Chesapeake Shores (2016) s04e03 Episode Script

A Sonnet for Caroline

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores - It's been a pleasure working with you.
- You're leaving? - Does Mick know? - It was his idea.
[HANNAH]: If I was dating someone with that much passion and charisma, - I'd be writing about my love life, too.
- Yeah.
[BREE]: Martin and I had passion.
Simon and I have conversations.
Well, maybe you can talk your way into a kiss.
[SARAH]: Kevin and I are still trying to figure out what we want to do for our wedding.
Well, it wouldn't hurt to start planning.
[ABBY]: I am about to blow the whistle on the Porter Fund Abby, you're officially suspended without pay, pending a formal investigation.
So is it just me, or is this kinda weird.
That we're now engaged? No, that we decided we're going to spend our lives together, but we haven't been able to spend just one day alone.
When you called me today, it was just supposed to be you and me, right? That's what I thought, too.
[BREE]: I agree.
Location is important, but you have to start with theme.
- Theme dictates venue.
- [JESS]: Ooh! Whimsical romantic vintage! Hmm, desert island.
What, like the beach? No, like Gilligan and the Skipper.
Is it just me, or do they maybe not want us to help? [CHUCKLING] I think they definitely don't want us to help.
[BREE]: Fine, we'll lay off, but Kevin's wedding signifies an important family shift.
It's a chance for all of us to look forward and begin anew.
And weddings are super-fun.
[CONNOR]: But seriously, you guys are way overthinking this.
It's, like, a year away.
Connor, weddings are about being happy, and joyful, and positive, and hopeful, - about the future.
- Do you want happy, joyful? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, then, I'm happily doing research for my uncle, again.
And I am ecstatic that we found the perfect inn that someone else wants to buy.
And I am overjoyed about everything.
Ice cream used to make everything better.
Yeah, it's lost its magical power.
So back to planning the wedding? [] Must be nice having control of your club back.
Yeah, it is.
You know, it's one of the few things that still feels like home.
I get it.
It's definitely feeling more like a place where you'd want to hear music.
I mean, that's why I built the Bridge.
You know, I always dreamed of having my own venue, a place where up-and-coming artists could develop their sound.
Is that how you found yours? Me? No.
No, I always I loved music because of my mom, but I didn't find my sound until I got out on the road.
And now you're back.
And that was always the plan, give a little something back to the industry that's given me so much.
It was time for the next chapter in my life.
[CHUCKLES RUEFULLY] But enough about me.
I don't know anything about you, except you're always late coming back from breaks, and I'm pretty sure you're not on the run from the law.
- Pretty sure? - I'd say 50-50.
[CHUCKLES] Trust me.
You don't want to hear about me.
My life is pretty boring.
Is that right? [STRUMMING GUITAR] I've never been the kind To wear a one-size-fits-all dream How do you know my song? You heard it once.
When I like something, I don't forget it.
So what's it about? I wrote it about my boyfriend well, ex-boyfriend.
He was going to be some big rock star, and I was supposed to follow him around the country, be at his beck and call.
And what happened? I decided I deserved better and ditched him in Atlanta.
[LAUGHS] He never really treated me that well.
It was all about him.
Well, at least you got a song out of it.
Half a song I guess I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Well, you came to the right place.
[STRUMMING GUITAR] [] Plane ticket already paid I'm gone, but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away [] That's how I remember you Stuck here on the red-eye special I can't wait to see you again [] So don't think of me not being around [] Just listen for the sweet, sweet sound Of the taxi pulling up the driveway I'm coming home soon [] I'm coming home soon [] [] Casual Tuesday? No, I'm actually not going to work today.
I'm going to take Carrie and Caitlyn to school and then I'm going to volunteer.
Hey, you see what's happening with the Porter Fund? Good thing your company passed on it.
[CHUCKLES RUEFULLY] Yeah, they're Hunter, Drew and Associates' problem now.
You know, when I did take the occasional day off from work, I always treated myself to a chocolate éclair - at Ross's Bakery.
