Chicago PD (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Made a Wrong Turn

1 [button clicking] You know, that was broken the first time you checked it.
How is it midnight and still 100 degrees out? [sighs] What are you looking at? - Nothing.
- Come on.
[laughs] It's a dating app.
My friend signed me up when we were drunk.
[laughs] Well, I'm off men entirely for six months Self-imposed.
Why? I dated, um, you know, within the department.
And, um It's a bad idea.
Who? No, no way.
I have already said too much.
Fine, but I got 100 bucks that say you don't make it more than 30 days.
Pfft, you are on.
This is, like, the easiest money I ever made, Tay.
Was it Detective Dawson? No.
'Cause, you know, he's got something going on.
Agreed, but no.
[over radio] Units in 21, we've got a call of an auto being stripped.
4230 South Laramie.
[siren wails] Squad 2113 is on it.
We're rolling that way.
[tires squealing] [dramatic music] Chicago PD! Hey! Don't move! Hey, put your hands up and stop! Come out! Put your hands up! [grunts] [grunts] [grunts] Freeze! You know you can hear me! Freeze! Stop! Freeze! [grunts] I got a male, black, in the alley! White tank top! [panting] - You all right? - Been better.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Thought I told you not to chase a black kid unless his shoes ain't tied.
[chuckles] To what do we owe the pleasure, Kevin? Well, we executed a warrant over on 41st, clocking that overtime.
We heard you guys caught that call over the zone.
We figured we'd stop by, see if you need any backup.
Yeah, check it out.
[radio crackles] 2113 squad.
Run this Illinois plate: 0, George, 9, king, queen, 2, 2.
Do we know if anyone reported it stolen? Not sure.
We just rolled up, and it was being picked apart.
But the kid I chased dropped this.
It's Murphy, Sarah.
Female, white, 24.
Address says Northbrook.
2113, you should be looking at a car registered to a Sarah Murphy.
1116 Pine Ridge, Northbrook.
We got fresh blood.
[radio crackles] 104.
Hold us down.
Copy that, 2113.
Huh Where's Cinderella? Help! Police! There's a white boy on my back porch - that look almost dead! - Where? Right back here! Right back here! Oh, my God.
I'll call 911.
He's got a pulse.
This is Detective Jay Halstead, badge number 51163, CPD Intelligence.
Roll an ambo to 4245 South Laramie.
Wait, wait.
It could be vertebrae damage.
[whispering] Right, right, right.
What do you got, Kev? Nathan Ward, same address as that car registered to Northbrook.
What do you got? Patient has suffered severe blunt force trauma, possible hematoma, severe lacerations to the scalp.
All right, put him in Trauma 2.
Had 13 shot just tonight 3 DOAs.
This is just what I needed.
It's the heat.
At the very least, he'll need multiple sutures and a CT scan.
Check back in a few hours.
Yeah, we will.
- Dr.
Choi? - Yeah.
So what do you think we got? A carjacking gone bad? I think we got a missing girl.
[sighs heavily] A/C went out in my building last night.
It's like Dante's "Inferno" in there.
Yeah, which circle of hell? All of them.
How are things? Great.
[A/C unit humming] Okay, who's up? All right, Nathan Ward, 24 years old.
He's an engineering student.
His fiancée, Sarah Murphy, also 24.
She's a special needs teacher in Northbrook.
Now, they have no priors, no convictions, no arrests.
Between the two of them, they don't even have a moving violation.
We put out a missing persons alert for Sarah.
In the meantime, Kot signed off on the emergency order for her cell phone, so Mouse is trying to ping it right now.
Yeah, what about the car's GPS? That's gonna be a while.
The guy at the tech lab was bitching about lack of manpower.
I'm gonna stay on him.
But what if it wasn't a carjacking? I mean, maybe they just wanted to score.
The car was three blocks away from 290 That's the heroin highway.
Yeah, but dealers don't assault their customers.
Suburbanites are their bread and butter.
Yeah, and we didn't find any drugs or "paraphenalia" in the car.
" There's an R in there.
A lot of people miss it.
Okay, "Hooked on Phonics.
" You want to step outside? - Let's go.
- [laughter] 60.
60! That's how many shootings we've had this week 12 of them fatal.
I'm not gonna worry about political correctness here or my own convictions.
What we have is a white woman missing in the heart of the black ghetto.
We're gonna assume the worst: she's been abducted.
[phone rings] So do what you need to do to find her.
