Chicago Fire s12e03 Episode Script


If you got hurt,
it would have been on me.
No more freelancing.
That ends now.
It's time for me to leave 51.
I want to take the lieutenant test.
I'm not gonna stand in your
way if you need to move on.
Gibson, he seems like
a pretty solid wingman.
Too bad he's just a floater, though.
I think it was his last shift with us.
- [MUFFLED] Herrmann!
[CLEARLY] Whoa, Herrmann!
You shouldn't be here.
You need to see a doctor.
Hearing aids?
But your hearing loss may worsen.
You are right on the edge
of CFD requirements.
[MUFFLED] You're going
to be late, Christopher.
Yeah, yeah.
[CLEARLY] Are they working?
I guess they are.
Then why are you scowling?
I'm not scowling. I I just
I don't want the guys
to feel sorry for me.
I don't want them to treat me
like I'm some frail

Those hearing aids are so small.
No one's going to be
thinking about them.

OK, listen up.
We've got some new blood
to welcome to the firehouse.
Everybody, this is Derrick Gibson.
Hey, this guy.
Yeah, he was floating on Truck 46
during that fire at the e-bike shop,
but now he rides on 81.
It's about time we fill that
empty seat on a permanent basis.
So try not to scare him off.
Well, I doubt anything can scare me
out of one of the best
firehouses in the city.
You ever think about Squad?
- Uh
- Welcome.
- Nice to meet you.
"One of" the best firehouses in the city
and "permanent basis"?
We don't know anything about this guy.
Well, we know he risked
his neck to save Kylie.
Yeah, jury's still out
is all I'm saying.
Mouch, why do you feel the need to vet
every firefighter that comes to 51?
What? When have I done that?
You did it to me.
Well, you were pretty shady, though.
Hey, Joe.

What's up, Chief?
You have been confirmed
for the lieutenant's test
coming up at the end of the month.
Oh. Uh
OK. Great. Yes. Uh, thanks, Chief.
Hey, Joe.

You gotta chart your own course.
You earned that right.
Thank you, Chief.

Hey, hey. He's coming.
- He's coming.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Eh, you bunch of jerks!
[LAUGHTER] Your face!
That was priceless.
- Awesome.
- Grow up, why don't you?
Hey, Ritter.
Look, I had nothing to do with that,
Lieutenant. I swear.
Yeah, I know.
I I just wanted to thank you
for staying on me about my ears.
- Oh. Sure.
- Yeah.
I mean, nobody likes a nag,
but the truth is,
you probably probably saved my life,
and maybe some other lives too.
I just wanted to be sure that
Yeah, all right, enough
patting yourself on the back.
Come on. Let's get to work.
Come on.

The itinerary isn't finalized yet,
but I can promise you
that it's not gonna be
your mother's bachelorette party.
There's no way my mother had
a bachelorette party.
May we get two dozen assorted donuts,
and a cheese Danish?
Mouch loves those.
- Sure thing.
- Thank you.
Well, just tell me
if you're planning on karaoke,
because I want to prepare for that.
Oh, I'm not telling you.
It's a surprise.
We're not doing anything crazy, right,
like pole dancing class or paintball?
I can neither confirm
nor deny the details,
so don't bother asking.
Oh, what about a flower arranging class?
Hell no.
Stop asking questions, Brett.
What is it?
Something's wrong.

What do you mean?
I think that woman,
she just asked me for help.

Are you sure?
I don't know.

Don't give me any trouble.
Get in and shut up.

That woman's in trouble.

Brett, what is our plan?
I don't know.
Just keep your eye on that car.

I can't see him.
Do we think we should just call
this in and have PD handle it?
Did you get the plate number?
No, but it was a dark green Toyota.
Brett, what do you think this is,
like a domestic situation
or human trafficking?
I don't know.
She looked right at me
and mouthed the words "help me"
when the guy wasn't paying attention.
And you're sure about that?
No, I'm not, but
I just want to make sure
that we're not overreacting.
Well, I hope we aren't,
but we have to find out, right?
Right, right. OK.

Don't. No lights or sirens.
We don't want them to know
we're following them.
Just be careful.


