Chicago PD (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

All Cylinders Firing

1 [light jazz music playing] Is she older than that bottle of wine? Oh, my God, you're checking the label.
[chuckles] Dad, look, a girl her age dating a guy your age? I'm sorry, she smells money.
There's nothing left to smell.
Well, then she's in for a shock because for a guy who's broke, you live real good.
You and, um Mouch? We're good.
We're solid.
There is a lot of trust there.
That's a loaded description.
Hey, Mom only didn't trust you 'cause she had eyes and ears.
Okay, I got to go.
He gets off shift in an hour, which is how long it's gonna take me to walk to my car.
It's a popular neighborhood.
Even with you in it.
Go figure.
Daddy, this Natalie thing, all I'm saying is, be careful, okay? You should be warning her.
If I had her number, I would.
[kiss] Love you.
Night, pumpkin.
[door opens, closes] [car alarm beeps] - [thud] - [gasps] [struggling] - [blow lands] - Aah [dramatic music] [both grunting] [blow lands] You should've done me right when you had the chance.
[car alarm beeps, wails] Hey, people are trying to sleep! [groaning] [engine turns over] [tires squeal off] [groaning] [alarm continues wailing] Honey, call 911! Are you okay? He's got my gun.
- What? - I'm a I'm a cop.
He's got my gun.
Call 911! There's a cop! She's dying! Hurry! - Okay, stay with me.
- Ah Stay with me.
Let's open these doors.
PD's in the house.
Let's take it down.
Give me some space, people.
Rhodes, we're going to Trauma 2.
PD's in the house.
What do we got? Blunt force trauma to the head, initially unresponsive in the field.
GCS is now at 10.
Let's get ready to rotate.
- Rotate.
- Let's get her in.
Gonna move her over on my count, all right? Yep.
[tense music] Set.
- One, two, three.
- Transfer.
Let's get it out.
Let's get the gurney out.
[indistinct P.
announcement] Pupils are equal and reactive bilaterally.
- BP? - 112 over 80.
Heart rate is 120.
All right, we need to check for hemorrhage.
Let's get her up for a C-spine CT now.
- Copy.
- Trudy, can you hear me? Trudy? You ready to travel? Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hey, excuse me.
She's in surgery with Dr.
We don't know for how long.
Antonio's setting up a grid at Beckett and Fremont.
There was one witness, but we don't know how much he saw.
What was she doing there? Well, we'll find out as soon as she's awake.
Police are under attack.
We don't know that's what this was.
She was wearing plain clothes, but she could've been followed from the district.
We don't know.
Where is she? Hey, she's in surgery right now.
I need to be with her.
That's not possible.
Who did this? [shouting] Who did this to her? Let's do this someplace else.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Look, I want to work fast.
Where was Trudy tonight? I don't know.
She said What'd she say? I've been on shift 46 hours.
We're we're two ships.
You said you didn't know where she went.
Is there any chance she could've been with another guy? You want to run with that theory? Good luck.
Are we done here? - All right.
- Does she have any beefs, professional or personal? How about some compassion? How long have you known Trudy? 'Cause me and her, we go back 20 years.
So believe me, I'm feeling what you're feeling.
[solemn music] You know Trudy.
She's had nothing but beefs, love her or hate her.
Is there anything that stood out to you? [sighs] Last week, she said some nutjob shouted her down at her desk, some stupid complaint.
I don't know.
Don't know his name.
He threatened her.
She said she was gonna handle it.
I should have done something.
That's not your job.
We got this.
- C - Yeah, come on.
We're gonna turn this block inside out.
I want every single resident accounted for.
No one leaves until it's done.
One of ours is in the hospital.
Let's go get some answers.
I came out to the car, she was lying there, I told my wife to call 911.
Then you guys showed up.
Did you guys need me to come down and make a statement? Tell us what you saw.
No detail's too small.
I didn't see the guy.
I-I heard a car peel out.
- Uh-huh.
- It was definitely a V-8.
It sounded vintage.
I collect.
Anyway, I came out.
Your officer triggered the car alarm.
