Chicago Fire s10e19 Episode Script

Finish What You Started

You a firefighter? I'm not, but my brother was.
Sad day for all of us at the CFD.
Your brother was a real hero.
- I'm Christopher.
- Todd.
- That was pretty heavy.
- What was? The call where the car was ripped in half and the passenger was DOA? Oh, yeah.
Never been much for the touchy-feely.
Yeah, I noticed that.
I called admissions at Johns Hopkins.
Emma Jacobs never attended that school.
There is something off about her.
Hey! You're an early bird, too, huh? First in last out kind of guy? Trying to stay on top of it, not slip up.
We're lucky to be here, you know? Well, you're lucky.
Your spot at 51 is permanent.
- Wish mine was.
- Hey, you never know.
I was in Saint Paul a few weeks ago, and now Good point, you never know.
I just love how everyone here hangs out after shift.
Not all firehouses do that.
Yeah, it's nice.
Hey, uh.
We should grab a drink at Molly's sometime, get to know each other better.
For sure.
Okay, yeah.
Oh, one second.
Hey, Chief.
Need something? What's going on out here? Oh, they're installing the new ethernet cords throughout the whole house.
Are they bothering you? Doesn't seem like a two-man job.
Since one of them just stands around talking.
Oh, that's because Needles is only a trainee.
That boy's name is Needles? Don't worry, they should be out of our hair by the end of the week.
Everything okay? Sure, yeah.
Everything's great.
Come on.
- What is it? - Nothing.
I can't talk to you about this kind of stuff.
And normally, I would vent to Brett about this, but she is in Portland, so.
I'm your friend.
Lay it on me.
It's been tough recently with Evan.
It feels like we're having an affair, and that sucks.
Sneaking around, keeping things between us this big secret.
And we've tried staying apart, and that just doesn't work.
And no matter what I try Sorry to interrupt.
All units, structure fire.
873 West Superior Street.
Oh damn! Find out where everyone is and if that auxiliary building is occupied.
Copy that, Chief.
26 to Main, give me a still and box alarm.
Any reports of a plane crash near our location? Help! My friend, she's hurt! Hey, we're on it.
She's over here.
We're on the flight path from O'Hare.
A plane dropped an engine after takeoff.
Had to circle back for an emergency landing.
Surprised it didn't flatten the building.
'Cause it bounced first.
So they've evacuated the school to the south side parking lot.
The teachers are still doing head counts, but one thing we know for sure is that an entire class from that building is still missing.
Squad, primary search.
Truck, secondary search, vent as you go.
Squad 3, mask up, let's go! Kidd.
Send two men to clear that main building.
- Gallo, Mouch.
- Copy that.
Mason, with me.
Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go! There was this huge boom in the sky, and we tried to run, but something hit Angie.
Whoa, whoa, don't touch it.
Okay, it's Angie, right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Try to stay still, let's have a look.
There are students in back, but they're trapped behind fallen trusses.
There's jet fuel leaking down on us.
You gotta find another way in.
This is the only way in! Can we cut a hole through the wall? Under the weight of that engine? The whole side could collapse.
We'll find a way through.
Let's go.
I might have an idea.
Lungs are clear, no stridor.
Doesn't seem to have pierced an airway, so that's good.
The shrapnel is pulsating, the carotid artery could be impinged.
Might tear at any moment.
Can you squeeze my hands, Angie? Equal grip, that is a good sign.
- Okay.
- Okay.
We can't remove this here, so we're going to secure it and get you to Med where a doctor can do it safely and take really good care of you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Try to stay as still as possible, okay? Fire department! Call out! Fire department! Call out! Now, I have never seen it done before, but we gotta get those students out fast.
Precision cuts into the studs so that the wall falls outward.
Taking the jet engine with it.
It's a technique we use on trees in wildfires.
We make the cuts, the tree falls the right way.
- I've done it a hundred times.
- Yes.
On trees.
We hit a dead end! Turning back to find another route! Your call.
Look, that structure is collapsing one way or another.
So it might as well happen on our terms.
