Chicago Fire s07e09 Episode Script

Always A Catch

We're friends.
I mean, you, maybe.
But he's got his eye on more.
Now just so you know, Kelly, I'll never be out of her life.
He lifted an entire chimney up - by himself.
- Really? - They weren't there.
- Work with us, Cruz.
We're trying to make you look good in front of your lady.
He doesn't need any help on that front.
It's been a while since Gabby and I split up.
Remember Naomi Graham? I was thinking I'd give her a call.
This thing with Grandbrook Trailers? I don't think it's over.
I'd like to come along, if you think you could use some help.
Which means Grandbrook repackaged their inventory, shipped the stock to Indiana using a shell company as camouflage, and just, what? Unloaded them, consumer safety be damned? Looks that way to me.
These people must be dead inside.
No conscience.
It's pretty dark.
This is why I got into journalism.
It's not chasing a story, which is okay, yeah, that is what it is.
But! I love taking down these untouchable bastards.
You always wanted to be a reporter? No.
I got recruited to run cross-country at Mizzou.
Took Journalism 101 for an easy A and got hooked.
My parents wanted to murder me.
"Journalism's dying.
There's no jobs," but Whatever, I never listened to anything they said.
Oh, man.
I gotta get a move on.
I'm on shift in eight hours.
Well, the last bite's mine.
I'll have to be quicker next time.
No chance.
Those are the best.
Is there any place you can get those besides the commissary? The guy at the register is such a weirdo.
Oh, that's Dennis.
You know, if you ask him to explain the difference between the inner layer and the outer shell of bunker gear, he'll love you forever.
He might even give you a fleece on the house.
That's good to know.
- Hey.
- I'll see you two out there.
How did it all go? Good.
I took the rest of Benny's stuff to Goodwill on Saturday, then spent yesterday on the couch.
Hey, so the Blackhawks are at home tomorrow night.
What do you say we go to a game? Get some dinner first? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Well, actually, I was gonna ask you about tomorrow too.
Uh, Tyler texted me.
- Tyler.
- And he's in town.
He's, uh, he's trying to close a deal on that football prospect, and so I was thinking that we could all go out, get drinks, dinner, whatever.
I I'm telling you, Kelly.
- You'd like him.
- Not interested.
Seriously, you're still hung up on this? Everything okay? Yeah, everything's perfect.
- Uh-uh.
- Speak! Guys, stop.
Shh! - Tuesday.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
No barking.
There's no barking.
Um, I know what you're gonna say.
This is a firehouse, not a kennel.
But here's the thing.
Look, Tuesday's got separation anxiety, which sounds crazy, but is a very real thing, especially in purebreds.
But I've got her on the waitlist for an affordable doggy daycare.
- And - Ritter.
She is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
You can go ahead and take her off that waitlist.
She can stay any time she likes.
You know, we haven't had a breath of fresh air - since Pouch.
- There was Mr.
Sprinkle Shh.
You know, firehouses and Dalmatians, they go together like cookies and milk.
Hey, Chloe.
Oh, yeah? Okay, hold on.
I'll put you on speaker phone.
Hey, guys, guys.
Listen up.
What's up, 51? - Hey, Chloe.
- Hey.
Hey, so I'm on 57 out by the Walmart and there's a pastry shop that just opened up one exit away.
Would anyone like to get their order in? Because I'm delivering.
She can't hear all of you at the same time.
- One at a time - Okay, okay, okay.
I got scone, turnover, eclairs Now what is this guy doing? Oh, my Chloe? Chloe.
Chloe? Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, multiple vehicle accident, Highway 57, mile marker 19.
Chloe! Chloe! Guys, let's get the jaws over here.
Come on, Chloe, come on.
Hey, hey, buddy.
You okay? - It's just a cut.
- Let me see.
Yeah, you'll be fine.
Just keep pressure on it.
Go see the paramedics.
Make sure you don't need stitches.
