Charmed (2018) s04e07 Episode Script

Cats and Camels and Elephants, oh my...

1 Well, hello, Mr.
Jordan told us you, like, entered some dead dude's consciousness? Ladies No, no, no, no.
Don't "ladies" us.
We need you to explain why you gave up your Whitelighter powers.
I recognize this is a big change, and I will explain, but I don't have time right now.
Hey, Mel, remember what Harry did when we tried to avoid him the first time we met? I love a good callback.
I really need you to untie me.
- Or what? You'll orb away? - Yes.
That would be a super useful power right now.
Look, I know what I've given up, but you have to understand what I've gained.
I can move back and forth between this world and the Veil.
The world of the dead.
I've been practicing.
Have you been digging up dead bodies like some Mr.
Freaky Dr.
Frankenstein guy? I need to find Macy if she's there.
I need to let her know we haven't forgotten her.
No one's forgotten her, Harry, not ever.
We all wish we could see her again, but we need you here, Harry.
We've got to figure out how to deal with the Unseen, a whole movement that just hates us.
And since the Tallyman decided to blow himself up instead of letting us know what his endgame was, this is all we have left of that evil little whackadoo.
When the Pink Moon reaches its zenith, you'll be reborn, and the world will finally be made right again.
Maggie? That that bartender, from the Blue Camellia Sunny? I think she's trying to finish something the Tallyman started.
And whatever's coming is big.
Very, very big.
She said, "You'll be reborn.
" Is that the Tallyman? I don't think so.
This thing, it was Huge and scary.
I don't even know what it was.
You said she mentioned the Pink Moon.
Historically, it's associated with rebirth magic.
It's full tonight.
It reaches its apex in 17 hours.
You saw nothing else that helps identify where this was happening? Just ruins.
A cauldron.
That's it.
Who was that? After the Tallyman left his little present on our porch, I installed a camera.
Any clue? - No.
- Great.
Just what we need.
You okay? Just, you know, brainwashed haters who blame us for everything, NecroHarry, and now some sort of - epic resurrection ritual.
- We'll figure it out.
Will we? Because I am starting to feel like I am letting the magical world and the real world down.
Well, I'll hang with Harry.
I think he could really use a friend, and it'd be good for me to get out of my own head, help someone else for a change.
And I will do a deep dive on Pink Moon rituals, see what I can find.
First things first.
- New baton? - New Bo staff.
We all got to up our game, right? Hello there.
Does Michaela Danso live here? And you would be? Evelyn.
I am her mummy.
Are you free for breakfast? Is that really what you're thinking about right now? Well, the only thing that might improve this moment is the future possibility of good eats, and I know a lovely bakery in Istanbul.
Yeah, I don't, I don't really think we're a breakfast in Istanbul couple.
Brazil? Tokyo? I guess we can pop into the local coffee shop for a scone.
Un, no, no.
No scones.
Not here.
Not anywhere.
So, what? I'm just gonna be the "you up" guy? Dev.
As a practitioner of radical honesty, I think we can both agree that last night And this morning, and this morning again.
And those times were our first and last, no? Kaela, you in there? I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Well, is it something you'd want your mother to see? My mother is here? - And so is Hot Singer Guy.
- So, Mom, she's a surprise? Yeah.
The last time we talked, I asked her to send me the blanket my bio-parents left me in for that provenance spell.
Well, I think she might be here to hand-deliver it.
This is a disaster.
I thought you guys were tight.
Yeah, we are.
Super tight, but my mum is, like, fairly progressive as far as Ghanaians go, but one thing she will not understand at all is witchcraft.
It's a huge no-no.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Just, um, just promise me you'll cover for me.
Okay? Mm I got a vision.
- Do you remember Sunny? - Yeah.
We think she might be trying to finish something that the Tallyman put into motion before he died.
And it's happening in Oh, 16 hours and 43 minutes.
Okay, cool, so you're abandoning me.
New fam, how am I supposed to explain any of this? Your boyfriend? 15 minutes ago, we were a one-night stand.
Now you want me to stay and meet your mother? Fake meet, but yes.
Question: Are we also pretending that this is how you usually dress? Look, I'm just I'm just gonna tell my mum that I moved across the country for a boy.
No, no, no, no.
