Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Exes Mark the Spot

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
You're both asking for full physical custody.
Dave is the guy from the lending library.
Jess, we have a lot in common.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
I almost cost a man his life.
Dad? Are you okay? I was jealous the other day when I saw you at Sally's.
Come back to Nashville, and then when you're ready, we'll go into the studio, together.
Don't give up what you love unless you absolutely have to.
I've waited 16 years for this.
[Water splashing] Becca? Rebecca! Where are you? [Water bubbling] Jess help me! Becca, where are you? I can't find you Becca! I can't swim anymore.
Take my hand! I can't! Rebecca! [Deep breath] Don't tell me you're here to apologize for kissing me again.
And you're not about to say last night was a mistake, or a "complication?" Actually, I was going to do the exact opposite.
Oh! Good morning, Abby.
Riley When are you going to feel comfortable calling me Dee? Sure Dee.
Mom decided Axel needed a new dog bed.
Apparently sleeping on mine isn't good enough for him anymore.
Abby, coffee? No, I'm okay, I just Will take some cream, thanks! Yeah.
Dog bed? An excuse to stop by.
I think she and my father are having problems again.
It's nice that she feels comfortable doing that with you.
And Axel.
So, what brings you here so early? Oh, thank you.
I uh I need some paintbrushes, because we're painting the girls' room today.
You missed the hardware store, it's uh Back that way.
On the other side of town, you know, it's not on the way - at all.
- Trace.
Bad joke, I'll be right back.
So, you're moving back home with Carrie and Caitlyn.
That's such good news.
It's actually a bit complicated.
Their dad is asking for full custody, so we're heading back to court in the fall.
Well, I just know that everything is going to work out.
For you, and for Trace.
Paint brushes.
And in case you feel inspired Oh, I always loved that mural you painted on the high school.
Oh, thank you.
I haven't done anything like that in a very long time.
This is more my style these days.
So I should go, um Thank you for the coffee Dee.
[Trace laughing] She is wonderful! - I know where this is headed.
- I just want you to be happy.
- I am happy.
- But happier with Abby I got to get ready for work.
Mack? Hey! Over here, Mick.
What's going on? Like I said on the phone.
I didn't fly all the way from Maryland for one-word answers.
Maybe you wasted a trip.
It is what it is, Mick.
We got trade union trouble, credit lines being called in, material delays.
Somebody was asleep at the switch.
You think? This is the third project that we have done together.
I'm on the hook here, too.
Round up electrical and mechanical subs, get things going again.
And how am I going to pay 'em? I'll have money in the account by the end of the week.
Just do it.
Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon - Morning! - Morning.
Can I make you breakfast? Must be so bizarre, sleeping in this house again.
- A bit.
- Yeah, does it feel like home? Not really.
Coffee? No, I gotta finish the rowboat before Dad gets home.
Do you know when he flies back? - He'll be back for Jess's party.
- Okay.
Hey, have you sent out resumes yet? Yeah, I e-mailed a few last week.
Yeah? And I went on an interview.
Uncle Tom set it up.
- In Baltimore.
- Baltimore? Come tell me! I don't wanna jinx it, but I'll let you know if I hear anything.
[Kids playing] Okay, here, I'm going to try again.
Here, maybe Aunty Bree can show you! - Show you what? - How to do a cartwheel.
Oh uh C'mon Aunt Bree, show these little ones how it's done.
Thank you, Connor.
Uh, I think you go foot, hand, hand, foot okay? Watch.
Wee! (Kids) Wow! I did it! I'm gonna do one more, one more.
Here I come! Wee! That was so fun! Ok girls, let's get your stuff and let's go paint your room! - Okay! - Yeah? - Yeah.
- How about you Aunty Bree, wanna show them how to use a paintbrush? Oh no.
I just came by to get Gran's whip.
- Okay.
- Carry us! Carry you? Oh my gosh! You're getting so heavy! And you to? Oh my goodness! Girls! Yo.
You're awake! Yep.
Jess is having her party tonight.
I don't think I'll stay.
I need to be at work on Monday.
Sweetheart, you still are thinking this was your last deployment right? Yes.
All this is just a part of your physical therapy? Is there a reason No.
I'm gonna go, but I will stop by Jess's tonight and say goodbye.
- Alright.
- Okay.
Love you.
I'm afraid that there won't be enough food.
I just I don't know.
Take another look at the menu.
Maybe you'll see something else you like.
I need potato salad.
- Potato salad.
- And coleslaw.
