Chicago Fire s12e02 Episode Script

Call Me McHolland

Go away!
You got knocked back pretty
hard by that explosion.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'll be fine.
Let's talk wedding.
It's a month and a half away.
Invitations are coming out shortly.
- Do we get a plus-one?
- Violet's not seeing anyone.
Maybe you two could go together.
You were a beast on the scene
helping to take down that fire.
Six months of rehab
will get you in shape.
It's great to be back at 51.
You do know you're an hour early, right?
Yeah. I was hoping to get this
set up before morning briefing.
You wouldn't happen to know
what this piece is for?
Oh, sorry, Mouch, I got
a million calls to make.
We lose Ritter to Engine next week.
I have zero leads on a replacement.
Let me know if I can help.
You can.
Stay healthy, don't pull anything.
It's all about maintaining proper form.
I don't know.
We're thinking of taking
Herrmann up on his offer.
You are not having your
wedding at Molly's, Brett.
Mouch and Trudy got married there.
- Great, so it's been done.
- Moving on.
I know, but Matt and I discussed it,
and we don't want
something big and fancy.
We want something simple and intimate.
Are we talking wedding venues?
Did you tell her your idea?
Do you know about the shark
room at the Shedd Aquarium?
The photos would be killer.
And it holds up to 600 guests
and has a six-month waiting list
and is way over my budget.
Sorry, it's just a lot
to deal with right now.
After everything we've been through,
I finally get to marry Matt Casey.
And I just
I want it to be perfect.
Simple, intimate, and perfect.
[SIGHS] Shouldn't be
too hard to find, right?
- Not at all!
- Seriously, we can do it.
- It'll be great.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Hey. How you feeling?
You get some rest off shift?
Ritter, what are you doing
sneaking up on people like that?
I wasn't.
Well, who keeps using all the milk
and putting it back in the refrigerator?
Truck 81, Squad 3, person trapped.
1411 East 53rd Street.

Help me!
- Raise the aerial.
- We'll meet you up there.
- You got it.
- Capp, Tony, grab the rope gear.
- Cruz, come with me.
- All right, copy.
Mouch, get us in position,
top of the sign.
Hurry! Please!
Hey, Carver, you're going up.
Copy that.
I'm slipping!
Help, please!

Someone help me!
- Help!
- Hang on!

- Help!
- Let's go.
Hey, buddy, just hang on, okay?
I can't. I'm slipping.
- Hey, we'll be right there.
- Just hang on.
81's almost ready.
I'll go down and secure the
kid, take him down the ladder.
I can pull you both in.
I just said we're walking down.

Please, someone help me.
Hang on. I got you.
- Don't let me fall.
- Almost there.
Just hold tight.
All right, just relax.
We're almost there.
- You're almost there, Mouch.
- Keep it steady.
- I'm falling!
- Whoa!
I got you. Easy.
I got you. I got you. Easy.
Easy. Relax. Hey.
My name's Kelly. What's your name?
Aus Austin.
Austin, what the hell
are you doing up here?
My drone got stuck.
All right.
Hey, look down. You see that?
That's our way down.

Okay, Mouch, we're coming down.
He's secure. You can unclip.
Turn around slow.
Take your time.
Wait, the drone, it's my dad's.
Please, he doesn't know I took it.
Hey, hey, let's get you
down first, all right?
Hey, guys, I'm going out.
- Anchor me.
- You got it.
- Good?
- Tight.
Go slow.

