Chicago Fire s07e08 Episode Script

The Solution To Everything

1 - Hi.
- Chloe, hey.
The department is having a charity picnic, - and I thought - Yes, I'd love to.
It's surprising more of Grandbrook's trailers haven't burned down.
This article is going to make waves, Naomi.
You remind me of someone I know.
I'm guessing you're not over her yet.
When you get it all figured out, give me a call.
- How's Severide holding up? - Worse than he'll admit.
Sleep tight, Dad.
You earn it.
- Morning.
- Hey.
I was thinking we could coordinate a few drills today.
- All units? - Sure.
Hey, remember Naomi Graham, the reporter I helped out with the trailer fire article? Yeah.
Funny thing, I keep thinking about her.
It's been a while since Gabi and I split up.
We signed the divorce papers.
I've done my best to make peace with it all.
Now, I've got to try and move forward, right? - And get on with my life.
- Sounds right to me.
I was thinking I'd give her a call.
Yeah, go for it.
Hey, sorry to bug you with all this.
I know you got plenty on your mind.
No, I'm good.
You should call her, for sure.
- How's Severide doing? - Okay.
Glad to hear it.
Yeah, I mean, at least that's what he tells me, but - Severide being Severide.
- Exactly.
It is a mystery what goes on in that head of his.
You look tired.
You know, my sleep has been terrible lately.
I think I need a new pillow.
But until then, that fifth cup of coffee is just going to have to do.
Thanks for coming by, Bill.
Good to see you again.
Sorry it took a funeral for us to reconnect.
Chief, when you're my age, a funeral is just another social event.
51, say hello to one of the toughest firefighters I ever had the honor of working with.
- Big Bill Hacker! - ALL: Hey, Bill! - One of the toughest? - Ah.
When I started out, first day at the academy, they threw you in the smoke box without a mask.
Learned real quick, the good air was down at the floor.
We called that class "Smoke Appreciation.
You kids be safe out there, huh? And listen to your chief.
He's a celebrity, after all.
September 1990, huh? [LAUGHS.]
Take it easy.
- What? - Mr.
September? - Did you know about this? - Do you think I would have kept that from you? You guys, we have to find a copy of that thing.
Anyone goes looking for that calendar can also go looking for another job.
- Risk I'm willing to take! - Goes without saying! I have to see Beefcake Boden.
But how are we going to find it? A 30-year-old firefighter calendar.
- Engine 51, Truck 81.
If it exists, it can be found.
Battalion 25, structure fire, 3600 South Hermitage.
- Hey, anyone inside? - My husband, Adam.
We had the fireplace going, and then, the wall over the mantle [COUGHS.]
It suddenly got really hot, and there was all this smoke.
Just your husband, no one else? Brett, Foster, we have a smoke inhalation victim here.
- She needs oxygen.
- On it, Chief.
Come here.
It's a cracked flue.
Fire got in the walls.
I don't like that brown smoke, chief.
Me neither.
Lightweight construction, fire deep in that structure, but we have a confirmed victim still inside, so let's get in and out quick.
Search teams, mask up.
Herrmann, get a hose line in there, cover them.
We'll take the bottom floor.
You take the top.
Sounds good.
Cruz! - Fire department, call out! - Fire department, call out! Talk to me, Casey.
What do you got? Nothing yet.
Still got a few rooms to check out on one.
Emergency! Everybody out! Hey, Severide, time to go! Now, right now, evacuate! Severide! Severide! - [WOOD CREAKS.]
- Severide! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Severide! - Squad three, report.
- Severide! Chief, I need assistance on the second floor, D/C corner.
Severide is under the collapsed chimney.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Truck 81, RIT rescue! Go get him! Herrmann, you stay on the first floor, cover the stairwell.
We have to limit the weight upstairs.
This building is a collapse waiting to happen.
Hey, Lieutenant! Hang in there, all right? Help is on the way.
Kelly! Can you hear me? - I'm okay.
