Chicago Fire s07e10 Episode Script

Inside These Walls

1 Your man there said I better step back.
Did you threaten Tyler? He's been trying to make an end-run around me to get to you since day one.
This jealous, possessive thing, it's gotta end now.
Or else we do.
The powers that be at Grandbrook have agreed to a sit-down interview.
We recalled or retrofitted all previously sold units to our consumers and scrapped our inventory.
You're lying.
You slapped a new name on the old trailers.
We're gonna dig into your private life.
I'm filing my new story tomorrow.
I love taking down these untouchable bastards.
I'm really liking this dynamic-duo thing we got going.
Naomi, wake up! - We've gotta go.
- What is it? What's going on? - Fire.
- What? Oh, my God! Can we get out through here? They don't open.
Security glass.
Are we trapped? Naomi, look at me.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
Just get ready.
Stand back.
My phone! Forget it! Fire's spreading too fast.
I have all the photos on there.
Let's go! What's going on? Take the exits.
This isn't a drill.
Naomi, get outside and call 911.
Fire! Everyone out.
Let's go.
Fire! You all right? Go across the street.
- Naomi? - Matt! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Hey, Parker.
Fire's in 1C, fully evolved.
Drop two.
It's spreading fast.
Casey? Floors are cleared, but watch out.
The windows are Lexan.
You heard him.
Drop two, boys.
Are you okay? And what is this Grandbrook? It's a family operation run by the Mayfields.
Gordon Mayfield is the CEO.
They're real scumbags.
They knowingly sold mobile homes that were fire traps and when we called them on it, they just marketed them under a different name.
And when we called them on that, they did this.
What makes you think this was arson? My apartment doesn't usually smell like gasoline.
- Casey.
- Chief.
You didn't have to come down here.
You all right? Cold and pissed off, but yeah, I'm okay.
We're okay.
So you're saying this was revenge? Ms.
Graham hadn't filed the story yet.
They were probably trying to kill her or both of us before she had a chance.
My research was inside.
Some of it was backed up, but not everything.
Fire's out, Casey, but your apartment Your man here saved a few lives on his way out.
In his pajamas, no less.
I'd be surprised if he didn't.
Look, Parker, I know OFI are gonna have their say, but what's your general feeling on the cause? No question, this was arson.
Someone jimmied the kitchen door and dumped accelerant all over the place.
I'm gonna need you both to come in.
Give a full statement.
Hey, Casey.
If there's anything you need, anything Thanks, Chief.
OFI is still on the scene doing a thorough investigation, but the preliminary indications suggest that this fire was intentional.
Casey believes it has something to do with the story that he and Ms.
Graham were working on.
CPD is on the case, but the most important thing is everyone is okay.
I'll keep you updated with any new information that comes to me.
I know we all wanna help.
But we have a job to do.
And I expect you to stay focused on that while we are here.
Let's go.
Yeah, Chief, can I, uh? Yep.
Casey lost everything last night.
He's got insurance, but that'll be months of red tape, so Let's kick in.
Is he still in town? Yeah.
We had a dinner last night.
This whole rollercoaster with Kelly's got me so spun out.
It was just nice hanging out with an old friend, you know? Well, to be honest, Kelly doesn't seem to be doing so great either.
I saw him at Molly's last night.
He drank enough to empty the taps.
We haven't talked since last shift.
I mean, what, do you do you think I should check on him? Even though he's the one that's acting cold? I do not give relationship advice.
I only just worked up the nerve to ask the chaplain out.
So that's happening? He's coming back from a church retreat this weekend.
So hot.
Uh, medics? With me.
Yeah, it sounds like it could be an interesting gig.
Okay if I think about it, get back to you? All right, yeah, yeah.
Appreciate it.
- Who was that? - Uh Some guy who wants me to restore his boat.
I thought you were out of the boat-fixing business.
I was.
But nothing wrong with being busy, right? I guess not.
I swung by your place last night.
You weren't around.
Oh, yeah, I was out.
I, uh I met up with Tyler for some food.
Why didn't you call? Kelly, I can't do all the work here.
Maybe it shouldn't be this much work.
No, maybe it shouldn't.
This landed on my desk from the Office of Public Relations.
