Chicago Fire s10e04 Episode Script

The Right Thing

1 I deeply believe in this program.
I'm sorry.
If Hawkins was on any of these calls and saw kids die, I'm not gonna give up.
I think you should reconsider her paramedicine plan.
Cruz lied to me and he put a victim in jeopardy.
Meet me at the fire academy tomorrow at 4:00.
How's it feel? It's really cool being back here in Dad's firehouse.
- What is it? - Everything's a mess, Matt.
I'm coming to see you.
I'm not turning my back on you guys.
Do you want coffee before you go? Thanks, but I better get moving.
Gotta get home and pack up before I leave for the airport.
You know it's kind of silly you don't have any of your stuff at my place.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
When you get back from Oregon, you should bring some of your things over here.
So I'll keep a few shirts here.
- Pants stay at home? - [LAUGHS.]
- Is this good enough for both? - That'll do for now.
I'm gonna miss you.
Just so you know, I'm really bad at goodbyes, but I'm gonna see you soon.
Then I will see you soon.
- Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
Nah, you're good.
Coffee's still hot.
I had to write a spate of emails before I even left the house.
You got a lot of emails with your new job? [CHUCKLES.]
Emails, meetings.
So many damn meetings.
Well, there's gotta be something good about this promotion.
- I'll get back to you on that.
- Oh, wow.
Anyway, how's everyone at 51? Come on, give me updates.
Well, let's see.
Kidd, she's headed to Boston for a couple of weeks Setting up that Girls On Fire chapter out there, but you know that.
You helped arrange it.
Yeah, but I forgot it was happening so soon.
What else? Cruz had a bit of a wobble.
Some kind of fallout from that accident, but Severide handled it.
- Course he did.
- Yeah.
You know I'm feeling disconnected from the house? I don't even know who took over on Truck while Casey was checking on the Darden boys.
Some guy named Walback.
You know him? No.
Well, let's hope he's not a jerk.
Hey! Danny Walback.
I'm covering 81 for a couple of shifts.
Oh, welcome to 51.
I'm Capp.
Hey, there's my guys.
- How's the rig look? - Oh, pretty good, Lieutenant.
We checked the fluids, tire pressure, - replaced a signal bulb.
- Yep, she's all ready to go.
Look at you guys.
- Buy you a cup of coffee? - Sure.
- This guy, he seems - Awesome? [LAUGHS.]
That's what I was gonna say.
- Truck 81, squad 3.
Raincheck on that coffee, fellas.
Someone needs saving.
Let's do this.
I can't shut it down.
The kill switch isn't working.
What happened? Is anyone hurt? Yeah, this fool.
The sign says stay inside the car at all times.
What the hell was he thinking? [SCREAMING.]
- Stay back.
- Where's your emergency stop? - Over here.
Right there! We got a leg that's pinned under a car.
Squad, I need jaws and cribbing.
The emergency stop is jammed.
Find another way - to shut it down.
- Yeah.
Lieutenant, there oughta be a sub-panel somewhere.
- A breaker for each component.
- Smart thinking, McHolland.
- See if you can find it.
- Copy! Cruz, hey, you're my point man.
- You ready? - Hell yeah I am.
All right, you guys hang tight - until we shut the works down.
- Copy that.
I found the sub-panel.
Hey, over here! Strike! [MOANING.]
Hey, Gallo! Gallo, see if you can shut that water off.
All right.
All right, let's move.
Cruz, you're gonna want to lift right about there.
- Tight fit.
- Got it! Hey, don't worry, we're gonna get you out of here.
Why the hell did you get out of your car? I was on the phone.
I didn't know the window was open.
When I tried to close it Okay, well, maybe next time just buy a new phone.
- Backboard.
- Comin' in.
- Little more good.
All right, guys, let's get him out of here.
- I'll get the IV in.
- Yep.
And start him on 25 micrograms of fentanyl.
Let's go.
Gallo, McHolland, you guys kicked ass out there.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
I mean, it's not even lunchtime, and I can already tell you, 81's the best company in the whole CFD.
That's very nice to hear.
You know I would follow Casey through the gates of hell.
Of course.