- You're not okay! You got a chimney on you! Don't move! - Just need a little more room.
Help, we got to get this thing off him.
We need airbags and cribbing! Airbags and cribbing coming right up, Casey.
Ritter, get back out of the collapse zone! Go! Cruz, behind you! Yo, yo, I got him! Chief, we found the husband.
Kidd, Otis, get the victim down.
Otis can take him.
I'm with Kelly.
No, you're taking him, now! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Hey, grab his legs, come on! All right, we got him.
Ambo! Adam, Adam! Is he okay? He was already down when the collapse happened.
Kidd, Kidd! Stay here, Capp and Tony are in there now.
I got to limit the weight on that floor.
I'm too far away.
Get him closer to me.
Shut up and keep still.
Chief, the fire's spreading.
Can we get some help? - Stand by, Casey.
- Hey, Chief! We got to get a line upstairs, cover these guys.
No, not until we lighten the load up there.
Casey, send two men out so I can get 51 up there.
In a minute, once the airbags are set.
Copy that.
51, hold your position.
- How's it coming? - Almost there.
Hey, Severide, look at me.
You good? - Yep.
- Good to go! All right.
- Set.
- Up on one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop! The floor joints are cracking under the weight.
It feels like the whole floor is going to go out from underneath us! You need more points of contact.
Distribute the weight more evenly.
Cruz, Capp, Tony.
Build me another pile.
- Copy that.
- Capp! Chief, we need a hose line here.
Hey, Chief, let me take Ritter.
We're the two lightest guys on engine.
- Go.
- Ritter, let's roll.
Copy that.
Casey, hose line coming to you now.
How long have they been under that chimney? - Seven, eight minutes? - More like ten.
- You got it? - Yeah.
Follow me.
Hey, don't come in the room! Stay there.
- He's low on air.
- Don't worry about it.
Just keep working.
Herrmann, Herrmann, cut the water! What's wrong? The floor can't take the weight.
- Get back outside.
- Okay, but I'm leaving you the line.
Copy that! Capp, Tony, you too.
Get out of here.
- Okay, but take this.
- No, you need it.
I'll be fine.
- Capp, get him out of here.
- I got him.
Hang in there.
Hey, still with me? Yeah, just get me out of here.
- Cruz! - All right, good to go! Up on one and two! [AIR HISSES.]
Stop, stop! It's no good.
If we keep lifting, the chimney's going to push the cribbing through the floor.
Well, you better think of something fast, because his room's going to flashover.
- Cruz, you better go.
- But what about you? Hand me that hose.
I'll cover Severide with my body, and we'll make a stand right here.
Oh, so you can both die? To hell with that! [OXYGEN HISSING.]
- Get ready to pull him out.
- Cruz, just forget it, go! No way! Get ready! One, two, now! [BOTH GROANING.]
Come on.
Okay, 51.
Give it all you got.
51, open it up.
Let's hit it hard.
- You good, you good? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, you scared the hell out of us.
I'm fine.
Let the doctors make that call.
Go with 61 and get checked out.
- I'm okay, all right? - Yeah, I'm sure you are.
Go anyway.
Go on, get out of here.
All right.
Hop on the back for me.
Will you check him out? [SIRENS WAIL.]
- Captain? - Yeah? All due respect, I do not appreciate being ordered to stand down during that fire.
I did what I thought was best for everyone involved.
- I'm a damn good firefighter.
- I know that.
And I can handle myself in any situation, including one where Severide is in danger.
No, you can't.
Kidd, last time you went to help Severide was during that high rise fire.
You ignored your low air alarm and almost died.
I that was different because I hadn't checked my air closely enough.
It won't happen again, but you can't sideline me, boss.
I can and will do whatever I think is safest for all my firefighters.
Just be glad it worked out this time.
And Severide's okay.
All right, I'm going to drop off the run sheet, then we can head out.
I'll check on Severide, see if he needs to hitch a ride back.
Monique, how's Severide doing? Dr.
Manning cleared him a while ago.
