Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

We're not losing a son

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
I need you to promise me you're going to bring them home next weekend.
What do you mean bring them home? Back, here to Chesapeake Shores.
Now this is where I'd write if I could do what you do.
When we kissed the other night I can't pretend I'm 16 again, I don't have that luxury.
- Friends then.
- Friends.
Dad sent us something! Presents! Yay! Girls, I hate to dissapoint you, but I think those are my files from work.
There's my favorite girls! Hi! There you are! Hi Nana! Perfect timing! How'd you both like to help Nana make some dumplings? Great! Yeah! - Gran, I love your hair! - You do? You look so pretty, Nana.
Thank you! Nana had some help from the beauty parlor.
Now look, if you run inside and wash your hands good then we'll get started, okay? - Okay! - Okay! I didn't know if you wanted these boxes here or at the office? Let me think about that.
Son, what are you up to now? Trying to keep the wisteria from pulling down the gutters.
I cut one vine and before I know it, I'm tangled in a jungle.
Mick, dont be cuttin' down my wisteria.
Listen Mom, it's the wisteria or us.
Now, I'm going back out there and it's gonna be a long day.
I'd rather your father be at work than in this current humor.
Mmm hmm.
Let me ask you a question.
How's Trace? Gran, we're just friends.
He was your first love.
And if anything changes between us, you will be the first to know.
Whether you like it or not.
[Police sirens] [Ringing] Hi Mom! Hey! What time is it there? Just after noon.
I'm sorry to wake you, but you said to call as soon as I got here.
No! I'm glad you did.
So, you're noon, are you 12 hours ahead or behind me? I always forget.
That's okay.
Soon you can forget for good.
What? I've decided this is going to be my last deployment.
Thank you! What made you decide? A lot of things.
Even all of us getting together on the Fourth.
The O'Briens are as crazy as a family c Owithout so yeah I have to see.
Honey? I don't have time so it's good reason to keep stateside.
Kevin, you're breaking up.
What It's time to start my own life.
- Honey I - deployment Florida another Kevin, I can't understand what you're saying! What? Yeah.
Three months Kevin! Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon [Seagulls cawing] No, stay here Mommy.
Mommy has to go to Baltimore.
When did you two crawl into bed? I dont know Well, you go back to sleep, okay? [Typing] [Message sending] You look smart.
Or whatever word you girls call it these days.
Thanks Gran, I just want to make a good impression on my first day.
Darling, you're going to make a good impression.
But first you're going to sit down and have something to eat.
I'm just going to have coffee.
I want to get to work early.
What do you think she's doing out there? I do not know, but she's been out there for over an hour.
I was under the impression that she was moving into the cottage.
That's what she said, but she obviously enjoys being here.
You do know how to spoil, Gran.
Go on with ya! - Morning! - Good morning! - What's for breakfast? - Blueberry pancakes.
- Your favorite.
- I love it! What were you doing out there? Yoga.
This is yoga? No, that is Power Posing.
I read a study that found if you stand like this, like a superhero for two minutes a day for a week you are gonna feel more confident and powerful.
But does it work? I don't know! Ask me in a week.
So when are you moving into the cottage to write your great American novel? Soon? Yeah, soon.
I have actually started writing it's uh, a sweeping family saga.
I even have a title.
"War and Peace" Too bad that one's already taken.
Then I got nothin'.
- Oh, Gran! - Yes? I'm thinking about painting the girls' room, to make it feel more like home here.
Darling, that's a wonderful idea.
Have you still not told him that you're moving here? I'm working on it.
Maybe I could take the girls to the hardware store, and I could have them pick out some colors.
Or, you could let them pick from here.
That's a great idea! You're hired.
Bye! Bye! Oh! Hash browns! - You think she was overdressed? - No, I think she was perfect.
You can't come to work with me to today buddy.
I'll come back and walk you at lunch.
[Dog barking] Hi, big boy.
Good to see you.
How are you? Good to see you buddy.
Let's go in! Come on.
He leaves it open, of course he leaves it open.
Hey boy, where's his guitar? You're early.
What time do people normally get here? Normally between 8 and 9.
But during the summer, It's closer to 10.
Well, I was just excited to get here.
Were excited to have you here.
Want to see your new office? Yes! That'd be great! Guess we forgot to mention, it's casual Friday.
Well, I wish I had a collar to loosen.
