Charmed (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

The Tallyman Cometh

1 I am the Tallyman, but I am not the villain.
I'm your wakeup call.
You believed the Charmed Ones were your saviors, your protectors, but you were wrong.
Look how easy it was to show you the truth.
They haven't even come close to stopping me.
And for months, they didn't even try.
And I'm not the first.
Remember the Source of All Evil, the Faction? Tomb of Chaos ring a bell? With every one of their mistakes, guess who pays the price.
You do.
You do.
Aren't you tired of those three Chosen Ones taking your loyalty for granted? Choosing humans over us? The good news is, help is on the way.
And, well it's gonna be a doozy.
Think these slices are thick enough? I don't even know how to pronounce what we're making.
Chi boom? - Chee-boom.
- Che-bum.
Ah, the vegetables are supposed to be chopped, not abused.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I just can't stop thinking about that guy's ranting at the Blue Camellia.
That goblin goober is about to blow up the bar, but yet, we're the bad guys? I think that's good.
Look, I'm not defending Donnie Darko, but his behavior is classic psychological deflection.
I mean, he can't handle the mistakes he's made in his life, so he uses us as scapegoats.
And we're easy targets, because of the Tallyman's propaganda.
The problem is is that some people are starting to believe it.
I know, and we'll get him, but right now, we need to make sure Kaela doesn't disappear into the night again now that she knows we're not actually related.
So, happy faces, favorite breakfast, - no drama.
- Mm.
Are y'all making chibom? - Trying? - Wait.
You did all this for me? Mm.
That's really sweet.
- Thanks.
- So, you're okay? Yeah.
No, I'm good.
I mean, seeing those two randos in the Filiation Frame was a bit of a needle scratch, but it's not the end of the world.
But we some badass witches.
We're gonna figure out who they are.
Well, I'm so glad you said that, because there might be another way for you to find them.
- What? - Another spell.
We would just need something from before you were adopted, like a toy or a piece of clothing.
I'll talk to my mom.
- We expecting anyone? - No.
Someone drops it on the porch and splits? From the looks of that spider, it's got to be from the Tallyman.
Okay, so, so what are we supposed to do? Just leave it in this containment spell forever? We have to be careful.
- What if it's rigged to blow? - Yeah.
Or mechanical spiders jump out and attack us? Any chance you can get a vision from it? Figure out what's inside? I ha-haven't had one since Macy.
I'll try.
I can't even conjure that warm, familiar feeling anymore.
- What's that? - Nothing.
That was the reminder for your anger management, wasn't it? - No.
- Maggie! Okay, fine.
I'm not going to abandon you two.
- Not when - No.
You blow this off, and the court revokes your plea deal.
Unless you want to be the only witch - on Cell Block D.
- Yeah, we got this, boo.
We need you healthy, and we need you out of the shoe.
But if things heat up, text me, or I'm gonna be so pissed.
Anger management.
Can I help you? Roxie would like to see you.
So she sent you two? Unbelievable.
Can I at least, uh, finish my coffee? Okeydokey.
Oh, hey, hey, hey, come on.
Not here.
Come on, guys.
Your guys said you wanted to see Harry.
Harry?! Oh.
What happened to him? Nothing you can't heal.
Normally, I can I can feel the energy of whoever I'm healing, but oh, his is so faint.
Well, he has been to hell and back, literally.
I'm gonna fix my friend, but after I do, you're gonna tell me everything.
Hey, Mr.
Sorry I'm late.
Traffic was crazy.
They say being late is a form of aggression, - albeit passive.
- Dad? Little Bug.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hey, how did you know I'd be here? - Did you talk to Mel? - No, I have not had time to see my Torito, no.
- But she's the only one who - Hmm.
ChooChi he's been keeping an eye on you and Mel since Macy passed.
- You mean spying on us.
- Ah, tomayto-tomahto.
- Dad! - I'm sorry, I was worried.
Can you blame me? For invading our privacy? Yeah, Dad.
We can handle ourselves.
Well, sure, when it comes to magic, but, you know, it's the everyday life stuff that can get to you.
Huh? Flat tires or debt or smashing a guy's face in on a crowded public street.
Admittedly, not my finest hour.
ChooChi pulled some strings with your counselor.
Apparently, they have a mutual friend on the force.
They let me come as an intervention.
Honestly, Dad, I'm fine.
