Chicago Fire s10e21 Episode Script

Last Chance

You have been training with Gallo.
I'm not hiding anything from you, Stella.
Truck is not the farm team for squad.
Back off.
Maybe we can do without the premium liquor upgrade.
You only get married for the last time once.
I thought we did a nice job handling a our first professional disagreement.
Of course you do, you got your way and that was a lot.
Violet didn't restock the jump bag, and we almost lost a patient.
I don't screw up.
Not like that.
Give me the spot at 51 or I can file a report and she gets fired.
I'm gonna kick her ass when I see her.
You know that, right? I know it's frustrating, but I have to make Emma think I'm playing her game.
I don't think she was bluffing about writing a report, and if she files it, I won't be able to stop whatever happens next.
Me getting fired, you mean.
Me too, most likely.
What? You don't think I'd let you go down alone, do you? That just makes it worse, you know? Don't worry, I won't let that happen.
I'll figure something out.
We got two week's till Brett's back on shift.
Let's not do anything to provoke Emma.
Not a word about this to anyone.
Okay? - Hey.
- Morning.
- Coffee? - No, I'm all set.
Um You ready? Yup.
- Ooh! - That's how the guys at the World Egg Throwing Championships do it.
Ooh, you got it? - Move back.
- All right.
Hey, remember, it's all in the wrist.
Whoa! Uh-oh.
Mouch is gonna kill us.
Get some paper towels.
No, you're you're thinking of a Dirty Bird.
A Mudslide is when you use Bailey's.
- A Dirty Bird? - Yes.
Dude, I don't think so.
I never even heard of that.
It's a classic cocktail.
Violet, back me up here.
- Connoisseur - Of what? Classic cocktails.
Hey, there you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
Mm, I've been here for 20 minutes.
Got you a latte, partner.
- Thanks, partner.
- Don't mention it.
Someone's in a good mood today.
- Whoa.
- Uh, what was that? I thought you decided to go a little easier on her.
Everything's fine.
You just threw away a $7 coffee.
Something definitely happened.
Truck 18, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambo 61.
Motor vehicle accident.
1200 West Damen.
Hey, Capp, Tony, let's have extinguishers standing by.
Copy that.
Back up.
Come on, buddy.
Watch your head.
Take it easy.
Hang on, sir.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Gallo, Mason, jaws and ram.
- Copy that.
- All right.
Hey, Herrmann, stretch a hoseline as soon as you land.
Got a rolled over food truck out here, - but it's got a propane tank.
- Copy that.
- Sit right here.
- Have a seat there.
Come on, come on.
We're just gonna have a seat.
- Come on.
- All right, all right.
- Let me get - No, no, sit down.
My truck.
I gotta go to my truck.
Don't worry about that, all right? Let's just make sure you're okay.
Thank you.
Look into the light.
- Stay still.
Dell - No, no, no, no, no! Hey! Wait! No! Wait! No! No, no! Don't open that! Cruz! Cruz, you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
I got him, boss.
Hey, Capp, Tony, get the extinguishers on this fire.
Copy that! Hey, Herrmann, we got a cooking oil fire on this food truck.
- Hurry up.
- Copy that.
Almost there.
- How many victims do we have? - We got at least two victims.
81 is extricating the SUV driver right now.
Ambo 61 to Main.
We're gonna need another ambo at Damen and Roosevelt.
Take it easy, all right, buddy? You got the best in the business - taking care of you now.
- My truck.
It has everything in there.
I Hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stay real still for me, okay? I need to get a listen to your airway.
- Let's prep an IV.
- On it.
Got it.
How you doing up there? It feels like I got punched in the face, but I'm okay.
The dash has got his knees pinned tight.
Seat's back as far as it goes.
We're gonna have you out of here in two shakes.
Just relax.
Okay, sir.
No, no, listen to me.
It's possible that your airway's inflamed, and we really don't want to have to intubate you right here.
So try to relax and we'll get you to the hospital, okay? - Stretch a crosslay.
- Copy that.
