Chicago Fire s10e22 Episode Script

The Magnificent City of Chicago

1 Violet told me what Emma's doing.
You're not seriously gonna go along with this blackmail scheme, are you? It's not really your business.
Like hell it's not my business.
Violet's my friend.
I'm ready to make 51 my permanent home.
Make it happen by next shift.
Stella, I love you.
Let's not wait another four months.
- Let's do it next week.
- That sounds perfect.
Got a rolled over food truck out here.
My truck.
It has everything in there.
There's over $100,000 worth of iso on that truck.
Thomas Campbell, one of the biggest players in the Midwest opioid trade.
- Put your hands up.
- Bad call, Kelly.
You have no idea what you just stepped into.
Thomas Campbell and all of his known associates.
Any of these dirtbags look familiar to you? This is the food truck, opioid dealer.
These two are muscle.
He's got a right hook like George Foreman.
The rest, I don't know.
But you're sure you saw Campbell on the scene.
1,000% he was there supervising his guys or maybe just enjoying the show.
You think you could be that convincing in front of a grand jury? Whoa, what? What's happening now? The state's attorney's office have been trying to build a case against Campbell, for the better part of a year.
Now a credible, upstanding witness that can link him to the food truck bust might finally get us that indictment.
I'm in.
How soon can you meet with the prosecutor? How about right now? I have a shift off.
You got to rest your bruised ribs.
I'll set it up for this afternoon.
I've gone down every road I can.
Any way to fend off this move by Emma will mean our relationship's outed and it still won't protect you from a battle over what happened on the asthma attack call.
This isn't right.
I don't have a blemish on my record.
I know, but somehow, neither does she.
Gallo and I dug deep into her past, and any place she may have had trouble, she's covered her tracks to perfection.
So what you're saying is, there's nothing you can do.
This is my last shift at 51.
Listen, I wish I could say that's wrong.
I I'm not giving up.
I think we should ♪ I know it's the right thing to do, but I just It'll be okay, I promise.
Listen, I know you got your fill of photos in there, but can I show you a couple more? I called every wedding venue in town begging them to fit us in on Friday, and by some miracle, the Crystal Gardens guy had a spot.
Place was reserved for a wedding, and they canceled yesterday.
Spot is ours if we want it and no need for a deposit because the couple already paid it.
- We even get their minister.
- Book it.
Right? [BOTH LAUGH.]
♪ I just hope Casey can get here.
Oh, me too.
Hey, have you heard any response from your mom yet? Not a peep.
I know it's short notice, but I mean, she's your mom.
This wedding is for us, not her.
All right, I'm off to shift.
Rest your ribs.
♪ You guys, come on, all right? Get your hands of your pockets and get back to work.
Easy, Cruz just 'cause you're acting lieutenant doesn't mean you get to treat us like children.
Yeah, we're not Javi.
We're grown men.
Oh, I don't yell at Javi.
He's a good boy.
See, he would never leave his SCBAs lying all over the app floor.
When did you get back in town? - Oh, late last night.
- Oh.
I came back a little early to help a certain someone get ready for her wedding.
You're the best.
Hey, welcome home.
Hey, is Casey with you? No, sorry, Hermann.
It's just me.
No, I mean, it's real nice to see you, - but he's coming, right? - Yeah, I hope so.
He just needs to wrangle someone to cover a few shifts.
Mouch, how's paramedicine going without me? Totally under control.
That said, you're not leaving again anytime soon, right? - No.
- Okay.
Hi, Sylvie.
Emma Jacobs.
I've been filling in on your ambo while you were on furlough.
- Oh, it's nice to meet you, Emma.
- You too.
So tell me everything.
It's not like Casey was unhappy here, obviously, but the joy he has now of being a dad and fighting wildfires, it really feels like where he's meant to be.
I'm so happy for him.
- How are the boys? - Great.
Ben is a whole different kid.
So funny and social.
- Mm.
- How's everything here? Okay.
