Chicago Fire s07e06 Episode Script

All the Proof

My name is Naomi Graham.
I'm a reporter.
You are a great interview, Matt.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I know all about the friction between Boden and Commissioner Grissom.
I don't ask you for much.
I'm asking you to help Boden.
Father you never had, huh? That's right.
Relinquish your command of 51.
You will report directly to me.
You start telling people what to do, you disrupt the chain of command, and I will not let that happen.
Sylvie Brett, I got something for us to wear for our uniforms this morning.
You don't even know what it is.
Cat's ears or headband with bendy-spring things.
The answer's no.
- I hate Halloween.
- What, why? People are crazy enough as it is.
They don't need a holiday encouraging them.
Well, if you ask me, I take Halloween over Thanksgiving or Christmas any day, You want to see real crazy, put all the fosters under one roof and add alcohol.
You'll see.
Everything seem perfectly normal, and then when you least expect it Boo! Halloween.
Wallace, just want to give you a head's up, I'll be conducting the morning briefing today.
But that's the battalion chief's job.
Yeah, well, I feel like the men might be inspired by someone with a little more authority.
Also from here on out, I'll supervise 51 on their calls.
You can hang back, man the fort.
You have no experience commanding units in the field.
Seen you do it.
I think I can handle it.
Gorsch, the incident commander holds the lives of his men and women in his hands.
It's not a game.
You need to let me do my job.
Your job is to follow orders of the man above you.
Morning, men.
And women, of course.
Women women are a big part here too at the fire department.
Uh, that's clear.
I want us to get out there this shift, and if we fail, just remember that is part of our success.
I know that we all know that sometimes victims die.
Sometimes we, uh, lose 'em, and that's what we build upon the job.
Right? Okay.
Thank you.
Okay, I also have to cover the morning assignments.
Hey, Chaplain Orlovsky.
- Hey, the Chap! - Hey.
What brings you to 51? 'Scuse me.
I'm not finished here.
Ambulance 61, Truck 81, Squad 3, multiple victims down from unknown causes, 4918 South Chicago Beach Drive.
Hey, where's Boden? Looks like Gorsch is escalating.
- What's the story? - Guests have been complaining all morning of nausea, dizziness.
I thought it was just some type of food bug going around, but when people started wheezing I called you guys.
- How's your head? - The same.
All right, go have paramedics take a look.
What do you think? - Could be a gas leak.
- Yeah.
Otis, grab the four-gas meter.
Everyone, mask up.
We need to clear out the hotel till we know what we're dealing with.
81, take the first floor.
Engine, take the second.
Squad, third.
Got it.
Let's go.
Come on! I got a pulse.
Hey, Capp, Tony.
We'll get her out to the ambo.
Ready one, two, three.
She was right by this door.
No pulse.
Suicide pact? Filled the tub with chemicals.
Enough to poison everyone in the hotel.
This is a chemical situation.
We have a confirmed chloramine release with large exposure radius.
We need to get HazMat out here ASAP.
Yep, that's what I think too.
Let's go.
Hey, Deputy Commissioner.
I think you're the one who calls this in.
This is 51 to Main.
I need a level one HazMat response at, uh, 4918 South Chicago Beach Drive.
Copy that, 51.
We'll dispatch level one HazMat to your location.
Everyone, clear out! If you can move, go to the exit.
Everyone out.
Fire Department! You gotta go! Fire Department! Everyone, out! - Let's go! - Move, move, move.
Fire Department! Let's go.
I got you.
Come on.
No, turn around.
Let's go.
Turn around.
Ayudame! Mi hijo esta en Everybody, out, all right? You gotta keep moving.
Por favor, senor.
Mi hijo estaba en el pasillo.
Mi hermano esta perdido! Wait listen, you gotta keep moving.
Hey, all right, everybody up to third floor! Let's go.
Hey, Cruz, do you know what they're saying? Mi hijo estaba jugando en el pasillo.
