Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Home to Roost, Part Two

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Give your mother a hug.
Why is this so hard for you? You've seen Mom before.
I've decided to take the summer off.
- I missed out on so much.
- So has Mick.
- You're being crazy! - I'm being crazy? Hey! Trace just don't, please? - Sports? - Yep.
- Yankees? - Yep.
- Really? - Yep.
- Dad.
- Jess.
- Hey.
- What's up? - Ribbon? - Nope.
- Hey! - Morning.
- Coffee? - Desperately - Bye! - Toodles.
Nobody speaks in full sentences anymore.
No, Wes.
I don't want the girls overhearing our conversation They're in the other room.
That was a really lousy thing you did, driving off like that.
Yes, you've made that clear.
But it's not like I was kidnapping my own daughters.
I thought that's exactly what you were doing.
I didn't want them hearing our conversation.
Well I need you to promise me, I need your word, that you're going to bring them home next weekend.
What do you mean, bring them home? Bring them back here to Chesapeake Shores.
Yeah, I'll bring them back next weekend.
How are they? Caitlyn's nose is stuffy.
I put nasal spray in her bag.
Yeah, I'll watch her.
I know you will.
Enough of this, back to us.
Why the need for court dates and lawyers and a petition for custody modification? Abby, please don't start yelling.
- Am I yelling? - What's that, dear? - Thank you.
- You're upset.
Yes, Wes, I'm upset.
You served me with papers yesterday and now we're going to court because you want full custody.
Like I said, I can't keep paying the girls' private school tuition.
And as I've pointed out, if they come stay with me in Brooklyn They can go to public school.
So, if I understand, and I'm not promising, merely clarifying, if I pay their tuition, are you okay with the girls staying with me? I don't think so.
Why are you being like this? That must be Wes.
I told Abby to call her lawyer.
I'm surprised at him.
He always put the kids first.
If they both put Carrie and Caitlyn first, - maybe they wouldn't be divorced.
- Connor, away with your feet.
Well, let's see if Wes keeps his word and brings the girls back next weekend.
You'll be lucky.
Our agreement says that we have them alternating weeks during the summer.
Yeah, and you broke that agreement keeping them here.
Connor! I'm just saying, things are gonna get ugly.
Connor! Okay, not how I like to spend my mornings - Bree! - No! Connor, don't make us regret your father sending you to law school.
I'm just asking if she has a plan.
Knowing Abby, she must have a plan.
Yes I have a plan, actually.
- Thank you.
- Good.
I'm, uh thinking about moving back.
Home, here.
For good, if that's okay? - Of course Abby! - That's great news.
Yes, yes! Really? I will make sure you still see the girls.
Hey? That's a horrible plan.
It's not even a plan.
Stop your sass.
Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon I remember that old thing.
Oh yeah, that's my last typewriter.
You remember how Bree used to sit there for hours, hunting and pecking away writing.
I gather she's having some kind of writer's block.
I don't understand how Bree does what she does.
It's a petition "for" custody modification, not "of.
" Thank you.
"Legal custody" and "joint custody" aren't the same thing.
- Oh my god.
- What? Abby, what can we do? Is it too late to send Connor back to the hospital? You know, honey, maybe it's a good idea that Connor takes a look at what Look, everyone.
I have a lot on my plate right now, but I've got this.
Well So - you up for some hoops? - What, with you? Yes, with me.
There's somewhere I gotta take Bree and then I'll meet you at Douglas Park.
All right.
Just give me a shout when you're ready.
I will.
All right.
What? How else am I gonna get him to spend time with me? Oh, Mick.
He hasn't wanted to spend five minutes with either of us.
I know.
I never see him in the city either.
Get yourself a basketball.
You're right.
Oh hey, listen Mom has a follow-up appointment this morning with her neurologist and I asked to go along.
You may be wasting your breath, but would you ask too? You mean if we can't be our kids' parents, - we can be our parent's parents? - Exactly.
Megan? Would you be a dear and drive me to my doctor's appointment? I would be happy to, Nell.
