Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

(Final Episode)
My life has completely gone back to the way it was.
I'm back to doing the same things every day.
Should we
end it here?
I barely spoke to Kurosawa since then.
- Shall we go?
- Okay.
See you.
See you later!
Well, of course.
Because I've hurt him so much.
(24th: Date)
I'm sorry, Kurosawa.
It's about time you move on.
The competition.
Even if you passed only the first round,
it's a great achievement.
If it's that, I've moved on already.
If it's that?
In any case, I'll be back to my usual self.
Good work.
Good work.
Something happened between
you and Kurosawa-kun?
I see.
You're easy to read.
Both you and Kurosawa-kun.
- Fujisaki-san.
- Yes?
Can I ask you something?
If it's for dinner, umm
which restaurant do you think is better
for a relaxing conversation?
This one, I guess.
But I think Adachi-kun will get nervous
whichever you go with.
Oh dear.
Planning an outing for you both?
We're going to see the fireworks for Christmas.
Oh, I see.
You're right. Adachi might not like such restaurants.
You're all fired up.
Because I promised to make our first date
the best day ever.
I have to keep my promise.
I'm sorry for being nosy.
No, it's okay.
You know, I've started studying
labor and social security laws.
I've had interest in it for a while,
so I thought of giving it a go.
I was inspired after seeing you recently.
- After seeing me?
- Yeah.
Whether to be with someone or not,
to be in a relationship or not,
it's all up to the person to decide.
But whatever you decide on,
you have to like yourself for making that decision.
Otherwise, no matter what answer you give,
the other party won't be convinced.
I'm sorry for being nosy again.
Thank you.
(Labor and Social Security Attorney)
What is it?
What are you doing for Christmas?
Maybe eat some cake while watching movies.
Is that so?
I was supposed to see the fireworks with
my friends but the event got canceled.
So you did have plans after all?
For our date, I had taken paid leave for Christmas.
(Christmas fireworks event canceled due to safety concerns)
I didn't cancel the leave and go back to work
because whether I meet Kurosawa or not,
it's gonna be too awkward.
Could it be
Merry Christmas.
What do you want?
Cake? Or chicken?
There's a Christmas Plate too.
Are you sure?
It's Christmas, but you're eating with me
Don't tell me you guys haven't made up yet?
I'm not so spineless as to ignore a friend in crisis.
Minato told me.
That goofy junior of yours seems worried.
He said that the air has been tense
between his seniors lately.
Rokkaku said that?
What happened?
What happened?
A lot happened.
I'm asking you to tell me what that "a lot" is.
So, at the end of the day,
if I have no magic power,
You are a really big fool.
Two days ago, I knelt and bowed to apologize
for the second time in my life.
I'm sorry about what happened the other day!
Here it comes. The kneel and bow apology.
Rather than my worthless pride,
I was more afraid of losing Minato.
I'm sorry too.
I was laughing to hide my shyness.
I thought you were so cute to prepare a gift for me,
and it made me so happy
I was thinking, I really like you so much.
Even without magic,
you can still connect with him.
If you get it wrong, you can always talk it out.
You can slowly get to know him like this.
But, Kurosawa and I have already
Try to feel your own heart too.
Your feelings have nothing to do with magic.
In the end,
it's about what you want to do.
I'll lend you my beloved bike.
Oh, Fujisaki-san, is Kurosawa there?
Oh, he's off today.
I see. Thanks!
Until the day I turned 30, I had no idea
that my ordinary life
no, that I myself
am capable of such magic.
Whenever I'm about to run away
I'm sorry for being nosy again.
I never thought
there are people who'd give me a nudge like this.
Anton Building
The rooftop of Anton Building.
Here it is!
Of course he won't be here
(Kurosawa Yuichi)
The fireworks
is canceled.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Did I make you worry about our plans?
- I
- I couldn't do it.
Leaving you
was my own decision,
but I regretted it so much.
I know that I'm selfish
and I'm a horrible person.
But I
I still want to be with you!
Even if I lose my magic
Even if I keep getting it wrong
Each time
I want to know more about you.
I still
I really like you
when I heard about your strange power,
there was one thing I accepted.
it's because you read my mind,
that we could be together.
That's why I'm grateful to that power.
I don't care if you have magic or not.
It doesn't affect my love for you.
I've been watching you all this while.
With or without magic,
you are still you.
I mean,
you've read my mind so you should know that.
For me too,
I don't want anyone
but you!
I thought, if there were a miracle
and you came here,
I would pass it to you.
These are?
I mean
If it's a ring, you would be
too embarrassed to wear it, right?
be with me forever.
Are those fireworks?
Did you arrange that?
Fujisaki-san, you're so funny.
You suddenly wanna set off fireworks.
You came along without asking me why.
Rokkaku-kun, you're pretty funny too.
But, wouldn't it be nice?
If seeing this makes someone a little happier.
Shall we?
Are you sure?
Even if you lose your power?
If you're with me,
I don't need magic.
- So high!
- Wow!
Merry Christmas.
Why are you laughing?
Well Because
Usually people would say "good morning".
Good morning.
This is how I lost my magic
and became an ordinary 30-year-old man.
(Tsuge Masato-sensei's Latest Novel!)
(The Golden Cat Dances in the Moonlit Night)
This is our new product.
In two years
if there are more than
Stop it, it's embarrassing.
Right now, you must be thinking
you really like me, right?
That's amazing, for someone who has no magic.
I can tell that just by looking at your face.
Then, what am I thinking of now?
Huh? What kind of quiz is this?
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