It's good.
All right, Capp, I got it! Pull me in.
We'll take you up there,
get you checked out.
There he is.
All right?
You okay?
I'm sure your dad wouldn't want
you getting hurt over this thing.
Next time, get his permission.
I will.
All right, 81, let's pack it up.
I know Squad gets all the glory
on calls like this,
but that was some damn fine
aerial work, Mouch.
You put it right under
their feet on the first try.
Oh, sorry, Mouch.
I'm in your spot.
Uh, you know what, Violet?
It's all yours.
My days of returning from a call
and plopping down on the couch are over.
I am officially relinquishing
my hold on this spot.
When I had my heart attack,
the first time flatlining,
I vowed to change, to get off
the couch, exercise more.
But a shift or two later,
I fell right back
into old habits,
living up to my nickname,
"half man, half couch."
- That's what Mouch means?
- What'd you think it meant?
I don't know,
it was always just his name.
Come on, Mouch.
That is your spot.
It'd be strange not seeing you there.
Which is precisely the problem.
Did you know there is
a direct correlation
between time spent sitting
and risk of early mortality?
I have to make a change,
and that starts here
by saying farewell to this pillow
and the name that goes with it.
I will no longer be going by Mouch.
From now on,
call me McHolland.

Hey, no.
That's great news, man.
I'm I'm glad it all worked out.
Let's grab a drink soon and celebrate.
You seem really happy
for whoever that was.
It's a buddy of mine whose
company was taken out of service.
I was gonna mention him to Kidd,
but he already landed somewhere.
Ow! Ow, damn it!
- You okay?
- Yes, I'm good.
I'm good.
Can I help?
My toolbox is right outside my truck.
No, no, I'm good.
Are you sure about that?
You were distracting me.
Oh, right, I remember now.
This is where you refuse my help,
end up making things worse,
come back to me begging.
Okay, that was an electrical project,
and I don't mess with open currents.
But replacing a broken lock,
that I can handle.
I'll stay close just in case.
It won't be necessary.
Just yell out my name.
- Will not happen.
- Mm-hmm.
You seem pretty relaxed for a guy
who almost died getting a kid's toy.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, I heard him
begging for it,
and I figured I was right there.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
You know, actually,
he sounded just like Harvey
when he crashed
his new bike last week.
He thought I was gonna be all mad
about some busted spokes
when all I cared about
was that he wouldn't get hurt.
Well, if you got hurt or worse,
it would have been on me.
Oh, I was tied off
to Capp the whole time.
Oh, so you're handing Capp orders too?
Well, yeah, but you had the kid handled.
Cruz, I didn't order you
to get that drone.
No more freelancing.
That ends now.
Hold up.
You leave me in charge for three months
and now I can't think for myself?
Don't let it happen again.

- Hey, Herrmann.
Oh, for the love of
Why do you keep doing that?
I thought you might be wearing earbuds,
but you're not.
I'm online shopping.
Cindy has a birthday coming up soon.
What's going on with you?
- Nothing!
- I just hate shopping.
What, I'm supposed to know
my wife's European shoe size?
Now, you were right next to that
box when it exploded last shift.
You can't hear a thing, can you?
My ears are ringing some,
it's not a big deal.
Herrmann, that explosion was loud enough
to do serious damage.
Trust me, I've been around a lot worse.
All right, well,
that's not a good thing.
Well, I
All right, it's only at certain levels.
And when I'm zoning out,
all I hear is buzzing.
But it'll go away
in a few days, I'm sure.
- Herrmann.
- Ritter, I'm fine, all right?
Nobody likes a nag.
You should see a doctor.
Nobody likes them, either.
So unless you wanna help me
find some fancy shoes
for my wife, you're dismissed.

You know, Herrmann almost
killed a guy for doing that.
His loyalty knows no bounds.
So this is for real, huh?
No more Mouch?
You know, Kidd told me you
tossed that pillow I gave you.
Oh, Joe.
That pillow will always hold
a very special place in my heart.
But there were also some mystery stains
- that I couldn't explain.
It was time.
Ah, dang!
I knew I should have measured first.
Mc Holl Mc
Am I saying that right?
[LAUGHS] I tell ya,
nobody's gonna say it like that.
Why switch it up now?
You've gone as Mouch
ever since I've known you.
I don't want my legacy in the CFD
to be a spot on the couch.
If I was younger,
I might try to make rank.
But I'm afraid that ship has sailed.
Now it's a matter of pride.
I wanna go out knowing I gave
everything I have to this job,
that I left it all on the table.
That's how I wanna be remembered.

