Chicago Fire s10e10 Episode Script

Back with a Bang

I have been impressed with your leadership on Truck 81.
I wanna offer you the full-time lieutenant spot.
I accept.
Stella Kidd.
How could she know that we had an open spot for a truck lieutenant? She didn't immediately come and claim it.
Is there something more going on here that I'm not seeing? I don't know what's going on anymore.
If she cares, if she doesn't.
I can't tell you because I don't know.
Hi, Kelly.
To be honest, I just froze.
I knew that the lieutenant position at 51 was suddenly open and that I had to grab it right then if I wanted it.
- But I - But you didn't.
I know.
And that must sound crazy.
Look, I kinda panicked.
Because setting up Girls on Fire programs was amazing.
And it was a chance for me to step off the bullet train that I had been on towards the lieutenant track and just reset.
Because once I get on that train, there will be no time for Girls on Fire.
Or much of anything else besides work.
Now you don't wanna be a lieutenant? No, I do.
Just maybe not right this second.
You know, maybe part of my panic was just the feeling that I don't need to lock my future down so tight just yet.
You just stopped calling me back.
You just left.
You left me wondering what the hell was going on with you.
Were you okay? Were you with someone else? Of course not.
I wasn't.
Yeah, I screwed up.
I missed you so much.
I was so excited to come home and just be with you and explain all this stuff in person and not over some dumb phone.
And I should've done it sooner.
I love you with everything I got.
That is never gonna change.
And it's Griffin's birthday, so we're doing a surprise party for him at this restaurant he loves in Portland.
Aw, that's so sweet.
And fun.
Yeah, I'm excited.
That being said, I realize that I'm abandoning you next shift and the floater pool isn't pretty.
So I apologize in advance.
Don't worry about that.
How bad can it be? Eh Stella! Hey, you.
Oh! Oh, I missed you! Missed you too.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
God, you look good.
Requesting permission to hug the lieutenant.
Take it away.
How you doing, Lieutenant? All right, yeah.
Going to talk to Boden.
Stella Kidd? I'm Lieutenant Pelham.
The new lieutenant on truck.
That's right.
Well, welcome to 51.
I never intended to exert undue pressure.
No, Chief, you did not.
You have been nothing but an amazing mentor to me.
And I am still very excited to become a lieutenant.
I just want to slow things down a bit.
And take advantage of everything I can do now too.
I can't say I'm happy that you were away as long as you were, but now that I've been promoted further up the ladder and I have more and more responsibilities I can respect not wanting to rush things.
But Stella, you have a long, important career ahead of you.
You cannot lose focus.
I hear that.
And I won't.
Ambulance 61, Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, vehicle fire, Lower Wacker at Van Buren.
Thank you, Chief.
Come on.
We're going into the dragon's mouth, boys! Hey, what happened? Pretty bad pileup about 200 feet in.
Some of those cars look pretty banged up, and there's one hell of a fire waiting for you.
We've got a multiple-vehicle accident and fire about 200 feet in.
We're going in on foot.
Get your guys to mask up and grab as much gear as they can carry.
Be prepared to tackle some pin-ins and transport multiple victims.
Let's go! My partner and I went in there to make sure everyone got out, but I lost track of him somehow.
We'll keep an eye out for him.
You guys, Joe has cutters and plenty of air bottles.
We don't wanna be running back out here.
- Gallo! - Yeah? Bring some cribbing.
Kidd, backboards and C-collars.
- Mouch, get the jaws.
- Copy.
Ritter, you're second up.
Grab a shoulder load, follow me.
We got a long stretch ahead of us.
There are more ambos on the way.
You handle triage until your field chief gets here.
Will do, Chief.
- Fire department! Call out! - Please, somebody! Fire department! Call out! Is anybody hurt? Fire department! Call out! - Pelham! - Yeah.
Two victims over here! Gallo, driver's side! Copy! - Gallo! C-collar! - Yep! Got some strange colored flames, Chief! Yeah, I see it.
Hey, Chief! Potassium! Herrmann! Get water on those tanks! Cool them down.
And keep the water off of those barrels! It'll cause a reaction! Where's Boden? Uh, he's deep inside the tunnel.
Boden, this is Walker.
I'll be your incident commander from out here.
What do you need? Get Hazmat in here with class D extinguishers! We've got a potassium fire here with enough propane threatening to bring Upper Wacker down onto Lower Wacker.
