Chicago Fire s12e10 Episode Script

The Wrong Guy

51 is pretty dope so far.
Lots of action,
not a ton of young people.
I'm 27.
You were right.
Maybe she's not 51 material.
Put the gun down.
You are so scared that
you're gonna get in trouble.
You can still step back.
There is something about her.
I was gonna ask if
you wanted to stay on 61.
Yeah, we should really
keep talking about that.
This is so unfair.
I had to wait till I was 13
to get my own phone.
Whoever said life is fair, huh?
Oh, yeah, I bet they told Susan B.
Anthony the same thing.
Uh, do you even know
what the hell that means?
It means this is completely sexist.
If your dad had forgotten
to pick you up from soccer
and left you stranded for three hours,
you'd have gotten a phone
when you were 11 too.
Nice dig.
But your mom is right.
This isn't some special
boy privilege, all right?
Kenny's phone is for emergencies only!
All right?
It's not for socializing.
Wow, you guys are so naive.
Debate club's over. Get in.
And the best part
about having my own phone is,
you can't ditch me at the park anymore.
I swear to god, Kenny,
if you even think about
tracking my location,
- I'll murder you in your sleep.
- Hey!
No one is tracking
anyone's location around here.
Everybody got that?
We are not that kind of family.
Yeah. Damn, damn, damn straight.
All right? No tracking.
[SIGHS] I forgot my basketball shoes.
Coach is gonna make me run extra laps.
Oh. Wait.
What is this back here?
It's only everything
you need for practice.
- Wow.
Mom's usually way better
at remembering school stuff.
No offense.
None taken.
Uh, and just so you know,
dinner is already
waiting in the fridge, and the laundry
has been washed and folded.
And only another week
till Mom comes home.
How bad could our lives
fall apart in seven days?
So have you found
a replacement for Truck yet?
- I went with a floater.
- Mm.
Yeah, I'm not ready to hop
into another long-term
relationship so soon,
so I think I'll play
- the field for a while.
- Mm, I don't blame you.
But after all that Lennox drama,
I think I'm ready to settle down.
- With Novak?
- Yep. [SIGHS]
I thought she was a walking red flag.
Oh, yeah, she is.
But the truth is, my standards
aren't that high.
I know I'm never gonna find
another Brett.
But Novak has got some skills,
and she's not a shill
for Chief Robinson,
so I think I'm gonna put a ring on it.
Listen up.
Boden will be back in a few weeks.
Till then, I'm 51's ranking officer,
so come to me with any house issues.
Kylie will be filling in
for Mouch while he's in Atlanta
taking that tech rescue class.
We got a new floater this shift
joining Truck.
Welcome, Jack Damon.
- Hey, Jack.
- Jack.
And that's all I got for now.
Get back to work.
Hey. Welcome, Damon.
I'm Lieutenant Kidd.
- I know who you are.
- Ooh.
Hell of a reputation precedes you.
I've been requesting a shot
at 51 for a long time.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Welcome.
- Shoulders, check.
Are those eyes sparkly or what?
This is gonna be fun.
- Novak.
- What?
Don't think I didn't pick up on
you and Carver having a thing.
So I can't look that way anymore,
but great minds, right?
Um, I'm gonna talk to Severide.
I'll meet you at the rig for inventory.
- Yeah, copy that.
- Yeah.
Third shower stall has a leak in it.
Coffee maker is officially on the fritz.
- It's making the noise again.
- The size of Niagara Falls.
I'll put in a rec for a new one.
Meantime, bring Boden's out
to the kitchen.
Tony, grab a wrench. Fix it.
Uh, is it all right if Javi
comes by the house later?
Chloe's out of town again.
Javi's welcome here anytime.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- Violet, what's up?
Hey, yeah, um, I'd like
to bring on Novak full-time,
take her out of the floater pool.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, great.
I'll start with the paperwork.
What was the first two things
I said I was gonna do?
Squad 3, Truck 81, Ambulance 61,
motor vehicle accident at 6701

Cruz, primary search.
Capp, Tony, grab a 6-foot 4x4
and rope bags!
- Copy that!
- On it!
Hey, we'll buy you some time
so you can extricate
the driver, stabilize the car.
Okay. Carver, raise the aerial.
- I'm going up.
- On it.
Damon, you're on crowd control.
And keep that news crew out of the way.
Got it, Lieutenant.
It must have been going damn fast.

