Chicago Fire s12e11 Episode Script

Inside Man

We got a new floater.
Welcome Jack Damon.
I've been requesting
a shot at 51 for a long time.
He said that taking
your class at the academy
is what made him want to be here.
I don't remember
having that kid in my class.
Nobody here knows,
and I'll keep it that way
for as long as I want.
Who's texting you at this ungodly hour?
Ah, it's nobody.
I'm a little worried
what the others might think.
I'm secretly dating a cop.
You have such a way with people.
You are good for me,
and if you decide to stick around at 51,
I know I could be good for you.
I'm not surprised Novak decided
to stay at 51 full time after
you gave her your talking to,
but I cannot wait
for all your "Dear God,
why did I do this?" rants.
Oh, first one of those was this morning
when she got super huggy
for, like, no reason.
How's it going with your
new floater, Jack Damon?
Why do you say it like that?
I don't know.
He's kind of got one of those names
where you just want
to say it all, you know?
It is a good name.
Yeah, it's very solid.
I'm very glad to have him
around for another few shifts.
He really helped me out
with Girls on Fire.
And I mean, he's practically
begging for a permanent spot.
Well, Novak's take,
in case you're wondering
oh, he is mega fun to look at.
Need a hand?
No, I'm good.
What is that, the 20-inch?
How often do you have to clean it?
Every now and then.
Which saw does Squad use most?
Is it the chain vent or K-12?
Kidd says I taught you at the academy.
Which class was it?
Uh, no, I I wanted to take
your Confined Space Rescue course,
but I got waitlisted.
Yeah, I was hoping
someone was gonna fall out,
but nobody did.
I ended up taking a hazmat course
with Captain Miller.
I learned a ton about chemistry
and field identification.
I was hoping to get certified
once I can.
I swore I brought out
that rivet spinner.

Is that the mystery boyfriend
I still haven't met?
We haven't labeled it yet.
Gay men and your fear of commitment.
A, that's not a thing.
And B, that's laughable coming from you.
[GASPS] Hurtful.
Yeah, Carver's been on a furlough,
and he hasn't been exactly
quick on the text responses.
Probably just busy.
FYI, new guy is kind of shady.
I heard him on the phone last shift,
and he sounded like
he's hiding something.
Like what?
I don't know.
He specifically said
he doesn't want anyone here
to find out.
Maybe you should tell Kidd.
I mean, after the whole Gibson thing,
she's being super cautious
about who she's vetting for Truck.
I don't know.
It could just be something personal.
But it was the way he said it too.
You should tell her.

- Ugh.
If you were sleeping there to
avoid Capp's snores, trust me,
that sound travels.
Yeah, no.
I just got off the phone with Chloe.
Oh, she on the road for work again?
No, no, she she got back last week
after that whole situation
with Javi's fake uncle.
She wanted me to take
the shift off but, you know,
with Boden gone and Severide
picking up the slack,
- I had to come in.
- Yeah.
The life of a firefighter, right?
Hey, try to get some rest, all right?
Who knows when that call might come in.
Yeah. Thanks, buddy.

Did the heat go out?
Or was it cut from our budget
like everything else?
As far as I know, heat is still covered.
I swear these things
are just here for decoration.
Does it feel like the AC is on to you?
I do feel a breeze.
What the hell?
Where's Truck?
I'm not dreaming this, am I?
Well, did someone from the shops
come to pick it up for service?
We didn't have an order in.
And we'd have to sign it out, anyway.

It's gone.
We circled the block, nothing.
Any way this is just some kind of prank?
That would be pretty hardcore.
Wait, is that Severide's phone?
The last time that we talked,
he said he was coming
out here to clean equipment.
Yeah, he was working on the
chainsaw right before I went to bed.
So you were the last one that saw him?
I I guess so.
I'm calling PD.
I'm gonna check the meds in the ambo.

How much further is it?
We're almost there.
Let's make this quick. Kill the radio.

I'll see you at the drop.
Stay off the highway.
Yeah, I know the route.

Stella Kidd?
Right here, yes. Thank you for coming.
Detective Navarro.
This is Officer Morris.
- We hear you had a rig stolen.
- Yes, and a missing person.
Kelly Severide, Squad 3 lieutenant
and your husband, correct?
Yeah, he he wouldn't leave
without telling me or anyone else,
and not without his phone.
Should we talk in there?
Yeah, officers, with me.
Herrmann, Violet.
Yeah, you too, Cruz.

So where do you keep the keys
for all the rigs?
- There are none.
- Really?
Not on any fire apparatus.
Yeah, when a call comes in,
we got to go.
All right?
There's no time looking for keys.
Makes it pretty easy
to steal one, then, huh?
Not really.
You have to turn on a battery
connect called the Kaiser switch.
Then you have to push
the ignition button.
So someone would have
to know what they're doing?
- Mm-hmm.
- Is there any way to track it?
Yeah, through the radio.
It's the first thing we checked,
- but it was disabled.
- So what's next?
Put out a BOLO?
'Cause Kelly's car
is still on the street,
so he definitely left on that rig.
This is enough for us to get started.
- We'll keep you informed.
- Wait. That's it?
So I mean, what are we supposed to do?
Hang tight.
We'll hopefully have
some answers for you soon.