And then I'm thinking
they'll go from a ladder throw
straight into a dummy drag
across the entire app floor.
Ooh, that would kick my ass.
Yeah, that's kind of intense
for a bunch of high school
girls, don't you think?
I am telling you, this new class
of Girls on Fire is next level.
Kylie recruited an entire softball team.
Oh, is Kylie coming by to help out?
- I miss having her around.
- [SCOFFS] You're telling me.
I've been trying to convince her
to take the open slot on 81,
but she is determined
to make her own way,
so I've gotta respect that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, shoot.
Did you guys know
the Signature Room closed?
Yeah, another COVID casualty.
Was this a possible wedding venue?
Matt and I went there
on one of our first real dates.
Incredible views.
It would have been perfect
simple, intimate, perfect.
Hey, Brett.
My buddy's the head engineer
at the LondonHouse.
Any interest?
Oh, wow, yeah.
Do you think it's possible
this last minute?
Can't hurt to ask.
- That'd be amazing.
- Thanks, Tony.
Hey, Cruz.
Texas Hold'em, you want in?
No, thank you.
I appreciate you
keeping an eye out for us.
Yeah, talk soon.
Now a good time, Chief?
Yeah, come on in.

I wanna take the lieutenant test.
It's time for me to leave 51
and run my own unit.

