Chicago Fire s12e01 Episode Script

Barely Gone

Community, solidarity, family.
Those are the things that
make this department strong.
Kylie Estevez has officially
passed the firefighter's test.
Every day, I wish
my family was still here.
When your mom died,
I didn't know what to do.
- I'm trying to make amends.
- Aunt Lacey, you're family.
This job brings people together.
I don't just want a baby.
I want that little girl.
I'm gonna adopt Julia!
Our first kiss was right here.
We were meant to be.
Sylvia Brett, marry me.
It can also come at great personal cost.
- We need an ambulance!
Hey, you okay?
[RASPING] My side's
kind of barking at me again.
Help! Please!

Arson was his sidekick.
Now it's the center stage.
I just hope that there's not
something more serious going on.
Severide's wrapped up
this thing in Alabama,
and now he's on some ATF investigation.
What are you talking about?
I'm going to bring my husband
back to Chicago.
These fine people want what's best,
for the citizens of Chicago.
My team of 51 saves lives.
Who invited you in here?
You want me to go?

What the hell are you doing?
I was gonna put my stuff in this locker.
Nobody's using it.
Put the tape back on.
All right, that name is never
coming off that locker.
You hear me?
[LAUGHING] Oh, Mouchie!
- Yes.
- There he is!
- Back in action.
- Yes!
Welcome back.
- Oh, we've been missing you.
- Oh, come on.
I've been seeing you guys
at Molly's plenty.
But it's great to be back at 51.
Station gear suits you perfectly.
I had to size down.
Six months of rehab will
get you in shape, believe me.
What's with the crowd?
Oh, the eejits over at House 17,
they had a pretty nasty kitchen fire
couple of days ago and
it spread to the whole place.
While it's being renovated,
they're bunking up here at 51.
Yes, it's been total chaos.
There are guys sleeping on the floor.
Well, anybody touches my bunk,
it's knuckle sandwich time.
The only one with a brain
is their lieutenant, LeClerc.
Wait, you're riding truck?
Oh, yep.
Since both you and Gallo were
gone, Herrmann loaned me out.
I was really hoping
Gallo would change his mind
about moving to Michigan with his aunt.
- I'm gonna miss that guy.
- Yeah, no doubt.
But hey, he's got a great spot
waiting for him
up there at the FD in Detroit.
Yeah, and it's the first time
he gets to be with blood
relatives since he was a kid.
He's stopping by later today
to pick up a piece of equipment
and say his goodbyes.
Squad 3, Truck 81, Engine 51
Here we go.
Oh, no.
Oh, no. My engagement ring, it's stuck.
I got a ring cutter. Want me to snip it?
Hang on. I got this.
Stay calm, woman.
- Here you go.
Oh! [SIGHS] My hero.
Yeah, don't you forget that.

Doesn't look like he hit anything.
Something just blew up in there?
- Everybody, stay back.
- Hey!
The driver, he's still inside!
Hey! We've got water coming
in 20 seconds!
I'm not waiting. Hey!

Hit him, hit him!

On two. One, two.
Let's move.
Don't bother finding a vein.
Just get the IO drill
and start pushing fluids.
- Copy.
- Let's go!
Hey, Doherty, send the water.

The heat's getting to that bridge.
Hey, we need to get that
truck out of there now!
All right. Mouch, Carver!
Hook a chain up, pull the truck
from under that overpass!
- Ritter, back 'em up.
- Copy.
There's a lot of damage
to the vocal cords.
Use a smaller ET tube.
We gotta get him to Med fast.
- Hey, guys, back up!
- Let's move!
All clear, ma'am!
Okay, let's get that chain out!
This end!
If that bridge comes down,
so does everyone driving on it.

All right, here we go.
Get my back, get my back.
There you go.

