Chicago Fire s07e07 Episode Script

What Will Define You

Welcome to the CFD, Chaplain.
You two would actually be great together.
What? No.
I'm Benny's daughter, Katie.
I would like to ask Katie out on a date.
Your father passed away ten minutes ago.
I'm so sorry.
Your father told Grissom that I am the type of leader who molds good men into great ones, and that you were all the proof he needs to know that that's true.
No, I already checked the garage.
Hey, look what I found.
Check out that handsome mug.
You box up everything in the file cabinets? Yeah.
I mean, none of it's organized, but hopefully, it has everything you need to settle the estate.
You didn't happen to find a bronze medal, did you? Um It'd be in a display box.
"Carter Harrison Award for Distinguished Service.
" Sorry.
He could have left it with one of his exes.
Hard enough to see those women at the service without having to go to them, hat in hand.
I'd rather just let this go.
I'll take care of it.
Benny used to talk about being buried with the medal.
Well, maybe I can help.
I mean, you already have enough going on.
It's fine.
Will will you let me help you with this? Please? Okay.
I got to get in for shift, but, um I'll check in later, okay? Hey.
How's Severide holding up? Worse than he'll admit.
He keeps taking point on all the funeral arrangements.
He won't let anyone else near it.
Uh, the service is Saturday, by the way.
I'll make an announcement.
Anything else we can do? Maybe.
Uh Hey, you guys know any of Benny's exes? Uh, one or two, sort of.
Okay, I am on a scavenger hunt for one of Benny's old medals, so I might need to make a house call.
Hey, whatever you need, we're here.
Thank you.
Hey, Cruz.
You haven't heard anything about Katie coming back for the funeral, have you? Mm, hadn't thought about that.
No idea.
- Squad three, ambo 61.
- Right.
Pin-in accident, Harrison and Dearborn.
Help! Help! Hang on, sweetie.
We're coming.
Squad three, we have a single vehicle accident.
A toddler in a car seat needs extrication.
Copy that, almost there.
He ran right out in front of me.
- I I couldn't see.
- Who did? Hey, hey! My little sister's in there.
All right, just stand back.
We'll get her out.
61 to main, we have an additional victim, pedestrian.
- We need another ambo ASAP.
- Copy, 61.
Ambo 91 is just around the corner.
- Help! - Hang on.
We're gonna get you out, okay? - Capp, get the jaws! - On it! I've got a pulse.
It's thready, but it's there.
Sir, can you hear me? He's not responding.
Let's board and collar him so 91 can load and go.
I'm on it.
- Help.
- Okay, all right.
We're gonna help you.
Let me see your face.
Hey, Brett, we need you over here.
Little girl might have glass in her eyes.
All right, keep her still.
- 61, we'll take over.
- Thanks.
Oh, I know, I know.
Here, look up, for me, sweetie.
Let me see your face.
This is my parent's car.
I I think it's got a blind spot.
Just please tell me she's okay.
Her face is cut up a bit, but there's no glass in her eyes.
Let's give her space, check you out, make sure you're not injured.
All right.
You're gonna be all right.
We're just gonna have to get a doctor - to take a look at you, okay? - No! That's my sister's.
She said I need to hold it.
You ready? Yeah.
I got you, I got you.
I snagged some extra washcloths from the supply room.
Should come in handy if we go on any bar runs tonight.
Great, thanks.
Poor kid.
The crash must have her shaken up.
What's wrong? So, your pedestrian, Mr.
Torres, he just came to.
Still in A-fib, but that's consistent with his history.
Nothing we can't manage with medication.
He's got two broken legs, a broken wrist, and a nasty headache, but he's recovering.
If anything changes, do you mind giving me a heads up? Will do.
Excuse me.
Okay, spill.
What's got your head in the clouds? It's something the little girl said.
She told me her sister handed her her phone and asked her to keep it.
It wasn't clear, but it sounded like she meant after the crash.
I think the driver might have been texting when she hit that man.
A little off-course for the fueling depot, aren't we? Kidd needs to make a quick pit stop.
Thanks for the detour, Captain.
Hey, remind me.
Which one in this? Ex number four.
Sweet of you all to come by, but someone already came to tell me about Benny.
It's hard to believe.
Always seemed like that man was the perfect physical specimen.
It was a shock to everyone.
I'd offer you a pour if you weren't on duty.
You know, Benny and I actually met back when I was bartending.