I'll notify the alarm office right away.
Mikami, Brett.
Did I hear we're bringing in Hazmat? Oh, yeah, potassium fires are very hard to put out.
That so? They generate their own oxygen so ABC extinguishers are useless.
And if you hit it with water, the hydrogen reacts with the potassium and Somebody's parents bought her a chemistry set.
I bought it myself.
Hey, Chief! We got another victim in here! Okay, squad.
Get that driver out of there.
Herrmann, keep the water off that cargo! I'm trying, Chief! My wife, please.
They'll get her.
They'll get her, all right? Kidd, give me purchase point right here.
That's good, that's good.
Mouch, vertical crush! Let's get this roof out of the way! You got it, Kelly! Okay, now Kidd Good.
You got it.
What's the ETA on the Hazmat? Both Hazmat units are tied up, but we got a van full of extinguishers coming from O'Hare.
Chief! Did he just say O'Hare? That's gonna take forever! Just keep working! Chief, got two victims coming out.
Copy that.
We'll notify the medics.
Lieutenant! I think I see someone! You better take a look! Fire department! Call out! Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt? Hey, Dillon, let's get you out of here.
Looks like head trauma.
She was unconscious when we got to her.
- Smoke inhalation.
- Let's get you some oxygen.
We need to get her to Med right away.
Ambo 22, we got a patient for you! All right, don't get comfortable.
- We're going right back in.
- Negative.
Too dangerous.
Chief, Squad could use our help.
Nobody goes back in until the extinguishers arrive.
Understood? Understood.
Change out your air bottles.
Copy that.
No, you hear that? That is a propane tank about to blow.
We have to leave.
I couldn't put it out.
He was burning.
I tried to put it out but Hey, Chief! Dashboard's impinging on him! We need the ram! Walker! We need the hydraulic ram in here.
Copy that, Chief.
You can send in one person.
- Yeah, I'll go.
- No.
I got it.
I wanna get back in there.
He's looking out for you, Gallo.
Where are those fire extinguishers? Keep on the tanks! Look, we gotta go, all right? Come on.
Hey, hey.
Listen to me.
We have to get you outta here.
God, Officer Dillon! You need to move your ass! Okay? Let's go! One foot in front of the other, yeah? Come on.
- Move along the side! - I'm trying! Chief! - Are you okay? - We're good.
Get back on those tanks! - I got you, Herrmann! - Get through! Ritter! Ritter, where are you? I'm okay.
Taking a victim out.
Boden, what happened in there? We had a little flare-up, Chief.
The propane in the air ignited.
But everyone's okay.
Come on, we're almost out! Everybody okay up here? We're good.
Get that to Severide.
I'm calling an emergency evacuation.
No, Chief! We still have one victim pinned in! Everyone out.
I'll send everyone I can spare.
Pelham! Go back to your crew! Herrmann, Cruz, go with him.
Just give me the hose line.
Fat chance.
We're not going anywhere.
We leave when you leave.
Let's get our driver out and go.
- Any injuries? - No.
All right, well, let's get a look at you anyway, okay? Right there.
Hey, uh, he's pretty rattled.
We'll keep an eye on him.
Hey, Chief.
There's a body in there we'll need to recover.
The driver of the truck.
We'll get him, brother.
Truck 81, got a job for ya! We're on it, Chief! I got you, Kidd.
Chief! I think it's time to go! Hey! Almost there, Chief! Herrmann.
Give me one more minute! I can't buy you another minute! Chief! - Here! Get in there! - Yeah! What part of "evacuate" don't you understand? Knew this promotion was a bad idea.
Now you got no adult supervision.
Just the way I like it.
What the hell happened to you in there? One second you're at my side.
The next, I got no idea where you're at.
- Sorry.
- I'm looking all over for you! I'm calling you on the radio! You're MIA.
Get in the car.
You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
Hey, little guy.
This isn't a safe place for you.
You guys made me real proud in there.
Meshing like gears in a Ferrari.
Well, Kidd's home.
It's like having the band back together.
Didn't you miss all this, Kidd, while you were off doing Girls on Fire? Eh, there's only so much of me to go around, Gallo.
Hey, I'm looking for the person who works at Happy Village Preschool.
Is this your hermit crab? Okay, Squad 3, let's get back in service.
What the hell is that? - Oh, uh - You know what, never mind.
I don't want to know.
Here you go.
Hi, this is Happy Village Preschool, and we're happy to hear from you.
