Chicago Fire s10e18 Episode Script

What's Inside You

Meet your new partner.
Emma Jacobs.
Great to meet you, Violet.
How'd you end up a paramedic in the first place? I started by studying premed at Johns Hopkins.
That's not a usual path.
From here on out, I'll be under a microscope.
They seemed more concerned with how much time and attention I've been giving you.
All the stuff that annoys Gallo.
I know it was you that outed my relationship with Hawkins to the brass.
Are you serious? Righetti was telling everyone that he saw you two kissing at Med.
You're one of my closest friends, Violet.
I mean, I thought you were.
Oh, hey.
I have a question.
It's about your wedding.
What about it? When is it? Eh, we're working all that out.
No pressure from me, but Chloe keeps asking.
Her excitement level is somewhere between off the charts and the stratosphere.
She won't stop talking about it.
I think it's just 'cause she wants Chief, I see you have your coat on.
Yeah, I'm running morning drills at a few other houses in the district.
Okay, well, so you know, I'm busting out the Weber grill today.
Cooking up some brisket for lunch.
Oh, you are, are you? Yeah, six pounds of point cut.
You know, another chief, he sent me a video about how to make Texas-style rub.
Oh, yeah? Black pepper, chili powder, cumin.
Tell you what, I am gonna go by the store on my circuit and I will be back before lunch.
I won't say no to that.
Did I hear Texas-style brisket? You did.
Cruz, hold my pancake order.
I gotta make room for dinner.
How's your new partner? Emma? Seems all right so far.
I mean, I guess she missed bedside manner training at paramedic school 'cause she kinda treats patients like automatons, but other than that, she seems fine.
- Why? - Just curious.
Well, I might not be the most observant person right now.
I'm kind of working through some personal stuff and, um, I haven't made much of an effort with Emma.
And I guess she'll be gone in a few weeks when Brett's back, so I just, I don't know.
You all right? Honestly, I am not sure.
Well, if you need to download, I'm here for you.
I will probably take you up on that.
Hey, Kylie.
Can I grab a word with Boden about getting a new smooth bore nozzle? Uh, he went out for morning drills at a few of the other houses.
- Oh.
- Heard him tell Severide - he'd be back by lunch.
- Mm.
As the chance of showers appears Next few days, pack your umbrellas.
All right.
Black pepper Cumin Hold it right there! Stop! Hey! Everyone, get up here now! Get on the ground! Now! Move it! Up front! Right here! Move it! If any of you come up on me, I will end you! Do you hear me? Sir, you should Shut up and sit your ass down! Open your mouth again and you're first.
Hey! I have hostages! Don't come closer or it's gonna be a bloodbath in here! I mean it! Get back from this store or I'm gonna kill every last one 'em! Hey.
About the other day I really appreciate what you said about being my close friend.
And taking up for me.
I meant it.
I know, and that's why I am grateful.
And sorry.
I appreciate that.
Okay, enough.
I can't take the two of you arguing anymore, so I'm gonna need to Oh.
You already made up.
Ah, look at this guy.
Yeah, look, I swear, if this happens again, I'm stepping off this roller coaster.
Well, roller coasters are a blast.
Not this one.
Ooh, maybe that should be our new business venture.
What, design an amusement park? Why not? We could call it Chicago Fire Land.
I'll enjoy looking into the liability on this one.
What are you bums doing lounging around? - Uh, we were just talking - I'm just messing with ya.
Oh, um, the EKG monitor wasn't charged in the ambulance.
It wasn't? Don't worry about it.
I got it.
We're getting reports from CPD that there is one armed man who has taken several hostages after his vehicle crashed into the front of Vince's Mart & Bakery in the 400 block of South Archer Avenue.
I understand there was Ambulance 61, multiple injuries, 424 South Archer Avenue.
That address is right there.
The incident originally began with the high-speed chase we were following right here on 5 Chicago at the top of the hour.
And our eye in the sky continues to capture these dramatic images as we attempt to bring you more information.
Is that Chief's buggy? I think it is.
Why's it parked back by the shopping cart return? Instead of with the other first responders? Huh.
Hey, hey.
Did you not hear me before? Get over here! Now.