- Oh, I used to love those.
You can only eat so many muffins in life.
[LAUGHS] I won't tell Gran you said that.
Hey, where is she, by the way? She had to leave early.
Had some errands to do.
Said it was a secret.
More like harassing Mayor Frank? That's my guess.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, hey, are you doing okay? You've been a little bit on edge - since Gran got back from Ireland.
- Have I? Well, I don't know, maybe because she didn't tell me that she was sick.
You know, I could've flown over to help.
Well, that's probably why she didn't tell you.
So a simple day of volunteering without work.
Or talking about work.
I don't think either of us are equipped to do that.
Is this where you tell me the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? No, this is where I tell you that I'm very, very proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
Hey, you guys look excited.
Mom's going to volunteer for the lunch duties.
- And then help out in my class.
- Yes, math.
I need to brush up on my multiplication tables.
[KNOCKING] Good morning.
Mom, didn't you get my message? - I'm taking the girls to school today.
- Oh, yeah, that's great.
I actually came to see your father.
You know what? Dad, I think I'm going to take your suggestion and get myself an éclair from the Ross Bakery after I drop the girls off at school.
You see? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Now you're channeling me.
Oh, Dad, I've been happily channeling you my whole life.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bye.
Bye, girls.
Have a good day of school.
[GIRLS]: Bye.
So, what's your schedule look like today? Well, after this, I, uh, I'm going to meet with some attorneys, and then lunch, and then I'll meet with some more attorneys, and then, just to shake things up, I'm going to meet with some attorneys.
Well, if you can pull yourself away from all that excitement, I'm going to go check out venues for Kevin's wedding.
I'd love your input.
No attorneys, I promise.
[CHUCKLES] Darius, I'm telling you, you're going to love it.
It's a smaller venue, but the sound is first-class.
Three weeks? No, no, no, that'd be great.
Yeah, I'll come down and visit the family soon.
All right.
For a guy who got his dream back, you don't seem very happy.
Yeah, well, I got the dream but no music to accompany it.
I can't find anyone good on short notice.
I'd go with Dierks or Hunter.
What about you? - You can't be serious.
- No, I'm serious, and you'll never find a safer place to get your feet wet as a performer and I'm in a pinch.
I can't do it.
I just can't.
Well, just take the day to think about it all right? [EXHALES] So you're assuming that I'm picking you as my best man.
I'm your only man.
Look, Connor, we just got engaged, so maybe just cool it for a bit.
I was cooling it for a bit until I hung out with the sisters, and then I overloaded on happy and joyful, and now I just can't shake it.
Thank you.
We are just starting to talk about our lives together.
- We have a lot to figure out.
- I know, but our family needs something to celebrate.
Our family celebrates everything.
Chesapeake Shores celebrates everything.
I'm just not going to allow my wedding to compensate for any of it.
Well, it already has.
I might have used your wedding as an excuse for Danielle and I to talk about our future.
Well, that's very self-serving.
Yes, yes, it was, but it's surprising how much you can talk about your own life when you're pretending to talk about somebody else's.
What have you learned? Well, I learned that Danielle has some very strong opinions about not needing family.
That's pretty harsh.
Yeah, I know.
Hi, Gran.
- Why are you in a bakery? - Aw, caught red-handed.
Wow, I like your kicks.
Ah, yes, well, I'm training for a marathon.
Oh, well, you just had pneumonia, so you be careful.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What is going on here? Have you been buying your muffins all these years? Don't be silly.
Well, I had to run business errands early this morning, and I'm politicking over at city hall.
You mean harassing Mayor Frank.
You must always remember it's important to stay in touch with our elected officials.
You have a lovely day.
Don't get too many sweets.
All right.
Bye, Gran.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] Um, excuse me Excuse me, sir? [MUMBLES INCOHERENTLY] Is that the last éclair? [MUMBLING] You can have it if you like.
[LAUGHS] - You're joking, right? - Look, if you're hung up on it, I'll just give you the non-bitten end.
