Chicago Fire s10e17 Episode Script

Keep You Safe

1 And we said no special treatment.
We have to keep it professional.
I saw one of your medics making out with Chief Hawkins.
What's that about? CFD brass.
That was the deputy chief paramedic.
He wants to see me in his office first thing tomorrow morning.
His name's Javi.
He's only ten years old, unaccompanied immigrant, and he's kind of latched on to me.
I know that we don't have room here for a ten-year-old but we have room in our hearts.
Okay, I made PB&J again.
- Javi says he likes it, so - Uh, yeah, that's fine.
I am taking Otis into daycare a little early today.
Do you know fracciónes? Yeah, I do.
I think I do.
You know, let Let's look at this later, okay? 'Cause we're running late.
Cuanto tiempo How long will you take me to school? Well, uh, we have a meeting with your case worker in two days, and, uh, then we'll find out how long you'll be here.
Miss Melissa said maybe an aunt is there for me? Somewhere? Uh, yeah, um, that's one of the things they'll tell us.
Okay, you two.
I have to wake up Otis.
Okay, here we go, eh? Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Wait, what do you mean the jury is still out? Like, literally a jury? Basically, yeah.
It's an official complaint.
I gave the deputy chief paramedic my side of the story, and now a whole bunch of white shirts meet and, uh, decide my fate.
Ugh, Evan, this sounds serious.
You said this was just a frowning matter not a firing matter.
It turns out it depends on the complaint.
Let's not panic just yet.
No, I am panicking now.
When do they meet? I have no idea.
I I hope that you don't get, uh Can reschedule my appointment - with with Dr.
- I'll wait for you.
Um, I'm gonna need the full work-up or, you know, I I freak out, so that would be great.
Violet! Chief Boden is looking for you! Got it.
Um, so yeah, let me Let me know if anything opens up, okay? I gotta run.
I'll catch up with you later.
Hey, Cruz, wait up.
Hey, what's this? Eh, Cindy, she put together a bunch of clothes that the boys had outgrown for Javi.
I know I know he lost everything in that fire.
Thank you, Herrmann.
Javi will love these.
So how's everything going with him? He's a great kid.
Truth is, me and Chloe are getting pretty attached.
But it's complicated 'cause, you know, he's anxious to find a relative, and the case workers, they're out there looking, so - Uh, good morning to you.
- Good morning.
Come on in.
Meet your new partner.
Emma Jacobs.
Great to meet you, Violet.
- Same.
- Emma's been working out in Glen Ellyn for a few years.
She just transferred to CFD.
Oh, well, you are gonna love the action here.
Ambulance 61, Squad 3, Truck 81 And on cue.
Motor vehicle accident, intersection of Kedzie and Ogden.
- Just one vehicle involved? - Yeah, it was crazy.
They had to be going 100 miles an hour - when they hit that light pole.
- Give us some space.
Give us some sp Where's the rest of it? Hey, hang tight, all right? Help is on the way.
All right, squad, extricate these two while we figure out what happened to the rest of this car.
Yeah, will do.
Hey, Cruz, grab the Hurst.
Copy that.
Okay, 61 to Main, give me a three-ambulance response.
- Get a C-collar on this guy.
- On it.
Not entirely joking, did the rest of it just disintegrate? I think it went that way.
Hey, whoa.
Gallo, Mason, you go get the backboard - and the Hurst tool, all right? - Copy that.
61, I got another victim.
Copy, 61.
She's alive.
Just relax, okay? You've been in an accident.
All right.
Okay, let's get this collar on you.
Cruz, we're never gonna get this door open.
Maybe we can pull him out through the back? Yeah, let's get the driver out first.
- We'll get a better look inside.
- Copy.
Hey, man, can you swing your legs around - nice and slow? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
Easy, oh, whoa.
- Easy, easy, whoa.
- No, no, I'm good.
No, no, no.
Take a seat here.
There you go.
Just relax, okay? We'll do all the work.
- Good? - Yeah.
All right.
Guys, help me peel back the windshield? Yeah.
ETA on that backboard? Coming in, Lieutenant.
Here we go.
- Lieutenant, this door? - Yeah.
All right.
I got you.
- What's your name? - Adriana.
Pretty name.
My name's Stella.
W where are the others? They're about 100 feet away.
Back at the intersection.
But hey, let's not worry about them right now, okay? Let's just focus on you.
All right? Breathe in through you nose.
That's good, that's good.
Okay, very good.
Gonna put a C-collar on you.