You're hurt.
My name is Wallace Boden.
I'm a Deputy District Chief with the Chicago Fire Department.
And you have a deep laceration.
You're definitely gonna need stitches administered by a professional.
If you don't you will bleed out right here.
Outside right now are paramedics who will help.
We have bandages on Aisle 3.
That's good.
- I'll go get the bandages.
- No.
Stay where you are.
You two mother-daughter? You, go get me some bandages, gauze, anything they got in Aisle 3.
- I can't.
- If you're not back in two minutes, I'll shoot your daughter in the face.
Now! Okay! Did you not hear me, lady? There's someone hurt here.
Hey, hey, hey! Come on, man.
Go get the bandages from Aisle 3.
If you see a shin protector, you grab that too.
If not, a apron, or anything with straps that I can fold and a couple of cardboard boxes.
Tell me your name.
- Cheryl.
- Cheryl.
I am gonna need you to help me.
Okay? Now breathe.
Now go.
What happened? What do you think happened? You hit her with a car.
You should just let us all go.
- What you say to me? - You should just give up - and let us all - Shut up.
- Enough is enough already.
- I said shut up! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
This woman is breathing.
She has a strong pulse and she is not dead.
She has multiple fractures to her lower leg.
She could have internal injuries, so I'm gonna need your help to make sure no one dies here.
Okay, will this do? Yes, thank you.
This is Sergeant David Bagwell with the Chicago Police Department.
I need you to release the hostages.
Surrender and come out with your hands up.
We know your name, Will David Hollander.
You need to come out with your hands You listen to me! If you are not gone in 15 minutes, I start killing people! I mean it! Hey, we just landed at the hostage scene.
Is Boden there? I see Chief Walker talking to the police up by Tac Command, but it's not Boden.
Is his buggy in the parking lot? Back by the shopping cart return? Yeah, it is.
Okay, thanks, Violet.
We're on our way.
Roll rigs to the hostage scene! Now! Dispatch, this is Squad 3, Truck 81, Engine 51.
We're rolling out to 424 South Archer for additional support.
Okay, I'm a first responder.
You were in an accident.
I don't understand.
You were hit by a car.
You were unconscious for a bit, but you're all right now.
Oh, my leg! Okay, tell me your name.
- Becky.
- Okay, Becky.
You have multiple fractures to your fibula.
That's your lower leg.
And we are gonna get you to safety so a doctor can take a closer look.
Okay? Okay.
You've gotta get her out of here.
Okay, lemme explain the situation to you, Will.
Right now, SWAT are gearing up for an offensive strike because they have to consider you an active shooter.
See, when you gave them that 15-minute time limit, you escalated their response.
By my account, that was 10 minutes ago, which means they are gonna storm this place in the next 5.
Do you see what I'm saying? Good news is, it is not too late to reverse course.
If you release a hostage, then Tac Response leaders outside will breathe easier.
You don't understand.
I escaped Cook County.
I am not going back.
Okay, look, I'm not a lawyer I am.
What were you in for before? Armed robbery.
Aggravated assault.
But I was the lookout, man! I wasn't even in the convenience store! Just standing outside.
And the judge still gave me 11 months.
The first week I was in lockup, I got jumped.
Five Latin Kings held me down.
Cut up my back.
I was in the hospital five nights.
And as soon as I could get on my feet, they wanted me back in jail! Just sew him up and put him back in his cage.
One of the sheriffs left the door of the van open when I was being transferred.
What was I supposed to do? I ran, I'll tell you that.
Was gonna get the hell out of Chicago when the police rode up like I was public enemy number one.
Now 11 months is gonna be 50 years! No, not necessarily.
Now listen, you're looking at more jail time, sure.
But we're talking two years, maybe less.
However, if someone dies Look at me, son.
If someone dies, whether you meant to do it or not it's called causation and murder in the second degree.
And you will never see the outside again.
See that, Will? So let's get this woman outside so she can be treated by paramedics and the police will relax.
No one needs to die here.
Okay? And they'll look to cut you a deal.
Isn't that right, sir? That's right.
But if anyone tries anything stupid, I will start shooting people.
I don't even care.