I know what I did was completely unacceptable, and it will never happen again.
So just tell them that this intervention was a success, 'cause I really I really should be going.
- Oh, hey, you're not going anywhere.
- What are you doing? Not until we talk.
Just Seriously, Dad? Faking a heart attack's not gonna work.
- Oh.
- Dad! Dad? Dad? It was that bartender Sunny.
She managed to escape while we were interrogating her, got me with one of her poisonous claws.
Interrogations? Does this mean you're working for Roxie now? No one's working for anyone.
We just happen to share - common interests.
- Hmm.
And how exactly is it in your interest to rot from the inside out? I was hoping to get a lead - on the Tallyman.
- Did you? Sunny escaped before we could get anything out of her.
- And what about Donnie? - Well He's proving difficult to crack.
Maybe I can help.
I know it sounds strange, but the guy kind of opened up to me.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Look, I know the dude went off the deep end, but he told me he still had a soft spot for his wife, so, maybe she knows something.
I still have Donnie's wallet.
His address is in there.
See what you can find out.
Mind if I come with? Or do I need to ask her permission now? Lead the way.
So what is this? Like, a see-through-stuff kind of spell? Yeah.
It's basically a version of an X-ray machine when you don't have an X-ray machine handy.
Mystical glow, grant me sight, show me what's hidden under the light.
- What is it? - Looks like a box of some kind.
Doesn't look like there are explosives or dark magic.
- I think we're good to go.
- Let's do it.
Dimitte ex carcere.
"You've failed to save lives, but try not to worry.
You have one more chance, that is, if you hurry.
" Another one of his cruel games.
"Help hundreds of innocents, save the day.
"Before the Tallyman makes them pay.
"The box sings a song, sing back its tune, and the top will open before they meet their doom.
" Did that say "hundreds of innocents"? Tallyman, Tallyman, he keeps count ♪ Tallyman, Tallyman, don't step out ♪ If you're good, then he pays ♪ If you're not, then he slays.
♪ Well, the guy's a homicidal maniac.
I guess he's not gonna make it that easy.
We don't have time to sing every song on the planet.
You know what? How about we just save ourselves a lot of time - and crack this sucker open? - Right.
Because that went so well the last time you broke a magical artifact.
Well, the clock was an accident.
- Wait.
That's it.
- What's it? Ugh.
No, no.
It's-it's a dumb idea.
Okay, fine.
Maybe I know this guy at the Blue Camellia who can help, but it's just it's gonna be a whole thing.
- What kind of a thing? - Like, an annoyingly confident, surprisingly charismatic, velvet-voiced, knows-he's-good-looking kind of thing.
Okay, well, this just got a whole lot more interesting.
Mel Okay.
That's the melodious thirst trap.
You have a thing with Hot Singer Guy? There was a connection.
- Like a lip connection? - No, no, but he's-he's got this thing with frequency and sounds, and, um, he really helped me when you and Maggie went to Ripples.
So just please don't embarrass me.
Bar's closed, out of respect for, you know, what happened with Donnie.
- And I've got a gig, so - Okay, well, well, this will only take a second.
Close it! Close the box! What are you doing? Just helping you stay calm.
That should help.
- I'm calling an ambulance.
- Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Dad, you're having a heart attack.
It's not the time to be Mr.
Tough Guy.
It's not a heart attack, Little Bug.
- It's just angina.
- What's that? It's when the heart doesn't get enough blood and oxygen.
It's the beginnings of coronary artery disease.
Is that it? How long have you had this for? Well, I was diagnosed four months ago, but the chest pains really ramped up in the last couple of weeks, you know, because of all the stress.
Why didn't you tell us? Ah.
Saving the world's a big enough burden for you to not have to worry about your sick old dad.
You're not a burden, Dad.
Okay, we got to get you off meat, like, now, and into a good exercise program.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
There's some pills in my bag.
Is this Trunksie? Hmm.
It's one of the last things I have left of your childhood.
Maybe he could help settle you.
- No! - Well I'm not gonna do a Trunksie session, Dad.
Well, you'd be surprised how cathartic it can be.
Yeah, when I was, like, six.
Can't just talk to a doll to make it all better anymore.
Come on, do it for your dear old dad.
Hmm? I'm Trunksie, and I'm all ears.
Just give it a shot.
You still haven't told me where you've been the last two weeks.