More ambos on the way.
Can you do triage? We have a patient that's a red with a neck impalement.
I'll handle things here.
I'll call ahead to Med, let 'em know you're on the way.
Copy that.
Deep breaths.
We got blood.
Fire department, Call out! Gallo! In here.
Hello, fire department! Call out if you can hear us! Over here.
Hey, what happened? I don't know, I was grading papers when I heard this big explosion, the entire building shook, and I got shot.
You were shot? Through the window.
I called 911, but they They told me to find a safe place to hide, but I I had to stop the bleeding.
A jet engine fell.
You must've been hit by a small piece of shrapnel.
A jet engine? I I just assumed with all the drills we were doing, it was some kind of pipe bomb or active shooter.
Now, think you can sit up for me? No exit wound.
Mouch, he needs to get outside and into an ambo.
Use this.
Ready? There you go.
- Set? - Yeah.
Let's go.
We're taking out a section of the Bravo wall to try and redirect the collapse.
All firefighters, evacuate now.
Engine, back out now! Get in position and cover those kids! We're stretching another line! We're in too deep, Chief.
Almost to the students.
I can hear them calling out.
Hey, to the corner.
I'll feed you.
Hey! Okay, I got you, come on.
Get down! Okay, okay.
Hey, is anyone else with you? - No.
- No? No, just me.
How'd you get to the window? I got separated from the others.
When all hell broke loose.
Okay, come on, let's get you to the medics.
All right, if it falls early, we're yanking you out! Copy that, Lieutenant! I've got eyes on the kids! They're taking in a lot of smoke! Come on! - Hey! - Wait, wait! I've got this.
Chief! A ceiling truss fell! This roof's gonna collapse any second! Go.
Here we go.
Get ready.
All right, let's move in! All right, come on.
Let's go.
Watch your step.
Everybody to the medics! Nobody leaves without being seen first! We're almost there.
Come on! Slight smoke inhalation.
You got it.
Hey, nice work back there, Mason.
Oh, thanks, Lieutenant.
All my years in the CFD, I've never seen anything like it.
How'd you know it would work? I didn't.
I mean, I figured it might.
But back in Colorado, we'd cut down trees close to homes, or low hanging limbs near a fire line.
You need it to fall away so you don't create a bridge.
See, they don't teach that in CFD academy.
So what's the trick? It's all about the angles.
You want a hammer and a wedge, if you can, but Yeah.
Hey, Chief, we're finally back.
It took forever for the FAA to get there.
Have you seen this? The young man's name is Needles.
- That's a weird one.
- Yeah.
I don't like the look of him.
And this chit-chat thing has been going on all day.
Have you talked to him at all? - Maybe he's a good guy.
- No.
Unlike Kylie and Needles, I am too busy to lean on desks making small talk.
We do not pay him to stand around and flirt.
This whole thing means trouble.
Well, Chief, with all due respect, you're not Kylie's father.
I'm I'm pretty sure she can handle herself.
I'm just gonna go write up my report.
Don't shoot the messenger, but Trudy needs a final head count for game night.
All right, yeah.
We're in.
Everything okay? My middle kid, Max, you know, his school just called.
Cindy is spitting mad.
- What'd he do? - Ah.
He smarted off to a teacher Something about arguing over the answers on a pop quiz.
I swear, these kids born with iPads in their hands? You can't tell 'em anything they don't already know.
Tell me about it.
Similar thing's going on at the academy.
Chief Fletcher asked me to guest lecture about aerial pipe operations? All I saw was the tops of heads and glowing phones below the desk lines.
Maybe it was the messenger.
No offense.
I don't think you understand what "no offense" means.
I'm just saying, if this generation knows it all, you gotta find something new to teach 'em, and if they won't listen, you gotta break through all the clutter.
And I'm saying no more speaking at the academy for me.
My duty is done.
What's up? Just about to get into my incident report.
- Hmm.
Like minds.
- Mm-hmm.
So I don't, you know, really wanna know, but how close was that engine to falling on your head? I was never worried.
Maybe just a smidge.