- Finally! Brett's back.
- Oh.
Hey, look, I'm sure that Violet told you, but things with Emma have been all drama.
- Can't wait for her to be gone.
- No, she didn't.
Uh yeah, um [SIGHS.]
I'm not supposed to say anything, but it's worse than you even know, Ritter.
She is blackmailing me and Evan and blaming me for a mistake I didn't make to take my position here permanently - starting next shift.
- What? Damn, that's a new low.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I didn't want to make you feel bad or worry.
Well, we're gonna stop this somehow, right? Evan is trying to pull a last-minute rabbit out of the hat, but honestly, it doesn't look good.
And you can't let on you know anything.
Emma is a ticking time bomb and could file that charge against me at any second and end my career.
Hermann's got the wedding roundtable going.
Common room.
Hey, Violet, we'll figure this out.
- And whatever it takes.
- We have to.
All right, focus, people.
We got a last-minute wedding, so we are starting from scratch.
Well, we have a nice location, so there's that.
Yeah, Molly's also would've been a nice location, but moving on.
All right.
Me, Mouch, Cruz, we're on liquor.
- The key to any wedding.
- Cannot screw that up.
All right, Ritter, I have you on food.
Yeah, my buddy Mekhi's deli is gonna cater.
Oh, love you guys.
Violet, Gallo, you guys are doing flowers.
Yeah, my cousin is hooking us up.
- Oh! - All right, Brett.
Kidd says that you are on maid of honor duty.
Yup, here to help the bride-to-be with any and all preparations.
- Oh, girl.
- All right, great.
So that is it then, all right? Eyes on the prize, people.
- No slouching.
- What about me and Tony? Well, we might need extra chairs.
Uh, doesn't the venue have that? This sounds like a pity assignment.
Well, they provide 30, and we invited a few more than that, so if, you know, everybody shows up.
Okay, we'll slay that.
All right, wedding roundtable adjourned.
You guys, I, um I just I can't thank you enough.
- No problem.
- We got you.
- Oh, of course.
- We love you.
- You know we got you.
- Thank you.
What'd I miss? - Severide-Kidd wedding stuff.
- Oh, anything I can help with? Nope.
You won't be around.
- Chief.
- Hey.
- Hey, Brett's back.
- Is she? Yeah, she's just visiting today, but she'll be back in rotation next shift.
I'm really pleased to hear that.
Be happy to have Violet and Brett back together again.
- Absolutely.
Anything else? Well, kind of.
Talk to me, Lieutenant.
What's up? Well, you know that I don't have much in the way of birth family.
Aunt Laverne is getting old, she doesn't travel, and the rest of my real family is right here in the firehouse.
Truth is you're the closest thing I've had to a father in my life and I was wondering Would you give me away? [SOFT SENTIMENTAL MUSIC.]
♪ That would be my greatest honor.
- Really? - Yeah.
I mean, no pressure.
Before you make any promises, just know that the wedding is in two days.
Stella, wedding could be yesterday and on the moon and I would still find a way to walk you down that aisle.
Come here.
♪ Cell phones, keys, metal objects in the basket, please.
Step forward.
Thank you.
One second, ma'am.
Kelly, are you close? They're waiting on us.
I'm here.
I'm on the fourth floor, but I can't find the suite N402.
All the numbers start with an S.
You're in the south tower.
You got to cross through the sky bridge.
♪ Hey.
♪ We've identified the deceased.
It's Campbell's guy, like you said.
Look, anyone can see it was self-defense.
All right, you're in the clear.
Campbell must've been worried the message his boys gave you didn't sink in, so put one of them on your tail in case you made trouble.
How the hell did he get in here with a knife? Cameras didn't pick him up coming through security, so he must've found his way into a side door somehow.
There is a silver lining, though.
Campbell's connection to this attack on you should give us enough to move on him.
- How soon? - Right away.
Then down the road if you still want to testify I do.
I'm gonna assign a squad car to watch your back - until Campbell's in custody.
