Cheat (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Hi, Leah.
How are you? Thank you for agreeing to meet.
There's a lot to talk about.
We are not allowed to listen.
Yeah, I know the rules.
Turn over, put your legs up.
Oh, I think that was the one.
Seriously, I think that did it, I've got a good feeling.
So, as we all know, how we behave, whether we are good or bad, trusting or deceitful, is influenced by our relationship to power.
And power manifests itself in various ways, of course.
The way we respond to authority, to hierarchy, to financial incentives, and more dangerously, to the use of force or threat.
And this, of course, is called coercion.
As you already know, this is a legitimate form of power, it exists in every area of society, not just in organisations, but also in domestic settings, and more recently, of course, online.
Now, let's not forget the principle analogy that Bertrand Russell used to summarise his theories on power dynamics.
Just as energy is the fundamental concept in physics Good of you to join us, Rose.
Russell saw power as the fundamental idea in the study of societies.
As I'm sure you're all acutely aware, the exam's on the 25th, so let's squeeze in a few more revision sessions.
I'll send out an e-mail, and we'll organise it that way.
You got a minute? Yeah, sure.
Oh, and please don't forget to fill out your student evaluation forms online, by the end of the week, ideally.
Thank you, great work today.
Just quickly, Harry and I were hoping to get in a date for your probation appraisal.
Yeah, great, thanks.
Maybe next Friday, 2 p.
? Works for me.
Nerve-racking, right? I remember that feeling.
Yeah, well, I feel like I've been waiting for a permanent position for so long, it's I'm just really happy here.
Well, I've not spoken to Harry specifically, but I don't think you have too much to worry about.
Not if my opinion counts for anything, anyway.
Which it may not, of course, so you might be in trouble.
Oh, well, a little bit of trouble never hurt anyone, eh? Well, exactly.
I'll see you later.
Yes, see you later.
Leah? Come in.
Rose, hi, come in.
You wanted to talk to me about my dissertation.
I do.
Thank you for coming.
Did you like it? It's an excellent piece of work.
Really means a lot.
Take a seat.
And, of course, I've read some of your previous work from your other modules, and and this essay feels very different from those, in terms of content but also the style is .
is different.
So, I'm just wondering if you've had some help this.
Rose? So you mean, did I cheat? No, I'm just wondering if this is all your own work.
It is? Yeah, why wouldn't it be? And you don't often engage with the class, or contribute all that much That is just because I'm listening to you.
I find you really inspiring.
Did you bring your essay notes? I forgot.
You forgot? Well, I couldn't find them.
You forgot, or you couldn't find them? I couldn't find them.
Is there something you want to tell me, Rose, because now would be the time.
Thanks, though.
You know, if you think I cheated, I'd really appreciate you just being honest with me.
If not, you may as well keep your opinion to yourself.
Hey, Sandra.
I made a mistake on the 303 dissertation marks.
They haven't gone out yet, have they? You're just in time.
Ta-da! Oh, great.
Can I, er? Oh, yes.
Thank you.
Man, I feel rough.
You know what, I'm actually jealous of hangovers.
Late night, was it? Late night, early morning.
I was walking home in heels like that.
A beautiful walk of shame.
A walk of glory more like, you should have seen him.
So this girl, Rose Vaughan, you know her dad's company part-funded the new wing of the library? Really? 200 grand, or something stupid like that.
Thanks, everyone.
And as always, feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts, problems, questions.
Oh Even by your standards, this is .
really late.
I saw the fail grade.
You don't think that I'm capable of writing that essay, when actually you don't even know what I'm capable of.
All I want to do is talk it through, ask you some questions.
Different though, isn't it? Writing something down is easy, but .
saying it out loud in front of people, opening yourself up I know you feel it too.
I've seen you.
You get this red mark here.
You spin your engagement ring round on your finger.
Take a sip of water, trying to buy yourself a few moments, hope that no-one has noticed and Don't worry, most people don't.
When you're on that podium, where all those great people have been before you .
you can just hear yourself talking.
You're asking that question over and over again.
What's that? Am I good enough? Do I deserve to be here? I know the answer to that question, Rose.
Do you? Or maybe I should ask your father.
He clearly cares a lot about your education.
