Chicago Fire s10e11 Episode Script

Fog of War

1 Don Kilbourne.
You found a permanent home for Lieutenant Jason Pelham.
I'm comfortable with my decision.
Don't be.
You'll come to regret it.
Go ahead and get set to tube him.
- Don't you want to? - You got this.
You're a really talented medic, Violet.
And a lot of fun to be with.
Are we okay? Do you still want to marry me? You are the one thing that I am sure about, always.
You didn't answer the question.
You're up early.
- Just getting coffee going.
- Mm.
I meant what I said last night.
I want to marry you.
- Yes, yes, a million times - I heard you.
Okay, good.
And I'm not expecting that to make everything perfect between us overnight.
You know, I get that I screwed up.
And that I have to earn your trust Stella.
- Yeah? - We're good.
Yeah, okay.
I love you.
- Welcome back, partner.
- How was the trip to Portland? Never long enough but so much fun.
Casey's doing well? He is and the boys are doing great.
- How's he like his new post? - So far so good.
His firehouse responded to a wild fire a few weeks back, which he said is like playing a whole new sport.
Oh, hey, who'd you end up getting as a floater? Actually, Hawkins filled in.
- What? - Yeah.
Guess he was doing ride-alongs and the schedules lined up.
I can see why he rose up the ranks so fast.
- He's impressive.
- Yeah, how so? We had this really intense call.
We had to intubate a newborn and he was so calm under pressure.
Don't want to be late for the morning briefing.
Oh, sorry.
We're really lucky to have a chief like that.
- What's this? - [SHUSHES.]
Hey, hey, hey, wake up, Chicago.
The Buzz Mann is here spinning hits from morning rush till lunch on Rush and [WHISTLE AND CRASH.]
You know what that sound means, it's time for Hunt the Fugitive.
Yahoo! 10,000 cool, crisp American dollars to the first listener who catches our fugitive on the streets of Chicago.
- Uh, okay.
For a list of the rules visit Rock92ThePanther website.
And here we go with our first clue.
The fugitive is gonna be barely dressed.
And I mean B-E-A-R, bear-ly dressed.
Oh, that's a touchdown clue if I ever heard one.
Okay, super-sleuths, you heard it.
Keep it right here on Rock92 for more clues.
And now So, let me see if I follow.
92ThePanther is having a contest where you have to "find the fugitive" and if you do, you get $10,000.
Not you, us, together.
That's how you win this thing.
All right, team up.
Spread the wealth.
- In.
- Why not? Yeah, sure.
Hey, how often do they give out clues? Every day, 10:00, 2:00, and 4:00.
And in the meantime, the fugitive roams the streets of Chicago just waiting for someone to catch them? Yeah, you walk up to them and you say, "You're the Rock92 fugitive.
" And wham-o! - 10,000 smackers just like that.
Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.
Okay, be back by 2:00 for the next clue.
Watch out, live wires.
81 to Main, we have a pin-in accident and downed power lines.
We need the power company to respond to this location.
Truck 81, power company en route.
- ETA 15 minutes.
- Copy that.
We're not waiting.
Grab your rope bags, let's corral these lines.
We're on it.
Squad extricates when I give the all clear.
All right, copy that.
Squad standby, jaws and cutters.
Copy that.
- You guys need a hand? - It's Pelham's scene.
Pelham, 37's here.
All right, great.
Charge a line to cover the driver.
Let's standby with a couple of extinguishers in case that truck's leaking fuel.
- McBride, charge a crosslay.
- Right away, Lieutenant.
Burton, Ortega, stand by with extinguishers.
Copy that.
- Gallo.
- Secure.
- Good.
- Squad 3, move in.
- Copy that.
All yours, Lieutenant.
Severide, take cover! Hey! Look out! 37, get extinguishers on those flames.
Burton, Ortega, you heard the man.
Yes, sir! 81, secure those lines.
Copy! Hey, got another downed line! Guys, come on.