I'm sure this pales to your view from the 30th floor in Manhattan, but I think you'll find lots of other things here you just can't find in the financial district.
Thank you, Del.
This is great.
I mean it, Abby.
We've put your name out there and we're getting some very positive responses.
This office is poised for you to make your mark with the rest of us.
I will not let you down.
If you look past that building over there, you're going to see Fort McHenry.
That's where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner.
Wow! I'll have to take the girls there.
- I'll let you settle in.
- Thanks.
Axel? Axel.
[Dog barking] How did you get in here? Seriously? I thought I'd surprise you.
Surprise! I asked you not to come here and you decide it's a good idea to just show up unannounced? Kinda like how you snuck outta Nashville unannounced? How else was I supposed to get your attention? I have a life here and it doesn't include you.
No, you had a life in Tennessee, and whether you like it or not, it did include me.
I assume you're getting the same letters? From the label's lawyers? They're the least of my concerns right now.
After everything that happened, I understand you need a break, but we are in breach of contract.
The label won't let you just walk away.
Leigh, I'm done.
Do what you want, but I'm not going back.
I gotta get back to work.
You cant stay here.
Tab A into slot B.
That makes no sense! Hi! Sorry, we're actually not open yet.
I don't take up much space.
I must've been to every other place around.
How many nights would Just until I make other arrangements.
I'm here from Nashville.
Business? Pleasure? A bit of both.
I'm a songwriter.
Oh! Do you know Trace Riley? Very well.
He's helped me, so much fixing up this place.
He's talented! Sometimes I find myself wondering if there is anything he can't do.
How do you know each other? I'm in his band.
We also write together.
Have I heard you? On his first album.
Leigh! Corley! Oh! Nice to meet you.
Can I help with your luggage? Yes, of course you can stay.
I just have the one bag.
Thank you! I'm sorry.
I should've recognized you.
Please, no need to worry.
Bree! Bees it's bee season.
We need them to pollinate, but they can be so pesky! Okay, follow me.
It's so quiet.
Abby's at work, Bree's at the cottage and Jess is at the B&B, and the children are outside playing.
I thought the whole point of taking the summer off was so we could all be together.
To be a kid again.
Not a care in the world.
That wasn't you when you were a child.
Maybe your brother Thomas.
You always had to stay busy.
Busy, busy, busy.
I never outgrew it.
Abby wants to paint the girls' room.
You could go for the paint! Mom, did you ever see Abby's mural? The one at the back of the high school? Is it still there? Somehow I missed it.
Mick darling, missed it? Weren't you around long enough to see it? There is that.
Think I'll go see if Jess needs some help.
You encourage that girl to stand on her own.
There is no pleasing you, is there? What I'm trying to say to you is, the whole point in having a relationship with your adult children is to let them make their own decisions.
Even when she opens a B&B when it's not ready? Mick.
Go outside and play.
For heaven's sake, build something if you have to.
You know what Mom? That is a very good idea.
And she comes with an impressive resume.
But rather than list her accomplishments, I'm going to let Abby O'Brien speak for herself.
Abby? Thank you, Del.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Obviously, I didnt get the casual Friday memo I grew up south of here, in Chesapeake Shores, and while I'm happy to be back, my years in New York taught me a lot.
This company may not be a player in the foreign markets yet.
But there's no reason why that shouldn't be exactly where we set our sights.
Not when this firm has the human resources to become a premier provider of asset administration and financial growth, all while maintaining uncompromising principles.
When it comes to Capital Management, we have a saying in New York, First be best.
Then be first.
I came on way too strong.
You showed passion.
That's exactly what they wanted to see.
Abby, it may take a little while for you to feel comfortable here.
Baltimore isn't New York, but you'll get the hang of it.
So, what are you doing with the rest of the day? I'm going to make some calls to New York, to make sure my clients don't think I've abandoned them.
Clean up any business you need and we'll get back to it on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend.
First be best, then be first.
I like that.
Me too! You broke my heart and left me alone Now, I'm back to take you home Last that I hear of you can't be the dial tone Will you come back to me? Jess? Shh Will you come back to me? What were you doing? When did you start checking in guests? That's Leigh Corley.
Who? She's a country singer from Nashville.
She was in Trace's band.
The hotels are full, so someone must have told her about my place.
That's great! You must've heard of her.
She's even had a few small hits of her own.
Green Circle Road? Shoal Creek Rising? You spend all your time with your nose buried in books.