It was, uh, 10:20.
How did you know she was police? She said she was, you know, before she passed out.
She tried to defend herself, or I assume she did, but the guy took her gun.
We're gonna need to get this in writing.
You can do it from your house.
- Officer? - Yeah.
Okay, all right.
The guy left her purse, didn't take her watch.
I got Sergeant Hayes from Violent Crimes running all recent parolees with robbery backgrounds, convicted felons who live in this sector.
I don't know, what do you think? Al.
He only took her gun.
I need all you to report for canvassing to Detective Dawson up on Webster Street.
Let's move.
Burgess, I need you catching in-service calls at the south end of the district.
Sir, shouldn't I help on the canvass? Intelligence has Platt's case.
I already got five cars down on that job.
- Excuse me? - Will you hang on just a minute? And we got a big city we need to deal with.
I got to take this.
Hang on.
- Adam.
- Hey.
What do we know? Uh, not much yet.
Voight's got us onto something, but he thinks that Platt was targeted.
Is there anything I can do to help? Yeah, we can use more hands.
Come on.
All right, yeah.
I don't think this was a random attack.
These are CRs filed against Platt.
The top two are lawsuits she's racked up.
We think she knows her assailant.
A guy came in the district last week, made threats.
I want to know why, and I want to know who, and fast.
Sergeant, you know we got those new cameras installed downstairs? We do? Yeah, it's a new security measure, so if the guy was a walk-in I'll contact OEMC, get access.
Meantime, every page.
If you don't have any lawsuits filed against you, you're a fake-ass cop.
Well, in that case, Platt's real as hell.
Bad joke.
Let's dive in.
[dark music] [camera shutter clicks] All right, these are all Platt's shifts since the cameras went in.
That's me walking in right there.
- We see that.
- Adam, faster.
You got it, yeah, yeah.
Wait, what's that? That's Malik.
Who? He runs the liquor store on 22nd.
Let's go.
- [door bell chimes] - Yo, Malik.
You threatening cops, huh? Can I help you, Officer? Come out here.
I ain't got to consent to that.
[clears throat] We gotta ask you a couple of questions, dog.
[lock latches] I got two more units in the back.
Try and run.
Y'all got body cameras on? Nope.
- Not us.
- [sighs] Where were you tonight, Malik? I was here, all night.
I got here at 8:00, and I haven't left.
- Who's gonna back you up? - How about your Sergeant? Hell you trying to say? You work for Sergeant Platt, right? She came in, she walked my nephew out to the car.
Tonight's when we do our cash runs.
We go collect from my other shops, but we've been robbed twice.
Okay, well, I'm confused because you were just in our district, making threats.
We supposed to get more patrol on the block but budget cuts or whatever.
Look, she came here on her own, bury the hatchet, and do the security herself.
Wait, she came here tonight, after her shift? That's what I'm telling you.
Is there a problem? She seem out of sorts at all? Upset? She always upset.
Look, tonight's big complaint was, she had to go see her old man.
Guess he's some type of hard-ass too.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Someone's watching.
[cell phone rings] What is it, Ruzek? Chicago Police! - [door creaks] - Oh, okay.
It's open.
5021, we got a man down with multiple gunshot wounds.
Roll the crime lab and make the proper notifications.
Copy that, 5021.
No need for an ambulance.
[dark music] There's no sign of forced entry, except for us coming through the front door.
Could be he knew the guy or guys.
Could be they had a nice dinner, and somebody said something wrong thing.
He was tortured for information.
I know you're working fast, but all I said was extensive contusions.
He was tortured, and Platt was hit three blocks from here.
They came here looking for Platt's whereabouts.
- That's what you're thinking? - Yeah.
So, Trudy has dinner, she left, guy or guys enter, they rough up Mr.
Platt till they get Trudy's location, but they waste him anyway? But why were they after Platt? That's what we're trying to determine.
Come here a second.
I wanna tell you something.
Okay, what? You know Platt's dad was into some shady deals.
Now, if she wound up in the middle of something, this might get worse for her.
Well, we can't think about that.
