Chicago Fire s12e04 Episode Script

The Little Things

Everybody, this is Derek Gibson.
Try not to scare him off.
I doubt anything could scare me
out of one of the best
firehouses in the city.
I have another arson case with the ATF.
Take care of Squad 3 till I get back.
There was zero question who
I was gonna leave in charge.
It's taken six months for us to even try
to build back any kind of real trust.
Let me show you
I can handle a case like this
and then come back home to you.
Just when I think we got
some good energy going,
you you ice me out.
Do you wanna get out of here?
Hey. What's up, Carver?
Good morning.
I'm gonna go see what Gibson
has cooking up in there.
It smells pretty good.
Cool. See you in there.

- What?
- You slept with him.
With Carver? No. False.
Why would I
Okay, fine.
It did happen,
but it was not a big deal.
It was a one-time hookup.
A very fun one-time hookup.
- And that's it.
- Uh-huh.
No, I am dead serious.
I am so not on the market.
You know that.
Breakfast? It does smell good.
Acting Lieutenant Joe Cruz.
So how does it feel
to be back at the helm?
Pretty damn good, actually,
and not just 'cause of all of the perks.
Oh, hey, is that
Casey and Brett's wedding invitation?
Yeah. So what entrée did you go with?
Oh. Um
See, I went with the steak
'cause you can never go wrong
with steak.
And what about that thing
that they did with the paper?
It's pretty clever, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, I gotta
Oh, yeah, go. Enjoy your quarters.
Oh, solid breakfast choice, Gibson.
First time up at the grill.
Gotta bring my A-game.
So how has it been without Severide?
Are you sick
of the Property Brothers yet?
Uh, it's fine.
You know, we've been texting
a bunch, talking every night.
It's just, um
he's been kicking around this idea
of moving to OFI full-time
at some point,
you know, when he's ready
for the next chapter.
And I'm all about it.
Of course, it's way less dangerous.
He wouldn't have to travel.
He'd still be in the CFD family.
Yeah, I mean, I can totally
see Severide running OFI.
I mean, it would be amazing.
But I'm I'm getting ahead of myself.
I mean, he's not even home yet.
Hey, hey, look who it is.
Aww. Look at this one.
What's the little lady doing here?
My sitter texts me at 9:00 last night
to tell me that she can't work anymore.
Just like that, no explanation.
Leaves me with no overnight coverage
and no one to take Julia to daycare.
It's a nightmare.
The great resignation continues.
Chief, did you get my text?
It'll only be for one shift, two max.
I have a bunch of calls going
out to a lot of people, and
Hey, 51 told you they'd have your back
- when Julia came along, right?
- Thank you.
Engine 51, Truck 81, Ambo 61.
- Possible structure fire.
- It's all right. okay.
- 1290 West 32nd Place.
- There you go.
Um, Cruz is here somewhere, right?
Yeah, he's on some
training Zoom for a few hours,
but we got you.
Right, Tony?

It's coming from the garage in the back.
Hey, Gibson, grab an extinguisher.
Copy that.
All right, right behind you, Kidd.
Oh, leave it, ma'am.
- We got it from here.
- Oh, thank God.
Come on, let's get you out of there.
Come on.
Gibson, hit that fire.
Carver, Mouch, look for a gas valve!
I'll check inside!
Just stay back.

Got it.
Come on.
All right. Send the water!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Thank you. That was so scary.
Another minute and the heater
could have turned to shrapnel.
Do you have any idea
what could have started it?
No, no, no clue.
No one's been back here
all day, as far as I