Take her outside.
Hey, Becky.
You, you're gonna get out of here.
Okay? I need you to be strong.
For all of us.
Can you get to your feet? Don't put any pressure on your left leg.
Come on.
- You got her? - Mm-hmm.
Go on.
Hold on.
You know, you should shout to police, let them know that you're taking out a hostage.
He's right about that.
Hey, police! I'm sending out two hostages, okay? Stand down.
Hostages coming out.
Hey, hey! Hey! Hey.
Hey, hey.
Hey, Will! Look at me, look at me! Look at me.
They're just scared customers like the rest of us.
Trying to get away from the guy with the gun.
Just like you would do in the same situation.
- They're trying to play me.
- No one's trying to play you.
- I could kill him.
- I know.
I know you could.
Go and see if anyone else is hiding back there.
And bring 'em up front right here.
- I'll go! - No, sit your ass down.
- He's going.
- Why him? Because the fireman won't try to run out before everyone's safe.
Right? Go on now.
Come on.
Go up front.
Sit by the others.
- Okay? - Yeah, okay.
There we go.
Right here.
Everybody, sit back down.
Hey, I got you.
Come here.
Just don't say a word.
Do not provoke him.
And then we'll get out of this.
Okay? Can you do that for me? There is an active shooter, and he is on edge.
So I need everyone back here to stay hidden.
What if he comes back here? The loading bay doors won't open.
They're heavy steel and they're locked, and I can't get them open.
You've got to get us out of here.
My mother's having a panic attack.
I'll try and come back.
Store is empty.
You still gotta let Becky go.
Nothing's changed.
You have to give CPD a hostage as a show of good faith.
And you are running out of time.
But now I want him to take her out.
Oh, yeah, but you said Man, shut your mouth! I mean it.
Come on, Becky.
All right.
Please, can you tell the cops that no one else is hurt in here? Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey.
You got any money on you? - What? - Gimme a dollar, a quarter, anything.
- Come on.
- You're crazy.
Come on.
You just retained the best retired lawyer in Chicago.
Hey, police! I'm sending out two hostages, okay? But I gotta clear this area a bit.
Please, don't shoot anyone! This is Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden.
I'm in the store.
Is anyone there? Chief, it's Severide.
Severide, listen, there are eight hostages hiding in the back.
The loading bay doors are 2-inch-thick galvanized steel and they are locked.
Try and get 'em open.
But you gotta do it quietly.
I'm gonna have to go silent.
But you tell the police that there is only one scared gunman, about 20 years old.
I'm working on getting him to surrender.
He's sending out a woman with a fibula broken in multiple places and an older gentleman that is assisting her.
But you tell them they have to give me more time.
On it.
Take care of yourself in there, Chief.
Let's get you outta here.
Okay, come on.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Hey, stop! Get back! Let's go, go! Move in, move in! Hey, hey! We're all fine in here! It's just the damage from the crash.
Stand down! Hostages are still coming out! Hey, that's our chief.
All right, stand down.
Everyone, stand down.
Stand down, stand down! Move back, move back! - Okay, go.
- Yeah? Go now before anything else happens.
Here we go, Becky.
Come on, Becky.
Let's get outta here.
Let's get outta here.
Watch your head, okay.
Here we go.
They're gonna take care of you now.
They got you.
They got you.
You did good, Will.
That's a fine start.
Now the police will start to relax out there for a bit.
Let me think.
Okay, you think.
But while you're thinking, consider releasing these women.
I said let me think, man! Lieutenant? Hey, nah.
Saws will be too loud.
Uh, Arc-Air torch? We could burn through a panel, but pulling it off might spook the shooter up front.
Capp, grab me a ladder.
- All set? - Yeah.
Hey, Cruz, quick, get me a rope bag and a grinder.
Hey, Herrmann, in about three minutes, I'm gonna need a diversion.
I need all ears in the front of the store.
Copy that.
Come on.
You from here, son? Englewood.
And your family, from here? Got a couple sisters.
Moved down to Florida.
Said anything but January in Chicago.
So you been down there to see 'em? Always meant to.
That's the older one.
She said I could stay there anytime, long as I looked after Bernard.
