Chicago Fire s10e16 Episode Script

Hot and Fast

1 Ambulance 61 cuts to the front of the line.
Who do you guys know? When people find out about Chief Hawkins, they're not gonna think he's doing it for all of his paramedics, they're gonna think he does it for you.
I got the perfect firefighter for you.
You remember the young guy we helped out? - Yes, Mason.
- Yeah.
He's great.
You are the missing piece.
I know you're happy in St.
Paul but - This is where I should be? - Yeah.
She just got off a call with Casey.
I just hit with this wave of all the things that I miss about him.
I have to go to Portland and be with Casey.
This baby Baby, let me take care of him.
Have to get up for shift soon anyway.
Are you sure? Mm-hmm, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
You're the best.
- It's only one shift.
- But this is the second time, and we said no special treatment.
You needed a partner ASAP.
It's a crisis situation, and that's what I manage.
A crisis? You are saying that there were no floaters available? Just the usual suspects: Roy, Miles, Wyatt.
I could still call one of them in, switch places.
No, no, no, you are right.
That is a crisis.
But you are gonna have to ease up on this.
What would you like me to do? Just stop with all the hotness.
We have to keep it professional.
Mm, of course.
Oh, you're crazy beautiful.
And that's the last I'll say about that today.
There he is.
How you feeling? Locked and loaded.
Ready to go.
That's what I want to hear.
Hey, Gallo, will you be a champ - and get me some more bacon? - Sure thing.
Make sure it's Extra, extra crispy.
I got you.
Thanks for giving me this shot, Lieutenant.
I know how tight everyone is at 51.
Listen, pretty soon you will also know our bacon preferences by heart, our tastes in TV, even our nap schedules.
Well, I'm used to being the new guy.
- I know I gotta earn my way in.
- Hmm.
All right, so what's the plan for pranking Mason? It's been a while since 51 got to haze a rookie.
Two words: hose rodeo.
That's not really a prank.
- It's an initiation.
- It doesn't matter, the white shirts banned hose rodeos after Pete Irving broke his arm.
I bet we can come up with something really good if we put our heads together.
Well, no offense, but I think we all know there's only one prank aficionado here.
I'll work up a plan.
All units, structure fire.
824 West 88th.
Fire's on three.
Squad, run a primary search.
- Copy that.
- Oh, my God, no! Somebody help him! Oh, my God! Oh, God, hold on! Help him! Oh, God! Truck, I need a 35-foot ladder on the B side right now.
Everybody, out of the way.
Let's go, move.
All right, you heard the man.
Let's move, move, move.
Hey, we're gonna get you down, okay? You just stay calm.
We're gonna get you down.
Let's hurry up with that ladder.
- Watch out.
- Ladder's here.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Here we go.
- Put it there.
- Come on, come on.
Whoa, whoa.
Clear the ladder! Clear the ladder! Hey, buddy, you okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Is someone else up there? Wait Sí.
It's two young boys.
All right, Truck, give me a primary search on three.
Cruz, get him checked out.
Hey, nice catch.
Let's get that ladder raised.
Gallo, go grab Mouch, you're going in through the front door.
Mason, you and me are going in through a window.
We got two kids in that fire.
Oh, man.
Javi, soy Joe.
- Take a deep breath for me.
- Respira.
Muy bien.
Light smoke inhalation.
We need to take him to Med for observation.
Easy, Gallo.
Let Engine hit it.
All right, feed us some line.
Fire's in the front room.
We can't get inside yet.
Fire department, call out.
We're in through the Bravo side.
- Searching now.
- Fire department, call out.
All right, sweep back to front.
Search every corner.
We know that they're in here.
All right, let's go.
Let's go.
- Anything? - No, you? Fire department, call out.
Hey, Lieutenant! We found them.
Bringing them out now.
I got you.
Hey, you can take this one in light smoke inhalation.
Come on, little guy.
Javi He just wants to make sure that his friends are all right.
It's okay.
Alberto! Dominic! This one's got the worst of it.
There you go.
His left arm.
Let me see, buddy.
Okay, I'm gonna IV him.
Hey, slow, deep breaths.
No, no, no! Javi, Javi, Javi.
Javi, Javi.
Well, it looks like this one burned hot and fast.
Hey, Seager.
Do we know how it happened? Maybe.
Fire started over here.
See the V-pattern? I'm thinking the power strip caught the curtain on fire.
That's funny.
I thought it started over here? I don't know what I'm talking about, but it's a pretty good depth of char, right? Sure is.
Looks like we got two points of origin.
No wait, there's another one.
Um, is this another V-pattern? Multiple points of origin? Hey, we got a highly suspicious fire here.
Please let me see for myself.
Oh, my God.
- Ma'am, you can't be in here.