Help! My foot is stuck!
Hey, hey! Don't move, all right?
We're coming. Stay put.

On line.
Building's clear.
81, car is secure.
Driver's pinned in.
You're gonna have to
come through the back.
All right, copy that.
We're on the way up.
Hey, can you hear me?
Back here.
My foot.
It's stuck under the brake.
All right whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey. Hey.
Easy. Easy.
No sudden moves, okay?
I'm gonna go in, free his foot,
and you stay ready to pull him out.
Copy that.
All right.

Okay. What's your name?
- Curtis.
- Curtis? All right.
Can you move?
Yeah, my foot is it's just stuck.
I'm gonna try another, okay?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
We're falling!
Door jamb's plastic.

Get some webbing over here
or this thing's going over!
Copy that!
Brace yourself. We gotta move.

Here we go.
Hold, guys.
Watch your head.
- Go, go, go.
- You're good.
Come on. You're good.
Take your time. Take your time.
- Take him down. I'm good.
- Okay.
Hold it!
You got this, Stella!
All right! Hold!

You all right, Lieutenant?
I'm good. Thanks.
Let's go.
That was incredible.
It's a hell of a story.
Can I interview you?
Well, I'm not really a press person.
Why don't you take it?
You're the hero.
Well, I mean, you had my back
coming down the ladder.
What if I'd fallen?
Come this way.
Make sure to get the car
and that big hole in the wall.
Can you fit both in the frame?
Yes. Going live.
Let me ask you something.
Can you really track people
with those things now?
The wonders of the modern world, huh?
You're kidding me, right?
Privacy is officially done and dusted,
and you call that a wonder?
I've heard of emergencies where tracking
has totally saved the day,
so there's that.
You know what also
saves the day just fine?
Using that telephone to call 911.
Not if you get kidnapped by some sicko.
Yeah, or what if you get mowed down
by a hit-and-run driver,
and you're laying in a ditch,
and all your limbs are busted
and you can't dial 911?
Show me how to track my kids.
Yeah, it's super easy.
Here, give me your phone.
All right.
Hey, just one thing.
Hey, don't worry.
- It won't cost anything.
- No.
Cindy can't know about this,
not under any circumstances,
or she'll have my hide.
She thinks that we're not one
of those kind of families,
whatever that means.
Hey, Cruz, everything all right?
Uh, yeah, yeah. I just, um
the social worker who runs the program
that facilitated
Javi's adoption just called me
and said she wants to stop by
and talk but didn't say why.
You been in touch since the adoption?
Next time we're at Med,
we need more IV start kits.
Got it.
Hey, I'm sporting
a non-compliant belt today.
Regular one didn't fit.
I am such a rebel.
Yeah, I had the same problem.
I just punched another hole
in the leather.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Did I tell you me and the
guys from my martial arts class
are doing an event on Friday?
Nunchucks and palomas at Willy's?
You did not.
Doesn't sound like
the safest night out exactly.
Come on, don't tell me
palomas are too strong for you.
- Hey, Stella.
- Hey.
I got an email you should look at.
CFD is cutting funding
from Girls On Fire?
I don't get it, either.
I put a word in
with the Programs Office.
I just brought on
a whole new batch of girls.
We're running drills today.
I'm gonna figure out
what the hell is going on.

- Hi, thank you.
- You got it.
- Hey, how is Javi doing?
- Oh, he's great.
He's grown, like, 6 feet since
the last time you saw him.
- Kids will do that.
- Yeah.
It's Javi I wanted to talk to you about.
So you remember during
the adoption process
when we told you he had
an uncle in Honduras?
Yeah, and you said he didn't
want anything to do with him.
That was true at the time.
But it turns out, things have changed.
Javi's uncle, Dennis Mejia,
is here from Honduras
and wants to get reconnected.
What hold on.
He's allowed to suddenly
change his mind like that?
He just wants to visit
with him while he's in Chicago.
I know it's sudden, and I
understand your hesitation.
But it might be good for Javi
to meet someone from his past.
Maybe Dennis could answer
some questions about his family
or what life was like in Honduras.
Yeah. Uh, yeah, Javi might like that.
Uh, okay, it has to be
at the firehouse with me here.
Javi's coming here after school today.
Okay. I'll set it up.
Uh, but Brooke, um, I have to ask.
Is there a possibility that
this Dennis could claim
guardianship rights over Javi?
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
It's just one meeting,
and Dennis is leaving
to go back to Honduras.
Okay, please, Brooke.
Just answer the question.
Yes, it's possible.
If Dennis decided
to challenge the adoption,
unfortunately, he'd be
within his rights to do so.

