela.
- I mean, they did give me up.
But it may not be for the reason that you think.
For all we know, they could have stashed you away because some dark wizard was after you.
I'm pretty sure that's Harry Potter.
But you get the point.
We are going to find them, and when we do, this is all gonna make sense.
Us, our connection, why you're a Charmed One They'll have the answers.
I'm gonna head back to the command center, see if Maggie's back yet.
Hey, you want some company? You just focus on you, all right? Okay.
May I help you with something? Yes.
I'm looking for any information you might have about an old artifact called the Unity Bowl.
I managed to acquire one half of it.
I was told the other half was sold here some time ago.
I'm not in the habit of divulging my clients' information.
But for the right price Mm.
I could make an exception.
Any luck? You.
What? You're not welcome here, Charmed One.
Seriously? Both of you need to leave my shop now.
We're trying to save my dad's life.
Of course you are.
Selfish spa queen.
- Excuse me? - Maggie, - let's just get out of here.
- No, no, no.
Not till Krazy Kermit shows me what's on that scroll.
That's mine, you fascist.
What the hell are you doing? Hey.
You okay? Oh, what is it? He I don't I don't know how, but, um He found me.
Who? My demon stepdad.
He's back.
Why won't it come off? Bloody hell.
I could've gotten super-speed or, I don't know, invisibility, but I had to mimic literally the worst power on Earth.
- You need to relax.
- I am relaxed! Sorry.
I'm just so tired of people who don't even know me gossiping about me.
Spreading lies.
You can't let them get to you like that.
Whoever's behind all this, it's what they want.
I know that, but I can't help it.
Just like I can't make these stupid powers go away for some reason.
Maybe if I can figure out what that sticky-fingered psycho was, I could control them somehow? Let me help you.
And, no.
Let me see.
The Loveland frog.
"Foul-tempered amphibian "indigenous to Ohio.
"Secretes a sticky" Oh, I don't even know how to pronounce that.
A lethal poison.
Like his much smaller cousin the dart frog.
This just keeps getting better.
Well, it says here it's only fatal to humans.
Magical creatures are immune.
Oh, good.
So I'm persona non Grata in the magical world, and Miss Murder Fingers in the human world.
It's not all bad.
If those powers hadn't made your hand stick to the sales ledger, we never would have gotten away with it.
So, there's that.
You were saying? Ah.
Just when I think it is finally safe to live my life like a normal person, wham I get a bouquet of damn sunflowers.
Are you sure they're not from Swan? He left a note.
"I've missed you, Sunshine.
" Well, that's not creepy.
Do you think this is 'cause of my campaign? Demons don't usually pay attention to human politics, but what if, uh What if he saw my photo on-on the Internet or something? Oh, my God.
I know how he found you.
Wh How? It wasn't because of your campaign.
It was because of me.
This is so weird.
How did he sell the same bowl four times in less than 20 years? If Ray's curse is any indication, each buyer likely died after purchasing the bowl.
Then our amphibious friend would simply retrieve and resell it.
Last purchased April 20, 2015.
Any info on the buyer? Uh, just the initials D.
Oh, there's a third letter here, too, but it's been smudged.
Uh, this isn't ink.
This is blood.
And if my new powers are activating It's the blood of a dead person.
We have a serious problem.
The hit list is out.
We found them.
All the known associates of the Charmed Ones.
And we, the Unseen, will bring these tyrants and their sympathizers down by any means necessary! And we can start right here.
I don't know how, but they have the names of everyone we care about.
They know where we live.
They even know Kaela was adopted and they're looking for her bio-parents.
- We have to warn Kaela.
- ChooChi's got a lead on her parents, but you should get home and put a seal on the house.
What about you? Do you remember blindaje dolls? Yeah, they're, like, a one-time use, get-out-of-death free card, right? Yep.
And it's the perfect way to protect a lot of people at once.
Only problem, the spell was in the O.
Book of Shadows, which went up in flames in Hilltowne.
Well, good thing I can move objects through time.
You go handle Kaela.
I got this.
And I'll do what I can about finding the other half of the bowl.