Okay? All right.
Mason, I need your long webbing.
Take a few deep breaths.
A few deep breaths.
- I got it, I got it.
- Okay.
- It's okay.
- All right.
I know you feel okay right now, but that is because you have a lot of epinephrine coursing through your blood stream, which is also known as adrenaline.
You could be hurt and not even know it, so I need you to stay put, okay? All right, I'm gonna get a listen.
Can you breathe for me? Paramedic chief is here.
Uh, yeah, can you bring him up to speed? Uh, sure, but you're the PIC.
I'm just gonna check on the passenger.
Jacobs, where are we at? Uh, we got the driver out.
There's still one more victim in the front seat and another in the back which is, like, way the hell over there.
- Ready, Cruz? - Yup.
His injuries are beyond the scope of medical intervention.
We got a broken arm, lacerations, and possible head trauma.
Okay, 61, take her to Med.
I got two more ambos on the way.
One will take the body to the coroner, the other will take the driver.
Where's the driver? I don't know, he was right there.
We got a runner.
The car is registered to a Luke Weber.
It hasn't been reported stolen.
Is this our runner? No, that looks like the DOA in the passenger seat.
- Really? - Yeah, you can check with the coroner, but either way, that's not the driver.
You guys got, what, half a dozen firefighters on the scene and nobody sees - this guy walking away? - Hey.
We were a little busy.
Look, I didn't smell booze on his breath, the medics didn't think he was on anything.
He was a little rattled, but we didn't think he was gonna bolt.
So what's the story here? If not a DUI, they weren't fleeing from the police, not a street race, why are they trying to break the sound barrier on south Kedzie? Run of the mill stupidity? Stupidity could get him manslaughter, no wonder he ran.
Where'd the other survivor end up? - I'll see what she has to say.
- Chicago Med.
That was pretty heavy.
What was? The call we were just on? Where the car was ripped in half and the front passenger was DOA? Oh, yeah.
So what was up with you avoiding Chief Hawkins? I I wasn't avoiding him.
He seems okay to me.
I know some people think he's kind of uptight.
You don't like him? I like him fine.
It was like a giant tore the car in half and threw the pieces in the opposite directions.
I've never seen anything like it.
I've seen a handful of those in my day, but not this bad and never with survivors.
What's wrong? That was Javi's school.
They want me to go to a parent-teacher conference after shift.
- Oh, that can't be good.
- Mouch.
He's right.
When you get called in, means the kid done wrong.
Trust me.
I don't know how to handle something like this.
- Otis doesn't get in trouble.
- Because he can't talk yet.
You're into a whole new world now with a kid Javi's age.
- Hey! - Hey.
Looks like the, uh, woman from the crash - is gonna be okay.
- Yeah? Yeah, she just has a concussion, no internal injuries.
They're gonna keep her for a few days, but I think she should be fine.
Oh, good news.
She could have had it a lot worse.
No kidding.
- Thanks, Vi.
- Uh-huh.
- Lieutenant.
- Hi.
Sorry I kept you waiting on that webbing.
- Unacceptable.
- It was two seconds.
I wouldn't call it a fire able offense.
I'm gonna work the kinks out of my system.
It won't happen again.
I'm gonna show you a little trick that I picked up from Captain Casey.
You always put your long webbing in your left pocket.
All right? - That's a great tip.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna set it up that way right now.
All right.
Thanks for the update.
Hey, so that cop, Hedrick? He says the woman in the back seat can't remember how the accident happened and that everything's a blur.
Did she ID the driver? No, I guess she only really knows the deceased.
The driver's just a friend of his.
Well, I found this in my coat pocket.
- Not yours? - Uh, good luck withdrawing 1,000 bucks from my checking account.
- Looks like blood.
- Also not mine.
Look, the withdrawal was made this morning, 15 minutes before the high-speed crash.
How'd it end up in your coat pocket? I mean, it didn't fall in.
I think that woman put it in there, but why? Adriana? Uh, you remember me? Stella? Yeah, um, hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How you feeling? - Okay.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Well, f for rescuing me.
I was just Just doing my job.
I, um I think this might be yours? I found it in my coat pocket after, um, the accident.
It's not mine.
Did they catch the driver? - No, not yet.
- Hmm.
How did Luke know the guy? Luke? Sorry, I I thought you told police that you were friends with the other passenger.
Um, yeah.
Yeah, right.
Um, but, like, I I don't know how they knew each other.
Um Sorry to bother you.