All right, regardless, it's also possible that she wasn't even the target; he was.
You know, they roughed her up to get his location.
Look, we got to make the connection.
Someone wanted them both to suffer.
We find out why, then we'll know who.
How's she doing? She's in surgery.
It looks bad.
Robert Platt, age 72.
Well, this is no longer an isolated attack against a sergeant in our district.
Platt was found in his apartment.
He'd been beaten, shot several times with a .
357 caliber.
He's got no priors, but he was investigated by Financial Crimes and the IRS.
Three buildings, his development company put up, they went bankrupt.
He made a lot of people rich in the '80s and lost money for them ever since.
Neighbor called in shots fired at 10:04 p.
Patrol responded by throwing the zone operator a code 19-Paul.
And nobody else called in the shots? No, so patrol didn't knock, but that gives us a timeline.
Platt leaves her house, offender enters, shoots Robert.
Platt buys a water bottle at CVS.
15 minutes later, she's attacked.
And he wasn't robbed.
Nothing appeared to be disturbed, except for the living room where there was an apparent struggle.
All right, listen.
I liked Robert, but I think we're looking at the wrong Platt.
I want you to cross-reference everybody he did business with against anybody Trudy arrested, beefed with, anything.
She's counting on us to get this right, so is her husband.
So am I.
So? So Platt came in with what looked like an orbital blowout fracture.
CT came back clear.
What does that mean? Is she gonna be okay? - She is.
- He's being modest.
Um, Platt had a bad bleed in her eye socket.
Thanks to Dr.
Rhodes, no permanent damage.
She's up, she's alert, - she's kind of rude.
- [scoffs] All cylinders firing.
Thank you.
What's wrong? You okay? Um, her dad [sighs] Hey, Sarge.
[sighs] I didn't see him.
I heard footsteps, and then I got conked.
Trudy, we went back through your night, so we know that you had dinner with your father before you were attacked.
We rolled the unit to his house.
Uh, to This is, uh, really hard.
Uh, I'm just gonna say it, Sarge.
They found your father unresponsive.
Olinsky was in first.
There were signs of a struggle.
He had multiple gunshot wounds.
What are you saying? I'm I'm I'm sorry.
There was nothing we could do.
Nothing that we could do? Don't don't don't talk to me like I'm some victim.
Trudy, tonight you are.
I'm so sorry, but he's gone.
[solemn music] [exhales] Do you have witnesses? Do you have anything? No, they just found him.
Did you get a look at the guy? No.
I saw gloves, and he had my gun.
That's all I remember.
My dad's house, did it look like a robbery? No.
And we're going through all your files, but we're missing something.
Do you have any idea who would want to hurt your family like this? My family? No.
Uh, mm, mmm, hmm, nope.
I can't even think straight.
Rest up.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, Sarge.
[sighs] Trudy, I'm so sorry.
What are you trying to say? Platt did something.
There's something going on here.
- When? - At the hospital, she I think that she's got an offender in mind, but nobody popped in her files.
If she's thinking of somebody, but they aren't in her files We got to go see Virginia in the Records Department.
Can't do it.
Virginia, she's your friend, and she was attacked.
And I won't incriminate myself or my friend.
We know that you did a Records Administration search for Platt.
Just give us a name.
Who'd she look into? I know that looking up a civilian without a case assigned is illegal.
I don't care.
Okay, we don't care.
This is moving fast.
Please, don't stand in our way on this.
- [sighs] - It's Trudy.
Okay, I looked into a girl.
She was dating Trudy's father.
- Okay.
- Natalie Kern.
But it's not her you want.
It's her ex-boyfriend, repeat offender.
Him, Leonard Milwood.
There's a record if I print this.
I'm gonna delete this as soon the second we get him.
Racketeering, aggravated assault, strong-arm robbery, attempted bribery.
He's ambitious.
Trudy thought they were working an angle.
They wanted money, and her father liked to represent like he had it.
And now look.
Thank you.
Sarge, we think Platt got a bad vibe off the girl her dad was dating, so she did a records search.