Just do it carefully.
Chicago already has enough of a PR nightmare.
Uh, it's Dr.
Sarah Murphy's parents are with Nathan down at Med.
You and Jay.
Come on, you heard the commander.
Get to work.
- Sergeant.
- Ma'am.
When I say be careful, I mean it.
There's a lot of eyes on the police right now.
Look, I'm not running for mayor.
If this was a black girl missing on the North Side, I'd go about it the same way I'm about to right now.
So my loan went through.
The place is great, you know? Two-bedroom.
Washer, dryer.
Underground parking.
I asked you a week ago; you said you'd think about moving in, so what's the deal? Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
Just come check it out.
It's got a gym; it's got a whole club level with, like, a coffee lounge and all this stuff.
Well, I haven't really checked it out yet, but No, it's not that.
I want you to move in with me, in my place.
Look, I already have a mortgage.
If we double up, we could pay it off in five years.
Jay, I'm completely in love with you.
And you are the only person that I can trust right now, so if you're down, please just say you're down.
I'm down.
[clears throat softly] When's the last time you saw your daughter? Sarah and Nathan They surprised us with dinner at The Drake last night for our 25th anniversary.
Ate and had some champagne, and then they headed back for home.
About what time was that? It was about midnight.
They both had to work in the morning.
Okay, and you two stayed at the hotel? It's where we had our honeymoon.
CT scan showed Nathan suffered cranial bruising - and some hemorrhaging.
- [gasps] We have him in the ICU and packed his brain with ice until the swelling goes down.
I know it sounds bad, but luckily, Nathan didn't suffer any serious brain damage.
Thanks, Doc.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Has anyone spoken with Nathan's parents? They're in Florida, catching the first flight they can.
and Mrs.
Murphy, can either of you think of any reason that Sarah and Nathan would go into South Austin? [panting] Why are you asking me questions when you should be out looking for my daughter? Sir, we have a hundred cops in the street looking for her right now.
We are doing everything we can.
Please, bring my little girl home.
Thanks for coming down.
Listen up.
Okay, we're looking for Sarah Murphy.
Female, white.
She's been missing 12 hours.
I want every lot, every backyard searched.
I mean, you see anything that doesn't look right, you call it in.
I know right now, a lot of you are thinking it's us versus them It's not, okay? I don't want you to buy into any of that crap you see on the news.
There's a lot of good people in this neighborhood who don't see us as the enemy.
Just clear your heads of all that nonsense and do your job.
Now let's go.
Guys, do me a favor.
Come on.
Just take one more look.
A girl like this hey.
She can't be too hard to spot in this neighborhood.
Any idea where she might be, fellas? We look like neighborhood watch to you? I don't even know where my own girl is half the time.
[light laughter] Come on, Smiley.
You run this whole demonstration, bro.
You mean to tell me that you want CPD jamming you up over this little girl? That-a girl! That's how you get a rebound! Young black kids out here dying every day.
But the CPD bring out the cavalry for that one white girl.
Yeah, we got a job to do, Smiley.
Just like you do.
- That's Velvet, right? - Mm-hmm.
- How old is she now? - About 11? Just turned 12.
I'm just saying, man, if something were to happen to Velvet, I'm pretty sure you would want somebody to step up and say something, right? Brother, you know you can't buy me.
And I ain't no CI snitch bitch.
I understand, but those hoops need some new nets, bro.
[knocks softly] If a car look like it's been picked clean, I'd check Loo's Liquor over on 15th and Laramie.
If anybody's got anything to flip, it goes through Loo.
My dog.
Chicago PD.
- It's top dollar.
- It's worth at least 2 bills.
- Hey! - Nah, little man - Ah, ah, ah, ah.
- Hey, come on, Loo.
- Come on, man! - Hands on your head, bro.
Hey, little homie, where'd you find this phone? Found it in the street.
Yeah, how old are you? 15? All right, right now you are looking at attempted murder Kidnapping too.
So what do you think, Kev? Like, be about 45 by the time you get out of Stateville unless you start telling the truth.
- Listen, man - Hey, not "man.
" Look at me.
I'm not here to sell you ice cream.
You need to understand the seriousness of your situation.
I found it in that car, Officer.
Okay, hey, don't lie to me.
Do you know what happened to this girl? Keep it real.
The dude she was with Seen him down the block talking to Hudson.
Okay, who's Hudson? All right, this is Michael Hudson.