- I tried to tell her.
- But this is my apartment.
- It's not safe right now.
Ma'am, why don't you wait downstairs for a minute? I'll be right down to get some information from you.
Come on.
Was this swing arm engaged when you guys forced entry? Huh, I guess so.
I didn't even notice.
No surprise.
You were hell bent on getting in here.
So whoever started this fire was inside when you arrived.
But there were only three young boys in here all by themselves.
Well, it looks like one of them tried to burn this place down.
- Let's load them up, 81.
- It was a quick appointment.
I just needed to get a new prescription.
- How long were you gone? - An hour at the most.
God, these poor boys have been through so much already, and I was supposed to be looking after them.
What's your relation to them? None.
They're unaccompanied immigrant children from Honduras.
My church helps place them until any relatives in the States can be located.
They needed more sponsors, and I thought God was calling to me to volunteer, but three boys is just more than I can handle.
- Did they give you trouble? - No, no.
They can be rowdy like most boys, but I'm on my own, and I don't speak their language.
But you won't find sweeter, more grateful boys.
Please, I need to go check on them.
Of course.
Thank you for your time.
Hey, Seager, you know, Cruz connected with one of the boys, and we can stop by Med if you want to meet us there, - talk to the kid.
- Yeah? Yeah, happy to help.
See you there.
Hey, this needs an explanation.
Uh, a pipe burst at OFI.
We got a mitigation team drying the place out.
So for the next few days, my dashboard is my desk.
Is Van Meter working out of his car too? What do you think? He pulled rank and requisitioned himself a temporary office on the sixth floor.
Caught a fire on his first call.
I knew this kid was good luck.
He did a hell of a job too.
- Hey, keep it up.
- That's the plan.
Hey, um, you doing all right? I know that Kids and fires, they can be a tough combo.
I mean, I might've gone a little big trying to bust down a door But as soon as I saw those boys were gonna be okay, so was I.
I hear that.
Well then, um, good.
Thanks for checking on me.
Any time.
Hell of a way to start a shift.
No doubt.
It's always busy around here.
But you would know that.
You're becoming a regular at 51.
I like to help out when I can.
That's great.
Not sure I've ever seen a chief so generous with his time.
Riding shifts, getting to know how my medic work, means I'm constantly learning.
Makes me a better chief.
Well, I'm sure you're learning a lot from Violet.
She's a great paramedic.
So that's Mason? I just said it was.
Why's he got one hair coming up out of his head like a baby? That's how you show it's a male person in stick figure language.
So what's that stuff, rain? That's the flour sprinkling down from the ceiling.
- What does the letter H mean? - That's the ladder.
You can just show us when we get in there, okay? Fine.
Mason still has his nose in the truck manual, - so we should do it soon.
- All right.
Okay, Ritter, you get the flour and the fishing line.
Herrmann, get the ladder and the printer paper.
- I'll go get my tool bag.
- Got it.
Hey, guys, we cannot screw this up.
I have a reputati Psst, Javi.
Hola, Javi.
We just want to find out what you know about how the fire started.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
They had a pack of ping pong balls, and they wanted to find out if they were flammable or not.
Those are made of nitrocellulose.
They're basically a low-grade explosive.
Dominic put them all in a bowl and threw in a match.
He tried to smother them with a pillow.
The bowl flipped over.
The balls got scattered.
It's okay, it's okay.
This explains the multiple points of origin.
Assuming we find cellulose residue at the scene, I'm good ruling this one accidental.
For sure.
Gracias, Javi.
Hey, I called Boden on the way over, and we have a spare office over at 51.
You're welcome to use it as long as you need.
That is wow.
I will take you up on that.
Here you go, Chief, signed and dated.
Thank you, Mason.
Does that make it official? Sounds to me like you made it official at that fire this morning.
Kidd says that your sharp eyes saved those two boys.
That was no big thing.
They stuffed a towel under the closet door to block out the smoke.
Kidd would've seen it a second later if I hadn't.
Well, you keep bringing that kind of teamwork, you'll fit into 51 just fine.
Thank you, Chief.
Don't mind them, they're idiots.
Oh, hey.
Do you work out of 51? I do today.
I'm Mason, by the way.
Hi, Mason.
Lieutenant Wendy Seager, OFI.
Oh, sorry.
I have to take this.
This is Seager.
Hey, Cruz, that little boy, Javi, he snuck out of his hospital room and took off.
Nobody knows where he is.
We've got the boy's description, we've issued an APB, units are combing the neighborhood around Chicago Med.
No, no, he's gotta be far away from Med by now.
My guess is he's going back to his apartment.
It's the only place he knows.
Yeah, well like I said, we're keeping an eye out.
He'll turn up.
No, you can't just wait for him to fall into your lap.