I think I'll pass, thank you.
Okay, well, suit yourself.
[MUMBLING]: Oh, can you get the door for me? Are-are you serious? [MUMBLES AFFIRMATIVELY] Thank you.
Are you going to break up with him? No.
Why would I do that? Because you're not happy.
So? Lots of people are unhappy in relationships.
That is not a reason that people break up.
Um, I think that's exactly why people break up.
But he's smart, and handsome, and sweet and funny, and he has an amazing accent - All true.
- And he cares for me.
You know, so, like, maybe I mean, you don't necessarily need to be passionate to have a passionate connection.
Even for me, that makes no sense.
But he's smart, and handsome, and sweet and funny, - and he has an amazing - Accent? Yeah, you said that.
So maybe the problem isn't with Simon.
You know, I mean, if Simon is, in fact, still Simon, then maybe the problem is with me.
What? Yeah, like maybe I'm the one who changed, and maybe the problem, therefore, - in the relationship is me.
- [SHOP BELL JINGLES] Hold that thought.
Um, so did they accept our offer? It turns out we never had a chance.
The other buyer is this guy Andy Medina.
- Do you know him? - No, but I did some research.
They're this D.
-based couple, they're trying to spread their holdings across the Eastern Seaboard, very wealthy The only chance that we're going to outbid them is if we, um is if we call my mom and dad.
I just shivered a little.
Me too.
Okay, so we just need to convince the seller to take less money.
People love less money.
How are you going to do that? I don't know but I'm excited.
- Hey, Abby! - Hey.
- We need your opinion.
- Of course.
What about? Yeah.
I'm wondering how soon would be too soon to ask Uncle Thomas to go back to my normal caseload.
Connor, I would have fired you for what you did.
Well, you should be working for Dad.
He said the same thing.
Abby O'Brien Winters? - Yes.
- You've been served.
What's going on? Is it the Porter Fund? I'm late.
I've gotta go.
So if Caroline is back with her ex-boyfriend in Carolina, what's happening with Caroline and Carl? I have no idea but I will keep my alliterations to myself next time around.
In my manuscript, I accidentally had Carl passionately kissing a southern state.
You know, Caroline, Carolina Mm.
You know, passion is very important in any relationship.
True, true, you know, passion sells books, but, you know, passion does fade.
You know, I would take respect, shared values, sense of humor Ah perhaps fresh fruit.
Oh, but one bite can get you into so much trouble, though.
Hmm, only if you're tempted.
[RUNNING FOOTSTEPS] [JESS]: I'm sorry to interrupt.
It's an emergency.
No, it is not an emergency.
Yes, it is.
Tempted? Terrified.
[KEVIN]: All right, so we need to pick between three photographers, two videographers, and some crazy florist that Gran found.
Are you having second thoughts? [SCOFFS] Because, if you are, I have two brothers that would love nothing more than to play you in football.
Uh, no, I prefer having my head attached to my spine.
[SIGHS] It's just when I thought about getting married, I guess I never really gave too much thought - to the actual wedding.
- Yeah, me neither.
I've never been much of a lace-and-ribbon kind of girl.
Oh, then you're going to hate the fire-resistant pink overalls that I got you.
[LAUGHS] Never thought I'd be walking down the aisle again.
- Are you having second thoughts? - I'm just saying that since we got engaged, it's been a blur, but a great one.
Yeah, for me, too.
[] You know, if you followed me to get the last éclair, it's gone.
Uh I'm here for my two daughters.
What are you doing here? Uh, my 30 kids.
Boys, girls, all different moms.
Jay Ross, third-grade-teacher-slash-playground-monitor.
[LAUGHS] No, you were behind the counter.
Not exactly stealing if it's your aunt's bakery.
I just moved here from Greenville, South Carolina.
This your first time volunteering? Uh, yeah, how did you know? Well, they give clean-up duty to the newbies, mostly to keep them out of the way of everyone else, but, you know, if you do a good job, they might bump you up to classroom helper.