Hey, you haven't seen a, uh, brunette in a blue SUV? - What? - Never mind.
Chloe! Chloe! Get some cribbing here to stabilize this truck! - Don't let it tip over.
- Copy that.
Hey, you all right in there? Okay, just take it easy Chloe.
Chloe! Oh, gosh! All right, Ritter, hit it! Man the crosslay.
Oh, no.
Chloe? Chloe! Chloe! Come on! Chloe.
Come on, baby.
Talk to me.
Kidd, we need the jaws.
Tony, cutters and rams too.
Hurry! - Copy that.
- Cruz.
Stand back.
Stand back.
Her pulse is barely there.
Okay, let's hurry then.
Hang in there, baby.
Hang in there.
All right, Casey.
Chief, we're gonna need a Medevac.
Battalion 25 to Main.
Requesting one Medevac helicopter for one female red.
We'll make a landing zone at the north end of the accident scene.
Copy that, Battalion 25.
Hey, hey, back up.
Back up.
Let 'em work.
Let 'em work, Cruz.
Let's get a back board.
- Seatbelt - You're all right.
You're all right.
All right, let's get her.
Watch her head.
It's okay, baby.
You're gonna be okay.
Okay, let's go.
Okay, on three.
- One, two, three.
- It's okay, baby, we got you.
Let's move it.
Come on, let's go.
Hang in there, baby, okay? You're gonna be all right.
Come on.
Let's assist any way that we can.
Make sure these people are taken care of.
- Casey, cover for me.
- Copy that, Chief.
Come on.
I'll drive you to Med.
Excuse me.
- Yes? - A woman was air-lifted in, Chloe Allen? She was in pretty bad shape.
Are you family? No, I'm, uh Uh, we're the ones who, uh She's a friend of the firehouse.
She's here, but I'm afraid I don't have an update.
I'll let you know if I hear anything.
Thank you, ma'am.
So Joe, does Chloe have any family that we should Oh, God.
I haven't met them.
It's still so I I can call the office, see if they can alert them.
Oh, God, I'm so stupid.
That's the first thing I should have done.
Joe Just call her office.
- Hey, Chief.
- Hey.
We get an update? Joe is trying to contact her family but so far no word on her condition.
Highway's moving again.
I took the rigs out of service.
We'll just park it here and wait for news.
Too many trips to this waiting room lately.
Hey, Chap.
Is everyone okay? Uh It's Joe Cruz's girlfriend.
She's in critical.
It was a highway accident.
I'll see if I can get an update.
Her name is Chloe Allen.
Hey, I got your message.
Is Chloe okay? We're waiting on more information.
I, um I talked to Gayle in the office and, uh, she's gonna call Chloe's mom and dad.
Turns out she knows them pretty well.
They're up in Evanston.
Hey, hey.
Hey, listen.
Look, I know I don't know Chloe that well.
But I know in my heart of hearts she's gonna make it.
She's wonderful and she's gonna make it.
Okay, so I just found out Ms.
Allen has an intracerebral bleed.
We're rushing her into emergency surgery - on the third floor - Okay.
Chloe? Hey.
Hey, listen to me.
You come through this, you hear me? You come through this and you come back to me, okay? 'Cause you're the best thing that's happened to me in a really long time, all right? Just please.
- Step back, sir.
- Just come back to me, please, - okay? - Step back.
How's it looking? Not sure.
We'll stay here as long as you like.
Uh Uh, no.
Um Get back to 51, and put the rigs back in service.
I'll, uh I'll call you as soon as I know anything.
Are you sure, Joe? Yeah.
Yeah, it's, uh Does Chicago no good for the best firefighters in the city to be waiting around here.
Okay, but the moment you hear anything Let us know.
Will do.
She'll get through this.
We're looking for Chloe Allen.
Let me just check and see where they've taken her.
Uh Earl and Janine? Yes? I'm Joe Cruz.
Um, I'm a friend of your daughter's.
We know who you are.