He used to come by regular just to charm me with that silver tongue of his.
It worked.
Um, well, we were wondering if Benny left anything behind after you two broke up.
We were off and on for a while in there.
We'd be fighting like cats and dogs one day, then be making up like a couple of bunny rabbits the next.
Firefighters, am I right? Is there is there a chance you might have seen a medal he won? Like like an award? Mm, not that I can think of.
But if I stumble on it, I promise I'll let y'all know.
The thing is, is we don't have time to wait.
Um, this award, it's for the funeral.
To be honest, I don't know if I'm gonna make it to that.
I hate to sound shallow, I just I try to stay as positive as possible.
Too much negativity is bad for the blood, you know? But, listen, if you want to swing by later, maybe you and I can spend some time looking for it.
Uh, hey, Casey, remember, we have that thing.
Right, right, right, right, right.
- The, uh the drill.
- The drill, the drill.
Um Thank you for your hospitality, ma'am.
Penelope, please.
You have to say something in your run sheet, though, right? Not necessarily.
I'm supposed to report her medical condition, not the cause of the accident.
That's out of my lane.
No one's asking you to be judge and jury.
All you gotta do is report what you heard.
Let someone else worry about the rest.
Thanks for this.
Least I could do.
How you feeling? Got tons to do, not much time.
That's not what I mean.
He's ready to see you.
My father had a 35-year career in the department.
He led one of the busiest battalions in his district and won the CFD's highest honors.
If anybody deserves a full-scale department sendoff, it's him.
I wholeheartedly agree.
The man was a legend in his time.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Commissioner Grissom sends his sincere condolences.
Right, I got the letter.
I'm just talking real-world here.
We can arrange an official color guard, without question.
Attendance of senior officers is something I can try and coordinate But? A full-scale funeral with a municipal parade? That's gonna be out of reach.
Those arrangements are strictly reserved for line-of-duty deaths.
I'm sorry, my hands are tied.
We appreciate the consideration.
It's hard to imagine a veteran firefighter who dedicated his life to this department gets nothing but a flag and a "thank you.
" Look, I understand your frustration, but we are talking the distinction for active-duty deaths.
That's sacred ground.
You had to know that that was a long shot.
He deserves better than this.
Why don't you come by the house? Have lunch, be with your people for an hour.
I get what you're trying to do, Chief, really, but I'm fine.
I got things to do.
Thank you for backing me up on this.
If there is anything that you need, you come to me straightaway, you understand? Will do, Chief.
You're yanking my chain.
She actually said that? - What'd you do? - We got the heck out of there before she jumped Casey's bones.
It was uncomfortable.
Hey, you are more than welcome to come to the next one.
I'm planning on visiting ex number three today.
Is that Katie's mom? No, that's number two, I think? - Or was it - Yeah, it depends if you're just talking about wives.
- Right.
- Guys, if you want to fall down the rabbit hole of Benny's love life, it's a long way to the bottom.
Let's just focus on the plan for today, huh? Yes, I'll pick you up in a couple hours, and we'll drive to Kenosha together, yeah? All right, copy that.
See you in a few.
It's 7:30.
I need your report.
I'm reviewing them now, Chief, sorry.
- Gentleman.
- Wallace.
Thanks for showing up.
So I'm giving this talk at a conference once, right? Step off the stage, the SOB corners me in the hall, and I swear to God boom! Cold-cocks me out of the blue.
Turns out, Benny caught wind that some instructor was putting the screws to his kid down at the academy.
The damn lughead, he was looking for Chief Cochran.
Oh, that was Benny, though.
He was a scrapper, especially when it came to his kid.
For good reason: Kelly Severide is one of the best firefighters I have seen in my career.
Which is why I was hoping that this department would show up for him.
You all know the memorial service is this Saturday, right Chief.
I realize you've spoken to CFD affairs.
You understand that this is completely out of our control? Hear me out.
I am not asking for the world.
No parade.
I am just asking for a show of support.
As many chiefs as possible, a room full of dress blues.
I mean, for God's sake, something.
Something that honors what the name Severide means to this city and this department.
I'm just asking.
I don't know why I kept any of it.
My therapist, at the time, told me that closure was a myth, and I took that to mean maybe it wasn't over.
Maybe Benny was coming back.
Maybe he didn't just disappear on a permanent fishing trip without a word of notice.