But I gotta say it's a nice change of pace working for someone who isn't so - Stingy with the praise? - [SNAPS.]
Hey, how's Kidd doing in Boston? Great.
She's already recruited a couple solid prospects for the program.
- That's good to hear.
- Hey, Cruz It's nice to see you back in action like that.
Keep it up.
I intend to, Lieutenant.
Yo, for this new beer batch, I'm gonna hold off on the finishing hops an extra five minutes.
I figure that'll cut down on the bitterness and get Violet to stop making that face when she tastes it.
Come on, this imitation is dead on.
Ready? Yeah, it's great.
What's wrong? No, sorry.
My head's just Eric and me, we're having problems.
And at first when we got back together it was all good, but lately things have flatlined.
Maybe you two need to go out more.
Couples do this thing where they stay home together.
And after the year we've all had, maybe going out and being social would help? That's actually You just gave some pretty solid relationship advice right there.
Now let me give you some.
Don't let Violet catch you make that face.
Please, I'm not in any kind of relationship with Violet.
Oh, God.
What is he doing here? - Who is he? - That's Chief Hawkins.
That's our new field chief? Wait till you meet him.
Hi, Chief.
You must be Violet Mikami.
That's me.
So, what brings you to 51? A big fan of yours persuaded me that I may have been a bit too quick to shoot down your proposal.
Really? Whoa.
Chief, you are not going to regret this.
I really believe that this program is going to Brett, I'm not here to approve your proposal.
I'm just here to give it further consideration.
Oh, of course.
- I'll just go get my binder.
- No need.
I've heard your pitch.
It's great.
But this whole program would rest on your shoulders, and I really don't know who Sylvie Brett is.
So, I thought I'd join you for a shift on 61.
Observe your work in the field.
O kay.
And I'll start with a quick inspection of the rig.
- Fun.
- Fun? It's a second chance for your program.
Plus, he's very cute.
- No, Violet, he's terrifying.
- Mm.
Hey, I thought you said 6:00.
Flight got in early.
Come here.
Great to see you, man.
Same totally, just I thought I had time to get the place cleaned up.
Oh, come on.
There's no need to clean up for me.
I'm used to sleeping in a firehouse, remember? Yeah.
Sorry about all this.
My aunt left a while ago and the last few weeks, I've had a ton of school stuff.
Plus, I'm working at the student store too which is Griffin, stop apologizing.
You're doing your best to take care of your brother, and it's admirable as hell.
Admirable maybe but I'm obviously not doing very I'm obviously not very good at it.
Any parent will tell you they feel the same way.
It's not easy.
We were doing mostly takeout for a while, then we got low on money.
I've been making stuff but it's basically pasta and sandwiches.
Well, I don't want to brag or anything but I'm a seriously kick-ass cook.
That's literally the definition of bragging.
Lucky for you, I'm willing to impart some of my wisdom.
I've got a pile of firehouse recipes easy stuff.
We'll hit the grocery store later.
- Ben.
- Yeah? I told you Matt was coming.
He's staying here for a couple of days.
- Right.
- Been a long time.
Good to see you.
- You have any cash? - For what? I'm gonna go meet Rico and some people.
Might get food.
We were gonna make an actual dinner later.
- You should be here for it.
- Yeah, yeah, maybe.
30 bucks good? Cool.
- You're welcome.
- You didn't give me anything.
Sorry he's acting like an ass.
Hope he uses that money for food and not drugs.
Has he been using? I don't know.
He just seems like so out of it these days, like disconnected.
He's a mess.
- Who's that? - New paramedic chief.
- He's nice to look at.
- That's what I've been saying.
What is he doing with that stupid clipboard? If I had to guess, I'd say paperwork.
Brett, this is silly.
Now is your chance to make a good impression on him.
Get in there.
Uh, do you need anything, Chief? Some coffee or whatever? Oh, I'm good.
Thanks, Brett.
You're kind of young to be a chief, aren't you? - Well, I - I mean, not Not that's a bad thing.
It's it's good.
And I wasn't I wasn't implying that that you got the job through through nepotism or anything like that.
I didn't think you were implying that.