He's 22 years old, a lieutenant of the West Side Hustlers.
This guy's got priors for possession, assault, resisting arrest.
He and his crew operate out of the foreclosed house over there.
I called the board-up company and got the lock code, so we're all set to go, boss.
Let's go.
[dramatic music] [electronic beeping] [hip-hop music playing over stereo] Hands up.
Get on your knees! Where's Hudson? In the bathroom.
Nobody move.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
[crashing] Police! Don't move! Don't move! Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
[TV playing indistinctly] Where's Sarah Murphy? Where is she? Who? What about him? You seen him? Huh? Yeah, I seen that punk.
He was here to buy some H.
Okay? Michael, with the amount of heroin we found at your place, you're looking at a mandatory ten years.
The thing is, we don't care about the dope right now.
All we care about is her.
I could tell you 100 more times I don't know where that white girl is.
Explain something to me.
I mean, you're a big guy.
Business is booming.
You're moving heavy weight on the West Side.
Yo, I never said that.
Don't put that on no report.
Michael, everything stays out of the report if you help us out.
[sighs wearily] If you're such a big guy, why are you playing stick-up man on a Saturday night? Man, I ain't [laughs] I ain't stick nobody up.
I hold my own out here.
So Nathan Ward comes to score, and what? You rob him? Man, he was trying to rob me.
College boy thinks I'm some ghetto fool he can rip off with the money he made on his computer.
Man, he came down last week and bought five bundles with that fake-ass paper.
And you fell for that? Top dog like you? He had some real bills on top.
It looked legit.
And I ain't think in a million years a scrubbed-up white boy like him would try to run a game on me.
[exhales] Shame on me.
First time, anyway.
I had a lock 'n sock ready for him as soon as he came back to cop, and they always come back.
So how does the fiancée fit in? Man, that bitch ain't ever hit the block.
I swear.
And if she was there, I ain't see her.
[monitor beeping] How's Sarah? We don't know.
She's missing.
What? Tell us what you remember.
We took a shortcut on the way home to avoid traffic All right, Nathan, stop right there.
It was no mistake you ended up in South Austin.
You were there to buy heroin.
- We know that.
- No, I I The longer you lie to us, the worse it is for your fiancée, who is out there scared and alone.
We already know, so just tell us what happened.
I left her in the car.
I told her to wait.
She was scared.
Kept asking why we were stopping there.
I told her it was all good.
I just had to pick up a package.
Paid for with "Monopoly" money, which, by the way, it takes balls.
It's also the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
I I was jumped, and after that, everything's hazy.
- Okay, what about - This is your fault! - Hey, hey! - Calm down! Calm down, calm down! Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
I didn't mean for this to happen! Calm down.
[sobbing] Why haven't you found her? We will, okay? We will.
We will.
[sobbing] [whispering] I'm sorry.
- Hey, Kim.
- Oh, hey, Adam.
- Staying cool? - Trying.
- I know, right? - Right.
- I'll catch you later.
- Bye.
Is that your ex? What? No.
Why would you think that Oh.
How did you know that? Uh, by the way he was just looking at you.
Makes me think I should have wagered more.
How about the celibacy thing stays between us? Whoa, who is celibate? You, Burgess? I'm focusing on myself right now, so Because, come here Come here.
I can name at least two detectives, both married, and a stable's worth of patrolmen who have confided in me their desire to take you to the futon, hard.
Have a good night, Sergeant.
Oh, oh, you're not going anywhere.
You two are officially in overtime.
I'm turning you around to South Austin.
Voight needs all the bodies he can get to search for this girl.
Commander Fogel, how can I help you? We got a beef, you and me? Something we need to talk about? No, why do you ask? You went around me to get Patrol Officer Tay reassigned to this district.
Actually, I went over you.
See, that's a problem.
No, sir.
You had a problem.
I tried to fix it.
You stranded a good cop at a crap detail.
How is it gonna look when HQ finds out that you did it because she rebuffed your romantic advances, Commander? Who the hell do you think you're talking to? This is not an open discussion.
Either Patrol Officer Tay goes back to 26th and Cal, or I make sure your ass is off this pine, hoofing it in the high hundreds on a foot beat! You going on a road trip? Uh, Voight, yeah.
He said he wanted me mobile on the scene.
I hope it has A/C.
Jay? What's up? Hey, man, I just Look, just so you know, I I've been thinking about going back in.
In where? The Rangers.
