Cheat (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Hi, Leah.
How are you? Thank you for agreeing to meet.
So, I'm just wondering if you had some help with this.
So you mean, did I cheat? You're asking that question over and over again.
What's that? "Am I good enough?" - Do you stand by what you said? - Of course.
Cos this isn't your essay at all.
Leah's always had something against me.
And I don't know why.
I might not be able to give you a baby.
Does that even bother you? Because it bothers me.
Can I rely on you? What do you mean? Can you get me Leah Dale's address? She's such an inspiring lecturer.
She must have picked up so much from you.
Last night, our cat died.
Poor Betsy.
You are still not convinced that we got the right one.
They both look so innocent.
You really need to work out who's on your side, who's lying to you, and who isn't.
How can you be so naive, Leah? How can you sit there with that look on your face as if you've got no idea what's going on? Why are you lying? Exactly.
Why would I? Hi, Rose.
- Hiya, you all right? - Yeah.
Can I help, or? No, I'm waiting for a mate.
All right.
See you around.
Adam? Actually, I don't suppose you've got a couple of minutes? Yeah, come on up.
No, she doesn't hate you, she's just got a bit of a bee in her bonnet at the moment.
I just feel like I'm constantly under attack.
One minute she's apologising, the next she's so cold.
Well, Leah's got on her plate at the moment.
Yeah, she told me about your cat.
It's almost like she was accusing me.
Let me speak to her.
I'm sure we can clear this up.
Is this at The York? Mm-hm.
Didn't have you down as a fancy dress kind of guy.
Oh, absolutely.
You're actually unlucky to catch me on one of the few days when I'm wearing normal clothes.
Would you talk to her for me? Yes.
Yes, I will.
Maybe we could all go out? Chat it through, the three of us.
I think I should probably just speak to her first.
It's just really hard trying to revise and having this review hanging over me.
I-I understand.
I'll talk to her, I promise.
You're not what I thought you'd be like.
What did you think I'd be like? Boring as fuck.
Like the rest of them.
OK, everyone, that's more than enough time.
Let's have your thoughts.
Yeah, see, Rose lives here in college.
Room 12.
Do you want me to take that along to her? No, it's all right, I've got something I need to discuss with her anyway.
I wish my Paul was romantic like that.
Oh, yeah, well, what can I say? I'm a lucky girl.
Go ahead.
Rose? Oh, shit.
Rose? Leah, what were you thinking? Well, I didn't plan it, did I? I just went to talk to her, and the cleaner was coming out, So I just And if you got caught breaking into a student's room, what do you think would happen? Oh, stop it! I was in there for two minutes, less.
Why? What on earth were you doing in there? I just .
thought I might find Betsy's collar.
I know, I know.
It's just it's these little things that she does, like knowing Betsy's name.
And, sure, she could've seen it on the basket, but who goes around to people's houses and notices things like that? It's literally right there.
I'm not having a go at you, but do you accept this is a massive leap you're making? Yes, of course.
If you're fired How lucky are we to work in the same city, same university? Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen, so Look, if there's anything you're unsure about, anything at all, now would be the time to say it.
Why are you making this about us? Well, have you even read the leaflets? No, I haven't yet, but I will.
But you're taking your tablets again.
It's like you've stopped trying without even talking to me.
Do you know how that makes me feel? OK, I am sorry, darling, I should have talked to you before, but I You don't need to apologise.
I'm just concerned that this whole Rose situation is your way of avoiding what's going on between you and me.
- That scares me a little bit, that's all.
- Right.
Hello, hello! Someone's been in my room.
- What, broken in? - Yeah, I think so.
Right, you need to tell security.
Can't you just get me the CCTV from the corridor? You're supposed to report the incident, and they will investigate it properly.
So, you don't have access to the footage? I do, but I'd lose my job if they caught me.
Ben, someone's been in my room.
Do you not understand how scared that makes me feel? You said you'd always help me.
Yeah, sorry.
- I'll look into it.
- Promise? Yeah.
Thanks, Ben.
Oh, you snake! 'So, is there any truth in it?' 'In what?' Do you think that maybe on some level, you are .
avoiding issues with Adam by The only thing that Adam's wanted to talk about for two years is getting pregnant.