Thank you.
Son, I'll be right back.
Mom, at this point I've stopped believing anything you say.
Ah, go on with you! So what d'you think? What do I think? Of the cottage? I always loved the cottage.
The renter just moved out.
And? Bree, this is the perfect place for a promising playwright.
Umm it's a tough commute from Chicago.
For the summer, for the summer.
A change of scene could mean a whole new perspective for you in terms Whoa whoa, Martin and I are fine.
I didn't say that you weren't.
Just think You wake up in the morning after a peaceful night's sleep on this soft, oh, very soft, comfortable bed, the sunlight is streaming through the window Then, you shuffle over and pour yourself a cup of coffee.
It's quiet, nobody's yelling.
You're all alone with your literary thoughts.
Mmm, a nice, mellow roast.
And then? Take it, take it, wait for it.
And then, and only then, you make your way out To this! Now this is where I would write if I could do what you do.
Yeah Lately I can't even do what I do.
The back door was unlocked, so Thanks for coming by, I need to apologize.
I shouldn't have jumped in the middle of you and Wes like that.
Trust me, it'll never happen again.
I'd forgotten about that side of you.
And what side's that? The side that always looked out for me and had my back.
I'm not going to say it doesn't feel good, but things are different now.
- What're you saying? - With Wes fighting me for custody, I really have to put the girls first.
It's not about me.
I understand and I respect that.
It's just - when we kissed the other night - That was a mistake.
I can't pretend I'm 16 again.
I don't have that luxury.
At least not right now.
I just thought I don't know what I thought.
But like I said, I understand.
Thank you.
Friends then? Friends.
So, I will see you around.
How long did you and Mom live here? From just after our honeymoon till just before you were born.
You, Mom, Abby, and Kevin? All in that one room? - It didn't seem small at the time.
- Wow.
Didn't think much about it 'til you came along.
Always the spoiler.
How old were you when you got married? You got something to tell me? No.
No no no, Martin and I are fine, but we are not that fine.
Your Mom was 19 and I was almost 23.
I like being at the big house.
It was just a suggestion.
I can't think of any place more peaceful than Bree! Over here! This is gonna be so awesome.
Oh my gosh, we can have slumber parties like every night.
We can watch Dirty Dancing! We can I'd have to do something about that loud, nosey neighbor.
I can come over any time! The more I open up the ceiling, the more rafters I find need replacing.
- It's always the case, isn't it? - Rotted right through.
Well, we knew the roof was about to collapse.
You got anything you need at the lumber yard? We're gonna need at least another half-dozen 2x12's.
- See where that gets us.
- Okay, well I'll have them sent up in the morning.
Listen, I don't want to overstep, but I know things can't be easy for you and Abby right now It's been 16 years.
Things change.
I always thought Abby and I would get married here one day.
You were kids.
It was like that for Megan and I too, when we got married.
That was another time.
You know, you might want to use a piece of two-by as a gauge block instead of measuring like that.
It's a lot easier.
Yeah, I know.
But this is how my grandfather taught me.
Habit, I guess.
I hear that Abby told me she's thinking about moving home.
I really think it's gonna be good for her and the girls to be here.
She'll figure out what she needs to do, she's got a good head on her shoulders.
You know, I tend to rely on my gut when it comes to something like that.
Of course you do.
You're a musician and an artist.
If you had a head like Abby's, you'd probably see things differently.
Might even be working for your dad at the bank.
You know, somewhere along the line, Abby started ignoring a part of herself.
In tenth grade, she convinced the vice-principal to paint a mural on the backside of the gym.
It didn't make a whole lot of sense to anyone.
No one even really saw that wall.
But it was important to Abby.
She thought she could make something beautiful.
Something that would surprise folks when they walked around that side of the building.
I guess it was an artist's thing.
Thanks, I got it from here.
Jess? Out here.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
Wow, this view is I can't even find the words for it.
You do have writer's block.
This makes the plumbing problem seem unimportant.
When will you be able to be open? I mean the kind where guests actually check in? No clue.