He's in Treatment 3, ready to go.
Monique says you're good to go.
We can take you back to the firehouse, if you want.
I don't know why I didn't move when Chief gave the evacuation order.
We all just figured you stayed because you saw the victim in there.
No, I didn't see him until after the chimney collapsed.
Why didn't I move? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Maybe you heard the victim call out? No, I don't think so.
I can't tell you what happened in that house.
But, um I can tell you from personal experience that, um losing a parent It messes with your head in ways you don't even realize.
Come on, Lieutenant.
Let's get you to the fire house.
Over here.
These cabinets.
All official CFD documentation gets filed away in these drawers, and I know from my time at the bullpen, they never get cleaned out.
Don't you think this is a little conspicuous? You know, the four of us snooping around? Post a lookout.
What would it be filed under? C for "calendar"? "S" is for sexy.
Hey, shut up! [BRIGHT MUSIC.]
You need something, Herrmann? I I I I need to um make some copies, but the machine felt a little hot, so I figured I'd let it cool off for a minute.
Huh, okay.
Put in a call to Facilities, get someone down here to take a look.
The copier felt warm? This is ridiculous.
I am an officer now.
I cannot take part in these kinds of shenanigans.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
I mean, Boden stuck his neck out to give me this promotion, and I cannot undermine him like this, all right? It wouldn't be right.
If we happen to find the calendar, do you still want to see it? What do you mean, "if"? You better find it! Naomi, I was just talking about you this morning.
Matt, I have something you need to hear.
This thing with Grandbrook Trailers, I don't think it's over.
What do you mean? I thought your article shut them down, got a lawsuit going.
So did I, but listen to this.
You need to look at the fire that happened last week outside Indianapolis, at the Dunlap Trailer Village.
You have no idea what you've done with that article of yours.
You better start watching your back.
- When did that come in? - Last night, no caller ID.
Did you look into the fire he mentioned? Only information I could find was in the local paper.
It was a big fire, burned down the trailer and partly destroyed two other homes nearby.
The owner is in critical condition.
Did you get the make of the trailer? - Was it a Grandbrook? - Trailer park manager said he wasn't sure.
So I called the Indianapolis Fire Department, couldn't get an answer, either.
I saw the way people respond to you, and I was hoping maybe you had a contact in the department there who could help us get a hold of the incident report.
- I know someone who might.
- Great.
I'll keep rattling cages on my end, see what I can learn.
Call me when you hear anything, and I'll do the same.
Sounds good.
I really appreciate this, Matt.
Oh, come, come, Tuesday! Get back here! - Come.
- Oh, my God.
This is the solution to everything.
- You don't be doing that here.
- Oh, God.
My roommate usually takes care of her when I'm on shift, but he just dropped her off here.
Says he got a new job.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
Oh, you're going to give her to me.
That's what you're going to do.
And I'm going to quit firefighting and spend the rest of my life scratching these polka dot ears.
Just blink if you want to come live with me.
Uh, sorry, I'm kind of attached to her.
Oh, well, have you looked into a dog walker? Well, the problem is she's got separation anxiety.
She gets destructive when she's alone.
Right, right, right.
Well, I see a long and meaningful future for us, Tuesday.
Call me.
I'll see you.
You hear that? Oh, I think she likes you.
There you are.
It looks like you're in one piece, that's good.
Yeah, the docs at Med gave me the thumbs up.
It was, um That was a little scary back there, and I'm really glad that you're okay.
Yeah, 100%.
It must have shaken you up a little bit.
Not really, no reason to dwell on it, you know? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Kelly, come on, I You've seemed, like, a million miles away lately.
I'm I'm just trying to help.
And I'm just trying to get through the day.
I don't need you turning everything into some big emotional crisis.
Can you just give me some space? Yeah, of course.
I can't believe Joe didn't tell you about it.
It was like something out of an action movie.
No lie, Chloe, he lifted an entire chimney up by himself.
- Really? - They weren't there.
