Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

(Episode 9)
Thanks for waiting.
(Episode 9)
Okay, let's eat.
Let's eat!
I made it in a hurry so I wasn't sure of the taste.
Kurosawa, you can open a restaurant.
Don't praise me so much.
I'm serious. It's really good!
For me, seeing your happy face is more than enough.
I see.
There's a mark on your face.
You must have slept on the controller last night.
Wow, is this for real?
Did you just take a pic?
You definitely took one!
Hey, delete it.
I don't want!
Hey! Delete it!
No, I don't want!
I've got a rare shot of Adachi!
I'll make this my wallpaper and
admire it every day and night!
It's been 9 days since we started dating.
It can get confusing at times,
but days like this aren't too bad.
Is that a video?
I'm sure it's a video!
I heard a beep just now.
- That's a video!
- I'm not filming anything.
Delete it!
Don't film me
What did you say?
Why are you Stop it.
Have you gotten a girlfriend?
I mean, you are so motivated recently,
and you're exuding this aura of pure bliss!
Is that so?
What kind of girl is it? Show me her pic!
- Ah, no
- What?
Don't tell me she's one of our colleagues?
Urabe-san, Chief is asking for you.
Got it~
Oh man, that was close.
Do I really give off an aura of pure bliss?
Wanna have lunch together?
I-I'm sorry for interrupting!
What kind of face should I show him?
Double mayo is really good!
I have a hard time deciding,
but I always end up buying these!
- There's a rice grain.
- What?
Thank you.
Both of you are eating the same onigiri.
I asked Adachi to buy them for me.
A shop near his place sells good onigiri.
Yes That's right.
How nice
Please also buy for me next time.
Okay next time.
Oh, yes.
Wanna have a party at Adachi-san's place again?
That was so much fun!
How about a temaki sushi party this time?
Let's call your glasses friend and Minato as well.
Then, how about this weekend?
- No problem for me
- Sorry.
I'm not free this weekend.
Is that so?
Then, when shall we have it?
If it's next week
Please excuse me.
Oh, thank you.
- You have plans this weekend?
- What?
I mean, you turned Rokkaku down just now.
I thought of giving our date another go.
Sorry I didn't ask you first.
No, it's okay
You don't want?
No, I don't mind at all!
Then it's decided.
A date with Kurosawa, huh.
Oh, there's one here too.
I'll throw them away.
(New Stationery Product Planning In-house Competition)
Seems like there's a planning competition.
All employees are eligible.
Yeah, this time it isn't limited to the
planning & development team.
Looks like it's gonna be quite a big one.
Are you interested?
No, no, no. A competition isn't for me.
It's not that I'm not interested.
I've never done any product planning before.
It's not something I'm capable of
In a situation like this, Kurosawa
would probably be up for any challenge.
Please contact that glasses guy.
That glasses bastard!
Sorry, I made you come with us.
That's fine.
Thank you for waiting.
Here's your iced coffee.
Is it really okay for me to be here?
I don't know what's going on at all.
It's okay. I don't know what's going on either.
Why did you suddenly call me out?
Sorry, but I'm not in the mood for this.
You glasses bastard!
- Stop it!
- Rokkaku! Rokkaku!
Why are you hurting Minato?
Hurt? I'm hurting Minato?
You're avoiding him, aren't you?
It's because he's gay, right?
What do you mean?
Like I said
Keita said he wanted to get back with me.
When I refused, he forced a kiss on me.
And? Tsuge-san saw that?
Did he say anything to you?
But he's probably avoiding me.
I think he's keeping his distance
because he found out I'm gay.
What the hell is that?
It's okay.
I'm going to change my delivery area anyway.
So, I'm sorry for asking this
but can you help me pass a message to Tsuge-san?
Minato said he won't go near you again
so please don't worry.
The other day, you told Minato to
continue dancing, didn't you?
Tsuge-san really understands how I feel.
It's like, I have him on my side
That made me really happy.
That was the first time I saw him make such a face
when he's talking about someone.
Because of a stupid reason, you are avoiding him?
You're keeping your distance?
Tsuge is like me, he gets overwhelmed very easily,
and withdraws into his own shell.
But he won't avoid anyone because of that
Tsuge isn't that kind of person!
Right, Tsuge?
You think too highly of me.
It's true, I was avoiding Minato.
But that's
not because he's gay.
Thank you.
I didn't think Minato would take it this way.
It's because I'm such a timid person
It's all my fault!!!
I'm very sorry!
didn't want to hurt myself
so I pretended I wasn't at home.
I was avoiding you because
I was in shock.
Seeing the person I like kiss another
I like you, Minato.
I like you so much I can't help it.
I like you SO MUCH that it hurts!
Tsuge-san, you are cute huh.
I also like you pretty much, you know.
Are you okay? Tsuge-san!
Hey, Tsuge-san! Are you alright?
I hope that Tsuge-san can break out of his shell.
You said just now, didn't you?
He gets overwhelmed easily
and withdraws into his own shell,
but he wouldn't avoid anyone because of that.
I was a little jealous of Tsuge-san.
When you stood up for Tsuge-san,
you were cool.
Oh, right.
It might be none of my business,
but you looked like you were interested.
(New Stationery Product Planning Competition Application Form)
Why don't you give it some thought?
If you take part, I'll be rooting for you all the way!
Maybe I'll give it a go.
Just now you said I was cool,
but if that's true, it's probably
It's definitely thanks to you.
So, now I feel like
I can give it my all.
Wait Kurosawa
People are watching
Oh man, this isn't fair!
What am I supposed to do when you are
making me like you even more than this?
might really like him a lot.
I can't believe it.
I mean, I thought my love was one-sided
though I'm already 30,
love is a new thing for me.
I'm not really used to things like this.
I didn't think you'd like me too
Be quiet already.
At first
I thought he's a nice guy, that's all.
after talking to him,
though he's bad with words and acts suspiciously,
I just couldn't leave him alone.
Before I knew it,
I've fallen for him.
Don't worry.
I'll be gentle.
Tsuge Masato.
As of today, I'm no longer a virgin.
(New Stationery Product Planning Competition Application Form)
Oh, good morning.
I'm sorry about yesterday!
No worries, no worries.
I kinda got too heated up.
Minato-kun is a very important friend, right?
He is our star of hope!
Star of hope?
Yes! All of us are rooting for him!
If you take part, I'll be rooting for you all the way!
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