- Coleslaw.
- And I need to break up.
Yesterday at the mini bumper boats, you and Bree, you guys were just having so much fun.
We were, but I was having fun with you, too.
I know, and I'm not blaming you, or Bree.
It's just that you guys have so much in common.
And I just think that Let me total this up.
Wait! Cancel that.
Cancel the order? Cancel what I just said.
We're not breaking up? No well yes, we are, I just Would you consider being - Your friend? - No, no.
I want you to be okay, let's go outside.
Ever since you came to cook for Bree and I, I've been thinking I want you to be my chef, at the B&B.
Your chef? Maybe you can make up a menu for tonight's party and we could just see Yeah! Like an audition.
I can't afford to pay you.
At least not until we officially open this weekend If that's okay Jess, the chance to have my own kitchen would be fantastic.
I'm so glad you're excited! Are you kidding? This is like the best breakup I've ever had.
I know right? I gotta get back inside, but I'll see ya? - Okay, see ya.
- Okay.
Okay! Axel, I just bought you a bed I can take him with me.
No no, don't bother, he's fine.
You going to be okay here alone? Of course.
And I know you're anxious to get started at the new space.
Mom What's going on with you and Dad? Nothing.
You ever think about getting a divorce? It would devastate your father.
You're always talking to me about being happy What about you? It's not too late, you know.
I'm fine where I am.
Thank you.
[Doorbell ringing] I planned a day trip to Newport.
I didn't plan to fly up to Boston today.
Then I suppose, come on in.
Thank you.
Darryl, you have put me in a lousy spot.
If you breach this contract I'll lose my line of credit.
So let's sit down and go over the numbers.
I've gone over them: profit loss statements, material price index.
All the way back to June.
Look, we're coming out of a rough economic cycle.
Everybody is looking to collect on outstanding accounts.
You're not telling me anything I don't already know.
So, why don't you come clean? Ventures like this, there's always risk involved.
Risk? You're bailing on me.
You're hanging me out to dry.
There are too many variables.
You just said there was risk involved.
This is a partnership.
I'm doing my part.
You need to do yours.
Mick - I'm sorry.
- I don't want an apology.
I want to sit down with you and go over the numbers.
My wife is expecting me at a fundraiser.
Just tell her you need to attend this fundraiser.
We're going to sit down and we're going to come up with a way to help Drake make the payroll by the end of the week.
Then we're going to find a way to get this project back on track.
Candice isn't going to be happy.
This is a very beautiful house you have here, Darryl.
Why don't you just tell her that you're doing everything you can to keep it? La la la la la.
Is this more fun than the playhouse that Grandpa built for you guys? [Laughing] It's a close second.
It's a close second? Okay.
[Laughing] What did you do? Arrrgh! Crazy girls! You match the wall! See? Yeah.
[Laughing] You going over it? It does look like a lift.
Girls! Come see! [Girls talking in distant background] Girls Excuse me, I thought we were painting your room! We are.
This is recess.
What is going on here? Bree, it was my choice.
And I do realize that you guys have way more in common.
This is so wrong.
It's the truth.
No, I'm talking about somebody stealing books, in Chesapeake Shores.
What part of Lending Library don't people understand? Bree, I'm talking about David.
I feel awful.
Yeah, me too.
This sucks.
Would you be uncomfortable if I hire him? Because I do need a chef.
Uncomfotable? Um Pfft no! No.
But I just want to make sure we're on the same page.
You're not breaking up with him because of me.
I'm not saying you should date him! - Oh well.
- Sally is not happy.
I just quit.
David, I can't hire you yet.
I know but I'm miserable waiting tables and I'm too excited to get started.
Hi Bree.
Hi David.
So, I'll pick up what I need and see you at the B&B? Yes um Yeah, thank you.
See you soon.
"Take a book, leave a book.
" people! It's a pretty simple concept.
People and their stealing ways.
It's okay if you want do date David.
I see the way that you look at each other.
Okay, well I don't know that that's even a Let's just let it go.
Okay! [Phone beeps] Why d'you suppose we never decided to live here? Because we were gonna make it on our own.
Prove to our families how it's done: married, build a career and have a family We showed them.
Dad was convinced for a while.
What did he call us? A couple of worldbeaters.
[Laughing] Right.
What is going on? You didn't stay over to take a walk down memory lane.
In a way.
Sometimes, when I look at you, I see the girl that I fell in love with at NYU.
And sometimes, I see the woman who had two beautiful babies.