I don't know who she is, why does that upset you so much? I'm upset that she's here.
Because? - Oh, you can be so frustrating.
- Back atcha! We need to tell Abby! You think she's here for Trace? Yes! That's what I said.
No, you didn't.
I didn't? No, you did not.
Where're you going? Home.
You've convinced me of something I have trouble convincing myself of.
Going to go back to writing.
We need to tell Abby! I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
You really can't hear me? Or are you just ignoring me? I really can't hear you.
Connor! Connor! Hey! You made it.
Yeah, study group ran long.
Contract law.
Barf! What kind of law are you thinking about? Sorry? I asked what kind of law Maybe criminal law.
Do you know what you want? I thought I'd ask about the specials.
Do you come here often? I camp out here every once in a while, study.
Actually, I live right across the street.
I had a hard time finding this place, there's no sign.
I think that's supposed to make it feel excusive.
I talked to Kevin last night.
Did he say where he is? He's not allowed to say.
That's so ridiculous.
What difference does it make? It does seem kind of silly.
And what's he trying to prove, anyways? He doesn't want a career in the military.
In fact, he said this is his last deployment.
Return of the conquering hero.
Why would you say that? It's nothing.
Maybe we should get a waiter.
- Connor, why would you - I don't really have much time.
Hey, so we're kind of in a rush here Nana! Nana! Nana's in here! Grampa said we had to come inside.
I thought you were playing outside with your grand dad? We were.
He says when he gets back we're going to build a playhouse.
Grand dad likes nothing more than building.
What's this? Nana is making a quilt out of worn out old clothes.
My old shirt! That's right! And look at this, it's Connor's shirt.
This is your mother's jacket.
What do you think this is? - That's my jean skirt.
- That's right! Hi! Hey darling, are you staying for supper? Yes, please.
And I thought you were moving into the cottage? What? Are you really moving? No, I'm not moving-moving.
More like camping-moving.
Well moving can be a wonderful adventure.
Yeah! Oh yeah.
Actually, I'm moving into that little house over by Aunty Jess's B&B.
- That's not far.
- You'll be by the beach.
I know.
Maybe you guys can come have a sleepover.
That would be so much fun! Gonna pinky swear? Pinky swear! (Together) 1, 2, 3, break! I got your text.
Air conditioning? Sure.
Let's crank this up! Oh, gosh! That feels amazing! How's it going? We're using reclaimed wood where we can, so it's kinda hard to track down.
But there's something to be said for preserving the past.
You said that you had something to show me? Oh, yeah.
A wedding ring? Found it in the floor boards, stuck in one of the cracks.
It's really pretty.
And obviously old.
Someone must have dropped it who knows how many years ago.
Give it to Mick.
He's on the board of the Historical Society, he can pass it on to them.
So, how was your first day at work? I think I came off a little bit too strong.
You? I'm sure you knocked 'em dead.
Thank you for cooling me down.
Trace I know that we have a lot of time to make up for, but Why don't we go for brunch on Saturday at Sally's? I don't think that's such a good idea, but I'm glad you came by.
[Bell ringing] Who goes there? It's me.
Me? Who's me? Your Mom! Connor? Hello? - Hey.
- Hey! Sorry.
I didn't expect you You never invited me.
I've been studying for 12 hours straight.
I thought I'd surprise you.
Well, come on in! Sorry the place is kind of a sty.
I've never seen your place.
Not bad for rent free.
Really? So what Dad pays the rent.
I know how lucky I am to only work part time.
What you don't seem to understand Stop! Why are you so angry at me? Are we really doing this? Now? Seriously? You have a better idea? Yeah, I have a better idea.
How about we never do that.
How about that? Mom, this isn't worth crying about.
This was a mistake.
I am sorry I bothered you.
Wait, Mom.
Mom, wait! Ok, now girls, what I'm doing here is called framing, but the most important part of building is the foundation.
Because without a strong foundation, the whole building can collapse on you very quickly.
So you Hey, girls! Girls! Hi! Aren't we building a playhouse together? You're doing everything.
There's nothing left for us to do.
Well I Mom! We're building a playhouse! And I'm helping! Wow! Well, grandpa loves building things.
You know, he built a tree house for Uncle Connor and Kevin.
Cool! Hi hon.
[Phone ringing] Hey! I was just talking about you.