We we're we're sorry for your loss, Beth.
- We were just wondering if - Like this! What am I supposed to do with this? Oh, actually, those have pretty decent resale value if you ever wanted to What kind of man walks out on his two stepsons? Left those boys waiting for him at soccer practice.
And did you see the kind of woman he left me for? That Penelope? Yeah.
The last thing we want to do is reopen old wounds.
We're just trying to find the one item to memorialize him with.
Hmm, I should get the stack of unpaid bills he left behind, then.
Well, we're doing this for Kelly more than anyone else.
How's he doing? He's struggling but the finding this medal, it would be a big help to him.
Kelly was always good to me.
When Benny left, he understood.
Helped validate that it wasn't all in my head.
I haven't seen anything like what you're describing, though.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We appreciate you trying to find it all the same.
Please give Kelly my condolences.
I know how much his father meant to him.
- We will.
- Hm.
You know, if you aren't interested in that Dremel tool anymore, I would Mouch! - Everything okay? - Yeah.
I just thought I'd swing by and check on that accident victim from yesterday.
He's recovering well.
Heart rate stabilizing with the meds, and ortho says his fractures aren't too bad.
It helps that he's had a few visitors here looking out for him.
Holler if you need something, okay? Sure.
Uh, Mr.
and Mrs.
Ballard? I'm Silvie Brett.
I'm the paramedic who treated your daughters yesterday.
- Oh! - Oh, my God.
Yes, hello.
Thank you so much for looking after our girls.
But how's your little one doing? Oh, she's almost fully recovered.
Erica, though, you know, she's still shaken.
She feels responsible.
Um, has she been here with you visiting Mr.
Torres? Yes.
It was her idea, actually.
Erica set up a GoFundMe page to help with his medical bills.
She's poured all of herself into it.
I, um We owe you everything for saving our girls.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Here we are.
Benjamin preselected item number 232.
"Eternal Remembrance.
" It's a lovely casket.
Solid elm with a soft, velvet interior Whatever he wanted.
What about the plot? Also preplanned and reserved.
All that's required is final payment.
- How much? - It's fine.
Whatever it is, I'll settle it now.
Now, regarding the service What about it? If you want to submit a few family photos for the slideshow No, you can skip that.
It doesn't have to be anything too fancy.
Just run the card.
Yeah? Sylvie, uh, come on in.
Excuse the mess.
I'm getting my thoughts together for the memorial service.
You caught me in the zone.
- Is it a bad time? - No, please.
I'm glad you came.
Uh, grab a seat while I straighten up.
I'm I'm not even sure if this is something you can really help me out with.
Well, I accept the challenge.
So what's on your mind? I'm just wondering Is it wrong to lie by omission? Even if you're not sure you know what you think you know, and maybe someone could get hurt if you say what you think you know, but you're not really sure if you actually know it? Uh - I I need more.
- Okay, um I I got called to this car wreck yesterday.
A teenage driver hit a pedestrian.
I think she was texting when it happened, but I'm not 100% certain.
- You found her phone? - Yes.
In the hands of her four-year-old sister.
When I tried to take the phone away, the toddler told me her older sister made her promise to hold it.
I think she meant after the crash, but I can't be sure.
What does your gut tell you? Nothing.
It's too busy tying itself in knots.
It just feels awful.
I've never held something like this in before.
But if you saw the look in this little girl's eyes, the way she and her sister needed each other I don't want to tear them apart based on nothing but a hunch.
The Good Book's got some wisdom on this.
"He who makes haste with his feet, errs.
" I'm paraphrasing, but the gist of it is this.
Take the time you need to consider the facts, separate out your fears, and trust your heart.
You can't go wrong with that.
You're good at this.
The thing is Katie and I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
It was really chaotic.
You know, it was a real hurricane of emotion.
For sure.
I'm not making excuses.
I'm not saying that I did everything right, but I've grown.
Being with Lily, it's it's really matured me.
Oh, God, Lily.
What am I going to say to her? What? You think Lily's going to feel threatened? You think I should get out ahead of this thing beforehand.
Right, what would you say to Chloe? About what? Oh! No! Come on, Cruz.
I'm really struggling here, man.
Otis, you need to breathe.
This was four years ago.
This doesn't have to be a thing unless you make it a thing, all right? Just be yourself.
Be glad to see her.
This is April Nolan, Katie's mom.
- You call ahead this time? - Nah.