Careful, that transformer could explode again.
Hey, wait! No, no, no, no! Man down, man down! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Watch the line, watch the line.
Hey, McBride.
- McBride, can you hear me? - What happened? She took a direct hit from that line.
- Brett, over here! - Go, I've got him.
What happened to her? She got zapped by a downed line.
Where? Hit her in the chest, I think.
All right, I need the heart monitor.
- McBride, can you hear me? - Yeah.
Yeah? Okay, good.
Can you follow my finger? Pupils are equal but she's concussed.
All right, she's gonna be okay.
Let's give Brett some room to work.
61 to Main, we need a second ambulance at this location.
Copy that.
Let's put her on the stretcher and get her to Med.
Hey, squad, let's pack up our gear.
Copy that.
Well, that was total mayhem.
That could've been a lot worse.
I hope she bounces back quick.
She wouldn't have been in trouble if that transformer hadn't blown out of nowhere.
I just figured the accident caused it.
What'd you see before it exploded? It was smoking, spitting fire.
I-I've seen that with lightning strikes and flame contact, but none of that was in play here.
- Huh.
- Think it's a defective unit.
- How's McBride doing? - She was stable.
A little banged up from her fall.
They have her under observation.
I got shocked by a bad outlet once, my arm was buzzing for days.
Can't imagine what a high-voltage line feels like.
She's pretty lucky.
- We too late? Right on time.
Enjoying the hair metal? - It's growing on me.
Rock rules.
I was at Night Ranger in 1984 with my friend, Poppers Calhoun - Oh, Poppers? - He had bad knees.
- Anyway - [SHUSHES.]
All right, it's 2:00 p.
and you know what that means.
- Time for the next clue.
Well, she's an improvement from the morning guy.
- Here we go.
The fugitive will be working for Mr.
Mcgee at the five and dime, but only part time.
Got it? That's the clue.
Working with Mr.
Mcgee? What the hell does that mean? I don't know even know what a five and dime is.
"Raspberry Beret.
" Five and dime, Mr.
Mcgee It's all in the lyrics to "Raspberry Beret.
" Even I know Prince.
All right, we got bear-ly dressed and "Raspberry Beret," so they're gonna have on a Bears jersey and purple hat on their head.
Okay, so if you guys go out on a call, keep your eyes peeled.
- Where are you going? - I'm sitting on the apron with a pair of binoculars just in case.
Oh, hey, Kylie, we used to have a drawer full of stuff to give away to little visitors.
Oh, over here.
- I did some reorganizing.
- Ah.
My two-year-old sister is coming for a visit along with my stepdad.
Sort of, long story.
Oh, wow.
I don't know you had a sister.
Uh, yeah.
I guess Amelia was born just a little before you got here.
I, um, I usually go to their place in Rockford to visit, but with all of my trips to see Matt, I just haven't made it up there recently.
Oh, how about oh.
- This.
- Oh, look at him.
With his cute, little jump bag and badge.
That's a choking hazard, but I'm just gonna Oh, this is perfect.
Thank you.
Yeah, you bet.
I just got a call from CFD headquarters.
I'm receiving a Clinical Resuscitation Award - for saving that newborn.
- Violet, that's fantastic.
Oh, wow, Hawkins must've been seriously impressed.
- That award is a huge deal.
- I guess so.
I know so.
- Why don't you look happy? - [GROANS.]
I'm I'm just surprised.
That's all.
Well, I'm really proud of you.
We have some celebrating to do.
- Hey, Chief.
- Pelham.
That firefighter from 37 who got hurt on your call.
McBride, yeah.
Is there an update on her? Separated shoulder, mild concussion, she'll be out for a few weeks.
That's a tough break.
She says it's your fault.
- What? - Apparently, you ordered her to secure a live wire on her own - without the proper equipment.
- No.
No way.
I never gave her that order.
That's what she says, and that's what's going in their report.