I've been in way worse spots.
Don't I know it.
What's on the menu today? Sandwiches.
I had big plans for a Guinness stew, but then a jet engine fell out of the sky, so.
Hey, I I saw you talking to Violet this morning.
Is everything okay with her? She sounded upset.
Oh, no, we were just, uh, just talking, you know? Why? There was this weird thing on the call.
What do you mean? I don't know, she just seemed a little off her game.
She couldn't handle all the blood, and it really freaked out the girl we were treating.
Never seen her do anything like that.
Must have been a rough one.
No rougher than plenty of other calls we've been on.
It was worrying 'cause like you said, she doesn't normally act like that, but I'm glad to hear there's nothing going on with her.
It was probably just a blip.
You see what I mean? It's not holding the charge, it levels down way too fast.
Don't worry.
We'll order you one from the shops.
Is this the firehouse that responded to the jet engine crash? That's right.
Alan Cutler, FAA Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention.
Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden.
How can we help? My team's at the scene right now, trying to determine the cause of the engine failure, but to do that, they're gonna need to reconstruct the entire assembly.
But they're missing the upper starboard side engine mounting strut.
I'm gonna need it back.
- I'm sorry, what? - One of my guys saw the officer of Squad 3 leaving the crash site with that strut in hand.
Whoa, whoa.
I'm the officer of Squad 3.
I didn't take any souvenirs.
You think I'm messing around? Interfering with an FAA investigation is a federal offense.
I didn't interfere with anything.
I don't have your strut.
I can get my partner over here.
We can search this place up and down.
Empty every last compartment of your rigs.
Not without a warrant, you won't.
If my lieutenant says he doesn't have it, he doesn't have it.
Okay, Chief.
You just brought down the full weight of the United States government on your firehouse.
Severide's pretty wound up over this.
You know, that strut probably landed - four blocks from the school.
- Or got stuck in a tree.
That being said you're sure you didn't take anything you weren't supposed to? Why do you keep asking me that? Because if it ends up at 51 after Boden told the feds to go packing, we're all dead.
Well, I'm not in the habit of taking souvenirs from accident scenes.
Uh, are you kidding me? You took the chunk of propane tank that almost killed Cruz.
We both took that! To make a plaque for Joe! Okay.
Okay, what round is this? AKA, how much catching up do I have to do? What are you doing here? I think what he means is, you know, no hanging out with Hawkins tonight? Oh.
Uh, yeah, he's at a seminar in Milwaukee with a bunch of other white shirts, so he can't even call.
- Well, that's annoying.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
Sounds stressful.
I mean, worrying about getting caught all the time, dealing with this Maybe it would help if you, you know, took a few shifts off, cleared your head.
I have relationship issues, Gallo, not a debilitating disease.
Besides, work is not the problem.
It is a welcome distraction.
No, yeah, sure, I just When I'm in a bad head space and we get a tough call, like with that girl with shrapnel in her neck, it can it can be upsetting.
That wasn't upsetting, there was barely any blood.
I mean, yes, it looked bad, but we stabilized it.
And due to its position, lodged between the carotid and trachea I'm sorry, can we not talk about horrific impalements on my day off? Oh, Ritter can't handle it.
Maybe you should tell him to take a few shifts off? - Mm-mm.
- Mm.
Okay, do you guys want another round? Because I'm thirsty.
- Yeah.
- Sure.
Okay, be right back.
Hey, Lieutenant Herrmann.
Todd! Hey, you're back! Hey! What're you reading this week? A mystery, a thriller? Actually, I'm not here to read.
You're training to be a firefighter? Get outta here.
When did this happen? My brother was always trying to talk me into it.
And then I met you.
And that day on the bench, when you said that John's death was a sad day for the CFD, I realized, right then and there, I wasn't his only brother.
He had family here too.
Hell yeah, he did.
I I should get going.
I don't want to be late for class.
Yeah, unless you like running stairs.
I'll see you around, Lieutenant.
Yeah, you will.
Hey, Todd.