But I always see someone who's a great mother, taking care of Carrie and Caitlyn while I haven't always been there.
I'm sorry.
It hasn't been easy but it's my pleasure.
It's been really great having my family around.
You know what I realize what kind of life you have here at Chesapeake Shores.
This is where you and the girls should live.
I'm giving up my petition for custody.
I'd like to go back to our old arrangement if that's good.
Yes! Yes, Wes.
Of course.
I promise that I will do everything I can to make it easy for the girls to go between here and New York.
That's why I stayed over, actually.
There's no reason for me to live in Brooklyn anymore.
And every reason for me to live here.
Not not here, here.
Up the coast a bit.
The girls will love that.
The rowboat is finished.
Well, sort of.
I think I might be overdoing physical therapy.
You think? Seems like you're training for a triathlon.
Just trying to keep me moving forward.
What's that supposed to mean? You going to re-up? Mom thinks you're done.
I'm going back to med school.
What? No way! Yeah, I'm re-applying to Johns Hopkins.
What made you re-think being a doc? Being a patient.
Guess that makes sense.
When we all went out for college, I don't think any of us intended coming back here.
At least, not to live.
Yeah, I know this summer even got me thinking, There's a lot to reconsider.
There's something I haven't told anyone I don't think I can get married.
At least not anytime soon.
- Are you serious? What happened? - Nothing happened.
I'm scared.
I know you don't hear me say that much but when she drove away the other day I I felt relieved.
I don't think that's the feeling you're supposed to feel, right? Probably not.
[Laughing] I love her.
I'm just I'm not ready.
I get it.
Your life's a mess.
Oh, thank you.
Trace? So what couldn't you tell me over the phone? Wes gave me full custody! I'm so happy for you.
It's so amazing, you have no idea.
Thank you.
Trace? Abby.
Hey, there.
Sorry to interrupt.
You're right.
There is plenty of room for a console and sound booth.
This space, it's outrageous.
Leigh decided to surprised me.
I think she's just excited to get a jump on the album.
Is he complaining that I didn't call ahead? Get over it, Trace.
Shoot me for being excited.
You and I? We got some work to do.
Uh I'm sure Trace is very excited.
Oh yeah? Well you wouldn't know it by looking at him.
You know, Abby found my old 52 Engelmann Spruce.
It's was in her closet since high school.
I figured that it might inspire him to start playing music again.
Yeah, well something sure did.
I have some things to get settled, so Abby, I'll see you later.
I had no idea that she would be back so soon.
It's okay, I'm good.
- You sure? - Uh huh.
Well, aren't you glad I flew up to Boston? We made the numbers work, you got to avoid your wife's fundraisers.
It's a win-win for everybody.
You gonna stick around and tell that to Candice when she gets home? Um no.
Actually my daughter is having a family get together.
Jess opened her own Bed & Breakfast.
She did it all by herself! Sounds like a lot of work.
She takes after her father.
Then I'll be sure to steer clear.
Why is it you don't walk on the sunny side of the street? I can't take time off like you.
Actually, this summer is the first time I ever have.
Should've done it a long time ago.
Oh, hey.
How ya doing.
I'm looking for Bree.
Wisconsin brie? Ha ha, O'Brien, Bree.
She lives next door in the cottage, just across the stream.
Okay, great.
Do you want me to show you? No, I'm sure I can find it.
I'd like to surprise her so Thanks, appreciate it.
[Typing] Bree.
So, these need to be julienned.
What does that mean? - Take a knife and cut - Wait, isn't this your audition? Right.
Too many cooks.
Oh! Okay, well then I'd better get going.
Thank you.
Kicked out of my own kitchen.
Hey, who's that over at Bree's? Do you use those a lot? Ew no! That's Martin! Demming? Who's Martin Demming? (Girls together) Bree's ex-boyfriend.
Does Bree know that he's coming? No, he wanted to surprise her.
What happened between them? Martin cheated.
Shouldn't you be cooking? Bree should be sending him packing.
He'd have to unpack, first.
What does that mean? Martin left his bag by the front door.
Unless that's Leigh's.
Leigh is staying here? Oh, I forgot to tell you.
Leigh is staying here.
You know what? It's fine.
I get my girls, I can handle anything.
Okay, good, because you might want to hold that thought.
Sure, I can wait.
Wes? My car conked out on 260.
Abby, hey I forgot something in my trunk.
Uh Leigh Corley, Wes Winters.
Leigh plays in Trace Riley's Band.