So I just think it's best if
I'm there when Javi meets him,
but I wanted to make sure it's
okay if he comes by the firehouse.
Long-lost uncle.
That's gotta be a shock.
Yeah, it is.
But you know, everything's fine.
Yeah, of course Javi's
relative can can come here.
And let me know if you
need anything from me.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Hey, you wanted to see me, Lieutenant?
Oh, I can come back if you're busy.
Oh, no, it's all good.
All is good. I'm on my way out.
Yeah, Novak, I just
need you to sign this.
What is it?
Violet put in for you to stay on at 61,
permanent position.
Oh, that's super sweet of her, but, uh,
I'm not really into staying anywhere
for the long haul, you know?
You want to stay a floater?
Yeah, it's fun.
Besides, I like working with my friends,
so if anything opens up at 105
or 39 or 62, I just jump on.
But thanks, though.
Lieutenant, you got a sec
for a couple of questions?
What the hell, yeah.
I'm just waiting
on a couple white shirts
to return my calls.
You are a real fire fan, huh?
They tell me I was crawling
at four months old.
I guess crawling down
smoky hallways was my destiny.
What's the deal with that one?
Now, that is 51's own
Towering Inferno over on Rush.
So Severide had to swing down a level
from the 16th-story window with
that little boy in his arms.
He's had some crazy saves.
Oh, yeah.
I heard about him
rescuing a motorcyclist
crawling up a drawbridge
and nailing the CFD arsonist.
- Yeah.
- You've had some yourself.
I read all about the time
you saved a cop
with an RPG stuck in his leg.
Got a commendation for that one, right?
Okay, now, you're starting
to weird me out.
[CHUCKLES] I'm not a stalker. I swear.
I took a class with Severide
at the academy.
And the way he talks
about 51, it just
it stood out.
I'm stoked to be here
for as long as you'll have me.
It'd be good to have you
on another shift.
See what you got.
That would be awesome. Thank you.
Good. All right.
I'm gonna go set up
my Girls On Fire drill,
'cause there might not be
a whole lot more of 'em.

Is it true they're cutting
the funding for Girls On Fire?
That's insane.
Isn't there something DC Hill can do?
She loves this program.
Well, apparently, since DC Hill left,
all nonessential firehouse
programs are getting gutted.
But Severide's calling
all his connections.
I have calls and emails into
the new interim DC Barnes.
He's gonna learn my name real quick.
I wish there was more we could do.
Right now, our job is just
to whip these girls into shape.
Okay, ladies. That was nice.
Are you sure you're okay
to meet your uncle?
I'm great with it.
Just have some
butterflies in my stomach.

Dennis Mejia. Pleasure to meet you.
Joe Cruz, and this is Javi.
When did you get so big?
I remember you being knee-high,
following me everywhere.
No novia?
A handsome guy like this. No novia.
You must be focused on the sport.
Yes, basketball.
I'm a guard.
He's a great shooter.
Basketball? No way. No, no, no.
I bought you your first baseball glove
when you were four.
I taught you how to play and everything.
You were really good too. [LAUGHS]
What's this basketball crap?
Dad, Dennis should come
to my game tomorrow night,
since Mom's not here.
Sí, sí, por favor.
I would love to come.
Did Novak talk to you
about the position on 61 yet?
What about it?
She wants to stay in the floater pool.
Why wouldn't someone wanna be
a regular at 51?
I guess she likes floating,
especially at the firehouses
where she's got friends.
Oh, that's kind of offensive, but fine.
I mean, I'm not gonna beg her
to stay, so.
Well, we'll find someone.
Well, like I said,
she's kind of a handful, so.
Lieutenant Severide here.
Why would anyone think
floating is so great?
Why is Luke so late
getting home from school?
Ambulance 61, person down,
1466 North Maxwell.
Come in. It's my daughter.
- Maddie!
- What happened?
She tripped and fell.