Esta perdido! Her son is missing.
They were playing hide and seek and they can't find him anywhere.
We gotta go to the first floor hallway now.
All right, come on.
Ladies, move.
Come on.
Is everyone out? There's a boy missing.
Playing hide and seek in the hallways.
Well, we should search for him.
Good idea.
Mateo! Mateo! We did a sweep of one.
We didn't see him.
We're running out of time.
Mateo! Mateo! 51, I need an update on that, uh, rescue search.
Mateo! Hey, guys, over here! By the vending machines! Truck 81, Squad 3, somebody needs to report to me now.
Mateo! - What's his name? - Mateo.
All right, he's got a pulse.
We need to intubate.
He's going into respiratory arrest.
I'll get the de-fib pads on him right now.
Let's get these contaminated clothes off of him.
- You wanna help me? - Yeah.
He's in V-tach.
He's got a pulse.
We got to cardiovert him.
And shocking.
Increasing the joules to 80.
Come on Mateo.
We've got a steady rhythm.
Few minutes later it would have been a different story.
Primary search is complete.
Hotel's clear.
All right.
Let's pack it up.
Move out.
Uh, yeah we usually hang tight in case HazMat needs an assist with ventilation.
Right, of course.
I meant after.
So how's the call? It was bananas.
This couple carried out some kind of suicide pact.
Nearly took out the entire hotel.
It was grim.
Well, I'm here if anyone needs to talk.
Thanks, we'll see if a sandwich helps first.
Uh, listen, Chief.
You, uh, you can't let Gorsch run point anymore.
That guy is out of his depth.
He'd be out of his depth in a glass of water.
So, guys, I have some news.
Okay, I've decided.
You are all learning Spanish.
What? That kid could have died today because of a communication barrier.
That's unacceptable, so I think Spanish lessons are in order.
What are you talking about? It all worked out.
What if I hadn't gotten there in time to translate? Whoa, what's the matter? What Chaplain is trying to make an announcement, and Cruz here won't shut his pie hole.
Sorry, Chap.
So after 35 years with the Chicago Fire Department, I have decided to retire.
What?! I didn't even know chaplains were allowed to retire.
Yeah, well, keeping up with you guys, that's a young man's game.
So I'm heading for Florida where there's Warm weather.
A charity that I'm involved with and some really good golf courses.
There it is! There you go.
Good for you, Chaplain.
Sad to see you go though.
Well, I'm honored that you'll miss me, but I'm leaving 51 in capable hands.
In fact, your new chaplain should be arriving any minute.
Oh, there he is.
Kyle Sheffield? No way! Emily.
I didn't know you were here.
Oh, yeah.
It's, like, six weeks now.
Man, it is so good to see you.
- You too.
- Oh.
Brett, this is Kyle.
He's he's the best.
She's saying that because she owes me money.
We had a regular Texas Hold 'Em game at Lakeshore, and and Kyle always seemed to win.
Oh, blessed with good luck, of course.
Not really, no, Emily was just too stubborn to fold.
Sylvie Brett.
Welcome to the CFD, Chaplain.
I'm gonna say my goodbyes to Orlovsky, but you two can catch up, and it's nice to meet you.
I heard you had a rough time of it on that call.
And no wonder.
What have you been teaching these people, Wallace? The reckless insubordination I experienced is beyond anything I've ever seen.
It's as if rank has no meaning for them.
Well, I wasn't there, but it doesn't sound like the men to me.
Here are the formal reprimands I'll be filing.
Captain Matt Casey, for failing to await my command prior to entering the structure.
Harold Capp, for making an insubordinate comment.
Gorsch Lieutenant Severide, for taking an insubordinate tone.
And all three officers for failing to report when ordered to do so.
I will fight every single one of those charges on their behalf.
You can't, Wallace.
As you said, you weren't there.
This is how it's gonna work from now on.
I'm gonna whip this house into shape.
Call was bad, huh? Ridiculous.