What, and yours doesn't? Do you really think it's a coincidence that you ended up teaching at the same university as your dad? Hm You know, you could have just paid for a lower mark and I wouldn't have blinked an eye.
You had to have the best, though, didn't you? You must have a very high opinion of yourself.
Since when was it your job to be arbiter of all academic integrity? That's exactly her job, entirely her job.
In this climate, research is all that counts.
Apologies to my learned friend, but that's bollocks.
When I was there But you're not there now.
Times have changed.
What does Harriet say about all this? I'm meeting her later.
I've asked for a judicial review.
That's my girl.
Sweetheart, sweetheart, you are so close to securing this post, don't, don't rock the boat now.
What's the point? The point is rocking the boat is the entire point of her job! Yeah.
I mean it! And it's for the students' own good, too.
Try telling that to Rose.
That's her name, is it? Yeah.
Rose Vaughan.
You might have taught her last year, actually.
Yeah, maybe.
To be honest, by the end, they all blur into one.
Leah's always had something against me.
I don't know why.
Leah's always had something against me, and I don't know why.
Harriet, I really don't want to waste your time, but .
I'm sorry, it's just really upsetting when you've worked so hard at something, and then you get called a liar by someone you respect so much.
I'm not calling you a lair, I'm just Look, it's our responsibility to ensure that all students' work is completely original.
I know, I completely understand that's how it is.
It's not that.
Well, what is it? I'm not sure I should say.
Please do.
It's OK.
I guess I've felt like Leah's always had something against me.
I don't know why.
What? You never ask for my opinion in class, you don't listen, you basically ignore me.
But, Rose, that's that's because you have nothing to say, you never contribute.
You show up late, you don't engage with what the others are saying.
This isn't about the other day, is it? You know, in the Is there something I should know? No, no.
Can we talk in private? Sure.
I'll, um just, I'll just drop by your office later, Harriet, if that's OK.
Of course.
Yeah, I know she cheated anyway.
The first time I asked her, there was no passion, no sense of injustice.
Then, in front of Harriet she's crying her eyes out.
You should have seen her.
Adam? Are you listening to me? She's just a kid, who cares? I do.
She's not a kid, anyway.
You should hear the way she talks to me.
Yeah? Like what? Like implying that I'm only a lecturer here because of my dad.
You think everyone's implying that all of the time.
As if were all off having our secret little meetings.
This isn't funny.
I worked really hard to get here.
She's the one whose dad built half the bloody library.
Wow, you really don't like her, do you? It's not fair that she can just get away with it, and everyone else has to work their bollocks off.
Come in.
Oh, sorry, I'll come back.
Why? I called you, Ben.
Shut the door.
You like what you see, then? Yeah, sorry.
Don't apologise.
Only weak people apologise.
You're not weak, are you? No.
No, I'm not.
Can I rely on you? What do you mean? Can you get me Leah Dale's address? Leah Dale, the sociology tutor.
Hm What do you want that for? Because I wanna know where she fucking lives.
Leah Dale's address.
You can't tell anyone where you got it.
It's not exactly in my job description.
I'd be really grateful, Ben.
Thank you.
Why don't you read it? See what you think.
I'm working on the grant, OK? I thought you sent that in weeks ago, It's a £2 million grant, Leah, it's five years of work, I want to make sure we nailed it.
Shall we meet at the clinic tomorrow, or do you want to go together? Shit.
Totally forgot about that.
Darling, do you mind if we reschedule? This is the reschedule.
What's going on with you? Nothing, I've just got so much on at the moment.
Why would you want to reschedule again? No, I don't want to, I just Do you want to have a baby with me? Oh, come on, Adam, of course I do.
I do.
Chuck it here, then.
"Why scandals today are seen as pervasive features" That thing's annoying.
Oh, I know, she does it on everything, it drives me mad.
So Adam! Well she's clearly .
a genius.
Oi! Wait till you see her essays from her other modules.
Bring it on.
Who was it? No-one.
Probably kids.
Little fuckers.
Are you coming for a drink? No, I've gotta get up early tomorrow.
Come on, everyone's going.
I'm good, thanks.
You are still not convinced that we got the right one, are you? They both look so innocent.
OK, so .
how shall we do this? Well, we've got half hour.