A handsome, charming boyfriend with a voice like Harry Styles and the sexual draw of George Clooney.
Mm Please don't make me regret this.
And what do I get for my troubles? Well, I can literally manifest you anything you want, so Okay.
I would like you to manifest a real date.
Dinner, dancing, dessert, romance.
No romance.
No dancing.
No dessert.
Yes romance, yes dancing, and as for dessert We will look at the menu and decide, depending on options.
Okay, let's go.
- So excited for our trip.
- I know.
Just one second.
Oh, uh, hey.
What's happening? So, last week, we found out that city council is saying, "SafeSpace isn't zoned for residential use.
" They're kicking the teens out.
You're kidding me.
But there's been a recall in our district, and, uh, I'm gonna run.
- Really? - Yes.
Someone has to step up.
We're having a meeting tonight, and Swan she says hi Thought, given your past advocacy, you'd be perf for my organizing committee.
Oh, I I would love to, but I - I just - Too busy.
I get it.
Plus Swanby.
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, the teens were calling us Rubiwan, which sounded really Jedi, so I get how awkward - this might be.
- Oh, no, it's-it's not about that.
Just forget I ever said anything.
Swanby? Really? Oh.
Hey, Mel.
Uh, sorry.
I hope I'm not out of bounds here.
I just needed to do some research.
Join the club.
What's your subject? Um Now, you've got to swear not to tell my girls.
You're researching nothing? It's just I met this creature who I need to figure out how to heal.
Well, good thing you have healing powers.
Yeah, well, this creature is in stable condition, but its illness keeps coming back.
Hey, have you seen a text on rebirth rituals? Uh I - Um - That one.
Wait, why are you studying up on resurrections? I-I wasn't, but my friend had a lot of items, one of which was this stone bowl, which it was dealing with just before its symptoms began.
Anyway, the bowl is related to the Pink Moon, - so I was just - Really? The Pink Moon? Y-Yeah.
That's literally what I just came here to research.
- Whoa.
- Maybe there's a connection between the resurrection tonight and what's happening with this Furry-ear guy.
The bowl, where is it? - Can you take me to it? - Now? Right now.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- This has to be the place.
Family-run farm in Nova Scotia.
The logo was on the back of the Tallyman's pocket watch.
Let's see what this coward left behind.
Booby traps.
Move carefully.
Har, what makes you think Macy's even in the Veil? I mean, we saw her go into the tree.
Yeah, but did she stay there? The Veil is for souls with unfinished business.
It's possible her soul traveled, and I I just need a proper goodbye.
And after that? It's not like you can bring her back.
If there was a way, the Guardian would've said something.
No, unless not even she knows.
I mean, we're here because there's some sort of resurrection.
You know, look at me.
I was dead once.
And I'm all for hope, but at some point, you have to move forward.
You don't understand.
You were sisters.
I know what that means, but I I fell in love with her, Maggie.
You believed the Charmed Ones were your Saviors, your protectors, - but you were wrong.
- Is that him? With every one of their mistakes, guess who pays the price.
You do.
You do.
Aren't you tired of those three Chosen Ones taking your loyalty for granted? Okay, buddy.
No sudden moves.
Help is on the way.
And Oh, it's gonna be a doozy.
It's a mummified corpse.
Guess we're not the only ones who can't let go of the dead.
Boyfriend? Yes.
It happened so fast.
Feels like we met - Just yesterday.
- Mm-mm.
Right, boo? Right, boo.
Your father and I had no idea you had an Anything, and suddenly you move to Seattle to be with this interesting young man.
Um, yeah, it's It's-it's crazy, isn't it? Dev, why don't you tell Mom a little bit about yourself? Oh, of course.
Uh, Mom, if I may, I am a singer.
- Singer? - Mm-hmm.
- Like Koo Nimo? - Oh, no, Mummy, he's not gonna know The first Ghanaian artist ever to be recorded on CD? Come on.
You underestimated your boo.
She often does.
But I love her so much.
So much.
Well, I'd love to hear you sing.
- Oh, no.
- There'll be no singing.
Um, because that's because, um, Dev is actually dealing - with some throat issues at the moment.
- Yeah.
So, it's preventing him from producing his magical tones.
Well, that's disappointing.