Hey, Herrmann! Herrmann, hurry up with that hoseline! There's a propane tank in here that's gonna blow.
Let's go.
All right, 30 seconds.
I need six more inches.
Board's ready.
One more inch.
Can you move your legs? That's it.
- Let's go.
- Yup, got him.
All right.
Let's go.
- Legs up.
- Go, go! Hey, hey, stop! Hey, so glass is cleared.
We're ready to pick up if you don't need anything else.
No, we got it from here.
Well, check it out.
It's that tank you were worried about.
A damn miracle it didn't blow.
Somebody take the sports? Oh, never mind.
Mouch! Hey, hey, Mouch, you okay? No, I am not.
How many times have I warned you people? Couches are meant to be sat on, not flopped on.
- Whoa.
- Ritter.
Hey, maybe it was just old age? Old age.
This was a wrongful death.
Well, I hate to point fingers, but you were the last one to be seen on it.
I take it you're not familiar with the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.
Did anyone in this room hear the sound of wood cracking when I sat down? - No, actually.
- Mm-mm.
No? That's the curious incident.
- Ah, right, Sherlock Holmes.
- Nice call.
I love a good mystery.
If no one heard the legs crack when I sat down, then they were already broken.
Ergo, there's been a cover-up, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.
Hey, what was that back there? What was what? Well, it seems like you can't even be in the same room as Emma anymore.
What happened? Nothing.
Really? Okay, if you say so.
She's blackmailing Hawkins to transfer me - and giving her my job at 51.
- Wait, what? Yeah, she threatened to file a report saying that I neglected to restock the jump bag properly and endangered a patient, which is total crap.
But she claims to have witnesses, so if Hawkins takes my side She knows you two are seeing each other.
It's a mess.
- I'm gonna kill her.
- Whoa, whoa, wait.
You cannot say anything.
I do not want her to know that I know.
Hawkins stalled her by saying he can't make the transfer happen until Brett gets back, so if she finds out you know then Why'd you tell me then? Because I I felt like my head was gonna explode if I didn't vent this to someone.
But please, Blake, I do not want to make things any worse.
Just promise me that you won't do or say anything to anyone.
Yeah, I don't know if I can do that.
Ritter, you're pretty handy with that camera-thingy.
My phone, you mean? Come over here and snap a couple pictures, will you? I could show you how to use yours.
Get this right here.
The other side too.
Get in real close.
Get a couple different angles.
See how the wood is cracked there - Uh-huh.
- And there? That would suggest the deadly force was applied laterally.
Oh, yeah.
Look at that.
And there's a scratch on the floor in the same direction.
- You think that's important? - No detail is too small.
We have to document everything in situ.
Once third shift comes in, the crime scene will be hopelessly contaminated.
Hey, look here.
Is this evidence? No, that's lint.
Just keep shooting while I go research the tensile strength of these eight millimeter hanger bolts and see who around here weighs enough to cause this level of damage.
Mouch is in there doing a full-on CSI thing.
- No.
- Yeah.
Hey, is it just me or you seem happier this shift? I think we turned a corner.
Figured it was only a matter of time.
Oh, hey, look at you.
You don't see a lot of floaters putting up pictures in their locker.
I'm permanent and I'm still way too superstitious for that.
Like, the moment I get too comfortable boom.
Somebody'll find a reason to snatch me up out of here.
A lot of people think that way, but I think they got it backwards.
If you ask me, it's all about manifesting what you want, Mason.
I really believe that.
Yeah, it started last night.
It's not bad, but we should probably bring her in for service within the next week or so.
I mean, it's no big deal.
Just because you were my best man, I wasn't expecting to be your best man or anything.
- It's cool.
- Is it? Yeah, yeah, totally.
I'm just saying, I'm here for you anyway, you know? Sort of like a second best man.
In case there's any best man duties that Casey can't fulfill because he doesn't live here and I do.
We'll see about all that wedding stuff and who knows.
Who knows? About the wedding? It's a long way off, that's all.
Hey, isn't that the food truck guy? - Hey, it's Dell, right? - Yeah.