She said what? That Lieutenant Pelham ordered her to move that wire with a pike pole.
She's blaming him for her injury.
- That's crazy.
- Did anyone see what happened? - Yeah.
- I saw her go down.
- Was she acting on orders? Oh, well, I don't know that.
Did anyone see her acting on orders from Pelham or otherwise? I heard her lieutenant put her on hose duty, - but other than that - Medics.
- We were prepping for victims.
- Behind the ambo.
It was fog of war, Chief.
Power lines were bouncing around everywhere, victims to save [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
I maybe I said something that she misunderstood? You know, I don't think so, but - who knows? - Don't worry, Lieutenant.
- We got your back.
- Absolutely.
- 100 percent.
- Don't worry about it.
He's gonna need more than your support.
He's gonna need testimonies to contradict McBride.
There's gonna be an inquiry.
So I want statements from each one of you describing exactly what you witnessed.
Engine 37 will do the same.
Once we get a fuller picture on this thing then Maybe it'll all shake out.
I want those statements by the end of shift.
ALL: Copy that, Chief.
Hey, this is nothing, man.
It's bureaucracy.
You got this.
So I actually know Sarah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
She volunteered for Girls on Fire a couple times.
Look, are we sure that Pelham's in the clear on this? Why? Did you see something on the call? No, but Sarah does not seem like the type of person that would lie.
I don't know her.
I know him.
And he's solid.
You know, I've had my differences with Pelham in the past, but I don't question his word.
Yeah, I mean, I know there are two sides to every story, but I'm leaning towards the one that isn't concussed.
You better believe that's what's going in my statement.
In brighter news, did you hear about Violet's award? - Oh, you don't have - That's fantastic.
- What award? - For clinical resuscitation.
Hawkins gave it to her for the baby rescue.
It's really not that big of deal.
Yes it is.
Stop being so humble.
That really is awesome.
- Scott.
- [GASPS.]
Amelia! Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
Sorry we're late.
I tried to beat rush hour on the Kennedy, but I guess it's always rush hour.
Oh, my gosh, you're getting so big.
Hi, Amelia, welcome to Firehouse 51.
You staying for long? [STUMBLES.]
A few days.
- I don't want to impose.
- Oh, are you kidding? You're gonna have to stay longer with all the activities I have planned for us.
I'm taking them to the Shedd Aquarium and then the nature museum and the Adler Planetarium.
Violet, you should come with us.
Oh, count me in for the Adler for sure.
Great! Come on, let's go inside and check out the snacks.
And I have a little something for you.
Oh, yeah.
Wait till you see that.
Had my eyes open all the way over here and did not see the jersey-beret combination.
- There was another clue.
- What was it? - Uh, "Rapture," Debbie Harry.
- Blondie.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
And the fly gets closer to the spider.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Been talking to my guys, and we're pretty sure that the wire came down when the transformer blew.
And you were dealing with the fire at that point, so how could you have given her that order? - Makes sense to me.
- Right.
This Sarah McBride, you guys don't have any history that should be disclosed, do you? I've never met her before.
I have no idea why she's gunning for me.
Any further thoughts on that transformer? I thought I'd swing by the scene in the morning, have another look.
If there are bad transformers out there then we need to investigate.
What's the deal with you and OFI? You got a side gig there or something? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, kind of.
It's more like a hobby.
My old man used to work arson back in the day so I guess it's in the blood.
It's cool.
Mind if I tag along? Sounds like a welcome distraction.
You're on.
Stella, you in physical therapy too? No, just came by to see how you're doing.
- Really? - Yeah.
It was a pretty scary hit you took.
- Two to four weeks.
- Damn.
But, hey, a few thousand volts and you're still walking? Sarah, you're a certified badass.
Yeah, I heard you're saying our new lieutenant's at fault.
Well, gotta do what I gotta do, you know? Oh, yeah, no.
I get it.
Hey, I'm not here to give you a hard time.