What took you so long, Rivera?
Thought you guys were
like a block from here.
Ah, we got tapped out
to a little garbage fire
over on Racine.
Meanwhile, you guys scoop us
on a real worker
right here in our own backyard.
Anything we can do to help?
No, it looks like we got a handle on it.
Well, we saw the purple smoke
a mile off.
What's that about?
It's gotta be chemicals of some kind.
Iodine, potassium permanganate, maybe.
No idea what set it off, though.
All right.
Maybe the driver could
shed some light on it.
I don't know.
He was in there a long time.

Oh, God, no.
- Next.
- This one's pretty.
- No, it's not. Next.
Violet's being mean to my dress choices.
If it's a white gown, she likes it.
This is what I'm dealing with.
Have you picked a day
and date for the wedding?
It's a month and a half away.
Invitations are coming out shortly.
- Here in Chicago, right?
- Yes.
But right after, Julia and I
are moving to Oregon
to be with Matt and the boys.
I thought you were gonna
wait until the fall before you left.
I was. But Matt and I talked it through,
and the truth is,
we've waited long enough
to be together full-time.
That [SIGHS]
I just can't imagine
you not being here, I guess.
Yeah, but it'll be
like she's barely gone.
She's gonna visit all the time
and it's really the best thing
for both of them.
Yeah, I know. Yeah.
I'm happy for you, of course.
- Yeah. It'll be great.
- Thanks, Mouch.
Now that Mouch is back,
we got the perfect vibe going on Truck.
- This combo is a winner.
- I agree.
Smooth as silk on the delivery van fire.
That's great and all, but don't forget
you have Ritter for two weeks
between Gallo leaving
and Mouch coming back,
and then you gotta find a floater.
We'll see. Think it over.

Not a bad idea.
Did you see the look on Herrmann's face?
He was not happy.
That's trouble.
I was caught between two lieutenants
when Casey and Severide
were angling for me.
But you can't pick without
someone getting offended.
Thanks, Cruz. That was really helpful.
if you just sit back,
let the lieutenants battle it out,
eventually, a winner will emerge.
And then you won't have to pick at all.
[WHISPERS] You'll thank me later.
How come every bag of snacks
that I pick off the shelf
that's specifically labeled 17
has been half-eaten?
Chippy, come on. Give it a rest.
I'm telling you. 51 has sticky fingers.
Hey, we'd never eat
that dollar store crap you buy.
Yeah, especially those. They're stale.
Okay. Quiet down, people.
I have news.
I have just heard from Med
that the delivery truck driver
died during surgery.

Man, that smell.
Same exact one filled the air
during the fire at our house.
It's strong, all right.
I can't get the damn smell
off my jacket.
I had this crazy call
at the Franklin overpass.
Delivery truck exploded,
fire spread fast,
black-purple smoke everywhere.
It was a wild one.
The fire at our house
had purple smoke, too,
just like you're describing.
Take us through it. You wanna start?
We were sitting in our common area,
you know,
lunch about to come out the oven.
Alarm came in for both our units,
ambo and engine, fire over near Wrigley.
We pull out,
we're gunning down Sheffield.
About three minutes on the road,
Gina, she's our admin assistant,
calls us in a panic,
says there was a explosion
in the kitchen.
And that's when you turned around?
Yeah as soon as we pull up,
we can see the whole place is rolling.
We figure someone left the oven
on since we were cooking,
even though no one copped to it.
You didn't think that
the purple smoke was strange?
A box of cleaning supplies
had just been delivered.
It was sitting right there
on the counter near the stove.
We thought the chemicals overheated
and that's what caused the explosion.
Now? I'm not so sure.
Okay. Thanks, Lieutenant.

You think the two fires are connected?
I do, yes.
And I
I wanna look into it.
You don't think OFI can handle it?
I'll bring it to Van Meter for help,
but it could only be a matter of time
before another bomb goes off.
We need to move fast.
And OFI doesn't have
the firsthand knowledge I do.
I get that.
If you don't want me
to do this, I won't.
We can go back to never
talking about arson,
pretending everything is normal.
Don't act like this is some random rule
- that I laid out, Kelly.
I basically had to fly to Alabama,
put you in handcuffs, and drag you home.
You get so caught up
in these arson cases.
It's like a drug.
didn't even know where you were
on that last case.
And it's taken six months for us to even
try to build back
any kind of real trust.