Oh, there he is.
He turned north. He turned north.
- OK, 61 to Main.
We're traveling east on Washington
towards Damen Avenue.
We're requesting a squad car
to pick up pursuit
of a green Toyota
we're currently following.
We have a possible
abduction in progress.
We think the victim may be
in immediate danger.
I repeat, requesting
a squad car to our location.
Thought ambo was bringing donuts.
They better not get a cheese Danish.
That'll break me.
Lieutenant, this came for you
priority overnight from Tucson.
Didn't know people still
overnighted physical documents.
It's simple.
Alls you do is go up to him
and introduce yourself.
But keep lowering your voice.
And when he leans in
real close, then wah!
You blast this in his face.
It's gonna be hilarious.
Yeah, it does sound funny, right?
But Herrmann is a lieutenant.
It's my first day.
So no.
No, thanks.
Repeat, suspect is no longer
traveling on Maypole.
He's northbound on Wolcott.
- Stand by, 61.
- Hey, Chief.
I'll try to reroute the squad car.
I think something's up with your medics.
He just turned westbound on Lake.
Please relay that before he turns again.
This is taking too long.
What are they doing?
I don't know. I think they're trying
to get a squad car on a scene.

If he realizes we're
tailing him and he takes off,
we'll never catch up to him
in this barge.
- Chief.
- Violet, talk to me. What's happening?
We have a possible
abduction in progress.
We're following the suspect,
but the comms delay is killing us.
By the time dispatch
gets the word to PD,
they're sending out a squad car
to where we were five minutes ago.
OK, I'm on it.
District 4 to Main.
Pass me directly to CPD right now.
Copy that, District 4. Stand by.
Hey, Violet, what's your 20?
Westbound on Lake at Hoyne.
I need police units to rendezvous
with CFD ambulance 61 headed
westbound on Lake at Hoyne.
Copy that.
We'll get you your squad car, Chief.
Violet, do you have a plate number?
Negative, Chief.
We're keeping a safe distance.

Hang on. We're gonna run another light.

Oh no! Who stops at a yellow?
Chief, we just caught
the light at Oakley.
Where's PD?
Violet, your squad car is a mile out.
Damn it.

Oh, no. He sees us.

He doesn't like this.
He is definitely up to no good.

He made our tail.
He's on the move, Chief.
- Oh!
- No!
We lost him, Chief. It's over.

As soon as I made eye contact,
she mouthed the words, "Help me."
And then the guy looked up,
and it was like the light
went out of her.
And the way he shoved her into that car,
that's when we really started to worry.
He shoved her?
Well, more like prodded her.
But not gently. Like, angry.
OK. And you don't think this was just
some kind of a spat between
the lady and her boyfriend?
What? No.
OK. I'm just trying to understand.
If he wasn't doing anything wrong,
why did he bolt as soon as he realized
- we were following him?
- OK, yeah.
That's a little shifty.
But I can't launch a manhunt on
a guy for running a red light.
Daniel, I vouch for my medics.
If these two both get the same
bad hit off of a situation,
there's something to it.
I don't doubt that, Chief.
And I'm gonna do everything I can here,
but I'm gonna need
a little bit more to go on
than a vague description
of a John and Jane Doe
in an unidentified green Toyota.
Camry. We looked it up.
2010 or thereabouts.
It was a dark green Toyota
with an unpainted left front fender.
OK. All right.
Give me a call if you think
of anything else.
Thank you, McDaniel.
Thank you.
Why do I feel like that's the
last time we'll hear from him?
If only I had gotten the plate number.
I should have moved sooner.
Maybe that's on me.
It just all happened so fast.
Hey, do you want to go
back to the diner?
- Yes.
- To do what?
I don't know. See if anyone saw anything
that could be helpful.
Isn't that his job?
He is not gonna follow up.
He didn't even write
anything down, Chief.
Chief, if something happens
to this woman,
I will never forgive myself.
I'll remind you, you're on duty.
That being said,
you want to burn a little fuel
looking for leads, I won't stop you.
But stay safe
and in your still district.
You got it, Chief.

Hey. Cruz, wait up.
How'd things end up
with you and Severide?
You two get back on good terms?
Oh, sort of.
He basically said, "Sorry, not sorry"
for going AWOL on squad way back when.
- Mm.
- But then he kind of
He kind of what?
He said if I wanted to pursue
the officer track, you know,
head up my own unit,
he wouldn't stand in the way.
I mean, he might as well
have said, "There's the door."
That would have been rough,
even coming from him.
My guess is that he's saying it
more out of respect for you,
you know, letting you make
your own choice.
Sure. Yeah.
Let's go with that.

