Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

May I know if we made a mistake?
President Hashimoto, I apologize if I've been rude.
This is bad. President Hashimoto is angry.
If the deal is gone, it might be over for Kurosawa.
I'll bring it there.
- But
- I'll bring it.
If I can read President Hashimoto's mind
and find out why he's angry
This is no time to be scared!
Kurosawa has helped me so much all this while!
Here are the data I have, if it helps.
I have faith in his work.
Don't touch Adachi!
Excuse me.
This time, I will help Kurosawa!
Please excuse me.
It's hot.
It's hot!
Oh, okay.
No good.
If that's the case
Then, what about this?
Please use this.
Are you serious?
I'm out of moves.
Please excuse me.
There's no way I can help Kurosawa, after all
That's it!
Thank you so much!
I'm sorry. I'll get it for you right away.
Mont Blanc!
This was why he was so grumpy?
How can a grown up get so upset
because there's no Mont Blanc?
Speaking of which, we used to always serve
Mont Blanc to President Hashimoto, right?
Wait, you should have told me earlier!
- I'm sorry.
- What the
I prefer Baumkuchen though.
- It's good.
- Looks good.
Kurosawa-kun, this is awesome!
Why are you standing? Come on, sit down!
Thank you very much.
Well, Kurosawa-kun, I'm so glad
you are handling my account now.
I even got to eat Mont Blanc.
Now I can relax.
I even got these souvenirs.
Alright then, I'm counting on you guys!
Please leave it to us.
President Hashimoto left in a good mood.
I see.
He said he can relax now that he's had
Mont Blanc. Do you know why?
Oh, that seems to be his superstition.
- Superstition?
- Yes.
During the ex-president's time, he ate Mont Blanc
and their new product became a hit.
So, from then on, he must have Mont Blanc
whenever he comes for meetings.
I wasn't aware of that at all.
Adachi, how did you know that?
Well, Chief told me about it before.
I happened to recall when I brought the tea to him.
I see.
But you saved me.
Let me treat you next time.
Eh no, you don't have to
Thank you.
Good work.
Thank god.
"Thank you."
Adachi-kun, the copier
I'm done with it.
Even I could be of help to Kurosawa.
(Delivery status)
Out for delivery since six minutes ago.
Which means, it's about time
Udon, how have you been?
Udon-chan! Udon-chan!
Oh crap! Since this guy came, my heart
has been beating faster and faster!
Don't tell me
this is what they call "doki doki"?
What's the matter?
What's with this distorted face!
Why the hell are you smiling?!
Get a grip, man!
Return to my normal self!
Come back! Tsuge Masato!
Are you hurting somewhere?
I'm just working out my pecs.
Please don't frighten her too much.
Udon will get scared.
Don't make me worry, you idiot!
Hey, are you okay? What's wrong?
There is litter on the floor.
Have I changed a little bit?
(Thank you!)
Is this because of the magic?
Aren't you hungry?
You're hungry, aren't you?
Here! Deluxe Makunouchi Bento!
Thank you.
I kind of just came along with him.
Alright, shall we eat?
I'll start.
Do you have something to tell me?
I mean, suddenly you gave me this bento.
And it's such an expensive one.
It's to thank you for the other night.
Remember? I closed the deal and we all went for drinks?
I'd like to buy stomach medicine.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
You did that for me, right?
It struck me when I saw what you did
for President Hashimoto today.
you instantly sensed President Hashimoto's request and bought the Mont Blanc.
Back then too
The cigarette smell in that room is so uncomfortable.
I feel sick. I don't want to go back in there.
You sensed that I wanted to get some fresh air,
that's why you said that.
You're overthinking it.
That was just a coincidence.
You don't have to hide it.
I've figured it out already.
Figured it out?
you are in fact
D Don't tell me
he knows about my power?
You are a very considerate person!
You casually detect the other person's
desires and act in advance.
You are really amazing, Adachi-san!
Well, it's not a big deal.
No, it's not an easy thing to do.
I'm going to follow your lead starting today!
Sempai, please let me learn from you!
You're exaggerating.
I really respect you, Adachi-san!
Please eat these!
You don't have to!
- Here!
- It's okay!
A token of my appreciation!
I don't need stomach medicine.
I really respect you!
For the considerate Adachi-san
I never thought I'd be able to influence anyone.
It's such a nice feeling to be recognized by others.
And that's all thanks to this power.
the reason I'm able to take a step forward like this
He's actually an extremely kind and nice guy.
I'm so glad to be of help to him.
I want to do whatever I can.
is because Kurosawa fell in love with me.
Let's go together. You'll get drenched.
It's fine. I'll run to the station.
No! I can't let a senior I respect do such a thing!
- What the hell is that?
- I said, wait!
Just let me stay at your place tonight!
I said no, didn't I? Go find your boyfriend!
I don't care about that guy anymore!
Just for tonight!
Please, Yuichi!
That girl is his ex-girlfriend, right?
I saw Kurosawa-san with her before.
I'm certain she's his ex-girlfriend.
Give me a break, please.
One is pretty, the other is handsome.
They look good together, right?
That's right.
Well then, see you.
Just for tonight only, alright.
Yuichi, you are indeed a really nice guy.
I love that part of you
so much!
Do you
know what that means?
Of course.
A dream?
Man, it's freezing!
Kurosawa's ex-girlfriend was so beautiful.
It's people like that who just seem
so natural next to Kurosawa.
If that's the case
then we are peers and nothing more.
- Kurosawa-san!
- Yes?
Please check my proposal.
- Wait a minute.
- Okay!
I'm very confident of this.
Oh, it looks good!
Thank you!
Isn't it better this way?
Why am I feeling so uneasy?
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
This is exhausting.
I'm going home.
See you.
- See you.
- See y
Thanks for your help that day. Shall we go
Are you feeling unwell?
I'm in a hurry.
It's better this way.
- We are just peers.
- Adachi!
I'll send you home.
You don't look well.
- I'll get a cab. Wait here.
- It's okay.
I can go home myself.
What if you faint? Don't push yourself!
I'm not pushing myself!
What are you angry about?
I'm not angry or anything.
Why am I angry?
I'm really fine
You are not fine at all.
I finally understand why I've been feeling so uneasy
after seeing Kurosawa with his ex-girlfriend.
will feel sad if Kurosawa has a change of heart.
Found you!
- Ex-girlfriend?
- What are you doing?
You didn't answer my calls
so I can only wait for you here.
Move in a bit.
Hey! Why did you get in?
Never mind that.
Please drive.
Is this what they call "caught in the crossfire"?
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