Uh, yeah, you should get some rest.
How long were you working the suburbs? Uh, couple years.
Just been waiting for the chance to dive in here.
How'd you end up a paramedic in the first place? Actually I started by studying pre-med at Johns Hopkins for undergrad.
Class of 2018.
Wow, that's That's not a usual path.
I was thinking emergency doctor at first, but ultimately decided the adrenaline rush of ambulance work was better than the inside of any hospital, so I headed back to Chicago.
You just gotta be ready.
Like, for example, all right? Teacher says, "Uh, your daughter glued another girl's head to the table.
" So you get a shocked look on your face and you say, "What kind of school would use glue that strong around children?" See? You flip it.
- Glue? - Yeah.
I use the same approach with scissors too.
All right? "How could you have "real scissors around teenagers? You had to have seen it coming.
" Huh.
Hey, Violet? How long does it take for a bruise to fade and get a purple color going? About two or three days I guess.
But everybody's different.
Why? Come on.
It's nice to meet you, Mr.
Oh, uh, Joe, please.
Okay, then have a seat, Joe.
Uh, you know, the thing is, uh, Ms.
Selig, um, Javi is a a really great kid.
Oh, I agree with you.
You do? Javi isn't in trouble, Joe.
I called you in because Javi's been acting differently the past week or so.
Much happier, to be honest, and more interactive with the class.
And he's starting to use his English too.
He's coming out of his shell.
Um, that's re That's really great.
Whatever you and your wife are doing, it's making a big difference.
He told me yesterday you two can help him with his homework? - A absolutely, yes.
- That's wonderful.
Here is a packet of all of the upcoming and past due assignments so you can get started right away.
Oh, wow.
This seems like a lot for a fourth grader.
Uh, but no problem.
Yes, we got this.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
She insisted that the receipt wasn't hers.
- Did you call her on it? - I was about to, but then I saw this bruise on her neck.
And Violet confirmed that she probably had it - prior to the accident.
- What does that mean? That This girl is being super cagey.
So I think that that bruise is part of the reason why.
I mean, look, she was wearing a high-necked top when we came upon her, but in a hospital gown there's no hiding it.
You sure this bruise is relevant? That could have been from anything.
No, it couldn't.
That's the kind of bruise you get when you somebody's trying to choke you out.
Yeah, I um My ex.
It sounds like it's time to get this receipt to the police.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
So a verbal warning.
That doesn't sound that bad.
I wouldn't say it was a lot of fun either.
But The real issue is from here on out I'll be under a microscope.
And you too, maybe.
I can't believe we kissed on shift.
The kiss isn't the real issue.
They seemed more concern with how much time and attention I've been giving you.
Covering full shifts on ambo, popping by the firehouse as often as I do.
You know, basically all the stuff that annoys Gallo.
Wait, was the kiss even mentioned in the complaint? I do not know.
I'm not allowed to see it.
So is there a chance that Righetti isn't the one who filed the complaint? And maybe it was Gallo.
You know him better than I do.
But whoever it was This is obviously becoming a problem.
Violet, I think we need to take a step back from us.
Just some time apart.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
What do you got for me? So this came from the scene of that accident.
It's a high-value ATM withdrawal just prior to the crash.
Seems like it might be worth looking into.
Huh, interesting.
Where'd you find it? One of my guys picked it up.
Was the cash in the car? Or on any of the victims? No, not Not that we saw.
Be nice to catch a break in this case.
Forensics couldn't pull a single useable print from the car.
I'll run this down, see what we can find out.
- Thanks for bringing it by.
- Yeah, you bet.
What? Nothing.
Okay, sure, I'll take states and capitals.
Maps are fun, right? All right, then I guess I will take colonial America.
Well, I don't remember anything about that, but Me neither.
Okay, only two subjects left to divvy up.
We're doing great.
English and math.
You're reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? Oh! I'll take that.
And I have to take dividing unit fractions? No way.
No way.
Hey, careful, all right? This is a battle you don't want to get stuck in the middle of.
All right, rock, paper, scissors.
- Bring it on.
- Uh-oh.
One, two - Oh, ho, ho! - No! "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," here I come.
Oh! No fractions for me.
Hey! No! Oh, hey! Javi, hold me, hold me.
She's crazy, she's crazy! - No! No! - Oh, my God, oh, my God, no! Okay, okay! That ATM receipt was a real find.
The account belongs to Luke Weber, the owner of the vehicle.
Guy that died in the crash.