You gotta get proactive, target your search.
Hey, Sergeant Platt sent me down here to give you an update not to get a lecture on how to do my job.
I am just asking you to drive the route from Med to his apartment building a few times, please.
You really think a 10-year-old could find his way back there by himself? He can't even speak English.
Well, he managed to make it all the way from Honduras without any parents.
I think he can manage a mile of city sidewalks.
Parker, come on, man.
This kid's been through a lot.
- 824 West 88th Street.
- Yeah, I know.
Thank you.
I thought you were in the common room.
I was and then I took a shower.
Is there a problem? Yes, you can't walk around looking like that.
I'm not going to.
- I'll be dressed in a minute.
- That doesn't help me now.
Just gonna gather my things for my own shower and get out of here stat.
Can I ask you a question first? Okay.
What's the deal with you and Gallo? What do you mean? I mean, I get the feeling he's got a thing for you.
Oh, no.
Well, he used to.
We went out a while back.
- I didn't know.
- Yeah.
No reason you would, it's totally over.
For you, maybe.
For him, I'm not so sure.
No, that's definitely a misunderstanding.
Trust me.
So how long is Seager sticking around? A day or two.
Why? Just curious.
She's got you working on old cases? I offered.
I swear someday I am gonna come into your office and see it cleaned out 'cause you transferred to OFI.
How did this happen? You were only holding the line for two minutes.
Ow, stop pulling at it.
There's a hole in it somewhere but I can't find it.
Is this in the right place? Is that where it was in the drawing? What is all this? A well-choreographed and carefully detailed prank on the new guy as per CFD tradition.
No, shut this down right now.
What? Why? Because it is not easy to join a house as close as 51.
We don't need to give him any more reasons - to feel like an outsider.
- It's a tradit Hey, he is on 81.
It's my rig.
I say no prank.
You got it, Lieutenant.
You're not upset? You kidding me? I've just kept you guys from ruining my reputation as the prankster king of the CFD.
Really no debate about it.
The fourth Earl of Sandwich defined his invention as any kind filling wedged between two pieces of bread.
Ergo, a hot dog is a sandwich.
But a hot dog bun is only one piece of bread.
If you could just stop chewing for two seconds.
He think 'cause he's the oldest it was his job to look out for the other two.
Now he's worried that the cops are gonna arrest him and send him back to Honduras.
All right, that's not going to happen.
- Mm.
- Fire's not on him.
There's no stopping a kid with a bad idea.
What's up, Javi? You know, when I was your age I broke open a bunch of M80s and I took a match to the whole pile of black powder and pfft.
My best friend told me it was a bad idea but I didn't listen.
Ended up singeing my eyebrows.
Luckily, I didn't blind myself.
- You tell him the whole story? - Yup.
Ambo 61, person in distress.
He looks pretty good.
Just make sure he gets hydrated.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
They grew back? Oh, you know a little English, huh? Oh, you been holding out on us.
I was at my desk, and I heard this gagging from Amanda's treatment room.
And I went to go check, and I saw her client run out to the restroom and start throwing up.
- Where are they? - They went back in the room so her client could lie down, but then they both started to get dizzy and act weird, and that's when I called.
One of the cryo-masseuses said maybe it's the cucumber water.
They both had some.
I can't breathe.
I'll stay with her.
You go.
Are you having chest pain? I saw skateboard wheels.
See? She's not making any sense.
Let's get on the table.
They're everywhere, all around.
All right.
Okay, try and relax.
What's wrong with her? Amanda's oxygen is 78, that is dangerously low.
- What treatment is she giving? - Oh, cryotherapy facial.
It's good for anti-aging, improves skin texture What is the treatment? A blast of cold air onto the face.
Cold air, so so that's nitrogen.
Get out, now.
Let's get out of here, Amanda.
Come on.
It's a nitrogen leak.
She's hypoxic.
We have to get them out of here.
All right, everybody out.
Evacuate the spa.
Ambo 61 to Main.
Level 1 hazmat, nitrogen leak at 1030 West Washington Boulevard.
Copy, dispatching Hazmat response.
Let's go.
How do you end up in the States with no family? Honduras is a dangerous place.
Food insecurity, gang violence.
Javi's got no father.
Lost his mother a year and a half ago.
Finally, his uncle put together enough money to send him to the States.
Is Melissa on her way, too, or? Oh, no.
It's just me.
Melissa's decided three children's too much for her to handle.
She's just gonna keep the youngest boy, Dominic.
And Albert has an older cousin in New York who's coming to get him soon.
As the liaison for our congregation, it's my job to find a new place for Javi to stay until the Immigration and Refugee Service can find him a new sponsor.
So he's just gonna keep bouncing around? Ultimately, the hope is that they'll be able to track down any relatives that he might have in the U.