Hey, Rubes.
Do you want to see me defy the laws of time and space? Hey! No.
I'm Kaela.
Hello love.
Isn't this crazy? That was weird, I'm not even British.
I'm your daughter.
I'm your daughter.
I'm your daughter.
My thumb got cut off.
Because I'm a witch.
A Charmed One.
What kind of witch are you? I don't think we were followed.
Let's just find Kaela, make sure she's okay.
Why wouldn't I be okay? Okay, sprinkle some sage on the candle.
I'd do it myself, but Ugh! Should I even ask? Nope.
We've got bigger frogs to fry.
Welcome to the busted hands club.
That should keep the house protected while we go find your parents.
Sounds great.
It's okay to not be okay with all this bio-parents stuff.
What? It's fine.
I'm fine.
You're this close to figuring out who you are.
Why you're a Charmed One.
And now your parents might be in danger.
I mean, that's a lot to take in.
Suppose that we do find them.
What am I supposed to say? How about "hi"? Right.
Um, okay.
And then do I hug them? I What if they're not huggers? They've got to be some magical species.
I mean, maybe if I manifest them something and gave it to them Kaela.
You're overanalyzing.
Yeah, of course I'm overanalyzing.
Okay, well, think of it this way.
Even if it's not under the best circumstances, at least you still get to meet your parents.
My bio-dad, Dexter, died before I even knew he existed.
Life is too short to let fear rule our lives.
Sometimes we just have to jump and see where we land.
Yeah, you're right.
- - Good.
'Cause your parents' names are Zephyr and Carolyn Vales.
And they live in Georgia.
Let's do this.
So, so So that's really the Original Book of Shadows.
Eventually, I'll have to return it to the exact time and place.
Can't go unraveling the space-time continuum, right? Right.
But for now, watch this.
Show me how to make blindaje dolls.
Who are you? Full disclosure.
Drop the shield.
All the secrets be revealed.
" Time to see who you really are.
You shouldn't be here, Harry.
Dexter? Okay.
Mel needs names, birthdays, and species for the blindaje dolls.
We've got the first two thanks to ChooChi.
That just leaves Species.
This is really happening.
If you're too nervous, I can go in first to get the info Mel needs.
To protect them from whatever unseen evil are trying to kill them.
Then, when you feel ready, you can come inside.
I want to do this.
I need to do this.
Can I help y'all with something? Um Yeah, actually, um, our car broke down and our phones are dead.
And So we-we were just Wondering if we could maybe use yours? Uh, sure.
Uh, come on in.
You go.
It was you.
In the ledger.
Dexter B.
You need to go.
Before she realizes you still have a life force and tries to take it.
I can handle myself in the Veil.
But what are you doing here? You should know better than anyone.
When you devote your life to powerful, magical women that business is never quite finished.
Thank you, by the way.
For loving my daughter.
Both of them, really.
It was the honor of my life.
Which brings me to why I'm here.
I need to know why you bought the Unity Bowl.
'Cause it was my last shot at happiness.
When both halves are assembled, the Bowl can undo any curse.
Oh, you were trying to break the Necromancer's curse so you could be with Marisol.
And both of my daughters.
But fate had other plans.
You don't remember my birthday? - - I remember.
Okay, uh, what is it? November 3rd.
- November 4th? - Mm-mmm.
- 17th? - 16th.
- Damn it.
- It's cool, I'm just Surprised.
You made such a big to-do about it, with dinner and presents.
You meant a lot.
Even when I was too distracted or busy to show it.
Well It meant a lot to me, too.
Even if I was too proud to say it.
- Rubes, I'm - It's fine.
It's Fine, uh Birthday, November 16th Let's just hope I live to see another one.
We're gonna get through this.
I promise.
Uh That's a doll for everyone the Unseen are hunting.
Except Kaela's birth parents.
But it looks like we're almost out of lavender.
Oh, I think there's some upstairs.
Okay, now I need you to tell me - where Ruby is.
- I really don't know.
- I know - What is it? He's here.
I'm not messing around here.
Just tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me Where Ruby is.