Kaela's training's a real wakeup call for me.
I needed to get away so I could choose a path forward.
Did you? - I can't really talk about it.
- Why? - Does Roxie have something over you? - No.
- This isn't about her.
- Then what the hell is it? 'Cause the Harry I know wouldn't just disappear for two weeks.
He would have called, texted, - something.
- I lost the love of my life.
You have no idea the kind of pain I feel.
Maggie and I broke up.
Oh, Jordan, I'm so sorry.
I know you said you were getting frustrated with the fighting, but I thought you'd find a way - to move past it.
- I tried, but it got worse, man.
I couldn't keep enabling her.
Then she goes out and beats some random guy up in front of a bar, gets arrested, and doesn't even call me.
Arrested? Maggie? - Is she okay? - No.
- Are you okay? - No, man, I'm not okay.
And neither are you, obviously.
Which is why we have to talk to each other.
They got their sisterhood, but you and I we're a brotherhood.
You're right.
When this is all over, I swear, I'll tell you everything.
Right now, we need to go see Donnie's wife.
I don't know what that thing is, but keep it the hell away from me.
Please! That psychotic Tallyman terrorist is gonna hurt a lot of people unless we crack this code, - and we can't do it without you.
- You know, I used to think that the Charmed Ones were these superheroes, that you could do anything, beat anyone.
But now, after what I've seen, I know you guys are just a bunch of posers.
- What have you seen? - The Lamia, the Leprechaun, the spa.
It's all out there.
We are doing the best we can.
Are you? Because when there's a witch in trouble, it seems like you can do no wrong.
But when it comes to the rest of us, you know, the lower class, you always manage to drop the ball, as if you never gave a damn about us in the first place.
Oh, Dev, wait! Good luck saving or not saving the world.
Thank you.
What I wouldn't give to see him sitting there eating that damn cereal again.
Sounds like you two have a very loving home.
We did until he lost his job at the spa and became a completely different man.
I watched him drift further and further away because of those damn GemCast videos people were posting.
Isn't it funny how one tragic event can define your whole life? If you let it.
Does Donnie ever talk about someone called "the Tallyman"? Only to curse his name.
He'd flip if he knew people were talking about him in the same breath as that terrorist.
You met Donnie.
You could tell he has a gentle soul, right? He seems lost, manipulated by someone who doesn't give a damn about him.
Now we can't clear his name unless we figure out who that is.
There's something I need to show you.
What the hell is "The Unseen"? So, Dev he's charming.
Yeah, and different from when we met.
Something changed.
It's those damn GemCasts videos spitting out hideous propaganda created to turn people against us.
Yeah, well, all the more reason to figure this out and stop the lies.
Just - What? - Dev's power.
It lets him connect to all kinds of frequencies.
So when he was in pain Pretty sure the box was sending out a signal, just at a frequency that you and I can't hear.
Like a dog whistle.
- That's apropos.
- Yeah, okay.
Dev's a dog, and I have terrible taste in men.
- No, that's not what I meant.
- Yeah, I hear you're not much better on the lady front.
The Tongue of Babel.
What?! When I had my Hot Girl Summer, a lot of the women that I met didn't speak English or any human language.
So I found a spell that could translate anything, - any word, any sound.
- Any frequency? Maybe.
And this is why you never, ever slut-shame.
Why did you snap on that guy? I was angry.
Yes, but why? And don't say it's because he was catcalling.
You were angry way before he even opened his mouth.
Don't look at me, look at Trunksie.
Jordan and I had just had a fight.
We basically broke up.
- So you're mad at Jordan? - No.
He's not wrong.
I may have been fighting demons instead of dealing with my own.
Grief is a frigging ouroboros of emotion.
- So you're mad at Macy? - No.
I understand why she did what she did.
Then what are you mad at? - I don't know.
- No.
You do know.
You do know.
You're just not willing to go there.
And if you don't, this anger it's gonna eat you alive, hon.
It's already cost you your boyfriend.
It's cost you your humanity.
What's next, huh? Fine.
You want to know who I'm mad at? Who I really want to punch in the face? - Yes.
- Me.
I'm mad at myself.
I should've known.
Seeing the future it's kind of my thing.
It's what makes me me.
So I should've stopped her, or at least warned her.
But my visions failed, and my magic failed.
I failed.
And Macy is dead because of it.