Hey, mind if I bum one of them smokes?
Yeah, yeah. Sure, no problem.
This shouldn't take long, all right?
We'll be right back.
Take a deep breath, Hank.
Look like you're gonna drop dead.

I just want to get
in my car and start driving
around the city, but where do you start?
And what if he comes back
or calls the house
while I'm gone?
Have you gotten in touch with Boden yet?
I left him a message.
I figure he'll get it in the morning.
Hey, well, maybe this will
all be over by then.
I don't get it, Vi.
If someone stole the truck,
what do they want with Kelly?
Well, whatever it is,
if anyone can handle it, it's Severide.

I wanted to talk to you about Damon.
It might not be a big deal, but
What is it?
So you were the last to see Severide.
He was cleaning the chainsaw.
We only talked for a minute.
What did you talk about?
- Nothing important.
- Well, he's missing now.
So anything could be important.
We just talked about the chainsaw.
I was asking him all kinds of questions.
Hey, guys!

I was hearing static
on the main frequency,
and I was getting mad because
I thought somebody was screwing around,
but then I noticed a pattern.
That is an old CFD code just in case
- the radio comm goes down.
- Exactly.
- Three, three, five.
- Return to quarters.
Followed by five, five, three.
That is the code for Squad 3.
This is from Severide.

Somebody there?


Why'd it stop?
What happened?
What does that mean?
At least we know he's okay.
Do we?
I mean, why can't he radio in?
I don't know.
Radio could be broken.
Or somebody might have tampered with it.
We still can't track the location?
It has to stay connected.
He must be crossing the wire somehow,
but he must not be able
to reconnect for some reason.
Kelly would know that we
could track him with the radio.
Where the hell is PD?

Hello? Ethan?
So what time are these pictures from?
A little after 1:00 a.m.,
Chicago Skyway.
Looks like Truck 81 left the city,
headed eastbound toward Indiana.
We're cooperating with
departments out of state,
which could take time given
the late hour, but we'll stay on it.
You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?
They have some questions for you,
since you were
the last one to see Kelly.

Lieutenant Kidd tells us
you're a floater on Truck 81
and this is your third shift here.
Yeah, that's right.
What were you and Kelly Severide
discussing before he disappeared?
Nothing much.
He was working late,
so I offered to help.
He said he didn't need it,
so I went to bed.
Well, from what I hear, you knew a lot
about this firehouse before coming over.
Is there any particular reason
you were staking out
a spot on this rig?
Well, yeah.
It's the best firehouse in the CFD.
Everybody knows that.
Did you have anything to do
with Truck 81 being stolen?
What? Hell no!
Sometimes, these crews
use an inside man.
Did you know an ambulance
was reported stolen
from a firehouse
in Cincinnati last night?
Why would I know that?
I'm a firefighter, not a thief.
Lieutenant, I would never
do anything like that
or to hurt anybody here.
Wait, am I a suspect in all this?
We're just following up
every possible lead.
Is there anything you're not telling us
that might be important, Damon?
No! No!
I'm just as worried as everybody else.
Lieutenant, I just
want Severide to be okay.
I swear to God!

Hey, stop, stop!
Let's let's talk.
Who are you?

What the hell, man? What'd you do?
I'm a firefighter. I can help.
How'd you find us?
I left with you.
Go, go!
Have to stop the bleeding.
Those two guys you were with,
what'd they want with our rig?
They were just paying me to drive.
They say where?
For 20 Gs, wherever they want.
We can't all be heroes, right?
Some of us gotta do
what we can to get by.
Keep pressure on it.
That'll stop the bleeding.
We still need to get you to a hospital.
- When the job's done.
- You don't under
What the hell?
Hands in the air!
I'm a firefighter! I'm trying to help!

Kidd told me the cops talked to Damon.
What did they find out?
They asked him a bunch of questions,
and they did some checking,
and then they cleared him.
So I'm glad you said something to Kidd.
Yeah, if you'd had heard
that conversation
that guy is a little sus.
- Maybe it was personal stuff.
- Maybe.
If it is anything serious, you know,
- Dwayne will sniff it out.
- Dwayne?
Officer Morris.
He's my boyfriend.
- What?
- I'm dating a cop.
And he's a good one too.
If anyone can find Severide, it's him.
Well, everyone keeps secrets
for all kinds of reasons.
- Good to remember.
- Yeah, I guess so.
But I hope you know you don't
have to keep things from me.
Heard you were on the hot seat.
Can you believe that? I would never.
I can't believe
that they would even think
All right, okay.
I'm new here too.
These guys have known
each other for years.
The old guys for, like decades.
They didn't question you.
Well, maybe they should.
I shouldn't have come here.
Hey, come on.
It is obvious you're dying
to be here full-time.
Hey, what happened is,
everyone is just freaking out,
and they're trying
to make sense of it all.
And everyone is acting flippin' bonkers.
Don't take it to heart.
We got an ID on the driver.
We were able to get photo evidence
from the ambulance staff in Cincinnati
and compare it to the traffic cam photos
we have here.
It's the same guy.
He's a truck driver.
Lost his job after getting caught
stealing cargo from his own routes.
He must have escalated
to grand theft auto,
and fire trucks are
easy targets with no keys
and high price tags.
We sent a unit to his house,
put out a BOLO,
and are looking into
any known associates.
We find the missing rig and hopefully
Severide still with it.
It's a step in the right direction.
Listen, I, uh I
know you guys don't have all
the answers, but do car thieves
normally take hostages?
This feels weird, right?
Like, it feels different.
And once they're done
doing whatever it is
that they're doing, do you think that
they are just gonna let him go?