Because it's a logistical problem that he can solve.
Whenever I want to talk about anything else, like what we're actually gonna do with this baby when it gets here, he just he shuts that conversation down.
Cos he knows that the less we talk about it, the more likely we are to fall back to the default position of me doing everything.
I think we've been trying for a baby for so long, I've got used to the idea of not having one.
And that's all right.
- Come here.
- No, it How much do you love me, Rose? Why? How much do you love me? - Did you get her? - Nailed her.
See, you do love me, then? Of course I do.
You know I do, don't you? Amy? Leah.
Ames? Ooh you all right? Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Hurry up! You still coming for lunch? Erm, no, I can't, I've just got I've got too much work on.
Well, we've all got work to do, mate.
It's called procrastination.
Leah Leah? I can't find my engagement ring.
Were you definitely wearing it? Yes.
I put it with my necklace on my purse.
Have you had a look in here? Can you just? Yes, just check.
You're not hungry? I wish you wouldn't order for me.
I wish you'd turn up on time for once in your life.
How's Auntie Pam? She didn't fancy joining us? You're a spiteful little girl, aren't you? She's in a lot of pain.
But .
she's battling.
Aww Send her my love, yeah? This, er this essay business .
I imagine that's just you attempting to embarrass me, is that it? You know, you've not even asked me if I cheated.
Well, don't come bleating to me when they chuck you out.
This time, you're on your own, OK? What? No, come on.
Come on, what's so bloody funny? When was I not on my own, Dad? The emphasis is on world literature, need I remind you.
Please ensure that the references in your dissertation reflect that.
Simply quoting Plato and Nietzsche will not suffice.
Try using something outside of the recommended reading list.
Surprise me.
Thank you, people.
Good luck.
I thought we were meeting at the party? What's up? I've lost my engagement ring.
What? How on earth do you manage that? Don't get cross.
I think Rose took it.
OK, ask Amy, we were in the changing rooms after tennis, and it disappeared.
What, so .
one moment it was there, the next it was gone? Well, no, not exactly, but I definitely had it before the game.
100%? Yes.
And she's mentioned it a few times.
What? The ring.
Have you any idea how much that thing cost me? Yes.
How many times have I told you not to take it off? And I don't take it off.
You do, you do.
What? When you're in the shower, when you're doing the washing up .
flick it around your desk when you're working.
I don't do that.
You don't even realise you're doing it.
I'm telling you, I know that Rose took it.
How do you know? Because this was in my pocket, right? This! Look! How would that get in there? It fell in there when you were carrying it, I don't know.
Come on! Look, you take that ring off four or five times a day.
I've always said you were gonna lose it, now you have.
Right, then.
Oh, don't, no.
Don't do that.
Even if Rose is trying to wind you up, and I don't doubt that she is a little bit, but why are you letting her do it? Just think about what you're accusing her of.
She's just a kid.
She stares at her phone, gets drunk at The York like the rest of them.
The York? Did she say that? Well, she saw the Halloween photo on my desk.
Why? Because The York closed over three years ago, before she even started here.
It's not a crime to go to the pub, Leah.
OK, this is the photo on your desk, yes? Yeah.
No, look.
Right, that could be any pub anywhere in the world, so how does she know that that's The York? Hm.
Hang on Is that? Look! That is pretty creepy, to be fair.
Thank you.
Oh, don't! Not you as well? She's obsessed.
You know what she did? Oh No, she Do you know? Has she told you yet? She broke into Rose Vaughan's room.
I didn't break in, the cleaner was coming out.
It's ridiculous! Yeah, well, I mean Excuse me.
Look at that! I mean, come on! Come on! All right, I'll admit, it doesn't look too good.
Oh, thank you.
OK, if you're right, if that's the case, that means she'd have to have been stalking us for over two years.
How do you explain that? Well, I can't explain it, but the facts are that picture was taken before she was a student here, and she's looking right at us, look! In our direction.
No Hiya.
What are you doing here? Oh, I've been doing silver service since I started uni.
