Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I didn't hate
your kiss.
Do you know what that means?
Oh, sorry.
Hello, Tsuge? What's the matter?
A cataclysm has occurred.
Actually, just now
I'm sorry for doubting you.
Have you finished the call?
Ohhh you are here!!!
Momose-san said let's wrap things up here.
Oh Adachi-san, here's your medicine.
Then, shall we go?
Alright! Let's go for round two!
Maybe I got a little carried away.
Thanks for the water.
I'll leave the rest for another time.
Got to take it slow and steady.
So that he will fall for me, even a little bit.
Good morning!
It's been two weeks since that "take it slow" declaration.
It's been two weeks of me trying my best
not to be alone with Kurosawa.
To be honest, I'm afraid
to take a step beyond this.
Do you know what that means?
Yeah! I didn't get it at all!
Suddenly it became all too real,
or rather, Kurosawa was deep inside me all at once.
If no one had interrupted us then, we would have.
Calm down, me.
OK. Let's get this right.
I turned 30, and I can suddenly read people's minds.
Let's just accept that now.
Yes, but!
Oh, this person is actually a really nice guy!
I'm glad someone is taking good care of you, meow~
Thump? What the hell was that thump!
He's a guy and the flashy "party people" kind I hate!
I should ask Adachi for advice.
No, I can't!
He must have realized when I called him.
If I were to tell him the truth after all this time
Huh? This fella is a virgin?
Yet he's been bragging to me all this while.
That's what Adachi will think.
And then I will will
This kind of power
I really don't need it!
Seriously, I don't need it!
Rokkaku, are you ready?
Please wait a moment.
- Then, shall we go?
- Okay.
- We're off.
- See you.
Huh? What's wrong?
Does your stomach hurt?
I'm so pathetic.
Are you cold? You want a hot drink?
I wanted to know more about him,
but I still chickened out
We sighed at the same time.
T-that's right.
Did something happen?
It's not a big deal, but my mom will be
coming over from the countryside.
And I'm kinda dreading it.
Is that so?
I'm somewhat surprised.
Fujisaki-san seems family-oriented,
so I had assumed she's close to her family.
Sorry. It must be hard to react.
But, I really feel you!
I understand they're worried, but it's so annoying!
Yeah. They will ask if you have a boyfriend,
then when you will get married,
then finally ask to see their grandchildren, right?
That's right.
I'm at a loss.
I don't even know how to respond to this kind of talk.
My hometown is in the countryside,
so they might just show up
with matchmaking photos or something.
I've been through that already.
- What?
- Really?
Well, why don't you get some guy
to stand in as your boyfriend?
Oh, yes! Adachi-kun, you can pretend
to be her boyfriend.
What? Well, that's
- Then her mom will have a peace of mind.
- Yes, I'm sure she will.
Well, even if it ends up becoming real,
that's totally fine.
What do you think? Good idea, isn't it?
If I have to, I guess I'll ask Adachi-kun for help.
- What?!
- Yeah.
Fujisaki-san and Adachi,
after lunch, can you help me run an errand?
Sure thing.
Sorry about it.
Eh, what was that
Oh no, which one?
I'm sure some guys will get the wrong idea
about that earlier.
- Then, I'll have this.
- That'll be 1,500 yen.
1,500 yen.
- And here's 500 yen.
- That's the exact amount. A moment, please.
- I'm sorry, Adachi-kun.
- What?
I won't ask you to act as my boyfriend.
Oh, well, don't worry about it.
Boy, that was close.
I'm glad I didn't get the wrong idea!
But it must have felt uncomfortable.
I know everyone likes to talk about romance.
It's not like that's all there is to life.
Even if I don't have love or romance,
every day is fun in its own way.
I see.
Thank you for waiting.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
I'll hold it for you.
Really? Thanks!
I like Adachi-kun, after all.
Did she just say "like"?
Alright! We've got it all. Shall we go?
Oh, okay.
Am I finally getting popular now?
The amazing Fujisaki-san likes me?
Honestly, I'm so excited.
Eh? It's kind of different from what I expected.
If you think that such a cute girl likes you,
wouldn't your heart beat faster than this?
That hurts, bitch!
- She's cute.
- Miss.
My shoulder is hurting a bit now.