Usually Casey runs this, but - Whatever it is, we're on it.
- Absolutely.
Oh, you know Jenny from Chicago Med? Her son's a sophomore at Lincoln Park.
It's a great school.
Oh, is this, like, a career week thing, Chief? It can be whatever you want it to be.
Inspire young minds, show them what the Chicago Fire Department has to offer please just handle it.
Are you kidding? This is gonna be so much fun.
Good, then enjoy.
Come on.
Okay, the only field trip I got to go on in high school was to the nuisance wildlife farm.
You know, possums, moles, hogs No, I don't know.
Oh, skunks are completely misunderstood.
Anyway, let's rope in Mouch, Otis, and Cruz and put together a killer presentation! What the hell are you doing here? I need a shower and clothes.
Where's Naomi? Cleaning up at her hotel then heading back here.
We're supposed to get an update from the police.
They won't let me into my apartment.
Well, I can lend you some stuff if you want.
What I want is to get back into that apartment and have a look around.
See if Naomi's research is salvageable.
Maybe help out with the investigation.
You have to let OFI handle that.
And besides, you've got enough to worry about.
Go to my place, get some sleep.
That's your new home as long as you need it.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, don't insult me.
You look like hell.
So do you.
Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, vehicle accident, Madison and Ogden Hey, they cut me off.
Jerked right in front of me.
Hey, take a step back! I'm supposed to be in Seattle tomorrow.
Now look at all this! Who's gonna help me get this back in the truck? - Hey, hey - Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Take a step back.
Don't move anything.
I think he's on something.
- Keep him out of my face.
- All right.
We got him.
Go with Kelly.
- My deadline - Hey, hey, man.
Hey, hey, hey! Stop moving.
We're gonna get you out.
Help her first.
- It's coming down! - Please, help us! Hey, guys.
Stabilize the trailer with struts.
Extricate without moving the car.
- Copy that.
- On it.
This is so screwed up.
This is so screwed up! Hey! Shut him up! I'm supposed to be in Seattle Hey, man, hey.
Listen, I think you got a little shaken up during the crash.
So let's just walk you over to the ambo.
Yeah? Turn your face away from the window.
First strut's in.
Hurry! Help her, please.
Hey, we got you.
- You got her? - Yeah, I got her.
I got her.
There you go.
Adam! Look out! - Whoa! - Kelly! Hey, there.
I'm looking for Kelly Severide.
- That's me.
- Hey.
Bradley Boyd.
- We spoke earlier on the phone.
- Yeah, sure.
Look, I know you're still on the fence about the job so I figured I'd swing by, see if I could set the hook.
That is a '51 Chris-Craft Special Runabout.
One owner.
Been under a dusty tarp for decades.
- Where'd you find it? - Came up at auction.
Said to my girlfriend, "Put the trip to New Zealand on ice, babe.
We are buying a boat.
" Well, you got a nice one.
They stopped making these in '52.
My son I have a ten-year-old he flipped out.
He loves anything to do with water.
Jet-skis, fishing.
Anyway, I'm hoping we can have this sea-worthy by summer.
I'd want to take a closer look at it, but yeah, I don't see why not.
Well, Greg Rogers at Marina Outfitters I said, "Give me your best recommendation" for a restorer he wrote down your name, two seconds flat.
Yeah, Greg's a good guy.
And this is it's beautiful.
It's a big job, I know.
And I, uh I realize it'll take up a lot of your time.
But you seem like the kind of guy that'll take your time and do it right.
- And, uh - You know what? I'm in.
Great, man.
Let me, uh Let me give you the address.
Okay, hey.
Who didn't put in yet? What's this? Oh, uh our captain had a bit of a tragedy last night, so we're pitching in.
Hey, hold up.
That, uh that's mighty nice of you.
Glad I could help.
See you later? - Yeah.
- Come by any time.
All right, pleasure.
A little razzle dazzle, some rah-rah energy, the entire senior class is gonna give us a standing O.
Yeah, that's not how high school works.
What do you mean? You can't do a cheer, Brett.
They will either laugh right in your face or they will post your failure on Twitter and then good luck living that down for the next millennium.
That's what I've been telling her.