You know, I mean, Pelham seems like a good guy, but like I said, he's new.
So Yeah, what happened? It's all in the incident report.
Oh, I know.
It's just those things are so dry and procedural.
I was hoping to get the full story from you.
Well, that's what's in the report, the full story.
I I'm just trying to figure out what he could've seen from his position.
You know, did he see the line go down? I guess so because he just pointed at me and gave the order.
Whoa, hey, Sarah, I am just trying to get clarification.
I've said all I have to say on that.
How's it going? Firefighters of the CFD, we were here on the scene.
You have any idea why this thing blew? Well, if you were on the scene, you knew that a moving van slammed into it, right? Yeah, but the pole survived.
Shouldn't the transformer have held steady? Look, I'm just here to replace the thing.
How much oil goes into one of these things? Unit this size? 50 gallons.
Well, since you already pulled it down, do you mind if we take it? I'd like to show it to the Office of Fire Investigation.
Save me a trip to the scrap yard.
Have at it.
Want to give me a hand? [PENSIVE MUSIC.]
What is it? This is where I was standing when that thing exploded.
Truck 81 was parked right about there.
And she was on the other side, near 37, which means there was no sightline.
So how could I have given her a verbal command? I believe you, 100%.
But you can't confirm it.
Hey, in my experience with the pencil pushers at the board of the review, they'll never know what it's like to be on the ground.
So your best bet is to keep your head down, do your job, and let the chips fall.
I get that, but given my disciplinary record, it's not chips that are gonna fall.
It's an axe.
Come on, let's load this thing up.
I cannot believe how fast she's growing.
This is a really fun age.
So curious about everything and fast.
Don't blink or she'll be in the shark section.
I have to take a video for Matt so he can see how much she's changed.
How are things going with all that? - Portland and the long distance.
- Um, it's fine.
I mean, it's amazing when we're together, but it's never long enough.
I'm taking another furlough soon and so is Matt.
- Did she just - Oh, yeah.
She's been saying his name ever since your last visit together.
- You remember this guy? - Matt.
All eyewitness statements are in from all four companies that were present at the scene.
And? None of them can back up Sarah McBride's account, but they don't contradict her either.
Chief, Severide and I were back on the scene yesterday.
And just looking at how it all laid out [SCOFFS.]
I've never been more sure.
I couldn't have even seen her when that wire came down.
I don't doubt you, Pelham.
There's a review board that weighs up all the evidence.
It'll turn into a "he said, she said.
" I went to talk to McBride.
What? When? Off shift.
I know her some.
Girls on Fire stuff.
- You talk about the accident? - Mm-hmm.
I can't explain it, but, um, yeah, I got a weird hit off her.
- What kind of hit? - Defensive.
I don't want to accuse her of anything, but something's not right.
- Lieutenant Severide? - Yep.
Captain Van Meter is on the apparatus floor.
Supposedly this thing had 50 gallons of oil in it when it blew, but if that was true, I wouldn't be here.
I'd be in the burn ward.
It was half-full at most.
So you're saying the accident wouldn't have caused it to blow except that most of the coolant had evaporated? - Makes sense, right? - Judging by the serial number, this thing is 10 years past its due date.
Probably cutting costs by letting them run longer than they should.
Well, maybe I can subpoena the power company for their records? Pressure them into replacing them all or face criminal charges.
It's nice work, Severide.
Seager's gonna be upset you solved one without her.
You two did great work in those church fires, but now she keeps bugging me about bringing you back on other cases.
You did remind her I don't work for OFI, right? - Yeah, she didn't care.
She says it's no fun burning the midnight oil without you.
- Hey, Violet.
- Hmm? This just came for you from headquarters.
Thanks, Kylie.
You're not gonna open that? Uh, yeah.
Yes, I guess I should.
Violet, you won an award? - For clinical resuscitation.
- You knew? I figured she told you.
And there's a little note from Chief Hawkins.
- What's it say? - Um.