Sounds like you guys had
a real adventure out there.
Yeah, we kind of did.
It was pretty crazy.
I just keep running it over in my head.
You ever wish you could rewind the clock
and adjust your reaction to something
now that you've had time to process it?
- Yeah, only every single day.
I actually didn't get any details.
What exactly happened?
We were at a coffee shop,
and Brett was talking to the cashier
Carver, I gotta talk to you.
Um, Vi
Actually, Brett's waiting for me.
I'll fill you in later.
I just got off
with Pete Durkin over at 32
where Gibson floated for a couple shifts
back in the fall.
Get this.
While he was there,
a bar of soap went missing.
A a bar of soap?
Are are you serious right now?
A new one.
Ritter, buddy!
I need you to do your Google magic
and see what you can dig up
on the new guy, Gibson.
Magic? I don't do Google magic.
I just google.
And I'm not digging
into Gibson's personal life
for no reason.
I'll find someone else to help.

Lieutenant. I was in the neighborhood.
Thought I'd stop by.
In the neighborhood?
Did you get the ATF case file?
Did you put my name back
on their investigator list?
I'll leave that to you.
But this is a big case.
They could use your help.
So I told them to send it to you.
Captain, I appreciate all the effort,
but I'm not doing
fire investigation right now.
Kelly, I'm not sure why you
backed away from freelancing
with the most important
arson team in the country,
but I can guess
not wanting to follow in your
dad's footsteps, for one thing?
It's not that.
But whatever the reason,
it's not good enough.
You know how many lives can be saved
with just one arson arrest.
I do, but now
now's a tricky time.
That's all.
I don't make it a habit of
pressuring firefighters into the job.
In fact, I've never done it before.
But you have the talent
and the passion for this
and a bright future
once you retire from squad,
if you want it.
Don't let all that go to waste
for any reason.

Don't let the ribbing get to you.
These guys have got the
attention span of a goldfish.
They'll be bored with it by next shift.
It's actually a relief.
You know, at least these guys,
they're not treating me with kid gloves.
That'd drive me nuts.
And I'd be lying if I said that,
you know, these things
weren't getting me down.
It's hard to convince myself
that I'm still in my prime
when I'm wearing them.
Belay that talk.
You didn't get 'em because of your age.
You got 'em because
you threw yourself on a bomb.
The ear doc says there's no guarantee
that they won't keep
getting worse, though,
in which case,
even these won't help anymore.
And if it comes to that,
you have to be straight
with me, all right?
I will.
How do we, uh
we feel about this new kid?
- Gibson?
- Mm-hmm.
He has high praise from every
officer he's ever worked for.
But is he 51 material?
I don't know if it's as simple as that.
- Hmm.
- I think you have to see
what a person brings to the firehouse
and what the firehouse
brings out of them.
I think that's how
we find the special ones.

And this house is full
of very special people.

You know my eyes are
still working, right?
Told you he could see us.
- Hey, what'd you say, Hermie?
Thank you.
Hi. Do you remember us?
Of course.
Did you come back for your donuts?
Actually, we came to ask
about the couple
that was here earlier
people that we ran out after.
Yeah, they were sitting
in that booth right there.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, there was a cop in here
a little while ago
asking the same thing.
Oh, Officer McDaniel's on the case.
Did he learn anything useful?
I don't think so.
Nobody knew much about them.
The guy's been in here before,
but none of the wait staff
knows his name.
He never really says much
and only pays in cash, so
What about the security camera?
Did the officer check the footage?
Yeah, but he wasn't real impressed.
So this is the best angle we have.
You still really can't see their faces.
Can we see the rest of the footage?
I guess so, sure.
Why? What are you looking for?
Maybe we weren't the only ones
that woman was asking help from.
I don't think she talked to anybody.

What's going on here?
Just just getting rid of her menu.

Wait a minute.

"Call 911.
I think he's going to kill me."