I used a lever to lift part of a chimney, like, an inch.
Work with us, Cruz.
We're trying to make you look good in front of your lady.
A-ha, he doesn't need any help on that front.
Oh! Hey, McHolland, what's shaking? Hey, Louder.
Oh, hey, hey, do you remember a charity calendar from 1990 featuring Chief Boden? No way.
Wallace Boden? Yeah, that's what Big Bill says, and Boden didn't exactly deny it.
We're trying to locate a copy.
They are, uh-uh.
I got nothing to do with it.
You fellah try the Fire Museum? They got all kinds of memorabilia down there.
We didn't think of it.
We'll give that a try.
We've been looking everywhere for this thing.
I spent two hours this morning at the library up to my eyeballs in microfilm.
Why haven't you asked me for help? You know what I do for a living, right? Yes, I do.
You you, uh work for a consulting company of some kind.
I'm the head of research, Joe.
I have a degree in library science.
- Wait, for real? - For real.
Oh, you are our secret weapon.
- Yeah! - I'm here to help.
- Okay, Herrmann, what do you think? Uh, the fire museum's a great idea.
I wish that I thought of it.
What do you think about my flyer? Oh.
Yeah, sure, hang it up.
Maybe it'll bring in some some new customers.
I'll buy you a drink if you can help me out with a mission.
If you know any firefighters in Indianapolis, - same goes for you.
- Can't say I can help, sorry.
Thrilling as this conversation sounds, I have to go see my friend's band.
Good night, all.
- Good night.
- See you.
No more drinks for me.
It's not easy keeping up with Foster.
Please tell me you're not moving to Indiana.
No, no, no, no.
It's for that reporter, Naomi.
She's writing a follow-up piece, and I need to take a look at an incident report.
The cute reporter's back, that's great.
Yeah, yeah, except I'm pretty sure I blew any chance I had with her last time.
- So now, she's all business.
- Oh, please.
You give her that solemn Matt Casey look.
The "I genuinely care about what you're saying" thing.
You're doing it right now! I guarantee, she melts.
- You have done some drinking.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, I do know a guy in the IFD.
Kind of a big shot, high school friend.
Really tall guy with a funny walk, like he's always leaning a little too far forward.
Oh, his name's coming to me.
According to this app, my driver has looped the block three times.
I'll wait with you.
No, you don't have to do that.
I know.
I've been thinking a lot about what you said at the hospital.
Which parent? My mom, lung cancer.
I'm sorry.
It's like classic form, she timed it for maximum destruction.
She got sick and died during my final year of residency.
Toughest bitch in Pittsburgh.
I miss her every damn day.
- You were close? - The opposite of that.
Which makes it worse, somehow, right? Yeah.
Like, there's nothing to hold on to.
Hey, go have some fun.
That's an order.
All right.
Night, Foster.
Man, I could live here.
This old stuff is great.
Yeah, it was nice of them to let us in before visiting hours.
I just wish they had a better filing system.
There's no rhyme or reason to it.
Like, why aren't all the charity-related things in one place? You are cute when you talk about filing.
- Shut up.
- Oh, hey, I found something.
The photo of the 1995 outdoor hoops regional championship runner-ups! I thought we were here to find a calendar.
Look at that fresh-faced Christopher Herrmann.
- Oh, wow, look, that's Mouch.
- Wow.
Mouch, how long have you been old? Keep it up, Otis.
Oh, guys, we got to get to shift.
Oh, already? Well, this was a wash.
You guys go ahead.
I'll keep looking.
- You sure? - Absolutely.
I might do a little reorganizing, just for kicks Thank you.
- Thanks, Chloe.
- You're welcome.
Bye, guys.
She's a great girl, Cruz.
I'll reserve judgment until she finds that calendar.
It was great to see Kelly talking to somebody about it.
He's been so shut down ever since Benny died.
How do you know their conversation was about Benny? Well, I heard a little.
It sounds like Foster went through something similar, which is great.