Let's just set up the training door and, Cruz, you can Slamigan the hell out of it, and, Otis, you can work the robot gadget.
And then we turn on the ambo's lights, we blare the horn a couple times, boom, boom, thank you for coming, and we're out of there.
They're 17, they're not seven.
You just need to know how to speak their language with the memes and the texting.
See, my kids, they're always saying things like "B-T dubs" and "Lim-fow.
" Lim-fow? Yeah, "laughing my face off.
" Yeah, that's not what that means.
Food is what they'll respond to.
It's true.
We are the CFD, so get on your feet Rise up, 'cause fire safety can't be beat! No, Brett.
Just no.
Looking for Chief Boden's office.
Oh, uh it's just, uh, down the hall.
Here he comes now.
Come on in, Detective.
You have news for us? Just keeping you in the loop as promised.
Fire Investigation's still working the scene.
So far they've found a melted gas can in the living room, but can't pull prints off it due to charring.
Security cameras caught someone approaching the back of the building about 2:20 am, ten minutes before the fire.
He was wearing a backpack.
- Big enough for a gas can? - Yeah.
But he also wore a hoodie that obscured his face.
Still looking for eyewitnesses who might've seen the guy.
Seems like you're going about this backwards.
Shouldn't you just question Gordon Mayfield? I did.
He's got a firm alibi.
His sister and brother too.
Nobody's suggesting one of the Mayfields put on a hoodie and set the fire.
They hired somebody.
Okay, but Gordon Mayfield strikes me as a pretty smart guy, which makes me ask myself, "Why would a guy that smart carry out a plan that dumb?" There are better ways to kill people.
He didn't just want us dead.
He was trying to destroy the evidence we collected.
And let's not forget, for a dumb plan, it nearly worked.
These two barely got out alive.
Hey, you may be right.
But Mayfield didn't crack under questioning and now he's lawyered up.
I can't go at him any harder until I exhaust all other leads.
What other leads? You make occasional enemies in your line of work, don't you? Weren't you even in politics for a while? That has nothing to do with this.
And I understand you wrote a big exposé about a kingpin in the Sinaloa cartel? Four years ago.
Still, I have to exhaust all possible scenarios.
Are you kidding me? We know who's behind this.
Casey, take it easy.
Take it easy? We almost died.
Everything I own, my whole life, is ash.
And this guy's too scared of Mayfield's lawyers to do anything about it.
What about that voicemail I got? That was either a warning or a threat.
It was an anonymous call that came from a blocked number.
Unless you can tell me who left it It was someone who had inside information about Grandbrook, probably an employee.
Look, I get your frustration.
I'm trying to get to the bottom of this but you gotta let me do it my way.
I'll be in touch.
There you are, you poor thing.
Let me give you a hand.
Oh, hey, honey.
Thanks, honey.
What is all this? It's for you.
Cindy It's just the basics.
There's some clothes.
- Razor.
- This must've cost a fortune.
Yeah, don't worry about that.
Some rich buddy of Severide's dropped a fistful of C-notes in the boot, so.
What, are you passing the boot? You didn't have to do that.
Ah, come on, Casey.
Of course we're gonna do that.
Well, I I don't know what to say.
You You guys are the best.
Come here.
We got your back, brother.
So, uh, what'd that Sergeant Friday have to say? He make an arrest yet? Guess you just gotta be patient.
I don't.
I wanna go talk to the Mayfields myself.
I wanna see them try to deny their involvement to my face.
They won't talk to us again, Matt.
They're pulling up the drawbridge.
We can let Hollander do things his way, but I have my own way of getting information.
You need to look at the fire that happened last week outside Indianapolis at the Dunlap trailer village.
You have no idea what you've done with that article of yours.
You better start watching your back.
Here we go.
The Grandbrook company directory.
Every employee's contact information.
How'd you get that? This is what I do.
There's almost 1,100 phone numbers listed here.
We better go print it up.
What if we show them online videos where people get hurt and describe how we would set up a rescue? I saw this one yesterday where this helicopter was dangling off the side of a building.
I was like, "Whoa.
" That was us.
- For real? - Yeah, big time.
I couldn't help overhearing about your presentation.