Hey, um I lost my temper, and I think you should call Mom.
Why, is something wrong? No, not like that.
It's just she came by my place I don't know why, and by the time she left she was crying.
What did you say? I didn't say anything.
Really? You have no idea why she was upset? You know what? Just forget it Abby, all right? Forget it? Connor, you called me.
I called you to check on Mom, not to lecture me.
[Hangs up] Hello? Connor? All right girls! Move over, I'm coming in! (Together) Yay! That was a great meal.
My compliments to the chef.
Well done chef! So, what do you say we go out and finish up with the playhouse? It's going to be dark in a half hour.
That doesn't matter, The work must go on, right? - Right.
- Girls, help me clear the table first.
We have to tell her.
No, that's a terrible idea.
Abby has enough on her plate.
Wouldn't you want to know? Of course.
But we don't even know that something is going on.
They could just be friends! - Just friends.
- Girls! No whispering.
I hear you're moving to the cottage.
Uhh well yeah no.
That was something I told the girls so they would feel better about moving.
Yeah, Gran mentioned you're finally moving to the cottage.
And we're going to visit you.
Moving is an adventure! Yes, it is.
Let's help Aunt Bree pack.
(Together) Yeah! No no I think I don't think that I'm uh I guess I'm moving! Because moving is an adventure! (Jess) Girls, girls! (Carrie) This is a typewriter! (Girls together) Let's play with it! Please don't touch the typewriter! Dad, you're not actually going to continue working right now are you? I finished the floor and the framing, it'll go fast! Actually, wait.
Trace found this under the floor of the church.
Wonder where that came from? - May I? - Sure.
Did you have a chance to pick up the paint? What? For the girls' bedroom? No.
Okay, well tomorrow is Saturday, I'll do it then.
I left the key under the flowerpot for Leigh.
She hasn't been here all day.
Something's going on.
Maybe, but I'm a writer and a writer should never think the obvious.
I also don't want to see my sister getting hurt.
- What do we do? - I have no clue.
Aarrrgh! [Screaming] What are you, six? How did you even get here so fast? Come on, car beats golf cart every time.
I came to help Miss Bree unpack! So, you're in a good place? I am.
I took stock and realized, I have an incredible life, and two beautiful girls, and a job I can only make better.
Two incredibly loving and supportive sisters that want the best for you, even if it hurts? We have to tell her.
Tell me what? There's a girl.
Not just a girl.
Leigh Corley.
She's staying at the B&B.
Or she was.
And and he's here to see Trace.
Leigh Corley.
She and Trace recorded three duets together on his album! How come I'm the only person that's heard of them? I'm sure they're just friends though, so He hasn't mentioned anyone from Nashville? Trace doesn't talk about that part of his life and I can't get him to open up.
Look, he lived there for 15 years.
I'm sure he dated or had relationships.
Yeah! So, you're not mad? You're okay? Yeah.
I mean, I appreciate you guys telling me, but honestly Trace and I are just friends.
Friends that kiss? Maybe Leigh is the reason Trace left Nashville? That's entirely possible.
The way you left Trace in Chesapeake! Sorry.
Thanks for letting me come over.
You didn't give me much choice, did you? Would you mind if I had a glass of wine? I don't mind, but I don't have any.
I'm not trying to drag you back to Nashville.
But you can't just forget about the life you had or who you were.
Why are you willing to throw away everything we started? Not to mention the legalities.
I already returned the advance money.
The label isnt worried about the advance.
They want us to finish the album.
You keep talking about we and us! Don't you get it? We're no good together.
Have you been playing? Where's your guitar? Not anymore.
I can't pretend to understand what you must be going through but I do know this: you're too talented to throw it all away over a mistake.
A mistake? I almost cost someone their life! Trace, you need to forgive yourself.
What if we forgot about Nashville? At least, for now? Believe me, I'm trying.
What if I stayed? Would that help? (Abby) Honestly, Trace and I are just friends.
(Jess) Friends that kiss? (Bree) Maybe Leigh is the reason Trace left Nashville? (Jess) The way you left Trace in Chesapeake! Keep your eyes closed.
Come on! What is it? You have to wait! It's a surprise! - Yeah, uh huh.
- I don't wannna wait! Too bad! All right, just a minute.
- Are you ready? - Yes! Open your eyes.
The playhouse! You finished it! Oh my gosh! Careful, some of the paint's still wet.
Thank you.