Sergeant Ortiz He reached out to me, said he's putting together a tactical unit.
They need a comm specialist.
You're serious? Are you serious right now? I've just been thinking, man.
What am I gonna do? Join the academy? Be a 31-year-old rookie? Come on.
Over there, I got stripes.
Do you forget what it did to you? Depression? Can't sleep at night? You want that? You want to be You want to be calling me 3:00 in the morning? You can't sleep, you're popping pills? I'll I'll learn to deal with it, just like you did.
Greg, you're in the middle of a war in Chicago.
You want a war? You're right here, okay? I'm just being honest, man.
Here, there's just Just too much noise.
You know, who's right, and who's wrong? Over there in Afghanistan, I know that I'm the good guy and they're the bad guys.
Before you make a decision, we're gonna talk more about this.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you guys doing this deep on the West Side? - Just cruising around.
- Oh.
Where you guys from? Palatine.
That's a nice area.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- It's real nice.
So guys came all the way from Palatine to buy some drugs? Right? - No.
- No, no, no, no.
No, Officer.
We we were Just made a wrong turn.
Yeah, I'll bet you did.
Now, how about you get back on 290 and never come back here? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Okay.
- Yeah.
[sighs] The WGN weather app just declared today the hottest day of the year.
90% humidity, 100% chance of murder.
Is that who I think it is? What? Are you impersonating a police officer now? What, this This is just me It's just a precaution.
You know, I know what neighborhood I'm in.
- Uh-huh.
- What's with the FOP medallion? Uh, just showing my support to the Chicago Police Department and the sacrifices you brave men and women make every day.
Save it.
Find a different story to chase, Trent.
It's all black-on-black around here.
You know that.
This story is money on the table.
Get him out of here.
Make sure he leaves.
Let's go.
You remember me? I don't.
You arrested my grandson, October of last year Derrick Latham.
Latham, oh, yeah, he ran a Ran a car theft crew.
You got information on this missing female? No, just wanted to thank you.
Derrick got seven years.
That's time I ain't got to worry about him dying in these streets.
[brakes screeching] - Sergeant.
- What's up? Just finished diagnostic of Sarah Murphy's phone.
Emails, social media, all the downloaded apps.
Turns out she's wearing a step tracker.
Now, it's like a watch, but it's for fitness buffs.
- It logs your steps.
- You got a location? Now, I hacked the GPS.
Last known location was at the railyard, six blocks away.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
[dog barks] Seek, seek.
[dog barking] What you got? Local kids They're always down here, drinking and screwing, and we're always having to chase off the homeless.
Come on, seek.
[dramatic music] Seek.
- [dog barks] - Got something.
Chicago PD! Don't move.
Let me see those hands.
Drop the needle.
[dog barking] [dog whining] Crime lab, ASAP.
He ripped her hair right out like a doll's.
Hey, you know the drill.
Step by step until we find her.
Step by step.
Told you, man, I'm just trying to get some medicine, keep right, and get out of the heat, all right? You seen this girl or anybody who came down here with her? You peel me off a little reward Maybe I'll remember something.
I don't have time for that.
Neither do I.
Uh-huh, excuse me, Officer, what's his name? - Chaos.
- Chaos! I got a witness here that doesn't seem to understand the urgency of the matter.
Thought maybe Chaos could help.
- Press up! - [dog snarling] [screaming] Get him off! Fine! I'll talk, man! I'll talk! Just get him off of me! Get him off! Get him off of me! Okay, witness describes a lone offender, male, black, 6'4" or taller, driving a black van.
Supposedly he parked near the entrance of the rail tunnel, dragged Sarah inside, and assaulted her for approximately 30 minutes.
Afterwards, he put her back in the van and drove off.
All right, start running sex offenders - that fit that description.
- Yes, sir.
He could've assaulted her in the van with no witnesses, so why pull her into the railyard? I don't know.
Maybe he didn't plan on taking her.
I mean, he drags her down to this tunnel, has his way Figures he can keep the party going.
Well, at least there's an upside Probably still alive.
Here you go.
This is just what I needed.
Thank you.
My mom says there's a girl missing.
I hope you find her soon.
Hey, we will.
Okay? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, sweetie Yeah, but what I'm saying is, is, maybe it's time to file a complaint.
- Against the commander? - Yes.
You know how it looks like for a female officer to scream sexual harassment? I'd be the last in line for every promotion, plus I've got nothing to prove.