You know, I noticed
the menu moment in the video,
and I just didn't read anything into it.
Yeah, the waitress missed it too.
But the main thing is now we
know this woman really needs help.
No doubt.
We thought maybe you could
pull her fingerprints off that menu.
Along with yours and 100 other people.
It won't get us anywhere.
But this note might help
convince my captain
to free up some resources.
We can put out a BOLO,
maybe pull some footage
from the pod cameras, try to ID the car.
I'm gonna go talk to him right now.
I'll be in touch.
Hope he can find her, fast.
If it's not already too late.
So, uh,
what's this?
It's an ATF case file,
a murder-arson in Arizona.
I thought that you weren't on
their investigator list anymore.
I'm not.
Van Meter sent the file,
and I said I'd look at it.
Why would you do that, Kelly?
Look, Stella.
I'm not hiding this from you.
[CHUCKLES] I was going to
I had no choice with that arsonist
who was targeting firehouses.
I had to let you take that on.
You're right. I had to do it.
This is something I want.
This ATF team, they're the best.
Working with them would open
doors for me down the road,
like if I wanted to run OFI someday.
But you still don't trust me,
so how do we get through this deadlock?
Not by bulldozing over me.
I'm not. I get it now.

Let me show you I can handle
a case like this
and then come back home to you.
You're asking, but it seems
like you have already made the decision.
I haven't promised him anything.

If you're not OK with me going, then
I won't go simple as that.

Just think it over, OK?


Ah, "Collapse of Burning Buildings:
A Guide to Fireground Safety."
I remember it well.
- No spoilers.
How long you been on the job, Gibson?
A little over 2 1/2 years.
Chicago born and raised?
Garfield Park.
- Go Sox.
- Hell yeah.
Any family members in the fire service?
Nah, just me.
What's your sport?
My sport?
Don't tell me you're not an athlete.

Just played a little football
in high school.
That's about it.
Hey, guys.
Oh, good. The donuts are here.

I guess half a Danish won't kill me.
Sorry to leave you hanging before.
It's all good.
- I got the lowdown from Ritter.
- Mm-hmm.
You guys have any luck out there?
Nope, not really.
We confirmed that
the woman was in danger,
but the cops have so little to go on.
It's not very hopeful.
Unless they can somehow
identify this guy.
But we don't know
the first thing about him.
Hmm. You know one thing.
- Hmm?
- He's a shingler.
- A what?
- A shingler. A roofer.
See how his work boots are all
worn out on the inner sides?
That's from straddling
steep-pitched roofs.
You can tell that
just by looking at his boots?
I've worked with a lot of those guys.
Carver, that's, like,
some Sherlock Holmes-level deduction.
Truck 81, Squad 3, ambulance 61.
Person trapped,
1400 East Ashland Avenue.

Squad, stand by.
I'll see what we're dealing with.
They're in aisle 10.
That way.
Fire department coming through.
Hey, step aside, please.
Hey, back up, guys. Give us some room.
Hey, guys, back up.
Where's the victim?


- Can you hear me?
- Make room, guys.
- Do you know where you are?
- [SOBBING] Yes.
All right, we're gonna take care of you.
I'm gonna need you to breathe
nice and easy, OK?
This is not my operator's fault.
She must have gone around the barricade.
Sir, maybe you can help direct
the shoppers away from the area.
Come on, people.
Let's clear the aisle, please.
Yeah, let's give these folks some room.
Hey. Back up.
Severide, I know that's
a serious piece of metal,
but is there any way
for us to leave it in place?
If we remove it on site,
I doubt she'll survive the hemorrhaging.
Yeah. Hey, Cruz. Bring in the K12.
- Yeah, it'll take some work
- Copy.
But we'll cut it down
to a manageable size.
It's pretty close to her spine,
so as much as you can minimize movement.
- Will do.
Double time, Cruz.

I'm gonna give you something
for the pain,
and then we're gonna
get you out of here, OK?
Please, I don't want to die.

All right, let's get rid of this pallet.


All right, easy.
Clear up, come on. Coming through.
Coming through. K12 coming in.
Hey, Cruz, we're gonna use this water
- to cool down the steel.
- Yeah. Copy, copy.
OK, guys. Watch your eyes.

What? What's the problem?
Forklift must've raised
the shelf in the accident.
It's putting a serious load on the fork.
OK, what's that mean?
That means when he makes his cut,
the piece that's going through her,
it's gonna kick back like a mule.
That can't happen. It'll kill her.