I'm a lady of leisure getting deeper in debt.
Too bad Mom's leaving.
You could start charging for her room.
At least I'll be able to breathe again.
Jess, it's not like she hasn't tried to reach out to all of us.
I was 14 when she left.
We were already fighting about all the typical teenage stuff.
- The stupidest things - Yeah.
We don't have much of a relationship now, but I knew that it didn't matter what I said.
Mom would love me and nothing I said could ever change that.
And I get that it's hard for you.
You never had the chance to trust that she really loves you too.
Jess, it's never gonna get better until you actually start trying.
When I first imagined being a writer, I was seven years old.
I had no clue what I was doing and I'd just sit there in front of Dad's typewriter, pretending to knock out some brilliant oeuvre.
Oeuvre? Oeuvre.
Work of art.
I don't know what the answer is with Mom.
I don't I don't know.
We're all struggling.
We're all trying to figure this out but, my point is, maybe with Mom, you try to fake it till you make it.
Thank you, I hear you, but Mom is not a typewriter.
- Well, no.
- Thanks for the new word.
I'm going to try to find a typewriter ribbon to break my writer's block.
Where's Mom? In town having her hair done.
What'd the doctor say? She didn't want me to go in with her.
I asked you to talk to the doctor.
- No, you asked me to - Meg, c'mon.
All Nell would say was that the doctor can't find anything wrong.
Well, that doesn't help.
Mick, she's a grown woman.
We have to respect her choices.
I'm not suggesting you waterboard her, but I need to know what's going on.
Why is it that you have unfailing patience for our kids and absolutely none for me? You? I'm frustrated about my mother.
- Why are you taking this personally? - Forget it.
Meg, hold on I don't want to fight.
I'm not fighting, but you're acting as though feelings got hurt.
It's how you talk to me, Mick.
How you treat me.
It's way too familiar.
Oh right, I forgot.
It's always my fault.
- Please, just hear what I'm saying - Hold on Hello? Oh, hey Mom Yeah.
Okay, all right, will do.
She wants to meet us for coffee this afternoon.
I'll see you later.
But Okay, if you're really considering moving back here, you need to hit Wes with your own custody modification.
So my lawyer should send a letter? No, you want to slap it to him right in front of the judge.
Abby, until you get to court you want Wes believing that he's got you on the ropes, that you have no idea what to do.
Well he'd be close.
Okay, let's see what we can do about that.
Grounds for custody modification.
New York courts recognize situations that have a profound effect upon the original agreement including We're talking about Wes? Yeah, keep up with me here.
Job loss? He was just fired.
Yay, Wes.
Change of residence? He's moving to Brooklyn.
Criminal behavior? Connor, we're talking about the father of my children.
Hey, you never know.
And change in marital status? Yes.
He's got a serious girlfriend.
What about your grounds for custody modification? Job loss? No, actually I was just offered a position at Capital Management in Baltimore.
Change of residence we've already been over, but I will ignore the bad decision.
Aha, change in marital status? - Sorry? - Oh come on, Miss O'Brien, do you expect us to believe that you went back to idyllic Chesapeake Shores, a divorced, single parent, mother of two, where you found yourself taking long, slow-motion runs on the beach with a hunky singer who just happens to have been your high school sweetheart? Ha ha ha, Connor, you're so funny.
Someone you always planned on marrying, isn't that right? And now you're maneuvering the court into getting a second chance for yourself? Okay, stop.
It doesn't matter what your kids think or how this affects them or how this affects their father, - moving all the way from New York - I said stop! Abby, I'm just showing you what it'll be like when you get to court.
I get that.
Thank you.
But I think going through it once will be enough.
Lucky! Yes! C'mon pops, that all you got? All right, check! Oops! Oh, you're good.
Any time you're ready.
Oh what, we playing buck-buck now? Call the foul if you need to! I don't need anything except Woo, yeah 21! - Come on, come play.
- No, no.
I just came to see if you ordered those 2x12s.
I'm begging you.
A quick game of bump to 21, c'mon.
You want to play 21? Sure.