I'm sorry for putting you in that position.
It's not your fault.
I'm not sure about that.
The word untenable comes to mind.
Right now I don't see a way out.
Well, I got a message from Benny while we were out.
Says he's got news on the Grissom front.
He wants to meet at the Palace after shift.
Well, that's something.
We'll see.
I'll keep you posted.
Thanks, Severide.
'Scuse me.
I'm wondering where I can find Captain Matt Casey.
Who can I say is looking for him? Naomi.
- Hey, Matt.
- Hi.
What brings you by? For starters, I wanted to thank you again for your help on the trailer story.
Looks like federal courts are stepping in.
Grandbrook has to recall thousands of units.
Can't say I'm surprised.
You're a hell of a journalist.
Well, I couldn't have done it without you.
Glad I could help.
Anyway, the success of that piece has me wanting to do more like it, and since we work so well together I was thinking maybe I could pick your brain about some other calls you've been on.
Not just corporate violations, but events or incidents where public awareness might save lives.
I'm sure I can think of a few.
Got a ton of old incident reports in my quarters that might jog my memory.
Lead the way.
Just not on the okay, well, that one's obvious.
Spanish lessons begin ahora.
Hey, this is outrageous.
You guys, Latinos make up nearly a third of Chicago's population.
It behooves all of us to speak the language.
You know how many different tongues are spoken here, Cruz? Polish, Chinese Polish.
All right, you gonna teach them too? I ain't gonna do it.
I got out of school for a reason.
Everybody, please repeat after me.
Por favor, tome asiento en la silla.
Yeah, guys, okay.
All right, let's just try that again.
Por favor, tome asiento en la silla.
Go ahead.
I feel like you're going about this all wrong.
I'm all ears.
Know your audience, okay? These guys spend all day running into burning buildings.
Sticky notes? I don't think so, kay? Well, what do you have in mind? You might wanna try a little extra visual stimulation.
- That was a close one.
- What happened? Sulfuric acid stored without a permit.
Forklift veered into it and chemical spill.
Sounds like complete negligence on the part of the warehouse manager.
He didn't make it.
Neither did the guy operating the forklift.
What happened to the company? They were fined or sued.
I never got called to testify.
This was a fire that started in an apartment building over on Grant Place.
One of the tenants was using a propane grill to keep warm.
Landlord wasn't providing heat.
Textbook slum lord.
One good thing came from it.
Chief Boden met his wife on that call.
You mean all I have to do is fire up the grill in the middle of my living room and my days as single woman are over? This is all great, really.
I don't want to take up more of your time at the firehouse, though.
Could we maybe meet up for dinner? Discuss some of these further? My treat.
I don't get out of here till tomorrow.
Oh, no problem.
It'll give me a chance to do some research.
I'm sorry, my tenacity doesn't have an off switch.
Hazard of the job.
No no, it's nothing.
What? You remind me of someone I know.
She was pretty tenacious too it's an admirable quality.
So I'll text you with the restaurant? Sounds good.
Till then.
What are you doing? Have you ever made ghosts out of tissues? You know, where you crunch up the top, make a head, and then you wrap a rubber band around the neck.
I was wondering if we could do it with gauze too.
We could cover this whole place with ghosts.
That sounds terrible.
Um So what is your connection to Chaplain Sheffield? Kyle? He was at the hospital when I was a resident.
Just an awesome guy all around.
Helpful, caring.
You guys had kind of a moment when I introduced you.
What? No.
Okay, Foster, I was not flirting.
I mean, he's a chaplain.
So? He's not a priest.
You know, you two would actually be great together.
You should call him.
Oh, no.
No, I can't do that.
- No, I'm not - Come on, Brett.
When's the last time you went on a date? Ambulance 61, person in distress, 703 Throop Street.
Which house is it? Oh, my God.
We should call Squad.
Holy crap, did someone actually call 911? This is epic! See? Halloween blows.
Hey! Over here.