- I can take care of myself.
Well, that much is obvious.
All the same, Flores.
Sir? Don't let him out of your sight.
- Ma'am.
- Chief Hawkins.
Good to see you.
Could I get a moment of your time? Make an appointment, Chief.
You're booked all week and this can't wait.
Then you better get to talking.
Can we at least, um ma'am, a paramedic named Emma Jacobs is blackmailing me.
She's demanding I give her Violet Mikami's spot at Firehouse 51 or she's gonna level false accusations that are gonna be hard to disprove.
Because of your indelicate relationship with Mikami? Yeah, I know all about it.
There's nothing indelicate about our relationship.
Chief, I don't owe you any favors.
I'm not looking for favors, ma'am.
I'm looking for justice whatever the cost.
I'll lie on this grenade to eliminate any conflict of interest, if you need to transfer me to another district, even bust me down to paramedic, go right ahead.
Demand my resignation if you have to.
Let me take the hit for this because Violet doesn't deserve what's happening to her.
♪ I bet I can find that.
Yeah, great.
Add that to the list.
- Cool.
- Hey, guys.
So where you headed next, Emma? Uh, not sure yet.
We'll see.
Well, you have been spoiled having Violet as a partner.
It has definitely been a great couple months.
Yeah, when Violet and I first met, I knew we'd make a great team, but I didn't realize that she'd become one of my best friends too.
Anyway, hope you find someone like that.
One in a million.
I have a good feeling about it.
So you gonna stick around all shift? Most of it.
Well, maybe we'll have the chance to get to know each other better.
Sounds great.
Brett, you can act.
That sounded legit friendly.
And that was really sweet what you said.
It probably won't affect her twisted brain, - but thank you.
- Well, I meant every word.
I'm really happy to be back here with you in 51.
Why didn't you call me right away? There was so much going on.
I had to give a statement and just Take a beat.
I know he came after me, but still.
Hey, you are a good man, and you wouldn't be here if you hadn't acted.
Okay? You had no choice.
I know, and I'm okay, really.
Those guys are still out there, and we're supposed to be getting married.
- Like, how is that gonna happen? - It's fine.
The cops are going after Campbell now.
I have police protection.
This wedding is happening.
I promise.
I don't want anything overshadowing it, so keep it on the down low.
You and Boden are the only ones that need to know.
♪ These halyards are getting a little frayed.
Yeah, I already made a note to replace them, Cap.
Good boy.
Seriously, Casey, you look amazing.
It's gotta be all the vitamin D.
It's Portland, Joe, not San Diego.
Oh, well, then it must be all the frou-frou coffee.
Seriously, I'm surprised you're not rocking a man bun by now, riding around on a solar powered unicycle.
When you gonna send Ben off to boarding school - and come back home? - I don't know.
Are the Chicago winters still like I remember? [LAUGHTER.]
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
- Chief.
- How are you? - Good, buddy.
- Violet.
- Casey! [LAUGHS.]
Welcome back.
I missed you guys.
You have no idea.
Hey, don't go anywhere.
Be right back.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
We raided Thomas Campbell's home an hour ago and found the place empty.
Cleaned out in a hurry, paper shredded, - hard drives destroyed.
- Where is he off to? Well, one informant says Northern California, another says Canada, so I don't get it.
What happened? What happened was, he greenlit a high profile attack on a firefighter that went sideways in spectacular fashion.
He knows the hammer's gonna drop, so he's pulling the plug on his Chicago operation and skipping town.
He's not gonna get away, right? No, no, no, not for long.
Not if we have anything to say about it.
But it's a fed issue now, and we gotta keep our powder dry.
It's good news in a way, right? You're the least of his problems now.
He's right.
Just put him out of your mind.
♪ Hey, you got a minute? I need to show you something.
Oh, sure.
BOTH: Surprise! - Oh, my God.
- Yes.
- Oh, my God.
- Uh-huh.
Here, wear this.
Time to celebrate.