That's Natalie Kern.
She's got an ex-boyfriend.
His name's Leonard Milwood, career stickup guy.
So, Trudy thinks these two are gonna rip off her old man, but they find out she's looking into them? And then she becomes collateral damage.
All right, well, get two covert cars - to sit on their houses.
- Already did.
The uniforms haven't seen either one of them yet.
So I flagged all of Robert Platt's credit cards.
One of them just swiped at a business over on Roosevelt, flat-screen TV, case of white wine.
Security saw a female, white, 30s, good-looking.
This is two minutes ago.
That is Natalie.
[suspenseful music] You guys go that way.
Kim, Kim.
Just Okay, yeah.
Natalie? [both grunt] Natalie Kern, you are under arrest.
Get off me! I didn't do anything.
Yeah? Then why did you run? [handcuffs click] Stay down! Who is this? Who'd you text? - Huh? - [grunting] "Police.
" Is Leonard Milwood here? He's talking to you.
I don't have to talk to you.
Yeah, you sure do.
Is he here? Oh, my God, my car! Oh, my God, please.
Help me, please, somebody.
Somebody, please help.
He took my car! He took my car! He took my car this way! He's right outside! He's over there! Over here! He's coming around the back! Please! He stole my car! I'm good, I'm good? Good, go.
[tires screeching] [tires squealing] [crashing] Chicago PD! Climb out of there! We see you moving around! Put them up! - Stay there.
- There you go.
- You got me? - I got you.
We executed a search warrant at your apartment, Natalie.
You have quite the collection of gold watches.
Most of them have Robert Platt's initials on them.
This one's nice.
How do you pronounce it? "Outer-mores pee-gwet", or something? Mm-mm, Piguet, Audemars Piguet.
They were all gifts for my birthday last month.
Seven men's watches? That's a nice gift.
We were in love.
How about you hit that line again, but this time with some feeling, babe? All right, I'm gonna fill in the blanks.
You're a con artist, so is your boyfriend.
Only he has a habit of getting caught.
And you targeted Robert Platt, a rich, older man, and you killed him.
You tried to kill his daughter, a Chicago police officer, 'cause she didn't trust you.
Only you sent your boyfriend to do it, and he's so stupid, he botched the job and she lived.
No? You represented that you were single.
You're still with Leonard? Yeah, but that's not a crime.
It's motive for murder.
And you ran.
Why'd you run, Natalie? You know, you guys all ask the same questions.
Take her and the boyfriend, have them processed for the homicide and attempted murder of a police officer.
No, wait, we didn't kill anyone.
Oh, this is where she gives you up, Leonard.
I'm telling you, I've seen this movie before.
That's what, three times you're a loser? Do you really want to go back in front of a judge without telling your side of this? - [groans] - No, no, no, no, no.
Stand where you are.
[dark music] It was all her.
I didn't lift a finger.
"Baby, I met this guy.
We can take him for a ride.
" All her.
She's got a whole bunch of his stuff in storage.
[sighs] But I never killed anybody in my life.
Natalie either.
And last night, I was at a club near the house.
He was in a casino in Indiana.
He didn't get home till late.
Look, Robert is a nice man.
I think he knew I was stealing from him, and I don't think he cared.
He just he he just liked me.
Well, a lot of guys make that mistake, right? So why would I want to kill him? He transferred everything he had, all of his secret little corporations, to his daughter six months ago.
Believe me, he wasn't as broke as he seemed to be.
All right.
The club where you were and everything you stole off Robert Platt and where it was stashed.
Start writing.
From the Asset Forfeiture Unit.
Robert Platt really was transferring ownership in all those LLCs to Trudy Platt's name.
We're still waiting on subpoenas for three other banks.
Yeah, he did a pretty good job too.
Can't find his name anywhere.
Even so, Platt's rich, like, officially.
So at this time, we can't find a financial motive for these attacks.
So what, it's personal? It's revenge? Who wants to go scare some guys? You, Kevin, come on.
Wise choice.
Am I being released? Not exactly.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Natalie, just breathe, okay? I'm breathing, I'm breathing.
