Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

(Episode 6)
(30 minutes ago)
Why did you get inside the cab?
(30 minutes ago)
I'm going to stay at your place today, too.
Don't just decide that on your own.
Excuse me. I'm getting out.
Don't be silly. You are sick.
I'm going to send Adachi home now.
So go back to your boyfriend!
I don't want!
You're too selfish, Big sis!
Big sis?
I'm sorry about this, Adachi-kun,
when you're not feeling well.
No, it's okay.
So you're his older sister.
Adachi-kun, do you live alone?
Ah, yes.
Then, Yuichi, why don't you stay at his place
and take care of him?
- What?
- What?
I'm really sorry, my sis only thinks about herself.
No, it's okay
Are you feeling cold? Hurry get into the bed--
This isn't the time to get flustered!
Adachi is sick now.
I should be taking care of him!
Maybe you have a fever.
I'll get a thermometer.
He's really a nice guy.
So what am I so scared about
Good morning.
How are you feeling?
I feel much better now.
That's great.
I'm borrowing your kitchen.
Speaking of which, though my memory is a bit hazy
I'm better now thanks to your care.
I didn't do much.
I made porridge. Can you eat?
Looks good!
I'll go back to my own place tonight.
You can
stay here as long as you like.
Oh, I mean, your older sister seemed
to be having some problem.
You have also taken care of me, so
Then I guess I'll stay here for the time being.
Today, 28 October, will be the anniversary
of my cohabitation with Adachi.
It's dripping.
Today is the start of our private sweet life!
Don't get burned.
I'm already going to be burned.
Another 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
I've never dreaded knocking-off time this much before.
On a day like this, he doesn't push work onto me.
Alright! I'll leave the rest to you.
Damn! What's going to happen to me?!
What's the matter? Your hair is a mess.
What? Why is Kurosawa there?
When will you be done? Let's go back together.
He's even waiting for me!
Please give me some time.
Oh! I found Adachi-sempai!
- Where are you bringing those stuff to?
- Well
Adachi, so you're here.
- Yeah, my meeting just ended.
- I see.
Kurosawa-san and Adachi-san,
you are really close, huh.
You came to work together today, right?
He saw us?
- We happened to meet
- I'm crashing at Adachi's place now.
What? He just told him like that?
That sounds so fun!
Can I go to your place too?
Please let me join you!
Adachi-sempai, we're friends. Right?
But, if too many people are there,
it'll be a bother to Adachi
If Rokkaku comes over to my place
- Really?
- Yes.
Then I'm going to make it so fun!
- What should we eat?
- Anything's fine.
This way, I can avoid that sweet life for now.
- Hot pot, maybe?
- Hot pot is nice too.
We can play games too.
Love makes people stupid.
The one who left behind these words,
was it Nietzsche or Shakespeare?
Looks like I'm no exception.
While I know I'm being a nuisance,
I've ordered this many items to be delivered to me hourly.
But this means, I can see him again.
Your package is here. Please sign.
Excuse me.
Thank you. Bye.
There isn't just one delivery guy.
I'm sure he's next.
Mikeneko Express. Here's your package.
I'm sure he's next.
Excuse me.
Here are your packages.
We packed them all together.
- All together?
- Yes. Thank you very much.
Why won't he come?
Has he been assigned to another area?
Or, is he not working today?
It can't be
I know you're interested in me.
An uncle like you getting heart flutters creeps me out!
I'm never making another delivery to you!
I can't stop myself from being stupid.
What's with this guy recently?
Here, Adachi-san
It's so soft inside.
Thank god!
Hmm, it's not bad.
Adachi-san, you've got some there.
Sorry, sorry.
I'll cook the next one.
Ahh it's okay!
- Kurosawa-san, just enjoy the food.
- No, I'll do it.
- No, no, no.
- I will do it!
Alright then.
Go on, eat up!
Wow! Is this Ajillo?
I hope you'll like it.
Thank you.
- Pass me the plate.
- Okay.
It's about time he wants something
not seasoned with sauce.
I know everything about Adachi.
Adachi's "Yumm!" belongs only to me.
But was I a little immature?
Rokkaku, want some more?
To think I was jealous of Rokkaku.
I was also jealous of Fujisaki-san in the office.
I need to hold my composure more.
I see. No wonder he was like that just now
Kurosawa might be a little cute.
You know, I've been thinking
about this for a while now.
Adachi-san, you have a lot of stationery here.
- Yeah.
- Rokkaku, you're observant.
I have a sharp eye for this kind of thing.
When I was in college, I discovered that one of
the guys in my club bookmarked a porn site.
That's completely different.
That's true.
What club were you in?
Dance club.
You were pretty serious about it.
Yeah, I was.
Have you stopped dancing?
Yes. The best dancer among my peers
still dances now though.
Sometimes it is important to give up.
Look. This too.
Why am I talking about how I gave up
my dream? I'm so lame.
Well, I just wasn't talented enough.
- The best dancer--
- That's fine.
Now you want to be the ace of the
sales department, right?
I think it's great that you can find a new dream
and work hard at it again.
For someone like me who doesn't
have any dreams or talents,
I'm just sort of living in a daze, so
I envy you, Rokkaku.
Thank you.
Oh yes! Wanna add super hot spice and play roulette?
Actually I secretly bought chili peppers!
Ohh shut up, Rokkaku!
When he said he envies Rokkaku, did he mean it?
Why does he have so little confidence in himself?
Stop saying things like "someone like me" anymore.
Adachi is special to me.
He scared me
What's with him all of a sudden?
What the hell am I doing?
Oh geez! Shut the hell up!
It's not like Kurosawa to leave without saying a thing.
(You're early! You could've told me if you're leaving first~)
He read my message but didn't reply.
(You're early! You could've told me if you're leaving first~)
I'm pretty sure it's because of last night
What the hell am I doing?
Is he suffering because of me again?
What time will you be done today?
Let's go back together.
Oh, I guess I was overthinking it.
Last night's Ajillo was really good.
But not as good as the porridge the other day.
You know, it's the first time someone other than
my family made porridge for me when I'm sick.
I was moved.
Eh? Kurosawa?
Was I too dramatic when I say I was moved?
Oh, right.
I guess that was kinda heavy.
What? Adachi-kun never had a girlfriend?
- Seems so.
- Oh, really?
That's a bit heavy.
Normally people of our age would have at least
been nursed by a sweetheart or something.
The person who gets to date you will be blessed.
Whether it's going on a date,
having a meal together,
or holding hands,
that person will be your first in everything.
I'm sure they'll be really happy.
If it were me, I'd be so happy.
You don't have to let me stay at your place anymore.
But your sister
It's painful for me to stay with you any longer.
I like you.
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