We have some strong pour Shirley Temples - mixed up for you.
- Plus, cupcakes.
And plenty of games, too, of course.
We're gonna play How Well Do You Know the Bride - and lots of other fun stuff.
- Yes.
At least until the bells go off.
You put this all together in one day? It was all Brett's idea.
You're the best maid of honor ever.
I love you.
Okay, all ears, what is the bride-to-be's favorite position? - You pervs.
- In the CFD.
Gallo, come over here a sec.
Got something for you.
A snow globe of the Space Needle? [CHUCKLES.]
That's Seattle, not Portland.
Your Thunderbolt? You're giving me your favorite axe? Don't find myself using it as much out west.
It belongs in Chicago.
I'm glad you're sticking with Truck 81.
It's a great fire company.
One of the best.
If I can't be here, at least she's in the hands of people I trust.
You're not new blood anymore, Gallo.
You're old guard.
Thanks, Casey.
- Truck 81, Squad 3.
- Go get them.
Structure fire at 3060 West Arthington.
♪ Brett seems awesome.
- What? - [GROANS.]
Emma, you haven't figured out by now that you can't just slide into my spot without all of 51 coming at you, not to mention, me making your life a living hell every day from now on, then you are even more deranged then I thought you were.
They'll grow to like me.
You'll see.
My dad was in the army.
He always said it doesn't matter if you hate or love the guy next to you.
When you battle together, you become family.
Just takes a little time.
♪ Gas explosion, Chief.
Shook up the whole block.
Okay, truck, squad, give me a primary search of that two-flat.
Squad, we're going in.
Engine, get a hose line in there.
- Copy that! - Okay, this is Boden to main.
We need a gas company shut off and an EMS Plan One.
My neighbor, Natalie, she's pregnant.
- She can't move.
- Is she in the fire? No, next door.
She lives above me.
That blast hit us like a freight train.
Something has her trapped.
Okay, ma'am, please go stand over there.
Okay, 81, we need to evacuate a pregnant victim next door, two up, possible extrication.
Take the medics with you.
Copy that, Chief.
Mouch, Mason, go with Squad.
Gallo, come next door with me.
- Copy.
- Copy that! Fire department! Call out if you can hear me! Help! I'm over here.
Victim is impaled with blast debris.
Just try not to move.
All right, okay.
Oh, this thing's all the way in the wall.
- Gallo, cut it behind the sofa.
- Copy.
- Okay.
- Hon, did your water break? Are you having contractions? Pain in your back or abdomen? Yes.
We're gonna take good care of you, okay? We got to get her to Med, stat.
Yeah, we're working on it, Mikami.
There's smoke coming in here.
Chief, we got smoke coming up the back stairs, is that just blowing in from next door? Negative.
Looks like the fire's moving across the gangway.
You better hurry up.
Wait, the fire's over here now? Hey, this might buzz a little, okay? Guys, this building's on fire.
- We have to get out of here.
- Oh, God! He's coming.
The baby's coming.
Okay, deep breaths for me.
Hey, I need you to breathe for me, okay? Like this.
In and out.
Chief, does engine know that we got fire over here? 51 has their hands full next door.
Our second due engine is trained.
Sit tight.
Damn, there's not a lot of room to work back here.
♪ You're doing great.
Keep on.
- Almost there, almost there.
- Okay.
♪ Chief, it's heating up in here.
We need more time.
Hermann's racing a line over from the main fire building.
- Just give it a minute.
- Okay.
Emma, get the Kerlix ready.
Violet, we should go.
Can't the firefighters deal with this? Emma, get the Kerlix.
All right.
Keep breathing for me.
Okay, in and out.
Got it.
Oh, God.
You got it, you got it, you got it.
Oh, God.
It's the baby.
Okay, she's crowning.
We can't move her.
What? No.
We should go.
- We lay her back, okay? - All right.
All right, Emma, give me the bulb suction.
Emma, bulb suction now.