Chloe's been talking about you nonstop.
Um - Please have a seat.
- Okay.
Let's run by Panera on the way back and pick up sandwiches for everyone.
We hadn't had breakfast since, uh Emily! Dr.
I'll be in the back checking supplies.
Hey, listen, I'm glad I ran into you.
I don't normally work at Chicago Med.
You're at Lakeshore.
Since I became the dean of the medical school at Northwestern, they want me to expand my scope.
Dean? Wow, congratulations.
That's Congratulations.
I just wanted to tell you I was heartened to see you in a paramedic's uniform.
Many men and women in your situation would have run away from a medical career.
Caring for patients is what I love doing.
That never changed.
I was the dissenting vote on your expulsion.
I recognized then, as I do now you were caring for your mother.
Burning a candle at both ends.
The board failed to take those circumstances into account.
Thank you for saying so.
But I've put all of that behind me.
And I'm I'm great now.
I would like you to consider re-enrolling.
We meed more doctors with your kind of passion.
Think about it.
Then come see me in my office.
You heard that.
What'd you think? I think you have a lot to consider.
Good news.
Chloe's out of surgery and in recovery.
We were able to decrease the swelling in the area around her brain, and her O2 stats and blood pressure are stabilized and normal.
Oh, thank God.
Can we see her? Let's wait a couple hours until the anesthesia Please, Dr.
Keathley, these are Chloe's parents.
They didn't get to see her before the accident.
Even a few minutes while she sleeps would do them a world of good.
Just a few minutes.
Come with me.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Chaplain? Uh, Kyle? That was a very nice thing that you did.
Always here to help.
- I'm gonna go call the guys.
- Sure thing.
Yeah, great.
Good news, everyone.
Chloe is out of surgery and in stable condition.
- Thank God.
- What do you think, Captain? Ready to go back into service? After that news? Hell yeah.
I'll call it in.
Hey, hey.
You're not gonna believe this.
What? The powers that be at Grandbrook have agreed to a sit-down interview.
Really? It's this family-run thing.
Two brothers and a sister.
And all three asked for me directly.
Is that a good thing? I don't know.
I'm trying to figure out their angle.
Do you think you could come? I could really use your fire expertise if they try to gang up on me.
Yeah, sure.
What time? - 2:00? - I'll be there.
I'll text you the details.
I'm really liking this dynamic duo thing we got going.
Me too.
Have you talked to Cruz? Yeah, he seemed pretty upbeat.
I told him to take the rest of the shift.
Stay at Med.
That's great.
Kelly This morning, if I got defensive, it's just because Tyler! Hi.
- Hey.
- Oh.
What are you what are you doing here? Yeah, well, you never responded to my text about dinner, so I just figured I'd swing by.
- Yeah.
- Um How's it going, man? All good.
So are we on for tomorrow or what? Uh, well, um, I I don't know, uh, because of a, uh, a schedule thing.
Do what you want.
I'll be at the game.
So you need his permission? Of course not.
You sure? He's the one that stopped you from coming to the lake house last time.
Look, he has just been in a bad place lately.
His dad.
- Everything, you know.
- Mm-hmm.
He's not a jealous guy.
He what? Yeah, he seemed pretty damn jealous of me last time I was here.
He got right up in my face.
What? I came here to say good-bye and your man there said I better step back.
Stella I know what you went through with Grant, and the truth is, you barely made it out of that marriage alive.
Kelly is not Grant.
- Okay.
- Okay? Just know that I care about you, okay? I don't ever want to see you go through anything like that again.
Did you threaten Tyler? What the hell are you talking about? When he came here looking for me before the lake house trip, you got up in his face? Did Why didn't you tell me any of that? He's really got you wound up over this, doesn't he? Tyler's not the problem.
Hell yeah, he's the problem.
He's been trying to make an end run around me to get to you since day one.
And I know you're not blind, which leaves me with two options.
Either you don't want to admit that I'm right or you like leading him on.