What do you want to talk about? Adam.
So sorry.
It's fine, we booked a double session, so there's plenty of time.
So, we've had the tests, and I'm afraid to say there are some abnormal results.
Now, this isn't the end of the road by any means.
I'd like to book another appointment to go through all your IVF options properly.
It's OK, love, we'll get you through it.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr Dale, I haven't been clear.
It's not Leah's results that we have to think about.
I don't think I've got time to drop you at work now, I'm sorry.
You said you would.
Yeah, I didn't know how long it was gonna take, did I? I've got a lecture in five minutes, what do you want me to do? It's OK, I'll walk.
You don't need to get angry.
I'm not angry.
You sound angry.
For God's sake.
It's going to be OK.
Yeah, for you, maybe.
What's that supposed to mean? What? No, come on, what? Well, it worked out nicely for you.
You never even wanted kids in the first place.
Leah! I'm sorry.
Leah! Leah! Shut up! Leah! Leah! Come on! All right! Hiya! ".
gave rise to capitalism as we know it, "because wealth was a sign of God's favour, "that we were on the path to salvation.
" Thank you, Ellie.
You disagree with that idea, Rose? Or at least you did in your dissertation.
Well, it's, um it's complicated, I guess.
Not according to your argument.
Why don't you explain it to us, just briefly? Sorry, Ellie, do you mind just repeating what you said? You mean, you weren't listening.
All I was saying was Tell you what, why don't I read it out for you, would that help? I'd rather you didn't.
Here it is.
"It is awfully generous of Weber to credit humanity's ferocious pursuit "of profit to a quest for spiritual and religious redemption" Yeah, it's exciting stuff.
Are you sure you can't shed any more light? I mean, you haven't changed your mind or anything? You stand by what you said? Of course.
Because this isn't your essay at all, this is a student from last year.
Excuse me, everyone.
Sit down, you're not excused.
I said, sit down.
So I don't like talking in class, and I've told you that.
Does anyone else have any ideas they want to share with the class? Yes.
I just wanted to Leah? Yes? It was really cruel what you just did.
I don't know what you're doing, Rose, but if you think you can intimidate me, you're wrong.
Here you go.
Gin and tonic.
Oh, here he is.
So, he wants to see me again.
He's keen, what are you gonna say? Nothing, for at least seven minutes.
Play it cool.
Thank you.
Don't be silly.
How are you feeling about it? Strange.
Having a baby is all we've thought about for so long, and just like that, you find out you can't.
There are other options, though, aren't there? Yeah.
What? I was just thinking I can't remember the last time we had sex for fun without consulting that bloody schedule first.
Having said that, I can't remember the last time he made me a cup of tea.
Or came to greet me at the door when I came home from work.
OK, here's the thing.
Sometimes I think we are one of those couples who stay together for the sake of the kids.
And we haven't even bloody got one! It's ridiculous.
Maybe he's got a point, though.
Maybe I'm a little bit relieved.
Don't you dare.
'Hi, this is Leah Dale, I can't get to the phone right now, so' Cheers.
To Rose Vaughan.
You're still pushing that, are you? Yes, I am.
What is the point in anything if we all just cheat our way to the top? It doesn't help anyone.
Every time I turn on the news, it's all I see these days.
Bloody liars and cheats everywhere, running the country, the economy, and I'm sick of it.
And this is gonna change all that, is it? Absolutely not.
In my little section of the world, in my tiny compartment, I'm gonna make sure that things are done properly.
Plus, you know what, she's really annoying.
Oh, stop it! Let's have a look.
Come on! Oh, you're such a tease.
Just share with me! Hi, is Leah in? Er, no, sorry.
Can I take a message? Can I? Yeah, come in, come in, come in.
I'm Rose, it's just my essay notes.
- Right.
Has she mentioned it at all? Er briefly.
Erm here.
Can I get you a cup of tea? I'll have a whisky, if you've got one.
Tea is fine, I'll have No, no, it's OK, I'm sure I can rustle something up.
Come, come on through.
Leah'll be back soon, I'm just not sure exactly when, unfortunately.
Hello, there.
Sorry, I don't mean to impose, it's just nice to be out of the rain for a bit.
Not at all.