Dad thought it'd be character building.
He lives around here doesn't he? Yeah, about 40 minutes away.
You must have known the area pretty well before you came here.
Yeah, I guess so, why? Oh, no reason.
Could I get a top up, please? Yeah, of course, sorry.
I love your dress.
Thanks very much.
Anyone else? Oh, I'm fine, thanks.
Have a lovely evening.
Thank you.
Oh she's awful Don't be a dick.
I'm not being a dick.
I'd say it's ready to take to the publishers.
I think you have a lot of interest.
You think people will go for it? You know I do.
I can't believe this guy hasn't read it yet.
Have a word with yourself, Adam.
Adam? Sorry.
You still haven't read Leah's book? Oh, I'm gonna read it, just as soon as I've finished watching this series of Bake Off, I thought I made that clear.
Of course I'm going to read it.
Looking forward to it.
Long time coming.
She's worked very hard.
Anyone for more wine? Erm, yeah, I'd love some, thank you.
Man after my own heart.
Is that guy bothering you? Ben? No, he's just a friend.
Are you sure? Yeah, thank you.
You sure you don't want any more wine, Leah? No, I'm fine, thank you.
OK, I'll just leave it there, then.
Did you see that? See what? Did you Did you see that? No.
She's wearing my fucking ring.
Where are you going? Leah? Rose? Rose! Give it to me.
What? My ring, give it to me.
This? Yeah.
This is my ring.
So, I've never seen you wear a ring before, and then suddenly, the same day that I lose mine, you turn up wearing the same ring, is that what you're saying? Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Show us.
It does look similar.
This is my mum's ring, OK? I wear it every year on her birthday.
I'm sorry if that offends you.
OK, maybe we should go back inside Yeah, I'm sorry.
Rose, sorry, maybe if you could just show us the ring really quickly Would that be all right? No, why should I? There's an engraving on it from you, remember? Of course I remember.
Right, so that will prove it, then.
Rose, if you don't mind, it might just help to clear things up.
I'm going inside.
Give me that! Leah! Leah! Argh! There! Look! Are you OK? Let me see.
I knew it, I knew she'd taken it.
It's very similar.
No, look, it's mine, Adam put this engraving How did you do that? Oh! That's impossible, that's I'm so sorry.
Get her home, get her home.
Rose, are you OK? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Are you all right? What the hell got into you? Come on, let's get you to bed.
I think I can make it upstairs myself, thank you.
What? I'm going to bed.
She set me up, Adam.
She's clever.
Can you not see it? No, I can't.
And nor can anybody else.
You're not stupid, Leah.
Can't you see you're projecting all your anxiety and stress onto this ridiculous argument? I know we're not good at the moment, I know I'm not perfect, but at least I'm trying to confront things head on.
Like an adult! She scares me, Adam.
Just ask yourself why.
Why would she do any of the things that you're saying? That's what I'm gonna find out.
No, you're not! Because there's nothing to find out.
For once, it would be really nice if you believed me about something! Just once! Yes, just for once, I'd appreciate it if you gave half a shit about anyone other than yourself! She didn't steal the ring.
She didn't kill the cat.
Grow the fuck up.
Sandra, hello.
It's Adam Dale.
I was wondering, could you give me a contact email for a student, please? Yeah.
Freud believed that the mistakes we make say something about us, about our subconscious.
They're never completely unintentional.
So, when Leah lost the engagement ring that you bought her, he would say that .
on some level, she did it on purpose.
How is the finger? It's not broken, is it? No, it's it's just a sprain.
It's not that bad.
Oh I just want to apologise on behalf of Leah.
I .
I really don't know what's got into her.
I'm sure I'm not completely blameless in all of this.
I think we both know she's taken things way too far, and I'm going to have to have a chat with Stephan, but if any of this gets back Oh, you don't think I'm going to say anything, do you? You'd be well within your rights.
I would never do that.
Leah is a brilliant teacher.
But I am serious about us three meeting up.
Well, I'm sure that can be arranged.
I'll chat with student liaison.
OK, I I thought something a bit more like this.
Something social might clear the air.
They do an open mic night at The Crooked Billet.