Well, I don't think I'm going to be here long enough to get promoted, so Let me guess.
The high school's poaching you.
No, I'm, um actually, uh I was the vice president of a consulting firm in Baltimore, so I'm just taking a a leave.
Well, you know, for a high-powered executive, you are doing remarkably well.
It's just that the, uh, the plastic goes in the yellow, and the composting goes in the green.
There we go.
Uh, hey, look, I can help you if you need, uh, a hand No, I got it, I got it, I got it, I'm good.
[QUIETLY] You know, if you make a mistake, - I'm not going to turn you in.
- [CHUCKLES] No, it's not that.
I just am dealing with a lot right now.
[CLEARS THROAT] - Juice box? - It's Berry Blast.
I usually keep an extra one on me for just this sort of thing.
I'm sorry.
I Abby.
I'm, uh Carrie and Caitlyn's mom.
Oh, the Winters girls.
Ah, well, you have great kids.
You know, that almost makes me sorry for taking the last éclair.
Almost? Yeah.
It was really, really good.
[LAUGHING] [] I thought there was supposed to be live music today.
I'm working on it.
You guys good? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, so it looks like Hal Keown likes to take his family for Friday-night dinner at Chez Maison.
He certainly looks like he loves his children.
Yeah, every picture is with him and his kids.
Okay, so, my plan is we grab him, hold him down, and force him to sell us the property.
Yeah, that sounds an awful lot like kidnapping.
Not to mention extortion.
Well, okay, that's one way to look at it.
I think it's the only way to look at it.
Okay, so then we just force him to sell us the property.
Or we show up to the restaurant and just ask.
- Better.
I like your thinking.
- Whenever you're ready.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[DANIELLE]: You don't know them like I do.
[CONNOR]: Come on.
They can't be that bad.
Let me know if you need anything else.
- Yes, thank you.
- Thanks.
You gotta think of it this way, the glass is half-full.
Sorry, but with my family, the glass is more half-empty.
[SIGHS] Danielle at some point, you've got to forgive.
Or not.
[JESS]: We're going on a secret mission.
- Are you in? - It's not secret, it's just dinner.
Well, if you're making dinner, then we're in.
Even better, I'm paying.
- Even Better.
- Oh, we're in.
Yeah, we're in.
- Uh, we'll catch up with you, okay? - Okay.
[SIMON]: So, what's the plan again? [BREE]: We agreed on kidnapping Hey.
The stage is all yours if you want it.
I can't.
I'm not ready.
You're never going to feel ready.
You know, you've just got to dive in.
And drown? Come on I'm not going to let you drown.
What are you doing? Rule number one never go on stage unannounced.
Hey, I've got a treat for y'all today, a new emerging country artist.
Now, this is her first gig, so she's a little nervous, but I think she's got talent and I know you're going to think so, too.
So give it up for Emma Rogers.
[APPLAUSE AND CHEERS] [CLEARS THROAT] So this is called "Sometime.
" I've never been the kind To wear a one-size-fits-all dream [STOPS STRUMMING] [STRUGGLING WITH RHYTHM] Like the sound of singing my own song [TRAILS OFF ON CHORD] Take it from the intro? [] Never been the kind To wear a one-size-fits-all dream I like the sound of singing my own song Followed every broken road But it never felt right to me I couldn't find a place where I belonged Sometimes When the night is dark And the world Wants to take my heart And it feels like the sun will never shine [MICK]: All right, I'll see you back at the office, and let Dilpher know I'm not making any deals, all right? Okay, thanks.
So much for closing your eyes and pretending everything's going to be okay.
Well, it's hard to close your eyes when there are people taking swings at you.
They're shutting down my biggest development project in Chicago.
Oh, no, Mick.
I'm sorry.
It's probably not the best time to be looking at wedding sites.
Oh, no, it's fine.
It's keeping my mind off the bad stuff.
Yeah, me too.
I am still trying to figure out what I want to do next.
Any ideas? Not really but I miss curating, especially helping young artists get their start.