Try to stay still, okay, Maddie?
Okay, let's get her seated.
It'll reduce any pressure on her skull.
Okay. What happened?
She was, uh, sipping on her tumbler,
and she got tripped up
by Brucey, fell face first.
We have to stabilize the straw
before we can move her,
but let's check the blood
coming out of her nose first.
Okay, grab the C-collar.
This isn't blood.
This is cerebral spinal fluid.
The straw must have
pierced her cranial cavity.
We have to call ahead and get
her up to neurosurgery fast.
- Is she okay? What's happening?
We need you to stay calm, okay?
And please keep that pup
far away, all right?
- No, Maddie, Maddie, Maddie,
we need you to stay still, okay?
All right?
They're gonna remove
the straw at the hospital
where they have all the right tools.
Hey, Maddie, Maddie.
You have the limited-edition
pink tumbler?
I stood in line in the cold
for two hours,
trying to get my hands on one of those.
And guess what happened?
The lady in front of me
snatched up the last three.
Should have just jumped her
in the parking lot.
Okay, let's get her to Med.
You can come with us.
Wait till you see
how fast Violet drives.
We'll be at Med in a flash.
All right. Let's go, Maddie.
Another thing in life to worry
about walking with straws.
But that neurosurgeon, Dr. Abrams,
he seemed confident
he could take care of it.
Yeah, he did.
Maddie was completely responsive,
and the straw was stabilized enough.
It didn't do more damage.
Never seen that move in person before.
Checking the cranial leakage?
Oh, the halo effect.
That was so rad.
Hey, you wanna come join us
at Molly's tonight?
Oh, I have to practice
for the nunchuck showdown,
but if I finish early, I will be there.
You talk to Chloe?
Oh, yeah.
And of course, she went into a panic.
But I told her, you know,
don't worry about it.
This Dennis seems like a good guy.
I still will feel better
when he's back in Honduras.
You you want me to come
to the basketball game tonight?
My schedule is wide open.
Uh, no, no, I got it.
I'm good.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
Heard you're gonna
be around another shift.
Yeah. Hopefully more. We'll see.
I gave that reporter my number.
Might have been a mistake.
Is she hitting you up?
Yeah. But turns out not for a date.
She wants my help getting an
interview with Lieutenant Kidd,
but Kidd said no chance.
I am going to stop the new interim DC
with my Girls On Fire hat on.
- Wish me luck.
- Give 'em hell, boss.
All right. Thank you.

Max has been at his girlfriend's house,
studying for the last four hours.
- And that's a bad thing?
- Yeah, it is.
Kids with his grades they
don't study for four hours.
You know what's really a bad thing?
You've been tracking your kids nonstop
since I showed you
how to do it, haven't you?
You're the one that said
I should track them
all the time, for safety's sake.
No! Definitely not what I said.
And what if they get kidnapped, huh?
- It's a crazy world out there.
- Okay.
No offense, Herrmann, but this
whole tracking habit of yours
- might be getting a little
- What, unhealthy?
I was gonna say stalkery.
It might be time for a screen break.
When you have children,
you'll understand.
[SIGHS] Well, I guess
Novak's not coming.
She told you she might
not make it, right?
Yeah, because she has
to practice "numb chucks."
Okay, don't get defensive, but
I hate this already.
You don't exactly like
to put yourself out there.
And I'm guessing you didn't
act much like you cared
one way or the other if she showed up.
I put myself out there.
I invited her to Molly's.
The 51 gang is here every night.
I asked her to be on my rig permanently.
Did you ask her, or did Severide?
He is the ranking officer, so.
I'm just saying, you might have
to get out of your comfort zone
a little if you wanna bond with Novak.
Well, we can't all be Sam Carver.
You're comfortable no matter
what the situation.
Not always.
What's that mean?
Nothing. Just
There's something about
that Damon kid that bums me.
But maybe it's just a hangover
from the whole
Gibson situation.
- Hey.
- Hey.

I sat outside Barnes' office
for two hours.
He finally comes out,
and I have to follow him
to his car to plead my case.
What did he say?
He said, I'm just temporary,
my hands are tied.
And then he jumped in his sedan
without a care in the world
and drove off.
Did you get any responses?
CFD is missing some serious
leadership these days.
New DC appointment is next month.
Maybe that'll move the needle.
Or someone like Chief Robinson gets it,
and then anything unessential goes away.
- Hmm.
- I just
I hate thinking that
I have taught my last class.
Oh, man, Chloe is gonna love that!
So your wife travels a lot.
Yeah, she just got a big promotion
that comes with a bunch
of new responsibilities,
- so it's been busy.
- Mm.
You know, Marisela really
wants to meet Javi.
I've been talking about him
over the years.
Well, next time you're
in Chicago, bring her with you.
We'll have dinner.
Actually, I was
thinking about taking Javi
to Honduras to meet her.
[CHUCKLES] Little soon to be talking
about taking Javi to another
country, don't you think?
No. I don't.
In fact, Javi really wants to go.
You talked to him about it already?
I did.
And I think you know that if I
really wanted to, I could, Joe.
Look, I'm not saying I will.
But the truth is, I can.
Or the other option is, um,
you give me $50,000,
and I just disappear.
And neither you nor Javi
will ever see me again.