It's on tonight.
You could just ask her.
Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen.
Oh, go on, it'll be fun.
I feel on edge all the time.
Angry, yesterday I was so angry.
I'm not usually like this.
You mentioned you were back on medication.
Is that helping? No.
Well .
it's helping me to sleep, but .
I don't know, I've only just started taking it, so Have you thought about couples counselling? Adam would never do it.
But would you like to do it? This morning, I stood by and watched him sleeping.
'Well, that's quite sweet.
' 'I was wondering what it would be like 'to pour hot coffee all over him.
' 'But you didn't?' No.
His alarm went off before I had the chance.
'I guess what I'm asking you is '.
if the person that you love keeps telling you that you're neurotic '.
paranoid '.
at what point do you start to believe them?' 'Hiya, this is Leah Dale, I can't get the phone right now, 'so you know what to do.
' Hi, it's me.
Wondering where you are.
If you're OK.
If you're coming home tonight.
I know you're pissed off, but just Fuck it.
I thought it was only alcoholics who sat alone in pubs.
The best people are alcoholics.
It's hard reading this without having a drink.
Good point.
What are you having? A pint, if you're buying.
This time.
If I were you, I would move this whole paragraph up here.
- Which one? - This last one.
Move it up there.
I mean, it's beautifully written, and it nicely sets up most of what you want to say in the second section.
Yes, that works.
Thank you for this, Dad.
I'm very proud of you, you know? Hey, pass me that blue book.
I'm sure it'll help.
On the end.
Er this one? Yeah.
Thank you.
Oh, where's that that photo gone? Which one? That one, of me and you at my graduation.
Bloody thing fell off the wall, and the frame broke.
You know, it's the last section here.
I don't think you need this at all.
Go on, then, so what would be your song? What, me, up there? I'm not really a karaoke kind of guy.
It's not karaoke, it's open mic.
And what's the difference? Two bottles of wine.
I wish you'd have heard it.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry, what, did I .
did I miss the next Joni Mitchell? What? Boys I usually date don't even know who Joni Mitchell is.
She was my mum's favourite too.
What happened with your mum? What, you really want to know? Do you really want to tell me? She killed herself when I was six years old.
Got drunk, drove off a cliff.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
My dad and I were never really close, but .
after that, we barely spoke for ten years.
Parents just don't get it, do they? About what? Every word that comes out their mouths means so much to a kid.
They just don't get it.
Should be an advert.
"Don't drink and drive, don't say mean shit to your kids.
" When I have kids, I'm just gonna tell them nice things.
All day, every day.
It's all I'm gonna do.
I shouldn't have drunk so much.
Oh, yes, your review's tomorrow, isn't it? Yeah.
You know, I could talk to Leah again and see if she'd maybe call it off? No, it it's fine, it's I'm looking forward to it now.
Clearing my name and all that.
Here, take this.
For a taxi.
No, it's fine, I'm just gonna walk.
No, come on.
It's not far.
It-it-it's late.
Take it.
Thank you.
For what? For this evening.
It was fun.
My pleasure.
Well, er Yeah, I mean, do you want to, erm come back to mine for a quick, you know, for a nightcap? Would Leah mind? She's at her mum's tonight.
Sounds really nice, but maybe not the best idea.
Of course, of course, not a problem, you need to get some sleep.
Taxi! I only meant for a drink, obviously.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
It's just, early start and All right.
Your carriage awaits.
'Kind of regret not coming over now.
' Well, erm .
I've just opened a bottle of wine.
I thought only alcoholics drink alone? 'That's right.
' Which is why, erm .
you should come over.
Help me finish it, you know, just for, for my own health reasons.
I'm stressed about the review tomorrow.
'Hey, you'll be fine, you're very smart.
' So's Leah.
Look .
why don't you jump in a cab, come on over, I'll pay for it.
'I want to' .
but I should get some sleep.
'Yeah, OK.
' Sure.
'Good night, Adam.
' She's always late.
We'll give her another five minutes.
Come in.
Hi, Rose, take a seat.
Are we ready to start? I said, are we ready to start? Leah, are you OK? Leah!