Ugh, what a punk!
Harassment in broad daylight.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Well, well, well. Is that how you apologize?
I can't. They're scary!
Anyway, why don't we go for tea somewhere?
- No Please stop
- Come on, let's go.
Wait, wait, wait a moment, please.
Hasn't she already apologized?
- Adachi-kun!
- Huh?
Who the hell are you?
We may have been careless,
but you were the ones who bumped into
What? What? What?
Are you trying to say it's our fault?
Adachi-kun, are you alright?
I shouldn't do something I'm not used to, after all.
W-what I'm trying to say is
- We're both at fault here
- What?
- Nothing
- What do you mean, we're both at fault? Huh?!
Excuse me.
Don't touch Adachi!
Ow ow ow Ouch!
Did my colleagues bother you in any way?
Let's go! Come on!
He's nuts! Are you alright?
I'm glad they backed off.
Sorry for the trouble I've caused.
Not at all.
It was a disaster, huh.
Adachi, are you alright?
Your hair is a mess.
Thank god he's safe.
If anything happens to Adachi, I
You're going back to office, right?
- Shall we?
- Okay.
- I'll hold that.
- Thanks.
It's times like this that I feel the gap
between me, who tried to help her but in vain,
and Kurosawa, whose actions are so slick
he looks good in everything he does.
How should I put it
We are fundamentally different.
This is the reason for the fear I've been feeling all along.
I'm afraid of going any deeper and getting disappointed.
I mean, Kurosawa isn't like me.
He's perfect, and he's got everything.
The things I don't have.
This is love, indeed.
My gosh, I forgot about this problem!
Is Fujisaki-san really in love with me?
Yeah, it's love indeed.
Kurosawa-kun is in love with Adachi-kun.
Don't tell me Fujisaki-san noticed his feelings for me?
I want Adachi-kun to be happy.
Even if it's with Kurosawa
Even if he's in love, or not
- What does that mean
- I like Adachi-kun.
I like the way he can easily say that
there's more to life than just love.
I'm sure, even if I tell him I'm not
interested in relationships,
he would probably say "is that so?"
without a care, I believe.
Well, I don't care what people say about me.
I'm used to pretending to be normal anyway.
Good work.
Good work.
is always smiling and very attentive.
She's amazing.
That's simply what I felt.
Maybe her smile was meant to protect herself.
We took quite some time.
I wonder if Urabe-san is angry.
It feels like
there is nothing I can do.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Adachi, your hand!
- This isn't a big deal..
- No, we have to disinfect it.
For everything.
Come on, give me your hand.
His smile and kindness are perfect,
which irks me a little.
If I were Kurosawa,
I guess I will never be disappointed with myself.
I screwed up.
I'm sure he finds me annoying.
I treat his wound like this.
I even tried to stop that fight.
Before I knew it, my body reacted on its own.
Really, I'm a mess whenever it comes to Adachi.
Rather than not doing anything,
I want to do whatever I can.
Will this put him off?
There you go.
I'll get going then.
Thank you.
I'm really grateful to you.
For treating my wound,
and for what you did just now.
You're exaggerating.
See you.
I thought he's perfect.
But he worries and panics,
just like me.
If that's the case,
perhaps there's something I can do.
Adachi-kun, is your hand alright?
- Yes.
- That's great.
- Fujisaki-san.
- Yes?
I will meet your mother.
- It's okay, you don't have to act as my boyfriend.
- It's not that.
"From what I can see,
Fujisaki-san is working really hard."
"She looks happy every day, so don't worry."
I will tell your mother that.
Oh, sorry. What am I saying?
Thank you.
I may ask you to help me some day.
Urabe-san assigned me another job.
Can you help me?
Yes, I'll do anything.
- Really?
- Yes.
Then I'll not hesitate.
(1500 Love Advice to Solve Your Problems)
"I don't need this ability."
(1500 Love Advice to Solve Your Problems)
I still feel this way now.
Every time I touch someone,
I feel a stronger desire to get closer to them.
This might be a chance for me,
who's always at a standstill,
to change things up a bit.
Welcome back.
What's going on?
Seems like Kurosawa messed up.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
This is bad! That client always looked so gentle.
I've never seen him this angry.
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