See you guys at Molly's tonight?
- I'll be there.
- How about you, Mouch?
Uh, game night with the neighbors.
Trudy and I are hosting.
And it's McHolland now, remember?
- Right. Sorry.
- It just feels so formal.
- McHolland.
- That's my name, Ritter.
That's my real name.
I should know this, but what does it say
on the back of your turnout coat?
I put in a request
to have that changed too.
- Get out of the street!
Watch it, you jagoff!
Wow, that was close.
You all right there, Herrmy?
Stupid people, narcissists
thinking about themselves.
All they ever do is
Anyway, Carver, let me know
if you wanna pump some iron off shift.
I got these adjustable dumbbells
Here you go, Tony,
with unlimited refills.
Thanks, Brett, but you
don't have to buy my drinks.
Oh, it's the least I can do with you
giving up your entire night off
to help me out.
Now, your friend from
LondonHouse was very helpful,
but I think it might be
a little too fancy for us.
Any other restaurant connections?
I got a guy at Bavette's.
Another guy at Sepia.
Wow. Okay.
Anything not Michelin rated?
Are you two wedding planning without me?
Yeah. Have a seat.
We're just brainstorming venues.
You won't believe some of the
connections that Tony has.
Oh, well, any at the aquarium?
Because for me,
that's still the one to beat.
I got a cousin who works in facilities.
Do you think he might have sway there?
I can text him.
Well, I guess I'll go
get a drink since you two
seem to have this all handled.
Okay, great.
Now, we picked a date, but
invitations haven't gone out,
so we can be flexible.
I know what you're gonna say, all right?
That truck was going way too fast,
and then he just blew
through that damn stop sign,
and you know how crazy that makes me.
I'm not saying it's your fault,
but did you even hear it coming?
I heard that jerk laying on
his horn for half the block
after he nearly flattened me.
You need to see a doctor.
But I'm fine.
The older you get, the more
you get used to living
with stuff like this.
I got a crick in my neck that's
been around longer than you.
- I'm serious, Herrmann.
- I'm serious too.
I don't need some
crackpot doctor red flagging me
for something that is gonna
go away all on its own.
Well, what if it doesn't?
Mouch took a bullet.
He spent six months in rehab,
and he came this close
to the CFD doctors almost forcing him
into early retirement.
They declare me unfit for duty
at this point in my career,
that could be it for me.
And that's not the way that,
you know, guys like me
and Mouch wanna go out.
What if something happens on a call?
Or what if the next time,
the truck doesn't miss?
Well, I can't help Kidd
find anyone for Truck,
and now Brett is leaning on Tony
for help with the wedding.
I'm a useless friend.
Or the fact that you're
even trying to help
- makes you a good friend.
- Mm.
Well, I don't have a cousin that
works at the Shedd Aquarium.
If it makes you feel any
better, I'm striking out too.
I've sent Kidd three people,
and not one of them
has made it past the phone interview.
Oh, well, so maybe it's not us.
Maybe it's her impossibly
high standards.
- Definitely. Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
But at least they know
when they need help,
instead of stubbornly refusing.
And you were a good friend to me.
I know that much, for sure.
How so?
If it wasn't for you going to IAD
on my behalf last year
when Emma Jacobs was coming after me,
I might not have a job.
Okay, well, that was an old grudge.
It wasn't all about you.
You shut her down and put
your own neck on the line.
And it meant a lot to me.
I won't forget it.
Oh, I gotta go.
I almost forgot, I'm meeting a friend.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah. Sorry.
Anyway, good talk.
I'll see you back on shift.
Why don't you take that on down to Cruz?
Isn't that your job?
Come on, he's sitting
over there all by himself.
That's his decision.
What's going on with you two?
I mean, things seemed
pretty tense last shift,
and now you're sitting on
opposite ends of the bar,
avoiding eye contact.
So something happened.
He'll get over it.
You sure about that?
You wanna run my company?
Well, if it were one of my guys,
I wouldn't let it boil over.
But if you think you
got a handle on it
I do.
Well, if you'll excuse me,
I have to go take care
of a very loyal customer.
This is from Severide.
Nice try, Lieutenant.
Okay, fine, this round is on me,
but only if you go over there,
talk out whatever this is.
Talk it out. With Severide?
Okay, fine, you are right.
We all know he's not great
at saying words.
But he's also really great
about letting things
roll off his back.
Did something happen on the
call with the drone kid?
- Okay, look
I like to think that
I don't have an ego, you know?
When it comes to the chain of
command, I know where I stand.
But I'm tired of feeling disrespected.
When he took off to go work
with those ATF guys
without saying where he was going
or when he was coming back,
I covered for him, no questions.
For three months, I acted up,
leading Squad,
taking a hit at home.
Then he comes back,
and he's barking orders
and telling me to fall in line
like nothing changed,
when a lot did.
He just wasn't here for it.
And I know he left you in the dark, too,
so you know what I'm saying.
But I bet he at least apologized to you.
- I'm good.
- All right.
All right.
- You wanted to see me, Chief?
- Yeah.
I got something for you.
In there you will find a schedule
for upcoming lieutenant tests,
study guide for the exam,
and a list of all the current
openings at other firehouses.
I think 36 will be a good fit,
but it'll go fast,
most likely before you test up.
But we can always revisit
your other options.
Thank you for this.
I think you should talk
to Kidd about the whole process
since she just went through it herself.
But before you do
Does Severide know?
I plan to tell him soon,
before I talk to Kidd or anybody else.
Then I will leave it for you to handle.
You have put in the work.
I have no doubts that you are ready,
if this is what you want.
You will make a great leader.
As much as it will hurt to see you go.
It's like you said, Chief,
change is inevitable.
Nothing stays the same forever.