[CHUCKLES] What? You think that's funny? No, no, it's just you.
It's just you're always so busy helping everybody else, you have no time for yourself.
It's a good thing.
It's admirable.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, look they must have just had a wedding here.
Ah Hasn't changed, has it, since we got married here? It's a little drier.
I remember trying to walk down the aisle, with my heels digging in the ground, just praying, "Don't fall.
Please don't fall.
" Thomas kept whispering, "She's gonna fall She's gonna fall.
" But I didn't, did I? No.
You didn't.
Kevin? What are you still doing here? Don't even ask.
Mom wants us to get married on the Bluff, but Sarah and I still haven't picked a date yet.
[LAUGHS] Oh, the Bluff Trace and I talked about getting married here when we were kids.
Actually, I still go here sometimes when I'm trying to figure stuff out.
So how are you doing? Oh, you know, everything is a little bit crazy.
Well, I'm impressed.
What, that my life is imploding? No, that you stuck up for what you believe in.
You're a hero.
I'm definitely not a hero.
Yeah, you are.
A hero is just someone who makes a decision that no one else has the courage to make.
So the Bluff.
Yeah, Mom says it's the place where dreams come true.
[CHUCKLES] I do remember that from the brochure.
[LAUGHS] Oh, now it's your turn? To convince you to go back on the road? Nah, you know as well as I do no one can convince you of anything.
But you're not going to stop trying, are you? I wouldn't be much of a manager if I didn't try.
You always did have a good eye for talent.
Are you going to introduce me? Mark, she's talented, but she's not ready.
Don't you think you ought to leave that up to her? Hey, Emma.
Emma Rogers, this is Mark Hall.
- He was my manager - I know who he is.
Pleasure to meet you, Mr.
I'm Mark to my friends.
I saw you onstage.
I'm not sure about your lead guitar, but you're the real deal.
Well, if that's it, I'm gonna Not quite not yet.
I, uh, think I'll stick around for a drink.
Make yourself at home.
First round's on me.
Just the first? Gotta keep the lights on.
I'll get you that drink.
Much obliged.
So, I'm thinking the Bluff will work out perfectly for Kevin and Sarah.
Oh, yeah, that's great.
That's a beautiful spot.
And for music, I would prefer a band over a DJ.
It's more expensive, but the music makes the night.
Well, then, a band it is.
- Perfect for the first dance.
- Yeah - and a harpist for the ceremony - Mm-hm.
and the first kiss.
Uh so, Mick, back there at the gazebo, um I'm thinking there's a million reasons why that was a bad idea.
And very few why it was a good one.
We've been down that road.
We know where it leads.
Invariably, it will lead us there again.
Exactly, so - I don't think we should - Yeah, I - Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
There he is, come on.
Hey, whoa, hey we, uh, we can't just seat ourselves.
Peck? Party of six? Right this way.
Do we have a plan? Who needs plans? [BREE]: Um everybody? Do you want to talk to him? Do you want me to talk to him? - I could, I'm an attorney.
- I'm an attorney, too.
[JESS, LOUDLY] It's so nice to be spending our five-year anniversary here, David Peck.
We've been here before? Um, this is, after all, where we got engaged, David.
And I know how much family means to you.
- Yes.
- Of course.
This is also where I told you I was pregnant.
With our twins.
[DANIELLE]: Aw, little Shannon Yeah, and Kayje.
Kayje? And I cried when he he hit his first home run.
And I cried at Shannon's first recital.
Aw And when Kayje graduated high school.
[CLEARING THROAT] That's when I'm going to be crying so, so much.
It's just too bad that Hal Keown won't sell us the bed and breakfast.
A shame I appreciate the effort, Jess, but Andy Medina and his wife tried to do the same thing last week.
Well that didn't work out as planned, so Jess O'Brien, may I have this dance? Yes, you may, David Peck.
It's okay.
We're going to be okay.
We're always going to be okay.
Kayje? That was Connor.
Okay, well, next time, let's name 'em together.