Nice to meet you.
Wes is Carrie and Caitlyn's dad.
Oh, nice meeting you.
I tried calling six times! You did! Sorry.
Would you be okay if I stay here? Just for one night? My car's gonna be fixed tomorrow morning.
Yeah, sure.
Jess is having a cookout.
It'll be a nice treat for the girls.
Okay, I'm just going to pay the cab.
After I left the venue, I got thinking it's probably none of my business but, working with Trace, staying in Chesapeake Shores, I hope it's not weird for you.
Weird? No, I'm no.
It'll be fun getting to know each other.
We can trade stories about Trace.
So fun.
This isn't awkward, is it? Me staying here, I mean? - Awkward? No.
Not at all.
- Great.
Now it's awkward and weird.
Hi! I would've said nothing's more beautiful than this view I'm sorry if you don't want me to read those.
Bree, they're really good, I mean your use of imagery and word play What are you doing here? I came to say I'm sorry.
And to ask your forgiveness.
I was always there for you.
Yes, you were.
And you were never there for me in return.
While your star kept rising and rising, you just I was selfish, I was preoccupied, Bree I Can you stop agreeing with me? Let me be angry at you, because I am so angry at you.
What is that cliche? "Everything was perfect until you showed up.
" It's so typical of you, Martin.
What did you think was going to happen, coming here? Did you think I was gonna forget that you had another girlfriend? I was that girlfriend, Martin.
I was the one waiting for all those years for you to ask me to marry you.
Me! Not her.
I know.
Jess is having a cookout.
If you want to stay I don't know, you can stay.
Oh, I see where you're taking me.
Our special place where we had our first kiss.
The old make-out spot.
Make-out spot? Really? I seem to remember you being too scared to make the first move.
- What? - Yes! You were practically shaking.
I did kiss you first that night.
Well, I'm not scared now.
I have a confession to make.
I used to come here without you.
That's your confession? I felt safe here, all tucked away.
I'm going to make sure you feel safe again.
I don't want you to worry about this situation with Leigh Hey, shh this is our spot.
Alright! Let's just get some food and go yeah? Let's stick around.
It could be fun.
What? Shouldn't you try to stay off your leg? No lindy hop and only one game of Twister.
Lindy hop? What d'you think living together if we move to Baltimore? What do I think? That'd be trouble.
- Right? - Guys! Wait up.
Are you just getting here? Yeah, I had lots to do and less to see.
- Here, I'll take that for you.
- Thank you.
[Door opening] Oh yes! Hey, what you looking at? I don't know.
My ex-husband, who wants to be friends again, is talking to my ex-boyfriend who wants to be my something, again, and his ex-girlfriend is talking to Jess whose ex-boyfriend wants to be Bree's new boyfriend unless, of course, Bree's ex-boyfriend becomes her new old ex-boyfriend.
[Cell phone ringing] - What're we looking at? - We don't know! Just go get some food, it's delicious.
Hello? Hang on, I can't hear you I'll be right back.
Wha Trace? Okay, slow down.
What happened? Did you call an ambulance? I'm on my way.
No, I'll meet you there.
[Truck starting] [Tires screeching] Hey, tell me her name.
Leigh Corley.
She's in Trace's band.
She Trace's girlfriend? No! I am.
What? Since when? Connor! - These bacon and maple thingamajigs - They're a hit, right? - Yeah! - I know! Hey, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance.
In spite of what happened between us.
I mean was there even ever an us? Don't worry.
- Okay.
- We're good.
Okay, let's see what you got.
Oh my god! Whoo-hoo! Guys, that's amazing! Carrie and Caitlyn! How did you get them to do this? I didn't do anything.
I think they were just so determined to show me Wow! [Engine roaring] [Police radio] [Car starting] [Tires screeching] You know, she sings and plays piano.
Dude, you can be my best man.
[Police siren] Stay in your truck.
I said stay in your truck! I need to get to the hospital.
License and registration.
Listen to me please Sir, I'll have you on your way as soon as possible.
[Hand smacking dashboard] Slow piano music He seems like a great guy.
Maybe you two just weren't right for each other.
Don't we all just want somebody who brings out our best qualities? Yeah, that's how I feel.
You're killing us here, I mean hold this.
Move over.
This party's more like a funeral.
But Leigh's about to change that.
Up tempo piano Sounds like the party's finally started.
You're still hungry? I know, I'm starving.
- There's no leftovers! - I got S'mores! Hooah.