"Keep up the great work.
"This is one of many more to come, I'm sure of it.
" That's what I'm talking about, V.
- Thanks, Ritter.
- Yeah.
Better put this in my locker.
Way to go, Violet.
What do we know about this guy, Hawkins? What do you mean? Well, I mean, we all know Violet's a great medic.
And I'm not saying she doesn't deserve an award.
Okay, good.
But the last paramedic field chief, he came by 51, what? Every six months? And this guy here is working shifts with Violet and giving her awards, writing cute, little notes.
I mean, isn't it obvious? He has ulterior motives.
Or maybe you're reacting this way because you have feelings for her and you blew it? No, no, it's just wrong.
I mean, he's her boss.
Ambulance 61, person in distress.
3613 East State.
Get it off me.
Hey, I'm the one that called you.
It's my neighbor.
Get it off! Get it off me.
Get it off me.
Get it off.
- Get it off me.
- Sir, we're paramedics.
Can you tell us what's wrong? He's been like this for 20 minutes.
What's on you, Travis? We can't see.
It's in here.
Any history of drug abuse or psychiatric issues? Not that I know of.
I mean, he's a pretty chill guy.
Travis, we need you to stop moving so we can take a look.
I can't stop or it gets worse.
- Hey - Come on, buddy.
- Easy.
No, don't! She can't help you if you don't stay still.
It's moving everywhere.
Okay, grab me the amio.
You think he's going into cardiac arrest? It's not for him.
Thank you.
- No, no - Here you go.
What the hell? It's slowing down.
It stopped.
It stopped.
Okay, Travis, can you lay on your left side for me? What happened? I paralyzed whatever's in there with a shot of amiodarone.
You want to do this part? Not a chance.
Oh! [YELPS.]
That was revolting, and you were incredible.
I think maybe I got that award because some feelings have developed between me and Hawkins.
Did something happen? Oh, my God, no.
I just There was a vibe.
Violet, you're a great medic.
I mean, you just proved it in there for the umpteenth time.
You should feel really proud of yourself for saving that baby.
And you deserve that award.
- Okay.
- Stewart.
- Now a good time? - Hey, Chief Boden.
What brings you to the West Side? - Pelham inquiry.
- Oh, okay.
Make a decision about that yet? No, not yet, but before they do, I wanted to get your take on something.
Sarah McBride, tell me all about her.
Good kid.
Hate to have her on the bench.
- So you're a fan.
- Oh, yeah.
She's a little green maybe.
A little on the quiet side, but hard worker.
Is she honest? In my experience, yes, very.
You know, it's funny, for a nobody, she is sure getting a lot of attention this week.
You're the second DDC to ask about her.
- Who was the first? - Chief Kilbourne.
Did Kilbourne call you? Yeah, right after the accident.
Wanted to know all about her.
Before she filed her accusation? I think so.
You think so or yeah? [TENSE MUSIC.]
You know, honestly, I can't say for sure.
It sounds like something you ought to be taking up directly with Chief Kilbourne.
Of course it's okay.
It's part of our training.
It'll be okay.
- We're not gonna do that.
- He'll understand.
- What's going on? - Do you think Boden would let us all take the rigs out for driver's training around downtown until we find the fugitive? Boden's got a lieutenant on the ropes.
We need to be showing our support, not asking for dumb favors.
God himself could not persuade Boden to take our rigs out of our districts for a radio contest.
Engine 51, vehicle fire.
500 West Clark Street.
- Downtown.
- God himself.
- Hermann.
- Hey, Dorcester.
We got called for a vehicle fire.
No fire but a hell of a lot of glass.
I could use some help with the cleanup, - if you don't mind? - Yeah.
All right, grab the brooms, boys.
We're gonna help sweep up the street.
Back up, people, back up.
All right, let us do our work.
Back up, people, back up, please.
Can I just cross the street? No, ma'am, let us do our job.
Just stay on the sidewalk.