What you doing down there?
Is it gone?
Oh, my God, come here.
What are you doing out here?
I thought you were in the
basement playing "Minecraft."
I didn't like you on the phone.
Hey, Harper.
Hey, my name's Stella.
Are you a real firefighter?
And that was a big fire out there, huh?
Now, do you have any idea
how it might have started?
Hey, no, don't do that.
Come on, she's obviously upset.
This could have been a freak accident.
I mean, this garage is
over a hundred years old.
Harper, come on. Let's get you inside.
Bye, Stella.
I'm guessing it started here.
Looks like old dried-up yard waste.
Wouldn't have taken much
to get that going.
Yeah, but it takes something
or someone.
You think the little girl did it?
She was the only one back here.
And the mom was acting pretty shady
about the whole thing, right?
Ah, probably just didn't want
her kid getting in trouble.
Cindy would have gone all mama bear
on you, too, probably.
Yeah, but how many of your
kids started a fire like this?
All right you kidding me? All of them.
Annabelle nearly burnt down
a tree house,
and none of them went to jail.
All right, so what do you say?
You wanna wash this down
and get out of here?
- Yeah. Yeah, okay.
- Okay.

All right, let's build a nice,
tight rectangle right here.
Stay back, Julia.
- Yeah?
What are you guys doing?
Problem-solving like firefighters.
She wouldn't stay put,
so we're building a cage.
- A playpen.
- A playpen, I mean.
And what if she pulls a wall of cribbing
down on top of herself?
Well, how about helping out
instead of backseat babysitting?
Ooh, no. Sorry,
Babies don't really like me, so
Well, have you guys tried
the television?
Babies love screen time.
How's baby duty going, squad?
We've got it all under control.
Hey, what's that?
Oh, Brett's wedding invitation.
Shoot, I keep forgetting to RSVP.
Did you guys see
what they did with the paper?
- So cool, right?
- Yeah, it looks awesome.
It's very Brett.
That was my idea, actually.
Anyway, I already found one
that seemed promising,
so I'm sure I'll have it covered soon.
But thank you again
for being so understanding
- about all this, Chief.
- Ah.
Don't give it another thought.
Was there something else?
[CHUCKLES] There is, actually, yeah.
Matt and I, we've been talking, and
it would mean so much to us
the world, really if you would
officiate our wedding.
I know it's a big ask, but
It's a big honor is what it is, Sylvie.
Yes, I would love to do it.
There's there is no one else
that we could imagine
being up there with us.
Thank you, Chief.
Is everything okay?
Uh, yeah.
You're gonna have to excuse me.
My son is outside.
- Terrence?
- No, my stepson, James.
Come here.
You should have told me
you were coming into town.
I would have cleared my schedule.
Oh, uh,
yeah, it was kind of
a last minute thing, so
What's going on?
I didn't know where to go.
Well, I'm sure whatever it is, son,
we can figure it out, so
you in some kind of trouble?
Not me.
My mom.
Shonda's sick?
She's in jail.