You're up.
Check! You gonna play D? Yeah.
Just like when you were a kid, you always go right.
Hey! Hey! It's fine Mick it's all good.
What're you doing? I know it was an accident.
You okay? Yeah.
I told Dad I like being at the big house but, I'm kind of reconsidering.
Think Dad would let me move the cottage to Chicago? Well, have things gotten better with you and Martin? I don't know about me and Martin.
In fact, I'm thinking about making some changes.
- Yeah? - Yeah, for the summer at least.
Moving in here.
Not seeing my shrink.
And giving up playwriting.
Those are some really big changes.
Yeah, I know and I blame you.
I thought, if Abby can move home for the summer Whoa, hold on.
It's not just for the summer.
What? Yeah, I think I've decided to move home for good.
Really? - Good for you.
How do you feel? - Nauseous.
- Have you told the girls? - No, not yet.
They're gonna love it.
We're going to have such a fun summer.
Yes, we will.
We will.
It's gonna be it'll be great.
There'll be sandcastle contests and Buccaneer Days, and Roots and Shoots with Gran, and the Mighty Minnows Swim Club Oh, I loved Mighty Minnows.
But I was talking about you and me.
So astute you are! I don't know what's going on with Martin, or your career Okay, why is everybody always asking about me and Martin? Martin and I are fine! We're fine! Okay, I think it might be over with me and Martin and I think I want to write a novel.
I've never said those words out loud.
Well it is going to be great.
For both of us.
Yes! Yeah.
Let me ask you this.
How did Mom and Dad go from that fairytale life to a nightmare divorce? Life's never a fairytale.
- I refuse to believe that.
- That is because you are a writer.
A novelist.
Hey! You need to own that.
A novelist.
That's what I am! - Yep! I write books! - You do.
- Long ones.
- Sure.
Okay so what's the deal? I told you, it's the way that I play.
I can't say that I believe you.
Of course.
Well if that's the way you play, then you need to ask yourself why.
You taught me to play like that.
Okay fine, you know what? You didn't.
Why don't you ask Kevin? - You'll believe Kevin.
- Are we going back to the time that you got hit in the face? I know you still think I threw that ball on purpose.
I am so tired of not saying anything.
Well, nothing's ever stopped you.
So have at it.
Go ahead.
Why'd you get us all getting together anyway? Why'd you call us down here? Because I know it wasn't because of Gran.
You think that there's some way You think that there's something that we're all going to discover.
That we're all gonna find something and it's gonna make this family okay again.
Like none of it ever happened.
I mean, everyone's got their own version, Abby, Kevin, Bree, Jess.
You and Mom.
Gran's is probably the closest to the truth.
Go back to New York, Connor.
Do whatever you want.
You don't want to be part of this family? Don't.
- That's not what I - I'll get a ride home with your mother.
Wait! Top off the tank on the way back to the house and park it in the driveway.
I'd like to apologize.
Whatever it was that sent me to the floor last week, I haven't been honest.
I've spoken plainly about all my symptoms and there haven't been any others since.
But it's caused me to re-evaluate a few things and I'd like to share them.
- Mom, I - Now listen to me.
Should it happen that, eventually, that there's some concern about my health, I give you my word, that I will meet it head-on, cause I have no intention of spending one minute less with my grandchildren than I'm able.
However, just like with everyone else, my time is in God's hands.
And as such, I am going to trust Him to give me as many days as He chooses.
I think it'd be a good idea to get a second opinion.
I know some great doctors in New York.
- Will you please consider - Megan, darling, I've considered and I've made up my mind.
What I want from you is not to be clucked over like some convalescent with one foot in the grave.
There's something in the not knowing in all of this that's reinvigorated me to live my life to the fullest.
Are we in agreement? Do we have a choice? Let's order.
I hear Sally has a new cook.
[Cell phone ringing] Hey.
That's good news.
Thanks for letting me know.
No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Because it's not good for either of us.
Yeah, that was Axel.
I'm sure he misses you too.
Look, I gotta go.
I gotta go.