- Morning, Violet.
- Hey.
Did I say something wrong at Molly's?
'Cause I thought we were
having a nice time,
and then you just took off.
No, I told you,
I was late to meeting a friend.
Is it too early for wedding stuff?
Never. What's up?
Tony and I are still
working on a venue
But we're sticking
to the date, which means
we're only a few weeks away.
So I was just curious,
what are you planning
for the bachelorette party?
Whoa, I'm supposed to be
planning the bachelorette party?
Well, yeah, that's the maid
of honor's main responsibility.
I'm I'm your maid of honor?
Violet, of course.
Did I not ask you?
Oh, wow. Oh, no!
I've been so overwhelmed
with everything,
it must have completely slipped my mind.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, will you do it?
Yes. Yes, of course.
I just assumed you'd
already asked somebody else,
like maybe Tony.
- [LAUGHS] What?
- Nothing.
I'm I'm thrilled and honored,
and I'm gonna dive right into
planning this party for you.
- Well, nothing crazy.
- Honestly.
Feel free to keep it simple,
like the wedding.
Totally. Totally.
Yeah, just keep it simple
like the wedding
and the 30 venues
she's turned down so far
simple, intimate, and perfect.
Zero pressure.
Oh, my God, she would have
been fine with Molly's.
I just had to open my big mouth.
Easy, Capp, you're gonna break it.
And you're not even using a towel?
Thanks for bringing
this in for us, Mouch.
It's McHolland.
- Oh, right.
- You're still doing that, huh?
Come on.
Look at all the scratches
in the paint already.
And is that a tear in the seat?
Can we not have nice things around here?
Morning, Mouch.
It's McHolland. McHolland!
Next person to call me Mouch
is gonna get the business end
of a pike pole right up
Hey, Mouch.
I need you to sign
the return to duty form.
Sure thing, Chief.
- Don't.
You're here.
- Where else would I be?
- I don't know.
You didn't text me back,
so I was worried the doctor
might have red flagged you
and you hated me
and wouldn't want me
back on Engine next shift.
Yeah, right. Nah. We're good.
I'm just terrible at texting,
you know that.
You didn't go, did you?
I tried! I swear.
All right, I I took
what you said to heart,
you know, and I called the audio
- what's it, the
- Audiologist.
Yeah, and I called the next morning,
but the only time that they
could see me was in two weeks.
Well, maybe you shouldn't be here
until you can get checked out.
I thought about calling in,
honestly, I did.
But then I figured, you know,
I'll wake up and see how I feel.
And you know what?
Uh, I think it's getting better already.
So, you know, when that
appointment rolls around,
I might not even need it.
You're not just saying that?
Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambo 61,
structure fire, 772 West Adams.
All right, all units, here we go.
See? I didn't miss a word.
It's literally designed to be loud.
Squad, let's roll out!
Copy that.
You took a lot for granted
when you disappeared on us,
and right now I would kill to
have someone like Cruz on my rig.

46, that's Kylie's company.
Must have gone inside already.
Hey, what's it look like in there?
Charlie side's fully involved,
rear exit's blocked.
We're clearing out some back rooms,
but store owners are still missing.
What the hell was that?
Truck 46, what's your status?
- Mayday! Mayday!
- We're trapped!
Ceiling collapse, Charlie side.
That's Kylie.
Kylie, what's your 20?
46 search team, report!
We're going in.
- We'll clear Alpha.
- Squad 3, mask up.
Hey, you, Gibson, hey.
You stay on my hip.
Take us to where
you think they might be.
You got it, Lieutenant.
- All right, 81, let's go.
- RIT team rescue.
Ritter, Mouch, you're on the roof.
Truck 46 is trapped in there somewhere.
Let's go!
- All right, 51, let's go.
- Lead out.

Fire department! Call out!
- Which way?
- They went D-side!
Let's go!
Hey, fall back!
Hey, Stella!
You stay on RIT,
we'll handle things here.
- Hey. Lead the way!
- This way!
We need to create a firebreak,
get these bikes out of here somehow.
Hey, we can drag them out
with pike poles.
Squad 3 to Battalion 22,
we need a load of sand
from Streets and Sanitation.
Let's move.
From lithium batteries in here.
I repeat, act fast!
Herrmann! Herrmann!
- Whoa, Herrmann! Herrmann!
- Yeah.
- Kill the water.
- Is your radio on?
Lithium batteries
are lighting up inside.
It must be on the wrong damn channel.
You almost steamed half the house.