Do you want to dance? With no music? I don't know, it's a bit of a Rom-com cliche, isn't it? Do you know, I think I actually put that - in "Eternal Caroline.
" - Yeah.
Maybe I could it put it in my next one "Step in Time, Caroline," or how about, "Carry On, Caroline"? Excuse me.
Uh, Bree Sorry, excuse me.
Bree! Bree Bree are you okay? Um No, I'm not.
I, um I feel like we're not connecting, and I don't know why.
Uh yeah.
Yeah, no, I feel it, too.
I think we're both trying too hard.
And we're not picking up where we left off.
Like we used to.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Maybe maybe we just need to get out of our heads a little bit.
Like do and not think? Mm.
What is going on between you and Mick? Nothing, we just decided to be friends.
Oh, come on, Nell, at this point in our life, it's better for everyone, including us.
It is smart, it is safe, and it is sensible.
And maybe it's silly.
Megan, I have had a blessed life, charmed in almost every way for sure, but I've gathered up my fair share of mistakes, and I can tell you this if I had not, I would not be here now with you, oh, no, and I probably would not have my wonderful sons, and I wouldn't have my beautiful grandchildren.
We hurt a lot of people, Nell and, oh, we hurt each other.
And how do you know that that would happen again? Because it could.
Ah and if it does? You'll heal yourself.
It's a lot easier to live with mistakes than regrets.
Well, maybe you can find another inn.
I don't know if you know how hard it is to find the perfect B and B.
Wasn't your last place perfect? I don't know if you know how hard it is to find two perfect B and Bs.
Or one perfect guy.
I think my head's done talking.
Does that mean you're ready to listen to your heart? [SIGHING SADLY] Simon isn't the one.
I just really, really, really wish he was.
How about you? How are things with Danielle? [SIGHS] I don't know.
Sometimes, it feels like we're not as compatible as we used to be.
Well, what happened? Well, lately, it just seems like we're on different pages, but, um, I'm not going to give up.
We've been through too much.
And I'm not going to give up on my new inn.
[FOOTSTEPS RUNNING AWAY] Oh, here she comes.
You don't have a plan, do you? Oh, yeah, I've got a plan a really horrible plan, and it involves very, very high heels.
Connor, I know how to make you feel better.
We're going shopping.
[FOOTSTEPS RUNNING AWAY] [] Hey, man, how are you? - Hi, Mick.
- Hey How does it feel to be home? Like I never left.
You know, this place has always been about the music, but I gotta give Chris credit.
The books are meticulous.
- At least he was good for something.
- Yeah.
You know, I wanted to thank you for trusting in me, Mick.
I won't let you down again.
Well, that's good to hear.
At least I'll have one partner who's on the level.
Yeah, I kind of heard.
How are you doing? I'll get through it.
And Abby? She'll find her way.
Yeah, she will.
All right, see ya, Mick.
Without a doubt, it will triple our money on that easily.
Good afternoon, Mr.
and Mrs.
- Yes? - Hi.
I am Shannon Kayje.
I represent the Pecks, the Boston Pecks, from B Boston.
And why would the Boston Pecks want to talk to us? Mr.
Medina, Mr.
and Mrs.
Peck have noticed that you're expanding your property portfolio up and down the coast, and I am here as a courtesy to let you know that they, too, are interested in the little inn in Chesapeake Shores.
I wasn't aware the Pecks were involved.
They are, and I would be remiss if I didn't remind you of the ramifications of an unsightly bidding war.
Is it true? Stockholm in '96? I am neither at liberty to confirm or deny.
How do I know you are who you say you are? It does seem rather convenient.
Maybe I can help clear things up.
David Peck.
Sorry I'm late.
- I see you've met my - Meet Shannon Kayje, his assistant.
[CLEARING THROAT] I've let them know that your parents would like to avoid a bidding war.
Ah, yes.
Those are so unsightly.
The Pecks would have loved to have been here, but they're currently unpacking from a soiree in Gstaad.