You know how sorry I am for that.
But it's not going
to happen with this case.
I'm here. So are you.
We're in it together.
I have a gut feeling
this could be big, Stella.
And a lot of lives could be at stake.
Go solve it, then.

Looks like you got a
science project going on.
It's fire cop time.
This about the fire at 17?
For starters,
these are all CFD-assigned,
city-issued cleaning supplies.
Like the supplies they had in
the kitchen before the explosion.
Like what they thought
was in their kitchen,
but I don't think
that's what was in the box.
Why not?
Well, some of these
could cause a chemical reaction
if mixed together, some even deadly,
but none would explain the purple smoke.
So what are you thinking?
I think someone sent a package
meant to look like
regular cleaning supplies,
but the real contents were
something else completely.
This is potassium permanganate powder.
It's a powerful oxidizer.
Mixing it with glycerol
would cause a violent chemical reaction,
one of a few reactions
that emits purple smoke.

- You all right?
[COUGHING] This stuff is no joke.
So same thing happened at 17
and the delivery truck explosion.
I'll call the delivery company,
see if I can get details
on the contents of that truck.
If somebody's setting
these explosions intentionally,
they're not just trying to scare people.
They're trying to kill 'em.

Carver says you were
a beast on the scene
helping take down that fire.
Yeah, well, death tickling your toes
can be a pretty good motivation.
Not to mention Trudy
with the buggy whip at my back.
Hadn't been for her,
who knows if I'd have ever
made it back here.
51 wasn't the same without you.
It doesn't feel the same now.
Well, having another
firehouse filling up the place,
that doesn't help.
It's not just that.
Gallo gone, Brett leaving?
- Yeah.
- Kylie.
- Am I interrupting?
Perfect timing, actually.
Look at you.
Legit rookie firefighter.
I just don't understand
why you're not here at 51.
I told you, she wanted
to chart her own path.
After being under our tutelage
for so damn long.
I'm proud of her.
I gotta get going.
The unit's waiting on me.
I just wanted to take a quick
peek at Mouch back on the job.
- Aw.
- Welcome home.
Thank you, Kylie.

- I need to talk to you, Chief.
Everyone's gonna complain
about this lasagna
because of the sauce.
I told Gallo to bring
a bottle of his marinara
when he comes by later.
That is not gonna save
our asses for this meal.
When he gets here, we cannot lose it.
[SIGHS] Cannot.
No tears. Zero.
That would just make him feel bad.
Yeah, and that's
the last thing we wanna do.
So we'll just quick-hug it
and say, "See you soon."
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
Hey, need a hand?
I wanna help. That's all.
That's all.
I was just thinking about how
I gave you your start here
at 51, Ritter, and
brought you onto Engine.
Fond memories.
Hey, hey.
Mouch is the one who brought
Ritter to 51, and you know it.
Now, back off.
Give Ritter the space
he needs to make an informed,
unbiased choice
between Truck and Engine.
He seems pretty worried about it,
so he says he'll keep me posted.
Severide is really good at this.
I'm sure he'll get to the bottom of it.
Hope so.
Let's talk wedding.
So how many people are you thinking?
Family only,
which includes 51, of course.
Which includes you, Carver.
Well, I'm honored.
Do we get a plus-one?
Oh, sure.
Are you seeing someone?
No. Nothing serious.
Oh, well, Violet's not
seeing anyone either right now.
Maybe you two could go together.
I am not going as Carver's pity date.
Hey, we're both desperate
when the wedding hits.
I'd consider it.
Why did I say that?
It just flew out of my mouth.
Now they're arguing again.
Yeah, but do you ever really
argue with someone
if you don't care a little
too much about what they think?
Just got word back
from the delivery service.
Confirmed the truck was headed
to 105's house with a package.
Talk to me about the original fire.
Someone sent dangerous,
flammable liquids to 17
under the guise of cleaning supplies.
But one of the guys brought
the box into the kitchen.
Firefighters assumed that
the stove had been accidentally
left on right near it
and that's what triggered the explosion.
It was pure luck that
no one was hurt or killed.
Preliminary report on the 17
fire found nothing suspicious.
The explosion of the
delivery truck near 105
had all the same hallmarks of 17's fire
just a few days ago.
Acrid smell, distinctive black
and purple smoke.
It can't be a coincidence.
You look into who sent
the package headed to 105?
I did the return address
that was given out
turned out to be fake.
Van Meter, I know that
I don't have any proof yet,
but I'd like to get a close look
at the delivery truck remains
before it's too late.
The sooner, the better.
Okay. I'll join you.