Two tongues speak, but neither can hear, create a tone unique, and the confusion will clear.
Which nobody can deny ♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ Which nobody can deny.
♪ It worked.
- - Three tickets? There's an address on it in Albuquerque.
No way I'm going to this unarmed.
Good idea.
Out of all the weapons you could've chosen? I had, like, four seconds to draw something.
Where are all the people he talked about? If he thinks that we're going to sit down and break bread with him, he's even crazier than I thought.
Hello, Charmed Ones.
Took you long enough.
Don't fret.
You made it just in time for the show.
An entire movement of magical creatures.
Who were all buying into the Tallyman's brand of crazy.
We were so focused on stopping him, we were blind to just how many people he was affecting.
The problem is, we have no idea if the Unseen are dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands? Boss has been waiting for you.
Not you.
Uh, I'll see you back at the command center.
I hope you enjoyed my puzzle box.
I knew you smart cookies would figure it out.
And I hope Maggie will be joining us.
It would be a shame if she missed our little dinner party.
It's gonna be a blast.
Cut the gracious host crap.
Now why are we here? Someone never learned the fine art of small talk.
Who are you really? - I am revolution.
- You got us here.
What do you want? Well, it's not really a matter of what I want.
It's a matter of what the magical world needs.
- And what is that? - Chaos.
Destruction, rebirth.
And, of course, reformation.
I've got to go.
Enjoy your dinner.
- - The main event will begin shortly.
This is a dead end.
He clearly didn't bring us here to save lives.
We can't just sit here doing nothing.
We need to figure out where he is and go get him.
Aah! Something bit me! Oh, I got it.
Let's get you back to the command center and treat that bite.
You have to forgive yourself.
I wish I could.
- I just don't know how.
- Yes, you do.
You want to know how I know that you can? When you were little, and I used to promise to come and pick you up, hmm, and then I wouldn't show up because well, because I was being a selfish jerk.
But then, the next time, there you were, sitting at the door, and every time after that.
My little pink suitcase packed.
That's right.
You forgave me, without even thinking about it.
Now, if you can do that for me, you can most certainly do that for yourself.
And lean on your sister, hon.
'Cause I always thought that-that your thing, the-the thing that makes you you, is your connection with her.
Hmm? What did Mom always say? You're stronger together.
- Speaking of which - Hmm.
Go, go.
Go be with her.
I love you, Dad.
Oh, I love you, too, Little Bug.
I don't know, Harry.
It's still pretty touch-and-go in there.
Be careful.
I know.
I will.
I have to keep going.
You sure you're ready for this? I have to practice, get better if I'm ever going to see Macy.
Macy? Harry?! Harry! Don't get too close! Not while he's talking to the dead.
Talking to the dead? You're telling me that Donnie's ? Gone.
Sunny killed him just before she escaped, probably to keep his mouth shut.
What did you do to my friend? I gave him what he's been missing for months: purpose.
That should neutralize any poison he might have put in that spider.
Any luck? This is more intricate than an Alfa Romeo twin turbo.
Did you get any of my texts? - Where have you been? - Sorry.
I was trapped in a room with Dad.
- What?! - It's a long story.
I'll fill you in later.
Is that ticking? Maggie, get back! Alligatum est.
Oh, my God.
He isn't just using these spiders for surveillance.
- He's using them as bombs.
- Okay.
We need to find him before he goes full Unabomber.
Is this the puzzle box you were texting me about? Yeah.
There's a family, a lot of people, maybe a convention? I'm sorry.
It's blurry.
What did Mom always say? Stronger together.
Mel, Kaela, I need the Power of Three.
Come on.
Come on.
I need something specific.
Oh, God.
Something bad, really bad.
A lot of people hurt.
He's at the Gnome Is Where the Hearth Is Hotel.
I've been there.
It's in New York.
Why are all these people here? The one-year anniversary of the Faction's defeat.
What's the Faction? A group of power-hungry humans who were experimenting on and killing magical creatures in an attempt to steal the magic for themselves.
So dude's really gonna come and blow up a bunch of people who were here remembering their lost loved ones? - Could you get any lower? - We have to get these people out.
Dev? Is this the gig he was talking about? Hey.
Hey, I-I know I'm not your favorite person right now, but I need you to listen to me.
The Tallyman is here.
