Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

(Episode 10)
Having someone greet you good morning
and good night every day
is indeed a nice thing.
That's great, Tsuge.
Well, there is no doubt that there are
more things in my room
and it's getting a bit cramped now.
But, that's great.
Oh, I'm thinking of getting a bicycle.
Actually, Minato said
he wants a hobby that he can do with me.
I see. That's great.
I'm not really a bicycle kind of person,
but Minato said he really wants to cycle with me
He says really cute stuff, huh.
That's great, that's great.
- Is that all you can say?
- What?
All you've been saying just now is "that's great".
Oh, sorry.
I was thinking about the competition.
I thought of giving it a try.
Is that so?
New challenges make people grow.
You can do it, Adachi.
Thank you.
You seem busy,
so I should get to my main point now.
That wasn't your main point?
Adachi, I have
broken free from my magic.
Are you serious?
There was no mistake in that urban legend.
Ahhh so it's true after all.
You'll break free from your magic
sooner or later, so don't worry.
Well, as your senior here, let me tell you
What is it?
Although they use the word "loss",
you will not lose anything.
You'll be fine.
There's nothing to be afraid of
There's no point telling me that
So you've already applied for the competition.
From today, I really have to work hard.
Then, I guess our date will have to wait.
You got to focus on the competition.
I don't want to get in your way either.
- Eh, but
- I told you, didn't I?
I'm the kind who saves the fun for later.
I'll also work hard towards our date.
What is it?
What is it?
In exchange for the wait,
perhaps I can expect a reward?
A reward?
I guess he's referring to that~ huh.
I'm still not emotionally prepared
No. I don't mind if it's with Kurosawa
Hey, why am I getting all fuzzy inside?
Focus on the competition now!
Oh, but
No, no! I have to do my best!
Yes, but
Oh, what should I do?
I only have three days left to the deadline.
Don't panic. You still have three days.
He's right. Just keep trying until you're satisfied.
What do you think of this?
"Erasable colorful decorating pens
to create your own planner".
It's not bad.
Yeah. I also find it interesting.
It's nothing special.
Watch your words!
What? I shouldn't say that?
Nothing special, huh.
I guess you're right.
Don't overthink it.
Ideas often pop up when you least expect it.
You're right.
This wouldn't work Geez!
I'll leave it here.
I'm sorry.
We rarely get a day off, but I'm doing this
I'm happy as long as I'm with you.
Maybe I'll take a short break.
By the way, Rokkaku said yesterday
I'll do my best in sales!
What's with you all of a sudden?
Seeing Adachi-san made me feel so motivated!
He felt that he had to work harder, just like you.
I see.
What's the matter?
I'm happy,
but I have mixed feelings.
Actually, yesterday before I left work
Good luck for the competition.
Oh, thanks.
See you.
See you.
I'll do the rest. You can go home.
What? Oh, but
See you.
You've to prepare for the competition, right?
You should go home.
Urabe-san said that?
He said, or rather yeah.
Fujisaki-san and Urabe-san
They are all rooting for you.
That's true, but
What if I can't live up to their expectations?
Kurosawa, you're amazing.
You always live up to people's expectations.
You're perfect.
Wanna go out for a while?
A practice for our date.
Don't you think we're out of place here?
There you go again!
Look at this.
This is horrible.
- Can I make it my wallpaper?
- No.
Absolutely not!
- I'll do it~
- Why?
Kurosawa, the left, the left.
- Left?
- Yes, there, there.
Adachi, that, that. That small one.
- Yumm!
- You've got some here.
It suits you.
Yours too.
Mine's a hippo.
But it's cute.
You took pictures again?
Are you taking a video?
Oops, you found out.
Delete it. Stop it already.
It's a hippo, so stop it.
Did it help you relax a little?
Yeah. I feel much better now.
Thank you.
I had fun too, practicing our date with you.
Anyway, isn't this an actual date?
No. It's only a practice.
I want our date to be more special.
it will be your very first date, isn't it?
How nice! I've always wanted to ride one!