[doorbell chimes] [pop music playing] [women giggling] All right, you just, uh sit right here, okay? [whistles] Hi, hey, you must be the head chef.
We need to see the manager.
It's okay, Mark.
Can I help you, officers? Uh well, uh, yeah.
A friend of mine was beat nearly to death about a block from here.
She's a cop.
Her father's a a member here.
Yeah, Robert Platt.
He was killed last night.
I'm so sorry, but I don't see how we can be of service.
Yeah, well, I thought that out already.
You have a hidden camera that faces Beckett Street.
So if we could see whatever you recorded last night between 10:00 and 11:00 p.
? I'm gonna need a warrant.
I already said that she was a friend of mine, and so is the state's attorney, you know, and he doesn't like private clubs.
So let's get the tape, or a warrant becomes the least of your troubles.
[tense music] Wait here.
Hey, Sarge, no plates, but Olinsky pulled a video of a '68 Ford Fastback Mustang circling the block where Platt was attacked.
Like the driver was looking for someone.
Or a parking space.
It's a rare car, V-8 engine, like our one almost-witness said that they heard.
Find every car registered in the state, anyone who's ever owned one.
Check the hot sheet, see if any are reported stolen.
Keep it off the zone.
You got it.
[indistinct P.
announcement] Hey.
Oh! Whoa.
Way to Sneak up on a gal, why don't you? I'm sorry about your dad.
Where are you guys at with it? Um We found his girlfriend, Natalie.
She had items in her apartment stolen from your dad's house.
She alibied out for the murder, her and her boyfriend, so I guess she was double-dipping on your dad.
[sighs] I'm sorry, you asked.
[phone buzzing] Text from Lindsay.
Um okay, offender was in a '68 Mustang Fastback.
Does that mean anything to you? '68? No, nothing.
Wish it did.
Oh, and hey, I brought you something from vending.
[soft laugh] Mixed nuts? Yeah, you love mixed nuts.
- Look at me.
- Yeah? Rice pudding is a stretch right now.
Okay, I have to go chase down this car, but I-I promise to keep you in the loop.
Nice try with the nuts.
[dark music] Dark red 1968 Mustang Fastback.
Not a lot of these left around.
This one belongs to Wade McGregor.
McGregor, his name popped in Platt's dad's files.
Yes, McGregor ran a construction company that did work for Platt's dad, and he also invested in one of her father's business deals that went into receivership when the economy tanked.
The file also says he ran a side business distributing narcotics.
He's fresh out Stateville for an eight-year bump.
How's he connect with Sergeant Platt? She didn't arrest him.
Narcotics pinched him.
He's not in any of her files.
Paths might've crossed at some point.
Platt knows how to cover her tracks.
What's that supposed to mean? It's true.
Just get that file in front of Trudy, see if she can make a connection.
Come on, you and me are gonna go talk to the arresting officer.
Detective Flores, thanks for taking the time.
Don't thank me till we're finished.
It's something my old man used to say.
Hank? Flores.
So yeah, Wade McGregor.
My team pinched him holding weight.
Two kis in his home in Oak Park, plus a condo downtown.
Is there a reason why you didn't want to talk on the phone? It came off a tip from a sergeant I know a long time, officially recorded as Jane Doe intel.
You didn't have enough for a warrant? Without Platt's Jane Doe tip, we never would've gotten paper to get in that house.
I don't care if space aliens came down and tipped me off.
Dope dealer went to prison.
Selling to guys on his job site, it was a dunk.
You need bodies to try to locate McGregor? No, we got it from here.
We never spoke.
[indistinct P.
announcement] - Um Maggie? - Mm-hmm? Did you guys move Trudy Platt? No, why? She's not in her room.
She's supposed to be.
And where is her hospital detail? He was right there.
[dramatic music] [line trilling] Hank, she's gone.
[dark music] [groans] [mutters] [exhales] [groans] [closes drawer] [glass breaking, falling] Thank you.
Okay, Platt's car hasn't moved, so if she's mobile, we don't know what vehicle she's in.