Okay, I'll just stand right here then.
Uh, are you the Rock92ThePanther fugitive? Yes, I am.
- You won $10,000.
- What? Oh, my God, I can't believe it.
I actually only heard one clue, Bears jersey.
And here you were, right in front of me.
What's your name? Roger, Roger Fischer.
Chief Kilbourne.
- How are you? - On the war path.
Wow, okay.
I already know you're not happy I hired Jason Pelham.
And now a firefighter in your district levelled serious allegations against him.
You think I had something to do with that? I think you saw an opportunity and you jumped.
I think you found that young woman in a vulnerable state, and you pressured her into fabricating a story.
What firefighter is gonna say "no" to a deputy district chief? That is one hell of an accusation, Boden.
- Can you deny it? - Can you prove it? Let me float an alternate theory.
Pelham screwed the pooch, and now you're desperate to find someone else to blame for your lousy hiring decision.
I told you Pelham was bad news.
This is on you.
How do we prove it? How can we? Unless she fesses up.
Look, Pelham, I understand why you took the hit to protect Captain Stafford, but Kilbourne clearly has it in for you.
Don't it seem like it's time [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
To tell me the full story of why you slugged his friend? Kilbourne knew as well as anyone that Stafford was in a tailspin, he just figured he'd pull out of it.
I was less optimistic.
I could tell Stafford was gonna end up getting someone killed.
My only crime was not following the old school code of turning a blind eye.
I am the pissant lieutenant who forced his buddy to retire.
That is why Kilbourne will never forgive me.
Well, that was a big waste of time.
Nah, it built camaraderie.
You know, which is something you have to do as a leader.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
And we're gonna need that camaraderie as we get ready for the Kiss104 Hands on a Hummer challenge.
Don't want to know what that is.
Yeah, you see, they have a Hummer that's driving down the street at two miles an hour, and if you can keep pace with the thing and hold on as long as you can Hey, you.
I figured you'd be halfway to Rockford by now.
Well, Amelia wanted one last goodbye.
- Sylbie.
- Oh.
I miss you already, little lady bug.
I'm gonna come and see you real soon, okay? Actually, I was thinking we'd come down to the city a little more often.
I know how busy you are, and I think it's good for you to go see Matt as much as possible.
Oh, well, I can do both.
I promise it won't be so long next time.
When Julie and I first started dating, I had a lot of business travel.
Carving our time together was hard, but we made it work.
I look back now And I wish Just one more movie night on the couch or that ski trip to Boyne we kept meaning to take.
My hope for you? That you get as much time as possible with Matt.
So we'll come to you for a little while.
Deal? Deal.
Sorry to just walk in.
Your assistant isn't out there.
No worries.
Come on in.
- The award, it's a real honor.
- Well, that baby wouldn't be with his parents right now if it wasn't for you.
And you.
We did it together.
You don't think you deserve it? I I don't know.
I mean, maybe? Violet, there's no maybe.
You do.
Okay, so it's not like you have Feelings for me or anything like that? Right? Well, I Um I don't let personal issues affect my decision making at work.
Okay, okay.
Well, then, thank you.
But I I think we should make an effort to stay away from each other.
At least for a while.
That's a really, really good idea.
- We gonna order in? - Sure.
Hey, what's going on? You were quiet the whole ride home.
How come you never mentioned anything about working that big case with Seager? You serious? I just think it's odd that you never You never brought it up once.
I'm sure I would've if you picked up my calls.
- I'm sorry.
- I know.
I can't help but feel like maybe you can't totally forgive me.
You apologized.
I accepted it.
You're the one who won't let it go.
I let you I let you down and I let Boden down.
You explained it to us.
You explained it.
You need time to figure things out.
No one is perfect.
Not even Stella Kidd.
Maybe I just I really want to be the perfect one for you.
You Are the perfect one for me.
They finished reviewing your case.
Want a beer? Yup.
All right.
How bad is it? They recommending termination.

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