Chicago Fire s10e05 Episode Script

Two Hundred

1 We started our own microbrewery.
Dewitt was impressed.
Dewitt's offering us our own brewing area.
We're donating it to your paramedicine program.
Thank you, Chief! You're asking me to help out with the paramedicine thing.
I think you'd be great at it.
I want to bring the boys back to Chicago.
That is the worst thing you could do for them.
They've finally found a place to call home.
Think I have to move to Oregon, take care of those boys.
I know it means you're leaving 51.
We're right for each other.
I'm in love with you.
No, that's that's great.
Yes, I will.
And if you'll just If you'll just text it to me.
Thanks so much.
- Hi, baby.
- Hey.
Oh, how are you? How was your trip back? Hey, there's so much to talk about.
So that was Headquarters.
They're sending me a list of the 20 most frequent 911 callers in our district.
- That's amazing.
- This paramedicine program is actually happening.
Mouch and I are gonna trial run it between shifts, and it's exciting and scary and exciting.
You look like you don't think so.
It sounds great.
I just have something else we need to talk about.
I, uh I don't know how to say this exactly, but I have to move to Oregon.
Move? The social worker said there's no real chance I could ever bring Griffin and Ben here.
And if I don't take their guardianship, they'll be split up, placed into separate foster homes.
They're both struggling so much already.
Feeling alone, that could destroy them.
So you're leaving.
I don't see it any other way.
I wish I did.
Sylvie, I was there in the hospital when they were born.
I held them.
I just need to stay with them until I just need to stay with them until Ben turns 18.
If I can get 'em into college, that's all I'm trying to do.
Which means that you'll be there for at least three years? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
And I want you to come with me.
Or we do long distance for now.
Whatever you want.
I want to make sure this doesn't change anything with us.
Yeah, no, um Whew, this just is a lot to think about.
Yeah, I know.
Is he really just up and moving? For Andy Darden's boys? Absolutely.
Just seems a little sudden.
Nah, Casey was made for this.
If anybody's gonna step up when a kid's in need, it's him.
Can't argue with that.
I just heard that Captain Casey is leaving Chicago.
Spoke to him yesterday.
Still trying to wrap my head around it.
How's 51 taking the news? I'm sure there are gonna be some people who feel like the anchors have fallen away from the boat.
Are you gonna head over there? That is a good idea.
I'll get you a coffee in a to-go cup.
Why, thank you, ma'am.
I reached out to all of you off-shift to let you know about my move.
Even talked to Kidd, who's kicking ass over in Boston.
I know she appreciated it.
We were taught to perform a size-up of a scene before we move in.
That's why firefighters don't run from the rig straight into burning buildings.
We walk with purpose, as we gather information, right? And yet, we're also taught, when lives are on the line, every second counts.
I wouldn't be rushing into this if I didn't think lives were on the line.
I want you all to know that.
You don't owe us an explanation, Captain.
For Griffin and Ben.
We get it.
Been talking to the CFD about a leave of absence, so I can return in a few years.
Not sure they're on board.
But hey, that's never stopped me before.
Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, pin-in accident, 451 West Cermak.
Need to get that driver's foot off the accelerator.
Hey, he passed out, Captain.
I don't want to pry that door open without these cars being secured.
Sit tight, ma'am.
We'll get you out.
Think you could just climb in through the passenger door, C-collar the victim, get her out? Yeah, copy that.
Truck, Squad, cribbing and struts! All right, 81, chock those tires.
Hey, maybe I pull the Squad up to the bumper of the front car, - so it doesn't move? - I like it.
Come on.
That's good.
Okay, hold it there.
Hey, ma'am, what's your name? - Carolyn.
- Okay, Carolyn.
Okay, I'm gonna be coming through here, put a collar on you, and then take you out this way.
Just work with me the best you can, okay? Okay.
It's okay.
Got you.
Okay, we're clear.
Ready, one, two, three.
We're good.
Hey, Gallo.
I just want to say that when we talked about your commitment to Truck, I had no idea Captain, when I lost my family, it was a fire chief that made sure I didn't fall through the cracks.
I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for him.
I think it's great those boys are gonna have you in their lives.
If there's anything I can do to help, anything, you let me know.
I will.