It's just my word against his.
Me and Platt we would back that Fogel's stalking you.
Okay, look, Kim.
I appreciate you looking out for me, but I don't want any more drama.
I just want to be a cop again.
- [smash] - [brakes screech] What the hell? Which one of you threw that? Here come the po-lice.
They about to shoot somebody.
These are Tasers.
Back off.
Oh, so the new and improved police ain't allowed to shoot nobody? I asked you a question.
Which one of you threw that? Look, we get it, okay? You have a problem with us being here.
But as soon as somebody tells us where Sarah Murphy is, we'll be on our way.
Hey, y'all, she right.
Screw your stop snitchin'.
I got to eat.
We all got to eat.
Hey, I'm Bebe.
Y'all come on through to my place.
I provide a service, selling drinks for $2 for when the bars close.
But with all you cops being around here, business has dried up.
Screwdrivers, on the house.
Oh, thank you, but we're not allowed to drink on duty.
There's ice in there.
So there is.
So this morning, you told the officer you saw something? Yeah, it's been so hot, I've been sleeping under the window with the fan blowing.
Last night, I get woke by this scream.
Look out, look down the block See this girl get pulled from a car.
You see who were pulling her out? - Yeah.
- What'd he look like? - He was tall.
- Black? Black, yeah.
I ain't get a good look at much else.
Most of the streetlights around here are busted out.
Tell him about the other guy The white guy.
Thought he was police.
He was in one of them undercover cars, parked right over there, filming it on one of them camcorders.
- A white guy was filming? - Uh-huh.
Thought he was Narcotics.
You know, sometimes they come around here, and they film the corner boys selling dope.
But he ain't say nothing when that girl was screaming, so I thought he was one of them reporters.
Bobby Trent.
Appreciate it.
[tense music] [crashing] Hey, what the hell? Hey, you got a warrant? Where's the video? What are you talking about? - What am I talking about? - Yeah.
Hey! You seeing this? Police brutality! I don't see nothing.
- Where's the video? - Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I didn't shoot the video, okay? One of my stringers did.
He's a new guy.
He sent the footage over, like, ten minutes ago.
I I said,where is the video? It's on the laptop.
[grunts] I was gonna turn it over to the police.
I just wanted to get a quote from the networks first.
- Get out of the car.
Come on! - [screaming] - Shut up! - [crying] [crying continues] - [shrieks] - Get in the van! - Shut up, bitch! - [wails] Sergeant, I swear I was gonna turn it over to the police.
[yells] [groans and winces] Hey, man, listen.
You know the violence you film and shoot and get off on? If I ever see you at any of our crime scenes again, you're gonna know what that feels like firsthand.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Yeah.
I ran the video footage through facial recognition.
We got a hit.
Kenneth Waddell, AKA "Six-Six.
" Yes, because he's 6'6" tall.
Waddell's got priors for dealing narcotics when he was a teenager.
And in his 20s, it seems he switched to sexual assault.
In 2011, he raped an underage handicapped girl.
Went to Stateville, did five years, got paroled two months ago, and since then, he's been ostracized in the neighborhood.
Gang units say no local crews want anything to do with this guy.
All right, thank you.
That was Waddell's parole officer.
Lists his LKA as his aunt's house on 17th Place, but apparently he's disappeared, and nobody's seen him in weeks.
And Jay and I ran the partial plate that we got off the footage.
We got a hit on the black van, and the temporary tags are registered to Kenneth Waddell.
Housing Authority cameras recorded the van driving into Beverly Gardens at 6:00 a.
this morning.
Never came out.
Beverly Gardens That's a G Park Lord stronghold.
They control every gate in and out.
Yeah, I ran Waddell's file, and neither him nor his family have an address listed there, so if he is still in there, we have no clue where he's keeping her.
Well, he could have her in one of the vacants Obvious stash spot.
Yeah, and this ain't gonna be easy.
I mean, the G Lords, they don't care if you're a fireman, an EMT, a cop.
You got to get permission from whoever is calling the shots just to get in there, and they're gonna have cats guarding the gates, spotters on the roof So we need to figure out a weak point to get inside.
No, there's no time to execute a raid.
We go in through the front door.
[muffled hip-hop music playing] All right, no one draws unless they have to.
Hey, we got 5-0! [indistinct shouting] 5-0! 5-0! They here! [indistinct shouting] You know CPD ain't welcome in the Gardens.
Not here for you.