Did you call us? Yes, hurry, there's something wrong with my Kailey.
She's thrown up everything in her stomach and and now she's just lying there.
Hey, Kailey.
All that candy give you a bad tummy-ache? How long has she been like this? A while.
I told you not to let her have so much candy.
Pupils are dilated like saucers.
This isn't a stomachache.
She's high out of her mind.
What do you mean high? She's a five-year-old girl.
What type of candy did she eat? I don't know.
Regular stuff.
Gummy bears, M&M's, the kind our neighbors have given out for years.
Somebody gave her something else.
She must have gotten into my stash.
What? I had a bag of edibles.
She must Are you insane? - I didn't think she was - Where is it? Jesus, she ate almost half of it.
Are you serious?! She's seizing.
Draw up one milligram of Versed.
Drawing one milligram of Versed.
It's okay.
Okay, hold her tight.
Let's get her to Med.
I'll go to the hospital.
- Hey! - Hey.
We're watching the game here.
I thought we'd try something new for our Spanish lesson.
I thought I was clear.
I ain't learning Spanish, "com-pran-day.
" Hold on a second.
Elle es caliente, eh? What are they saying? Well, Rosalita was with another guy, Fernando, in order to make Enrique jealous.
Or to make him celoso.
Okay, but why the hell is he not all over her? Because Enrique dumped Rosalita to be with another woman, who turned out to be a man.
So now he's confundido.
We managed to make it through the shift with only five false calls.
Four choking victims and one high-as-a-kite five-year-old.
See? Halloween isn't so bad.
So, Kyle.
Want his number? The chaplain? I'm not sure.
Come on.
You'd have a great time.
Okay, I know I must seem like a homebody compared to you, but I'm not just some old lady who never leaves the house.
You don't have to feel sorry for me.
Brett, I'm not suggesting it for you.
I-I thought it would be good for him.
Look, the way I know him, he wasn't a chaplain at the hospital.
He was a patient in long-term care.
Car blew a tire and it hit him head on.
It was one of those freak accidents.
No one's fault, but his best friend was driving and didn't make it.
Kyle underwent multiple surgeries, months of rehab it was touch and go there for a minute.
Became a chaplain after that.
Figured he got a second chance and just could help others find their way.
Look I know I haven't known you that long, and I definitely don't mean to overstep.
I just think he could use someone like you in his life.
Definitely let me know how things shake out with Benny.
Yeah, you got it, Chief.
Saw that reporter here earlier.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? She just came by to ask about some old calls she may want to mine for potential stories.
Gonna meet up with her later for dinner.
You just worry about breakfast.
So now Rosalita wants to be with Fernando.
No, she's still in love with Enrique.
Okay, so then why didn't she answer the door when Enrique went to her house? Because Fernando just told her that he just came into an inheritance that's made him a very rich man.
Richer than Enrique, so now she's not sure if she can leave Fernando.
Even though she loves Enrique? Mm-hmm.
Refill? No, I think three cups is probably enough.
Can I get you anything else? - No, ma'am.
- What? Just the check, thanks.
Which is why we vent a roof before breaking a window.
Thing about fire, it's on the constant hunt for oxygen.
That's fascinating, though.
I thought firefighters are supposed to break all the windows.
Not always.
Vent behind or below your search team and you can kill 'em.
You think there's something there? These warehouses are supposed to follow regulations for storing chemicals, but there's no mechanism to make them comply.
I'm gonna have to do some more digging, but, yeah, this is a story.
Don't even think about it.
This has been the most fun I've ever had doing research, and I'm definitely passing the cost off to my next publisher.
I'm serious! Thanks.
Do you mind if I text you with some follow-up questions when they arise? Of course, call anytime for any reason.
What if the reason is I'd like to see you again? Yeah, well, I gotta get up early.
No, of course.
Sorry, I don't No, no, no, it's not it's not you.
I Matt, the woman you mentioned earlier, the one I remind you of.
I'm guessing you're not over her yet and that's fine.