Hey, how you doing with this Casey situation? If you need some time before we start up Oh, no.
Really, I just want to get started.
- It's very sweet of you to ask.
- Anything I can do.
They just emailed me a list of a dozen names.
We have to show the CFD the value this has.
I'm so glad to hear you say this.
I gotta admit, I'm excited.
I came onto Molly's late.
This, I've gotten to be a part of from the inception.
A big part.
I'll fill up the ambo, pick you up at 11:00 tomorrow.
Oh, no, you don't have to pay for the gas.
Nah, nah, my treat.
Hey, how are how are you feeling since you and Eric Oh.
I I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
I would much rather talk about anything else.
- Understood.
- Is that the brew crew? Cara.
Hey! What brings you by? A favor on behalf of Mr.
He has been so great about letting us use your brewery.
He's a generous guy.
"Shout Out Chicago," the magazine, is doing a profile on him of what a central figure he is to the brewing scene in Chicago and the success of Bare Moon, that kind of thing.
- Oh, very cool.
- I was hoping you'd be willing to talk to their reporter about what an important mentor he is to you all.
Of course.
Yeah, we'd be glad to.
Thank you.
I was hoping to schedule something for Wednesday morning, so that Mr.
Dewitt isn't, you know Drunk.
I was going to say working.
- Oh, yeah, of course - We'll help in any way we can.
I will text you the details.
She's she's just 200.
- What does that mean? - 100 times two? Twice as cool.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Thanks for doing this.
Oh, we install these for new moms and dads all the time.
- How are you? - Yeah, good.
Baby seat.
- Ah! - Yeah.
Mm, can't believe how fast time flew by.
You should be near the due date, huh? That obvious? Oh, you look great.
We have a Caesarian scheduled for Friday.
Right after next shift.
I didn't know you could pick the date like that.
Takes the worry out of it.
Okay, thank you.
Yes, I'll email it right away.
Thank you again.
- What's up, Chief? - Hey.
I just wanted to come and shake your hand in person.
You know, when I first met you, I knew within a day that you were the kind of man who would put everybody else's needs in front of his own.
- I don't know about that.
- Yes, you do.
It's one hell of a thing you're doing for those boys.
You'd do the same thing in my shoes.
So, um, are you talking to the fire service - over there in Oregon? - Yep.
That's what I was doing when you knocked.
Got a couple leads.
Turns out, with those big forest blazes, there might be some openings.
You need a reference, you have them give me a call.
I will.
Have you seen Herrmann? App floor, I believe? All right.
I still got one more shift after this one, Chief.
Ah, right.
Then I will be back for that.
Hey, Chief.
- Uh-oh.
- What? You got that Bad News Boden look.
I received a call from Headquarters.
Assistant Deputy Commissioner Adam Perry.
Do you know him? He's in charge of major discipline.
Is this about that ambulance call a few weeks ago? - Boy would have died.
- All I know is he's on his way here to speak to you.
- When? - Now.
Be cool.
- Wallace.
- Assistant Commissioner.
- You Lieutenant Herrmann? - Yes, sir.
You mind if we have a moment alone? Of course.
I understand you own Molly's? What? The bar, Molly's.
I yeah.
Yeah, I need to ask a favor.
This isn't about the - About what? - Never mind.
Um, yes, of course.
- It's the best bar in Chicago.
How can I help? Yeah, well my son's birthday's coming up, and he and his friends want to get rowdy.
- Sure.
- I know it's last minute, but I was hoping that maybe we could rent out the patio for this Saturday night.
For you? - Yeah, free of charge.
Half price off drinks.
- Yahoo! - How many are coming? - 20 or so.
- Yeah, no problem.
Brennan's gonna be thrilled.
- Hey.
- Hey, Boden.
Oh, you're home! - How was shift? - Yeah, good.
So, what can I do for you? Uh, nothing.
Uh, yes, you thirsty? Some water? I got my tea right here.
Where's your book? I'll get that for you.
What are you doing? What? What? You're fussing over me like I'm an egg about to hatch.
Well, I mean [CHUCKLES.]
- Joe, Joe, Joe.
- Yeah? Sit down.
Your anxiousness is making me anxious.
Okay, so here's the thing.
51 doesn't have the best track record with pregnancies.