You know what, I'm just gonna zip it and and let you get back to work.
Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a busy house? - Where's our next call? - I know, right? We're using the downtime to do a little housekeeping on the rig.
Should we do some drills? - Uh, eh, okay.
- Nothing too crazy.
Maybe some, uh, single firefighter ladder raises? Get the blood flowing.
Keep the skills sharp.
McHolland, show me what you got.
Okay, yeah.
Sound it out for me.
Where're your hands at? Outside hand's on the top beam.
- Inside hand's on the bottom.
- Awesome.
- Oh, hey, Brett.
- Hey, Mouch.
Gotta change out my shirt.
That Lieutenant Walback sure knows how to get us moving.
You know, he said we were the best company in the whole CFD? Uh, any reason you're hanging out in the locker room by yourself? Oh, I'm just avoiding my field chief.
Chief Hawkins? He's here in the house? Yeah, I guess Matt put in a good word for me because Hawkins is reconsidering my paramedicine proposal.
- Oh.
- But all I've shown him so far is that I'm really bad at small talk.
- Ambulance 61 Here we go.
Show time.
Knock his socks off.
Hey, leave his stuff alone.
- Overdose? - Pinpoint pupils.
Snoring respirations.
His pulse is strong.
He's not responding to painful stimuli.
All right, you bag him.
I'll hit him with the Narcan.
I know technically we're supposed to try the nasal spray first but I I'm afraid he needs something faster.
Ah, keep it up.
Are you sure you gave him the full 2 milligrams? Yes, um Yeah.
Here just just keep bagging him.
I'll prep another dose, just in case.
Hey, hey, you're okay.
You're okay.
You had an overdose.
Don't worry.
We're going to get you to the hospital just - Hey, hey easy.
- Back up, back up.
- You're a thief.
- No, I'm a paramedic.
61 to Main, give us a 10-1.
The patient just pulled a knife.
- You're a thief.
- No, no, that was someone else going through your stuff.
My name is Sylvie.
I'm here to help you.
I'm gonna cut you.
No, you don't want to do that.
You'll go to jail, and it's harder to score a bag in there, right? Why don't you just put your head down and relax? We're gonna make sure you're okay.
61, Main, we have it controlled.
Let the police know we're headed to Med.
Copy that.
Look, I did a quick check for weapons.
I always do in these situations, but I didn't think to look in his boot.
And given the severity of his condition, I wanted to treat him as soon as possible.
I'll ride in the back.
That sounds scary.
Glad you're okay.
Oh, I've handled plenty of tweakers before.
The really scary part was Hawkins standing there watching.
It's so frustrating.
He left without checking in.
I'm sure you'll hear from him soon.
Or I'll camp outside his office.
What'd you guys end up making for dinner? Chicken parm.
Griffin's got the recipe memorized already.
He's a natural.
Ben never showed up.
He spent the night out.
I need to sit that kid down.
Well, I'm very glad that you're there - but I miss you.
Thank you, by the way, for making Hawkins reconsider my pitch.
Hey, Ben's here.
I'll call you back.
Yeah, bye.
Ben, come on into the kitchen.
- I'll make you something to eat.
- I'm not hungry.
Hey, come on.
Scrabbled or sunny side up? Whatever.
You know I still have that GI Joe guy you gave me on a shelf in my bedroom.
Yeah, I don't remember any doll.
Barely remember you.
You guys need a functional toaster.
Maybe I'll pick one up today.
Well, that's just so heroic of you.
I don't know why you're really here, but Griffin and I don't need saving.
Okay? We're doing fine.
Whatever you remember or don't, I know you pretty well 'cause your dad was my best friend.
You and your brother are tough and independent, just like him, but you're still kids.
And I'm here to help in any way I can.
Got it? Oh.
Classic egg in a hole.
Perfectly toasted.
Now that's heroic.
I'm I'm gonna eat in my room.
And then Herrmann cut me off.
No more IOUs.
And I was like, is that how you're going to treat your best customer? Anyway, that's where we stand now.
Well, not really, because I'm basically broke.
Well, don't worry.
First round's on me.
Hey, Lieutenant.
Good to see you.