Wait, so she just She just walked out? No, it sounds like she escaped to me.
We got two patrolmen sitting on the room.
Should we put out an investigative alert? She's injured.
She needs help.
No, we bring her in, and we do it quiet.
I don't want a paper trail until this turns into something we can't contain.
I don't understand.
I was just with her.
She seemed fine.
- What did she say? - Nothing.
She was breaking balls, mine, like, she seemed fine.
What did you say? Did you tell her where we're at with the case? I might have said something about the muscle car.
Oh, man, you gave her our lead.
She's chasing it down.
She knows who the guy is now.
All right, find Platt, find McGregor, before someone gets killed.
- Hey? - Yeah.
Hey, you didn't know.
I shouldn't have said anything.
You angry? Yes, I'm angry.
Good, 'cause the way out of this is to do good work.
We have one goal, right? We find Platt.
Come on.
[floorboard creaks] [door shuts] Wade McGregor.
Don't bother packing.
What's up, Trudy? My gun.
Gee, thanks.
[handcuffs jingle] Put these on.
Am I under arrest? That remains to be seen.
All right.
I'll call you back.
What's up? So Platt's father had three cars parked in a lot by his house.
I figure she knows that.
This is his S-Class exiting the lot one hour ago.
I put a BOLO on the vehicle.
I told you to keep this quiet.
Yeah, but I put a BOLO on the vehicle, not on Platt, and not on her target.
She's in danger so I'm sorry, but I'm gonna do everything I can to bring her in safe.
- Okay.
- And you said move fast.
Tactical unit spotted the car at the 2200 block of Michigan.
They dropped an anchor, but it's not occupied.
[flips pages] That's right where her father's office is.
If she's looking for McGregor, she can't come here.
Search the whole building just us.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Find her.
I will.
You set me up.
Yeah, well [chuckles] You made it easy.
You cut corners on Dad's buildings.
You dealt coke and laundered proceeds through his job sites.
He robbed me blind.
And I warned you then to stay away.
If you wanted money, you call a lawyer, but no, that's not you, Wade.
[coughs] I'm not the one that needs a lawyer.
You don't threaten the person who has you tied to a chair, moron.
[struggling] What did he say? [spits] What are you asking? My father, what were his last words? I don't remember.
[grunts] Open.
[tape outstretching] [dark music] We need to talk.
You shouldn't have come here, Hank.
- Trudy.
- I need to do this.
- Trudy.
- And you shouldn't be here.
Trudy, listen.
You got to calm down.
It's just me.
Okay, I need the truth so I can fix this.
There's no fixing this.
Trudy, I have put a lot worse back together.
Right now, you and I have got to get on the same page 'cause people are gonna be double-checking our work.
Then you need to let me finish what I came here to do.
- Trudy, Trudy.
- You of all people should understand this! You're not me, Trudy! You wouldn't be able to live with yourself.
He killed my dad.
He killed my dad.
[crying] I know.
[sobbing] - He'll do his time.
- [crying] [solemn music] [crying] Voight got him.
He's being booked right now.
And Platt? She's back at Med, resting up.
Why do I feel like I just got played? [sighs] There's a cure for that, and it is half off on Wednesdays, so.
[laughs softly] Come on, I'm buying.
[indistinct P.
announcement] It's gonna be okay.
I mean, he's not gonna breathe free air again, so we can just move on.
Move on? He hasn't been arraigned.
There is gonna be a trial.
You're gonna testify.
I we can move on from the worst part.
You say so.
I do.
How did they find him, McGregor? Some old muscle car he had.
Guy gets out of prison, goes straight for his old ride.
The tactical team located him.
[exhales] I thought I was having a coronary event, you out chasing a killer like that.
I made a mistake.
A mistake? You sometimes you forget that I'm the police.
And I worked the streets, and I did it for a long time.
[cries] And you forget you're someone's wife now.
[solemn music] I know what you did way back when.
And you did what you had to do.
But tonight? I don't know.
I wish we'd met when we were younger.
[cries] I love you.
I love you too.