You want ice with that? No, straight up.
Fuck me I can't usually afford the good stuff.
Well, I don't get much of a chance to share it.
Leah's more of a vodka girl, really.
I love Leah.
She's such an inspiring lecturer.
She must have picked up so much from you.
Well, I'd love to take the credit, but her father's mostly to blame, she gets it all from him.
I don't know, I was in some of his classes last year.
I'd say she's got all of his skill but none of his ego.
Makes her the better teacher, if you ask me.
I think a certain amount of ego is required for the job.
There's a difference between confidence and ego.
One of my friends is in one of your classes.
She says it's her favourite.
She looks forward to it the most.
Really? What's her name? I shouldn't say.
She'd be embarrassed.
Well, it's very .
nice of her to say.
Do you think I cheated, Dr Dale? It's Adam And I couldn't care less.
Leah seems to care.
Well, she cares about a lot of things.
Yeah, I'll drink to that.
Oh! You off? Yeah.
Thanks for the drink.
Rose? Don't worry.
I'm sure we'll sort this whole thing out.
I hope so.
Didn't hear you come in last night.
No, I was out with Amy.
I really am sorry about what I said.
I think it was just the shock of it all.
I'm still trying to process it, to be honest.
I'm sorry too.
I do realise how hard it must have been for you while we've been trying, and I'm aware that I've put pressure on you, and I just want you to know that I'm grateful.
Let's go to the cafe before work, hangover special, my treat.
That'd be lovely.
Oh, Rose Vaughan dropped these off last night.
The notes you wanted.
Here? She came here? Mmm.
How does she know where we live? Everyone knows where everyone lives around here.
Do they? All right, Rose? Sorry to disturb, I just thought I'd bring you this.
Someone I talked to you about, you said you liked it, so I thought, you know Right.
And, er You know that other thing you asked for? If you're really sure, Rose, I'll sort it for you.
Thanks, Ben.
I appreciate it.
All right.
I've kind of got work that I need to do.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Of course you have.
See you later.
Don't work too hard.
Did you give her whisky? Mmm? Rose, last night.
Well, I offered her tea, she asked for whisky.
What? You know, for what it's worth, she's a nice girl, she's very smart.
Betsy! Betsy! Since when have you been taking those again? Since now.
So what does that mean? It doesn't mean anything.
Look, Leah Get off me, please.
Have you any idea how hard this is for me? I might not be able to give you a baby.
Does that even bother you? Because it bothers me.
Yeah, yeah, it bothers me.
Of course it bothers me.
So, can we? Can we talk about our options? Well Or is that it, do we just stop trying? Tell me what you want, Leah.
To sleep.
I just want to sleep.
And I want to find my bloody cat.
Betsy! She'll come when she's ready.
Do you think this is a coincidence? What? Rose comes to our house, and the next day our cat goes missing.
Will you listen to yourself? Why did she come here? It doesn't make sense.
You wanted her to be more eager, show more commitment.
You don't show commitment by showing up at your lecturer's house at the middle of the night.
Betsy! Will you stop shouting? Well, where is she, then? It's midnight.
She's a cat.
Leah If you really want to find her, she is chipped, you know.
Is she there? She Yeah.
There she is, she's fine, she's round the front.
Betsy! Should be just here on the right.
In the bushes somewhere here.
Oh Oh! Oh, God.
Oh, sorry, love.
How many times have I said we should have speed bumps on this road? Thank God it wasn't a child.
I'll go round the neighbours tomorrow, see if they saw anything.
Where was her collar? Hmm? She didn't have her collar on when we found her.
Probably it came off when the car hit her.
How would that work? Why does it matter? It doesn't.
It's just strange, that's all.
Another cup of tea? Yeah.
Can I have a word, Rose? What's up? I want to apologise for what happened in class the other day, it wasn't fair for me to put you on the spot like that.
Bit of a stressful time for me at the moment, with work, and, er .
last night our cat died.
Oh, my God! I'm so sorry, what happened? We don't know.
Car, maybe.
You must be devastated.
Poor Betsy.
You don't miss him, do you? It's OK.
You can't help how you feel.
Amazing how quickly you can adjust to life without someone if you never loved them in the first place.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Tell me, Leah.
Do you feel guilty?