He's programmed these mechanical spiders to be bombs, and God knows how many are crawling all over this place.
It could it could blow at any second.
Why should I believe you? Because why would I lie about something like that? To save your reputation, make you seem more like a hero.
Uh, this is not a PR stunt.
Listen to me.
- This is real.
- Are you real? Is anything we shared the other day real? People are saying you're not even a real witch.
Are they lying, or are you? Almost showtime.
It's him.
We just have to be careful about how we take him down.
There are families around.
You know what? You're right.
I'm not.
I'm not a real witch.
You know, not too long ago, I was just a girl living in Philly.
And then, um, all of a sudden, I find out that I'm magical.
I've been thrown some curveballs in my life.
Adoption, cancer.
I've learned to roll with the punches, and not let anyone or anything affect me too deeply.
But this this is affecting me.
It's affecting me deeply.
Okay, I have no idea what I'm doing.
No idea how to carry this this burden.
Maybe a real witch would, but I'm just me and I'm asking you to get your ass off this stage right now because I like you, and I could never forgive myself if I let you die.
You need to get off the stage.
Give up.
There's nowhere to run.
Call off your spiders, and we'll let you live.
The show must go on.
Oh, ho, ho, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ Oh, ho, ho, oh-oh-oh-oh.
♪ Told you everything has a frequency.
No, no.
No! No, no, no, no! No! They were supposed to blow up! - You're not supposed to be here! - What's the matter? - No clever riddles coming to mind? - This isn't fair! I planned this whole thing.
You're supposed to be watching from the theater, not here! What's in his hand? He's gonna blow himself up, just like the Leprechaun and the Lamia.
- Now run! - Run, run, run.
Tallyman, Tallyman, he keeps count ♪ Tallyman, Tallyman ♪ Oh.
I healed you after you passed out.
Thank you.
Sunny didn't poison you, did she? No.
And that thing you were doing with Donnie's corpse? I was talking to him in the Veil.
- The Veil? - Yes.
It's a place where the dead linger when they have unfinished business.
So you've been hanging out down there, just having tea with a bunch of corpses? No, it's not that simple.
Then tell me, damn it! What happened to you? I I gave up my powers in exchange for the ability to talk to the dead.
Which I suppose makes me a Necrolighter.
This is about Macy.
Isn't it? You have to let her go, man.
I tried.
I really tried.
It's okay.
I got you.
We'll figure this out, okay? We'll figure this out together.
Today was bad, but I'm glad no one got hurt.
At least the Tallyman's dead.
This pocket watch is all that's left of him.
Good riddance.
Now that he's gone, I feel like we can finally go out and really help people.
Well, you can start with me.
You know, I realize I've been probably avoiding my feelings by trying to be positive all the time.
Like the Filiation Frame.
I know I said it wasn't a big deal, but it's a huge deal, right? And I'm I'm excited, I'm scared and feeling all of the feelings at once.
We'll help you get through it.
My turn.
Um, I, uh didn't realize how guilty I feel about Macy.
So, I'm-I'm gonna need to talk through some stuff.
A lot of stuff.
Well, we're here for it.
All of it.
Oh, Mom, my day? Um it was kind of hard, actually.
You know I always say "yes" to your banana fritters.
Oh, uh, Mom, do you still have that old baby blanket that was in my car seat at the fire station? Yeah.
Um, could you send it? Um, hey, Mom, I got to call you right back, okay? Okay, bye.
Dev? What are you doing here? Hey, um So when I was 14, there was a bombing at the temple where my family and I sang.
I lost my whole world that day.
My sister, my little nephew, both my parents, my home.
It was the worst day of my life.
But that was 18 years ago, and I thought I'd gotten over it.
But then, the explosion at the hotel it just took me right back there, Kaela.
And for some reason, the only person I could think of that I wanted to see was you.
Is that crazy? No, no, it's-it's it's not crazy.
I Hair of the youngest.
Blood of the eldest.
Just need one more piece.
Hey, your call sounded urgent.
This about Mags? She told me you two broke up.
Now, look, Jordan, this is none of my business, but don't give up on her.
She's stubborn, but she's worth every damn bit of patience you got, so just just give it some time, okay? You're right.
It's none of your business.
There's something else I need your help with, Jordan.
But you've got to swear not to tell my girls.
'Cause this is something that only you can help me with.
Seems I've gone and got myself cursed.

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