Captain, we bagged
and tagged most of it.
- Got it laid out for you.
- Thanks, Flanagan.

Haven't seen you at OFI in a while.
Yeah, I've had my hands full with Squad.
Douglas Smith called me
from the ATF arson program.
Said you took your name off the
National Investigators list.
That's a pretty
prestigious group to be in.
Don't I know it.
Whatever's going on with you,
that's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I wouldn't waste it.
Hold on.
This looks like a spring and kill bar
from an incinerated rat trap.

A rat trap in the kitchen
of a firehouse is one thing.
But what's it doing in the back
of a delivery truck?
There's a burnt cell battery
in that first bag.
These could be parts of a timing device.
Captain, I think there might
be a serial arsonist out there
targeting firefighters.

In addition to the
components of a timing device,
the truck's contents tested positive
for a combination of glycerol
and potassium permanganate,
which explains the explosion.
Any idea why the delivery truck
didn't make it to the firehouse?
Today, we drove the Squad
down the street
where the truck exploded,
saw a Chicago-style pothole
right where it happened.
Looks like that's what
triggered the timing device.
OFI investigators are tracking down
all security footage of drop sites
and where the packages
could have come from.
We think the arsonist must
have been triggered recently.
We had two attacks within a few days.
He's on a mission.
Right now, these firefighter
attacks, they seem random.
Could happen in any firehouse
at any moment.
You need to be aware
on each and every call
for anything out of the ordinary,
any deliveries coming to this firehouse.
Stay sharp.

Why would someone wanna come after us?
Almost lost my life on this job,
six months of rehab to get back here,
and find out someone's
hunting firefighters?
Gina, the admin assistant
at our firehouse,
she barely made it out
before the whole place went up.
She's my wife.
We just gotta rise above this.
Stay focused on what we do.
All right, 81, enough
sitting around ruminating.
Get your asses on the app floor
for some drills.
Let's go.
I figured we'd run drills out here
so we can keep our eyes on the doors
and stay sharp, like the chief said.
So one-man ladder throws,
one at a time, on that wall.
Carver, grab a 14.
Mouch, Ritter, pick up a 12.
Let's go.
Let's go!
We're looking for one smooth motion.
Hey, Ritter, Ritter.
Keep the heel down. All right?
You don't wanna block your visibility.
But you're doing great.
- Nice.
- Teacher's pet.
She just wants you to choose Truck.
I heard that!
He's used to working engine drills.
Doesn't do ladders as often as you two.
Not one kind word for me?
I'm in the best shape of my life.
You do look great, Mouch.

- Gallo.
You're really trying to
milk this goodbye, huh?
What up?
- There he is.
- Oh, say it ain't so, Gallo.
- Whoa.
You sure you won't stay?
Believe me, hardest decision of my life.
But but my mom
had cousins I never met.
My aunt introduced me.
For the first time in my life,
I realized I have nephews and nieces
and cousins I get to
hang out with and get to know.
It's pretty awesome.
I am gonna miss
my family at 51 like hell.
Well, I've put in a word
with Ken O'Reilly.
He's a chief in Detroit.
He'll keep an eye on you.
No shenanigans, got it?
Yes, Chief.
Uh, hey.
Detroit has no idea what's
about to hit them.
You will be a gift to
any firehouse you go to, Gallo.
Okay, if any of that's true
it's because of everything
I learned here at 51.
Can't thank you enough.
If, uh, you ever wanna drive
four-plus and do a pub crawl,
I'll be here, brother.
That will definitely be happening.
- Be safe out there, brother.
- Thanks.
Don't even try getting sappy with us.
Mm-mm. [SCOFFS]
Oh, you guys don't know? I already
I already made two new
best friends in Detroit.
- Riolet and Vitter. Yeah, yeah.
So you guys are, like, psh,
rearview mirror.
Hate you.