Listen, you come by my bar Molly's sometime, I'll buy you a drink, all right? It's a firefighter bar, and you're a firefighter now.
Thanks, I I will.
Hey, Chief Fletcher! Just the man I came here to see.
Herrmann, you here to assist my next class? We could always use another hallway crawler.
I would, but I got a kid's ball game to go to, so.
Hey, how is Todd Graham doing? A new candidate of yours.
Graham? He's doing great.
He's a little hard on himself as one of the older guys in class, but top-notch recruit.
- Good, I'm glad to hear it.
- That why you came by? Oh, uh, no, I wanted to run something by you real quick.
Kay, stay on the radio.
Hi, just need a minute with your class, please.
Wow, crowded house.
We had to make room, with the loss of that building.
All right, gang, listen up.
I want you to give these men your full attention.
These are two of the brave firefighters that helped us out the other day.
Thank you, Principal Temshiv.
All right, we'll make this quick.
All the debris that was scattered around your school? The investigators need every piece of that in order to figure out what went wrong.
There's a really important part that's still missing.
It's, um, some kind of a mounting strut.
So if one of you guys took it for a memento or whatever, it needs to be returned.
And he's right, this is serious business.
I mean, there could even be legal repercussions.
Needles, is it? Hey, I'm Stella.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh, "Needles.
" That's interesting.
Is that a birth name, or Nope.
What is that on your neck, is that a Stormtrooper? Nope, I I can see clearly now it's a skull.
That's cool.
Ambulance 61, person injured, - 311 South Oakley - Fresh mac 'n' cheese - if you want it.
- Oh! Why, thank you.
Over here, hurry! I was just walking by, and this guy came crashing down the stairs.
- Make way.
- My arm - I think it's broken.
- Let's get you up.
All right, let's see.
- What's your name? - Donald.
What happened, Donald? Were you trying to ride down the stairs? No, I came around the corner too fast.
Lost control avoiding this guy on the sidewalk.
I'm done with these things.
Never again.
Man, does this hurt.
Poor distal circulation.
What does that mean? I'm not getting a pulse.
Okay, listen, Donald? We can't wait to treat this at Med.
If we don't do something about this right now, it's possible you could lose your hand, or the entire limb.
It'll be fine.
You'll be okay.
We just need to reduce the fracture by turning the bone back on itself in the direction of the break.
You are gonna feel it, but then we can move you.
Okay, do it, just do it.
Okay, grab me the speed splint, and draw up 50 of Fentanyl.
Maybe I should do the reduction? Uh, no, I I got it.
I'm just saying since, you know, this stuff doesn't bother me.
I said I got it.
Are are you sure you're up for this? Maybe we just let the doctors handle it.
I have done this before.
You are gonna be okay.
Syringe? Okay.
- On three, okay? - Okay.
One, two Sorry, yeah, I know that sucked.
But it's over now.
Let's secure this and get him to Med.
We've searched the house, all the rigs.
I've reached out to the entire high school, and that strut still hasn't surfaced.
Any further word from the FAA? Well, they've gone straight up the chain of command.
Fire commissioner, city comptroller, mayor's office, but I told them all the same thing.
You didn't take it.
Does Kelly need to talk to the union rep? Maybe lawyer up? The fact that Cutler never came with a search warrant suggests he doesn't have a very strong case against you.
So maybe we should all just sit tight, let this whole thing blow over.
I'm not gonna sit tight while you're getting angry phone calls from the mayor's office.
Guess I'll just order some spring cleaning, search all the rigs again.
What'd you think of Needles? I mean maybe he's not the most friendly guy in the world, but you know that generation.
I'm sure he's harmless.
Kylie tells me he took her on a date.
So they're seeing each other now.
What? No way, uh-uh.
No, we can't allow our girl to lower her standards like that.
No, we cannot.
This is our second time cleaning out the rigs.
If we didn't find it the first time Uh-oh! Look what I found.
My slide whistle! Thought this was gone forever.
Whoa, oh, no.
Oh, gentlemen, I may have just poisoned myself.