I don't think he saw you.
Let's just go back to the command center.
- Tell me! - I'm sorry Hiya, sunshine.
Grab my arm.
Where are we? The Blue Camellia.
It's kind of like a magical What the hell is she doing here? Safe haven.
How dare she come in here as if nothing happened? You sure? 'Cause, uh, there's a lot of angry faces looking this way.
I may or may not have had a hot girl summer and ghosted a few magical ladies.
- Ignore them.
- Want a beer? Damn, girl.
How many magical ladies did you ghost? We're running out of time, Harry.
I'll go after you tell me what you know about the Unity Bowl.
Anything that could help save Ray.
Ray Vera? I know you two probably didn't have the best relationship.
That's putting it mildly.
Well, he's dying.
And that Bowl might be able to save his life.
Maggie already lost her sister.
Don't let her lose her father, too.
When I was looking for the Bowl, I heard a story.
That thousands of years ago, the original nine clans of magic came together to fight an ancient enemy.
Each creature poured its powers into the Unity Bowl to forge some kind of ultimate power that the world had never seen before.
How have I never heard about this? Look out! Get down! The Charmed Ones body wash can't be trusted! You're wrong! They're peacekeepers! Something tells me this isn't about you ghosting ladies.
It's the Unseen and their propaganda.
- People are starting to lose it.
- Enough! Time to smoke y'all out! - Roxy, I am so - No.
Nope, no.
You don't get to apologize for this.
You know, I never even needed a failsafe button under the bar till you started coming here, riling people up, drawing in terrorist hobgoblins.
It is not my fault that the magical world is falling apart.
Well, it's not not your fault.
And you, Curly Sue Find yourself a new girlfriend.
Kiss-N-Tell-Mel is nothing but trouble.
Okay, the name's Ruby.
And we're not I mean-I mean, we're just Not anymore.
The Unseen doxxed everyone that I care about.
Now a demon from her past is after her.
Like I said.
But I am just trying to protect Ruby.
So can we please stay here while I figure out what to do? Grab a mop.
What? This place won't clean itself.
I'm sorry I dragged you into this.
It's not your fault.
It is.
The only reason you have a target on your back is because you and I were together.
Mel, I've running for six years because my stepdad is a psycho.
Not because of you.
I'm just happy that Swan's out of town for all this.
Roxie's right.
The whole magical world's a mess, and so am I.
What's worse is that I have no idea how to fix any of it.
Mel, look at me.
Nothing's broken that can't be fixed.
Not this bar.
Not the magical world.
Not Ray.
Hell, even the Iron Maiden will come around eventually.
Roxie? I mean, she cute when she mad, but damn if she ain't scary.
You know, she can hear everything that happens down here.
Then let her hear this.
Even if we're not a thing anymore, I will always have your back.
And I'll always have yours.
What do you say we take the fight to this demon together? I thought you wanted to wait for Mags and Kaela.
We are two badass women.
We can handle this ourselves.
Make that three badass women.
What? The Iron Maiden wants in on this action.
You all right, sweetie? Huh? I said are you all right? You seem a bit out of it.
Oh, um Yeah, I'm I'm fine.
Want some sweet tea while you wait for your friend to call a mechanic? Oh, sure.
That'd be great.
Are you an artist? Uh, that would be me.
Um, sculptures, mostly.
But, um I do a bit of everything.
What about you? Wildlife ecologist.
That's so cool.
Um Right.
Well It was so lovely to meet you both.
We better be going.
Isn't there something you want to ask them first? Uh, I can't.
Thank you for the tea.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I had some gum earlier.
She's always chewing gum.
Thank you.
Well, uh, good luck with that car.
What the hell just happened? - Oh, God.
- What? Kaela, your bio-parents aren't magical at all.
If my frog toxin did that to them, they're human.
So, he's what? Run-of-the-mill demon Big, beefy, dumb as a box of rocks? Pretty much.
Only this one can duplicate.
Then we'll just have to vanquish his ass the second he smokes in, before he gets the chance to double.
But if he does manage to make a clone, I'll be ready.