You should consider doing some cheers.
That would be amazing.
See? Ain't happening, partner.
She told you to say that, didn't she? I'm telling you, food is the key.
Taco Tuesday.
It's a thing everyone loves.
I don't think our hearts are into this right now.
Let's pick this up at Molly's later.
All of my best ideas come between two and three drinks.
Wait, wait.
I have it.
We build an obstacle course, "American Ninja Warrior" style, except we have stretcher races and a rope climb and things we actually do to train.
We could use the ladders on the ground as, like, a high-knees section.
- Yeah.
- And a dummy drag.
Put 'em in turn out coats to really wear them out.
There's something here.
A class action lawsuit.
Hey, you guys seen Stella? She took off a little while ago.
We drinking tonight? Hell yeah we are.
Hey, Stella.
You know what I found in the back of my drawer? Hmm? That, um that CD you made for me.
The "Mad Mix," you remember that? - Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
There was a lot of Justin Timberlake and Mario on there.
Oh, there was some Mary J.
on there too.
Yeah, there was.
Soundtrack to some good times.
- So true.
- Mmm.
I, uh, I just gotta find my keys and then we should be good to go.
Well I'd be cool to hang here a little while longer.
Well, aren't we meeting Kim and Danielle? Yeah, but they can wait.
Look, I was just thinking it's our last night to hang together before I head back to Texas.
Yeah, but you said you'd be back soon, right? Like a month or two? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's just, um Look, uh, Stella I'm not gonna lie.
Being with you has has made me realize some things.
Maybe the timing wasn't right for us back in the day.
But the older I get, the more I tend to realize that you can't just wait for something you want.
You have to make it happen.
Okay, Tyler What are you doing? Stella, I am in love with you.
Get out.
Aw, come on, don't What I needed was a friend.
And you knew that.
What, is this about Kelly? Look, Stella, that guy's got his thumb pressed down Get out.
Should have guessed Martin Kleinschmidt was gonna have a German accent.
Oh, hi I'm sorry, I think I have the wrong number.
Wasn't sure if Leslie Butler was a man or a woman and I'm still not.
Ah, I'm out of juice again.
Can I borrow the cord? What? Listen to this.
You've reached the voicemail of Gary Szyrski.
I'm either away from my desk or out of the office.
Please leave me a message at the tone.
Play the voicemail.
You need to look at the fire that happened last week outside Indianapolis at the Dunlap trailer village.
You have no idea what you've done with that article of yours.
You better start watching your back.
That's him.
Gary Szyrski, Director of Security.
We got him.
I guess now we call Hollander, right? Right.
Or Or maybe we dig a little deeper ourselves.
See what else we can learn about this Szyrski guy.
Help Hollander make a real case.
I told Casey he could stay with Trudy and me, but he declined.
It's probably for the best.
Trudy hates house guests.
That poor guy.
His life has been upended in more ways than one the last few months.
Yeah, Chloe's gonna help him put together an inventory for the insurance company.
Hey, how's she doing? Pretty great, actually.
The doctors gave her the okay to go back to work yesterday, one week ahead of schedule.
Wow, she's a toughie, that one.
Hey, I thought you weren't coming in to work today.
Well, now I am.
I just really need to be here right now, okay? Yeah, sure, okay.
- Yeah? - Hey, um I'm here to talk to your dad.
Dad! Door for you.
Oh, great, hey.
- Kelly.
- Kelly, right.
Boat's around the side in the garage.
Let me show you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
What do you think? - It's nice.
- Yeah? Yeah, that tarp you were talking about? - Mm-hmm? - It did some good.
I'll have to inspect the bilge, check for warping, but, yeah, she's she's in pretty good condition.
Gonna need new varnish.
- Okay.
- Sanding, scraping And, like you said, it'll take some time.
Which is fine by me.
How 'bout 15 grand? Okay.
Damn, I went too high, didn't I? No, that sounds right.
- Good.
- Thank you.
You said we were gonna get pizza.
Uh, no, I said you were getting pizza.
Mandy and I have a dinner.
That's not what you said.
- Riley.
- It's not.
Excuse me a minute.
Come on, come here.
Sorry about that.
He, uh he likes to show off.