Please leave a message.
Uh Hi, I'm Joe Cruz, and I'm a firefighter.
Uh, I just got back from an incident on Lower Wacker, and I wanted to let you guys at Happy Village know that I have your crab.
Uh, Hermie.
I pulled him from a staffer's car at the scene, so feel free to send somebody over to Firehouse 51 to pick him up.
And when they get here, they can ask for Crab Rescuer Joe Cruz.
What the hell? This whole crab charade is just about getting Otis into preschool.
You said punch me if I ever worry about that again.
Okay, this is not a charade, all right? I saved Hermie's life.
And then I happened to notice the school's name in the car.
Was I just supposed to let the crab die because he's from Happy Village? - It's a charade, all right.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, Mouch.
- I've a favor to ask.
- Anything.
Could you see if Trudy knows a young cop named Dillon? I think he's a rookie.
- Dillon? - Yeah.
No sweat.
What's this about? Well, he was on the scene.
And he had a scare in the tunnel.
I just want to make sure he's okay.
Sure thing.
I'll talk to my lady.
- Thanks, Mouch.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, Kidd.
What's up, Lieutenant? Nice job at the tunnel.
Same to you.
Kidd I can tell how close you are with everyone at 51.
And, uh, just kinda putting it all together that you were the one who was being considered for this position before I got here, so I just want to clear the air.
Make sure there's no bad feelings about me taking the job that you were up for.
You didn't take this job from me, Lieutenant.
I took a step back.
And then you got it.
And, um, you know, from what everyone says, it sounds like you're a good choice.
But I'll have to see for myself.
I'm Jessica.
I teach kindergarten at Happy Village.
Oh, yeah! Your crab's right over here.
Are you Joe? No, I'm Capp.
Well, thank you, Capp.
I knew I'd better hurry when the smoke started pouring out of that tunnel, but I felt so badly leaving her behind.
Her? Yes, you can tell the gender by the legs.
The males' are fuzzy.
Oh, this is Joe.
He's actually the one that pulled the crab out of the car.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Well, you're both heroes to me and my class, trust me.
I, uh, I gave him lettuce and water.
The crab's a she, Cruz.
What? Did you even look at the legs? Any chance you could carry that to my car for me? Happy to.
Literally started right back with a bang.
I mean, that tunnel call was crazy.
Oh, admit it.
You had fun.
Oh, hell yes, I did.
Yeah, the truth is, is I got in my own head, and I stayed away too long.
Is everything okay with Severide? I think so.
I hope so.
Yeah, we didn't have a ton of time to talk yet.
And he had to rush off to the academy after shift.
Good news is, you share a roof.
I miss Casey something awful.
I can only imagine how you feel.
Yeah, it's no fun, but I see him tomorrow.
Yeah? Give him a big hug from me.
- Like this.
- Oh.
Mm! Oh, here's my ride.
- Trudy.
- Hey, Darren.
Uh, you were asking about a cop named Dillon? Yeah, you know him? Uh, no, but I found a Tyler Dillon based out of District 13.
- Sound like your guy? - A rookie? Yeah, babe in the woods.
On the force less than a year.
Then that must be him.
When I called his desk sergeant, he said Tyler just put in his notice.
- He's quitting the force? - Yeah.
And apparently he didn't give any explanation.
Ooh, you smell good.
You got a new shampoo? - Or something? - I think so, yeah.
So what do you wanna do tonight? We could watch a movie, see what games are on, make out.
- Lot of options there.
- Yeah.
I am up for anything.
I was thinking we could head over to Molly's.
I know everybody wants to see you.
- Oh.
- Catch up.
Well, I start back at work there in a couple days.
There's some new beers on tap.
We could check them out tonight.
Yeah, sure.
- Sounds good.
- Great.
You took away my in at Happy Village.
I knew it.
You said the crab wasn't about getting an in.
Hey If you do that one more time, I'm gonna murder you.
Bring it.
Cruz, I didn't take it away.
In fact, I might've boosted it.
Jessica and I are going to dinner tomorrow night.
What? Yeah.
She seems like a great girl.
Oh, I don't like the sound of this at all.
Although she did smile at you a lot.
So in a way, I'm your in now.
You buying the next round? You better not blow this, Capp.
So I leave tomorrow, and I have no idea what to get Griffin.
The only shopping I've done for kids is for my half-sister, Amelia, and she's two.