Donna Boden, she had to deliver Terrance in the passenger seat of a fire truck.
And then well, Herrmann was stuck in a jailhouse riot when Kenny was born.
And God, then the whole thing - with Dawson was just such - Hey, Joe! Joe, look at me.
This pregnancy has been worry-free, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah? I feel great.
I feel feel better than great.
- Great.
- You gotta stop worrying.
Hmm? Okay, you can get me a glass of water.
Great! Oh, you know, actually, I think I think the baby wants some Ben & Jerry's from the freezer.
Then the baby gets Ben & Jerry's.
Yeah, yeah, that's what you wanted, right? Yeah, I felt that.
Felt that.
- Hey.
- I come bearing gifts.
- Oh, you didn't have to.
- Well, full disclosure, I do have another favor to ask of my power trio.
As part of the interview tomorrow, there's gonna be a photoshoot.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I figured, why not get your pictures in there? You're all so photogenic.
Thank you, thanks.
I mean, being a firefighter, it must keep you in really good shape.
Well, I'm a paramedic, but yeah, yeah.
You guys in, or - Yes, we're in.
- Yeah.
Well, great.
Thanks so much.
Well, enjoy your round, and I will shoot you guys the details later.
She is something.
I told the guy from PGE you'd be here Saturday.
He needs to check the meter or something.
Yep, I'll handle that.
What are you guys doing for groceries? We still got some stuff in the fridge.
I want to make that chicken parm you showed me.
We'll hit the Safeway when I get there and stock up.
Can't wait.
See you in a few days.
See you, Griffin.
He's excited you're coming.
I hope so.
Seriously, zero pressure.
But I want you to come.
It's just What you have to understand is I've moved away for a relationship before, and I've run away from a different one, and It's just I'm still coming to grips with it.
Who's ready to rock and roll? Me.
- How's it going, boss? - Hey, buddy.
Talk later? Of course.
She was calling out in German From a balcony in London I caught a whiff of the dragon Hanging ten off the wagon I was ice fishing on a lake of red wine Carry the lantern high Oh, oh Hey, hey Carry the lantern high Hey, hey Carry the lantern high Hey, hey Carry the lantern high As we go into the night Okay, so this is Joan.
She has early indication of dementia, but so far she's been responding to medication.
She live alone? Uh, her sister is a couple houses over.
Joan? Joan? Can you hear me? Brett.
Oh, these are expired meds for neuropathy.
Her pulse is weak.
- Blood sugar is good.
- Blood pressure's low.
- Joan? - Where - Joan? I'm Sylvie Brett, a paramedic.
This is Randall McHolland.
H How did I Did you take medication? Yes.
Um, from my, um So Joan, this is old medication for nerve damage.
It puts you to sleep, especially if you took it on an empty stomach.
I thought it was, um, for my, uh You know what? Let's get you to Chicago Med and have a doctor take a look, at you.
Is that all right? - No ambulance charge.
- Oh.
And you really need to throw away old medication after you stop using it.
I'm so embarrassed.
Hey, we're just glad we could be here.
Oh, um, does my hair look okay? You look great, Joan.
Now let's get you healthy.
There we are.
Hello, I'm Kylie Estevez, Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden's assistant.
I've known Wallace a long time.
- The definition of grace.
- He's the best.
How can I help? I was hoping to look at the Department Regulations and Guidelines manual.
Unless it's too much trouble.
No, I've got the Regulations binder right here.
And I'll be right back with the CFD Guidelines.
How many years you want to go back? Just the last couple would be great.
You need a table, knock yourself out.
Thanks so much.
And where do you think the future of microbreweries is going? Gobbled up by the big boys or left to fend for themselves in an ever-diversifying market? The thing of the matter is, who tastes it? What Mr.
Dewitt is saying is the customer is the ultimate arbiter in where the industry is going.
Exactly, a beer drinker who's interested in taste, say, over alcohol content will go the extra mile to buy the brand they love.
Do you see what's going on here? That Charles Dewitt is plastered again? No.
Well, yes.
But no.
Look at her.
Cara's clearly making a move on Gallo.
He's too self-involved to even see it.
A photo.
How you taking all this? I'm okay.
I mean, I understand why he has to go.
- But? - No buts.
I just have a lot to think about.