Make sure I get a monument Hey, Mason! Listen.
That stunt that you pulled with the chainsaw, cutting down the entire wall like that? How'd you like to demonstrate it to a class at the CFD academy? You want me to Want me to teach new recruits? Yeah, guest lecture.
We're calling it the Wildland Firefighters Technique in Urban Areas.
I cleared it with the chief of training.
Doesn't pay a dime, but you will gain some valuable connections with the white shirts there.
Hell yeah.
Count me in.
Great, I'll let him know! Hey, uh, remember me? Of course.
What's going on? It's about the missing airplane part.
Yeah? You know something? Maybe.
If if I tell you who got it, they gonna get in trouble? That's not really up to us.
But it'll be a lot better for them if they come forward with it voluntarily.
It's not me, man, I Just just forget I said anything.
Hey, whoa.
You you can't tell me you know who's got it and then just walk out of here.
I'm no snitch.
Kay, but here's the thing, Marco.
A firefighter is going to end up taking the hit for this.
One of the guys that helped save your classmates.
Are you okay with that? Look.
I know it's not always easy to do the right thing.
But you're not a coward.
I saw you brave a wall of fire to get yourself out of that classroom.
Hell, it even takes guts to come down here, and talk to me.
But you gotta finish what you started.
I found this near the track.
Not sure what it does exactly, but it's gotta be structural.
It's super strong, made from chromium molybdenum alloy steel.
That looks just like a Halligan bar, right? Yeah, which must be why someone thought they saw you leaving with it.
Yeah, no doubt.
Who is this kid? His name's Oliver Bell, a senior.
He pulled that video down right after you visited the school.
So how'd you get a copy? One of the other students.
I promised him we'd leave him out of this.
Well, all I care about is finding this little punk.
- Can you forward that to me? - Yeah, you bet.
All right, I'm gonna tell Boden, and then I'm going back to the school.
All right.
- Great work.
- Yeah.
Oh, good, you're free.
- I need you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- The hell's going on? Yeah, why so aggressive? - We need to talk about Emma.
- Um, hello? - What have I been saying? - We were on this call, and she was acting like she's the PIC, questioning my abilities in front of the patient.
- No - Yeah.
With a smile on her face, like it was no big deal.
Okay, at Molly's the other night, when you suggested I should take a few shifts off, did she say something to you? She did say that you seemed a little out of it on that jet engine call.
But I only believed her because you did seem distracted that morning.
I am starting to think that she is shady.
She lied about going to Johns Hopkins.
She lied about that, and you knew? Why wouldn't you tell me? We thought she just wanted to seem more qualified.
And we didn't want to stir the pot since she ain't sticking around.
She also told me that she wishes she could stay at 51 permanently.
She said the same thing to me.
This bitch is after my job.
Hey, Chief, do you have a second? Come on in.
Things are not working out with Emma.
- No? - Mm.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
So I was thinking, maybe until Brett gets back, I can just partner up with someone in the floater pool? - Not my call.
- I know, but I figured since you oversee the whole district Paramedic Chief Hawkins placed her here.
I can't override his order.
There's no way? There's no workaround? Sorry, I I just, I figured since you know me better, and you know that I am trustworthy on this kind of thing But never mind.
I'll go to Chief Hawkins.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, Oliver.
I'm one of the firefighters from the other day.
Yeah, I'm gonna need that chunk of metal you picked up.
- What chunk of metal? - You can drop the act.
I saw the TikTok.
You know, the one you took down after we told you that taking that strut was a felony? Please, I I didn't know what to do.
It was just a stupid mistake.
I thought it was basically junk, but Now if I turn it in, I'm Supposed to go to college next year.
I got into an engineering program.
Things are going to get a lot worse for you if you don't turn it in.
If I get in any kind of trouble, they'll revoke my acceptance.
Everything I've worked for just gone.
All right, just give me the strut, and I'll make sure none of that happens.
We have to be firm and have a united front.
No cracks in the armor.
- Yes.
- Right.
Can we see you for a moment? Yeah.
Hey, have a seat.