Stuffed animals probably wouldn't work for a 17-year-old boy, right? You never know, um, but I would recommend the tried-and-true gift card.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll get one before my flight.
Have you heard anything about who your temp partner might be? No, but I looked up who's left in the floater pool, and oh, boy, it is not pretty.
I am so sorry.
Well, you'll just be that much happier to see me when I'm back, right? Yeah.
I heard Boden tried to take the hose from you and send you outside, and you were like, "No way!" Who told you that? Tony? What does it matter who told us? - Is that how it happened or not? - What? Am I supposed to leave Boden in there to fend for himself? - Come on.
- Are we still talking about how amazing Herrmann was in that tunnel? 'Cause I didn't need to come out to hear that.
- Mm.
- It's okay 'cause we're done talking about it.
Hey, uh, Whitting dropped this off for you.
Said that it showed up at 51 after shift.
Who's it from? Mouch.
I need you to call Trudy.
See if she can get Tyler Dillon's home address.
The rookie cop? Mm, sure thing.
Okay, ask her to text it to me.
Hey, what's going on? "Thanks for risking your life for me.
Sorry it was all for nothing.
" That doesn't sound good.
Tell her I need it now.
You got it.
Tyler? Fire department, anybody home? Let me in.
Are you all by yourself? Yeah.
Not anymore.
What's going on here? Nothing.
If you're thinking about doing something, I have to intervene.
- No, it's not - I'll have an ambulance bring you in for psychiatric observation if I think it's warranted.
You understand? I appreciate your concern.
I I really do, but it's not necessary.
"Sorry it was all for nothing"? That was a thoughtless way of saying it.
I just meant thank you for being a hero.
Because I'm sure not.
You always wanted to be cop? Since I can remember.
Job isn't exactly what I thought.
It's a lot harder.
And a lot more complicated.
And then yesterday You saw something pretty awful.
And I curled up into a ball.
Had to be dragged out of that tunnel.
Does that sound like a cop to you? It sounds like a human being.
I wanted to help people.
Be a big hero.
Turns out that's just not who I am.
My first big fire I was so scared, I just sat down in a stairwell and wouldn't move.
I froze up right when they needed me most.
It made me decide to quit firefighting because I didn't think I was cut out for the job.
I saw you in action.
You're cut out for it.
But I'd never know that If I hadn't gotten the chance to find my footing.
Wow, did I miss that.
So that's when you say, "Me too.
" Me too.
But now you're just saying that so - Wait, wait, wait.
- What? Where where are you going? Gonna hit the gym before shift.
Gotta get ready.
Hey, Mouch, have you happened to see my floater? Is it Roy? Please, for the love of God, don't let it be Wyatt.
He's over there.
Chief Hawkins? Morning! Mouch said my floater was here.
That's me.
I'm doing ride-alongs with a bunch of the houses over the next few weeks and saw you put in for a floater this shift and thought, "Why not do 61 today?" Oh.
So you're my floater.
I'm your floater.
Um, if you need any help with knowing where things are I can give you the lay of the land.
Why is a paramedic chief doing ride-alongs on an ambulance? It seems pretty whackadoo to me.
That bothers you? No, I mean, not personally.
Just an observation.
Our dinner was very nice, thank you.
In fact, we're planning another one tomorrow.
Yeah? Uh, you didn't happen to mention Otis? Next time.
The closer we get, the more it'll mean when I say something.
Right? That makes sense.
It actually does.
And that is how we avoided a catastrophe on Lower Wacker.
And I thank the brave firefighters of Squad 3, Truck 81, and Engine 51.
Indeed, thanks for the play-by-play, Chief.
Any time.
Thank you.
According to Chief Walker, you yourself were one of the brave firefighters in that tunnel.
Brave or stubborn? It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.
Don Kilbourne.
Nice to finally meet you, Boden.
And a belated congrats to our newest deputy district chief.
- Welcome to the club.
- Thank you.
I understand you found a permanent home for Lieutenant Jason Pelham at one of your firehouses.
That's right.
You should've vetted him.
I did.
Not with me.
All the same, Chief Kilbourne I'm comfortable with my decision.
Don't be.
You'll come to regret it soon enough.
So it sounds like this Dillon kid wasn't quite as lost as his note made it sound.
No, I think he was just down on himself.
Didn't think he was worth helping, you know? Well, it's good you went and talked to him.