Then, wanna ride?
- This is fun!
- Yeah.
Wow, the view is amazing!
Are you okay?
Oh yeah.
Thank you.
I didn't expect to feel so sick.
What am I doing?
I had to spoil the mood at the very end.
Kurosawa looks dejected too.
This date practice didn't come easy,
but I ruined it.
But I had fun today!
Let's do it again.
Could he be angry?
No, Kurosawa wouldn't get angry
over something like this.
I'm sure he's just tired.
Kurosawa, aren't you feeling tired too?
No, I'm fine.
Is he angry after all?
Oh no!
I don't know what Kurosawa is thinking!
Oh, right.
In situations like this
There's something on you
I wanted to cheer him up but what have I done?
I didn't even notice that Adachi was feeling so sick.
I like Adachi when he's working hard,
but when he's with me,
I want him to have fun and smile.
(Competition Proposal)
(Sales Department Section 2 Adachi Kiyoshi)
(Planning and Development Department)
Thank you. Please excuse me.
Good work.
- You just came back?
- Yeah.
Are you free today?
Do you want to practice for our date?
- Here?
- Yeah.
Ragna Crimson is released today.
- Oh, that's right.
- Yes, yes, yes.
The previous chapter ended with Crimson
teaming up with the people to fight back.
That's right. Then, that.
- Ike's confession.
- Yes, that.
"In the first place, my glasses are"
- "fake!"
- "fake!"
Hmm, this heart is really good!
- Right?
- Yeah.
This place is cheap but good!
I've been coming here for ages.
I see So this is your haunt, Adachi.
I submitted it today.
(Competition Proposal)
("Cheer-on clip")
"Cheer-on clips that convey your
unspoken cheers to your colleagues".
I thought it'd be nice if people can use clips
to convey words that they find hard
to say out due to embarrassment.
I think it's great, it's very you.
Thank you.
I see This is cute.
You know
I realized
when I was with you
during our date practice.
I realized we have to tell the people
we care about how we really feel.
If the person doesn't know how you feel,
they will feel anxious.
I want to do fun things with you.
It shouldn't only be me having fun.
If you aren't having fun too,
then it's pointless having a date.
When you are with me,
I want you to have fun
and smile.
Was that why
we went to the bookstore and came here?
Got a problem with that?
It's fun.
As long as I'm with you, anywhere's fun.
I have to tell you how I really feel too.
Adachi, you said before, didn't you?
That I always live up to people's
expectations, that I'm perfect.
Since a long time ago,
I've always considered what people
wanted from me before I took action.
If I could meet their needs perfectly,
I thought they would then see the real me.
That's why
I unknowingly did the same to you
I'm sorry.
I made you worry for me.
It's me who always depends on you.
you should also depend on me.
I like you when you're perfect,
but in front of me,
I hope you will relax a little bit more.
I don't want you to hate me.
I won't hate you.
- Really?
- Of course!
Even if I burn the hamburgs?
I'm more impressed you can cook them.
Even if I snore loudly?
I snore even louder.
- Even if my nose hairs stick out in the morning?
- I don't min
Well, maybe I do mind a little
What the hell? I was serious!
Sorry, sorry.
That was a nice restaurant.
Their food was good too.
I'm glad you liked it.
You know, they get so crowded in December
that it's difficult to get in.
This will be our first Christmas
since we got together, right?
That's right.
Christmas eve
I'll make it a fireworks date
and the best first experience ever!
So there'll be fireworks on Christmas eve.
Did I say "fireworks"?
Oh crap! I was too careless!
Oh, yeah. You said so.
Why did I say it out
I thought of giving you a surprise.
What should I do? It's my fault
I have never thought about it before,
but nobody likes it when other people
can read their mind, right?
Is it okay to continue being with him
while keeping this a secret?
- About that
- But I was surprised.
For a moment, I thought you read my mind.
If he really read my mind, I
I wonder where my phone is
That's true.
Even if it's Kurosawa,
if he knows about this magic,
I'm sure we will
never be the same again.
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