But I'm impressed by this young man and understand why you would be drawn to Seattle to be with him.
Oh, and I'm impressed by your mother and now can see where my lady - gets her beauty and her charm.
- Ugh.
Oh, not a problem.
Let me make some tea, - and we'll have breakfast together.
- Okay.
Seems like that went really well.
Which means something is very wrong.
Who is he? No idea.
But I can find out.
What? No.
You're not using this as an opportunity to practice your Sus necro-weirdness.
We need to know what the Tallyman was up to, and we need to know In a little under 13 hours.
Fine, but not here.
This place gives me the creeps.
Okay, I'll find out what I can and be right back.
Define "right back.
" Five minutes.
I promise.
If I don't find anything useful, I'll bail.
Hey there, buddy boy.
You're the corpse.
Hello? Who are you? Same question, now in reverse.
Mister, I got bad news for you.
You can't threaten a stiff.
Worst thing that could happen to me already has.
You, on the other hand, need to be careful.
Someone's likely to decide that you and your golden footprints are their ticket out of here.
You took me from my home.
The Tallyman's home? Tallyman's real name is Quentin.
I'm his older brother Nolan.
Was his older brother, till the little bitch murdered me.
This sick creature thing has a storage unit? Yes.
It's got, you know, um, opposable tentacles and a big, big brain.
This creature sounds insane.
- Yeah.
- Uh, the bowl with the Pink Moon on it, where is it? You know, I-I, uh, I don't remember exactly.
Uh, it was late, and I was looking through things pretty fast, um You are being really weird and really vague.
Because this this creature gave me its keys and, uh, swore me to secrecy and made me promise not to let anyone else in here 'cause some of this stuff is pretty valuable, so Wait.
I made that mug - for Father's Day.
- Mel What the hell are you and Ray up to? Uh You should probably go before your presence wakes up more and more of them.
Tell me your brother's plan.
Like I know.
Did you miss the part where Quentin murdered me? My brother was the weak link in a proud family of gremlins.
I tried to help him, show him the way, and his thank-you was a knife in my side.
And then he pickled me and took on the persona of a nursery rhyme so people would think he was something more than pathetic, sad and weak.
The powerless, like my brother, they're desperate, and they will do anything so they don't feel like they're at the bottom of the heap.
You think Quentin was desperate enough to raise something powerful from the dead? Maybe it was the other voice rattling around in my dead head.
What other voice? Something spoke to Quentin through me.
Ancient, cursed hijacked my body to make Quentin think it was me.
It wants to rise.
And you have no idea what it is? But you're not the only one asking questions about it.
What do you mean? A woman came through here.
The others were whispering.
She's a Charmed One.
Tell me where she went.
I don't understand the issue.
- Your mom seemed to love me.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's-it's suspicious.
Is everything always this complicated with you? Yes, and a thousand times more with my mother.
I just don't understand how she's gonna accept you and then offer you breakfast after a two-minute conversation that ended with you sneezing on her.
First, near, not on her.
And second, you should've warned me you had pets.
There's no pets.
My nose knows.
You have pets.
Uh, your nose knows nothing.
There's no pets.
Well, there probably was a pet, but it ran away after trying to show you affection because being nice to you pisses you off.
Okay, um, how about you just stay here, because there's something off with my mother, and I need to figure out what it is.
Why is Ray not answering my texts? Like I tried to explain, there's no creature.
There's just your father.
He said he was gathering up items that became available when the Faction fell apart, and this bowl was one of the last things he touched before he got sick.
- Huh? - It's okay.
As long as I heal him every 24 hours, he's Stable.
But why would he tell you and not me? Because he didn't want to add more to your plate, Mel.
Oh, yeah, fat chance there.
I just I need a break.
Ah So Yeah.
Just remembered where the bowl was.
Mom, are Are you upset with me? For, um, you know, asking questions about my biological parents? I'm sorry.
I didn't want to be spooked, but you've never shown much interest in them before.
Okay, well, it's-it's really nothing.
I mean, I-I just Needed the blanket for an art piece that I'm doing.
And, besides, it doesn't change how I feel about you or-or Dad.
So good to hear.
It's-it's so hard to suddenly be so far away, all the way across the country.
Um Yeah.