Not here for any of your boys.
We're here for Six-Six.
You know that girl all over the news, Sarah Murphy? He's holding her in here.
And you don't want to get in my way for him.
Since he got out, Kenny comes here all the time for dope.
A customer is a customer, but he ain't one of us.
But we ain't seen no girl.
If it's true, we'll handle it.
It's too late for that.
The Lords had a chance to handle Waddell when he was raping underage girls.
Well, I got a list of 50 vacants in there.
I can call in SWAT.
They'd be happy to tear each one up till they find him, and I got a feeling they're gonna find a lot more too, you know what I mean? So Far as I'm concerned, he's a sick dog Should've been put down on the tier.
I hear that.
Which building is he in? Shootin' gallery.
East wing, fourth floor.
Call it the black hole.
[dramatic music] [phone beeps] Two vacants on this floor: 407 and 409.
Well, these old places have identical layouts.
You, Ruzek, Atwater Take 7.
We got 9.
Let's go.
[gunshots] Kenny, where is she? Where is she? [gunshots, wood splintering] I swear I'll kill her! [crying] Please in here! Sarah, we hear you! Shut up, bitch! [crying] [screaming] Jay, I need you to go back in the other apartment.
Get in that bedroom.
Let me know when you're there.
[Sarah whimpering, screaming] Antonio, keep him talking.
Listen, Kenny.
I give you my word, you put the gun down, you walk out of here alive.
If she ain't [indistinct] [groaning] None of this would've ever happened.
Just another white whore looking to get high! - [wails] - Shut up! [sobbing] Oh, God! - Please! - Shut up, bitch! Do what's right, Kenny, and put the gun down.
Let her go.
[crying] [sobbing] Jay, in the middle of the wall, there's a fuse box.
He's 3 feet to the right.
On my mark Son of a bitch.
Got it.
You're just gonna have to kill us both, 'cause I'm dead anyway.
[sobbing] [cocks gun] Now.
[gunshot] [Sarah whimpering] Detective Dawson to Main.
We need an ambo to the south side of O block.
Are you all right? Are you hit anywhere? Copy that.
Ambo on route.
She's free.
Come here, come here, come here, come here.
You're okay, you're okay.
You're okay.
You're safe.
You're safe.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- [crying softly] - It's okay.
It's okay.
[Sarah crying] [whispering] It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[solemn music] You're okay.
[whispering] You're okay.
Can you please do me a favor? Anything.
Please don't tell my parents about this.
My dad It's just better that I tell him myself.
If that's what you want.
[sobbing] I'm ready to dance.
- What's up? - [giggling] Ladies.
One last thing.
That's her bad news voice.
We should've snuck out the back.
You're not gonna make us change back in, are you? - God, no.
- It's beer o'clock.
I'm two steps behind you.
I just wanted to say good job today.
Thank you.
Do you know, I've worked here for three years, and that's the fourth time those words have crossed your lips? But who's counting, right? Right.
Sergeant, um, is everything okay with Commander Fogel? Right as rain.
On your way.
[exhales] [tapping on door] Sergeant? Yeah? Sir, do you have a minute? Yeah, sure.
Well, first off, I want to thank you, sir, for giving me this job.
It really really helped me turn my life around at a time when I really needed it.
But, sir, I have been given an opportunity An opportunity to rejoin my old Ranger unit, and I I think I should take it.
Now, I know that you think that I'm probably crazy and taking a huge risk, but, sir, I just I feel that this is the right thing for me to do.
Mouse if you're looking to go back and serve this country, you don't have to explain anything to me.
Well, I'm grateful that you feel that way, sir, because, well, I need a favor.
Um, you remember that I was busted for that truckload of stolen Blu-ray players.
Technically, that is a felony, sir, and the only way that I can get back in, the only way that I can reenlist, is if that charge is expunged or Or, sir, if it's stated in writing that I was working in an undercover capacity for your unit.
So you want me to lie to back up your lie? Well, it's the only way I'll get back in, sir.
So here's what I think.
Take these posters down, and we put a 65-inch flat-screen right here.
Those are all signed by the bands.
They'll look just as good over there.
'Cause I have an install guy, and he's an artiste.
- Oh.
- No wires, nothing.
Jay Easy.
I know, I can't really, uh can't really force a man cave on you.
We'll figure it out, one room at a time.
I'm just glad you're gonna be here.
Hey, by the way I love you too.
[gentle instrumental music]