This is it.
Let's get in there!

- Lieutenant!
- It's jammed from the collapse.
- Let's go!
- Wait.

It's coming off.
- Carver, on me.
- Okay.
Let's get you the hell out of here.
Come on.
Can you walk?

Careful. Careful.
Go, go. Stay low.
All clear.
Hey, Herrmann, you can hit it.
Copy that.

You'll be fine.
Thanks, Gibson.
How's our girl doing?
Minor smoke inhalation,
nothing to worry about.
She'll be fine.
Hey, Gibson.
Thanks for the assist.
I should be thanking you.
That was impressive what
you did with that door.
That was quick thinking.
Yeah, you take care of my girl.
I don't know, she seemed pretty tough.
Yeah, she is.

Are you looking for me, Chief?
Yeah, take a seat.
I received your equipment request form
for a new turnout coat
with McHolland on it.
Or as I indicated in the form,
we can restitch the one I have now,
which is still in pretty decent shape.
Any particular reason for the change?
Mouch isn't who I am anymore,
and I can't expect people
to call me by anything else
if it's branded on me
like some regrettable tattoo
of an ex-girlfriend.
But listen, I understand
with the budget cuts
and all that, if it can't happen
No, no, no.
That's fine, if that's what you want.
But, um I think
I think I wanna make something clear.
The Mouch I know is a smoke eater
who saved a six-year-old girl
from that party store fire
and then got everyone out
before the entire place exploded.
And it was Mouch who received
the Medal of Valor
for his courage that day.
Mouch is the one who talked
Ritter off of those stairs
and brought him here to 51.
Mouch is a warrior who took a bullet
from a high-caliber rifle and
somehow came back even stronger.
Now, I could go on and on,
but my point is this,
the Mouch that I know
Will always be a hero.
No matter what name he chooses to go by.

I am gonna need another one
after hearing your mayday
come over the radio.
I'm so glad you were there.
Me too.
But hey, you're the one
that saved a guy's life.
Well, you're the one that taught me
how to buddy breathe in Girls on Fire.
I wish you would have
taken me up on my offer
and come to 51.
But that guy Gibson, he seems
like a pretty solid wingman.
Oh, yeah, he's great.
Too bad he's just a floater, though.
I think it was his last shift with us.
Hey, Tony.
I need your help.
Brett asked me to plan
the bachelorette party
as her maid of honor.
And so she wants to keep it simple,
but it has to feel special.
So I need somewhere
Simple, intimate, and perfect?
Sorry, Vi, I'm all tapped out.
No, no, no, no, you're not,
'cause I need you and your
ridiculous connections.
We just need to think outside the box.
I don't care if it takes all night.
Brett deserves to get
exactly what she wants.
All right.
And just to be clear,
Capp and Tony are both solid
and some of the best in the CFD.
But when I had to step away,
there was zero question
who I was gonna leave in charge.
And you were right,
you acted up for three months.
You did good.
Boden said you really took to the role.
So if if I didn't seem thankful,
that's on me.
Because I was and I am.
I appreciate you saying that.
That being said, I'm back now.
And if taking orders from me
is going to be a problem,
if, you know, you've had
your taste of leadership
and you can't shake it,
I'm not gonna stand in your way
if you need to move on.

Unfortunately, we've got
some bad news here.
Hey, just give it to me, doc.
You failed the auditory test.
The good news, however,
is that it's within the range
that's correctable.
All right.
Well, what does that mean?
It can be fixed?
With hearing aids, yes.
Hearing aids?
I'd like to fit you
with some that are small enough
for you to wear to work
without interfering.
Well, if they keep me working,
that's great.
- They will.
- Mm-hmm.
For now.
But there is a chance that
your hearing loss may worsen,
and you are right on the edge
of CFD requirements.
You need to be diligent
and report any changes.
If your hearing deteriorates
and the devices stop helping,
you need to call my office immediately.
Can you agree to that?


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