Truck 81, Ambulance 61,
motor vehicle accident,
TK Lakeshore Drive.


Carver! Grab the K-12.
Ritter, get the jaws.
Let's see what we got here.
How could anyone walk away from this?
Maybe one of those
self-driving-car situations?
Looks all too human to me.
All right, everybody, fan out.
The driver couldn't
have gotten very far.
Everything feels like
we're walking into a trap.

Oh, my God.
Hey, we found him.
It's a it's a recovery, not a rescue.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, okay. Okay, let's get you down.
[GROANING] I gotta go.

Holy hell.
Okay, just just try and relax, okay?
Mouch, Ritter, go grab
the backboard and C-collar.
Hey, what's your name?
- Lonnie.
- Okay, Lonnie.
We're gonna get you on
the backboard nice and easy
and then take you to a hospital.
Nah. I've gotta go.
- Whoa, whoa, hey.
- Oh, no.
I think the hospital is the best place
for you to be right now, Lon.
There we go.
Scoot him on there.
All right, I'll splint and wrap him.
- You get his vitals.
- Copy.
On three.
One, two, three.

BP is 120/80. His vitals are stable.
GCS is 12 despite the, um, head injury.
I wanna go home.
Okay, Lonnie.
After they check you out at Med.
Why don't you drive?
I'll keep an eye on the wraps.
Yeah, copy.
Man, you and Brett really handled that.
Kept it together from the start.
After my girlish shriek, yeah.
Did the full loop.
All clear.
Listening to these
radio calls is killing me.
Every time one comes in,
I'm afraid that it's gonna be
a firehouse attack.
I feel the same.
Engine 47, water main break reported.
My nerves are shot.
All firehouses are on edge.
Captain Shreves,
he's got his house on lockdown.
Other offices are following suit,
just not letting the public inside.
CPD, they're doing a number
of firehouse drive-bys.
But without a real profile
of the arsonist,
there's not much they can do.
Hopefully, Severide
will get some information
over at Firehouse 105 and
Give OFI a sense of direction.
Ritter say anything
about coming back to Engine?
'Cause you're gonna need
someone new if he stays on Truck.
I know, I know.
I I guess he hasn't decided yet.
I I want him back, trust me.
- We had a good thing going.
- But what?
But you don't wanna push him?
I, um
I'm trying to keep my mouth shut,
which, as you know,
is not easy for me to do.

Ambulance 33, 68-year-old
female with chest pains,
10988 Cleveland Street.
We know the package was on its way here.
Is there anyone, a person or group,
you think might hold a grudge
against your firehouse?
Well, we've been
talking about that all day.
I mean, there's always
some unhappy customer
who thinks we should have
got to his house
before the roof went into the cellar.
Tell him about Gilbert.
Just the guy across the street.
Tried to sue us over the sirens
day and night.
He hates our guts.
You think he's a real possibility?
- Nah.
- Dude's mean as hell.
Special forces in 'Nam.
50 years ago, Gibbs.
Nowadays, he can barely
make it to his mailbox.
Why two ambos?
Oh, this one's a temporary relocation.
Why? From where?
Where were you guys based before?
We were sent here after that fire
shut the place down, for renovations.
Son of a bitch.
The package was meant for them.
The arsonist is going
after people from 17.
They were the ones who were hit first.
The box was only heading here
because you now have their ambulance.
Which means he knows
51 has their engine.
Firehouse 5
- It's Severide.
- [SOFTLY] Severide.
Hey, I think the arsonist
is coming after 51 next, okay?
I need you to do a full
sweep of the firehouse
and make sure nothing's been delivered.
We're already on it, Lieutenant.
- Nothing so far.
- Take another look, okay?
The arsonist is moving fast,
and he's getting more and more
desperate by the hour.
- All right, copy that.
- I'll take the north apron.
I'm going south.