She didn't do it.
She would never.
Dion set her up.
- The dude, he's
- Back up, son.
Who's Dion?
Her boss.
He owns this club in East Lansing.
My mom started working there
a while back,
just doing the books for him at first.
Then a couple of months ago, Dion says
he's opening up a new spot
over in Windsor, in Canada.
And he starts sending Mom
up there in his truck
to drop off bar supplies.
Like, she had no idea
what she was bringing back.
Just tell me what happened, James.
Border Patrol found
50,000 fentanyl pills
stashed in the truck.
I I know.
Like, that's a big-time
trafficking beef,
and Dion
He's got this fancy lawyer.
And and she's got nobody on her side.
Like, just a public defender
who's leaning on her hard
to take a plea.
What kind of deal are they talking?
If she takes it,
she'll do three to five years.
Think I know somebody who
might be able to help, a lawyer.
He knows this whole world inside out.
Mike Knowles, please.
And it's in.
You want us to force it
from the outward side?
Yes, one-man force, outward side.
Hey, Mouch.
You saw that burn hole
on the girl's sleeve, right?
Yeah, that big puffy jacket
probably saved her
a trip to the burn ward.
Well, that's what's
bugging me, actually, is,
it didn't look like
that hole happened today.
Did you notice
how the fabric was frayed?
And how the inside batting
was all dirty?
It would take a while
for it to get like that.
So you thinking the garage
wasn't the first time
she did something like this?
I don't know,
girl firebugs are pretty rare.
That's what they taught us
in the academy, anyway.
I had a call one time
where a 17-year-old girl
set her boyfriend's car on fire
right in the school parking lot.
There's gotta be some clever way
that we can see if the garage fire was
just an isolated incident, right?
There's a bunch of ways
Nextdoor, Citizen, OneRoof.
- What?
- Well, according to this,
there's been three small fires
within two blocks
of the girl's house the past month.
That can't be a coincidence.
One happened last week, two doors down.
I mean, if I hadn't forgotten
my phone and come back,
the fire might have kept going
and burned the whole damn house down.
And you think
someone set it intentionally?
It wasn't spontaneous combustion.
Any idea who?
I don't have any hard proof or anything.
You think the girl
a couple of doors down did it?
That kid's got issues lately.
Throwing these crazy tantrums
all the time.
I've heard the mom
trying to keep her calm,
but the poor woman's
at the end of her rope.
- You can tell.
- Lately?
So she hasn't always been like this?
No, no. Last few months, maybe?
And I'm pretty sure I saw
the girl messing around here
on the day of the fire, too, but
You're not 100%?
Well, she was there, for sure.
I I just couldn't tell you
what she was doing.
Thank you for all your help, sir.
Hey, Alicia, could we just have
a quick word with you?
Sorry, it's not a good time to talk.
Well, we won't take up
too much of your time.
Please, we just wanna

What was that about?
Not sure, but the neighbor,
pretty convinced
that Harper torched his fence.
So what now?
Maybe we try to get Child Services out
to talk to the mom?
It's a serious bomb to drop on a family
without having the full story.
And without a court order
or some actual evidence,
it could be weeks
before CSD actually gets around
to sending someone out here.
No, we're gonna have to do
something about this ourselves.
The charging docs track with
what you said on the phone.
The vehicle she was driving
was registered to a Dion Moore,
a nightclub owner
from Lansing, Michigan.
I did some digging. This guy's
got quite a little rap sheet
assault, disorderly conduct, larceny.
All misdemeanors,
plus a felony possession,
but it looks like they weren't
able to make that one stick.
Guy sounds like a nasty piece of work.
If the prosecutor isn't
offering Shonda a better deal
for her cooperation, my guess is
that Shonda doesn't have the goods
on this Dion character.
Either way, it seems like charging her
as the sole defendant on this
is a big reach to me.
So you think she can beat it, then?
I don't know. Maybe.
One thing for damn sure is that
a federal trial is always
a long, expensive ordeal.
Are you ready to go on that
journey for your ex-wife?
It's not about her, exactly.
I'm thinking about her son.
There was a long stretch there
where I raised that boy like my own.
So whatever I can do for him,
I'm gonna do it.
Okay, then, let's get into it.
Isn't it obvious?
The answer is bacon.
It's the Three Little Pigs.
Same difference.
Where's Julia?

She was right there
watching TV a minute ago.
A minute?
Capp, she could have crawled
into the street in a minute.
- It might have been less.
- Julia?
This is a disaster.
What kind of a squad lieutenant
puts you two in charge of a baby?
- Julia?
- Julia.
Now she's got two reasons
to not invite me to the wedding.
Okay, Squad, large area search.
Capp, bullpen. Tony, bunk room.
- I'll take the
Squad 3, Ambo 61. Person trapped.
- 2131 West Pershing Road.
Thank God.
You had no idea where she was, did ya?
Keeping America safe.