Look, this, uh this jealous, possessive thing that you're doing, I don't respond to that.
Just so you know.
And it has got to end.
It's gotta end now.
Or else we do.
Naomi, hey.
I was looking over the photos from the original trailer fire and I noticed there's a layer of insulation between the outside walls and the inside paneling.
It's a particular type of fiberglass insulation which is fairly uncommon.
Could go a long way to prove these are the same Grandbrook trailers under a different name.
I'll bring everything.
You got it.
Throwing up the bat signal.
I'm right behind you.
I don't know.
I have this feeling like I want to wreck things.
I know I'm doing it but I can't stop myself.
You mean with Kidd? My whole life it's like I've been pulled by this current.
Whenever I try to turn around, swim against it, it just carries me along anyway.
Doesn't mean you quit fighting.
People are always saying it takes a special breed to be a firefighter.
And the more I think about it the more I think maybe that breed doesn't find happiness outside the firehouse.
Then how do you explain Herrmann and Cindy? Boden and Donna? Mouch and Trudy? It can be done.
It takes work, but it can be done.
Uh Who did this? Not funny! This is temporary.
Hey, hey, uh, Cruz texted me.
"Chloe's parents are in with her now.
She's still unconscious, but the doctors are super hopeful.
" Hey, that's great.
Who's going back to Med after shift? - I'm in.
- I'm in too.
Ambulance 61.
Person down from unknown causes.
5268 W Wabansia Avenue.
Braden was playing in his room when I heard a loud crash and a scream.
I went in there and he's he's hurt bad.
Okay, show us.
He must have been jumping on his bed.
He lost a lot of blood.
Oh, God! Barely has a pulse.
Where are the parents? At a play.
They have their phones off.
I've been leaving messages.
We have to get him to Med.
- What's your name? - Ashley.
Ashley, stay here in case the parents come.
You tell them we're taking Braden to Chicago Med.
He's not looking good.
I'm gonna fly, so hang on.
Got it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ambulance 61 was in an accident; we're disabled.
Ambulance 12 is ten minutes out.
- Brett! - Are you okay? What happened? This truck in front of me dumped its load in the street.
Our tires are blown.
His sats are way down.
Can't wait.
Carry him any way you can.
Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey! Stop! What the Stop! What are you doing, lady? I need to borrow your truck.
It's a medical emergency.
Please, hop out.
Come on! Foster! - You good? - Yeah.
Meet us at Chicago Med.
Dispatch, this is PIC Sylvie Brett, Ambo 61.
We had to commandeer a blue SUV and we're coming into Chicago Med with a male 11-year-old in critical condition.
Say again, 61.
Get me a crash cart at the doors of Chicago Med.
We're coming in hot.
Stay with me, Braden.
Come on.
I'm losing him, Brett.
- Get him on the gurney.
- We're going to trauma 3.
Get him in! Go, go! Stella.
I never threatened Tyler, just so you know.
Is that an apology? You said I was being jealous.
I'm explaining I never threatened the guy.
You have got to stop making this about Tyler.
I I've seen the guy twice since you've known me.
I don't know what you're fighting.
Whatever it is, it isn't him.
What's going on? So that's it? I don't know what you want from me.
- Found it okay? - No problem.
Building five.
- Ms.
Graham? - Yes, hi.
- And this is Matt Casey.
- They're ready for you.
We spoke on the phone.
I'm Gordon.
This is my sister Willa and my brother Stephen.
Yes, hello, thanks for seeing me.
This is Matt Casey.
He's a captain in the Chicago Fire Department.
Please, have a seat.
So as you can see, we just wanted to meet in person so we could clear the air.
I just want it understood that everything you say to me is on the record.
Well, that's fine.
We have nothing to hide.
Just wanted to put our faces to our names, since you've made it your mission to destroy the small business that we've worked very hard to build.
It's my mission to look for the truth.
Look, we read your article in "The New York Times Magazine.