Hey, you!
Chief, that was the guy on-scene
at the delivery truck explosion!
Hey, stop!
- Go.
- Whoa. Pull over, Mouch.
- Get out!
- No!
Get out!
What's going on?
Hey! Stay back! Go away!
- Hey.
- Am I in one piece?
You got it.
- Oh, thank God.
- You know where you're at?
Did anybody get hurt?
- No, thanks to you.
- Easy.
Let's get a look at you
before you go jogging off.
Look at me.

You can't hold me here! Let me go!
You're not going anywhere.

Our arsonist is a man
named Allen John Webber.
He was a washout rookie at
Firehouse 17 over eight years ago.
Long enough, we didn't think
about him as a suspect.
It turns out his life's been spiraling
since he was cut from the CFD.
Series of failed jobs,
petty crime arrests,
and PD just found out his wife left home
with the kids a few weeks ago.
He blames the firehouse
that let him go for all of it.
His timing devices were
actually pretty basic.
All items gathered from hardware stores,
nothing a firefighter couldn't
have learned from the academy.
Damn lucky no firefighters were killed.
But our hearts go out to the
delivery driver's family.
Webber's locked up?
There was significant
evidence found in his car.
Enough to hold him for now.
Let's go back to work.

I hate to say this,
but I guess Herrmann
saving the entire firehouse
has earned him the right to have
his favorite Engine man back.
So as much as I'd love to have you,
as soon as I find a replacement,
I think I've gotta send you back.
Yeah, that's good by me, Lieutenant.
it was a great experience
being on Truck.
I know.
All worked out.

Well, that may have been
the weirdest shift ever.
Yeah, and that's saying
something here at 51.
Can I talk to you?
Is this about my Carver wedding comment?
I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that.
But you two are kind of cute together.
No, no, it's not about that.
And no, we are not cute together.
Um, it's just
I'm really gonna miss you
when you leave.
I'm gonna miss you too.
But it's not for more than a month.
I know.
But it didn't work, me trying
to hold it all in over Gallo.
I just turned into
a messy volcano of sobs
with a total inability
to say what I meant.
So with you, I'm just gonna be straight.
And every day, I'm gonna tell you
just how amazing
it's been to work with you
and just how much I'm gonna miss you.
Everyday? Is that really necessary?
Every damn day.

I'm coming back to your rig.
Truth is, I'm an Engine man at heart.
That is great to hear, kid.
You got knocked back
pretty hard by that explosion.
Are you sure you're okay?
Oh, yeah.
I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I am proud of you.
You know that?
That makes me happy.
Felt good to be on the arson beat again.
Yeah, I could tell.
Stella, I do want to keep it in my life.
Pushing the two of us apart.
And I wanna be able to just
say, "Hell, yeah, go for it."
But it still hurts.
That time you spent away left,
some pretty deep scars.
And this one case is not gonna
make that all just go away.
I know.
No matter how much I love you.

I wanna say something
to you, Firehouse 51.
What's up, Chief?
That was a rough shift.
I know it can feel like a crazy,
upside-down world out there,
even on our best days.
Having firefighters from House 17 here
is a reminder that the CFD
is a brother and a sisterhood.
But at the same time
I can't help but be reminded that 51
is truly unique.
Here is what we need to,
and can, face together.
Nothing stays the same forever.
Change it's inevitable.
People will come and go
from this firehouse
and from our lives.
There will be welcome-backs,
there will be hellos,
and there will
There will be goodbyes.
Anyone who is a part of 51
will always be a part of 51.
And that, we can hold on to,
no matter what else
is changing around us.


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