Hey, how's it going there, Chef? No shortness of breath, right? It feels like I have a chest cold, but, you know, I'm okay.
Yeah, I'm surprised Med discharged you this soon.
These look like second-degree burns.
That's what they said, but I can't really afford a whole, big medical situation right now.
Well, that bandage is loose.
You gotta keep those burns covered.
There's a high risk of you getting Listen, I don't want to take up too much of your time.
I was think y'all might know where they towed my truck.
Uh, no, no.
Don't you have the 800 number? I've called.
Left a couple of messages, but it's impossible to get a real person on the phone.
If you want, I can make a few calls, and look into it for you.
Would you? That'd be real helpful.
Yeah, here.
Just write down your number and if we find it, I'll give you a ring.
Look, I really appreciate it, Lieutenant.
It's Kelly Severide.
- All right, thank you.
- Yeah, absolutely.
And, hey, keep those burns covered up.
Yeah, seriously.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
So I just got a calendar reminder.
I forgot we had scheduled the tasting at the venue today.
- Right.
- Mm.
Should we blow it off? You okay with that? Yeah, totally.
I mean, yeah.
I actually I have a bunch of paperwork to do anyway.
Yeah, I was hoping to track down that food truck from yesterday.
Oh, there you go.
Yeah, yeah, I'll see you at home.
- Hey, Lieutenant.
- Hey.
Oh, hey, I can help you track down that food truck, if you want.
Uh you sure? I know you got family waiting for you at home.
Actually, I don't.
Chloe's at work, Javi's at school, and Otis is at daycare.
Besides, I'm your second best man.
Told you there'd be duties.
Sounds good, but with discretionary budgets we've always got to allow for Let me call you back.
What can I do for you, Gallo? Violet told me what Emma's doing.
And you're not seriously gonna go along with - this blackmail scheme, are you? - Of course not.
Okay, so what are you gonna do about it? It's complicated.
Oh, I know how complicated it is.
Yeah, well, no offense, Gallo, but it's not really your business.
Like hell, it's not my business.
Violet's my friend and I care about her too much to just stand by while some sociopath tries to blow up her career.
- I'm handling it.
- Okay.
How? Well, I pulled her personnel file from her time over at Glen Ellyn.
And? She came with such a strong recommendation, I almost didn't notice it when she first applied.
There's faint lines in the space right after disciplinary action, like someone whited out what was in the original and then typed "Not Applicable" over it - when they photocopied it.
- Yeah, yeah, I see it.
Yeah, I was gonna go out there and talk to her old chief, but if the brass catches wind of it, they may start asking hard questions I'm not ready to answer yet.
- Well, I'll go talk to him.
- Whoa.
I don't know.
We're on the same side here.
We both care about what's best for Violet, so let me do this.
We're looking for a food truck that might've been towed here yesterday.
It's a Ford Step Van.
Bright yellow with the caved-in roof? There you go.
Fourth time's the charm.
Hey, can you let us in? We're just gonna get back there and take a look at it.
It's third row from the west side about 100 yards in.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
So what are we doing here exactly? I thought we were just trying to locate it.
I don't know.
Something about the way the guy was acting.
The scene and at 51.
Probably nothing, I just wanted to take a peek.
- Is it full? - Yeah, it feels like it.
I don't remember hearing the blowoff valve whistle during the fire, you? Mm-mm.
Smell anything? Nothing, that's the problem.
It should smell like mercaptan.
Hey, wait a minute.
Is that a seam? - That's not normal, right? - No.
Hey, can you grab the bottom? Whoa.
Yeah, it's in the middle row about 100 yards from the west side fence.
Yeah, red and yellow.
Thanks, Upton.
Yeah, yeah, I'll be here.
I'll be waiting for you.
Excuse me.
Hey, do you know if anyone called over here about the food truck today? Not since I got here at 7:00 this morning.
All right, well, if they do, can you do me a favor and just give me a heads up? Sure thing.
Hey, how's it going? Do you guys know where I might find Chief Guerin? You're Chief Guerin.