Hey, buddy.
How you know Mitchell? I worked with him on 42 for a while.
Man, that is the best company in the whole CFD.
But then you fill your off days with so much training, there's no room for me.
We've had this conversation.
I need to stay at the top of my game on this job.
This is stupid.
We are spending our time together arguing about the time we spend apart.
What are we doing? [SIGHS.]
You're right.
We should enjoy this.
Come on.
I'll get us another round.
Hey, didn't this used to be a firefighter bar? When did it become a gay club, huh? Hey, what's your problem? Hey, you sound real stupid.
You know that? - What'd you say to me? - Hey, back the hell up.
Get out of here before you get your ass kicked by gays, firefighters, and gay firefighters, now.
Don't wanna drink here anyway.
Hey, I'm more than sorry that that happened, Ritter.
I it shouldn't happen anywhere, but it sure as hell shouldn't happen here.
That scumbag will never be allowed in here again, all right? Hey, hey, uh, let's everybody start drinking again.
Have a nice time.
Look, see you guys on shift.
Don't stay up too late.
Your friends are pretty great.
The best.
- Heads up, Eric.
- What's the matter? Have a lovely night, ladies.
Oh, my God.
- Darren, what are you doing? - He might be hurt.
- Ah.
- Darren! Hey, go back inside.
Get the guys.
Somebody help.
Get me out of here.
Get me out.
Hey, look at me.
The door's pinned shut.
You gotta come this way.
- Unbuckle yourself.
- I can't.
I can't get to it.
It's okay.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
Come on, I got you.
Come on, this way.
I'm an off duty firefighter.
We have a vehicular accident at 1925 West Walcott.
You need to dispatch an engine company and an ambulance.
You're kiddin' me.
You couldn't leave well enough alone, could ya? Are you okay? Let me see.
You're not even gonna thank the man? Forget it, Gallo.
Man, you guys were high maintenance with the pancakes.
Griffin, you had to have chocolate chip.
And Ben, it was, uh, blueberries, right? No, it was bananas for him.
You were scared of blueberries because of Willy Wonka.
Remember that? Dude.
I got to get to school.
I can walk.
Class doesn't start for an hour.
I happen to know that because I have a meeting there with your social worker and the guidance counselor.
Why? Just want to see how I can help.
Just so you know, the social worker, she thinks my aunt is still here.
Or she'd, like, put us in a a foster home.
And that guidance counselor has it out for me.
So don't believe anything she says.
I'll make sure she knows I have your back in any situation.
You're going home today, right? So, why would she care about that? Just please don't tell them Aunt Cammy left, because that would really screw things up.
Guys, I've got some ideas that might help.
It won't make it worse.
I promise.
Just make sure you're home later so we can talk about it before I head back.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
Can't believe something like that happened at Molly's.
I know.
Gallo told me Herrmann shut it down so quick.
Now I wish I had seen that guy destroy his car.
I I'm glad he didn't get hurt bad but It's nice to see a little cosmic justice for a change.
Oh, no.
Is he doing another ride along? Morning, Chief.
Whoa, look at that old thing.
- What's going on, Chief? - Brett, I come bearing a gift.
A gift? Your work the other day really impressed me.
So her reward is That old G30 is worth more to the CF as a write-off than anything else.
May not be pretty, but it runs.
So we're donating it to your paramedicine program.
My program? I was able to convince the department to fund it for six months.
If you can prove it works, they'll make the funding permanent.
Thank you, Chief.
Your vote of confidence means so much.
Well, it was McHolland's vote of confidence in you that brought me here.
I had no idea that Mouch was the one who talked to him.
So, you were the boys' guardian - when they were younger? - Yeah.
About nine years ago now.
They're great kids.
Oh, they are.
They haven't been totally honest with us, though, as you probably know.
In what way? We contacted their aunt, and it turns out she left over a month ago.
She and the boys were supposed to report any living changes to us.
The state is now moving to place them.
And unfortunately, it looks like they'll be in separate foster homes.
Well, the reason I wanted to have this meeting is, I loved being the boys' guardian before and I'd like to do it again.
I want to bring them back to Chicago.