- Thanks.
- The plumber's finished? For today.
There's still lots more to do.
- Let me pay for the repairs.
- No, it's okay thanks.
You know, Nell told me that this was the first house that you and pops ever did the plumbing in.
Yes, I'm painfully aware of it.
- I did offer to pay.
- And you should.
And you shouldn't let him.
Jess, you have done such a great job bringing this place back.
You remember when it was built? Shortly after.
Your Dad wanted to buy it from the Lunsfords.
That's the family that he and your grandfather built it for.
Your Mom and I always admired this house from over at the cottage, but we just couldn't afford it.
It would've been too small, anyway.
We had all you kids just a few years later.
Mom was Abby's age.
You were taking care of five children? Five under 12.
Mom was your age by the time she had all of us.
Wow I never thought about it.
I felt like I was pregnant forever.
- Hey, can we go for a walk? - We're on our way to the seaplane.
No, It's not gonna take very long.
Of course.
Hey, how're the repairs going? The plumbers aren't the neatest.
You uh, you got a ride to the airport? Yeah, Jess said she'd gimme a ride.
I gotta go get your Mom's suitcase, so There are a couple of things I want to tell you.
First, I'm staying here for the summer.
In the cottage.
That's great Bree! Oh, you are gonna have your peace and quiet.
I know.
I'm kind of excited.
Um And second I I want to thank you.
For teaching me how to type.
For teaching you how to type? Yeah, don't you remember? Of course I do.
You remember that? You taught me how to find the home row, and - the type drills, FFF space, TTT space.
- TTT space.
You made it fun.
You remember the practice sentences? Now is the time for every good man to come to the aid of his country.
And? [Both] The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
I had a good teacher.
Finally! We gotta go.
Your Mom will want to say goodbye and Gran will be sorry she missed you.
I'm sorry I missed Gran.
But I'll see Mom in New York.
Yeah, take her to lunch.
She'd like that.
I will see you in court.
Thank you for your help.
- You could've been a lot nicer.
- Nicer? Nice doesn't win cases, Abby.
- Dad, can I borrow the Jeep? - Sure, I'll pick it up tomorrow.
- Well, see you.
- See you later.
You uh, you need anything? No, I'm good.
Thanks though.
- See you.
- Okay.
Yes! Nice.
Hey I think you need to give Jess some space.
I don't know how to fix it.
It isn't just a skinned knee, you can't just kiss it and make it all better.
You have it give it time.
- Bye, nice to see you.
- Bye Connor! All right, see you later.
- Was that Connor? - Yeah.
Jess is taking him to the airport.
He said he will see you back in the city.
Uh What kind of Pandora's box did I open this weekend? I don't know yet, but I am glad you did.
You know, you and I almost got through three whole days without fighting.
Hm! That's a record.
You want me to walk you to the plane? Yeah, I'll just grab my bag.
Happy to fly you myself Mick O'Brien.
Do you mean you still have that old twin? Flies like a piano.
What does that even mean? I hated that thing.
We hardly flew together.
Because I was scared.
I know I'll be keeping in touch with Abby about the custody hearing, but you and I should probably keep in touch too.
That girl's never asked for a thing.
- No, she did once.
- She was five.
- She couldn't get the lid off a - Peanut butter jar.
Hey Martin, it's me.
I don't know where you are but, it's an hour later here so you don't have to call back.
I just uh I hope you're having a good night.
Uh I love you.
[Typing] [Typing faster] [Typing] Hey.
Hey yourself.
I was hoping that you were gonna stop by actually.
It's a nice surprise.
Isn't that what friends do? Would you like to sit? So I have news.
You've decided to move home.
Thank you for spoiling my surprise.
Yeah well, friends do that sometimes.
But there's no way to spoil that surprise.
[] Here I am again On my way back home Searching for the answers has left me all alone Will I be the same? Will it always end? I hope I get it right this time I'm spinning round and round I walked away, but I'm not sure I'm safe I guess it's a chance I'll take Even if this is my mistake I need to feel something I've known Something like home