This is not some big city department.
Everybody has to get their hands dirty around here.
- You're a fireman then? - Yes, sir.
Blake Gallo.
Well, to what do we owe the pleasure, Gallo? Would you mind if we talked in private? What can I do for you? Well, um, I wanted to ask you a few questions about a medic who worked here.
Emma Jacobs.
She's been filling in at Firehouse 51 for the last few weeks, and I was wondering - if I could get a little more - Pursuant of GFD policy, I'm not at liberty to discuss disciplinary matters pertaining to any current or former members of this department.
Anything else? She's trying to blackmail our paramedic chief.
Like I said, pursuant to department policy, I'm not at - Liberty to discuss.
- I heard you.
- Did you? - Yeah.
And I'm talking about real people here, Chief.
Good people whose careers are at stake.
Look, I don't know what she did, but I'm betting it's pretty messed up.
I can see that much on your face.
And look, now she's at it again somewhere else trying to hurt other people.
Are you really okay with that? Pursuant to GFD policy, I'm not at liberty to discuss.
All right.
Thank you.
I put together a list of firefighters at 51 whose weight exceeds 200 pounds and cross-referenced it with this call log from last shift, this chore schedule, and this television schedule.
To narrow down the time of death or whatever you want to call it to between 5:17 a.
when first shift returned from their last call and 7:52 a.
when second shift got its first call.
And based on that, I compiled this.
This is a long list of suspects, Mouch.
You want to go interview all these people on our day off? Listen, everybody knows the first 48 hours of an investigation are critical, so let's get a move on, Watson.
Got to run.
Handle the incoming.
We always handle the incoming.
Do you guys know what you're doing about the booze yet? 'Cause I would be more than happy to provide all of it at cost.
Well, we settled on a liquor package at the venue, and then Severide thought it was too expensive.
So, you know, maybe we will call off the wedding.
Talk to me.
What's going on? Things have been weird.
You know, it's like the more real it gets, the less we want to talk about it.
We went from writing deposit checks to just avoiding the subject altogether.
Wedding jitters are normal.
I don't know if that's it, though.
You know, I just part of me wonders if we ever really got over the whole me going MIA thing.
Or if he's hanging on to something.
Or I If we just if we both have so much baggage when it comes to marriage that it was bound to spill out eventually.
I don't know, maybe there's a good reason we've been putting this off for so long.
Yeah, I'm sure there is.
Who are we kidding? All right, there's gotta be a bunch of good reasons not to go through with it, and there's only one real reason, one good reason, to do it.
Because you love each other.
The love part is easy.
I never question that.
Well, there you go then.
All right, keep it simple.
That's my advice.
Hey, you found my truck.
Oh, man.
Look at that.
Don't make things any worse.
Thanks for the tip.
Hey, hey, don't, don't Chicago PD, get your hands up.
Get them up.
Put your hands behind your head.
Interlace your fingers and get down on your knees.
Do it slowly.
Bad call, Kelly.
You have no idea what you just stepped into.
You have the right to remain silent, but by all means, keep talking.
Get up.
I almost feel bad for you.
Yeah, thanks.
No, I appreciate the update.
Will do.
Yeah, keep me posted.
There was $100,00 worth of iso on that truck.
$100,000, I mean, that seems like a lot for one guy.
Yeah, I thought that too.
Upton says with all his priors, he's probably gonna be away for a long time.
- That's good at least.
- Yeah.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, Lieutenant, whatever happened with that food truck? Go.
Fill him in.
I'll be damned.
Damn right it is.
Hey, you got a minute? She's in the common room.
- So I talked to Hawkins.
- You what? And he gave me the name of Emma's old chief in Glen Ellyn, so I went out there and talked to the guy.
You went all the way out to Glen Ellyn? Something shady happened, and he's trying to cover it up, I just know it.
I can't believe you did that.
Yeah, I didn't get anything concrete, unfortunately, but after talking to that chief, I know what we're dealing with.
And I'm sorry.