Excuse me.
You guys know where I could find a dude named Herrmann? - You found him.
- Oh, great.
Listen, my dad you said you were letting my friends tear it up on your patio Saturday? Oh, right.
You're Brennan.
Yeah, just want to make sure you're stocked.
It's a bar.
Well, I mean, really stocked.
Like, whatever your keg sitch is back there, you gotta double it.
Man, I gotta go to school.
What birthday is this for you? What are you, the narc police? What? See you Saturday.
Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, structure fire, 5212 South Western Ave.
Hey, how many people are in there? [COUGHING.]
We were having daily mass.
There's at least 30 inside.
- It's an inferno.
- All right.
Head to the ambulance.
They'll get you some oxygen.
Squad, Truck, there are at least 30 inside.
Herrmann, grab two lines.
We have five minutes to knock this fire down and evacuate victims, or we have to back out and go defensive.
Squad, let's go! Let's go! - Ritter, lead out.
- Let's go! Let's go, let's go! Keep moving! Keep moving! Way to go.
Come on, everybody get outside.
Slow down.
Hey, take it easy! Take it easy! I got you! Stay low, stay low.
We're gonna go this way.
Severide! Look out! [COUGHING.]
Severide! Let's grab one of these pews.
- Yeah! Yeah, yeah! - Ready? One, two [COUGHING.]
Will it hold? We're out of time either way! Hey! We're gonna run across that and get you out, okay? Let's go! Stay between us! [COUGHING.]
Come on.
Yeah, yeah, let's go.
I can't believe it.
What? Using a church pew for a bridge? No.
This might be our last firefight together.
I'm coming right back.
Three years, it'll go by like nothing.
I'm gonna miss you, man.
Fire's out.
Get going on overhaul.
You heard the Chief.
Grab pike poles and let's get back to work.
Copy that! [SOMBER MUSIC.]
Aw, man.
Will you look at that? The hell was that poor cat doing in here? That's Willow.
She was our rectory cat.
Just showed up one day and never left.
Hey, Father, you can't be here.
It's just so tragic.
Our congregation was growing, finally.
I thought we were on the verge of a revival.
You can rebuild, Father.
Make it stronger than before.
Isaiah said, "The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with smooth stones.
" You really can't be in here, Father.
It's not safe right now.
I'm sorry.
I just had to see.
I understand.
Chief! I have something you're gonna want to see.
Okay, so you see, geographically, the District Chief's Office is supposed to be in the centermost house in the district.
That way you can get around to each house efficiently.
- Uh-huh.
- Which was Firehouse 90.
" Two years ago, they closed Firehouse 82, right? And with that house gone, that makes the new center of the district here, which means the nearest firehouse is - 51.
- Yep.
You discovered this on your own? Wow.
I'm sure that DC Hill is not gonna be very happy with any of this, but it is gonna force her hand.
Well done, Kylie.
51 needs you, Chief.
Needs us, okay? [CHUCKLES.]
I got big problems, which means we got big problems.
I don't like the sound of that.
We got 20 underage kids coming to Molly's patio expecting to booze it up.
When? How? The ADC in the charge of major discipline hit me up for his son.
Now, I think that he knows that I stepped in it with that ambo call a few weeks ago, and now he's He's leveraging it against me.
We could get shut down forever if the liquor authority shows up.
Not "if," "when.
" I mean, these dumb-dumbs, they're gonna be posting it all over social media.
- We're cooked.
- Get us out of it! - How? - That's not true.
One's hairier than the other.
Tony, look at me.
I'm dead serious.
Peaches and nectarines are the same fruit.
Not true.
This is what you guys have been arguing about? Yeah, my Papa had a peach farm.
That didn't sell nectarines.
Well, I am not exactly up on random fruit facts, but gotta side with Tony on this one.
Well, then you're on the side of ignorance.
He's coming.
Uh, uh, he's coming.
Uh, the baby's coming.
The baby's coming! Rig's out of service.
Everyone, let's get to Med! Joe Cruz is having a baby! [SIRENS WAILING.]
Get out of the way, jackass! Excuse me.
Um, I'm Joe Cruz.
My wife Chloe's having a baby.
This way.
- Any updates? - Nothing.
Chloe's been in labor for five hours at least, as far as we know.