That's her big ol' chocolate Lab.
That dog loves me.
Well, couple more years, and you'll get down there to see Denise and Bernard.
Couple years.
I'm not doing couple years in lockup.
No chance.
Nah, I'm better of just No, no.
You wouldn't.
- You're wrong.
- You don't know! Look, we have a firefighter right now, Mason, working for the CFD, who went to prison, but he turned his life around.
It's a good life he has now.
He saves people.
Laws are just too soft these days.
You know, it used to be three strikes and you are done.
Now they just let criminals roam the streets.
Hit it, Herrmann.
Got it! What was that? That was me.
Um, I dropped my radio earlier when the crash happened.
And, uh, that noise was the radio squelch.
See? You were talking to the police? I did not talk to the police.
- Look.
- But you were If anyone is listening, please acknowledge.
Repeat, if anyone is listening, please acknowledge.
This is Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden and I am here with Will Hollander.
Will? You there, Will? This is Bob Carver, the lawyer that was in there with you.
Yeah? Look, I have negotiated a plea deal if you surrender without hurting anyone else.
Will? You're not messing with me? No, I have verbal confirmation from law enforcement here on the scene.
And I will remind them that that is binding and I'll get that in writing for you for your further protection.
You have my word, Will.
Now listen, son, what I need you to do is to put the gun on the ground away from your body and then exit the building with your hands up.
I promise you, they will not hurt you.
Can you do that for me? Will? Yeah.
I can do that.
He's dead.
Oh, God.
Oh, oh.
Oh, God.
Oh, man.
It's over.
It's over.
I saw you firing back at the police.
I never saw you fire inside the store.
This man died from friendly fire, not from your gun.
You didn't shoot him.
It doesn't matter.
It's like the lawyer said, second-degree murder.
And this Chicago, so the police gonna put the body on me anyway.
I'm going to jail forever.
What's going on back there? Keep coming.
Move away.
- Cruz.
- Yeah.
Stay low.
You lied to me.
I'm sorry I did that.
But I'm a firefighter.
It's my job to rescue people.
I've been trained that way my whole life.
You had plenty of hostages up here.
Had a woman back there in respiratory distress.
It was my duty to get her to safety.
Hey, hey.
Hey! Will.
Will, Will! You did not kill that man, okay? You didn't mean for that to happen.
No matter what the law says, and that means something.
That means something to me.
Will, Will, please.
Listen to me.
Don't throw away your life.
You have those sisters in Florida, right? Tell me about your sisters in Florida.
Tell me about the dog, Bernard.
Will! Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon, Will! - Move in, move in! - Don't shoot! Hey, wait! - Hey, wait! - Hey, don't shoot! - Wait! - Stay down.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Stop, stop! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Back up! - Hey, stand down! - Hold your fire! Hold your fire! It's gonna be okay.
You okay, Chief? Hey.
- You go with him.
- Okay.
You make sure they treat him fairly.
You got it, Chief.
There's a dead man inside.
Gunshot wound.
I don't think it came from the hostage-taker's gun.
I'll testify to that if anything but the truth comes out.
That was crazy.
Firehouse 51 never fails to get the blood pumping, huh? Yeah, not a lot of lounging around time.
I love that.
I would dig staying at a house like this one.
Oh, well, Brett's gonna be back in a month, so no luck here at 51.
But, uh, Boden's got other houses that are just as busy.
Well, not just as, but close.
- I'm gonna look into that.
- Cool.
You ready? What's up? I called admissions at Johns Hopkins, asked about Emma Jacobs.
- You called them? - Yep.
Had a hunch.
She never attended that school.
Why would she lie about that? No idea.
But I'm telling you, there's something off about her.
Just wanted to check on you.
Make sure you're doing okay.
I am not.
That whole standoff, there was a customer with a bullet in him not 30 feet away from where we were all standing, and I saw the wound.
I'm sure he died instantly.
But I don't know that.
I'll never know that.
You were the one who taught us to focus on the victims we save and put the ones we can't behind us.
Severide's right.
You saved a lot of people today.
Including that young man who was holding the gun.
That wasn't serendipity.
That was the right man at the right place at the right time.

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