Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

(Episode 11)
What should I have done?
Did I say "fireworks"?
Back then
I thought you read my mind.
Should I have told him about my magic?
Thanks for waiting.
What's wrong?
Yesterday, I gave Minato a bicycle as a gift.
I did say it's fine as long as I could
get some exercise
What? Is there a problem?
Well, I thought it was going to be
a cross bike or something
Tsuge-san, you're surprisingly an airhead, huh.
Is it so funny to see people make mistakes?
I haven't written anything since yesterday.
At this rate
Tsuge-sensei's novel series will have to
take a break due to love troubles!
Excuse me.
Calm down.
Why don't you apologize to him?
I don't know how to apologize.
I've forgotten how difficult it is
to sense people's feelings.
All this while, whenever I needed to,
I just had to touch them.
Do you know what I'm trying to tell you?!
Let me see
To cherish my magic?
I'm telling you not to rely too much on your magic!
You will eventually lose this magic.
You got to figure things out on your own.
Or you'll end up like me.
On my own
Tsuge is right.
Without even realizing it, I
might have been relying on my magic.
I can't let this go on right?
I will try my best not to touch anyone,
not to read their minds
I must figure things out on my own
RRokkaku is watching
Kurosawa-san, you have a worldwide
way of rejoicing!
The competition! You passed the first round!
Someone from Planning & Development said so.
Isn't that amazing, Adachi?!
A-are you serious?
As it is, your idea might be made
into an actual product!
No, it's still too early.
The second round is a presentation, right?
Please be careful.
Be careful?
Planning & Development's
Director Terashima is super scary.
That's enough.
When she says that, it means you're out!
What?? That's so scary!
Well, but it's no use being afraid.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
You're one to talk. You keep scaring me.
Special training starts tonight!
The key to a good presentation
is to reduce the burden on the listener.
Start with the conclusion. It's good to give
a preview of what you are going to say.
- A preview?
- Yeah.
"I'm going to talk about three features of this product."
Say something like this first.
Then the listener will go
"This guy is so easy to understand."
That's very helpful.
We have a week left. Let's practice loads!
I'm sorry.
You must be tired too.
Not at all.
If you pass the competition, I'll be happy too.
Furthermore, it's for the fun after that.
The best first date ever.
Our very first Christmas.
There's nothing but fun ahead,
so it's no trouble at all.
You say that so easily again.
I'll do my best too.
So that I can enjoy our date.
What? Can you say it again?
You must have heard that!
- Say it again?
- No!
- One more time.
- No!
I don't want to leave any regrets
in this competition.
(21st: Presentation)
Let's emphasize the CTPT in your handouts.
The concept has to be clear.
What specific methods can we use
to make people buy the product?
Keep words short and focus on
product images as much as possible.
I won't use magic.
I'll get through this on my own!
(21st: Presentation)
Firstly, I'll talk about the three features
of the clip I've come up with.
First, it has the potential to be a new
office communication tool.
Second, there is a huge variety of characters.
Oh, oh.
(21st: Presentation) (24th: Date)
This is for free.
Don't worry. Relax, relax.
Let's practice till you're used to it.
It's done!
(Competition Proposal)
("Cheer-on clip")
(Types of messages you can choose from)
Looks really good.
Thank you for helping me.
Not at all.
(24th: Date)
(21st: Presentation)
Good morning.
What's the matter?
I'm going on a one-day business trip so I might not
be able to see you before the presentation.
That's why you waited here for me?
Also, this.
Really? You made for me?
Even if you're nervous, you have to eat!
Thank you.
Let's have a celebration at my place afterwards.
Do your best, then!
Kurosawa looked kinda happy.
First, I have to do well for the competition.
- Good morning, Director Terashima.
- Good morning.
She is Director Terashima?
All the proposals are lackluster.
Oh, crap. This is her inner voice.
They only care about appearance.
They don't consider the stationery's function
or if it resonates with the user.
I need to get away from her.
I've already decided to seal away my magic.
I shouldn't have called for entries.
I wanted to motivate the young ones
in our department
But this wouldn't do
It's all my favorite
(Believe in yourself)
Thanks for the food.
T-thank you for your time today.
I must calm down.
First, give a preview of my presentation.
Firstly, I'll talk about the three
It's somewhat plain.
Why did you decide to go with clips?
Well, about that
Please look at page 3
That's enough.
Thank you for your time.
That's it?
She can't spare time for people
who stand no chance?
You can leave now.
After all the training Kurosawa gave me
Nowadays, focus is only on the
stationery's appearance.
So I wanted a product that's functional
and resonates with the user.
That's cheating.
I ended up using the information I got
from my magic to draw her attention.
I was just about to go get you.
I'm happy to meet you here.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Let's go home.
Director Terashima.
Good evening.
Oh, you guys are close?
I'm sorry, but your proposal did not
make it to the final round.
I see.
your thoughts on stationery weren't bad.
That's all. Good work.
You're amazing, Adachi.
It's pretty rare for Director Terashima
to compliment anyone.
What's amazing is the magic.
I'm sorry.
You've been so supportive.
There's no need to apologize.
You should be happy about this!
Is that so?
Alright. Let's go home.
So his hard work does not go unnoticed.
Is he a bit more confident now?
As long as Adachi doesn't think lowly of himself,
and continues smiling, that's enough for me
Oh, nothing.
If I had known,
it'd have been better if I bowed out gracefully.
I've decided to give my all,
but I even cheated
In the end,
I've only realized that I'm empty inside.
Did I overdo it? With the candles and stuff?
No, it's fine.
Then, let's eat while it's hot.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Adachi looks kinda down
Should I try talking about our date?
"There's a special place where we can view
the fireworks without being disturbed!"
"The rooftop of Anton Building."
"I've managed to rent the place with the help of a friend!"
No, but that would take away the surprise element.
I'm sorry.
It's no longer a surprise.
Or should I try telling a joke?
Like, "Can I get a little reward?" or something.
What do you want as reward?
Did I say it out again?
Oh, no
If only this magic would go away
Would my worries go away too?
don't really know much, so
If I could just get rid of this magic!
Teach me.
What's with him all of a sudden?
He's so cute.
Adachi isn't quite being himself.
I'm sure
he's mustered up his courage for me.
It's not courage.
His kindness
makes me so happy.
It's not kindness.
I know all of Kurosawa's thoughts
and I'm making use of them right now!
Oh I'm sorry!
Did I push him too hard?
No It's not that!
There is something I must tell you.
I can read the minds of people I touch.
I've become like this since my recent birthday.
They say, being a virgin makes you a magic user, right?
That is true!
I heard everything you said about the surprise.
The rooftop of Anton Building, right?
Just now, you were also worried I wasn't being myself.
I've kept this from you all this while.
I'm the worst, huh.
But this isn't a lie.
Calm down.
I don't think you're lying.
You're speaking so earnestly.
You can't be lying.
That isn't all.
Right now, I'm afraid of losing my magic.
Without my magic,
I'm afraid things won't go well between us.
This is ridiculous, right?
I don't deserve to be with you.
I don't know what to do anymore
want you to make a decision
that wouldn't cause you pain.
I want you to keep smiling.
Should we
end it here?
Got it.
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