Wouldn't want her to tell us not to come.
Casey, if we strike out on this, I'm ready to keep searching, okay? Friends, relatives, anyone.
I just can't go back to Kelly empty-handed.
I wouldn't fret.
I'd say the odds are about 90% April has the medal.
- Really? - No doubt in my mind.
The power of positive thinking.
That's Katie in her new restaurant.
I forget the name.
It's something French.
- Well, you must be very proud.
- Do you like the frame? - Do I? - I sell those.
I have an arrangement with a designer in Kankakee.
- It's - It's nice.
I can cut you a deal if you want to buy them in bulk for the firehouse.
- Something to think about.
- Um I also make jewelry, floral arrangements.
I've dabbled in interior design as you can probably see.
Let me get you guys some cards.
You know, Benny was one of my initial investors.
I think he was trying to make amends for not being around while Katie was growing up.
He really helped me process a lot.
To forgive, and Uh, it's funny you mention jewelry, because it's kind of in the family of why we're here.
Um, is there any chance that Benny left behind an old medal? Oh, my goodness, yes! I can't believe you guys are looking for that.
I'll be right back.
- Oh, my God.
- All right, good.
It seemed like such a silly thing to keep around, but something in the back of my mind told me this had value.
Take a look.
Isn't that something? You're welcome to it.
Actually, um uh, we're looking for an old firefighter medal.
That's the only medal I have.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is Kelly here? He's a bit wrecked, went to bed.
I should probably do the same, then.
Oh, don't feel like you have to.
How'd today go? Uh, surreal.
It's funny.
Benny spent all his life improvising from one day to the next, but when it came to his death, he had it all planned out.
Kelly's running himself ragged, trying to do everything exactly how Benny wanted.
I don't know if it's about contrition or closure or what.
I'm glad he has you to rely on.
I'm I'm barely doing anything.
Oh, you're doing enough.
I'm sure Kelly would tell you himself, but he's lousy expressing things like that.
You're good for him, Stella.
It's easy to see.
The way you've been there for him, helping him find this medal, means more than you know.
- Hey, Brett.
- Morning, Chief.
I just got a call from Chief Hatcher says you have a run sheet open from last shift? Right.
Something I should know? It's just a detail from that first call.
I needed time to clear it up.
And are you clear now? Ambo 61, person down from unknown causes.
Close it before lunch.
- No excuses.
- Yes, Chief.
Thank God you're here.
I swear it was an accident.
What was? Well, we were yelling, and the threw the thing at me, so I threw it back at him, and Help, please.
Help, please.
Lungs are clear.
We can't load him on the rig like this, though.
Should we call for a truck's help? No, here, I got it.
Stabilize that.
Don't move.
Almost done.
- Smart.
- All right.
Get an IV started.
I'll stabilized the prongs.
Where is that bastard? Hang in there, Howard.
These ladies are taking good care of you.
We had a little argument about yard care.
I didn't rake my dang leaves onto your yard, Paul! Which of us owns the maple? You think I snuck around in the dead of night to rake them back into my own yard? Just get this thing out of me so I can lodge it into his damn skull! No, sir, unless you are going to help calm him down, I need you to step back.
Okay, Howard.
I raked them into my yard to prove a point.
I just wanted you to trim the darn thing back.
I never meant for things to get so out of hand.
I knew it.
3rd place finish, 2004 Master Anglers Tournament, Calumet Harbor.
That's a big tournament.
Might still be worth including in the service.
Hey, any news? No luck.
I exhausted my contacts, anyone who knew Benny.
No one's seen the medal.
You think, uh you think, maybe, we could ask HQ to press a new one? Those things are one-of-a-kind.
CFD would never allow it.
Oh, my God.
- Hey, Kidd.
- Mm-hmm? You did what you could.
He'll understand.
No, that's not it, ugh.
Hey hey, Capp, grab me the needle scaler.
Uh, he's not around.
Whoa, Katie, hey.
You're here.
Thought that was you.
Uh, I didn't realize you were coming to the house.
Kelly's, uh gone, took the shift off.
No, I know.
I actually came to visit the rest of you all.
Colorado is great.
Beautiful skies, fresh air.
I'm working as a sous chef in a new restaurant in Boulder.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
My boyfriend's the maitre d'.
He's a sweetheart and just an absolute dork.
You would really like him.
That's great, uh I'm just so impressed.