This is probably a really bad time to bring this up, and I would never want to hurt about what you're going through.
I'm getting back to my old self.
You won't ever be the same again.
That IED will always be there, in the middle of the road.
But you know with time, You'll get better.
You will, I promise.
I've been trying to shake it off.
There're stages when it comes to getting better, and they're not going to be the same for any two of us, but I'm just saying I get it, and I'm here if you want to talk.
You know what would really help right now? What? S'mores.
Brat! My cab's out front and this time I really have to go.
I've already said goodbye to everyone else.
Thanks for staying, Mom.
I know how weird this must've been for you.
Yeah, a little.
I'll see you soon.
Maybe sooner than you think.
Okay And to you Wow, for what you've done to who you've become, honey.
All on your own.
That first night you stayed here, you asked me what I dreamed about That night was like every night.
I dreamed about the citation.
It's always the same.
I'm on deck, on watch in the storm, when the ship goes down, like it always does, I'm in the water, and I can hear my classmates screaming, and I can't help them.
It's been four years and I'm still dreaming about it every night.
You asked and I just thought you should know.
I gotta get these out.
They're getting so big.
Sometimes they grow during the night.
Gran finished the quilt.
Wow! - It's remarkable.
- Yes, and this is your piece.
I like that.
Do you want to see what I've done with the room? Yeah.
It's Jess's old room.
Wow! - Who painted this? - I did.
Listen, I'll stay with the girls.
You go back to your sister's.
No no, I was going to stay I'll read a book and I'll let 'em sleep.
When do I do something as simple and rewarding like that? Thank you.
Thank you.
And wanted in an outstanding warrant.
Put your hands out the window! What's this about? Open the door from the outside and step out of the truck.
Look, you don't understand, okay? My father [Struggling] What are you doing? You have the right to remain silent.
Look, my father has been rushed to the hospital.
You have the right to an attorney.
Ahh! Okay! Okay, alright? You've never made this before? No.
Never eaten one, either.
And you call yourself a chef.
Oh! I used to have these all the time as a kid around a campfire.
Where'd you grow up? Owensboro, Kentucky.
Owensboro, Kentucky! Huh.
Can we put a hose on Connor? Hey! How long are you staying in Chesapeake Shores? Might be a while Little bit of a spell, huh? You can always live in the cottage.
Uh, I live in the cottage.
You're not going back to Chicago? Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to make my announcement.
Perhaps I should stand.
Now we know why you direct drama.
[Laughing] Good point.
Um I tried to tell you this earlier but we got sidetracked.
Martin Bree, you've been waiting a very long time to hear this.
No, no, no.
Bree No, no, no.
Bree, Bree.
- Don't Martin - Please Martin, don't do this.
The Stage Left Theater Company would like you to be this season's playwright in residence.
- Wow! - Oh! - That's good right? - Congratulations! [Everyone congratulating] Alright! Quiet down! Quiet down! Don't be that quiet, I was just kidding.
Trace, I saw you run out earlier and now I can't seem to find you.
Uh call me.
- [Laughing] - So, new? I have a B&B.
It's almost open.
Hey honey! Hey Dad, you're back! Do you want to tell her? I got a job! - She got a job! - What? Playwright in residence.
Yeah! Oh my gosh! Bree! Hey guys, these past few days, I've been um Well, now that the summer is coming to an end, I'm sure that everybody's thinking about what's next.
I just wanted to say that I am deeply grateful for this family.
And not just because we survive, but because we thrive.
Look at Gran, flying all the way to Ireland on her own at her age.
I miss her.
Kevin, Jess if things had gone horribly wrong for you, you two might not be here.
To me it seem clearly obvious that there is no stopping either one of you.
And I am so thankful.
Bree O'Brien Bree.
Congratulations again on realizing one of your dreams.
Whatever you decide to do, whether it's to stay here with us or go, just know that we are always with you.
Young man, you and I You and I.
[Laughing] Have a very, very complex relationship.
But I think the reason for that is that you are so much more like me than I ever realized.
So - Good luck with that.
- [Laughing] - Thanks.
- And to my first born, to those who say that you are following in my footsteps, I say, that you are walking a path that is entirely your own.
And I'm so pround of you.
I'm proud of all of you guys.
Your grandfather used to say, "The reason we Irish fight so much, is because we have no other worthy opponents.
" So here's to that fighting spirit in all of us.
Here is to meeting what ever rises up in front of us, head-on.
May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.
To the O'Briens! - To the O'Briens! - Cheers! [Laughing]