Emma are you kidding me? Emma.
Hey, forget her.
I'll get the suction bulb.
Okay, copy.
Thanks, Gallo.
All right, keep breathing for me, okay? [GROANS.]
♪ Jacobs, what's wrong? It's not safe.
I am not dying up there like an idiot.
Where are the others? Where's Violet? I told her we had to go.
Did you just abandon your partner? What the hell's going on here? Kidd, Gallo, report.
Hermann, where the hell is that hose line? Bringing it in now, Chief.
Hey, here they come.
She's good.
♪ The fire was coming.
Say what you want about me or Violet, file your report, hell, you can take out an ad in the "Tribune.
" Now that everyone knows what you really are, whose side do you think they'll take? Finish your shift, clean out your locker.
You're not cut out for 51.
♪ You okay? Oh, I swear I put it in here.
- Okay, stop moving.
- I'm antsy.
What if he comes in here and then he sees the dress? You know that tradition dates back to arranged marriages, right? It's not such a great thing.
I'm not tempting fate on my wedding day.
It's a shocker it's even happening.
Ah! Ah! I found it.
Oh, no, that's hideous.
Oh, it's the only one they had.
Okay, okay, I think you two need to take a couple deep breaths.
Yeah? Look at me.
In and out.
Oh, Javi, if Kelly comes out, make sure he doesn't head in here, okay? - Okay.
- If you let him in here, - I'll kill you, Javi.
- Okay.
Kelly, don't go near the room or Stella will kill me.
All right, you got it, little man.
Oh, throw the ball here.
- You're the best man, right? - I am.
Joe called that a real slap in the face.
No, he must've misheard that.
The kid barely speaks English.
Let's go get you a snack, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
Kind of can't believe it.
You actually tying the knot.
We've known each other a long time.
- Too long.
- Painfully long.
Listen, I don't want to get too sappy, but it's your wedding, so I'm going there.
It's been something watching you change since Stella came into your life.
As cliché as it sounds, she's made you a better man.
You might get some disagreement there.
I'm really grateful to be a part of this, Kelly.
You guys are meant to be.
I'm even more grateful to have you.
Hasn't been the same around here since you left.
Never will be.
♪ Man, I really thought my days at 51 were over.
Leave it to Emma to go out in the most dramatic way possible.
Thank God she showed her true colors because honestly, I don't think Evan was gonna be able to do anything.
You're right, you know, the whole relationship has been a mess for us professionally, and it took a personal toll too.
Hey, I get it.
There are things, emotions, that eclipse all common sense.
Mm, yeah.
Okay, time to head out.
- Okay.
- Tell me when Kelly's gone.
All right, let's bring it all in now.
Too bad Trudy couldn't make it.
I hear Donna's stuck at work too.
I predict a night filled with me and Chief Boden doing the cha-cha.
Check out the back.
We got, like, 50 chairs.
I thought Kidd said they only needed ten.
Yeah, but we got 50.
What? Okay.
♪ Hey, don't you dare turn around, Kelly Severide.
Oh, if I hear that one more time, this wedding is off.
Hi, we're here to check in for the Kidd-Severide wedding.
So, yeah, I tried to call her, but the voicemail was full.
Okay, well, we're here now, so Well, the Milinac wedding is back on, and I still have his deposit, so I got to let them in.
We'll get you guys in here next month.
- What? - That's not gonna work.
Hey, buddy, buddy, hey.
Listen, these two, they got to hurry up and get it done 'cause they got serious commitment issues.
So how about I offer you 100 bucks and you get married next month? Not gonna happen.
Mono, Mono, you told me I had this place.
Okay? You need to fix this.
You screwed up.
I make no mistakes.
This is a disaster.
Now what are we gonna do? ♪ Maybe go back to the apartment? It's a mess, and I don't know how we set everything up, let alone find someone to officiate.
What do you want to do? I I don't know, maybe we just postpone.
- I got a boat.
- What? - Stay behind Kelly.