Pretty quiet.
Squad 3 to main, we're on scene.
You got any more information on this?
Somebody help!
Disregard. We got him.
- Stand by with the RIT cart.
- Copy that.
Go grab the stretcher and the jump bag.
Hey, over here.
Help me. Help me, please!
He was putting the bags in the trunk,
and I meant to hit the brakes,
but I guess I hit the gas.
Hey, is he okay?
Here, just give him some room to work.
- What's your friend's name?
- Bradley.
- He's my little brother.
- All right.
Your brother's in good hands, okay?
Yo, Brett, think you can reach in there
- to check his vitals?
- Yeah, I think so.
Okay. Capp, Tony, second floor.
We got a kid who's trapped under a car.
He's pinned in tight.
We need step chocks, cribbing,
airbags, and impact wrench.
Copy that, boss. Loading up now.
We got a pulse.
Bradley, can you hear me?
He's having trouble breathing.
Something's obstructing
his airway somehow.
Well, get him out of there, please!
Guys, what's the ETA?
Hey! Over here.
Capp, step chocks
on the passenger's side.
Tony, airbags on the driver's side.
Copy that.

Start the lift.

- Hold, hold.
All right, let me see
what's going on in here.
Ah, it feels like his jacket
is caught on the strut.
Tony, hand me the impact wrench.

Hang in there, Bradley.
Hey, hey.
How you doing, buddy? You with us?
Dude, you ran me over!
Dude, I know. I'm sorry.
That's a good sign.
Stay put while we pull you out.
Pulling on two. One, two
I I said sorry!
Let's get him up.
- I know what you're thinking.
- Doubt it.
"Is Carver free tonight?"
That's not what I was thinking.
Well, I am.
Oh, no plans for you? How sad.
Tonight, then?
We'll see.
You headed to OFI?
I don't know what else to do.
I know she's just a kid, but
No, no, you're right.
If this is a pattern for her,
there's only one direction
it usually goes.
- Mm.
- You want some company?
No, I got this.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Mm.
Cruz, hey.
- I meant to come find you.
- Oh, yeah?
It's so easy to get caught up
in the stresses of the day
and always forget
the little things, you know?
Yeah, totally.
But what I wanted to tell you was,
the way that you handled
that parking garage call
was so impressive, seriously.
And I've never seen a tire
come off a car that fast.
It was pretty awesome.
Huh. Okay, thanks.
Is, um, that all?
- Uh
Ooh, you know, I need to get her home.
If she misses her morning nap,
she's a demon the rest of the day.
- Ugh, you know the drill.
- Yeah.
See ya.
You're doing the right thing.
An ounce of prevention, like they say.
I was doing some research,
and there's this joint
CFD-CPD youth intervention program.
It's a great program.
Their whole purpose is trying
to reach kids like this
before adolescent mischief
turns into something more serious.
I was hoping that with your clout,
you might be able to get them to
send someone out there quickly.
I'll call
the program director right now.
I'm pretty sure I got
his cell number here somewhere.
How's Severide doing?
[STAMMERS] You know him.
He's loving the work.
I'm so glad he changed his mind,
stayed in that ATF program.
Talent like Severide's,
it's a rare gift.
You don't ever wanna take
a thing like that for granted.
Well, uh, you know,
I've been telling him
it's not good to take
anything in life for granted.

Here's the director's number.
Yeah, thank you so much for doing this.
Of course.

You haven't aged a day, Wallace.
You don't have to say it back.
I know I look like hell.
Um how you getting along in there?
Look, I know I've been a little
absent these last few years.
I'm sorry about that.
It wasn't my intention.
Life just
You know how life gets.
I'm just glad that James felt like
he could come to me for help.
What kind of help does Jimmy need?
With your case, Shonda.
I promised him I will
help you fight this thing.
I know you would never do
what they're accusing you of.
I really wish
you hadn't come here, Wallace.
I know your heart is
in the right place, but
I know.
The thought of going to trial
must be overwhelming.
James and I will be with you
every step of the way.
I did it.
Everything that they're saying.
Dion didn't even know.
I'm guilty.