We're separating.
Or divorcing.
But Honestly, I'm not even sure.
- I'm sorry.
- Nah, it's my issue.
I'm dealing with it.
Well, when you get it all figured out, give me a call.
Okay, guys, it's cool.
We can change it back to sports.
- No, no, no, no.
- What are you doing? Look, I appreciate that you guys are taking this seriously, but you don't have to Do you think I'm gonna be kept in the dark as to whether Rosalita chooses Enrique or Fernando? Not a chance.
- Okay, but - Quiete.
And asientete.
What's she so mad about now? Um Well, turns out that her twin sister just got back from the convent.
Heard from Benny? I'm sorry.
Ah, it's typical.
Yeah, but don't beat yourself up.
I mean, you were trying to help the firehouse.
You did the right thing.
Did I? Okay.
You know what? I am just gonna get out of your hair.
I'll be right there.
What's up? Tell Boden I had to go to Med.
- What is it? - Benny had a stroke.
Excuse me.
Do you have any information on a Benjamin Severide? Admitted for a stroke.
Let me check.
Lieutenant Severide? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
We did everything we could.
Your father passed away ten minutes ago.
- What? - I'm so sorry.
Hey, can - Yes, of course.
- I can cover for you.
- Thank you.
I'm gonna call in for relief so we can all go.
Can I have everyone's attention, please? Just received word from Chicago Med Benny Severide died before Kelly could make it over there.
He's gonna need your support right now.
I've gone ahead and taken the house out of service.
So go.
I'll join you as soon as a replacement battalion chief arrives.
What happened? The cleaning lady at his place came in and he'd been alone for Kelly, can you come with me, please? Came as soon as I heard.
Where's the lieutenant? They took him back.
Okay, listen, I know I don't know most of you, but I've been in this position before and I know that when one person in the firehouse loses a parent the whole house grieves.
All I can tell you is what your brother needs right now.
He needs your love, he needs your sympathy, and he needs to know you care.
You'll think he's aware of these things already, but he can't hear them enough.
Trust me.
I have an office here at the hospital.
My doors are always open.
Thanks, Chaplain.
ADC Gorsch.
I wanted to alert you as to why I took 51 out of service.
You don't have to alert me to anything anymore.
Sorry? I don't know how you did it.
I don't know which rock you picked up and threw, but congratulations on your aim.
Commissioner Grissom has recalled me to headquarters.
Said my time would be better spent outside the field.
Said he's expecting your call.
So I will retreat, regroup, rethink and wait for another opportunity.
Deputy Gorsch.
Close the door when you leave.
May I speak to Commissioner Grissom, please? Battalion Chief Wallace Boden.
They, uh they asked Kelly where to deliver the remains.
So he looked a bit overwhelmed, but he wanted me to tell you not to wait around because, you know, he knows how you all are, and he also wanted me to say that if we take it to Herrmann's house he will join us later.
It's good by me.
I'll let Cindy know.
All right.
How are you doing? You want me to take him? Um, no, no.
I can stay.
All right, just make sure he comes.
- He shouldn't be alone.
- Yeah, of course.
- I will.
- All right.
All right, let's regroup at Herrmann's.
The last thing I said to him was that you were a better father to me than he ever was.
And then then he does nothing.
I ask him for one thing despite every alarm bell in my head telling me not to It's the same ol' Benny.
- He never - You don't know.
I don't know what? Your father stepped in, Kelly.
He stepped up with Grissom.
I've just spoken with the Commissioner.
He met with him personally, talked about the situation in 51.
About how it not only affected me, but the whole house, how it affected you.
Every bit of goodwill, every piece of political capital, every favor he was ever owed, he put it on the line to appeal to the Commissioner to back off of 51, and it worked.
Gorsch is gone.
Your father told Grissom that I am the type of leader who molds good men into great ones, and that you, Kelly You're all the proof he needs to know that that's true.
Those were the exact words of your father.