I mean, it's not great that someone she loved died, obviously, but it's great that Kelly has someone he can talk to who can relate.
- Mm, yeah, it is.
- Yeah, totally.
Good morning! Wow, someone here is not hungover, - and that someone isn't me.
- Oh, ouch, overdid it? Well, you know, better be careful next time.
Was that weird? No, no, you know Kidd.
She is just really friendly person.
Hey, it's Matt.
How quickly can you get to the firehouse? The fire investigators in Indianapolis didn't pick up on it because they didn't know what to look for, but it's pretty clear to me.
This fire started with a faulty refrigerator.
Just like the Grandbrook trailer fires.
And check this out.
I can't say for sure without a floor plan, but the layout in these photos looks like the same exact layout that Grandbrook uses.
- Is that helpful? - Very.
Now you want to hear what I learned? This trailer was sold by a company called CWG Building Systems.
- Catchy name.
- Isn't it, though? I couldn't find out much about them, except that they were incorporated on the same day and by the same law firm as two known Grandbrook subsidiaries.
- You think they're related.
- It's got to be, right? So here's my theory.
Once we exposed Grandbrook trailers as the firetraps they are, Grandbrook transferred their inventory to this shell company and kept on selling them under a different name.
- Sure sounds like it.
- Oh, I need proof, though.
I'm going to head down to Bloomington tomorrow.
CWG owns a facility down there.
It might be where they're keeping those trailers.
You're going by yourself? After that voicemail? Matt, I appreciate your concern, but I've tracked down fugitive drug lords to get a story.
I'm not really worried about some sleazy trailer salesmen.
Naomi, I have no doubt that you can handle yourself.
All the same, I'd like to come along if you think you could use some help.
And road trip dinner is on me.
Only the finest truck stop will do.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I happen to know that Kicky Dyson's Pit Stop off I-65 has a fantastic triple decker burger.
- Ah.
- So pick me up at 6:00.
- Okay.
Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl? Is it you, is it you? Oh, I think it is you! I'm sorry to do this again, Lieutenant.
I'll tell my roommate he's got to pick her up - as soon as he gets off work.
- All right, good.
Because I don't need Captain Casey giving me any grief about that.
- Okay, thank you.
- Bad news, guys.
Chloe has combed the entire museum.
- That calendar is MIA.
- Damn.
- Did you try the fire academy? - And union headquarters.
- Nobody's got it.
- Looks like Mr.
September will forever remain shrouded in folklore.
No, don't say that.
You know, there is one place that it might be.
No, forget it.
I'm the only one that can go asking, and I can't get involved.
Herrmann, I don't understand why you think bugles on your collar means you're not allowed to have fun anymore.
Do you see Casey and Severide getting wrapped up in this monkey business, huh? Who cares? You got to establish your own leadership style.
- Yeah, you call the shots.
- Uh-huh.
You just want me to find that calendar, and I'm trying to set an example for my firefighters.
Well, you already have, boss.
That's why we'd follow you to Hell and back.
Okay, yeah, I call the shots.
All right, the dog stays until the end of shift, and come hell or high water, I am going to get us that calendar.
All right! [ALARM BLARES.]
Ambulance 61, person injured.
Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl? [SIRENS WAILING.]
Person injured.
Any thoughts? I'm going to guess some tourist ate it on one of those dockless scooters.
Hm, oh, wait.
725 Grand? Ugh, that's Scanlon.
That's a known Packers bar.
- And it's football Sunday.
- Ugh, this is gonna be ugly.
- I better call for backup.
- Ambulance 61 to main.
Requesting Truck 81 for assistance.
Ugh, oh, God.
Dispatch Truck 81 to your location All right, people, make some room.
Come on, get out of the way.
Man, that's too much crazy for me.
I'm out of here.
All right, you guys, move.
Uh, no thanks.
Back there.
He said he's okay, but I'm like "No way, man.
You need help.
" Hey, guys.
What happened? Is it that bad? - It was an accident.