Yeah, I-I know, Mom, but No matter where I am, you know I'm always gonna be your Little Ba-Ba-Boo.
Since I first saw you, my Ba-Ba-Boo.
I forgot to tell Dev something.
I'll be right back, okay? That's not my mother.
- What do you mean? - I mean, the whole idea of eggs for breakfast, she would've insisted that we go out and buy ingredients for Hausa koko, but "Ba-Ba-Boo"? - Who? What? Who? - Ba-Ba-Boo.
I told her I'll always be her Little Ba-Ba-Boo, - and she agreed.
- What is that? Nothing.
I made it up.
You mean someone is Impers imperf Impersonating my mother, yes.
What's wrong with you? I feel weird.
Where did you get that? Your mother - Oh, no.
- Dev! Macy.
Oh, come on, Harry.
Hey, wake up.
I'm sorry.
I'll be right back, okay? Come on, there's got to be something in here to deal with an Imposter.
Why did you and Dev run off? Full disclosure, drop the shield, all the secrets be revealed! Took you long enough.
What did you do to my mom? The bone of the middle.
That's my thumb, you bitch.
Okay, so thanks to the Tongue of Babel Spell, the rough translation from Old Persian is Hard to figure out.
Something about a ceremony? "A union of disparate souls "defeat an imminent threat.
" What's the imminent threat? Probably the big, terrifying thing Maggie saw in her vision.
But look.
"Should this bowl "be disturbed by human hands, "death will be the outcome.
" The disturber of the bowl is Ray.
So his illness and tonight's ritual are connected.
The question is: Where is this happening, and how do we stop it in less than 12 hours? I'm supposed to be a time witch.
Who used to be able to stop time.
And now I just feel like time is moving faster and faster, and I am falling further and further behind.
How do you eat an elephant? - Why would anyone eat - No one would.
It's a saying.
- Oh.
- How do you eat an elephant? By taking one bite at a time.
Because if you think about eating the whole elephant, it's overwhelming.
But if you think one bite at a time Stay in the moment.
Forget the Unseen, NecroHarry, Swanby Swanby? Even Dad.
There's only this bowl.
Let me try something.
What if the rest of these markings aren't more text But, like A map? So this attaches here, and this goes below.
- Go, Mel.
- Ancient Persia.
"X" marks the spot.
And that spot Is in Northern Iran.
So, good news, we know where the ritual's going down, but And the bad news? It's 11 and a half hours later there, so it's already night.
We have less than 40 minutes until the Pink Moon reaches its apex.
Dev? Hey, wake up, Dev.
Dev! Wake up.
I got to go and find Mel and Maggie, okay, but you can't stay here in case Sunny comes back, okay? That bad Okay, w-we're not talking about that right now, okay? I found some magical painkillers.
- Let me help you.
- No, Dev, you're in no condition.
Stop underrating me.
Uh If you don't like me, fine.
But if you could have feelings, you could see me as more than man meat.
- Sunny is cat.
- Yeah, yeah.
That's the pets.
Oh, Harry.
Come on, you have to wake up now! Come back! I get it, Harry.
I met Macy the same time as you did, and in so many ways I fell for her, too.
You said I don't understand.
But I do.
What the hell is this? This must be the Veil.
How is this even possible? Harry? The Guardian.
Aren't you supposed to be guarding the Tree Room? - What are you doing here? - I could ask the same of you.
You were right.
She's not here.
And she's not coming back.
I wish it were different.
But know she's at peace.
Harry, look, you're dying out there, and I'm not sure how I got here, but my stamina can't be as good as yours, so we have to go.
Or I could just Go into the Tree.
Be with Macy.
I really get it.
You want to run away, go someplace else, feel something else or nothing at all.
But we need you.
Harry Greenwood, your place is with us, the living.
Thank you.
So, what are you doing here? Same thing as you Trying to figure out what's about to happen.
Something's rising, a monster I have unfinished business with, an old grudge from when I was one of the first Charmed Ones.
Oh, look.
There's another here.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Two sets of footprints means two tickets to the land of the living.
It's time for some of us to go home.
The bearded one's mine.
We need to get to the entry point.
If they're touching us when we leave, they can make it back to the living.
I'll take care of them.
You must stop the thing from rising.
It ended my sisterhood and began the destruction cycle of the others.