Make sure they both get on their feet and off to college when it's time.
I just need to talk to my girlfriend about it.
Figure out some details.
I know you mean well, Matt, but that is the worst thing you could do for them right now.
How so? These boys have been bounced around for most of their lives, and they finally found a place to call home.
And yes, there have been some bumps along the road, especially for Ben right now, but both boys have friends and neighbors and teachers who care a lot about them.
Griffin has a community college that he's excited about right nearby.
And I doubt their mother would allow it, to be honest.
Coffee Creek, the correctional facility she's in for the next several years, is only 25 miles from here.
Have you noticed Walback doesn't get involved in the action? He just, like at the car wash, he just stood there and gave some thumbs ups.
- I did notice that.
- And Casey, always first one in.
Hands on.
Even in drills.
Hey, Lieutenant.
We're almost done here.
Just talkin' shop with Severide.
You know I say he runs the best company in the whole CFD.
- Oh, come on! - Whoa, what's the matter? - 81's the best.
42's the best.
Squad 3 is the best.
They can't all be the best.
- Sure they can.
- No, they can't.
That's the whole point of best.
You know, it meant a lot to me when you first said it, - but now - Mouch No, this is important.
While I'm at it, Walback, you got a real low bar for what's awesome.
A mask inspection is literally awe inspiring? Really? Don't really think about it as much as you, I guess.
No reason to get bogged down, am I right? I just I need to take a minute.
That's one passionate guy.
I love that about him.
So, do you want to get next shift? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Look who's here.
- Chief, what's up? Ah, just doing my rounds.
Making sure all is right with my favorite firehouse.
Well, we got everything under control so far.
- Uh-huh.
- Chief.
Gallo, how's everything going with Lieutenant Walback? When's Casey coming back? - Why? What's the problem? - No, just Things are better when he's here.
Won't get an argument out of me on that.
Damn straight.
Casey will be back next shift.
Actually fixed this thing.
Just needed a new hinge.
Still nothing from Ben? No.
I'm not surprised.
He tends to avoid anything involving actual human emotions, like goodbyes.
I'm going to leave him a note.
It's okay to cry here.
I have.
This is for you so you don't forget us.
Why didn't you tell me that you were the one who went to bat for me with Hawkins? Oh, it was nothing.
- It was huge.
- Shut up over there.
It was a big deal, Mouch.
I thought Matt was the only one who would go to that kind of trouble for me.
It wasn't any trouble.
I knew Hawkins senior, back in the day, so I figured You know, Mouch, you have a much bigger heart than people give you credit for.
No, I'm serious.
You would never just sit by if you thought there was some way you could help someone.
And honestly that's exactly the kind of temperament that lends itself to paramedicine.
You have a very empathetic soul.
- I do? - Yes.
So, what do you say? Oh, you're asking me to help out with the paramedicine thing? I think you'd be great at it.
Everyone else said no, didn't they? Mm.
Eh, what the hell? Ah, yay.
Mouch, you really are the best.
- Well, thank you.
- [SIGHS.]
- I'm not off shift till morning.
- No, I know.
I just Needed to get this out now.
Oh, okay.
I'm not here to argue.
You blew me away last night.
Seeing you in action like that, I just felt really proud.
- You did? - Of course.
But, Darren, the way you are with your 51 group, and especially when you were pulling that guy out of his car, that intense, that all-in mode I love that mode.
I remember it from when we were first hanging out.
But it hasn't been like that between us in a long time.
I want to push back, fight you on that, and try to make it work.
But we've done that.
A lot.
And it always brought us right back here.
Uh It's crazy how much it can hurt to do the right thing.
Hey, look who's back already.
- Hey, Herrmann.
- Hey.
Glad you're up.
- Everything go okay in Oregon? - [SIGHS.]
The boys aren't doing so well.
They're alone in the world with no one to help.
To lift 'em up.
We've always said, any firefighter's child is every firefighter's child.
Herrmann, I think I think I have to move to Oregon.
Take care of those boys.
I got to be honest.
It breaks my heart to hear you say that, because I know it means you're leaving 51.
But, uh It's what Andy would've wanted.

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