- Okay.
Right there.
Tour boat.
Are you sure all of us can fit on there? They only have two people signed up for the tour, so Captain Herrera said we could buy it out.
Even better, he's a ship captain, so he can marry you.
Dude, you're a genius.
I know.
Super genius.
I just hope everybody doesn't mind standing the whole time.
Uh, we got all the chairs you need.
- Saved the wedding.
- Yes, we did.
This is actually happening.
Okay, Kelly, close your eyes.
I'm gonna go with Brett first.
All right.
My hero.
All right, can I open my eyes now? Yeah, you're good.
So Kelly, your mother says she's been trying to get ahold of you.
Your phone is off.
- She is? - Yeah, give her a call.
- Kelly.
- Mom.
I wanted so badly to surprise you and show up.
And then this stupid plane got delayed and I'm not gonna make it.
You were coming here? I'm so sorry.
It was the only flight I could get on such short notice.
No, no, no, you don't have to apologize.
I didn't think you wanted to come at all after what you said about Severide men shouldn't marry.
Oh, forget all that.
I've seen how committed you are to your bride-to-be, and you deserve all the happiness in the world, my boy.
♪ I'm not gonna ask you if you're ready because I know you are.
Come on.
I could not be more proud.
♪ Let's do this.
'Cause all of me ♪ Loves all of you ♪ Love your curves and all your edges ♪ All your perfect imperfections ♪ Give your all to me ♪ See? That is why the groom can't see the bride first.
I get it now.
Congratulations, Kelly.
You're one lucky man.
That much I know.
Good afternoon, everybody.
Usually about this time, I'm pointing out the width of Mather Tower.
Instead, the fates aligned, and here we are on this ship surrounded by the magnificent city of Chicago to celebrate the union of Kelly and Stella.
And I understand this one's been a long time coming, so let's get right to it.
What do you say? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Now, I know you wrote your own vows, so take it away, guys.
Okay, I can do this.
Not gonna cry.
Kelly, the simple truth is that you are magic to me.
Whenever I'm at my lowest, you lift me up.
You never leave my side.
♪ You are the goodest of men.
And yes, we are taking a huge, crazy leap into the unknown, but we're doing it together, and when I need to hear it, you'll tell me, "You've got this, Stella Kidd.
" And I'll know that everything'll be okay because it always is when I'm with you.
I love you with everything I've got, Kelly Severide, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
♪ Stella, I decided a long time ago that if I was gonna be with you, I needed to be worthy of you, which seemed impossible.
How do I become worthy of someone brave enough to show who they are inside and out? What makes me this better person that I keep hearing about is, you keep me from locking things up.
Instead, you made sure you really knew me.
Then, by some miracle, you still love me.
Stella, I might never be worthy of you, but I promise to spend the rest of my life trying.
And I love you.
I love you so much.
Can we have the rings, please? ♪ [LAUGHS.]
And now, all that's left to say is, by authority given me by the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
♪ Don't believe me, just watch ♪ Don't believe me, just watch ♪ Don't believe me, just watch ♪ Don't believe me, just watch ♪ Hey, hey, hey, oh ♪ [LAUGHTER.]
♪ At last ♪ ♪ My love has come along ♪ I really needed this.
Thank you for being the perfect dance partner.
Oh, the pleasure is all mine.
- You good? - Yeah.
I mean [SIGHS.]
Things with Evan have gotten so, so complicated, and maybe this isn't fair, but I can't help but feel like he should've done more to help.
I guess that is yet another reason why you shouldn't date the boss.
Thank you for coming to see me.
I wish you could've stayed forever.
You've made a beautiful life for yourself in Oregon, Matt, but it's your life, not mine.
My 51 family is here, my work is here, my life is here.
How much longer can we keep this up with so much time apart? [SENTIMENTAL MUSIC.]
I don't know.
But we're together tonight.
♪ No rush.
I can wait.
The lock sticks.
- You ready? - No.
You're supposed to wait.

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