How you feeling?
Like I'm gonna puke.
He won't make it another hour
if you don't get him to a hospital.
I'll I'll be fine.
Extreme thirst and nausea
are signs of internal bleeding.
No, wait!
- What the
- Hey, hey, firefighter.
I can handle the ambulance,
but I hope you can drive this thing.
Or we got no use for you, either.


You're filling the rigs with ANFO?
That's what this is?
You're turning them into mobile bombs?
First responders can go anywhere.
It's like having an all-access pass.

They were able to identify
one of the thieves,
the driver.
It looks like he was a part
of a three-man crew.
Yeah, they are trying to get access
to the traffic cams in Indiana
and narrow down the search area.
But they could be in Ohio
by now, or Kentucky.
Good news is, the sun's coming up soon,
and as more people go to work,
there'll be more resources
and more chances to spot them.
So what is this, some kind
of political statement?
- It's Kelly.
- Huh?
You're just going to turn
the truck into a bomb,
drive it somewhere, blow it up?
We're going to Indianapolis, right?
That's why you changed out the badges?
Shut the hell up.
If that's a cell phone,
maybe they can track it.
That's the last of it.

Now, don't try anything.
All you have to do is drive.
And then we'll let you go.
- Was that his deal?
- It was, actually.
But then you shot him,
and we had to renegotiate.
What if I refuse?
You can either leave behind
the wheel of your firetruck,
or in the back of that ambulance.
It's up to you.

Okay, thanks.
Send me the location.
We got a ping on a cell tower
in Lake County
about 40 minutes from here.
But the radius is only two miles,
and it doesn't give us
a direction of travel.
Still, if they're going to Indianapolis,
that means they're headed southeast.
All right. You notify the local PD?
They're sending units
to search the area.
Officer Morris and I will
drive down to join them.
We're headed out now.
Lieutenant Kidd, if you'll come with us,
- in case he calls back.
- Of course.
And we'll follow in the Squad.
- Yeah, Engine too.
- And 61.
That isn't necessary.
If there is a bomb,
you'll want us with you.
Okay, but we're leaving right now.
- Let's go.
- Let's roll out, 51.

- Where are we headed?
- Just drive.
We'll let you know where to turn.
What's to stop me
from driving into a tree
and just ending this thing right now?
Think about your family.
You got a wife and kids?
Want to see them again?
Just relax.
We're almost there.

Yeah, right behind you.
I can't hear. It's muffled.
But they can track it again, right?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's all that?
It's an old rig.
I think the extra weight is
putting strain on the engine.
Pull over!
I said, pull over, now!
Copy that.
PD's got a lock on the signal.
They're on the move
about a mile ahead of us.
Hey, stay with them, Tony.


No, no, no, no!
I see movement.
Is that Kelly?
- Kelly!
- Come on, get in.
- Just go, go, go, go!
Please, please, please,
please, please
- Kelly?
- Stella?
Cover, cover, cover!
Down! Everybody down!
Go! Go!

Grab it.
Get him!
Stay down! Stay down!
CPD! Let me see your hands!
Stay down! Let me see your hands!
Stay down! Turn over!
On your back.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.

Thanks, Detective.
You want to keep this,
have it framed or something?
I'd rather never see that thing again.
Suit yourself.
I can't believe you yanked
that whole thing off.
I didn't have much of a choice.
I thought you were dead.

Hey, did you get
the official debriefing?
Yeah, I think I was the last one.
Yeah, besides Severide.
Man, I'm glad he's okay.
Yeah, Chloe was so relieved
when I told her about it,
she almost forgot
that she was mad at me.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
She can't stay mad forever.
Trust me.
She wants to go to couples therapy.
- Oh, boy.
- Exactly.
And I'm like,
if her issue is me being gone
at work and pulling 24-hour shifts,
how is therapy going to help?
- It's my job.
- Yeah.
I can't change that.
You and Chloe, you're great together.
You're gonna get through it.
You do the couples therapy,
if that's what she wants to do,
but you do what it takes.
Wait, so none of your
coworkers or cop friends
know that you're dating a firefighter?
You guys need to stop hiding this.
Nobody cares that
you're both badge bunnies.
Hey, I'll meet you at the car.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Hey, listen.
Um, I'm the one that told Kidd
to check you out,
just so you know.
It wasn't her idea.
I heard you out here talking
on the phone the other day,
and maybe it was none of my business,
but I can get protective
of the firehouse, you know?
It's home.
Yeah, sure.
So take it easy.

The cure-all.
But I need something a lot stronger.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I've got a cure-all for you.

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