The one with the "G"? [QUIETLY] Gstaad, so So there's a black-and-white photographer your mom wants us to meet in New York - New York? - And she also thought we could set up some appointments at some bridal shops in D.
? [SIGHS] I don't know if I can handle a whole year of this.
Well, I guess if it's what everyone wants.
Well, what do you want? I just want you.
I just want you.
You know, we O'Briens have a tendency of overcomplicating everything.
- And my family, not so much.
- Hmm maybe there's a compromise.
I'm good with whatever you want.
You mean it? I do.
Then I do, too.
- Easy - [CHUCKLING] Um, hey, you know, when we talk about the future and our families, I'm a little concerned about about what you say.
What do you mean? Well, I know you're not close with your family, but, lately, I'm getting a lot closer with mine, and it hasn't always been great, but it's getting better.
I know, but that's your family, not mine.
I know, but even when things were really bad, I always had hope that they would get better, but you don't seem that bothered by your situation.
Connor, every family is different, and mine's not like yours, but that's what I like about you.
In fact, I, um I love you.
[JESS]: I'm just saying, if the inn doesn't work out, we should be spies.
[DAVID]: You told them who I really am.
[JESS]: No, you told them you were David Peck, but you were actually just playing the part of David Peck.
[DAVID]: But I am David Peck.
So my mom called.
Oh, how is Deidra? She's good, but she said that some weird couple, the Medinas, called, and they started babbling about not wanting to repeat "Stockholm in '96"? That was unsightly.
Yeah, and she said that the Medinas started apologizing profusely, and they wanted to send their regards to a "Shannon Kayje.
" They asked me if I knew anything about it.
And what did you say? Well, I said that Shannon Kayje was the best thing to happen to this family in a long time.
Well, you're the best thing that happened to me in a long time.
[SIGHS HAPPILY] It's perfect.
[ELECTRICITY SURGES, BULB POPS] [SHOP BELL JINGLES] Can't find the words? No not this time.
Well, I think that I might.
It's an idea that I've had for the ending of my latest Caroline novel.
"Step in Time, Caroline"? [CHUCKLING] Yeah.
I was hoping that I might run it by you.
Actually, Simon, um, I need to talk to you about something, and it's "He looked out at the water's edge, seeing her blonde hair reflect the last rays of light from the setting sun.
" Very pretty, but "But he knew that it was time to leave, that their love was not destined to stand the tests of time.
" [CHUCKLES RUEFULLY] You know me, I love cliches, the bread and butter of all hack novelists.
"For although he loved her dearly, their time together was but a sonnet a minuet a precious moment.
" [WHISPERING] Simon Bree I'm reading.
"So he turned away, knowing that her love had changed him forever, and hoping that his love had done the same for her.
" Yeah I don't know where I'd be if you hadn't "He sees through her to the point where she is invisible.
" Oh [FOLDING PAPER] I knew I knew that you were unhappy, Bree It but it would hurt me too much to know that I'm responsible.
[EXHALES, WITH A SOB] - I'm so sorry - No, no.
[SNIFFLES] [SIGHS] Oh, thank you.
So I was wondering if I could make the toast this time.
Oh, sure.
Have at it.
I have been in love only one time in my life, and it did not turn out well.
Um, no offense, Megan, but maybe I should do the toast next time.
- I'm not finished.
- Oh.
But I still care about that person, and I don't want to walk away from what could be by fearing what was.
I've hired a local harpist for the wedding, and I've talked to Sarah about the invitations.
Oh, the O'Briens make everything complicated.
Overly complicated.
[CLINKING GLASSES] Now, you should know that with Mark Hall, you've got to take everything with a grain of salt.
I kind of got that vibe.
So what'd he offer you? What most people would sell their soul for.
[CHUCKLES] Sounds about right and? And I'm not ready, and I got this familiar feeling, the same one I got before I ditched my boyfriend in Atlanta.
You sign up, you lose control.
Like switching out one bad relationship for another.
You know I don't feel that way with you.