Shonda always had a knack of
getting into dicey situations
long before I came into the picture.
Apparently, she had got herself
into a heap of debt.
Said she was struggling for years.
She just couldn't take
that drowning feeling anymore.
Still, I can't help but think
that if I'd been more present
in their lives over the last few years,
then I would have known
what was going on,
and then maybe things
would have turned out
a little better for them.
Hey, people make
their own decisions, Chief.
You know that.
So, um, how did James take the news?
Shonda doesn't want him
to know the truth.
Begged me not to say anything.
So what'd you tell him?
- I haven't seen him yet.
- Mm.
And I really do not know what
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
It's gonna break that boy's heart.
It's the curse of being a parent, right?
I remember when Cindy got sick, that
that might have been the toughest part.
But believe me,
that urge to protect our kids
from the hard punches
It's no use.
They catch it right in the teeth,
just like you and I did.

It turns out Captain Van Meter
is pretty tight with the guy.
So what did the program director say?
Well, he promised to send someone out
to knock on their door
within the next day or two,
which is as good as we could have hoped.
You've got to stop what you're doing.
I don't think
You keep talking to my neighbors.
You sent social workers to my house.
They're not from Child Services.
- They're from a program
- I don't care.
Look, I know you think
you're helping, but you're not.
You have no idea what this
could do to my family.
You're right.
I'm sure I don't.
So explain it to me.
She was always a super mellow kid
until her dad moved out.
And I was stupid enough to think
that it was gonna be amicable,
but the divorce, it's just
it's gotten so ugly so fast.
And now the son of a bitch,
he wants sole custody just to hurt me.
Couldn't care less
what it's doing to Harper.
If he catches wind of what's
been going on with her,
he's going to use it
against me in court.

That's rough.
I'm sorry it's happening to you.
But what Harper is doing
I know.
With all due respect,
I am not sure that you do.
If Harper seriously hurts
herself or someone else
Do you have kids, Stella?
I love my daughter more than
anything in the entire world,
and the thought of losing her, I
I can't lose her.
So please, please,
let me handle this alone.

What'd your lawyer friend say?
Is he gonna represent us,
or is he gonna
recommend someone, or what?
Sit down, son.
Let's talk.
Okay, well, did he say how
long she'd have to stay in lockup?
Because I was thinking a good lawyer
could probably get her out on bail
while everything else gets figured out.
What's wrong?

She's guilty.
- What?
- I went to see her.
She told me everything.
She knew what she was doing.
But she swears this is the first time
she's ever done anything like this.
I believe her.
If you didn't wanna help,
you should have just said that.
It's not like I would have
been shocked or anything.
You made it pretty clear
that you didn't want
anything to do with us a long time ago.
- James
- Whatever, bro.
I don't need you anyway.
I'll figure this out on my own.
James, wait.

You know, I get
why Brett didn't invite me,
but she could have at least
mailed the invitations
instead of handing them out
at the firehouse.
What's there to get?
You know, that we dated.
- What?
- When?
Everybody knows that you don't
invite exes to a wedding.
It's like the number one rule.
You know, exes,
they throw off the dynamic.
It's like a recipe for disaster.
Have you tried asking her about it?
Huh, yeah.
Maybe getting it out
in the open is better.
That way she knows I'm cool with it.
Engine 51, Truck 81, Ambo 61.
Oh, Cruz, perfect timing.
Do you mind getting her down?
The pack and play is in the bunk room.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.
- Structure fire.
1290 West 32nd Place.
- 32nd Place.
- Did that just say
Alicia and Harper's house, yeah.

All right, Gibson,
let's get everyone back.
All right, folks, let's back up.
Let's back up, please. Thank you.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Up here!
Gibson, Mouch, grab the 20.