" And we immediately took action.
We recalled or retrofitted all previously sold units to our consumers and scrapped our inventory.
All at our personal expense.
That's fine.
We deserved that.
You don't care that we did the best that we could to make amends.
You are treating us like we are not human beings with lives and families and people who count on us.
Well, this is quite a show.
We're suing you, Ms.
Since you persist in harassing us, we are gonna sue you for everything that you have.
You have no grounds.
We know that you were trespassing on property that we own in Indiana.
We have you on security footage and we intend to prosecute.
And then we're gonna dig into your private life.
We're gonna look at every article you've ever written.
Any opinion you've passed along as fact.
And we're gonna use that to bury you.
I've had lawsuits threatened before.
You know what happens after discovery? What happens is they review my notes and my recordings and find that I always get the facts right.
We'll find something.
Kathy Madden.
Excuse me? I pulled her out of one of your trailers.
She was so badly burned her skin was practically dripping off her arms.
Her name was Kathy Madden.
She was 61 years old.
You don't think we know that? You said you scrapped your existing inventory.
We did.
You're lying.
Excuse me? You slapped a new name on the old trailers and you're selling them through a company called CWG Building Systems.
That is not true.
A shell company whose business license was filed the day after my story broke, listing the same address as here, where we sit now.
Get out of here.
This interview is over.
I'm filing my new story tomorrow with the new allegations.
Should be online by 8:00 am.
If you try and move your stock again, we'll find it again.
Get out.
- You got 'em.
- We got 'em! That was a perfect tag team in there.
I feel like Mm.
Oh, God, you scared me.
You scared me so bad.
How you feeling? Out of it.
I'll go get somebody, okay? I'll go get the nurse.
Yeah? - Yeah, what? - Come here.
This girl.
I'm gonna go get the nurse, okay? And your parents.
Your parents are here.
And they're just as lovely as you are.
Excuse me.
She's awake.
Oh, thank you.
Chloe's awake and alert.
And she's asking for you.
Really? Oh, that's great! - Did you hear him, Janine? - I heard him.
Yes, I heard him.
Yes, ma'am? I just wanted you to know that Chloe's gone through a lot.
Even before all this.
Oh? And the brightest spot in her life has been the new firefighter she's seeing.
You have no idea how much she's needed you.
You have a great daughter.
Are those Chloe's parents? Yeah.
They look sweet.
How's she doing? Great, actually.
She's awake, alert.
That's wonderful.
Hey, Foster, I was gonna tell you.
Your, um, chaplain friend, Kyle? Yeah.
He really came through.
He got them to see her after the surgery.
It really meant a lot to them.
That guy's the best.
Uh, what can I do for you? Um.
Well, actually, I was I was just wondering if you, um want to have dinner with me tomorrow night.
- Emily.
- Chief.
I had an interesting phone call today, from a Dr.
Apparently the dean of Northwestern Medical School.
What'd she say? She asked how you were doing.
She said she wanted you to re-enroll.
I told her I had a pretty good idea of what kind of doctor you would make, as you've already blown us away here as a paramedic.
Be a shame to see you go.
But she'd be lucky to have you.
That's really nice of you, Chief.
Meant every word.
The thing is I've already decided.
I'm gonna decline the offer.
Why? I went to med school for all the wrong reasons.
And it was every man for himself.
It was cutthroat.
And I was holding the knife with the rest of them.
Except it ate me up inside.
Then I came here, and everybody was like, "It's a family at 51.
" And I thought, "There's a catch.
" There's always a catch.
Except, well, there wasn't.
Not one I could see.
And I realized something.
I like myself here.
It is a family.
And you are a part of it.
What you need, Chief? Emily Foster drinks on me tonight.
Is that just for her or everyone? Uh total is $22.
Hey! Hey.
I'm glad you came.
Oh, me too.
Already got a Ketel One and soda on the way.
You know me well.
That I do.
All right, well, cheers to that.
Cheers to that.