Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

(Episode 8)
Thanks for compiling the data.
Oh, okay.
Adachi, what's wrong?
I was so nervous!
I wanted to behave normally in the office.
But I can't after what happened
Does that mean
I can go to your place?
N-No I just thought
we could go eat something
Sorry. I was too mean.
I'll go home today.
- I see.
- Yeah.
If I'm with you any longer than this
I won't be able to hold back.
He called me this morning all of a sudden
I didn't think you'd like me too
I wondered if it was just a dream
I couldn't help but call you.
He says things like this!
Everything is so mushy.
My heart cannot take it!
Were you just thinking about me?
No, umm, well
I'm so happy.
Umm, you're looking for me?
Are you free tomorrow?
Yeah, I am.
Then, shall we go out together?
Then I'll pick you up tomorrow.
Look forward to it.
I'm going to make it the best day!
Every thing about him is so cool ehh.
Or rather, is that.
what people call a "date"?
Oh shit
When you're in a relationship,
there is just too much to think about.
Kurosawa is here!!!
You're too close.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
Hey what's the matter?
Could he be in a slump? Writer's block?
No, it's not that.
Who is this fashionable youngster?
Actually, I
No! No! It's not that!
That is not what you think!
I apologize for my shameful behavior.
No. I should apologize for overreacting.
Let me introduce once again.
This is Tsuge, my friend from my college days.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
And, this is Kurosawa. He's my
He's my
How should I introduce him?
No But
I'm Adachi's colleague, Kurosawa Yuichi.
We are pretty close now.
He's being considerate for me.
Well, Adachi told me a lot about you.
So you told him about me
What did you say?
Well all sorts of things.
Well then, I'll leave first.
I'm sorry for barging in without
checking if you had plans.
You came because something happened, right?
I want to talk to you about this magic too.
I'm sorry for not taking you seriously
when you came to me for advice.
No worries at all.
As you can tell, I'm also a vir--
I knew you're a virgin. Sorry!
Are you both okay?
Yup, we're good.
Could I have a bit of your time?
Actually, I know a young guy recently
How have you been?
No, nothing
It's been quite a while, huh.
Yeah, maybe.
The contest is drawing near,
so I'm not working much.
Contest? Oh, a dance contest?
What? Have I told you before that I dance?
Ah, no
Actually I saw you practicing the other day.
You should have said hi.
Well, I'd feel bad for interrupting you.
There's nothing to feel bad about.
If he was watching, I wish he'd watched me carefully.
Can I go see you dance next time?
I don't mind Sure!
And so, in the end I promised to
watch him practice today.
Is that so?
What? Is there a problem with that?
I mean, it's people like us mingling with
a bunch of cool street dancers.
Just the thought of it makes me shudder
That said, it's wrong to break promises.
Hey, what should I do? Adachi!
Then shall we go together?
- What?
- What?
Kurosawa, I'm sorry it turned out like this.
You must have a lot planned for today.
You don't need to apologize.
I'm happy as long as we're together.
Let's save the fun for later.
Since we'll always be together from now on.
Are you okay?
"My boyfriend."
By Kurosawa Yuichi.
You are right there beside me.
My little shy angel.
A poem out of nowhere?
Our date is postponed, but my heart
still beats hard.
With Adachi by my side
I will be happy for life.
Oh, sorry. It's nothing.
Ehhh? What a small world!
So, your friend is a friend of my dance buddy?
Yeah, that's right.
Things like this happen, huh.
He always delivers packages to my place.
This is crazy!
My name is Minato.
Is that so?
That's a nice name.
What? You didn't know his name?
That's funny.
You also brought your friends here?
Are your dance friends all here already?
Got it.
I'll go buy some refreshments.
- Then shall we go with him too?
- Yeah.
Then I want something cold, please.
- Alright.
- Thanks!
Take care!
(Your sweat makes my heart go thump.)
I wonder if Tsuge-san likes Minato-kun.
What? You think so too?
It's like, his eyes sparkle
when he looks at Minato-kun.
Popular guys are more insightful indeed.
- What the hell is that?
- Nothing.
Kurosawa, can you actually read people's minds?
No way.
If I could read minds, I would have done more
to make Adachi's wishes come true.
Shall we go?
- Amazing.
- Wow!
Come on, smile more!
I'm glad I chose a full-time job after all.
This is never going to work.
What are you talking
Ready, go.
See ya.
Hey, hey, Minato!
- What?
- Minato!
Did you come here just to make fun of me?
Stop it!
I was just being honest.
- It's useless working so hard.
- Keita!
Let go of me!
Are you okay?
- Calm down.
- What's with you, uncle?
Do you even know what level you are at?
You should know why you haven't made it big yet!
- Hey!
- Minato!
Stop it!
Drink this, and cool down a bit.
What a pain.
Hey, Keita, wait!
I'm sorry.
You didn't have to do anything unnecessary.
I see.
Eh wait!
Just now, I happened to hear
Minato-kun's inner voice.
Why are you laughing?
I'm the only one giving my all. How lame.
Why are you telling me this?
You like him, don't you?
I understand you want to take a step back
when he refuses you.
I was like that too
a while ago.
and Kurosawa
are in a relationship now.
That's why
It's weird to say "that's why", but
In any case
Go for it!
What was that just now?
Sorry, that was sudden.
If you catch me off guard like that,
my heart cannot take it.
I aspired to be a novelist too.
I got conceited as I had an editor while in college,
I continued writing instead of finding a job,
but didn't win awards however much I wrote.
The fear of wasting my youth away,
doubting my own talent,
and not belonging to society,
I know that all too well!
There're always people who make fun
of others who give their all.
Especially people who do not have dreams
or have lost their dreams!
Because it's easier to make fun of others.
They won't get hurt that way.
I will never make fun of you!
I won't laugh at you!
Believe in yourself.
That's all.
What the hell?
You were suddenly so cool.
Thank you.
The two of them left already.
Eh? Where's Kurosawa-san and Adachi-san?
They've left?
- I'm leaving.
- What?
It's cool indeed, to have a dream or a goal.
You were also cool just now though.
Just now, when you encouraged Tsuge-san.
No that's nothing.
Things like dreams or goals,
you might discover them unexpectedly.
Let's take it slow and easy.
Like this, step by step
wouldn't it be nice to enjoy every new experience?
When you're in a relationship,
there might be a lot to think about
But this doesn't feel too bad.
I like him.
He's so cute.
I like him! I like him!
I like him so much!
But I still find it mushy.
I can't
I can't stop my heart from pounding.
I've decided.
If Minato isn't there anymore, I'll go home and sleep.
If Minato is still there practicing, I will
He He's there!
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