He actually made three withdrawals that morning.
All within an hour, all at different branches, and all for the maximum amount.
Sounds like he was being pressed into it.
You got that right.
We pulled footage from the bank security cameras.
Does, uh, this guy look familiar? Yep.
That's the driver.
It's all starting to make sense now.
So your gunman here, he kidnaps or carjacks the other two and then he drives around, draining the victims' bank accounts - 1,000 bucks at a time? - Simple as that.
That woman you pulled out of the wreck, she's in a stable condition now, right? Mm-hmm.
She didn't explain any of that to you? She took a real shot to the head.
Can't recall anything from that morning.
So we still don't have a name, still can't find the guy, but at least now we know what happened.
- Stella.
- Hey there.
You look great.
How you feeling? A little better.
I gave the cops that receipt, and they took a look at the security footage from the ATM machine.
Look, Adriana, I can't say for sure what's going on here, but I do have a pretty good idea.
I think that you do know the guy who was driving that car.
I think you know him really well.
I think that he is the kind of guy who likes to take people by the neck.
And I get it.
You're scared.
And you want to do the right thing.
But slipping that receipt into my coat pocket, it's not enough.
The cops, they want to know his name.
But if you don't tell them before they figure out what your relationship really is There's nothing anybody can do to help you.
You don't understand.
Yeah, I do.
It's hard.
Turning in somebody that you once cared about.
It feels like a betrayal.
But God, he has already betrayed you.
And he'll never stop until you take a stand.
Adriana, if you come forward, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.
That's a promise.
I need to draw some blood, hon.
Hey, I couldn't help but notice you walked right by me in the locker room.
And again in the common room.
And right now in the tower.
Violet, what's going on? You're really gonna pretend you don't know? Wha I don't have to pretend, 'cause I don't know.
Ambulance 61, multiple victims down, 4730 north Broadway.
Hey, you guys better hurry up.
It's a war zone in there.
The EFC got chippy with the other team again.
EFC? Yeah, the Edgewater Fight Club.
It's the beer league hockey team over here.
Bunch of bench brawlers that ruin every practice.
- Hey, over here.
- What happened? Classic stick duel, he got caught in the cross-check.
I was trying to stop these pinheads, and somebody cracked me right in the mouth.
- Well, what's the damage? - Let me have a look.
Aw, jeez, it's bad.
Is it bad? Uh, no, no, I've I've seen worse.
Um, are you having any trouble breathing? Not really.
Well, I mean, vision's a little im A little fuzzy - in my right eye.
- Yeah, it's 'cause your nose got knocked completely sideways.
- Aw, really? - Yeah.
- Really? - Yeah.
Emma, I'll take over here.
Why don't you check on that gentleman, please.
What happened to you? I lost a tooth.
Uh, no, you lost two teeth.
Oh, that means I must have swallowed the other one.
Well, this one still has its roots.
Just soak it in some milk, keep it moist until you can see your dentist.
As for the other one, it'll pass through the narrowest part of your digestive tract within 24 to 48 hours.
Put that on your mouth.
You okay? What happened to you? And let's reach out to Hope Lutheran in Indianapolis too.
Sounds good.
Thanks, Ellen.
- Sorry about that, guys.
- No problem.
34 new refugee minors entered our system this week.
It's been a nightmare trying to place them all.
We just don't have enough sponsor homes available.
We're putting calls out everywhere.
Well, thank you for all that you do.
- You have an amazing program.
- Appreciate that, Joe.
Now, let's talk about Javi.
As you guys know, our first goal is to reunify a child with their family, but in Javi's case, the chances are slim and narrowing as we speak.
What about an aunt? Javi was under the impression that was a possibility? We've put leads out everywhere, but haven't found a trace.
Javi's gonna be so disappointed.
He's brought it up a couple of times.
I'm sorry.
And we appreciate all you two have done.
But if this situation with Javi isn't going to work out for you long-term, I need to know that now so we can start looking for a new home for him ASAP.
I think a total of six teeth were lost at that one scrimmage.
Couple of those guys, might be time - to hang up the skates.
- Yeah.
You're pretty unflappable with the bloody stuff.
Have you always been that way? Yeah, it's never really bothered me.
- Hmm.
- Hey, we make a great team.
Never been much for the touchy-feely.
Yeah, I noticed that.
Uh, I'll be inside in just a minute.
- How could you do that? - Do what? - Vi, what's going on with you? - I know it was you that outed my relationship with Hawkins to the brass.