Uh, hey.
Uh, I need one of your guys
to lower the forklift.
You want my guys to move
that thing while it's in her?
- Yeah, quick.
- No, sir.
I won't allow that.
Way too much liability.
- Carver.
- Huh?
- You ever work one of these?
- Once or twice.
- They're pretty straightforward.
- Yeah, go.
Hey, why don't you guys
quit the chitchat
and help the poor lady?
Hey, we are working on it.
Just stay back, please.
Working on it?
To us, it looks like
you're not doing anything.
Hey, Carver, just lower this shelf down
onto the pins, steady as you can.
- Copy that.

Carver, Carver, a little lower.

OK, a little more.
- Tilt forward.
What are you waiting for?
Do your job!
Hey, hey, pal. Zip it.
- We got this.
- No, you zip it.
We're watching you!
Quiet down.
Little lower.
- Set.
OK, OK. Lock it off.
- Right there. Let's go.
- Whoa.
Clear the aisle. Back up, folks.
Didn't I watch you win
the Cicero semifinals?
Yeah, sure.
Folks, back up.

All right, watch your eyes.
What's he talking about?
I have no idea.

There we go.
I'll get her feet.
All right. Let's go.
Make a hole. Let 'em through.

Come on. Quick, quick. Please.

They got her stabilized.
Trauma surgeon's in with her now.
Sounds like there's a good chance
she can make it through this.
Wow, she will have
a hell of a story to tell.
Yeah, no kidding.
I was thinking,
if Carver is right about
this guy being a roofer,
there's gotta be some way
we can use that information.
Well, they said he comes
into the coffee shop a lot.
Maybe he works nearby.
We could visit roofing companies
in the area, show 'em the video.
Maybe someone will recognize him.
Let's go.
I'm gonna get a fresh blade on the K12.
Yeah, great.
Good work, Gibson.
If you weren't backing me up,
I might've had to get physical
with that blowhard.
[CHUCKLES] I would have enjoyed that.
Hell of a call.
So, does a little crowd control,
and now you're Team Gibson.
Have you ever heard of
the Cicero semifinals?
What's that?
Guy back at the store
said Gibson won it.
Seemed like a pretty big deal,
but Gibson just brushed him off.
Huh. What do you make of that?
I think we're long overdue
for Ritter's Google magic.
So I thought about what you said.
I think you're right.
If Severide told me to stay put,
I would have resented it,
even felt trapped.
I can't tell if he cares
whether I stay or go.

I just want to say
I wouldn't have looked at
just any case file.
This thing in Tucson is a big deal.
A federal agent was killed
by a cartel operating in
You should go.

Are you sure?
I don't ever want you to feel trapped.
So you have my blessing
as long as you come back soon.
That's the plan.
But if you go MIA on me again,
if you leave me in the dark
I know.
I know.

I'm not the only one whose
permission you should ask.
Boden's already on board.
I'm not talking about Boden.

- Any luck?
- No.
I'm getting a lot of weird
looks from these guys,
like it's somehow offensive
to suggest that all roofers
- know each other.
- Ah.
Who's next?
TSG Roofing Solutions,
2200 West Halsted.
That's outside our still district.
I won't tell Boden if you don't.
Did something happen
between you and Carver?
No. No.
And it's not going to.
Hmm, seemed like there was
a little spark there,
the way you touched his arm earlier.
I don't know.
There's something about him.
I get drawn in.
Can't help it, you know.
But I can't risk getting involved
with another first responder
who could end up
getting killed right in front of me.
Can't do it.
Aww, Vi. That's a lot to carry.
It's coming up here on the left, 2200.
Violet, that's his car.
Don't stop. Keep going.

Hey, Mikami. No updates to report yet.
McDaniel, we found him.
- What? How?
- We found him.
His car is at 2200 West Halsted.
You have to get here.
I'm five minutes away.
Is the woman with him?
We don't know.
- We can only see his car.
- OK.
Don't do anything. I'm coming.
He's coming.

[SIGHS] Carver is never
gonna let me forget
that he was right about
this guy being a roofer.
Come on, Officer McDaniel.
Where are you?
Uh-oh. Something's happening.
There she is.

He's taking her somewhere.
No, no, no, no.