I know you told me not to do anything, but I just so don't be mad.
Oh, I am not mad, Gallo.
I Ambo 61, person down.
1355 North Taylor.
That's us.
I had the left turn arrow.
She crossed right in front of me.
It wasn't my fault.
Okay, grab the jump bag and I'll get How we doing, ma'am? What's your name? Nadine Wendell.
Where does it hurt, Mrs.
Wendell? Mostly my knee.
The guy sped around the corner like a bat out of hell.
I had the arrow.
Sir, I need you to stay back there until the police arrive, okay? Blood pressure cuff please.
Let's back up a few feet first.
Get her away from the street.
Ma'am, how do you feel about trying to stand up right now? I got it, Violet.
Can you please just hand me the blood pressure cuff? Let's get her away from the street right now.
There we go.
Okay, okay, here's the deal, Tony.
We know the World Egg Throwing Championships were on ESPN the morning of the crime, and we know you were in the kitchen at the time making eggs.
You had the means, the opportunity - I had nothing to do with it.
- Okay, I Okay, Tony, you're free to go.
For now.
Thank you.
Here's the deal, Capp.
We know the World Egg Throwing Championship It was me and Tony.
I'm sorry, Mouch.
I'm real sorry.
I don't know what to say, Violet.
You saved my life.
Yeah, well, that's the job, isn't it? I'm not a bad person, you know? We all make mistakes, don't we? But that's the best part about this job.
Every day we get a chance to balance out the scales.
All I'm trying to say is thank you for what you did for me back there.
I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
Help, over here! Please, she's over here! What happened? My wife, she's bleeding really bad.
Please hurry, she's just over here.
Truck 81, do you copy? Sorry, Chief, I know we're running into the third shift.
We're five minutes out.
Stella, there's been an incident.
- Stella Kidd? - Yeah.
Right this way.
Kelly, oh, my God.
Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Is anything broken? No.
I'm okay.
I mean, do you think this has something to do - with the food truck? - Maybe, I don't know.
Boden's out there talking to the cops right now.
God, you look like you're in pain.
How bad is it? I'll let you know when the meds wear off.
I just I was so terrified when I heard Boden on the radio.
You know, I just God, my mind went to the worst.
Everything's okay.
It's okay.
Stella, I love you.
I know, and I just I know I've been pushing too hard to get my way on everything lately.
Yeah, but I think we both know it's not the real problem here.
It's insane.
We run into burning buildings for a living.
Why the hell are we so scared of this? Maybe because we don't know what the hell we're doing.
There's no academy for this.
The only way to learn how to run into a real fire is by doing it.
So let's just do it.
Let's not wait another four months.
Let's do it next week.
That sounds perfect.
Sorry to interrupt.
Severide, this is Detective Pryma.
He's with the Narcotic Division.
- How you doing, Kelly? - I'm all right.
So that food truck guy we picked up yesterday, Dell Cotner? Turns out he's cousins with this guy.
- He was there.
- Yeah, Thomas Campbell.
Now, his organization's become one of the biggest players in the Midwest opioid trade the last few years.
That truck was their first foray into retail.
Just so you know, we're throwing everything we got at this.
All right, we're gonna do our best to get these guys.
But you just really need to stay alert.
You keep us posted.
How's he doing, Chief? He's pretty banged up, but he's in good spirits.
Should be able to help the police ID those guys.
So hopefully, they will be off the streets soon enough.
You know, times like these really make you take stock of what's important.
Couldn't agree more.
What do you want, Mouch? IKEA, Bob's Discount Furniture? Don't let the name fool you.
They got great stuff.
I think we both know what I want.
I spent three glorious hours on it at your last Super Bowl party.
Not my blue couch.
It's vintage.
I'm not asking, Capp.
What are you doing here? Been doing a lot of thinking, Chief.
About Violet and the whole situation there.
Here's the thing, Chief.
I'm kind of over the stall tactics.
I'm ready to make 51 my permanent home.
We don't need to wait for Brett to get back.
I need you to make it happen by next shift, okay?
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