Did I do something wrong? No, no, not at all.
No, you're doing a fantastic job.
This is not about work, exactly, it's, uh Well, we just want to talk.
So we trust you.
We think you make good decisions.
And we don't normally impose any limits.
But as for this boy that you are seeing, it's He may not have the best intentions.
And we're not here to say who you can and can't date.
We think that you're a fine young woman.
I think that you deserve a fine young man.
And you don't think that fine young man could be Needles? - Um, actually - Well, it's We are speaking generally.
We are we are not judging anyone.
Well, I am.
For our date, he took me to a tattoo parlor, where he also works.
That's where the nickname comes from.
He just wanted to brag about his art and, uh, talk about how awesome he is.
- He's really full of himself.
- Oh.
Trust me, there will not be a second date.
So is that all you needed me for, or No, that's all for now.
Thanks, Mom and Dad.
Well, I I did say that she could handle herself, so.
This is a Halligan bar.
A forcible entry tool designed by a deputy chief out of New York named Hugh Halligan in 1948.
And this This is what one of my guys found while cleaning out the bunker room.
I'm sure you can understand how Lieutenant Severide confused it with his own tool after a long, chaotic fire rescue.
You guys are something else.
You could've just looked for it when I asked you to.
But no, you had to puff up your chests.
Well, you got it back now, so.
Can we assume that puts this ugly chapter behind us? Well, I gotta get this back to my guys, make sure it's still intact, but I should be able to convince my boss we don't need to press charges on this one.
Thank you very much.
You were willing to take a bullet for that kid.
I'm glad it missed.
So it's a hammer, and it lands on the table! - Whoa.
- I don't like to brag Hey, Todd, over here! Hey, fellas, this is Todd Graham.
Candidate I was telling you about.
This is Mouch, Ritter, Gallo, the newest recruit over here, Mason, and he's gonna be guest lecturer for you in a class real soon, so.
Hey, what're you drinking? I whatever's on tap is great, thanks.
Coming up.
Has anyone warned you about the final written test yet? Because when I tell you, it is no joke.
Firefighter two exam? Yeah.
Lieutenant Herrmann said he'd help me study.
Then you're all set.
If Herrmann says he's got your back, he means it.
He's the reason I'm still a firefighter.
Yeah, I wouldn't be a recruit without him.
So how about that drink? Just the two of us? Unless now's not a good time.
Nah, let's do it.
Let's do it.
I want to say she's gaslighting me, or she's just a liar.
Doesn't really matter.
Either way, she's a sociopath who I can't trust at all.
And who's after my job! You're not going anywhere.
I need you to transfer Emma out of 51.
I wish I could.
But you know I can't get involved.
Not with all eyes on us right now.
There's gotta be something we can do, or someone else I can go to.
Brett's back in a month, right? Yeah, well, that's a month of looking over my shoulder during life and death situations.
Violet Mikami, you are an excellent medic.
I know you can handle it.
But I shouldn't have to! She is clearly vindictive, or worse! If we weren't doing this It won't be this way forever.
But look at us, Evan.
You are practically on probation because of me, and I can't file a complaint about a co-worker because of you.
Oh, my God, how did we get here? How did we risk our careers like this? Why did you make me fall in love with you? I didn't mean in love, I It's okay.
I feel the same way.
This is a disaster.
Total disaster.
- What are we doing here? - I told you, just be patient.
Okay, so right over there.
That is where I almost lost you.
You know, I stood watching that boat in the water, waiting for you to come up for air, and I mean, I'll never forget that feeling, just thinking of a life without you.
It felt like no life at all.
And I never want to feel that way again.
Look, we are both taking a big leap of faith here.
You know, we're jumping into an unknown that carries a lot of baggage from both our pasts.
And neither of us thought we'd ever try again But we can do this.
I know it.
I know it too.
I'm all in.
And I know it may sound crazy, but this is where I want to do it.
- Right here? - Well At the the Crystal Gardens.
Unless you hate it? No.
If this is where you want to do it, then It's perfect.
Really? I love it.
I love you.

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