, but, um, it doesn't always work out.
How did he find his way to the firehouse anyway? He got the house number off the sweatshirt I gave him.
But I still don't know why he came here.
You saved his life.
Obviously, he feels safe with you.
I know there are a lot of scams out there, but that one has gotta be high on the list.
- Scam? - They charge money to blast cold air on people's faces.
Cold air! It is winter in Chicago.
Just go outside, get naked, get a full body treatment, no risk of nitrogen poisoning.
Not that I need to hype you up any more than I already do, but Oh, well, hype is always welcome.
All your chemistry know-how Uh-huh.
It's extremely attractive.
Mm, well, maybe I should get a lab coat? Look into that.
Do you think he saw us? No, I don't think so.
The guys from facilities assure me they will have OFI back together by next shift, but you let Seager know if she sees one spot of mold in her office, she can come right back here.
Uh, maybe you should be the one to extend the invitation 'cause everybody else seems to think I'm trying to get OFI moved to 51.
Yeah, so you can play fire cop.
Word gets around.
Did you hear what Chief just called me? Uh, no.
Hey, um.
How's everything going with Casey and the Darden boys? Good.
He's happy to have Brett out there for a while, I can tell you that.
His cell still the same? Yeah, that's how cell phones work.
Same number anywhere you go.
You survived your first shift.
So far.
Is there something wrong with the hinges? I know something's coming.
First day rite of passage, new guy always gets pranked.
I will see you tonight at Molly's, right? You take it easy.
- Yeah? - Hey, have you seen Herrmann? Yeah, seen him drive away.
Uh Mouch, Ritter, anyone from second shift? Nope.
- No, Kylie's not here either.
- Whoa.
What's up? I need to prank Mason.
I have zero ideas, and it needs to happen fast.
Like, within the next ten minutes.
Any chance you could help? - Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Okay, I have an idea.
Oh, my God, I love you.
Look at him.
He had no idea it was coming.
- We killed it.
- Hell, yeah, we did.
Hey, there.
The boy is napping.
Uh-oh, bad shift? Uh, no.
No, no, no.
Pretty good, actually.
We saved three kids from a fire.
Wow, that is good.
So? Um one of these boys, his name's Javi Mm-hmm.
It's such a sad story.
He's only 10-years-old, unaccompanied immigrant, and now because of this fire his sponsor can't take care of him anymore.
They're hoping they can find him a new one but until then He needs a place to stay.
Look, Chloe This kid has been through so much.
And he's kind of latched on to me.
Okay, look, I know I know that we don't have room here for a 10-year-old.
But I also know we have room in our hearts.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Are we sure this is the right thing, Joe? I mean, we barely know this boy.
All I know is Javi's staying with them for a couple nights.
That is a lot to take on with the baby.
What, only two kids in a house? Sounds like serenity to me.
So how does 51 compare to St.
Paul? No competition.
51's the best.
Told you they're a great bunch of pain in the asses, - didn't I? - You did.
But there's one way St.
Paul outshined you.
I don't want to sound critical, but that prank was, like, maybe a 2 out of 10.
What prank? Sticky notes on the car.
That's kind of lame.
Sticky notes on a car? We wouldn't be caught dead doing that.
Why? Like, what's so wrong with it? Listen, it was the best that Seager and I could come up with in ten minutes.
These guys had some elaborate scheme to pull one over on you, and I stopped it 'cause I wanted you to feel part of the team.
But I realized that I had made a big mistake, so I had to come up with something fast.
Appreciate that, but I promise I can hold my own, Lieutenant.
You must never speak of this to anyone.
I have a prank reputation to uphold.
So did I back in St.
Uh-oh, sounds like the gauntlet's been thrown down.
So you and Seager, huh? Yeah.
Must've been pretty desperate.
I was, but she was all right.
You know, in case it comes up, I may have told her that I loved her.
Hey, Righetti, how's it going? - Got a question for you.
- What's up? Well, today at Med I saw one of your medics making out with Chief Hawkins.
What's that about? - No clue.
- Hmm.
Well, now it makes sense why 61 jumped the line to get their heater fixed, right? - Produces sulfenic acid - Mm.
Which turns into propanethial S-oxide.
- Oh, cool.
- Yeah.
And the propanethial S-oxide Reacts to the lachrymal glands, and that's why onions make you cry.
- The CFD brass.
- Oh.
- I have to pick it up.
- Mm-hmm.
Hello? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Yeah, yes.
I'll be there.
That was the deputy chief paramedic.
He wants to see me in his office first thing tomorrow morning.
No, it's my turn.
Is that a lullaby? Yeah, it's the same one my mom used to sing to me when I was a kid.
It's gonna be okay.

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