- Was it, Kevin, was it? All right, guys, back up and give us some space.
- Kevin threw it at him.
- He told me to! This point is one inch long, at least.
Oh, well, it's in there all the way.
Oh, could you just take it out, please? No, no, no, no, you need a trauma surgeon to remove that.
It looks like it pierced the frontal sinus.
I just hope it didn't extend into the brain.
He put a lime on his head, and he had me try to hit it like Robin Hood or whatever.
Okay, guys, give us some space, all right? We got to figure out how to cover this dart somehow so it doesn't get jostled in transport.
I've got an idea.
Just take it out, I'm begging you.
At the hospital, all right? We'll get you there as quick as we can.
Oh, that's perfect, all right.
Let's get some tape I'm sorry, Ricky.
I'm so sorry, man.
Get off of her! Let her do her thing, man! [SCREAMS.]
Hey, guys, guys, guys! Knock it off! [CLAMORING.]
Hey, break it up, break it up! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
- Break it up! - Back off! [GRUNTING.]
- Hey! - Hey, hey, I got it.
I got it.
Your job's over there.
Okay, okay, thanks.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no - Ow.
- Ricky! Oh, yeah.
He's passed out.
- Better get the stretcher.
- Yep.
Oh, let me see that.
Oh, you really got clocked.
People are complete idiots.
You ever noticed that? Well, by some miracle, Dart Guy is okay.
I bandaged him up and sent him home.
You got pretty snappy there with Foster.
It was complete chaos.
I was just trying to establish some order.
Can I say something without you interrupting and getting defensive? What is that supposed to mean? Fine, go.
You have been running yourself ragged worrying about Severide.
You're not sleeping, yelling at your captain I knew I shouldn't have told you that.
Acting thrilled about Foster's connection with Severide one minute, and trying to bite her head off the next.
All I'm saying is when someone you love goes through a traumatic event, it's a lot to handle.
You need to take care of yourself, too.
Not just Severide.
You know, I really thought all I needed was a new pillow.
And maybe Tuesday, the perfect dog.
- Oh, ooh, no, it's - Sorry.
Yeah, no, it's okay, it's fine.
It's yeah, I got it, I got it.
- Hey.
- Hey, Lieutenant.
I'll see you next time.
Hey, Foster.
It's been good having someone to talk to.
It always is.
By any chance are you free later? Maybe you want to grab a beer somewhere? [SOFT MUSIC.]
When my mom died, I didn't have anyone to lean on.
The residents I worked with, they weren't my friends.
They were more like competitors.
You're lucky.
You have a great support system here, and a girlfriend who loves you.
Lean on her.
Christopher, how are you? Hey.
Oh, is Wallace expecting you? He's upstairs, let me get him.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Don't tell him I'm here.
- I wanted to see you, actually.
- Oh, okay.
It's about the calendar, Donna.
You know the one I mean.
- Wallace's calendar.
- Yeah, that is the one.
So How much do you want? Name your price.
Oh, well, I don't have it.
I thought you were going to say that you found one.
- Mm-mm.
- No? Wallace swears, when he made Chief, that he tracked down every copy and destroyed it, so.
- I believe it.
- Yeah.
I guess it's lost to the ages.
It's just a shame.
All right, anyway, have a good night, Donna.
You, too.
- You look nice.
- Oh, thanks.
Who was that? Your friend, Christopher.
He asked me about the calendar.
Heh, I thought he would.
What'd you say? Oh, well, I'm certainly not going to tell him the truth.
When will you stop? Oh, don't you shake your head at me.
That's one of my favorite things in this world, and I don't intent to share it.
- Oh, wow.
- Wow.
You know, we don't actually have to go out to dinner.
Terrence is with my mom all evening, and we have the whole place to ourselves, so.
So the reservation is cancelled.
Looks like it's locked up tight.
Pretty high security for a bunch of used trailers.
Well, from the outside, they sure look like the Grandbrooks.
Uh, it's too dark to get a decent pic from here.