- Are you serious? - You made it very clear that you were not a big fan of me and him.
- Who else would it have been? - Look, stop.
Righetti was at Molly's the other night and he was telling everyone that he saw you two kissing at Med.
Wait, what? Who did he tell? Anyone that would listen.
And I told him if he kept spreading rumors about you, I'd lay him out.
But I was too late.
That's what you were trying to tell me.
Mm, yeah.
I wanted you to know he'd already filed the complaint.
Blake, I'm I'm so, so sorry.
I just thought 'cause of the way - you acted before that it had - No, it No matter the way I've acted, over-protective, jealous, whatever you want to call it, I I would never do anything to hurt you.
You're one of my closest friends, Violet.
I mean, I thought you were.
I didn't know what he was planning.
- Look, I had no idea.
- It's okay.
It's Come on, just sit down.
Look, he just pulled a gun on this guy and told me to get in the car.
- Like, I didn't want to, but - But you were scared.
Right, and I And I told myself, "Why make him mad?" This will all be over in ten minutes.
But then he saw how much money this guy had in his bank account, and he just got this look in his eye.
And then all the ATMs, they just stopped paying out.
They probably hit their daily withdrawal limit.
Yeah, but Tiller, he He wanted to wait until the next day and do it all over again.
Y yeah.
And he wanted to take this guy and hold him prisoner overnight.
And I told him, like, "Baby, we cannot do this.
" But he wouldn't listen to me.
So I tried to get out of the car, but then he just hit the gas and he went faster and faster, and I couldn't get out of the car, and then we And then you crashed.
It's okay.
Adriana Can you help the police find Tiller? I think so.
Yeah, sounds good.
Okay, thanks.
Tiller Martell was just picked up at his cousin's house.
He's in custody.
Thanks for the tip.
You got a safe place to go? Um, my sister.
She lives in Oak Park.
Grab your things, I'll give you a ride.
What kind of protection can she expect - for coming forward? - Protection from what? This dirtbag is good for aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder.
He's gonna be in adult diapers by the time he gets out.
You and I both know that a lot has to go right first.
So until then, you need to keep her in the loop.
Where he's being held, when he gets transferred, if he makes bail, all of it.
She has to hold up her end too.
People always talk the talk at this stage, but when it comes time to testify She already stuck her neck out for you.
Do not abandon her.
We'll loop her in every step of the way.
You got my word.
Hey, you reach out to any of those numbers that I gave you, they're great organizations.
And you need anything else, just call me.
Okay? Thank you, Stella.
I thought I thought Violet was coming out tonight.
So did I.
What are you gonna do? It's time for another one of these.
Maybe slow down there, friend.
This round's on me, guys.
Thanks for the warm welcome at 51.
- It is much appreciated.
- Ooh, what timing.
What he means is "thank you.
" But the The timing was impeccable.
Well, I'm happy it worked out for you, Gallo.
I'm gonna run to the restroom, and then I'll be back to join you.
- She's all right.
- I guess so.
Uh, you know, hovering around my apartment isn't exactly keeping a distance.
Well, that's subjective.
Mm, no, it's really not.
Um, turns out, staying away? That's not so easy.
Seems impossible even.
Violet Why do I miss you so much when I'm not with you? Maybe because we're not supposed to be apart.
Okay, uh, show us what you got.
- 84! - Yes! An 84, that is a B! He got a B in fractions.
- Uh-huh, yeah, I saw.
- Oh, we did so good, Javi.
Yes! Una B en fracciónes.
Chloe is good helper.
- Yeah, I know.
- This is all you, Javi.
We're really proud.
Uh, hey, Javi, um, we gotta talk to you about something.
Uh, so, um, we we we saw Eddie, your your case worker.
Uh Sweetie, they can't find your aunt or any other family in the U.
for you.
I'm sorry.
No no aunt? Uh, no, no.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I I don't want to live with someone else I don't know.
Even if they are called an aunt.
Maybe I can stay here? Yeah, of course, Javi, that's what we want too.
Sí, sí.
- Sí? - Sí.
- Sí! - Sí.
Oh! Thank you.
First-degree alone is 20 years, so knock on wood, he will be locked up for a long time.
I gotta admit, for a while there I was worried you were walking a fine line.
But you knew exactly what you were doing.
You should be happy.
This is the best possible outcome.
I mean, tell that to Adriana.
She still has to live with the scars, the constant worry of, you know, something going wrong and him walking free.
Stella You did all you could do.
And you did good.

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