Ugh. God, this is bad.
Officer McDaniel. Leave me a message.
[GROANS] Voicemail.
OK, what do we do?

I'm not gonna lose him again.



Is he crazy?
What is he doing?

- Are you OK?
- Oh, my God.
He's insane.
Run! Go!
- Let me go!
- No!
- Let me go!
Get out of the car!
Show me your hands! Show me your hands!
- Get out!
- Hey, hey, stay there.
- Stay there. Stay there.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Got me?
[GRUNTS] All right!
- [SOBS]
- It's OK. You're safe.
[SOBBING] Thank you.
Oh, my God.
It's OK.
Thank you.

What's up, Lieutenant?
I need to go away for a little while.
Another arson case with the ATF.
Yeah, if you're good with it.
If I'm good? You're asking me?
I won't go unless you're
willing to step into my shoes,
like you did before,
take care of Squad 3 till I get back.
There's no one else I trust.

Talk to me, Ritter.
Did you work your Google magic?
Yeah, Mouch.
I typed in, and presto.
And what'd you learn?
Well, the Cicero semifinals
is an amateur boxing tournament.
Did you know Gibson was a Golden Gloves
regional contender?
He was undefeated, actually,
and then he just walked away
and became a firefighter.
Wonder why he made the switch.
What I wonder is why would he leave out
that piece of information
when I asked him
a direct question about sports?

Well, your new paramedic
chief is on her way here,
curious to hear how
you managed to crash your rig
outside your still district.
Seriously, that's what
she's concerned about?
Well, I'm happy to tell her
about Mia Sandoval,
a woman whose abusive ex-boyfriend
went off the rails when she filed
a restraining order against him.
Yeah, he essentially
kidnapped her for three days
and threatened to kill her
if she left his sight.
Yeah, if the new chief
wants to write us up
for driving five blocks
out of the district
so we could save Mia's life,
then she can
Maybe it's better I speak
to your paramedic chief on your behalf.
No, I would really like
to have that conversation with her.

You're right. You should talk to her.
And I will let her know that you two
always find some trouble to get into.
Thank you, Chief.

Hey, Chief. You got a minute?
It's about the lieutenant's
test coming up.
I don't think it's the right time.

You're withdrawing your name.
Maybe down the road.

It'll be nice to have you
here for a while longer, Joe.

Gibson just told me he's gonna
come to Molly's tonight.
Putting in the effort
to connect with the team.
That's good.
That's what I was thinking too.
Are you guys gonna ask him
about the boxing thing?
I don't know. I mean, he had a chance
to bring it up with me and with Carver,
and he didn't.
I guess people have
their reasons for not talking.
And it is his personal business.
I may have been a little overzealous
in my pursuit of knowledge.
Maybe we just give the kid
a little leeway.
It's not easy being the new guy at 51.
The first organized fire brigade
was established in ancient Rome
because they had so many fires
like, 1,000 fires a day.
That doesn't sound right.
Well, it is.
What was burning then?
Everything was made of marble.
I haven't finished the podcast.
Another round for my fellow
truckies, on the house.
Welcome to the team, Gibson.
Thanks, Mouch.
Did you just steal these?
You're brand new here,
so I will forgive your ignorance,
but I am co-owner of this establishment.
OK. Well, shouldn't you
be behind the bar?
Seems like they're a little shorthanded.
I don't sling drinks, Gibson.
I'm more of a big picture guy.
Mm. Uh-oh. Looks like my drink's broken.
Let's get one more round on me.
I can't. My ride is here.
Oh, but it's not oh.
That's right. I keep forgetting.
You're a responsible mom now.
All right. I'll see you on shift.

Can I get you a refill?
A hero like you
shouldn't have to buy
her own drinks tonight.
I can take care of myself, Carver.
Thank you.
I know you can.
You know, I'm probably done anyway.

Hey, Violet.
You following me to the bathroom?
This hot and cold thing you're doing,
I'm starting to get whiplash.
Just when I think we got
some good energy going,
you ice me out.
I mean, what's your deal?

You, uh, want to get out of here?

Is that my cab?
We need to replace that
angle valve under the sink.
I was gonna call the landlord.
No way.
Johann's never fixed
anything right in his life.
- I'll do it when I get back.
Then I'll wait.

See you soon.

I'll see you soon.


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