No, you know - So when can you start? - Right away.
I'll get you a key and the, uh, gate code and you can come and go when you want.
And if Riley bothers you, just - send him packing.
- No, not a problem.
- Okay.
- Ready to go, babe? - See you.
- Yeah.
Yeah? Mr.
Szyrski? - Gary Szyrski? - No, no Gary here.
Do you happen to know where we could find him? Not here.
Be right back.
Hey! Son of a bitch.
Where you going, Gary? You're not cops.
I don't have to tell you anything.
Fine, let's get the cops here.
Go for it.
I used to be one of them.
I know all their tricks.
Gary Did you set fire to Matt's apartment? Why would you think that? Okay, I was trying to help you.
Ex-cop working security for the Mayfields.
Know enough about them to fear them Seems to me like you're wrapped up in their schemes.
You know I have a sick little girl? And medical bills, they pile up.
So when the Mayfields started offering me side jobs, you know, off-the-books stuff, I said yes.
Side jobs like making burned-out trailers disappear? That's destruction of evidence.
If you'll stoop to that level, why not arson? I don't hurt people.
I made that clear to them.
So who does Gordon Mayfield turn to when the job is too dirty for you? Detroit, Cleveland, I don't care where.
Just get out.
Hey! You can't be in here.
Something else to hide, Gordon? This is trespassing.
We have you for arson, attempted murder, and a bunch of other crimes.
You can't prove that I had anything Hey! Where you going? You the one who torched my place? Huh? Are you? Huh? - Police! - Chicago PD, nobody move.
- What, nothing to say? - All right, Casey.
All right.
All right, all right.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
I'm gonna need statements from everyone.
Especially you.
I'll tell you everything.
Come on.
You know, this looks like a lot of fun and all, but how is this supposed to tell kids about the fire service? It's edu-tainment.
We wear them out, and then Foster and I do a non-cheer presentation about careers in fire service.
Here they come.
"Lincoln Park Senior Center.
" The seniors of Lincoln Park? That's us! Oh, no.
What are we doing here? Fire safety class for seniors.
We are the CFD So get on your feet Rise up, 'cause fire safety Taco bar, ladies and gentlemen.
Right this way, free tacos.
Come on in if you're hungry.
How are you, Lorene? Morty? - Hi, Randy.
- How are you, Hank? Lucy? Feed 'em some tacos, show 'em a fire safety video, ship 'em back home.
Did you know all this time that the seniors were actual seniors? Yeah.
They come every few years.
Hi, Nancy.
You looking for your dad? Oh, no, he's out with his girlfriend.
- Grab a scraper.
- This thing? - Here you go.
- Thanks.
We gotta scrape all the crud off.
Nice and gentle, like that.
Just keep it flat.
- Is this good? - Yeah.
You spend a lifetime collecting stuff, hauling it around from one place to another, then, in a matter of minutes What I've got left doesn't fill a cardboard box.
It's just stuff, Matt.
There's more to it.
It's not just stuff.
It's time and memories and I spent the last four years here.
A lot happened inside these walls.
I'm sorry I brought all this dirty business to your doorstep.
Don't be.
We did a good thing here.
We did.
You're leaving.
Where to? Zurich.
For an assignment.
It came up fast.
These things usually do.
Great, that's that's great.
It is.
What's not so great is cutting our time together short.
I wish there'd been more of it.
Same here.
For what it's worth, I think you should take this stuff, put it somewhere safe, and then forget about it.
Now's the time to make new memories.
Have fun.
Have fun? Yeah.
You're a fun person, Matt Casey.
So are you.
You okay? You were right about Tyler.
Yeah, apparently I'm the idiot.
You're not an idiot.
Here's the thing, Kelly.
It doesn't matter.
It was never about Tyler.
You've been pushing me away ever since your dad died.
And I've done everything I can to be there for you, to try and make this work.
And, uh it hasn't changed anything.
Your jealousy The way you keep shutting me out.
You're going down some dark hole and I know what that looks like, because I've been there before with Grant.
And maybe you want me to keep showing up to somehow pull you out of this, but I have been the lifeline for a drowning man, and I will never do that again.
I love you.
But I can't be with you anymore.