I thought you made sure
this wouldn't happen
during the adoption process.
We do our best.
Look, it's not like flipping a switch.
Dennis would have to file
a wrongful adoption case,
say his hand was forced
or he was misled.
But if he's convincing, judges do tend
to side with blood relatives.
Well, what about the money?
Shouldn't he be disqualified
for trying to extort us?
We could try.
But Dennis could argue
that he was just asking
for the financial help
necessary to take care of Javi
- properly, which maybe he was.
- What? No!
No way. This was a money grab.
Javi is our son.
I know.
When Dennis called
and begged to be reconnected
with his brother's son,
my hand was forced.
I have to follow the rules here.
Uh, w-wait.
Did you say "brother's son"?
And you're sure that's
exactly what he said?
Yes, why?
The only thing that we know
about Javi for sure
is that he never knew his father.
No one did.
His mother let that information
die with her.
There's no father listed
on the birth certificate,
and the lone uncle
was on his mother's side.

- You're right.
I didn't even think
to look at those details.
I just saw that there was an
uncle and the names matched.
What's going on?
I don't know.
But we need to find out.
There's our superstar.
What's going on?
Uh, just just give me
one minute, okay?
Damon, I told you, I don't like
The reporter just kept calling me, okay?
She just wants a story.
But then I thought maybe there's a way
for you both to get what you wanted.

Some of you need
to get better at turning in
your time cards by deadline.
And this next part is
important, so listen up.
Only come to me
if you have an emergency.
I repeat, emergencies only.
Get to work.
Hey, uh, Lieutenant?
I have another request for
a visit to the firehouse,
but, um, this one's a doozy.
And how do you know which one you are?
I think it mainly comes
down to who you think of
when you hear the name Harry.
- Prince Harry.
- Harry Potter.
See? There you go.
I think of Harry Styles,
which makes me Gen Z.
What the hell?
What's wrong, Herrmann?
Now you know why children need
to be monitored at all times.
Annabelle is supposed to be
in school right now,
and instead, she's at the
Purple Haze Wellness Center.
I what is that?
Is it a health food store?
A marijuana dispensary.
Oh, not on my watch.
Ritter, let's go.
I gotta go track down
a juvenile delinquent.

I don't get it.
Let me see.
Are you sure Annabelle is
Her little dot says she's right
right here.
What are you doing here?
I'm meeting my friend Laurie for coffee.
What are you doing here?
I thought
well, we were out.
Is Annabelle in there with you?
Why would you think Annabelle
was with me, Christopher?
It's the damnedest thing.
It really is.
Because Annabelle
is at school right now.
But her phone is right here.
I took it away this morning
when she wouldn't
stop fighting with Kenny.
Good call.
That girl, she's got a
- You're tracking the kids!
- It's for their own safety.
I mean, what if they get mowed down
by some hit-and-run driver?
I would never forgive myself!
It's my fault.
I taught him how to do it,
and I should have known
that this technology
is too dangerous in the wrong hands.
Nice try, Darren.
But your lieutenant is a grown man.
He's gonna have to take responsibility
for his own actions
and suffer the consequences.

Hey, do you need a hand with lunch?
Yeah, sure, you can shred
some mozz if you want.
So I ordered a paloma
last night, and I will say,
that is a damn fine cocktail.
It's on right now.
This fearsome lieutenant
is one of 400 female
firefighters in the CFD,
making up only 9% of the department.
But Lieutenant Kidd is
working to change all that.
Tell us about this program of yours.
It's called Girls On Fire.
Oh, my God. I can't watch this.
Started the program four years ago.
God, does my voice
really sound like that?
Shh! I wanna hear this.
And we are teaching these
young women the basic skills
This is gold.
To become a firefighter,
to become a successful firefighter.
It was all Damon's idea.
And these two incredible firefighters
are a big part of it.
It's the best job in the
world, and I feel so proud

Here I am.
I'm glad you called.
Dennis, this is my wife, Chloe.
She had to come back from her
trip because of all of this.
Pleasure to meet you, Chloe.
I have my checkbook.
If I write you this check,
you have to promise
that you'll stay away from my son.
That's the deal, right?
That's the deal.