It seems like you got everything you were hoping for when you left Chicago.
It seems like you're not doing too bad, either, yourself.
I noticed on Facebook you're with someone.
- Oh, you did? - Yeah.
Yeah, Lily.
She's she's amazing.
Yeah, you two seem so cute together.
It's really nice to see you, Katie.
- I'm glad you came by.
- So am I.
Look who's here.
Hope I'm not interrupting your lunch.
Are you kidding? Get over here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- And you're Stella, right? - Hi.
Oh, I can't believe I finally get to meet you.
- I heard so much.
- Same here.
I actually have something you've been looking for.
I hope I'm not too late.
My mom told me that you came by and tried to find it.
My dad gave it to me a couple years ago when we reconnected.
He said he wanted me to have something positive to remember him by.
Is this what you've been looking for? Oh, my God, I Oh, I can't believe it.
I was so scared that I was gonna have to give up.
I, um oh, God! Katie, thank you.
Oh, your brother needs this so much right now.
You're welcome.
I'm glad I could help.
- Thank you.
- Yay! When I started this shift, I never thought I'd cross "false flag lawn-care ploy" off my bucket list.
Every day is a gift.
I'll catch up with you at the rig, okay? - Uh, Erica? - Yes? I'm Sylvie Brett.
I treated you after your accident the other day.
Right, um, the ambulance driver.
Um, I'm sorry.
I wish I had time to talk, but I actually am late to a class Were you texting when the accident happened? Sorry? Your sister told me you asked her to hold the phone.
Did you do that to hide what really happened? No, I that's not Look, I understand you're afraid to tell the truth, scared about the consequences, but you need to realize, the guilt you feel, it's not gonna go away just by pretending it isn't there.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Tell everyone what really happened.
Take responsibility now so you can start making amends.
The man you hit deserves that.
So does your sister.
No, no, no, let me finish.
You called me to say the limo was confirmed, so I assumed the limo was confirmed.
Right, so what's the holdup? You know what, you just stop.
I'm gonna go with another company.
Yeah, fine, you do that.
Problems? One thing after another.
Let's take a deep breath.
It'll all come together.
Yeah, maybe.
Kelly, look at me.
Where is all this anger taking you, huh? What's it for? I'm not angry.
I'm just busy.
He's not here anymore.
Whatever he said to get under your skin at the end, it's done.
It's over.
The way we left things the last time we talked, I took a jab at him, and he ended up coming through anyway.
There's nothing you could have said that would have made this any easier.
Nothing that would have brought you the kind of peace you're looking for.
Right now, today, this is the start of your life without your dad.
How you live it, that's what will define you.
Thank you all for coming this morning, thank you.
Thanks for coming.
See you inside.
- Good morning, Sylvie.
- Good morning.
Wow, you look nice.
I mean, the stole and everything is fancy.
You look nice too.
Hey, how's your situation? Did that talk we had help at all? It did, yeah.
I I spoke to the driver, told her what I knew.
Urged her to clear her conscience.
And how'd she react? It took her a day to process, but she came forward.
It sounds like the best anyone could have hoped for.
Yeah, it is.
Thank you for talking me through it.
Oh, it's why I'm here.
I hope you come by and see me again.
Um, you don't have to wait for a crisis.
I might do that.
- Hey, Stella.
- Hi.
Hey, sorry if I've been You don't need to explain anything.
I have something for you.
Thank you.
"Come to me, all who labor, "and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
"Take my yolk upon you, and learn from me, "for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
" This is the word of the Lord.
My father was a legendary firefighter.
I know this because he told me all the time.
But he wasn't wrong.
On March 16, 1993, he pulled seven people out of the Paxton Hotel Fire.
They were trapped, and nobody could figure out how to get to them, but Benny wouldn't give up, even when the building was coming down on top of him.
That was Benny Severide.
He always had to do things his own way.
He was stubborn, and man, he was tough.
Sometimes too tough.
He'd battle the people he loved as hard as he'd battle any fire.
But every now and then, when you needed him the most, he'd have your back, whether you knew it or not.
No matter what the cost.
It took me It took me too long to figure that out.
But I'll never forget it.
Sleep tight, Dad.
You earned it.
Detail, attention! Present arms! Battalion Chief Benjamin Severide has returned to quarters.
Hi's cleared from all his duties.
He is gone but never forgotten.
May he rest in peace, with his brothers and sisters.