Hey, guys.
Hey! They told me we weren't allowed Weren't allowed to come out into the waiting room.
But I said, "Unless you want 15 firefighters in the Maternity Ward hallway, you better let us out.
Besides This is my family out here.
And I wanted you all to be the first to meet this little man.
It's Mr.
Brian Leon Cruz.
We're calling him Otis.
Hey! - [SHUSHING.]
- Hey, Otis.
Okay, that's it.
Everyone out.
- See you, guys.
- Let's go.
We're going, we're going.
- Good, you're here.
- Yeah.
So, uh, party bus is gonna be here in like an hour, so I just want to make sure that everything's set up and it's ready to go.
Uh, yeah, the patio is reserved, and, uh [SIREN WHOOPS.]
Locked and loaded with kegs coming out the yin-yang.
Excuse me.
Who's the owner of this establishment? - I am.
- Okay, good.
Listen, I've got two dozen uniformed narco cops headed over here.
We need to requisition this bar for a gang surveillance unit, so I'm gonna need access to this entire area.
- Well, ma'am - Sergeant.
Sergeant, um, I'm afraid that I can't do that tonight.
I'm afraid you don't have a choice, pal.
I'm also gonna have highly-trained drug-sniffing dogs on-site, so I'm gonna need bowls of water aplenty.
Who are you? Uh, leaving.
Oh, hey, Brennan, listen, man, um, I need you to tell the driver of the bus that he's gonna have to make a little detour.
I'll get back to you in a minute, all right? [ENGINE TURNS OVER, CAR STARTS.]
You are a lifesaver, Judy.
I was not gonna be a party to that nonsense.
No problem.
Um, I gotta go find a bus to pull over.
- See ya.
Good deal.
Oh, great.
- Sneak preview.
- What's this? "Shout Out Chicago" has an early mockup of the magazine cover, and I thought you might want a sneak peek.
- Ooh! - Ooh, cool.
- That's amazing.
I know.
You look so cute.
It's so cool.
Never been on a magazine before.
Nope, that's great.
Thank you.
There's a firehouse in Portland that wants me to start right away.
Turns out they're so desperate for firefighters, one call from Boden got me the spot.
Maybe you should come out this winter, give me a hand.
Forest fires? I'm game.
Time to learn some new tricks.
Mind if I steal you? Yeah, of course.
Van Meter! I didn't think they let the Arson Unit out of the office before midnight.
Well, every now and then.
You were at that church fire yesterday? Yeah.
You notice a dead cat? Yeah.
I did.
That was weird.
Cats usually make it out of fires.
It was soaked in gasoline.
- What? - Some sicko doused it, set it on fire, and tossed it into the church.
That was your origin point.
I'm sorry to take you away from Molly's.
I'd rather be with you.
I just want you to know, I want to stay together.
Me too.
I'm not moving to Oregon.
I I absolutely see why you have to go, but I'm clear-eyed on why I need to stay.
I just got this paramedicine program up and running, and in one day I saw how much good it can do.
And I built it, you know, from the ground up.
And it's it's mine, and I just I have to see it through.
Sylvie, you don't have to explain more than that.
I get it.
But you and me, I want to I want to keep being you and me.
That's why we have plane tickets and FaceTime, and there's an end date in sight.
- Yeah? - Yes.
Sylvie, half the reason that I know I can do this for Griffin and Ben is 'cause I know I have you supporting me.
Whether that's right here or halfway across America.
Nothing's gonna change.
You better hurry.
You're gonna miss your flight.
I know, I know.
Just wanted to see you here one last time.
Ah, you guys heading out? Yeah.
Looks like you're heading in? My Deputy District Chief office is now at 51.
Thanks to Kylie.
That's great news.
- Yeah, it is.
Ambulance 61, man down from unknown causes.
That's us.
All right, you better call me as soon as you land.
- Ah! [LAUGHS.]
Hey! You don't get to leave without saying one last goodbye.
I'm gonna speak for everyone.
For over ten years, you made this firehouse a very special place.
Everyone you met along the way got to call you friend.
Everyone you worked with on this shift, well, we got to call you brother.
This place will never be the same.
I thank you for your kindness and generosity and passion for this job.
You will be dearly missed, brother.
I love you, man.

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