- Let's go. Ready?
- Yep.
I got it.
She's got a pulse, but she's in shock.
Start an IV and push saline
and 100 micrograms of fentanyl.
Carver, help 'em with the backboard.
- On it.
- What do we got?
One vic over there,
another possibly inside,
a little girl.
- You're on primary search.
- Copy.
2-2-4 to Main.
Give me a still and box
and an EMS plan 1.
Carver, Mouch, you take the first floor.
Make sure you check
every possible hiding spot.
Got it.
Herrmann, hurry up
with that attack line.
We gotta buy 81 some time.
We're missing a kid.
That's spreading fast.
All right, on it, Chief.
All right, let's go.
Primary search,
you only got a few minutes.
Copy that, Kidd?
Copy that, Chief.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Fire department, call out!
Left-hand search. I'll go right.
Fire department! Call out!
Harper, it's the fire department!
Call out!
Fire department, call out!
Fire department!
Call out if you can hear me!
Take the far room. I'll search this one.
Copy that.
Fire department! Call out!
Fire department!
Harper, it's us!

Damn it.
Hey. It's okay.
You're okay. You're safe now.
Is my mom okay?
She's outside.
Come on. Come on, Harper, let's go.
It's time to go right now. Upsy-daisy.
I'm sorry. It was an accident.
I know, sweetheart.
I'm gonna put this over you,
and then I'm gonna pick you up, okay?
On the count of three.
One, two, three.
- Here we go. Hug me tight, okay?
- Okay.

It's okay.
Gibson, where you at?
- Come on!
- No, no.
Give me your Halligan and take her.
Come on, kiddo, I got you. Hang on.
- You good, Lieutenant?
- I'm all right.

Let go! [GRUNTS]
[GROANS] Get off!


Mother is out of surgery,
in the ICU now.
It's been touch and go, but they think
she's gonna pull through.
How you holding up?

I just wish
I know.
But they are both still alive,
Which means you gave them a chance.

- Oh, come here, you.
She likes you.
Hey, sweetie.
What's up?
- What's up, huh?
You wanna hold her?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Oh, yeah.
What's up, big girl?
What are you doing? Hmm?
What do you think
of these mugs, kid, huh?
You wanna be a firefighter one day?
Ah, no.
This girl's got brains, you can tell.
She's got doctor written all over her.
More like a cat burglar.
What's up?
Who's here?
Wanna go see her?
Just a one-time hookup, right?
- No big deal?
- Right.
Because I kind of remember you saying
Yeah. Good check. Thanks.
I'm just having fun.
- Yeah.
Lots and lots of fun.
Is that an invitation
to Casey and Brett's wedding?
Yeah. I floated under Casey
for a few shifts back in the day, so
- Huh.
- Yeah.
- Brett?
- Hey, Cruz.
Um okay, so I think
I've been pretty understanding
about not getting an invitation
to your wedding, but Mulligan?
You invited Mulligan to your
small and intimate wedding?
Well, first of all, that's insane.
Of course you're invited to my wedding.
Second of all, who the hell is Mulligan?
You know, Mulligan from third shift.
Uh, big, sweaty, carrot top,
no sense of personal space.
And where is this Mulligan's locker?
It's right next to
you put it in the wrong locker.
I'm so sorry, Joe. I was in a rush.
Besides, it's barely an invitation.
People have to go to the website
to get the details anyway.
So I'll just give you the web address.
No, no, no. No, no, no, no,
I am getting that piece of paper.
It's not official without it.
You seriously thought you
weren't invited to my wedding?
What could possibly make you think that?

- See you, Cruz.
- Catch you later.

Huh. That is clever.

I couldn't stop thinking about it.
You're, like
The only person I know
who's never lied to me.
And my mom, you know,
she wasn't acting right
the last few months.
And she kept saying corny stuff like,
"Every dog has its day, Jimmy.
Our time is gonna come."
Guess it did.
I'm sorry, son.
It is what it is.
About everything, I mean.
I should have checked in on you more.
I should have made sure that you knew
you're always welcome here,
no matter what.

I'm gonna head home.
Just so you know, this is your home too.
You can stay here as long as you want.

Come on.


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