It was fun.
Besides, once I start something I have to finish it.
I was so busy with the playhouse I forgot to ask you.
How was your first day in Baltimore? Work'll be fine.
It's the rest of my life I need to figure out.
Anything I can do? No, I'm okay.
Thank you Grandpa! Thank you, thank you! - You're welcome! - Thank you! I love you Grandpa! - Love you more! - Love you most! Why don't you call Abby about this? Because Abby will listen to you.
And I may have hung up on her yesterday.
Connor Okay, so what's your idea? At her custody hearing next week, Abby needs to make it clear she has the girls' best interests in mind.
Of course that's what Shh I can't hear him.
Are you in a bar? What better place to study for the bar than a bar? No, I am not at a bar.
Look, the courts are inclined to give the mother primary custody unless they feel she's alienating the father.
Abby doesnt want to give the girls less of Wes.
She just wants to give them more of her.
We'll see about that.
Connor, don't start.
Fine fine, just let me finish.
Abby needs to impress the judge that her move to Chesapeake Shores will give her more time with the girls in addition to extended support from our family, okay? Okay, anything else? Yeah, uh have you talked to Mom lately? (Together) No.
Has Abby? I don't know.
Why, whats up? Nothing nothing.
You know, I gotta book.
I'll talk to you later.
See ya.
Oh, hey.
I forgot to tell you something.
Yeah? - [Laughing] - [Phone hanging up] I cannot believe we fall for that every single time! Why'd he ask about Mom? I don't know.
Did Leigh come home last night? She did.
See! And I really don't think Abby cares.
- Okay, she totally cares.
- She totally cares.
A lot.
Big time.
For sure now, those little ones love that playhouse.
I thought they might.
Where did Abby run off to? She went to pick up paint for the girls' room.
Ah, good.
(Together) Nana, Nana! Hi! Hi darling.
What's that piece? Well now, that is Aunt Bree's outfit, when she was a wee baby.
Cool, what about this one? That's your Grandad's old worn out work shirt.
What about Daddy? Can we get Daddy into the quilt? Your daddy is a member of this family and always will be.
So I think we should ask him for an old shirt or a t-shirt and add it to the quilt.
Yay! There's milk and cookies for somebody in the kitchen! Cookies! Yay! Chocolate chip! [Car honking] Hey! there's no honking in Chesapeake Shores.
Come on! Abby! This is Leigh, from my band.
Leigh, hello.
Would you like to sit down? Thanks but I'm actually spending the day with my kids.
Oh, how old are they? Carrie is nine and Caitlyn is seven.
Two little girls.
Must keep you busy.
Yeah in fact I actually need to go.
Trace, I just saw your truck out front and thought I would say hi.
Leigh, it was really nice to meet you.
You two seeing each other again? No.
We're just uh we're just friends.
Barely breathing Left a hole in my heart it keeps on bleeding Everybody telling me it just takes time but I don't want to live another lonely night Come on! Go! [Horn honking] Is it really that hard to choose? You must know this menu forwards and backwards.
How long were you together? Ah six, seven years.
What happened? Maybe we should just skip brunch.
I'd hate you to get stuck in traffic on your way home.
Trace, after all we've been through, we can't talk about this? Abby left me and Chesapeake Shores over 16 years ago.
She chose a different life.
That didn't work out.
She's divorced, right? Right.
Look, are you hungry? Because I'm not anymore.
I'm sorry.
I'll stop.
Hey, got room for another friend? [Phone ringing] (Everyone together) No phone calls at the table! That's right.
Napkins on the lap.
Mom? Will you do the honors? Bless this food set before us, may it nourish and fulfill our bodies.
Bless the ones who prepared and served it [Phone ringing] [Phone turns off] and may we fulfill our lives with joy and love.
Bless the ones who aren't with us today like Kevin and Connor, and Mimi and daddy Wes.
(Everyone together) Amen.
Thank you Mom, that was great.
[Phone ringing] It just never stops! Hello? Yes, this is his father Yes sir, I understand.
Yes sir, do you know Thank you.
We'll stay by the phone.
Something's happened to Kevin.
Is he okay? That was the liaison officer for Army public relations saying he's given us all the information he can.
They've lost contact with Kevin's FST unit.
Is that unusual? He says that it happens.
Communication isn't consistent in the desert.
- Why would they call if they don't - Honey, all we know is that he's missing.