You did the right thing.
Put your hands in the air now.
CPD. Don't move.
Keep moving.

So when I found that Dennis
was lying, I got PD involved.
And they told me there's,
like, a ring of scumbags
that are targeting
unaccompanied minor adoptions.
Like those kids haven't
been through enough.
These guys, they, like,
access court records
and then go after adoptive families,
pretending to be whatever
family member's listed
on the adoption forms, scamming them
for tens of thousands of dollars.
And this Dennis character?
he's been doing this for a while.
He never had any intention
of taking Javi away,
not that he would have gotten
out of the country anyway.
But you know, it's all about the money.
Cops said getting Dennis
will help 'em bring down
the whole ring, so nice work, Cruz.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
Tonight, I have to tell Javi
that the uncle
he was so excited to know was a scammer.

You have had a crazy couple
shifts as ranking officer.
I don't know how Boden does it.
Once he's back,
I never wanna find myself
behind another desk.
Hey, Damon!
Now, I do not like surprises,
and you really cornered me
with that interview.
But it saved Girls On Fire.
Barnes called.
The program is officially back on.
The guy even had the nerve
to actually thank me
for doing the CFD proud.
He's not wrong.
- Smart thinking, Damon.
- Mm.
Just happy to help, honestly.
Hope you're good to stick around
for a few more shifts at 51?
Hell yeah, I am.
Thank you, Lieutenant.

That kid is a really big fan of yours.
Yeah, he said that taking
your class at the academy
is what made him wanna be here.
I don't remember having
that kid in my class.
But I have had a ton of
recruits come through my doors.
Any chance I can get you out
to an extremely casual,
not-coupley-at-all dinner tonight?
Hmm, well, as hot as that sounds,
I have plans tonight.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But maybe tomorrow?
We'll see.
A flip phone?
Uh, yeah.
Cindy says that everybody in the family
is gonna get them.
I mean, I won't be able to
google magic for Mouch anymore,
Ritter, or email, or enjoy
any of the so-called, you know,
wonders of modern life.
She is fearsome.
Maybe I could borrow yours sometime.
Yeah, I don't see that happening.

That isn't the only reason why I'm here.
No, no.
Nobody here knows.
And I'll keep it that way
for as long as I want.

All right!
Give it up for Lizzie Novak!
Violet, hey! You came!
That was amazing!
You are a badass!
Hey, did you get a paloma?
Come on. Usually,
the bartender comps me.
- You know, actually
- No?
We can, uh, pay for our own drinks
like modern, independent ladies?
Oh, no, no, it's it's not that.
What's up?
Is everything okay?
Yeah, no, all good.
I, um I just came by to well, A,
to see what this whole thing
was about, obviously.
But I also I just wanted to
say that I know I may not have
club-hopping BFF potential.
But when it comes to this job,
I know I could be good for you,
and you are good for me too.
Seriously, you have
such a way with people.
You know how to connect,
like, really connect.
And that is not exactly my strong suit.
But I could bring your game up
to a whole another level.
And maybe you could do the same for me?
Okay, so just so I understand
I'm saying that we could
make a great team
if you decide to stick around at 51.
- Whoa!
- Oh, my God.
Look out, everybody!
Jin literally has no business
touching those things.
Yeah, I am gonna split
before I lose a freaking limb.
So, but just think about what I said.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
I'll see you, Novak.

Hey, what you working on?
I don't know how they figured out
how to make whole maps
without a computer
or satellites or anything.
Hey, buddy, um, I need to
talk to you about something.
Um, it's about Dennis.
What about him?
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Javi.
I just found out that
Dennis isn't your uncle.
He was lying.
He just wanted to get money
from your mom and me.
Why would he do that?
I don't know.
You know, some people,
they'll do anything for money.
They don't care who they hurt.
But your mom and I,
we're here to protect you, okay?
I'm so sorry he lied to you.

you don't have to be sad for me.
For a long time,
I didn't have a family at all,
and I wanted one so bad.
But now I have you, Mom, and
and Otis.
I don't need any more than that.


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