Duncan's probably found him at SafeSpace by now and given him a matchbook.
We need to hurry.
I owe you one, Rox.
You owe me a lot more than that.
Well, I'm sorry for any chaos I've caused, intentional or not.
Mel I'm a Circadian.
This isn't my first magical propaganda war.
You guys? Showtime.
There's my sunshine.
Just die already.
Another clone? That wasn't so bad.
You only said he could double.
He upgraded? We need to regroup.
Just run.
This doesn't make any sense.
I'm a Charmed One.
How are my parents just basic, sweet-tea-drinking humans? I don't know.
But if it weren't for my toxic hand, at least they'd still be breathing.
Maggie, this-this isn't your fault.
It is my fault.
This power should have gone away hours ago.
Kind of seems like you're holding onto something instead of getting it off your chest.
How are you the one therapizing me right now? Because it's okay not to be okay, remember? Listen, no matter what any of this means, you and I are still sisters, even if we're technically not.
Now let's finish up that antidote and save them.
Oh, come on, sunshine.
This is no way to treat someone who loves you.
There are only three out there, but how do we tell the clone from the real one? Earl's demon eyes don't lie.
Only the real Earl's flash red.
But the last time I saw him, he could barely keep one clone going, and he couldn't clone a matchbook.
I don't know how he did that.
Obsession is a hell of a motivator to level up.
Then let's use that obsession against him.
Is that Nightingale potion.
It allows us borrow your voice to divide and conquer.
You gonna tell her or should I? To activate the potion we need to Kiss you.
Oh, okay.
Uh, yeah, yeah, I can handle that if-if y'all can.
Not bad, Curly Sue.
Well? Please don't tell Swan that I did that.
Just a few drops should do it.
Are they gonna remember this? No.
The Nader flowers I added will wipe their memories.
- I'm gonna wait outside - Okay.
Hey, you okay? What happened? There was a gas leak and you passed out.
And who are you? Um I'm your daughter.
In here, Earl! I'm over here.
Ready to talk.
Took you long enough.
I'm sorry, sunshine.
I really am.
But you gave me no choice.
Spending all the time with a Charmed One.
Oh, my God.
Ruby! I came to take my little girl home.
To protect her from all this.
But look at what you made me do.
Goodbye, Earl.
Carolyn and I Always hoped we'd get this chance.
To meet you.
To apologize.
To make sure that you, uh You must have a thousand questions.
Like Why we gave you up? No.
I'm not here to dwell on the past.
I just want to know who you are.
And where I come from.
Boy, um Where do even start? Well How about the beginning? Okay.
Wound seems to be gone.
Doesn't feel like it.
- I never want to do that again.
- Well, you can't.
Blindaje dolls are kind of a one-time deal.
So, uh, next time a psycho demon stalker stabs me in the gut? There's no coming back.
But at least now you get a chance at a fresh start.
You can do whatever you want to do.
Be with whoever you want to be with.
I appreciate everything You've done for me.
Really, and I hope That we can always be friends.
I'd love that.
And speaking of fresh starts, what about you and The Iron Maiden? Roxie? Oh, no, we aren't We're just She isn't into me.
Oh, she is definitely into you.
And take it from me, she's a-a great kisser.
I'm Maggie Vera, and I want to set the record straight.
The Charmed Ones aren't power-hungry tyrants.
We put our lives on the line every day to protect others.
And, yeah, we're we're famous witches, but we're also real people.
People who feel pain.
People who aren't perfect.
So, all I ask of you is that you put aside the lies you've been told and get to know who I really am.
Who we really are.
Oh! It's gone.
Told you.
And the bio-parents are officially protected.
Thank you.
What happened to that one? Oh, that's Ruby's.
She kind of died.
What? Oh, it's a long story, but she's totally fine.
What about you and her? Mm, we're just friends.
So, what were your parents like? Mm.
Very, very cool.
And very human.
I still don't know how that's even possible.
Yeah, well, join the club.
We'll figure it out.
So now can please pour me a drink of whatever you two are having, because I had me a Day.
I already got you one.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
To meeting your parents.

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