Hey, new friend.
You're my ride out of here.
- You must go now! - Run! Look at me.
We're back.
Kind of? You guys look terrible.
You don't look so great yourself.
Look at this part.
"Bonded by blood, bone and hair, "they unleashed the greatest power.
" Wait, "blood, bone and hair"? The Tallyman got my blood at that creepy movie theater.
He must have gotten my hair that day at the spa.
And the bone my thumb.
Well, I think we can all agree that I got the worst end of this deal.
Does it say anywhere who or what this thing is? Maybe it's on the other half of the bowl.
All right, Harry's back to normal-ish.
I reversed the damage on his fingers, but he needs rest.
He stayed there a lot longer than I did.
And what about Dev? Hundred bottles ♪ Of beer on the wall ♪ A hundred bottles of beer.
♪ That guy's feeling no pain.
Okay, so useless boys, stay here.
Badass girls, go get your thumb back and stop a resurrection.
But we only have Ten minutes until the moon reaches its zenith.
- Okay.
- Well, let's go stop a big, ugly, scary thing from coming back to life.
She's boiling my thumb! - Hey! - Wait! Wait! That's for impersonating my mom, bitch! Okay, you guys stop the ritual.
I've got her.
Why are you the worst?! - We need to destroy the brew.
- Okay.
Oh, it's too hot! I got this.
You will not stop me.
I will bring it back.
And it will protect those of us who have no voice.
Help me push it over.
Stop it.
Stop! Stop! Are you okay? Freaked.
That was awful.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for coming for me.
For not giving up on me.
Although I still don't understand how you got there.
Crazy theory.
When I was trying to get you to wake up, in that moment, I was both angry at you for Risking your life, but I also deeply understood why you would do that.
Like, I felt what you felt.
And then the same thing happened with Sunny.
I could feel how Angry she was at me.
And her fear, and For a second, I saw the world through her eyes.
You mimicked our powers.
The claws are gone, so I don't think it lasts very long, but Your powers are evolving.
Just like you, Maggie.
Always moving forward.
I suppose it's time I do the same.
I'll come by tomorrow.
See how you're doing.
I love you, too.
- How's Ray? - Uh, pissed.
- At me? - At you, at me, at the world.
I told him he needs to get over himself or you're gonna stop healing him.
My father only responds to threats and tough love.
Nothing else works.
Mm, well To figuring out how to cure him for good.
Hey, guys.
I'm running for city council, and I'm looking for some signatures of support.
- Sure.
- Oh, uh, yeah.
- Happy to.
- Sign here.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I don't know when or if I'll ever get full control over my powers again, but either way, I've got to change my relationship with time.
Use more of it to do the things that are Important.
Uh, sign this and support me - for city council? - Oh, yeah, sure.
- There you go.
- Thank you both so much.
Have a great day.
You got this.
Got an extra clipboard? Uh, y-yeah, uh Yes.
I do.
Oh, uh, pen? Gift for me? No.
It's for me, just arrived.
Oh, my mom is fine, by the way.
She's at home with Dad, safe and clueless to anything that went down today.
Uh, hey, would you open this? - Me? - Yeah, it's just Even after what Jordan did to reattach my thumb, I think it's Still gonna take a minute.
That's your My drawing hand, yeah.
It's probably gonna make things a little tricky.
It's okay.
It's, um It's my baby blanket.
It's the only thing my birth parents left me at the fire station 26 years ago.
I should go.
Give you time to Sit with it alone.
About that date You go.
Consider yourself off the hook.
I don't want you to do anything out of obligation.
When the time is right, it Won't be an obligation.
So the Provenance spell.
We do it on this.
And then maybe We find out who they really are.
And maybe How you're connected to the two of us.
Should we do it now? It's just You know, after 26 years of not looking back, the thought of Really knowing them is Hey.
Sleep on it.
Blanket's still gonna be here in the morning.
Hear that? What? Exactly.
I can't remember the last time the house was this quiet.
What do we do? Enjoy it.
God knows it's not gonna last very long.
I'm so sorry.
I failed you.
You have not failed me.
Have faith.
There are still other ways.
I do.
I do have faith.
In you, the Lost One.
The Lost One will rise.
The Lost One will rise.
The Lost One will Rise.

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