Sounds like maybe he's not gonna quit the force after all, huh? Maybe, but something I kind of glossed over when I was telling him my story is, I had people on my side.
I had someone who believed in me.
And someone who was willing to take a chance on me.
Dillon doesn't have anyone like that in his life.
Just a verbally abusive partner who thinks he's soft.
Yeah, that's tough.
So generally there are dry snacks in there and in the storage rack.
Um, but some people like to hide things, so if you're ever interested in Sour Patch Kids, they are tucked behind the Earl Grey tea.
There are supply chain problems with sour candy right now.
For your information.
No worries.
Not a big candy guy.
Ambulance 61, infant in distress.
Let's go.
2823 Westin Street.
This way.
Please hurry.
I've never had a problem with water births before.
We wanted to go natural, but something went wrong.
Please, he's not breathing.
His O2 has been in the 70s for ten minutes straight.
That's why I called.
Oh, he's barely breathing.
Oh, my God.
It was a slow birth.
I had a little trouble bringing him out.
I didn't get a chance to suction until he was in mom's arms.
- How long was he in the water? - Not very long.
Get me a neonatal BVM.
On it.
Did anything come out of his mouth? - Any meconium? - Yes, I think so.
It looked green to me.
Hard to see underwater.
Meconium aspiration? Yeah.
Go ahead and get set to tube him.
Don't you want to? You got this.
Yeah, all right.
I'm in.
Give me the BVM.
You're in.
Oh, I'm getting resistance.
- I'm gonna get the 5 French.
- Okay.
All right, ready.
Yep, meconium.
Oh! Sat level is 99%.
He's breathing well now.
His oxygen's normal.
Thank you.
Thank you so, so much.
We're gonna take him to Med.
Get him all checked out.
But you can have a minute to hold him first.
Ritter, I've been thinking about your young cop friend.
Dillon? Think I might know someone who can help him out.
Someone who taught me a hell of a lot about being a friend and mentor.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I'll be in touch.
You didn't have to help with this part.
Hey, it's the gig.
Well, thank you for being the best floater I've ever worked with by a few light-years.
It was my pleasure, honestly.
You're a really talented medic, Violet.
And a lot of fun to be with.
Hey, Pelham.
What's up, Chief? I made an acquaintance with an old friend of yours.
Chief Kilbourne.
How'd that go? Not good.
He isn't happy I've given you a home.
I didn't think his animosity towards me would carry over to 51, but um, guess I was wrong.
I guess so.
Hope it won't become a problem for us, Chief.
Me too.
See you next shift.
Hey, there he is! Here I am.
That is Jessica's number.
Call her up and tell her you want an interview for Otis at Happy Village.
Oh, this is incredible, Capp! Thank you! Hey, so what, things are going good between you two, huh? They are not.
I wouldn't mention my name.
Why did I ever think he'd pull that off? Yeah, you know what? I don't even blame him.
I blame myself.
Go ahead, hit me.
I deserve it.
Do you really wanna take another stab at this? Ritter thinks it's worthwhile.
I'm not asking Ritter.
I'm asking you.
What do you want? I wanna be a cop.
Okay, then this is how it's gonna work.
We need to get you transferred to the 21st District, where I'll be your desk sergeant and your damn fairy godmother.
I won't pair you up with another toxic old jackass like Shanks.
I'll find you a good partner.
And I'll keep my eye on ya.
Does that sound good? Sounds great.
Okay then.
- Hey! - Hey.
How was the academy? It's good.
Do we get to stay home tonight? Yeah, I'm too wiped out for anything else.
Okay, great.
I'll take that.
Hey, um, I have a question for you.
- Yeah.
- Um Lieutenant Pelham.
You like him, right? I do, yeah.
Have you heard anything about problems between him and some CFD bigwig? No.
But he's a good firefighter.
And if Boden thinks he's the right fit, then it's good enough for me.
Are we okay? You're asking me? Yeah.
Because I mean, I I can feel you being distant.
And I get it.
We're not gonna zoom right back to where we were, but there's something else going on.
Are you disappointed in me that I didn't go after the lieutenant slot? Of course not.
Of course I'm not disappointed.
But I don't feel right about the way you went MIA on me.
And I can't help but wonder if one of the reasons you're so scared about locking down your future has to do with us getting married.
Whoa, Kelly.
Aw, babe.
Baby, I You are the one thing that I am sure about always.
You didn't answer the question.
Do you still wanna marry me?
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